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Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice!

Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice!

By John Duffin
Welcome to Your Message Received!
Deliver your intended message OUT LOUD! Join celebrated Broadcast Sales Veteran/Current Voiceover Pro, John Duffin-as he leads you on a journey to help you excel in business communications-by effectively using your voice! It's all you-at your best! John's close to 30 years of experience in Broadcast Sales-combined with real time Voiceover tips and techniques... will quickly enable you to Find Your Business Voice.
Develop and enhance your business relationships, escalate your performance, and exceed your goals!
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Your Message Received... Finding your Business Voice!

YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED SOLO INSPIRATIONAL SERIES ZOOMIN FOR YOUR VOICE!  Your host John Duffin, lays out some specific tips, techniques, and strategies to help you optimize your Zoom sound.  Look, we're all Video Conferencing these days and it's critical to put your best "voice" forward. Don't sound blurred, distant, loud, mumbling or distracted... Have fun making your video conferencing easier and more productive.  
November 28, 2020
YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED SOLO INSPIRATIONAL SERIES ZOOMIN FOR YOUR LOOK! Your host John Duffin, lays out some specific tips, techniques, and strategies to help you optimize your Zoom LOOK. Look, we're all Video Conferencing these days and it's critical to put your best "voice AND LOOK" forward. Don't be in the dark, too close to screen, looking distant, sad, or lost... All eyes up front.  Look your best and don't forget your smile.  Have fun making your video conferencing easier and more productive. Enjoy
November 28, 2020
Meet Scott Engler!   Scott Engler is one of the most experienced strategy and leadership development facilitators in the world. His insights are based on real world experiences from his work with thousands of executives. In his 13 years at Gartner, Scott has led advisory and research for the two fastest-growing practices within Gartner, earning the highest firm awards in research excellence, facilitating and speaking. Scott and his teams developed the Gartner Business Model framework, highly rated strategy workshops, scaled senior leader training and front-line manager training. He is also host of The Talent Angle with Scott Engler, where Scott has interviewed the most renown leaders of strategy, leadership and talent. To me, Scott is a communication and speaking master. There are several things to glean from this episode. Pay particular attention to Scott's techniques regarding finding the emotional connection to presenting or speaking. I also happened to love the "AWE" framework, as well as the chemical reaction in your listener's brains...based upon the WAY you speak. I am a huge fan of Scott. Can't wait for you to hear our convo. Give a listen. Learn and have some fun.
November 20, 2020
INTERVIEW SERIES CONTINUES... with my friend Garth Reid.  One of the greatest gifts for me, of sharing this Podcast, is the opportunity to introduce my personal influencers/ coaches/ thought leaders/ experts. What makes this journey so fulfilling, for me, is that I get to take you on a ride with people who have directly influenced me.  Garth Reid is a shining example. Garth's professional chops are as follows... Audio Book Narration Contributor (A Course Called Scotland.)  Podcast Contributor (The Golfers Journal.)  Audio/ Technical Guru- THIS IS BIG! The equipment that I use in my Home Studio was assembled and optimized by Garth. Garth is keenly aware of my needs to use my voice- and helped me to achieve this in more ways than I can count.  Garth also uses his own voice to help those with Addiction/ Recovery as Chief Growth Officer and one of the Founders of Ethos Treatment LLC. On a personal note, Garth is one of my dearest friends. It's not just that Garth has routinely helped me to maximize my voice, it's also that Garth has been critical in helping me actualize my dreams, and my own life... one day at a time... Oh- and Garth happens to be married to one of the coolest people on the planet and is the father to one of the Region's greatest kids (future MLB St. Louis Cardinal and PGA Hall of Famer- just you wait and see!)   Give a listen and see how while there are various ways to use and find your business voice, all of those ways get easier when you've got great people like Garth Reid alongside for the ride. Enjoy, like, subscribe, share...  
November 13, 2020
Your Message Received... Find Your Business Voice So excited to get to spend time with my Special Guest Sam Henson.  My very dear friend (and "old soul") teaches this old dog some new tricks-as it relates to communications skills... and to life.  Sam is the Manufacturers Rep with the Avision Sales Group.  Sam's gift of "coming from curiosity"... as well as from humility... is a direct result of being fearless in questioning. This gift draws so much valuable insights, as well as enabling you to stay in a conversation (by minimizing the knee-jerk reflex of emotions and defensiveness.)  I'm very grateful to call Sam my friend and you'll learn a ton from this episode.  Want to learn more, give a listen. 
