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By Joe Kelly
I'd like to welcome you to Mass Construction Show where we talk about all things construction with a bit of a local (Massachusetts) bias. Covering Real Estate Development, Code, Risk Management, Technology and anything else construction. Glad to have you!
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I'd like to welcome you to Mass Construction Show where we talk about all things construction with a bit of a local (Massachusetts) bias. Covering Real Estate Development, Code, Risk Management, Technology and anything else construction. Glad to have you!

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DNA Analysis with Dr. Anthony Jay
In this episode Dr. Anthony Jay reviews my DNA and let's me know what I could do to optimize my health.  If it is something you might like for yourself head on over to his site and learn more. Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
December 3, 2019
5 Things You Should Know
Went live on Linkedin Live to talk about 5 things of interest in construction.  It was also a way to test out a new format for the podcast. Let me know what you think?   Topics covered:   🏗 New structural technology   🚧 Municipalities going beyond OSHA  🚞 Green line extension   🔋 EVs and 3D printing with metal  🎧 and a podcast you might like from John Burns Real Estate Consulting Let’s connect! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
November 20, 2019
Future of Buildings
Today’s episode is a recording of a talk I gave at the Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference. The talk was centered around what codes are indicating about our future buildings. Based on listener interest, I thought you might enjoying hearing it as well. Enjoy the show! Want more? sign up for the Mass Con Newsletter or just be social... Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
November 12, 2019
Becoming Superior Project Managers! Part Deux
They're back!  Adam Kreitman of Lee Kennedy Company and David Mullins of  AECOM Tishman, continue the conversation about going beyond your daily responsibilities to reach your goals. If you like the idea of the linked group as described in the show reach out to me at the linkedIn link below to make sure you’re included. Enjoy the show! Let’s connect for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
November 7, 2019
Learning & Development w/ Krysta Van Ranst
This episode is with Krysta Van Ranst Director of Talent, Teams and Culture at Dellbrook | JKS Krysta destroys it with... the importance the CEO getting behind Learning and Development.   Dellbrook JKS’s approach of looking at learning as a grouping of Experiential, Mentoring and Formal training.   “on boarding”  employee assessments and much more.  Many firms both large and small could learn from what Krysta has to say. Enjoy the show! Let’s connect: Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
October 29, 2019
LinkedIn Live & IWBC Conference
Links to the IWBC Conference and my LinkedIn profile for the Live Lunch on 10/23.
October 22, 2019
Operation Exit RENEW: Dan Mulhern, 1st Assistant District Attorney
In this episode we chat with First Assistant District Attorney of Suffolk County Dan Mulhern to discuss Operation Exit RENEW, a program designed to assist citizens who are recently released and in the process of rebuilding their lives with developing skills and accessing opportunities to find work.  We cover a number of the available programs and explain how you can help.  Construction has been about second chances for many people, so let's extend a hand to make sure that continues.  Enjoy the show! Let’s connect! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
October 22, 2019
Becoming Superior Project Mangers
This episode is with Adam Kreitman of Lee Kennedy Company and David Mullins of  AECOM Tishman, both individuals who have to some degree mastered the systematizing of “lessons learned” and also have realized the value of going beyond work, to get better at work. If you like the idea of the linked group as described in the show reach out to me at the linkedIn link below to make sure you’re included. Enjoy the show! Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
October 15, 2019
Best of MCS: Consigli, Fallon, Held
Three of the more informative segments of 2018 covering business strategy and market research.  If you're intrigued to learn more about Matt Consigli, Mike Fallon or Bill Held listen to the full shows here: Matt Consigli  Mike Fallon Bill Held Let’s connect! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
October 8, 2019
CMs Executing NFPA 241
This episode is a panel discussion on NFPA 241 execution with three construction managers Adam Kreitman Project Manager at Lee Kennedy Company,  Rob Carson Director of Risk and Safety at Dellbrook JKS and Matt Combs Project Manager at Erland Construction. The three panelist were chosen because their firms are leading the way in fire safety and this is a great opportunity for you to hear how they are managing and exceeding at fire safety. Enjoy the show Become connected: Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
October 1, 2019
Insane ramblings: Feedback needed
Let us know you thoughts and ideas on any of the platforms below. Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
September 27, 2019
C&D Waste with John Fischer, MassDEP
