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Awaken to Heal

Awaken to Heal

By Awaken to Heal Podcast by Joelle Lane
Awaken to Heal creating conversations that can help you thrive, give you peace of mind, open your mind to other levels of consciousness through conversations. Awaken to heal is about the awakening experience of mindful individuals + spirit. Join me Joelle Lane a psychic medium as I share my journey of awakening with and those I meet along the way!
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Off Grid living and Manifest dreaming with Rachel Cronin

Awaken to Heal

Off Grid living and Manifest dreaming with Rachel Cronin

Awaken to Heal

Grief during the holidays how to cope
Let’s talk about Grief during the holidays. So many out there are experiencing Grief during this time of year. Here’s an episode of offer support and a few ways you can cope with grief and support others who are too.
December 14, 2021
Gratitude is the Secret to loving life
Let’s talk about gratitude. Gratitude has truly changed my life and it can change yours too! Sharing my gratitude with you!
November 23, 2021
1 year Anniversary of Awaken to Heal
Join me for this special mid-season episode celebrating our 1 yr anniversary! A year ago today I started this podcast! It’s been the most healing journey! I’m so grateful to friends, family, my awesome soul tribe of guests coming on to the podcast! I’m filled with gratitude for each episode! Thank you to all our listers for staying on this journey with us! I appreciate your love and light! We are just getting started! We are taking a break to enjoy some family time and mom life! Enjoy season 1 and season 2 up so far! Love and light always!
September 01, 2021
Sharing our light through our stories with Sara!
Happy Tuesday Soul tribe! How are you feeling after that Full moon 🌕 ? Lots of emotions coming up and releasing during this time! Here’s a feel good episode of Awaken to Heal. If you know me on a personal level you know I love supporting good causes especially if they bring awareness and education to our community. I had the honor of meeting Sara Gullihur-Bradford who is advocating for the autism community! I have been blessed to meet her on my soul path! 🌺Sarah is CEO, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Life Coach, and International Speaking. She is an Advocate for the Autism community. 🌺Sara is the founder and talk show host of SJ Child’s Podcast and children’s book author! 👉Join us as we chat in this episode about her healing journey! Being a mom and navigating life with children who are on the spectrum why she started advocating for the community! What inspired her to write children’s books!! 👉Connect with her 👉Make sure to subscribe so you can catch each her new episode and hang with us on this healing journey! Love + light Jo
July 27, 2021
Moving and Dance your way to Healing with Bianca
How are you feeling after that new moon? New moon 🌚 sets up up to take the leap into new beginnings! ✨Someone I have been blessed to meet on my soul path is this beautiful soul! 🌺Bianca Maria Nast is a Spiritual Mentor & Energy Healer. Her work is focused on women, as she shares from her own life experience. 🌺Bianca facilitates monthly Full Moon Ceremonies & virtual Dance Events. Her 6-week Mentorship Program, Empowering Foundations, helps women feel at home in their bodies & reconnect them with their inner guidance. 🌺Bianca is the founder of the 'Empowered Women Podcast’ where she invites women from all over the world to share their wisdom. 👉Join us as we chat in this episode about her Journey!! We are chatting about all things about the Movement, dancing and Human Design! 👉Join us for this episode! 👉Make sure to subscribe so you can catch each her new episode and hang with us on this healing journey! Here is how you can connect with her: Link to my FB Profile: Link to my FB Page: Link to my FB Group (Empowering Sisterhood): Link to my Instagram: Link to my Website: Love + light Jo
July 13, 2021
Diary from a medium Healing through grief.
In this episode I wanted to share my own journey with grief and the loss we have faced this year. I wanted to share my own experience in hopes it’ll help you or someone you know who maybe experiencing grief.
June 29, 2021
Diary from a Medium
These are new episodes that you’ll see pop up through the seasons of the podcast. These episodes are when I feel inspired to share something with you. When I feel called from spirit+ source+ challenging or being guided. I hope this episode lands with you and resonates with you new moon is coming up on the 10th. It’s time to release + contract (look within)+ let go. Step into new beginnings. I hope you enjoy is episode! Love + light!
