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CQ Blind Hams

CQ Blind Hams

By Joel Case
This podcast is audio tutorials and demos of amateur radio equipment and software to benefit Blind Ham Radio Operators.
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CQBH 56 GD77 S follow up with Joseph VK7JS
This show Julian N1CA, Joel W0CAS, Chris NE5V talk to Joseph about the great new features he has added to the Radioddity GD77 S. Which is adding a virtual keyboard and auto zone function to a radio with only 3 buttons 2 knobs and a PTT.  To get a copy of Joe's firmware for now e-mail him at. Visit
August 28, 2021
CQBH 55 Accessible GD77 Project with Joe VK7JS
Today Julian N1CA and Joel W0CAS talk with Joe VK7JS about the Accessible GD77 project. Joe ask if anyone has features and bug reports to contact him. He also would like to ask if their any blind C programmers that would like to help with the project? Here is the GetHub page where Joe uploads his source code. GitHub - HegrJan/BlindGD77: Firmware for DMR transceivers using the NXP MK22 MCU, AT1846S RF chip and HR-C6000 DMR chipset. Including the Radioddity GD-77, Baofeng DM-1801 and Baofeng RD-5R. Fork of the continued VK3KYY project tailored for blind users.
August 12, 2021
CQBH 54 Adding weather data announcements to auto-sky in allstar
From NE5V The weather_data.php script works as a companion to AutoSky.  It is not a replacement.  It uses AutoSky to obtain any information on warnings in your area.  Go to and look for the file:  weather_data.tgz.  Then copy it to a directory on your node.  I used /usr/local/sbin.   A cleaner and faster way to get this is to ssh into your node, and in the directory of your choice execute the following command.  I will use my example. cd /usr/local/sbin wget Once you have this file in the /usr/local/sbin directory by using one of these methids do the following: tar zxvf weather_data.tgz   The resulting file is weather_data.php   If you find that file, you need to make it executable.  To do this type Chmod + x weather_data.php  If you are not in the directory where the file exists then include the full pathname to the file such as /usr/local/sbin/weather_data.php At this point, it's a good idea to test the script in case you encounter any problems.  I went to option 9 on the hamvoip menu which is the Bash shell prompt. and ran the script with a radio turned on to see what happened. Then you can add a function in the [functions stanza located in rpt.conf to call the script.  It could look something like this. 83=cmd,/usr/local/sbin/weather_data Once the function is created and files are loaded, go to option 11 on the main menu of the node, which is the asterisk client.   Type Rpt reload   This reloads rpt.conf   Then, when AutoSky issues a warning, you can press *83 to see what the warning is.  If there are no warnings or watches, invoking the script will report no active watches or warnings.     You can choose any function.  I chose *83 since *81 and *82 are time and weather related. 
July 24, 2021
CQBH 53 How to add DTMF functions to a ClearNode
From NE5V This is for anyone interested in adding DTMF Command functions to the ClearNode. I was parusing the rpt.conf file in my ClearNode and found the following line at the end of the [functions stanza. #includeifexitsts custom/my_dtmf_commands.conf This line allows a user to add DTMF functions that won't go away when the ClearNode software is updated, or when a user changes which digital mode to use. Here's how it works. The statement assumes that there is a directory of the /etc/asterisk directory called "custom" and that in this directory is a file called "my_dtmf_commands_conf". Be sure to make all the letters in the directory and filename lower case, since that is the case specified in the #includeifexists statement. One way to create the directory is through WINSCP. Go to the asterisk directory and once in that directory press F7 then enter "custom" as the directory name. Don't use the "". If you choose to do this from the shell prompt, which is option 9 on the menu when you ssh to the node, do the following. Go to the Asterisk directory by using cd /etc/asterisk Once there type mkdir custom This creates the custom directory. Then use whatever method you want to create the file. I did it in Winscp by going to the custom directory, pressed shift+F4, and gave it the file name my_dtmf_commands Another way is to go to the shell prompt after ssh into the node. This is option 9 on the menu. Then type nano /etc/asterisk/custom/my_dtmf_commands The entries in my file look like this. D6=cop,32 ;Touchtone test. Enter digits with last