In this episode John demystifies the process of construction and demolition waste. Covering the life cycling of C&D waste and explaining all the players in the process including haulers, transfer stations, processors, and reuse. We also discuss the timeline for closing of landfills in Massachusetts and what that means for builders. We talk about the somewhat bleak picture from an environmental and economic standpoint but then get into what we can do to help change our trajectory. Enjoy the show. Let’s connect! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
September 24, 2019
Marketing with Mike Neilan of Focus Forward Media
In this episode we discuss how Mike and Focus Forward Media helped my business.  We talk about staying on brand and stratagies for using video.  As well as examples of what's worked for other companies and what's working now for paid social media ads.  Enjoy the show! Engage Here: Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
September 17, 2019
Delivery Scheduling & Logistics with James Swanston
In this episode James speaks to us about Voyage Control and how it can be used to schedule site deliveries and use of exterior hoists.  We also look further into the horizon of construction supply chain management and what our future of site deliveries looks like.  Here's a hint... a lot more like Amazon package deliveries. Enjoy the show! Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
September 10, 2019
Modular Construction with Will Galloway
In this episode we discuss the logistics of installing modular buildings. Will was a project manager on an extensive project in western Massachusetts and we sit down with him to discuss the pros and cons of modular construction. We also cover how modular pre-con differs from tradition construction and topics such as; schedule, coordination, quality control, contracts and answer the question… would Will want to build modular again? Enjoy the show. Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
September 3, 2019
Susan Grealy: Leveling Up Businesses
For the folks that didn’t listen to the prior episode this is part two of our conversation with Susan. We move beyond what went into creating her skill set and into the second part of her career helping businesses grow from "good to great", to steal a book title. Susan has worked with a number of founders and is all about taking businesses and people to the next level. Enjoy the Show! Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
August 27, 2019
Susan Grealy: COO, Perry Associates (Part 1)
Here’s come another two part show.  We discuss how Susan got into construction, what it was like being part of a company going bankrupt, and what she learned during the bankruptcy that lead to her own consulting business and into multiple positions of COO. Susan really gives an in-depth look at what was transpiring as Payton went out of business and She also touches on what a businesses needs to do to be successful. This will be a gateway into Part 2 where she really gets into operations of refining a construction centric business. Susan’s track record has been excellent and is someone you can gain insight from. Enjoy the show!  Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
August 20, 2019
Emil Frei: CEO at Berkeley Building Company
In our discussion with Emil an experience builder and construction professional we talk about construction but only marginally. We do however really dig into the mental aspects of your personality that can be both an asset and liability with managing a company.  Additionally we cover the thoughts that can hold you back from ever starting out own your own.  I found this conversation to be personally helpful just talking through everything that goes through our heads all day and I think you’ll enjoy hearing an atypical construction story that you can learn from.  Enjoy the show! Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
August 13, 2019
Modular is Happening
Here's the evidence that modular construction will continue to grow and continue to change the way we build.  Buckle up and... Enjoy. The. Show Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
August 6, 2019
Dr. Anthony Jay: How Artificial Estrogens are Effecting Your Health
In this episode we discuss how artificial estrogens are effecting your health, which is really setting the table for our future discussions we’ll have about building materials and building systems that affect the environment and our health. Anthony lays out nicely where the chemicals are found, what they do to our bodies, and what you can do to protect yourself.  Anthony's book can be purchased here. Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
July 30, 2019
The Essential Craftsman: Scott Wadsworth
In this episode we discuss Scott’s atypical path through construction from logger, commercial construction worker, piece work carpenter, GC, dabbling in blacksmithing and now being a full time YouTuber in his 60’s and a legit YouTuber with 500k subscribers. There’s so much to learn from this gentleman including; job satisfaction, how to build, and not wavering on the profit you deserve. Books referenced in the show: The Nature And Art Of Workmanship by David Pye The Very Efficient Carpenter by Larry Haun Let’s hitch up for the ride! Linkedin Instagram Twitter Facebook Intro music by Sound Revolution
July 23, 2019
Career Decisions with David Toupin
An impromptu conversation with David Toupin a Wentworth Institute of Technology CM Major about his upcoming career choices and his path to building sustainably.