June 12, 2021
Taking the Quantum Leap with Joan
In this Episode I am talking to Joan Yue the Founder of Movement Feedback International!  Joan Yue, the founder of Movement Feedback International™. I am a Joy Instigator and Energy Healer. Through Movement Feedback, I help those on a path of self-discovery to access their true essence of ease, joy, and abundance by connecting to the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities. She helps her students become limitless and fulfill their greatest potential. Her passion is to share the magic of Movement Feedback with the world, and to connect people to infinite Love. It fills her with great joy to see students transform during the classes and in their life afterwards. She is am joyful, compassionate, intuitive, and insightful in my approach to guiding you to quickly move forward. In this episode we are diving in to the quantum realm and talking about how our energy is connected to it! This episode is also my first live zoom recorded episode that you can check out on the Awaken to Heal Podcast Facebook Page! I am so excited for you all to meet her!  Here is how you can connect with her: Here is her website is  Facebook Group is  Quantum Field Manifestation
June 08, 2021
The path to our energetic hygiene with Laura Hoff
In this episode I’m joined by the lovely Laura Hoff a good friend, fellow yoga teacher, and reiki master. A energy hygienist! 🧘‍♀️ Laura is a retired dental hygienist, and now lives her life purpose as a Spiritual Coach, Sekhem Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator and workshop leader. ✨She offers in person and zoom events, as well as spiritual courses to help women who are awakening and deepening their spiritual path. ✨She teaches others to master their energy and own their worth and come into alignment with their true soul purpose. 👉Join us as we chat in this episode about her Journey!! We are chatting about yoga, reiki, hygiene when it comes to our energy and what we can do to take care of it! 👉Join us for this episode! I can’t wait for you all to listen to it! How to connect with her: Instagram YouTube Facebook
May 25, 2021
It takes a Village a yogi journey with Kelly
In this episode I’m joined by the Kelly Beck a good friend, fellow yoga teacher and healer! 🧘‍♀️Kelly Beck, has been obsessed with yoga and movement most of her adult life. ✨She wanted to deepen this growth and so she began her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in 2010. From then on, she knew she was destined to teach and had dreams of becoming a boutique fitness studio owner. 🧘‍♀️Yoga was always there during a time of so much uncertainty. With struggle comes growth and through this journey, she truly learned that the growth is in the grit! ✨The dream of opening a studio felt so far away with debt from infertility and eventually debt from back to back NICU babies and yet she never gave up. ✨It was during this time that she started to refine what the future studio would offer the community; affordable yoga and movement and most important, CHILD CARE for caregivers to have accessibility to an intimate studio experience!!! 🧘‍♀️From then on, her true vision of a studio was more clear than ever. ✨The stars were starting to align and now, more than ever, she was closer to opening that studio she had dreamed about for so many years. 🧘‍♀️Kelly fiercely believes that yoga means community and that it should be accessible, movement should be affordable and caretakers should be able to have an intimate studio experience with child care available. The Village was truly born out of necessity! 👉Join us as we chat in this episode about her Journey!! We are chatting about yoga, mental health, mom life, new generation of yoga studios, manifesting and so much more! Kelly Instagram: @kellybeckyoga
April 27, 2021
Healing through pain learning to love yourself again with Shawnalee
In this episode I’m joined by the Beautiful Shawnalee! We are talking about self-love as well as the healing power reiki! How reiki can heal your body when you experience sexual trauma and childhood trauma. Shawnalee is sharing her awakening experience and gift! She is a personal wellness, Reiki Master and mentor. ✨Shawnalee is a vibrant spirited woman but her path to happiness has taken her down some very dark roads. 👉Struggling with her own inner battles and years of abuse, Shawnalee has been on a journey to figure out how to heal. ✨It was through embracing her own divinity within and acknowledging her trauma that she began to learn that her past is not her present and does it define her future. ✨Through her personally inspired Program “Embracing The Divinity Within” Shawnalee is on a mission to serve women all over the world to lead them to and guide them through the healing process of brokenness and to a fulfilling life of wholeness and health! 🌺 Shawnalee's newest offer starts April 16 for a fun little experiment with universal laws taking you on a journey for Creation in your life. Creation Codes is sure to be a fun and effective class to help you take this next steps in your journey. can connect with her on Facebook: Instagram: shawnalee_m and
April 06, 2021
Finding Joy + balance a women’s journey with Petra
In this episode I am connecting with Petra! We are getting raw and real as we talk about mom life, women and how we as women do it all. Petra helps women find that balance and seek joy again. We get raw and real in talking about numbing our burnt out mode, ignoring our emotions , overwhelmed and burnt out mode. You can connect with Petra on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn:,, gonna start soon with :
March 09, 2021
Welcome to Season 2
Hello!! Welcome back!! Happy 2021 just a short introduction of what to expect this season! We are getting more raw, real as we dive deeper into the awakening experience!