as # d7=cop,34 ; Telemetry Off d8=cop,33 ; Telemetry on d9=cop,35 ; Telemetry limited The information after the ; explain what the commands do. Save your work. The next step is to make the files executible. Go to the custom directory. Then type chmod + x my_dtmf_commands.conf Then go to option 11 in the node menu which is the asterisk client. type rpt reload You then can execute the commands in the custom file. For example *D7 in my example turns off telemetry. This apparently works only for adding functions, not overwriting them. I've been testing this, if I want to overwrite a function, the #includeifexists needs to be at the top of the stanza. I tried this in the telemetry stanza, because I wanted to overwrite the default courtesy tones. I put this at the top of the telemetry stanza #includeifexists custom/my_telemetry.conf I put the courtesy tones in the file using the methods above, and when I saved settings in the app, the new tones stayed. This isn't Clearnode specific, but I thought it would be of interest, particularly to Clearnode users. visit
July 23, 2021
CQBH 52 Updating firmware for TS590SG by WB3CAI
Mark WB3CAI shows us how to update the firmware of the Kenwood TS590SG using a screen reader. Update firmware for the Kenwood TS590SG HF transceiver. Select a COM port by the following procedures. Remove the power supply cable from the transceiver.  Connect the transceiver's USB port or COM port to your PC's USB port or RS-232C serial port using a USB cable or an RS-232C cable.  Connect the power supply cable to the transceiver.  Select the COM port to use from the pull-downed list.  Click the [Update] button. By following procedures, prepare transceiver side. 2-1 Turn the transceiver power OFF. 2-2 Press and hold [M.IN] key, then turn the transceiver power ON. 2-3 Confirm the current version number and "PROGRAM" appearing on the LCD display. Note: Operating or running any other application software on Windows while new firmware is being written to the transceiver may result in the writing of new firmware to the transceiver to be unstable. Do not operate nor run any other application software on Windows while new firmware is being written to the transceiver. When you are ready, press the [OK] button. The dialog box to confirm the firmware version will open. After confirm the firmware version, press the [OK] button. The firmware update is performed automatically. During the update, the firmware version number changes to "-.--" on the LCD display of the transceiver, and the display "PROGRAM" as well as the transmit and receive LED (orange) blink. The lower meter also changes. When the firmware update is successful, "Completed! The firmware has been updated." appears. The new firmware version number and "PROG OK" appear on the LCD display of the transceiver. Click the [OK] button, then a dialog box which explains the procedure to finish the updating appears.  Note: If an error message appears during the update, confirm the COM port setting or cable connections, then try to update the firmware again. To finish the updating, execute the following procedures. 2-1 Turn the transceiver power OFF. 2-2 Remove the USB cable or RS-232C cable from the transceiver. 2-3 Press and hold [A/B] key, then turn the transceiver power ON. 2-4 Press [A/B] key to perform the Full Reset.
July 22, 2021
CQBH 51 ClearNode part 3 Announcing callsigns instead of node numbers
Chris NE5V tells us more things you can do with a Clearnode. This is on how to have nodes announce callsigns instead of numbers.  I did it by ssh into node first, then the last part of the podcast is changing a timed event in the Clearnode app. Get a ClearNode at ClearNode - AllStar, EchoLink, DMR, P25, YSF, FCS & NXDN - Node-Ventures visit
July 14, 2021
CQBH 50 Humble beginnings, how it all got started
Episode 50, N1CA Julian and Joel W0CAS talk with Dennis WB6OBB and Chris NE5V about how this great group of blind hams met on the Blind Hams Network. We had over 145 years of operating on this show.  visit  
July 10, 2021
CQBH 49 ClearNode tutorial part 2 with Chris Ne5V
Chris NE5V continues with the ClearNode tutorial part 2. This podcast describes the various settings screens in the Clearnode app.  For more information on the Clearnode, visit
July 8, 2021
CQBH 48 ClearNode tutorial part 1 by Chris NE5V
Chris NE5V starts this 4 part tutorial about the ClearNode AllStar/ digital node. You can buy one here.  Buy ClearNode - Node-Ventures
July 7, 2021
CQBH 47 Network Radios with AJ VE3ABZ