July 17, 2019
Fire Elimination & Technology w/ Jeff Hutchens
In this episode Jeff covers what Avalonbay is and what was it like to work for a company that had two large/total loss fires in two years. We discuss the insurance ramifications of those events and the shock that drove them to create their fire elimination program to ensure it never happens again. The final piece we cover is the technologies being used that started as part of fire elimination program but it’s really a glimpse into how tech and data will change the way we build, manage and live in buildings. This one was GOLD, enjoy the show! TIME STAMPS: 1:59 What is Alavonbay 11:15 Avalonbay's history with multiple large loss fires. 31:00 How "Fire Elimination Program" came about. 36:45 What was the Insurance impact of the fires? 50:45 What is Fire Elimination? 59:40 What technologies are they using? 1:16:50 How can data be used and be predictive. 1:20:40 Healthy buildings and what our future looks like 1:40:50 What other tech is AvalonBay exploring 1:44:12 Where is the whole industry going
July 9, 2019
Mass Timber with Jeff Langlois
This part 2 of our conversation with Jeff where we focus our wood engineering discussion on Mass Timber. Enjoy the show!
July 2, 2019
Wood Engineering with Jeff Langlois of Simpson, Gumpertz, and Heger
Today is part 1 of our sit down with Jeff where we discuss the challenges, intricacies, and benefits of designing with wood. We discuss in situ grading of existing structures, and adaptive reuse. We also dig into wood piles which are typical in our older housing stock in certain Boston neighborhoods. We cover the groundwater trust and their work to restore the water table and how to remedy the situation of damaged piles through the process of underpinning.   ENJOY THE SHOW! 
June 25, 2019
Mike Procopio Part 2: Metal stud highrise analysis
This part 2 of our discussion with Mike Procopio where we dig further into the Infinity system which is a panelized metal stud system that Procopio Companies will be using to build a 10 story high rise in Lynn, Massachusetts. We cover things like design, coordination, cost and subcontractors. As well as other materials they considered in the planning phase of the project. Enjoy the show!
June 19, 2019
Mike Procopio: The Procopio Companies
This show is going to be the first of a two part discussion with Mike where we cover the scope of Procopio Companies which includes, General Contracting, RE Development, Consulting, Property Management and Subcontracting. That right there deserves a show but we also talk about areas where Mike sees development opportunities and we also going in depth on a 10 story high-rise that they’ll be building out of heavy gauge metal stud, and much more….. Enjoy the show!
June 11, 2019
Construction Insurance with Chris Sheppard
In this episode we speak with Chris Sheppard, Senior Vice President at Eastern Insurance. This show differs because it is a more educational based discussion of policies including General Liability, Professional Liability, Worker's comp, Inland Marine and a number of other products that fall under these coverages. We'll also discuss the nuance of coverages, WC in particular, and touch on topics such a OCIP, CCIP, EMR and more.  We'll also talk about where things are headed around rates and types of alternative coverages.  Enjoy the show!
June 4, 2019
FPAM Panel Discussion: NFPA 241 "Where do we go from here?"
Today’s show is going to be audio from a panel discussion held at the Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts’ annual convention. This association is made up of  fire departments from across the state, and there were some great questions and answers. After hearing everything, I thought you too would benefit by listening in.   Moderator: Lt. Chris Towski, Cambridge Fire & 1st Vice President of FPAM  Panelist: James Mongeau, VP & Director of business development at Space Age Electronics Steven Cook, Project Manager specializing in Fire Protection at JC Cannistraro Peter Harrod, Principal at Code Red Consultants and Myself  All of the panelist brought a lot to the table and I really hope this helps you learn more.  