March 03, 2021
That’s a wrap Season 1 final episode!
Expressing my deepest gratitude for season one sharing some of my highlights over this last season.
December 29, 2020
Coming home finding your soul through faith with Alicia Howery
In thus episode I’m am chatting with Alicia Howery. She is a mother, community organizer, transformational life coach and yoga visionary. She is CEO of Sacred STAYS, ESP WellBeing, Founder of Intimate Human Connection and Creator of Sacred Body Yoga and Sacred Circles. She loves creating secure intimate spaces for others to heal and thrive in their own intimate lives. Her facilitation helps you express your true essence by a process of self-discovery and transcending belief systems that have been holding you back from your intimate life. Intimacy covers more than just sexuality and although it is common her clients have some personal or lineage sexual healing to work through, this also covers your dreams and visions, finances, religious programming, self-worth, pain, co-dependent patterns and hopelessness. Her clients will remember how worthy they are of forgiveness and forgiving, reclaiming their will power and secure healthy relationships with themselves and others. Her programs are designed to help you build a solid foundation of emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing and powerfully create your inner visions and desires from a healthy space. She works with various healing arts as has developed her own hands on healing modality evolved from Body Electronics, Vedic Thai techniques and sound healing, translations of the subconscious, language, movement, breath, emotions, visualization and imagination to empower you to both give and receive life to your fullest potential. If you believe there is more to life and you are done with pain and suffering physically, emotionally and intimately she has an opportunity for you to remember your life of pleasure, power and presence. You can connect with her via FB and IG Alicia Ann Howery, FB Group Intimate Human Connection, Sacred STAYS on FB and IG
December 15, 2020
Learning to see again following our true north with Jessica Bright.
Join me as I talk to Jessica bright she is a therapist a queen and a goddess who is helping women see it again helping women thrive again helping women heal. We are chatting about all things from being a mother and postpartum to deconstruction religion. Jessica Bright is an intuitive warm and kind individual. She dedicated her life to serving her children, her family, and humanity. Her super power is being able to help those that work with her Alchamize pain and suffering into wisdom and freedom. You can find her on Facebook Jessica (Zamudio) Bright or Instagram under @jesszbright of @bright_therapy_coaching
December 08, 2020
Healing through the beat of the drum with Hollie Hope
How are you feeling with this new moon 🌚 in Scorpio ♏️?! I have known this beautiful soul for a few years are now! Hollie Hope is an amazing soul full of wisdom and hope!! ✨ She is a soulful powerhouse when it comes to clearing our and using drums to heal! I love her light and her fire for making this world a better place!! 👉In this episode we are chatting about drums and the power they have to heal! The Emotions Code and muscle testing. ❤️We also talk about her latest project The Red Drum Project! ✨She shares her journey through some of the darkest moments with abuse, unhealthy relationships. Finding her way to drum healing abd the power of moving to the best of her own drum! ✨ The magic drums and beats have in our journey to healing. The power drums have when we are healing collectively. IG @hollie-hope FB The Beauty of Perspective or Hollie Hope Web: or
November 17, 2020
Awakening to finding fulfillment with Sam
I am so grateful and honored to introduce my next interview spotlight to you all! Samuel Knickerbocker and I met through networking. I really loved what he was putting out into the world so I reached out to connect with him! I absolutely loved his story! ✨He is a successful entrepreneur with a few different business ventures. 
✨Regularly speaks to hundreds of people and is featured on many other podcasts 
✨Author of "Fuel Your Legacy-the 9 Pillars to Build a Meaningful Legacy" book. 
✨Has educated and led hundreds of families and individuals to a path of financial freedom and peace.    ✨He gives talks about:  -How to transform your income by healing your life.  -How to shift your mindset with finances into a positive relationship.   -How to create a legacy that will last through many generations.  -He can talk about the S.M.A.R.T. way to create a legacy.  -And anything in the sphere of sales.  Here are two links to have access to his free e-book and webinar.   ✨Sam specializes in 21st century financial strategies focused on helping people establish a legacy of meaning. He has gathered the foundational financial habits, mindsets and behaviors to legacy building then uniquely coded them into tested processes and systems to establish a solid foundation for anyone to build their legacy on. His passion is to empower high achieving men and women with the financial foundation essential to maximize fulfillment in your life and create their legacy. He is the Host of the Fuel Your Legacy Podcast where he teaches the foundational habits, mindsets and behaviors essential to create a legacy that lasts.    Face book  Instagram  Twitter  Free e-book: Fuel Your Legacy: 9 Pillars to Build A legacy  Website:  ✨Sam has been able to combine the energy, feeling, and spiritual side of money with the practical and tactical side. Not just equipping you with the ability to be more intentional with the way you use money, but also giving you a way to use the meditation and mindset restructuring to assist you in the journey to create more value in exchange for the money that you receive. There is a false narrative in the world that money is scarce and hard to get when in reality there is more currency in circulation now than ever before. 