N1CA Julian and W0CAS Joel, We talked to AJ VE3ABZ about network radios.  You can find out moor at AJ's radio can be found at Amazon. Inrico T320 4g Internet Mobile Radio WiFi Bluetooth Radio Unlocked GSM Compatible with Zello Real PTT Android 7.0 Network Radio: Car Electronics The other network radio the Anysecu P5 that Bob K8LR ordered, at this time has not arrived for testing. You can find it here at Ebay ANYSECU 4G Network Radio P5 Android 9.0 Unlocked UHF Walkie Talkie REALPTT ZELLO | eBay
June 19, 2021
CQBH 46IAXRPT setup with AllStar
Today N1CA Julian and W0CAS Joel setup IAXRPT for the first time using a ClearNode on AllStar. Getting Started with, and setting up IAXRPT Visit:, find and activate the "Ham radio links" link, find and activate the "I A X R P T Download and setup instructions" link, and if you are a JAWS user you'll also want to find and activate the "I A X R P T JAWS Scripts" link to download these helpful scripts for JAWS, generously written and contributed by KN6GAA. Note: JAWS users will want to install the scripts before opening IAXRPT. Part 1: If using Clear node and it's app 1. Open Clear Node App, then find and activate the button  that mentions your AllStar node number. Note: if you don't already have it memorized, find and make a note of your node's IP address listed on this screen, which you will need to enter into IAXRPT. 2. Find and activate the "AllStar Setup" button 3. Find and open the edit field called "User IAXRPT Password" 4. If you haven't already entered one, or one wasn't already entered for you, create and enter one in the blank edit field and make a note of it as you'll need to enter it into IAXRPT. I recommend using the same password that you use as your node password, it can be found in the edit field directly above or before the edit field you just opened. If you already have a password that appears in the IAXRPT password field, then there's no need to enter anything, just make a note of it and proceed to Part 2. Part 2: Setting up IAXRPT to connect to your node. 1. Open IAXRPT. 2. Press Alt+O to open the Options Menu, arrow down to Accounts, then press enter to activate. This will open the Manage Accounts dialog box. 3. Find and activate the "Add..." button. 4. In the "Account name" field, enter your AllStar node number. 5. In the "Description" field, you can enter anything you like. I entered "Clear Node". 6. In the "host" field, enter your node's IP address. 7. In the "user name" field, enter "iaxrpt" in lower case and without the quotes. 8. In the "Password" field, enter the IAXRPT password you either found or created in the Clear Node App. In the "confirm" field, re-enter the password you entered in the field above. 9. In the "type" combo box, choose Duplex, this will enable full duplex operation. You can pretty much skip through the remaining options. Note that in my setup I have the "Show Connection", and "Log to Display", checkboxes checked. 10. Find and activate the "Save button. If this doesn't take you back to the main screen, find and activate the "Done" button. This should take you back to the main screen. 11. Once on the main screen, press Alt+O again but this time arrow down to and activate "Preferences", this will open the "Preferences dialog box. 12. Find and activate the "Caller ID" tab. 13. In the "Name" field, enter your callsign in all caps. 14. In the "number" field, by default it should be set to "0", if not, enter 0. 15. Find and activate the "Save button. If this doesn't take you back to the main screen, find and activate the "Done" button. This should take you back to the main screen. 16. You are now ready to connect to your node by finding and activating the "Connect" button. Note: JAWS  users who installed the scripts can press Alt+C to connect and Alt+D to disconnect, other helpful key commands can be found by pressing Insert+H. There are other more advanced settings that you'll eventually explore to adjust things like audio and mic levels. Good luck, 73. Julian N1CA
April 24, 2021
CQBH 45 GD77 S Open gd77 firmware demo
Gena M0EBP gives us a demo of the Radioddity GD77 S using the Open GD77 S firmware with voice prompts.
April 23, 2021
CQBH 44 Tips and tricks for the new ClearNode user
Today Julian N1CA helps Joel W0CAS fine tune his new ClearNode allstar node. The only thing I had to change is the bandwith setting in the codeplug from 12.5 khz to 25 khz. With the info Gerry ask for when you order a node, you get a great working AllStar node out of the box. You can get your ClearNode here. ClearNode - AllStar, EchoLink & DMR - Node-Ventures (
April 3, 2021
CQBH 43 exploring node-remote with KE4DYI Patrick
Patrick KE4DYI shows us how to control an AllStar node with the phone app, node-remote. Which is on IOS and Android.