May 28, 2019
Paul Griese: Building Envelopes
In this episode we speak with Paul Griese Sr. Building Envelope Consultant at Wheaton Sprague.   Although exterior walls may seem quite simple in concept, they are in fact very complicated systems and because of that you’ll notice that Paul uses quite precise language when talking about the various components that make up these systems. We cover the various types of wall systems and what to look for from design through install and testing.  Before we get started I’d love for you to take a look at the new cover art and tell me what you think? I don’t plan on changing my logo but there's a talented artist Jason Boucher who’s working on a few designs that I might use in other places. on hoodies or something like that. It’s just a draft but would love feedback in the podcast comments or social media dm’s. Enjoy the Show!
May 21, 2019
Mark Moore: President CMC Design Build
CMC Design Build is a leader in the design and construction of food processing and distribution facilities throughout the United States. In this episode Mark covers the entire life cycle of a project from feasibility study, to design, and finally construction and commissioning.   I think you’ll find this to be a great learning experience because many companies may call themselves design build but CMC has true integrated design build services with in house architects and engineers on staff which makes Mark uniquely qualified to discuss the early phase of a project all the way through finish line.  Enjoy the show!
May 14, 2019
Joe Lombardi: Superintendent Shawmut Design & Construction
In this episode Joe talks about the transition from residential construction to the commercial world. We discuss what were some of the hurdles in making the transition but also what are the transferable skills that ultimately made it a success. We also talk a lot about adoption and use of technology, specifically use in the field. Joe has a diverse background as a framer, business owner, manager, and superintendent on some amazing project . So, no matter where you sit in the world of building you’ll want to have a listen. Enjoy the show.
May 7, 2019
RI is better than MA & Banned Hot Dogs edition
In this episode we talk about news and current events in construction. Here are some links if you want to follow up. SF 100% Renewables NYC Banning Glass Skyscrapers and Hot Dogs Philadelphia Fire Damper Bill Massachusetts After-Hours Construction Site Requirements Enjoy the show!
April 30, 2019
Code Nerds with Mike Yanovitch
In this episode Mike and I nerd out on all things code including the basics of how code is structured, common points of confusion with things like the energy code vs stretch code and ADA vs AAB. Then Mike spends some time explaining what goes into a plan review when a permit is submitted. Finally we discuss 3 issues that were brought to our attention after recent fire department responses to construction sites after hours. If you’d like to know more about the new and unnoticed sections of the code go to where I’ve written up the details for you. I love talking to mike because many code consultants and code officials have their specialties Mike is quite unique because we can go anywhere and he’s knowledgable including zoning where he really stands out. Where lucky to have him so enjoy the show. To find out more about Mike's education company go to , Facebook or Instagram
April 24, 2019
A little about me with "Up In Your Business" podcast
Today’s episode is audio from the Up in Your Business podcast interview I did with Mike & Mike of Focus Forward Media in Pawtucket, RI. I wanted to share this because I have been getting a number of messages from people and feel like I’m getting to know the listeners and thought you might like to know a little about me. Also this will be valuable for business owners and marketers who are looking to improve their media game. I’ve used Focus Forward in the past and I’m planning to bring them on soon the improve what I consider my very “cobbled together” style. Enjoy the show
April 15, 2019
Andrew Colameta: President at Sterling Construction
In today’s episode Andy discusses how he and co-founder Nathan Pfleegor started and grew Sterling Construction into a 25M company in 3 short years. I encourage Andy to discuss the systems he put in place that enabled them to grow and I believe very much, that these systems and decisions are part of the recipe that will make them a major player in the years to come. We also discuss personal and company productivity, operating lean and focusing on clients. Andy brings a ton of energy to his business and this episode. Enjoy the show!
April 9, 2019
Lt. Chris Towski: Cambridge Fire Dept.