November 6, 2020
I am so excited to interview Geoffrey Klein! I absolutely loved our conversation... and so will you!   Geoffrey’s career over the last 25 years has been about helping connect the right message to the right audience for the greatest impact. His experience spans from being legally trained to working for Seth Godin to working on major motion pictures at Paramount Pictures and MGM Studios. Geoffrey has presented at Tedx LehighRiver, has guest lectured at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), Drexel University, Hussian College and Temple University. As well, he has presented programs on The Science of Story at WeWork, CareersPHL, Intelligent Office, City-Coho, and the Small Business Expo. In addition to running a content marketing agency (nine dots media), Geoffrey is an adjunct professor at Temple University’s School Of Media And Communication. Geoffrey is a world-class storyteller and his insights are critical to improve communication- and help YOU find your business voice! Enjoy.  
October 30, 2020
NEW PODCAST EPISODE Find Your Business Voice! Join me for a NEW EPISODE featuring special guest James A."Buff" Parham! Buff will share more about how to become more proficient at Executive Presence! After a wildly successful 35 year career in Broadcast Sales and Sales Management... Buff Parham, an honors graduate of Stanford University, spent 35 years in media sales and sales management. During that time, he worked for CBS, ABC, FOX and Univision in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and New York. He is widely recognized as an outstanding business coach who enjoys solving complex “people” problems. Roughly ten years ago, he formed his own consultancy, and has successfully worked with clients across a wide range of company sizes and categories, including tech, marketing, investments, and media. His services have benefited both startups as well as large established corporations.His company is now dedicated to giving its clientele top notch executive presence training as well as solid professional communicating skills. Parham & Associates is now dedicated to giving its clientele top notch executive presence training as well as solid professional communicating skills. Outstanding executive presence is a dynamic mix of temperament, confidence and charisma. People “know it when they see it” in others because those who have it “stand out from the crowd.” Men and women who possess outstanding executive presence know how to listen and speak in ways that stimulate collaboration and that bring out  the best in their clients, peers and subordinates. The second phase of our training focuses on effective story telling. Story telling an activity that is as old as humankind, and that separates us from all other animals. Human beings are “hard wired” for story telling…and great story tellers have always influenced others almost magically. Whether it’s a formal presentation or merely a casual conversation at a cocktail party, individuals with exceptional executive presence rely upon story telling to make their points and enlist support of their positions… You'll learn a ton, and Buff is a GREAT storyteller!
October 23, 2020
Your Message Received Podcast. Find your Business Voice In today's episode, your Host John Duffin (DuffinMedia Voiceover Pro) gets the privilege of interviewing Voice Acting Performing and Coaching Legend... Marc Cashman. I’m grateful to Marc for sharing his extensive experience. Marc has written hundreds of articles about voice acting for, Backstage and; and has authored one of the top-selling books on voice acting, “V-Oh! Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career.” Marc has over 40 YEARS of acclaimed experience. Marc is an acclaimed working Voice Actor (Voted one of the "Best Voices of the Year" 3 times *** AudioFile Magazine.) Marc has taught VO everywhere- and currently coaches the host of this show! Marc instructs voice-acting at all levels through his V-O classes, “The Cashman Cache of Voice-Acting Techniques” in Los Angeles, CA; He’s one of the few V-O instructors on “both sides of the glass.” A Clio-winning Radio and TV commercial copywriter, producer and casting director, and a working voice actor, Marc is Voice President of Cashman Commercials, where he’s created, cast and produced copy and music advertising for clients such as Kroger, Charles Schwab, Quizno’s, Pella Windows and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer among many, many others. After enjoying our conversation… feel free to learn more about Marc… Thanks so much for tuning in! To learn more about John Duffin (Voiceover Professional and Podcast Host) go to…
October 18, 2020
YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED.... Educational/ Inspirational Series "Authenticity vs. Manipulation"
