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Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice!

Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice!

By John Duffin
Welcome to Your Message Received!
Deliver your intended message OUT LOUD! Join celebrated Broadcast Sales Veteran/Current Voiceover Pro, John Duffin-as he leads you on a journey to help you excel in business communications-by effectively using your voice! It's all you-at your best! John's close to 30 years of experience in Broadcast Sales-combined with real time Voiceover tips and techniques... will quickly enable you to Find Your Business Voice.
Develop and enhance your business relationships, escalate your performance, and exceed your goals!
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YMR Podcast Interview w/ Kelly Thrush
When I first met my guest recently, at a life--changing event at the Ashley Addiction Center in Maryland, I saw a guy who was literally the picture of health. He was also crazy enough to run for 30 CONSECUTIVE HOURS! Little did I know that Kelly Thrush had such a spectacularly harrowing story to tell. From the literal jaws of death, body shutting down, acute and near-fatal alcoholism and addiction... to redemption, recovery, ultra fitness and plant-based health... this guy completed the 30 consecutive hours. All of this was to support our mutual friend, and fellow past Podcast guest, "Running Man" Charlie Engle. What I wasn't counting on was the fierce sense of true connection, common ground and incredible sense of gratitude that I would feel towards Kelly.  The longer I spent with Kelly, on that eventful weekend at Havre de Grace, Maryland- the more I knew I had to share Kelly Thrush's story.  How and why do you recover as a transplant survivor, how do you change and live a life of power & service, why is plant- based eating so important? How did this guy come back from the dead and fully appreciate his true-love, who stood by Kelly's side the entire time? You'll have to listen to find out these answers!  I'm honored to share Kelly Thrush with you. Kelly's story, and our newfound friendship, has altered the way that I think. You never know when a jolt of energy will arrive in your path- you just need to be ready when that energy arrives. When you want to learn more about Kelly, here's where to find him. Enjoy! Email address Rim 2 Rim hike for The Launch Pad Teen Center.
August 12, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview w/ PJ and Chris Cline
So, wanna get away? You remember that campaign? I'll bet you remember how good it felt. How many times have you thought, I'm outta here! You might have actually done it for a day, a week, maybe two. But to quit two jobs, sell your home and all of your possessions! That's different, right? Today, you'll meet two people who did exactly that! Launched new careers, left the safety net of their home, possessions, and surroundings- and started anew! Meet PJ & Chris Cline. Give a listen if you want to get the inside scoop as to how to properly plan spontaneous decisions. As you'll learn there is definitely a method to the "madness", as spontaneity is not reckless. You'll learn that by making some reasonable concessions, you can also make your dreams come true.  As self-proclaimed “untethered travelers”, they are currently living their dream of exploring the world in search of the perfect place to call home. Celebrating their One Year Anniversary of full-time travel, Chris and PJ’s odyssey has been an action-packed adventure that has taken them to eight countries and 27 towns. Christopher is a writer and actor by trade. He writes high-quality creative messaging for all media. He also acts as an on-camera spokesperson to impactfully deliver his client’s messages in video, voiceover and live presentations. PJ is often described as “a human spark plug” because of the energy she brings to every project that she pursues. She’s a three-time award-winning speaker with an extensive background in advertising sales and marketing consulting. I lived vicariously through this episode, as I have lived in one central area my entire life. You can know, that PJ & Chris have created a dream life, and this host has definitely not ruled out packing a bag to join them.   As active members of Toastmasters International and certified public speaking coaches, Chris and PJ offer customized online training sessions that are designed to help people from all walks of life greatly improve their speaking and presentation skills. To learn more about Chris and PJ Cline, check out their social links.Enjoy and consider taking the leap too!!
July 29, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview with Andrew Mann
There are tough topics, and then there are TOUGH TOPICS! Andrew Mann is a recovering addict who lives in Bergen County, NJ. He is an author, and his book Such Unfortunates is a tough read…but ultimately a heroic read. Andrew’s story was at first deeply sad, harrowing, and ultimately victorious. Andrew has gone from a person who was virtually shut down, and now shares his powerful story freely, in the hopes of saving others.  Andrew lives with his wife, and multiple pets. He enjoys writing, reading, exercise, boxing, MMA, and helping other addicts like himself. Andrew aspires to start a foundation named after the book to help addicts and animals. I really enjoyed recording this episode. I hope you love it! Here's how to get Andrew Mann’s Book, Such Unfortunates, as well as a social media link for additional information.
July 15, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Avi Cohen
Have you had to face roadblocks like language barriers, moving to a new country, financial hardships: yet somehow, you were destined for more… you had to keep going? On the surface, you see the wildly charismatic President and Co-Founder of City Wide Realty and Partner at Keller Williams Philadelphia. I previously had the pleasure of watching Avi receive a coveted Real Producers Award in Philadelphia. Avi gave a riveting acceptance speech and had several high-powered Realtors in tears. After that powerful speech, I knew I had to bring Avi Cohen to my listeners. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Avi Cohen multiple times to conduct this interview. Avi Cohen is an energy dynamo. Serial communicator, family driven, visionary, multiple paths of success… all true. But you need to know, Avi’s superpowers are that he listens, and is relentlessly determined. Wait until you hear about how Avi manifested opportunity with the Real Estate market crashed in 2008. Coming to the United States as an immigrant, with no money- Avi listened to his family and also followed his own vision to create City Wide Realty and Partner with Keller Williams Philadelphia. The successful blueprint now crosses multiple states, with more to come soon! While I’m excited that Avi agreed to my first face to face (in person) interview, I’m even more excited to share Avi’s incredible vision. Give a listen and when you want to learn more from Avi (Residential, Commercial, Investment, Property Management, multi- family Real Estate) or if you’re a Realtor and want to meet Avi… here are a few ways to reach him. Enjoy! 215-852-0125 215-607-2000
June 25, 2022
Having the guts to take risks sure ain’t easy. While most of us want to do different things, live other places, live a big life…Ian McKee has done it. Relocate to embody the Disney culture, move to chase a work dream, follow his intuition, all done. To quote Ian “you don’t have to live where you live. If you want to change your situation, just do it!” You’ll be highly inspired by a guy who is intensely driven, honors his family and isn’t afraid to freely share the significance of his faith, while fully embracing the importance of service. High Flyin’ Money Man Ian McKee from GoMagnum Loans joins me on this new Podcast. Early during the conversation, Ian explains that at 27, he has his “hat on right.” I think you’ll be inclined to agree when you hear the episode. Oh, you’ll want to listen closely to learn the top three most important core values acquired at Disney…and why they’ll matter to you professionally and personally. From the business-side, Ian is Mortgage Loan Originator for both home Purchases and Refinancing. With his commitment to excellence and vast mortgage knowledge he is able to put his clients at ease throughout the entire lending process. It’s important for me to showcase, and share, unique people who are successful- and will help others level up as well. Add the fuel of Ian’s electric energy and his commitment to constantly learn and grow, and you’ve got just a few reasons why you need to know Ian McKee. I had a blast recording this episode. I think you love this! Here are a few ways to follow and learn more about Ian. IAN MCKEE Sr. Account Executive GoMagnum Loans Follow on Social.. Champion Chat Podcast- Instagram @mortgage_champion LinkedIn Facebook
May 27, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview Josh Buchter Wolf of Broad Street
How do you cultivate an exclusive environment, while also being all about inclusivity? You’re about to find out when you listen to my conversation with “The Wolf of Broad Street”, Josh Buchter. Josh is the Publisher of Real Producers Magazine Philadelphia and Real Producers Magazine Bucks County. When you need to cater to an elite group of business partners and make them want to be with you… then talk to and learn from Josh Buchter. I can tell you first-hand, that I’ve never met anyone who knows how to draw (and hold onto) a crowd, quite like Josh. We talk about traveling abroad at a young age, and fully grasping attention to detail. I had to learn more about Josh, after I received an opportunity to participate in one of Real Producers Philadelphia’s signature events- The Great Producers Awards Gala. I can tell you that the energy, passion, heart, and standard of excellence was second to none. Listen in as we uncover how this power group started, overcoming initial resistance and building an incredibly receptive power community that keeps growing. Hence, the motto… Power Moves Only What is Real Producers Philadelphia you ask? Their mission is to connect top-producing real estate agents and affiliates in Philadelphia County (and also Bucks County) through their monthly high-quality trade publication, mastermind & social events, and online community. This publication is mailed for free to the top 500 agents in the market. Its contents are 100% ABOUT the community, FOR the community and BY the community. Lastly, and very importantly to me… I now get to call Josh my friend. Don’t miss this inside look into the heart of a Wolf… of Broad Street and beyond! Here are a few ways to reach Josh Buchter. On Instagram… @wolf_of_broad_street @philadelphiarealproducers @buckscountyrealproducers On Facebook Josh Buchter Philadelphia REAL Producers Magazine
May 21, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview Voiceover Pam Wood
Storytelling is such an important skillset for business, for life. Compelling storytellers are also riveting artists. To me, listening to a powerful story told by a skilled storyteller changes my mood and helps me to laser focus on the matter at hand.  Voiceover Pam Wood has become a specialist in narrating Audio Books. Prior to playing full-out in the Audio Book space, Pam was formerly in the broadcasting field, and later moved into the corporate and non-profit arenas. Now Pam is back in the voiceover and storytelling space, and has become rejuvenated with as much enthusiasm and joy for the work. Listen in as Pam shares secrets of not just the power of voice mastery, but also how her passion of ballroom dance classes enhances her storytelling. Here's how to find Voiceover Pam Wood, to learn more.