In today’s episode Lt. Towski brings a unique perspective having served in a fire house, the fire prevention division and now as part of the office of Emergency Preparedness and Coordination for the City of Cambridge. Outside of his day job he sits on the technical committees for NFPA 241 Safegaurding Construction and NFPA 855 Energy Storage Systems.. as well as serving as 1st Vice President of the Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts. With all this involvement and experience we were able to cover a lot of ground and you’ll gain some insight on what substantial changes we may be seeing in the next edition of NFPA 241. Enjoy the show!
April 2, 2019
Jesse Conklin: Co-Gen Part 2
In this episode Jesse talks more about what goes into the decision making process when an institution considers installing or upgrading to a Co-Gen plant.  We also discuss the district energy model and unexpectedly go into water reclamation and the possibility of it becoming more common in the future.  Enjoy the show!
March 26, 2019
Jesse Conklin: BOND, The Co-Gen Episode Part 1
In this episode we speak with Jesse Conklin  of BOND Brothers who has a background in the utility space and in particular the building and planning of Co-Gen plants for college campuses. This episode is going to be a bit more educational in nature discussing what Co-Generation (sometimes called CHP Combined Heat and Power) is?  As well as, the benefits such as resiliency, cost savings and environmental impact.  Before you listen I’m going to express in my primitive way what is Co-generation and how I’d describe it is; the burning of fuel to spin a turbine to create electricity and then capturing the heat from burning the gas to produce steam or hot water to heat and/or cool a building. Beyond that there’s a number of other ways that more of the energy is extracted from the process, but that exceeds my pay grade and is why a guy like Jesse is on the show. The is Part 1 where we cover the basics and come back for Part 2 when we go broader and discuss bigger subjects like environmental impact (renewables), uses for/ setting up district energy plants, breaking down a use case for viability of a Co-Gen Plant.  Enjoy the show!
March 19, 2019
Kelsey Gauger: Part 2 at the Smart Lab
This is Part 2 of our sit down with Kelsey, In Part I of this interview she described what the Smart Lab is and talked about the various forms of technology that Suffolk is implementing on their projects. In this episode we move deeper into the tech and the process Suffolk uses to adopt, implement and potentially standardize technology on their projects. We also talk about AI, standardization of data, and Suffolk’s use of Virtual Reality. Enjoy the show!
March 12, 2019
Kelsey Gauger: Smart Lab Director at Suffolk Construction
In Part I of this interview Kelsey describes what the Smart Lab is and talks about the various forms of technology that Suffolk is implementing on their projects. She also discusses field or project generated discovery of technology versus Smart Lab generated technology and how that plays out in the adoption of new tech. If you go to @Mass.Construction on Instagram or Joseph Kelly on Linkedin I’ve posted photos from the lab so you can see some of the tech we are referring to. It’s quite impressive what Suffolk is doing, not only adopting new tech and methods of innovation but having data analyst in house is taking things to the next level. If you want a glimpse into how are future looks, listen up.  Enjoy the show!
March 5, 2019
Mike Fish: President & CEO of Dellbrook JKS
In this episode Mike speaks about having “Large company sophistication, with small company love” and how that plays out in his firm. During our conversation it becomes clear that Dellbrook JKS focuses heavily on investing in their people’s; education, health and growth opportunities. Mike uses the words grit, accountability and integrity but more often uses the words fun, family and love. Words you don’t hear that often from CEO’s which makes a lot of sense when you hear how much his employees enjoy working for him. Investing in people seems to be working out well for the team at Dellbrook JKS, going over the $400M mark this year means we should probably pay attention to what Mike has to say.  Enjoy the Show!
February 26, 2019
Paul Mordarski: Partner at Morrissey, Hawkins & Lynch
This episode should be an education for construction professionals as to how attorneys interface with your companies. We cover the basic roles they play, drafting good contracts, and what avenues are available when something goes wrong. Paul has a wealth of expertise in representing owners, GCs, and subcontractors, so his unique perspective is pretty thorough. Furthermore, being an accomplished litigator means he can cover the entire process. Enjoy the show!