November 10, 2020
A psychic reading and tips for healing during Election Day!
Join me as I celebrate 32 by offering a little love and light on this Election Day. As I share tips that have helped me over the last 4 years deal with feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and uncertainty. I will also be drawing cards for the collective I hope these messages resonate with you. Decks used in this episode are: Mystical Wisdom written by Gaye Guthrie art by Josephine Wall. The secret language of light transmissions from your soul by Denise Jarvie. The Four Agreements Deck by Don Miguel Ruiz. The Spirit Animal Colette Baron Reid. Love and light to you all.
November 03, 2020
A journey through shadows and self awareness creating Penny Patchwork with Stephanie.
Join me as I catch up with one of my dearest friends, soul sisters and fellow queens Stephanie as we talk about healing, awareness in mental health, healing your soul. We get raw and real as we share our story of our shadow work in our 11+ year friendship. Get your tissues ready for this very special episode.
October 27, 2020
The journey through yoga finding the soul with Lisa
In this episode my dear friend Lisa and I talk all things yoga on and off the mat! Lisa also shares her experience being a yoga teacher and reiki healer! You can find Lisa at: Instagram is @morethanayogi,
October 20, 2020
Sacred Alchemy and a journey to the self with Megan Donovan
In this episode I’m chatting with one of my personal and favorite reiki masters Megan! We are talking about awakening , self discovery and the power of Holy Fire Reiki!! Along with so much more!!! If you want to connect with Megan you can find her on Facebook and Instagram: Fb handle - Mēgan Donovan IG - meegan_donovan
October 13, 2020
Meditation , reiki deep healing with Corby a mans take on awakening
Join me as I chat with my long time friend Corby! He shares his experience awaken, talking all things meditation, reiki and so much more. You can connect with corby on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook- Corby j-soundhealing Instagram- energy_warrior_
October 06, 2020
Let’s End Domestic Violence
Join me as I get raw and share my experience when it comes to domestic violence when it comes me as a psychic medium and yoga teacher. As well as my own experiences throughout my life. Let’s bring awareness this month to ending domestic violence!
October 05, 2020
Empowering the goddess in all of us with Fallon!
Join me as I chat with Fallon Jaye! We will be chatting about her awakening experience and what led her to create her work in helping women heal and find their purpose! You can find her at
September 29, 2020
Yoga a 10 year journey
Join me as I share my yoga journey with you! I talk about what lead me to yoga my teacher training shout out to Yogafit and YogaRenew!
September 26, 2020
Awakening to Embodiment, abundance with Chelsey
I’m this episode I am talking with the beautiful Chelsey Huntsman a female embodiment coach and healer. We are chatting about health, pleasure, shadow work and so much more! You can connect with her The next course She offering this fall will be Prosperity for Leaders! Check out her info below!
September 22, 2020
Happiness and how to hack into it
This episode I talk about different ways to hack into happiness hormones during trialing times.
September 17, 2020
Moving from 3D to 5D shift in the collective consciousness!
In this episode I discuss how we are moving from 3d consciousness to 5d consciousness state of mind. Collectively our planet is shifting in energy can you feel it?
September 17, 2020
What a year 2020 has been!
I’ll share my thoughts on what 2020 has been. The year of the Great Awakening a year of karmic clean up.
September 15, 2020
Off Grid living and Manifest dreaming with Rachel Cronin
Interviewing one of my good friends Rachel as she talks about her off grid holistic lifestyle and manifesting her best life. You can follow her at:
September 08, 2020
Welcome to Awaken to Heal
Hi I’m Joelle Lane and I’m so happy you have decided to join me on this episode! Welcome to awakening journey! We are on this path together into the great awakening! The golden era in the 2020s
September 01, 2020
September 1, 2020
September 01, 2020