May 13, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Chad Nachsin + Emilio DiCicco
Raw, edgy, hardcore, funny, engaging, profane... How do you describe kind? In what I call "Hardcore Kind" Mortgage Guy Chad Nachsin and Realtor Emilio DiCicco redefine kind as they "Blow Up' Their Brand!" You will have some fun listening to these two Social Media dynamos. Business gets personal, and also gets social when these guys speak. Honest, to the point, fiercely loyal... with a ton of talent and heart... you'll see why keeping business in the family truly matters.   "Emilio DiCicco is a Real Estate Agent member of the Award winning Bograd Team RE/MAX ELITE. Premier Listing Agent Servicing Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and Bucks County. I bring the supply to the demand.  Chad Nachsin is Mortgage, money. The “Be Kind” Guy from Concord Home Mortgage- in Chadds Ford, PA.  You'll learn why it's so important to craft, promote and tell consistently powerful and unique messages- funny as hell too (and more than just a little in your face.) Do you want to learn how to "Blow up your brand" and still "Be kind" about it... then listen to Chad Nachsin and Emilio DiCicco. This episode was originally published in video format. Here's your chance to listen. Fun episode IMHO. Check them out on the regular with these links below.
May 07, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview w/ Ashley Abdullah
Energy infusion... the kind of energy the causes you to feel better and do way more (and who doesn't need more than that!!) is delivered to the highest levels from our special guest. Those who are truly positive (but not pollyanna), smiling, engaging, technically brilliant and capable of crafting and presenting a story with passion and talent...are always in high demand. When I had the pleasure to connect with Ashley Abdullah, all of those traits are readily on display. You can also know that Ashley Abdullah is a risk taker, highly motivated and driven to succeed- and plays against type to forge an incredibly unique business leader. Ashley is not like most people that you encounter, and that's a good thing!  Ashley Abdullah is a marketing executive with 15 years of experience in broadcast media and building brands - ranging from primetime television shows, Netflix series, sports, news, and entertainment properties, product extensions, and live events.  We get personal with shared work and life experiences (we both proudly worked at Univision Communications together for years.) You'll learn that being different is a high compliment (and also you'll be reminded that taking the road less travelled is not easy.)  Ashley is New Jersey native and proud alumna of Rowan University, Ashley relocated to Miami in 2013 and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.  In 2021, she launched Eden Park Media and joined the ranks of the Great Resignation to focus on creating content to elevate the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Family, achievement, shining the spotlight on those often overlooked- all done with a remarkable sense of purpose and joy- those are just a few words to describe my friend Ashley Abdullah. When Ashley says to reach out and connect on LinkedIn, she means it. See the link below. Enjoy!
April 29, 2022
YMR Interview Kenny Paul Feel Good AF
When someone is brave enough to take a road less travelled, I pay attention, and so should you. Kenny Paul left a well-established corporate broadcast career because he was brave enough to follow a vision- and please pay close attention to Kenny’s description of that vision. Kenny then takes a two-year trip around the world, with his dog. No roots, just a calling.  Uses his brains, heart, experience, and purpose to create Feel Good AF- why? You’ll have to listen. Raw, edgy, backed by science and purpose… Feel Good AF is designed to take wellness to the next level.As wellness brands focus exclusively on the most affluent with their messaging, products and classes, most Americans get left in their wake. I am so excited to share my convo with Kenny Paul. Here’s how you can reach Kenny and Feel Good AF. Take the leap of faith and enjoy this powerful convo.
April 22, 2022
YMR Podcast Episode #50 w/ Michael Prince
There are those who aspire to be at the forefront of change, and then there are those who take the leap and lead the charge. Real Estate Agent and Team Leader, Entrepreneur, Musician, Devoted Family-Man, and friend Michael Prince joins me to help me celebrate the FIFTIETH Episode of the Podcast When Michael Prince speaks, leads, or sings... his message resonates loud and clear. Michael has recently celebrated 20 years of living in Philadelphia- as he is a South Carolina native. The people in Philly are the lucky ones as we get the privilege of feeding off Michael's incredible energy. As Michael so beautifully puts it, when things go awry... the family just pulls together. I'm honored to be Michael's friend, and I'm equally honored to take part in this awesome conversation. I'm sure you'll enjoy listening this episode as much as we enjoyed creating it. To learn more about Michael, check out the following links.
April 08, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview with Katie Chonacas
I truly believe in the power of energy... to heal, to ignite, to transform, to share, to carry us through pivotal moments in our lives. When you listen to Katie Chonacas, you will feel that energy. You want to express yourself, and you're not sure how; you're afraid to take that leap of faith...then listen to Katie Chonacas. Listen to the part of Katie boarding a plan (as a teenager, and alone) to pursue her dreams... when you feel stuck pursuing your own dreams. This conversation will blow you away. KYRIAKI aka Katie Elizabeth Chonacas is a Greek American artist working in the entertainment industry for two decades. Katie is a multi-disciplinary artist who utilizes her voice to inspire change and transformation in people who want to make an impact on the world.  For Katie Chonacas, popularly known by her stage name, Saint Kyriaki, art is as much the end product as the amount of effort that diligently goes into the creation process. Poet Saint Kyriaki, as she is referred to, breathes music, champions artistry and creativity with no holds barred. Katie Chonacas took her interest in Greek Orthodox tradition a step further when she adopted the name Saint Kyriaki in honor of the great Greek martyr with the same name. Staying true to family while also becoming unapologetically unique, allow the positive energy of Kyriaki to transform you. Enjoy.  To learn more about Katie Chonacas (Kyriaski) Dreamland 1111 Album - Dreamland 1111 Merch - Saint Kyriaki - Miracles go to Marz (Official Music Video) - Saint Kyriaki - Dreamland 1111 (Official Music Video) - OpenSea NFT Artist: Chonacas SocialsWebsite: Tiktok: Buy merch here:'s "A Lover's Fairytale" poetry book on LoveWebsite: https://www.aloversfairytale.comBuy the book:
March 11, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview with Paul Espinosa
You say a person can't change? Think again...This conversation will likely change your mind. Meet the former gang member who left prison behind, and made the powerfully brave decisions to completely reinvent himself. Paul Espinosa is an At-Risk Youth Speaker/ Compelling Storyteller... and also an actor. You will hear some stunningly transformative changes that have enabled Paul to leave the crime-ridden California gang and prison world, as well as use these life-changing experiences to help so many people. Paul has such a warm teaching nature, and yet you'll learn that speaking was extremely difficult for our guest. You'll also learn from Paul Espinosa, that it's truly what's inside you (and sometimes buried deeply inside of you) that ultimately represents the true you. Paul and I met on Social Media, and I am so glad I know Paul. I'm truly excited to watch Paul's journey to becoming the consummate storyteller, championing those who need him desperately. I am proud of my friend Paul Espinosa and truly hope you listen and share this episode. To follow Paul, here's a link and launch point.
