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The Joe Credit Show

The Joe Credit Show

By Joe Chavarria
I help everyday people just like you learn how to beat the credit bureaus and debt collectors at their own game.

I talk about what’s going on in the credit world from breaking down court cases to keeping you informed on all the important credit updates.

My mission is to help you learn all the credit hacks and hidden secrets to level the playing field to give you the confidence to take control of your credit.
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How Credit Bureaus Make Their Money
If you don't know, the 3 major credit bureaus are a business. Sure they are "bureaus". However, they are not government entities. In this episode, I cover how they make money off of YOUR information. Get free tools and resources to help improve your credit by visiting my website.
September 16, 2020
Is The CFPB Going To Far?
Is the CFPB going to far? Learn about recent court cases and how it may affect you on the latest episode of The Joe Credit Show. Get free tools and resources to improve your credit by visiting my website.
September 16, 2020