February 19, 2019
Fran Colantonio: CEO at Colantonio, Inc.
In today’s episode we speak with Fran Colantonio who falls into the unique camp of being a true GC that never drifting during the CM age. Because of that, it’s interesting to hear his perspective on self performing, risk mitigation as an entrepreneur, and the type of work Colantonio Inc. does. We also dive into whether college is the right choice for so many students, and how we can encourage people to look differently at our profession. We throw around terms like; critical thinking, helicopter parents, occupy wall street, homeschooling and the establishment. So it’s safe to say we just weren’t talking construction. Enjoy the show! Intro and outro music by Sound Revolution
February 12, 2019
Mike Weber: Principal at Gaston Electrical
In this episode we cover a lot of ground with Mike. Including building a business, company culture, effective use of social media and a lot of time on digging deep on lean principals, pre-fabrication and limiting waste. Now we’ve finally let a subcontractor on the show and nobody better than to start with than Mike Weber. Enjoy the show!
February 5, 2019
Josh Bilotta: Dir. of Operations & Precon, Walsh Brothers
In this episode our discussion covers pre-construction quite extensively, and how the role blending pre-con and operations came about. Josh also brings up the lost position of a field engineer, staffing hurdles, and then we have some plain old construction talk about really cool projects with thing like specialty aggregate concrete and slinging steel over operating rooms. Enjoy the show! Walsh Brothers
January 29, 2019
Mass Timber Part 2
In this episode we finish our conversation with Peggi and Alex covering cost, structural elements acting as finish materials, concrete and wood composite floors, and the experience contractors had with new products.  Here's a link to the time lapse video Alex mentioned and view on instagram to see the photos referenced.  Enjoy the show!
January 22, 2019
Mass Timber w/ Peggi Clouston & Alex Schreyer
In this episode we chat with Senior Lecturer Alex Schreyer and Associate Professor Peggi Clouston who are both tremendously accomplished in their fields. Please click the links to read their full bios, but I will say that between the two of them there is a tremendous amount of study, research, practice, and publications on various topics within timber construction. They bring an expertise in Mass Timber that is unparalleled in our area.  Alex was kind enough to offer me a tour of the Olver Design Building which is a first of it’s kind Mass Timber academic building that consists of an exposed glulam frame, CLT shafts and CLT and Concrete composite floors. We talk quite a bit about the building itself, the construction process, cost , and Mass Timber in general.  If you want an education on the newest trend in construction it’s your lucky day.  Enjoy the show.
January 16, 2019
Basics of NFPA 241 (the tyrant edition)
In this episode we cover what is NFPA 241 and some of what's required by the document.  You'll understand when 241 applies, when a plan is required and what an FPPM is and who it should be. 
January 8, 2019
What's 2019 look like? With Erik Sanford of Dimeo
In today’s show I have Erik back to bring some expertise about Construction Technology.  We cover Virtual Reality, Augment Reality and how Dimeo is currently using the technology for safety education. We also discuss what Erik sees us using more of in the coming year and what he thinks we'll see less.  Enjoy the show.
January 1, 2019
The Wellness Trend in Real Estate & Construction
Today will be another solo episode, talking about Wellness in Real Estate & Construction. We’ll cover what that means, what get measured when determining “wellness” and what are the certifications on the market. We'll also chat briefly about the two certifications available in the market; Fitwel and the WELL Building standard. Enjoy the show!
December 19, 2018
Matthew Consigli: President at Consigli
In this episode we hear the origin story of Consigli a fourth generation General Contractor that has had impressive growth under the latest generation of leadership. Specifically going from a $1M annual revenue to $1.6B and opening an addition six new offices. We discuss how that happened, what professional development at Consigli looks like, why they choose to sell the company to it's employees, and much more. Enjoy the show!