February 25, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview with Nick Bonitatibus
Confidence is the belief that you will figure things out. Mastering Public Speaking, Executive Coaching, Social Media and Succinct Messaging all looks to come easily for my guest... The Digital Champions Nick Bonitatibus. What makes this episode so valuable is learning from Nick as he shares how critical it is to self-assess, and constantly fine tune your audience and messaging. Not everyone is your target, nor do they need to be. Nick has been living his dream, building his brand (in the rapidly growing Home Care Industry- and beyond) as well as taking risks... all at a young age. Listen to our convo as Nick describes the difficulties he's overcome, to find his authentic voice, and true purpose voice. I am very excited to share our privileged convo from this Rising Star in the Home Care Industry- and in Corporate Coaching. Nick Bonitatibus is the Owner and Founder of The Digital Champions. Nick seems to be everywhere now, and is clearly an expert is developing profitable courses, public speaking, and being an Industry Leader. Every industry will benefit from listening to, and implementing from, Nick Bonitatibus. Nick is everywhere on Social Media and check out Nick's website- to learn more. Enjoy!
February 19, 2022
YMR Podcast Interview with Chris Stevens
Folks- when someone says... "When I help others get what they want, I also get what I want" and they MEAN it, you pay attention. My Guest Chris Stevens divulges so much wisdom on Family, Wealth Building, Legacy, and genuinely giving back. On the surface, it may appear that things come easily for Chris. However, the journey and the pain that Chris has also endured have enabled him to fail forward, and to come out a better person. You will listen and feel the grit and inner toughness of Chris Stevens.   Chris Stevens is CEO/ Managing Partner KW Philadelphia, Regional Growth Driver, KW PA Region, Principal KW King of Prussia, Certified Quantum Leap Coach. Classically trained Chef at the Culinary Institute, Cooked for celebrities with Wolfgang Puck, Golden Gloves boxer- as a KID!! Most importantly to me, Chris Stevens is my friend, and has been an incredible inspiration to me. Chris embodies his mantra of helping others to get what I want. This is a must listen episode, especially if you want powerful AHA's and inspiration to take action.   Reach Chris at
February 11, 2022
There were a ton of directions, and questions that I had for Broadway, television, and film star Brian Hutchison. Oh, and Brian has recently launched a new noir style audio drama “I Still Think About You.” When you listen to this Podcast episode, and I highly suggest you do…you’ll learn how a true storyteller (Brian Hutchison) used his voice to convey tension, fear, longing, loneliness, love, and a deep appreciation of Brian’s personal history in New York. Commercial, film, TV, Broadway, and over 150 Audio Books are just a few of the vehicles where Brian gets to polish his gift of acting and voice work. Yeah, we name drop a little, but mostly we get to learn how you find the courage to share highly personal experiences with others- and how an expressive voice goes a long way in doing so.   After you listen to our conversation… here’s where to find more about Brian Hutchison.
February 05, 2022
You'll get the pleasure, and quickly, of understanding why my Podcast begins and ends with a legendary Philly voice. John McBride has called a countless array of Sports, Music and Local Events (as well as Radio and Voiceover) throughout the Philadelphia Region. In addition to John's exceptional voice, it's also John's technical expertise (you have to listen to JMcB's classic stories of maximizing opportunity with preparation.) Take nothing for granted and always be prepared to seize the moment.  I've had the privilege of having John McBride "call me home" multiple times from premiere Philadelphia running events (Broad Street Run and Philadelphia Marathon just to name two signature Philly events.) Before this Podcast interview, John taught me about preparedness by guiding through my first Public Address Announcer job covering High School Basketball.  I'm smart enough to know that (and thanks to John McBride) that you never leave home without "Pen and Paper" and no... having your phone to type may not be good enough (listen to the Mummer's 2022 story, as these practices NEVER go out of style.) Speaking of in- style, John McBride's classic voice, humor, and sense of community make this conversation a blast for me. Today, I get to call home... my friend... John McBride.  Here are other ways to find John McBride- as John is definitely worth a read too!
January 28, 2022
YMR Podcast Episode w/ Laurel Darren
Resilience, raw, and unfiltered... true finisher...who knows the importance of bringing others along and gets them to finish. Extreme motivator...Do you know the term "DNF?" Means Did Not Finish. If you know the acronym, then you know how painful that result is. I've experienced this, and when I was hellbent to finish a challenge, I called upon Laurel Darren, from Wild Bunch Desert Guides. Today, you will learn how to be unapologetically fierce. You'll also learn why you how to finish. If you want to improve your results, in anything, LISTEN to my convo with Laurel.  Laurel is an proven entrepreneur, with Wild Bunch Desert Guides, in Phoenix/ Scottsdale, AZ. When you want to hike or bike in a spectacular environment, it simple... you call Laurel. Here's the thing, you can take the spectacular AHA's that Laurel so freely shares, and use them to improve your speaking, improve your authenticity, improve your results. Fun Fact, Laurel personally was the super hero who helped me to finally conquer my kryptonite of climbing Camelback Mountain after two failed attempts.  What's Wild Bunch Desert Guides? Founded in March 2016, Wild Bunch Desert Guides, LLC, is the love child of transplanted Mountain Biking and Hiking enthusiasts, who simply wanted to share their devotion to those activities and their passion for the beautiful Sonoran Desert with the many tourists coming every year to Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. You want to learn the importance of listening to your heart and find your joy... you'll learn from Laurel. You don't think you can finish, then listen to our convo, and you'll see what's possible.  We talked about refilling your tank with energy and joy, and it's all about who "you ride or hike with..."  You'll feel a whole lot better and also learn that DNF's are completely a no-go when you surround yourself with the right people.  You want to learn more about Laurel and Wild Bunch Desert Guides after listening (or some of the way cool people we referenced) check out these links below.