March 4, 2021
CQBH 42 F T8-F T4 contest results
Today we talk to the top finishers of the first CQ Blind Hams F T8-F T4 contest. The results are as follows. FT8/FT4 contest for Feb 6 2021  points   callsign  first name 1st. 258   KW3A  Steve 2nd. 190 K9AV Clarence  3rd. 150  N5DT  David 3rd. 150 Vo1AX Michael 5th. 128 NE5L  Jonny 6th. 94  W0CAS  Joel 7th. 65  M0EBP  Gina 8th. 49  NC6D  David 9th. 39  KN4MLR  Russ 10th. 34  W2QCY  John 11th. 33   KC2QJB John 12th. 1    K8IT Neal Visit
February 27, 2021
CQBH 41 Demo of the Tucson PL 990x
Matt WB2SRI gives us a demo of the Tucsun PL-990x with a n antenna.
February 18, 2021
CQBH 40 Overview of Ameritron ALS1300
VO1AX Michael gives us an overview of the ALS1300 HF amplifier.
February 13, 2021
CQBH 39 K8IT's Quick Access
For more information contact Neal
February 1, 2021
CQBH 38 Used ham radio equipment, To Buy or Not to buy?
Used equipment. When and where you should or should not buy it. Elmer or club member. Your local repeater may have a traders net. Like our local Dixie Traders net Friday at 8pm eastern on EchoLink W4KEV-R and Allstar node 50015. Ham-Fest or ham tailgate. MTC Main Trading company HRO Ham Radio Outlet E-Ham classifieds R and L QTH E-Bay if you are a gambler.
January 30, 2021
CQBH 37 Best?-Radios for A new blind ham?
Today Bob K8LR, Buddy KB5ELV and Joel W0CAS discuss some radios that may be good for a new blind ham. Suggested list of the Best ham radios for new blind hams note the links below for the radios. This is only one place you can find these radios. You may find them at a better price at some other store. These choices at this time are still in production as of December 2020 HT (Handy Talkie) radios 1. Baofeng DM1801. Analog/DMR This may be the one to get. Needs to have the Open DM1801 firmware installed to make fully accessible. BaoFeng DM-1801 DMR and Analog VHF/UHF Dual Band Dual Time Slot DMR Ham Amateur Two Way Radio 1024 Channels Tier I & II Compatible with MOTOTRBO, Free Programming Cable: Car Electronics 2. Boafeng RD5R Analog/DMR. Needs to have the Open RD5R firmware installed to make fully accessible. 3. Radioddity GD77 Analog/DMR. Needs to have the Open GD77 firmware installed to make fully accessible. 4. Kenwood THD74a Analog/D-Sttar Hot Spots for digital radios 1. Shark RF OpenSpot3 DMR, D-Star, YSF and P25 2. MMDVM hotspot from R and L Electronics 3.  Pi Star hotspots can be bought from Amazon compleat or as a kit. AllStar nodes 1. Clear Node 2. G7RPG Micro/Hub 3. Shari Node Mobile radios Kenwood TMV71a duel band 2meter and 70 centimeter. Needs a VSG1 voice chip added. HF radio Kenwood TS-590sg 100 watt 160-6 meter all mode AM,FM, CW and SSB. Needs a VSG1 voice chip added Used Radios You may also find used radios at a cheaper price. I do not recommend a new blind ham buy used radios until they know more about the hobby or have a Elmer or club member they trust to buy from.  