December 12, 2018
The GRLZ Radio edition with Kelly Gillen
We’ve got a full house in this episode. It was recorded at GRLZ Radio, a program that supports young women whose circumstances often mean that they have more to overcome than an average teenager, but with the support of GRLZ Radio their futures are looking bright. Our conversation is with Saun Green who is the Program Director at GRLZ Radio, Kelly Gillen from Turner Construction, and Jomelly, a Peer leader at GRLZ Radio. We cover what GR does, what it’s like to be a woman in construction, why you should get involved in industry groups, and what you can do to help. This is one of my favorite episodes. Enjoy the show!
December 4, 2018
Nick Schiffer: Founder of NS Builders
In this episode we chat with Nick Schiffer owner of NS Builders, a General contractor specializing in design build custom renovations and homes. NS Builders custom builds all their millwork in-house and has grow to be one of the most sought after high-end custom builders in less than five years. We go all over the map with Nick covering; social media (which he successfully used to accelerate the growth of his company), encouraging people to join construction/trades, and much more. Enjoy the show! Music by Sound Revolution
November 27, 2018
Bob Petrucelli: CEO and Executive Director at the AGC MA
In this episode you’ll hear what Bob and the AGC MA do for their members and more importantly what they do for our industry and General Contractors as a whole. The most in-depth part of our conversation involves advocacy and what the AGC does on the legislative front with lobbying, forming coalitions with our construction related associations, and the important work of submitting legislation to improve our industry but more importantly opposing bad bills that would be detrimental to General Contractors. This is a whole another world that you probably don’t know exists and here’s your chance to learn. Enjoy the Show!
November 19, 2018
The Energy Storage trend
In this episode we cover the trend of energy storage and how it will affect the real estate and construction industry. Explaining terms you should be familiar with and the 3 factors driving the trend. We'll also discuss the hazards you should be looking at, how the codes don't sufficiently cover them, and the future codes that are just around the corner.
November 12, 2018
Alex Schwarzkopf: CEO & Co-Founder at Pillar Technologies
In this episode Alex discuss what Pillar does through data collection via environmental sensors on construction site and what the future of construction will look like as a result of construction data and machine learning. Enjoy the show.
November 6, 2018
Technology & Data for Mold Prevention
Here's a quick episode about a conversation I had with Rob Carson Director of Risk & Safety at Dellbrook JKS and Alex Schwarzkopf CEO of Pillar Technologies about how we could leverage technology and data to prevent mold on construction sites. Have a listen to the concept and let me know your thoughts.
November 3, 2018
Michael Yanovitch: Deputy Building Commissioner Town of Brookline
In this episode we talk code, zoning, 40B, code changes in the 9th edition and upcoming work in Brookline. Enjoy the show!
October 30, 2018
Adam Kersnowski: Co-Founder of Airworks
In this show we’ll hear how Adam went from owning a masonry subcontracting firm to starting a drone company and taking what he learned from both to become one of the Co-founders of Airworks, a software company that uses data collected from drones and satellites to produce 2D CAD drawings in 3-4 days total.  If you love hearing about entrepreneurs and construction tech you’ll want to listen up! Enjoy the Show
October 23, 2018
CLT - Mass Timber Construction
In this episode we discuss Mass Timber construction commonly referred to as CLT Cross Laminated Timber, explaining the difference between the two. We also covering Mass timber projects happening locally in the US and internationally. The overall conversation is looking at the trend of Mass Timber and what factors are in it’s favor and what’s holding it back. This is my first episode solo, so feedback would really be appreciated! Music by: Sound Revolution Enjoy the show.
October 15, 2018
Erik Sanford: VDC Director at Dimeo Construction Company
In this episode you’ll hear how Erik after leaving the Army went from a surveying crew to geo-tech to field engineer and how that lead him into virtual construction when it was just coming to our industry. Then comes a sharp turn to discuss what it was like being part of, and watching a company go out of business, but how the skill sets he had picked up meant he was employed in short order. Then we go macro and talk about where the industry is heading and what his position might look like in the future. We cover a lot of ground including ROI.. well "benefits" of BIM and we’re both in agreement that modular is our future. Enjoy the Show!