January 14, 2022
Being in the throws of addiction for 16 years is relatable to me, as a recovering alcoholic. As you'll learn from Zack Blakeney, addiction comes in many forms. Zack's addiction was different than mine, but those common feelings of guilt, shame and remorse also resonate with me (and at times, still gain hold of me.) If you can relate to those feelings, this episode is for you. listen in on how to win the war of keeping those crippling emotions in check and gaining control of your life.  Zack Blakeney, is the Founder of the Invincible League. Zack has created a unique and innovative blend of science-based methodology, consciousness, and accountability that quickly shift your limiting perceptions and rapidly accelerate the development of your emotional intelligence and authentic habitual alignment. I found Zack on Instagram, and honest to God, you should do so too- Zack's Instagram link is below. Zack's speaking style instantly got me attention. Listen in on Zack explaining masculine- feminine as energy (not defining traits.) I was quickly drawn in by Zack's manner of speaking- not necessarily congruent with the powerful bodybuilder I saw in Zack's posts, feeds. Learn that being true to yourself happens as you free yourself from the boundaries of addiction- and then you can grow in so many ways (Business, Health, Love, and a whole lot more. Enjoy this empowering episode. Peak Performance | Align with Love + Truth | Unity Consciousness | Emotional Intelligence | Meditation + Mindfulness | Authentic Self Discovery | Healing + Learning | Personal Freedom | Master Fear | Liberate Limitations | Maximize Potential + Profits
January 07, 2022
YMR Podcast w/ Catarina Campinas Furtado
When you view communication as art, it becomes an expressive way to convey feelings. Communicate via dance is a wonderful way to deliver emotion, with precision. Speaking to, and influencing teenagers, is also an art form. Teaching, like dancing, involves art and precision, and allowing yourself to take risks, by staying in your zone. Our guest quoted Martha Graham, when Catarina Campinas Furtado explained-" are chosen to dance." I also believe you are also chosen to teach.  Catarina Campinas Furtado has been in the educational space for over 20 years. Catarina reminds us that our most powerful communication techniques involve listening and feeling. Catarina is an "All-Star", as we know each other through our High Performance Coaching Program led by Dave Scatchard. Catarina is a mother, teacher, artist, influencer, and master communicator. As a mother, Catarina is learning the language of "letting go" from of all places, her teenage son. Listen in to hear future dreams/ plans between mother and son. Catarina is also in the process of creating a platform to empower teenagers. #clues&connections I think you will learn from, and love, my conversation with Catarina Campinas Furtado. Listen and feel the #clues&connections. Follow Catarina on LinkedIn
December 26, 2021
YMR Interview with Andrea Ferrino
When you think about speaking under pressure, you may first think about business pressure… closing/ losing the deal, etc. When trauma, tragedy ensue- it’s an entirely different type of pressure. Professionally, Andrea Ferrino has held many titles throughout her 20+ year advertising career, but personally - none more important than “Aunt”.  After losing her 14 year old niece, Abbey, to suicide on November 7th, 2020 she and her family put their grief to work and created a Abbey’s Bakery, a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing Abbey’s story, promoting mental health awareness & suicide prevention and providing resources to those who may be suffering. This episode, specifically relating to death from suicide…is raw, powerful, and needs to be spoken about on a regular basis. Andrea has been my friend, and business colleague, for well over 20 years. I’ve never been prouder of Andrea. Give a listen and share this, in order to keep this conversation going.  To learn more about Abbey's Bakery, and find ways to support... please go to this link.
December 10, 2021
Maria Montero is a mom, attorney, women’s equality advocate, and public affairs leader. I've heard Maria speak, and she spoke so powerfully that the audience gasped. Risk taker, deeply family-oriented...the way that Maria speaks moves audiences. This episode meant a lot to me. You'll learn how to gain confidence by taking risks, thinking on your feet, being closely connected to your audience, and enabling your audience to feel.  A lifelong Pennsylvanian, Maria first came to Philly as student at St. Joseph’s University where she was actively engaged as a campus volunteer with various organizations and a student-athlete.  Maria is passionate about empowering women and co-founded the Power of Women Networking Initiative which promoted women’s business and civic leadership.  Maria is currently Director of Public Affairs at Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority. As a Philadelphia resident, I am thrilled to welcome a champion of the region to the Podcast.  When you want to connect with Maria, and you should, here's Maria's LinkedIn link. Maria is a serial Linkedin connector. You'll love this episode. 
December 03, 2021
YMR Episode Interview Zenstorming Michael Plishka
Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you tried to express yourself- too fragmented?  So much stuff swirling thru your head that you articulate badly. I know I've experienced that in my professional and personal life. Too much going on around you? How do you become, as Michael Plishka so beautifully states… “the best me I can be… because that’s where the value lies…” How can I be present with all I am in my offerings?" Wide breadth of info and tons of external forces throwing you off of your speaking game... then listen to the magic of Michael Plishka, true renaissance man. Engineering, Creativity, Music, Photography, Sports, just to name a few avenues of Michael Plishka's expertise. Ya know any luge specialists, you now do… Sometimes, you're lucky and get a huge head start with someone- you've have a strong personal relationship, so you've already had intimate conversations. Often, when I know someone has been through a lot, I give them more of a chance to articulate. But in business, you may not get that chance to know or feel any of that. What do you do when you don't have that head start?  I’m awestruck by the power of focus that Michael achieves. You will make yourself very happy when you follow Michael Plishka on Social Media. But for now, here’s a killer introduction to help you… be the best you (that) you can be… that’s what we’re all about. Give a listen. To learn more about Michael, …and his company “Zenstorming” here are a few links… Enjoy..’ Email at
November 21, 2021
YMR with Corey PLUS Elaine Dissin
Keeping Business in the Family...How do you make it work? Two Voice Marketing powerhouses share family secrets as to how they can keep growing and evolving. Multiple relocations, complete change in geography-twice-keeping their future baseball superstar son top of mind, while they continue to build a championship coaching business! Corey Dissin- Marketing and Business Coach. Motivator. Mentor. Branding and Social Media Specialist. Voice Over Business Authority. The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content. GO GET IT Nation!Elaine Dissin- Client Services Specialist and the SHE-E-O of Go Get It Nation! So many multiple platforms...  Branding, design, Business Strategy and Execution. Dedication, a whole lotta Dissciplne, and incredible strength. Corey and Elaine will teach you how to keep your eye on the prize while making your business explode. We all have a lot of plates in the air- and we learn from Corey & Elaine that there is NO excuse when you drop a ball- you just GO GET IT!  PS- These two are family to me. I love them both a ton. You will too. Enjoy!
November 05, 2021
YMR Interview Charlie Engle
YMR Podcast Bio Charlie Engle Typically, you don’t use words like incarceration, major alcohol and drug addiction, mental-health challenges, major falls from grace, rebuilding your life and family multiple times, and running from problems when you are describing successful people. As you will see, redefining Limits is the gift! In fact, when you read the bio- world-class celebrated runner, former Senior producer with ABC, founder of the world’s largest non-profit for clean water, hobnobbing with Hollywood elite, Keynote Speaker, successful Author “Running Man” Charlie Engle- this sounds like a typical, high-profile celeb bio… charmed life if you will. The magic comes from listening and learning from Charlie’s entire story. We are reminded that recovery, learning, success, loving family- never come in straight lines. To steal a line in the Podcast, Charlie Engle describes that running incredibly difficult races allows you to seek discomfort, because that’s where the good stuff comes. As for the running, Running the Sahara (equivalent of running TWO MARATHONS DAILY, for 111 DAYS) is just one of hundreds of insanely physical challenges. You just gotta listen to feel the energy, self- effacement, love, and hope that comes from my guest Charlie Engle. After listening, PLEASE read the book “Running Man.” Here’s a link from the website. When you want a blast of power, love, and redefining limits- then sign up to see Charlie speak. The Power of Success Tour- with Tony Robbins, Charlie Engle, and a host of incredible talent… will be coming soon to a city near you. Here’s the link. Breaking news comes from the announcement that Charlie Engle has been named as Ambassador for Ashley Treatment in MD. Charlie currently gets to work with spectacular high-profile speakers… and yet again… life’s journey is still not an upward, straight-line trajectory of success and great things. So you just keep running, moving forward. Lastly, for my Philly fans, listen to the love shared for our 76ers! Charlie has a beautiful family and has returned to North Carolina. Enjoy this very special episode.