January 16, 2021
CQBH 36 F T8 F T4 Contest
Today w0CAS, Joel  M0EBP Gena and W2QCY John announce the first CQ Blind Hams FT8/ FT4 contest. Here you can find the software for running FT8 and FT4  WSJT Home Page ( Here you can join the QLOG users group where you can get QLOG from the files section. On this podcast we talked with Sam W2JDB the developer of QLOG. Visit our website
January 8, 2021
CQBH 35 AllStar 101 with VE3RWJ and Ke4DYI
hris and Patrick dig deeper into Allstar. Registering for A Node: Asterisk Allstar on the Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 Pre-built Nodes. G7RPG Microhub from the UK: ClearNode - AllStar & Echolink by W6WNG - Node-Ventures TechNo By George: Allstar – Ham Radio Projects (Brian, Dinah, and Shari) URI Cables, Allstar Link Interface Cables for the URI Series FOB to your radio:
September 8, 2020
CQBH 34 AllStar 101 with Chris Ve3RWJ and Patrick KE4DYI
Chris and Patrick dig deeper into Allstar. Registering for A Node: Asterisk Allstar on the Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 Pre-built Nodes.  G7RPG Microhub from the UK: ClearNode - AllStar & Echolink by W6WNG - Node-Ventures TechNo By George: Allstar – Ham Radio Projects (Brian, Dinah, and Shari) URI Cables, Allstar Link Interface Cables for the URI Series FOB to your radio:
September 7, 2020
CQBH 34 Blind Hams Bridge, Network round table
We talk with Patrick KE4DYI about the Blind Hams Network Bridge   These are all of the ways you can connect DMR Brandmeister TG 31679 DMR TGIF TG  31679 AllStar    50631 ECHO-Link 461941 Y S F  reflector 76138 not wires X Wires-X room #68022, with the catch that connecting repeaters must be mixed mode, meaning capable of passing analog. and digital D-Star DCS679A PEANUT XLX679A
September 5, 2020
CQBH 33 AllStar Overview by M0EBP
Gena M0EBP gives a overview of AllStar link.  AllStar is an analog mode that uses the internet to send audio packets from node to node. Enter star 3 then the node number i.e. *350631 for the Blind Hams bridge. Resources: Set up your account, server and request a node number: Use hamvoip instead of an allstar image: The Clear Node: The Shari Node: The Micro Hub from G7RPG:
August 31, 2020
CQBH 32 Blind Hams Round Table Q-Log and FT8
On this Round Table we talk to Sam W2JDB and John W2QCY about Q-Log and how it works with F T 8 for a Blind Ham. This is a link to the QLOG users group where the files for QLOG can be found in the files section. Here is a link to a YouTube video of the QLOG program in operation.
August 1, 2020
CQBH 31 GD77-S demo revised Open GD77 firmware
Chris NE5V demos the Radioddity GD77-S using the unstable version of the Open GD77 firmware. Here you can find the latest firmware, CPS and voice packs. > Here are the latest updates for the GD77 > Dated 6/21 > This update contains two new verbosity modes > > You also need a new voice pack. Here are the voice packs from 6/21 > > and because its requested so often, here is a link to the users guide again. > > For completeness, cps dated 6/19 > > This is the one with all the new hotkeys.
July 14, 2020
CQBH 30 GD77-S with Open GD77 firmware by NE5V
Chris NE5V demos the Radioddity GD77-s using the Open GD77 firmware and CPS. 
June 30, 2020
CQBH 29 Open GD77 Round Table follow up
On this show we have a deeper chat with Ian DJ0HF and Gena M0EBP on the Open GD 77 project for Blind Hams.  Ian's package link Download for the extra voice packs. Download for the Open GD77 users guide.
June 30, 2020
CQBH 28 Unvoxing the GD77 by KB5ELV Buddy
Buddy KB5ELV unboxing the Radioddity GD77. He talked about the Open GD77 firmware. Here is a link to Ian's DJ0HF site where you can download the package.
June 25, 2020
CQBH 027 Updated discription of Open GD77 by DJ0HF Ian
This is the latest description of the firmware, voice packs and CPS of the Open GD77 project as of 6/16/20. Here is a link to the most up to date package available. Be sure you download the latest package and re listen to the MP3 files or read the PDF files that comes with the software in the newest package.
June 16, 2020
CQBH 026 Open GD77 Speach and Beep demo by Ian DJ0HF
Ian DJ0HF with a demo of the latest update of the Open GD 77 voice prompts and beeps as of 6/14 2020
June 14, 2020
CQBH 25 Open GD77 Roundtable
Todays round table W0CAS Joel and KN4MLR Russ talk with DJ0HF Ian about The Open GD77 project and the instruction package along with the software and firmware by VK3KYY Roger.  Ian's website to download the Open GD77 package.
June 12, 2020
CQBH 024 Open-GD77 project for Blind Hams tutorials
We would like to thank Roger VK3KYY supported by Daniel F1RMB for the firmware, CPS and Voice packs. Also Ian DJ0HF for the great instructions. Plus the testers that supported the project Gina M0EBP and others.  Here is where you can get the download.