October 9, 2018
Chris Lynch: Principal, Code Red Consultants
This episode of the Mass Construction Show is with Chris Lynch, Principal at Code Red Consultants. In this show Chris will explain what code consultants do and what a code compliance alternative is, and he’ll talk in depth about the new requirement for third party inspections on fire stopping. Then we’ll get to business- you’ll gain knowledge on how Code Red had such rapid growth in a traditionally stagnant market. Chris will dive into accountability of leadership, compensation, and being a renaissance consult. There’s also plenty of talk about culture, burnout, work-life balance, hustle, and grinding. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business you’ll want to listen up. Enjoy the show!
October 1, 2018
Rob Carson: Director of Safety & Risk Mngmt at Dellbrook JKS
In this episode of the Mass Construction Show we speak with Rob Carson, Director of Safety & Risk Management at Dellbrook JKS.  We discuss how Rob and his team look at risk across the life of a project including safety, QA/QC, and property damage. We discuss what technologies Dellbrook JKS deploys its their job sites (you’ll be impressed), the biggest risks on wood frame construction, and the one thing I found most fascinating… How they approach a “builder’s risk” policy. Dellbrook JKS is quietly becoming a MAJOR player in our market (north of 300M annually, I believe), so you’ll definitely want to hear what Rob has to say. Enjoy the show!
September 24, 2018
Mike Fallon: Chief Investment Officer at The Fallon Companies
A discussion about how commercial real estate deals get done. What goes into choosing a site; demographics, cost of construction, pro forma, and more. We also answer the question can a real estate company have a brand?
September 10, 2018
William Christopher: City of Boston, Commissioner of ISD
In this episode we speak with William "Buddy" Christopher, Commissioner of ISD Boston. For folks who don't know, the Inspectional Services Department encompasses the Building Department along with Health, Housing, and a number of other agencies. Buddy discusses ISD's philosophy and how to change one’s mindset from a "department of no" to, “is there a way we can make this work?” We dive into what's happening in the neighborhoods, including an area of Boston I had never heard of - Glover's Corner.  We also talk building code, zoning, podium construction, fire safety and more. Enjoy the show!
September 4, 2018
Bill Held: Principal at The Cardinal Group
In this episode we are joined by Bill Held Principal at The Cardinal Group a Construction Management firm specializing in Life Science industry.  We discuss the life science and manufacturing industry and how working in and building those facilities differ from typical construction.  Bill covers the intensive nature of the equipment, pre-fabrication, modular skids and now the "super skid".  We talk generally about running a business, how he's handled Cardinal Group's tremendous growth, what goes into culture, and Bill's focus on "operating in the capacity as an extension of the clients staff".  We talk about intensive front end planning as a way to increase pre-fabrication, and managing risk buy reducing occurrences of things like fall hazards, hot work and confined space.
September 3, 2018
Mikael Reckley: Customer Success Manager at
This episode's guest is Mikael Reckley, Customer Success Manager at We discussed what it is that smartvid does and what the future looks like for their product. We dabbled in AI, predictive analysis, and machine learning. Finally, at about the 35:00 minute mark, we went off the rails and started talking about what the future looks likes, then Mikael starts with the Star Trek stories and all bets are off. This one was a blast! Enjoy the show! music by: Sound Revolution
August 26, 2018
Andrew Starr: Real Estate Strategist at Gensler
In this show Andrew will cover what a real estate strategist does for an architecture firm. We’re also going to talk a lot about data. Andrew explains which external sources Gensler uses to track data like rental rates, demographics and -a term I hadn’t heard before- psychographics, as well as the internal data they tap to help clients make good decisions. Then we’ll move to transportation and the effect it has on design and use of a building including parking, what is happening to it, and how designers are responding to the changes. If you build for a living this episode will be really interesting in terms of revealing what goes into planning the structures that you build. Enjoy the show!
August 20, 2018
Mass Construction Show: What's this podcast about?
Here's our introductory episode that breaks down; what the show's about, why we're doing it, and gives you some insight on what's in it for you? Thanks for listening!
August 17, 2018
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