October 29, 2021
YMR Episode Featuring Amerispec Dave Dibelius and Gail Metzner
Calming, reassuring, yet confident and directional. There are certain major life circumstances where it is critical for you to speak calmly and confidently...and I’m sure you can recall some important moments in your life, that were made more memorable by the way that someone spoke to you. Who better to demonstrate, than two service minded professionals- at the highest level. With backgrounds in the Military (based in Afghanistan), Paramedics, and fighting fires, Amerispec Home Inspection Pros Dave Dibelius and Gail Metzner have the life experience, training, and overall compassion to say exactly the right thing to nervous homeowners. With a company mantra of “Come to work happy and if you can help someone else out, you can change the world- or at least change theirs... “ check out how Gail and Dave have used kindness and FOOD to speak for them. Dave’s Santa Claus in Afghanistan story is well worth hearing- and as a Philly guy- now I know that Tastycakes travel to war zones and elicit happiness. When words just don’t suffice, listen to Dave share about a child tasting chocolate for the first time. When it comes to qualified speaking, here’s a little background on Dave and the Company… ·  AmeriSpec Home Inspections. ·  Veteran Owned ·  Retired Medical Tech USAF ·  US Air Force/Air National Guard ·  911 Dispatcher ·  In the Community Helping People as a Volunteer Firefighter ·  Oh, and Gail originally trained Dave over 20 years ago to be a Paramedic. Expertise, fighting gender inequality, elevating women in a typically male dominated field; as well as promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through words- and especially action- will really resonate. Check out the answers to my three key questions at the end. I love how the Amerispec Team responds, and hopefully… you will too. Listen, laugh, and learn from two Top-Tier Pros… Dave Dibelius and Gail Metzner from Amerispec. When you need to reach them, here’s how… Follow Them on Facebook ·  Amerispec Dave Dibelius ·  Amerispec Gail Metzner ·  Amerispec Inspection Services Feasterville Keep listening, liking, and sharing the Podcast. We are here to help!
October 22, 2021
Listen in to get some great ideas regarding authenticity, learning to overcome public speaking hurdles, the importance of family for everything, team building, team leading, success by sacrifice- hard work- and hustle! For Mark Gatta , it all ties back to family.   Special Guest Mark Gatta from Opus Elite Real Estate, in Bucks County, PA.   Team Leader, Real Estate Success Story, LiveStream Co-Host (Facebook) of "Neighborhood Spotlights." Wednesday afternoons- 2:30 PM Fiercely loyal to his culture, family, and neighborhood- and also has a keen eye for growth, progress, and learning more.   Mark is a Temple Grad, who uses his Marketing Degree and incredible drive for success- to keep leveling up and succeeding.   Mark is a consummate family man- his amazing wife Maria and our four wonderful children are always an inspiration. Listen to the stories of business success from Mark's Mom- you'll definitely learn.  Mark's business persona- which Mark embodies is..."the phone’s always on, give me a call..." If you are ever in historical Newtown- connect with Mark. AND if Mark is singing Karaoke- listen in.  Reach out to Mark Gatta at... Enjoy! 
June 19, 2021
Listen for techniques on risk taking, Hiring process (from a Recruiter POV,) succinct communication with kindness.. When you listen to my interview with Matt Opramolla, you’ll learn quickly that Matt is a guy who is able to communicate exactly what he wants and also able to take big risks. As a Recruiter, Matt channels his own experience in the interview process (which can be incredibly nerve-wracking and frustrating) and helps others to feel valued (as well as better aligned professionally.) When Matt says (as a Recruiter), he is on LinkedIn daily, if you are in career mode, you should be too! Matt is currently residing in Austin, Texas. Matt enjoys playing basketball and guitar, going to concerts, getting tattooed, spending time with his family (two dogs, two cats, one wife), reading historical non-fiction, and listening to podcasts about The Sopranos. If you’re a dreamer, a visionary (including geographical shifts, professional risks, chasing goals, making big changes) and want to do this in a way that also encourages you use your voice in order to follow your heart- listen to Matt Opramolla. Here’s to taking that leap and remaining kind in the process. Enjoy!
May 08, 2021
I am truly honored to introduce you to my best friend. Pete Bernard is more than just a best friend... Pete is family to me.  As soon as you listen to the episode, you'll realize what an authentic presence Pete truly is. Pete is a highly successful business leader, currently in a key role at Microsoft (US Education Surface Lead.) Prior to Microsoft, Pete was with Apple for 13 Years. Pete Bernard was a highly acclaimed Student-Athlete (multiple sports), at Temple University.  While the resume reads great, Pete's real gift is his ability to communicate authentically and passionately. Pay particular attention to Pete's resilience and drive. This authentic speaking voice that Pete has developed, comes from years of living large and taking big risks.  Most importantly, Pete gives very freely to anyone. Pete currently has developed and runs (alongside his rockstar wife Julie)- Freedom Youth Football. Pete has three sons- and they are all Champions in their own right.  Pete's twin sons (Preston & Owen) play for Freedom. #BernardBrothers Check out the Facebook link below to follow Freedom progress.  Stick until the end of the episode as my dear friend describes his family. You won't want to miss it.  Enjoy this extremely gratifying episode. Nobody, in my orbit, has influenced me more. You'll easily see why when you listen.   
April 30, 2021
Meet my friend, Steve McLean!  Steve has had an exemplary career as an Actor, Writer, Storyteller, Broadcast Seller (for over 26 years!), taught screenwriting at Drexel University and currently is an Adjunct Instructor of Advertising at Temple University Steve is also currently the Host of Temple University TV’s Brand Matters When you listen, check out Steve's suggestion for precision (early in the episode listen to Steve's experience regarding specific timing and creativity while working with and delivering Ad copy.)  Steve also has incredible relationships in the Broadcast Sales industry-as colleagues and clients all love Steve! You will soon see why...  "Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for CatDad...Silverdad...Steve McLean" (Steve made me say this...)
April 23, 2021
NEW Podcast BIO CHAD + CHADD ALL-STARS NETWORK Chad Nachsin (aka Single D) and Chadd Levine (aka Double DD) are well known in the Philadelphia Region as the Mortgage All-Stars. While they started, and shine in the Mortgage industries, Mortgage All-Stars has also morphed into a distinct brand, with their individual personalities shining through. You may already know them, or you soon will, as the architects of the All-Stars Network. Don’t mistake their incredibly fun personalities as a casual approach to their business. These two All-Stars are intense competitors who continually level-up their game. Vision, strategy, brand- focused marketing, finding the right identity, execution and follow through…are all integral parts of their DNA. To quote Double DD, “…when you find it (the brand, identity… ) you can become it." All- Stars Network evolves into far more than Mortgages and Real Estate, although Real Estate drives them both.  Single D and Double DD now seek out All-Stars in every profession. Personally, while I am so grateful for the friendships- I also am truly grateful for the simple fact that they draw the All-Star out of me, and also help those lucky enough to be around them- to level up their professional games as well. Because my purpose is to help others find their true and authentic voice, Chadd and Chad embody authenticity. There’s no one like them, and they make an incredible team. All of this is done with a ton of passion, laughs, and kindness. I am truly grateful to be friends with them and am thrilled that I get to share these two legends with you. Finding (and listening to) their true authentic voices is a true privilege. These All-Stars currently host multiple weekly Social Media Shows. Here’s where to find Chad Nachsin + Chadd Levine All Stars Network. Fridays at 1:30 PM Facebook Neighborhood Spotlights (with Mark Gatta) Wed @ 1:30 PM. Facebook
April 16, 2021
Give a listen to a HIGHLY motivational coach, Tony Lombardi. It's a privilege and an honor to be Tony's friend.   Lombardi has a ton of successful Sports coaching experience at the NCAA Division I and II levels, as well as coaching in the professional ranks. Tony is now transitioning from a career in coaching and student support services in secondary education, and converting into life coaching in the performance field. Tony is also a Devotional Dad to his incredible children. Listen to Tony share specifics as to why being a great father is often not easy.  I'm thrilled to get to share some of my new friend, Tony Lombardi. I feel fairly certain that you're gonna love the guy.  Watching Tony find and share his true and authentic voice is incredibly inspiring. Definitely listen, learn, and have fun.  You'll find more of Tony Lombardi below, and he's totally worth following.   Instagram @tonylombardi_20 Facebook-
April 09, 2021
Join me today, as I get to spend time with All-Star Coaching Founder, Dave Scatchard. You may already know Dave from his 14 Year NHL Career… Played for six teams. Now, Dave is Founder of All-Star Coaching, Peak Performance Coach, Author, International Speaker, and my new friend. Dave’s NHL Career ended suddenly after suffering his fifth concussion. This debilitating injury shattered Dave’s world- left him with slurred speech, traumatic brain injuries, and severe headaches (check out the portion of the Podcast where we discuss memory.) With the guidance of top coaches, healers and energy workers worldwide, Dave’s Transformation has inspired many people around the world. Now you get the chance to be inspired by Dave Scatchard. Give us a listen- I think you will love Dave Scatchard’s Rebirth! There is also an opportunity for my listeners to join Dave (my second go-around) on a FREE seven-day challenge to transform you! Use the link below to sign up for Dave’s free, no-obligation, personal and business transformational challenge. If you’re at all like me, you’ll be glad you did.