Welcome to YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED.. "Find Your Business Voice" Today's episode explains the reasons you want to "control" your voice. You are remaining natural and completely authentic. The techniques of mastering your business vocal qualities enables you to fully convey your INTENDED message. Often, inconsistent tone, pitch, volume, etc... can be misconstrued- and your intended message is blurred or compromised. You are not manipulating anything by exerting control over your voice. You are simply making certain that the listener hears you at your best... and most authentic! Enjoy and keep listening!! Learn more about John Duffin at
October 11, 2020
YOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED! Interview Series w/Special Guest Star Coach Dana Cavalea
Coach Dana Cavalea is an accomplished Corporate High-performance coach, celebrated author (Habits of a Champion... and several other books!) Successful podcast host, and former Strength and Conditioning Coach of the World Champion New York Yankees.  Dana shares his expertise regarding life, speaking, business, authenticity...and a whole lot more!!  Listen in... to gain insights to find your business voice and practical tools to maximize your potential, in high level situations.  Your Message Received- Find your business voice!!  Learn more about John Duffin at
October 2, 2020
Your Message Received- Interview Series Exclusive Interview with Corey Dissin
Welcome to Your Message Received! Join us as we help you to Find Your Business Voice!  On this episode- we are joined by the one and only- Corey Dissin! Corey is a marketing genius, brand guru, and the self- described KING OF CONTENT! We "Go Get It" together to discuss, and have fun with the how-to's of how a Voice Mentor and specialist uses and evaluates voice as well as branding... all for the purpose of helping to increase your success!  Thank you for tuning in!!  Let's GO GET IT!  Learn more about John Duffin at
September 24, 2020
Educational/ Inspirational Series "Don't Ever Let Em Hear You Sweat"
Your Message Received-Finding Your Business Voice is BACK with Episode 5.  Keep your composure, convey passion and emotion- without sounding too emotional. Elicit empathy, understanding... without sounding defensive or loosing your cool .Practical tips for gaining control of the conversation. Keep on point and know you can always bring your voice back to where you need to be. Convey happiness, gratitude (and be authentic in any situation.)  Enjoy and keep listening!  Learn more about John Duffin at
August 25, 2020
Your Message Received! Educational/Inspirational Series. "Stay in Your'll get there faster."
Your Message Received is the podcast to help you find your business voice. We're going to come right at you with some quick practical tips. These are suggestions you can use right out of the gate. We'll help you find your vocal sweet spot- your full natural voice…unaltered. Gives you the ability to sound confident, conversational, and authentic.  Learn more about John Duffin at Thanks for tuning in to Your Message Received! 
July 31, 2020
Your Message Received Educational/Inspirational Series "Your Voice- Your new “Dress for Success!”
Thank YOU for checking out Your Message Received... where we meet at the corner of Broadcast Advertising Sales and Voiceover to find your Business Voice! Welcome to our next episode… which we're going to call… Your voice- your new “Dress for Success!” Today, I lean on colleagues...and also share personal experience (as well as practical tips) on ways that Voice Tactics keep you in the game... of Successful Business engagement and highly successful meetings (large, intimate and even a taste of virtual.) Hope you love the episode. Thanks so much again for tuning in. Learn more about John Duffin at
July 16, 2020
Your Message Received...Educational/Inspirational Series "Be True to You!"
Your Message Received is YOUR podcast Meet me at the intersection of Voiceover and Business... to find your own business voice! Tips, strategies, success stories, ways to use your voice to get what you want…to get your message conveyed… command more respect… attract more attention… develop and enhance relationships. On today’s episode, I want to introduce the concept of adjusting the speed of your thoughts and controlling your voice… by being truer to you… unencumbered, so to speak… Learn more about John Duffin at
July 9, 2020
Your Message Received Educational/ Inspirational Series "The Launch... Episode 1"
There are so many reasons as to why you would choose to join me on this journey. Most everyone takes their own voice for granted, or thinks of their voice as an afterthought. In the groundbreaking first episode of Your Message Received... discover why you need to use your voice to fully convey a message. Remove all doubt as to your intentions by speaking with purpose- OUT LOUD! Please join me!  Learn more about John Duffin at
July 1, 2020