June 11, 2020
CQBH 023-B Radioddity GS5B Review and Demo by W0CAS Joel
This  is a re-edited version by N2DYN Angelo of my initial review and demo of the Radioddity GS5B. I won this radio  from Ham Radio 2.0 on Jason's 5 year anniversary show. This sub $100  duel band analog  radio is a vary good rugged HT. Jason's review Sponsorship
June 5, 2020
CQBH 022 Antenna Round taable
This is our first round table. Talking antennas with W0CAS Joel, Kn4mlr Russ, N2DYN Angelo and K8LR Bob.
May 22, 2020
CQBH 021 Update 5/8/2020
Update to podcast for 5/8/2020
May 8, 2020
CQBH 020 NE5V TYT-MD380 CPS demo
This is Chris NE5V with a demo of the TYT-MD380 DMR radio CPS.
April 12, 2020
CQBH 019 Mike Kj6cbw Demoing ATOM
ATOM is Audible Transmitting Output Monitor for HF radios. To get one send e-mail to
March 31, 2020
CQBH 018 Review of the TMV71 E by 2M0TSR
This is a review of the Kenwood TMV71E by David  2M0TSR. We would like to thank Kalvin  and all of the Active Elements group for letting us upload this review. 
March 20, 2020
CQBH 017 Gemini 1k HF amp. By M0AID
This is M0AID's demo of the Gemini 1K HF amp. 
March 12, 2020
CQBH 016 TYT Tools and the MD380 by NE5V
This is Chris NE5V's tutorial of the TYT tools and the MD380
March 8, 2020
CQBH 015 Coax Crimping Tool by KN4MLR
This is a good way for blind hams to make up coax for use in a ham station. Without soldering connectors. Russ KN4MLR 's tutorial.
March 5, 2020
CQBH 014 D-Star and the THD74a by NE5V
This is the Kenwood THD74a and D-Star tutorial by Chris NE5B
March 1, 2020
CQBH 013 Retevis RT8 review by KB8ELV
This is Buddy KB8ELV reviewing the Retevis RT8 DMR HT.
February 27, 2020
CQBH 012 TS-590SG tutorial by N3AIN
This is part 4,5 and 6 of Joe's N3AIN tutorial of the Kenwood TS-590SG.
February 22, 2020
CQBH 011 TS-590SG Tutorial by N3AIN
This is part 1,2 and 3 of Joe N3AIN giving a tutorial of the Kenwood TS-590SG.
February 20, 2020
CQBH 010 RT Systems Programming software using NVDA
This podcast is Dave N2AAM demoing The Programming software from RT Systems using NVDA screen reader for blind hams. 
February 15, 2020
CQBH 009 PI-Star tutorial by NE5V
This is Chris NE5V showing the latest Pi-Star operating system for digital hotspots.
February 13, 2020
CQBH 008 LDG TW1 Talking SWR/Watt Meter By NE5L
This is a demo of the LDG TW1 Talking SWR/Watt Meter for HF bands. By John NE5L.
February 9, 2020
CQBH 007 RT Systems and the THD74
This podcast is NE5V Chris demoing RT Systems software using the Kenwood THD74.
February 5, 2020
CQBH 006 FTM100dr and Wires X demo
This is a demo of the Yaesu FTM 100dr using the Wires X system by John KD8PC.
January 30, 2020
CQBH 005 GD77s programing using NVDA
This is Patrick KE4DYI showing how to program a Radioddity GD77 S using the NVDA screen reader. 
January 26, 2020
CQBH 004 Using JJRadio with a Flex radio
This is Jim KE5AL demoing his software JJRadio with the Flex 6300.  
January 23, 2020
CQBH 003 FTM 100DR demo
This is a demo of the Yaesu FTM 100DR by John KD8PC
January 15, 2020
CQBH 002 GD77s with JAWS
This is KN4MLR Russ tutorial of the GD77S using the JAWS screen reader.
January 12, 2020
CQBH 001 GD77S
This first CQ Blind Hams podcast is a demo of the Radioddity GD77S DMR duel band HT by Joel W0 C A S. The audio will get better. I am just testing the podcast concept. 
January 6, 2020