April 02, 2021
Join me as we get up close and personal with a CLASSIC Gentleman, Gregg Foster. Gregg has curated and embodied THE MODERN GENTLEMAN METHOD. To say Gregg is a detail guy barely scratches the surface. Gregg is a true Renaissance Man. When we talk Authenticity, Chivalry, and ones wears that description better than Gregg Foster.  Whether it's your inner warrior, badass, classic gentleman, CEO, or romantic (and chances are it's the sum of all these parts) that needs a fresh look- Gregg is your guy. Get ready to up your game as we discuss his intricate and multi-faceted system. While Gregg embodies every facet of style, this guy brings so much more than good looks and clothing suggestions. Every aspect of the Modern Male is covered and Authentic ways to navigate success and facilate completely healthy relationships with women are explored. You need to hear Gregg.  Buckle up to find The Brazen You. Gregg Foster. 
March 26, 2021
Someone once said “conversation is food for the soul.”  Well consider Steve Olenski to be the Master Chef of Conversations for no one loves engaging in conversation more than Steve and no one is better at it. Join us for a VERY priveleged conversation. A true unicorn, Steve's career has run the gamut from being a creative director at ad agencies to working for major corporations such as Prudential and Oracle to being one of the world's most influential journalists writing for such publications as Forbes, Ad Age, Adweek and many more. According to Steve, literally everything we experience is captured within a brand, whether it's the products we consume, the entities that we work for or the communities where we live and grow. The connection in this episode is palpable. Steve is funny, warm, insightful, engaging, insightful.  Oh, you'll soon see.  Give a listen, like, share and subscribe. You'll love it! 
March 19, 2021
Here's Part 2 of my exclusive interview with Ken Krsolovic. Legendary Iconic Sports Broadcasting Voice, in Philadelphia, via the St. Joseph's University Basketball Hawks. Ken's Sports broadcasting style takes your breath away-as his energy is electric. You'll hear two clips from Ken during the Podcast. Ken's play by play style will send chills through you! Ken also brings over 30 total years of experience in collegiate athletics (baseball, basketball, multiple sports), coaching, and Executive Leadership to several Colleges (in Maryland, Ohio, and PA.) As a Philadelphia guy, I associated Ken with Philadelphia Big 5's St. Joseph's Hawks.Ken handled a variety of roles there, first as director of sports media relations and later working in areas of marketing, development, licensing and broadcasting.  His Philadelphia days also included a 16-year run as the commissioner of the Philadelphia Intercollegiate Soccer League, commonly known as the Philadelphia Soccer Seven. While at Saint Joseph’s, he doubled as the head coach of the national team of Croatia from 1996-98, winning the Mid-European Cup in 1997. His 1998 Croatian team toured the U.S.A., a trip which included four exhibition games against American professional teams, a first for any European national team. Ken has authored a phenomenal book on the history of the Home of Cleveland Baseball. Published Author League Park Historic Home of Cleveland Baseball... 1891-1946 Co-Authored by Brian Fritz. Ken is married to Lisa, and has two children ... Ronnie and Jenny (two future rock stars!) Buckle up for the first of two parts, I think you're gonna love it!
March 11, 2021
There's just not enough room on the page to list all of the accomplishments of my friend, Ken Krsolovic.  Legendary Iconic Sports Broadcasting Voice, in Philadelphia, via the St. Joseph's University Basketball Hawks. Ken's Sports broadcasting style takes your breath away-as his energy is electric. You'll hear two clips from Ken during the Podcast. Ken's play by play style will send chills through you!  Ken also brings over 30 total years of experience in collegiate athletics (baseball, basketball, multiple sports), coaching, and Executive Leadership to several Colleges (in Maryland, Ohio, and PA.)  As a Philadelphia guy, I associated Ken with Philadelphia Big 5's St. Joseph's Hawks.Ken handled a variety of roles there, first as director of sports media relations and later working in areas of marketing, development, licensing and broadcasting.  His Philadelphia days also included a 16-year run as the commissioner of the Philadelphia Intercollegiate Soccer League, commonly known as the Philadelphia Soccer Seven. While at Saint Joseph’s, he doubled as the head coach of the national team of Croatia from 1996-98, winning the Mid-European Cup in 1997. His 1998 Croatian team toured the U.S.A., a trip which included four exhibition games against American professional teams, a first for any European national team. Ken has authored a phenomenal book on the history of the Home of Cleveland Baseball.  Published Author League Park Historic Home of Cleveland Baseball... 1891-1946 Co-Authored by Brian Fritz.  Ken is married to Lisa, and has two children ... Ronnie and Jenny (two future rock stars!) Buckle up for the first of two parts, I think you're gonna love it! 
March 11, 2021
Join me as we "break bread" with Mike "Pancakes.and.Protein.Shakes" View! Most of You Already Know that Mike is Local Legend (and Local covers a ton of geography in Mike's case.) Yeah, Mike's Insta, Podcast, and YouTube series' are a blast, and the food previews are GREAT. What you may not know is that the Insta likes and follows are not a main priority. Helping, and I mean legitimately supporting Local businesses (PA, NJ, NY, and growing) is at the heart of Mike's mission. You'll hear that Mike teaches this "old dog" some new tricks to get out of my comfort zone box and see the world through the eyes (and hearts) of Local businesses.  Mike is truly a renaissance man and uses his multiple platforms for good (Good food, good purpose, sustaining businesses and families) and having fun while doing it. I loved chewing the mic with Mike. I think you'll love this episode.  Enjoy.   Instagram @pancakes.and.protein.shakes Podcast YouTube #PoptartsForLiss #Pancakes.and.protein.shakes
February 26, 2021
Join me for an incredible conversation with Will Latif Little. Will is an accomplished Social Entrepreneur who has inspired thousands of people as a keynote speaker (Will's TedX Talk is riveting), coach, author and film subject, and visual content creator (multiple platforms.) Prior to becoming a Communication leader- Will spent his youth running the streets of Philadelphia. Growing up in a fraught environment, Will looked to his surroundings for leadership and advice; eventually finding what he needed in gangs, drugs and violence. Will's transformation is both inspiring and incredibly powerful.   Will cuts right to the heart of the matter as it relates to Connection and effective speaking. Will Latif Little is a World-Class storyteller, and it was a privilege to spend time with him.  Give a listen, and I know you won't regret it.  
February 05, 2021
WELCOME BACK to another GREAT interview. Today, Northern Ireland's finest- Stephen Beaddie- joins me. Sit back and listen in as we cover a lot of ground on conversation and connection.   I was lucky to meet Stephen at Lewis Howes' Inner Circle Group. I was immediately drawn to him. Stephen's high octane energy is palpable, and you feel it quickly. As we've gotten to know each other (and I'm very grateful for that) our communication, and definitely our CONNECTION has exploded..  Fitness and nutrition are top of mind (Stephen is Chef at Eat Seed in Northern Ireland, and I can't wait to eat there in person when we can travel safely again.) Also note Stephen's unique ability with connection, recovery, genuine feeling and intimacy, inclusion, freedom of expression, and being authentic.  I am so fortunate to have Stephen as a friend, and Stephen's best gift to me is he fully embraces my authentic self. My ability to communicate rapidly improves because I have Stephen in my corner. Have people like Stephen in YOUR corner, when you want to communicate better! Enjoy. 
January 22, 2021
WELCOME BACK TO PART 2 of our Exclusive Interview with Bill Callejas   We dig deeper with Bill, regarding maximizing Voice Talent, selecting and lobbying for the right storytellers... and we also delve into future Storytellers from Bill's family. As Bill describes it... "about my two sides — the creative (writer/director and creative director) and the marketing side (Brand Integration Strategist). I live in the intersection of those two disciplines and make them work end-to-end. It means as a creative and a strategist, I have to eat my own dog food (the strategy) to move to the content creation for a brand..." Bill is an integrated communications specialist because his skill set is fully integrated. From strategy to creative execution, his brand consulting and creative services all reflect both client-side and ad agency experience in Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Planning, as well as his expertise as a writer, director, and creative director in film, video, and event marketing. Bill has done it all, and worked with some of the Best Voiceover talents on the planet! Bill explains his creative thought process, his natural "ear" and also gives us tremendous tips for using your voice (Voiceover, Voice Acting, Effective Verbal Communications.) This is the second of a two parter- as we wanted to come out of the gate FAST! Enjoy and WELCOME BACKto Season 2021!
January 09, 2021
WELCOME BACK for our 2021 Season! We kick off the New Year, and New Season, with my friend and Creative Genius, Bill Callejas. Bill is indeed, a rare breed; having marketing, management and creative experience on both the client and agency side. His reputation for innovative, strategically focused and emotionally charged creative work has led to assignments from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups to some of the top domestic and international production shops in the industry. Or, as Bill describes it... "about my two sides — the creative (writer/director and creative director) and the marketing side (Brand Integration Strategist). I live in the intersection of those two disciplines and make them work end-to-end. It means as a creative and a strategist, I have to eat my own dog food (the strategy) to move to the content creation for a brand..." Bill is an integrated communications specialist because his skill set is fully integrated. From strategy to creative execution, his brand consulting and creative services all reflect both client-side and ad agency experience in Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Planning, as well as his expertise as a writer, director, and creative director in film, video, and event marketing. Bill has done it all, and worked with some of the Best Voiceover talents on the planet! Bill explains his creative thought process, his natural "ear" and also gives us tremendous tips for using your voice (Voiceover, Voice Acting, Effective Verbal Communications.) This is the first of a two part- as we wanted to come out of the gate FAST!  Enjoy and come back next week for Part 2!
January 09, 2021
Welcome to the program my friend, from Ireland, Cahir Clancy.  We get to talk a bit about how being calm and practicing stress management and mindfulness leads to an ease and comfort in speaking.  Cahir is a Mental Health Mentor with Sonas Mental Wellness.  Cahir's specialty is working with individuals with a range of mental development needs and assists them in becoming the best version of themselves. Cahir has a great personal story to tell-based on traumatic past due to sickness which led to mental health issues from a young age which sub-consciously led me on a journey to understand how my mind works; a bi-product of which was educating myself and understanding what makes others tick. Cahir is a family man with an awesome life, beautiful partner, and fantastic daughter- who happens to be a fan of mine- and I'm honored!  We dig deep and feel free to join us.  As always... Get your content tight, YOUR MINDSET RIGHT, and you'll speak with ease! 
December 18, 2020
Reinvention becomes increasingly important as our society ages, and becomes more "entrepreneurial." While that entrepreneurial spirit often is exciting, navigating those waters can occasionally be daunting. Rich Lewis has completely reinvented himself- Podcast Host of Street Curb Curiosity. Blog writer Care More Today. Listen up to the grace, humor, and insights that Rich shares to make your reinvention journey fulfilling! Forty Year + Veteran of Media, Marketing, advertising, sales, podcasting and content creation; solid skills in the digital and analog world... Smart, funny and also keenly observant.. Rich's insights are based on a ton of industry experience and knowledge.  Give a listen and learn a little more as to how a Communications guru teaches this old dog (oh, he's owner to a famous dog too) new tricks!  Enjoy and keep listening. 
December 04, 2020
YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED SOLO INSPIRATIONAL SERIES ZOOMIN FOR YOUR VOICE!  Your host John Duffin, lays out some specific tips, techniques, and strategies to help you optimize your Zoom sound.  Look, we're all Video Conferencing these days and it's critical to put your best "voice" forward. Don't sound blurred, distant, loud, mumbling or distracted... Have fun making your video conferencing easier and more productive.  
November 28, 2020
YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED SOLO INSPIRATIONAL SERIES ZOOMIN FOR YOUR LOOK! Your host John Duffin, lays out some specific tips, techniques, and strategies to help you optimize your Zoom LOOK. Look, we're all Video Conferencing these days and it's critical to put your best "voice AND LOOK" forward. Don't be in the dark, too close to screen, looking distant, sad, or lost... All eyes up front.  Look your best and don't forget your smile.  Have fun making your video conferencing easier and more productive. Enjoy
November 28, 2020
Meet Scott Engler!   Scott Engler is one of the most experienced strategy and leadership development facilitators in the world. His insights are based on real world experiences from his work with thousands of executives. In his 13 years at Gartner, Scott has led advisory and research for the two fastest-growing practices within Gartner, earning the highest firm awards in research excellence, facilitating and speaking. Scott and his teams developed the Gartner Business Model framework, highly rated strategy workshops, scaled senior leader training and front-line manager training. He is also host of The Talent Angle with Scott Engler, where Scott has interviewed the most renown leaders of strategy, leadership and talent. To me, Scott is a communication and speaking master. There are several things to glean from this episode. Pay particular attention to Scott's techniques regarding finding the emotional connection to presenting or speaking. I also happened to love the "AWE" framework, as well as the chemical reaction in your listener's brains...based upon the WAY you speak. I am a huge fan of Scott. Can't wait for you to hear our convo. Give a listen. Learn and have some fun.
November 20, 2020
INTERVIEW SERIES CONTINUES... with my friend Garth Reid.  One of the greatest gifts for me, of sharing this Podcast, is the opportunity to introduce my personal influencers/ coaches/ thought leaders/ experts. What makes this journey so fulfilling, for me, is that I get to take you on a ride with people who have directly influenced me.  Garth Reid is a shining example. Garth's professional chops are as follows... Audio Book Narration Contributor (A Course Called Scotland.)  Podcast Contributor (The Golfers Journal.)  Audio/ Technical Guru- THIS IS BIG! The equipment that I use in my Home Studio was assembled and optimized by Garth. Garth is keenly aware of my needs to use my voice- and helped me to achieve this in more ways than I can count.  Garth also uses his own voice to help those with Addiction/ Recovery as Chief Growth Officer and one of the Founders of Ethos Treatment LLC. On a personal note, Garth is one of my dearest friends. It's not just that Garth has routinely helped me to maximize my voice, it's also that Garth has been critical in helping me actualize my dreams, and my own life... one day at a time... Oh- and Garth happens to be married to one of the coolest people on the planet and is the father to one of the Region's greatest kids (future MLB St. Louis Cardinal and PGA Hall of Famer- just you wait and see!)   Give a listen and see how while there are various ways to use and find your business voice, all of those ways get easier when you've got great people like Garth Reid alongside for the ride. Enjoy, like, subscribe, share...  
November 13, 2020
Your Message Received... Find Your Business Voice So excited to get to spend time with my Special Guest Sam Henson.  My very dear friend (and "old soul") teaches this old dog some new tricks-as it relates to communications skills... and to life.  Sam is the Manufacturers Rep with the Avision Sales Group.  Sam's gift of "coming from curiosity"... as well as from humility... is a direct result of being fearless in questioning. This gift draws so much valuable insights, as well as enabling you to stay in a conversation (by minimizing the knee-jerk reflex of emotions and defensiveness.)  I'm very grateful to call Sam my friend and you'll learn a ton from this episode.  Want to learn more, give a listen. 
November 06, 2020
I am so excited to interview Geoffrey Klein! I absolutely loved our conversation... and so will you!   Geoffrey’s career over the last 25 years has been about helping connect the right message to the right audience for the greatest impact. His experience spans from being legally trained to working for Seth Godin to working on major motion pictures at Paramount Pictures and MGM Studios. Geoffrey has presented at Tedx LehighRiver, has guest lectured at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), Drexel University, Hussian College and Temple University. As well, he has presented programs on The Science of Story at WeWork, CareersPHL, Intelligent Office, City-Coho, and the Small Business Expo. In addition to running a content marketing agency (nine dots media), Geoffrey is an adjunct professor at Temple University’s School Of Media And Communication. Geoffrey is a world-class storyteller and his insights are critical to improve communication- and help YOU find your business voice! Enjoy.  
October 30, 2020
NEW PODCAST EPISODE Find Your Business Voice! Join me for a NEW EPISODE featuring special guest James A."Buff" Parham! Buff will share more about how to become more proficient at Executive Presence! After a wildly successful 35 year career in Broadcast Sales and Sales Management... Buff Parham, an honors graduate of Stanford University, spent 35 years in media sales and sales management. During that time, he worked for CBS, ABC, FOX and Univision in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and New York. He is widely recognized as an outstanding business coach who enjoys solving complex “people” problems. Roughly ten years ago, he formed his own consultancy, and has successfully worked with clients across a wide range of company sizes and categories, including tech, marketing, investments, and media. His services have benefited both startups as well as large established corporations.His company is now dedicated to giving its clientele top notch executive presence training as well as solid professional communicating skills. Parham & Associates is now dedicated to giving its clientele top notch executive presence training as well as solid professional communicating skills. Outstanding executive presence is a dynamic mix of temperament, confidence and charisma. People “know it when they see it” in others because those who have it “stand out from the crowd.” Men and women who possess outstanding executive presence know how to listen and speak in ways that stimulate collaboration and that bring out  the best in their clients, peers and subordinates. The second phase of our training focuses on effective story telling. Story telling an activity that is as old as humankind, and that separates us from all other animals. Human beings are “hard wired” for story telling…and great story tellers have always influenced others almost magically. Whether it’s a formal presentation or merely a casual conversation at a cocktail party, individuals with exceptional executive presence rely upon story telling to make their points and enlist support of their positions… You'll learn a ton, and Buff is a GREAT storyteller!
October 23, 2020
Your Message Received Podcast. Find your Business Voice In today's episode, your Host John Duffin (DuffinMedia Voiceover Pro) gets the privilege of interviewing Voice Acting Performing and Coaching Legend... Marc Cashman. I’m grateful to Marc for sharing his extensive experience. Marc has written hundreds of articles about voice acting for, Backstage and; and has authored one of the top-selling books on voice acting, “V-Oh! Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career.” Marc has over 40 YEARS of acclaimed experience. Marc is an acclaimed working Voice Actor (Voted one of the "Best Voices of the Year" 3 times *** AudioFile Magazine.) Marc has taught VO everywhere- and currently coaches the host of this show! Marc instructs voice-acting at all levels through his V-O classes, “The Cashman Cache of Voice-Acting Techniques” in Los Angeles, CA; He’s one of the few V-O instructors on “both sides of the glass.” A Clio-winning Radio and TV commercial copywriter, producer and casting director, and a working voice actor, Marc is Voice President of Cashman Commercials, where he’s created, cast and produced copy and music advertising for clients such as Kroger, Charles Schwab, Quizno’s, Pella Windows and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer among many, many others. After enjoying our conversation… feel free to learn more about Marc… Thanks so much for tuning in! To learn more about John Duffin (Voiceover Professional and Podcast Host) go to…
October 18, 2020
YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED.... Educational/ Inspirational Series "Authenticity vs. Manipulation"
Welcome to YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED.. "Find Your Business Voice" Today's episode explains the reasons you want to "control" your voice. You are remaining natural and completely authentic. The techniques of mastering your business vocal qualities enables you to fully convey your INTENDED message. Often, inconsistent tone, pitch, volume, etc... can be misconstrued- and your intended message is blurred or compromised. You are not manipulating anything by exerting control over your voice. You are simply making certain that the listener hears you at your best... and most authentic! Enjoy and keep listening!! Learn more about John Duffin at
October 11, 2020
YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED! Interview Series w/Special Guest Star Coach Dana Cavalea
Coach Dana Cavalea is an accomplished Corporate High-performance coach, celebrated author (Habits of a Champion... and several other books!) Successful podcast host, and former Strength and Conditioning Coach of the World Champion New York Yankees.  Dana shares his expertise regarding life, speaking, business, authenticity...and a whole lot more!!  Listen in... to gain insights to find your business voice and practical tools to maximize your potential, in high level situations.  Your Message Received- Find your business voice!!  Learn more about John Duffin at
October 02, 2020
Your Message Received- Interview Series Exclusive Interview with Corey Dissin
Welcome to Your Message Received! Join us as we help you to Find Your Business Voice!  On this episode- we are joined by the one and only- Corey Dissin! Corey is a marketing genius, brand guru, and the self- described KING OF CONTENT! We "Go Get It" together to discuss, and have fun with the how-to's of how a Voice Mentor and specialist uses and evaluates voice as well as branding... all for the purpose of helping to increase your success!  Thank you for tuning in!!  Let's GO GET IT!  Learn more about John Duffin at
September 24, 2020
Educational/ Inspirational Series "Don't Ever Let Em Hear You Sweat"
Your Message Received-Finding Your Business Voice is BACK with Episode 5.  Keep your composure, convey passion and emotion- without sounding too emotional. Elicit empathy, understanding... without sounding defensive or loosing your cool .Practical tips for gaining control of the conversation. Keep on point and know you can always bring your voice back to where you need to be. Convey happiness, gratitude (and be authentic in any situation.)  Enjoy and keep listening!  Learn more about John Duffin at
August 25, 2020
Your Message Received! Educational/Inspirational Series. "Stay in Your'll get there faster."
Your Message Received is the podcast to help you find your business voice. We're going to come right at you with some quick practical tips. These are suggestions you can use right out of the gate. We'll help you find your vocal sweet spot- your full natural voice…unaltered. Gives you the ability to sound confident, conversational, and authentic.  Learn more about John Duffin at Thanks for tuning in to Your Message Received! 
July 31, 2020
Your Message Received Educational/Inspirational Series "Your Voice- Your new “Dress for Success!”
Thank YOU for checking out Your Message Received... where we meet at the corner of Broadcast Advertising Sales and Voiceover to find your Business Voice! Welcome to our next episode… which we're going to call… Your voice- your new “Dress for Success!” Today, I lean on colleagues...and also share personal experience (as well as practical tips) on ways that Voice Tactics keep you in the game... of Successful Business engagement and highly successful meetings (large, intimate and even a taste of virtual.) Hope you love the episode. Thanks so much again for tuning in. Learn more about John Duffin at
July 16, 2020
Your Message Received...Educational/Inspirational Series "Be True to You!"
Your Message Received is YOUR podcast Meet me at the intersection of Voiceover and Business... to find your own business voice! Tips, strategies, success stories, ways to use your voice to get what you want…to get your message conveyed… command more respect… attract more attention… develop and enhance relationships. On today’s episode, I want to introduce the concept of adjusting the speed of your thoughts and controlling your voice… by being truer to you… unencumbered, so to speak… Learn more about John Duffin at
July 09, 2020
Your Message Received Educational/ Inspirational Series "The Launch... Episode 1"
There are so many reasons as to why you would choose to join me on this journey. Most everyone takes their own voice for granted, or thinks of their voice as an afterthought. In the groundbreaking first episode of Your Message Received... discover why you need to use your voice to fully convey a message. Remove all doubt as to your intentions by speaking with purpose- OUT LOUD! Please join me!  Learn more about John Duffin at
July 01, 2020