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Letters of The Oracle

Letters of The Oracle

By John Fergusson
Letters from God to 'The Church of the Unknown Christians' and to the 'Saints of God Scattered Abroad'.
These Podcasts follow 'The Odyssey - A Chronicle of Two Adams - Revealing how Paradise is Regained'. From the book by the same name, about to be published by John Fergusson, author of 'Topless Heaven Bottomless Pit' - 'The Ascension Dimension' and 'Spidergate' - revealing the 'New World Order of Money and Riches versus Real Wealth' written under the pseudonym of 'Professor Oscar J Realmsworth'!

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Letters of The Oracle - What The Gospel Is According To God - Episode Eleven
First and foremost, God has decided ahead of time who will follow Jesus, who He wants to obey the gospel, and who He wants made righteous, because He decides this ahead of time Himself—NOT US! All of this is accomplished by God, beginning with His inaugural, His only-begotten and firstborn Son—with Him being revealed in two incontrovertible forms—first the ‘Natural’ in the anti-anointing (antichrist—death of the logos), then the ‘Spiritual’ in the anointing (the Christ—eternal life of the logos)! If Adam had been perfectly and robotically programed—in an intrinsically controlled default state (i.e. to be obedient without question, and needed no schooling), he could never have disobeyed and become sin, and come short of the measure of God’s glory (Rom. 3:23). God did not form a body from dust for a perfectly programed robot, but for a son of like-kind as themselves. This was a child who would need to learn obedience in order to experience a life that is the same as its Father’s life, with the same attributes as its Father in relationship development, in fellowship of Spirit, and in partnership of Soul, utilising the same Mind—the mind of Christ (Anointing)—who teaches us all things.
January 21, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - Meanwhile … What The Gospel Is Not - Episode Ten
The Gospel according to God, is not what most people think it is, or should be, or even might be! This chapter explores what the gospel is not, from a first-person, somewhat tongue-in-cheek narrative of ideas taught and preached via the highly vested interests of men and women from a worldly view, with their ignorance of both the Holy Spirit and Holy Scriptures prevailing. Much preaching has been derived from the deeply-flawed anthropocentric bias of what we are going to get out of it, because of what we do, and there are those who will miss out and go to hell as they deserve it for not making the sacrifices of giving up sin to please God and men! In fact, I’m told I am going to enjoy untold pleasures for eternity, and they are going to suffer torment and misery for eternity! You can blame Adam for that they say! Wow! All because I made the right decision to accept Jesus as my substitute for punishment for my personal sin, and they didn’t! If everyone can get into heaven, like me, by accepting Jesus just before one dies, why on earth would anyone do it sooner........
January 18, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - Today, ‘You Will Be With Me In Paradise’ - Episode Nine
The thief on a cross, next to the Lord on His cross, was told by the Lord that he would be with Him in paradise that very same day (Lk. 23:42-43). Jesus the Lord was taking the thief with Him back to the now post-sin state of paradise, to give him the gospel with all of His other captives. These captives of the first man and First Adam, the son of God, and the second man and Last Adam, also the Son of God, claimed and led as His captives, to become the fullness of the Son of God, dispensing Himself as gifts unto men. Jesus preached the gospel to all of His captives after His resurrection from the dead. The first assembly (church) mentioned in Rev. 1 and 2 is Ephesus. It significantly mentions to the would be overcomers (victorious), the two most important issues found in Gen. 1-6, that the first family (assembly) was prevented from being in and partaking of—Paradise and the tree of life found in its midst. Here the last Adam is declaring (preaching the gospel) and showing all of humanity in that first assembly to John, that the way to gain access to the tree of life in the midst of the paradise of God—that was cut off to all humans due to the First Adam’s captivity through disobedience—is to overcome the same way that He, Jesus, the Last Adam overcame. This is by learning obedience (Heb. 5:8), because we overcome by obedience, even as Jesus, the Last Adam overcame, so we can sit with Him where He sits, on His Father’s throne where the given dominion over all the earth, nature and creatures in fullness begins for us in reality, just as Godhead stated they would let us have in the beginning.
January 18, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - God’s Eternal Plan Of Love - Episode Eight
Together with this gift of freedom, God also bestows the gift of His unfailing Love (God) that declares to all of us in the world, we are the Lord’s disciples, because we have this same Love together with God, working within us, and where it is not possible for Love to fail. Failure of ‘Love’ is not possible because ‘God is Love’! Love will bring us all to the maturity of Love’s work, where we also, like our Father, cannot fail to fulfil Love’s work of Love. We are imagined (imaged) by Godhead and this Love, and made in our Godhead’s likeness—not all in one act, but in process, on progress of their plan and purpose to produce and raise a loving family full of vast/immeasurable experience, as a holy habitation—Godhead’s eternal house and temple made up through earth and heaven with us. This plan in love is for our schooling and godly development for our eventual deployment in our Father’s eternal realm!
January 18, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - Paradise - Episode Seven
The Garden of Eden (Hebrewגַּן־עֵדֶן‎ – gan-ʿḖḏen), also called the ‘Terrestrial Paradise’ or simply ‘Paradise’, is the biblical ‘Garden of God’ described in the Book of Genesis and Ezekiel. In Gen. 13:10 it is named ‘the garden of the Lord’, and in Ezek. 31:9 it refers to ‘the trees of Eden that were in the garden of God’. The Book of Zechariah and the Book of Psalms also refer to trees and water, without explicitly mentioning Eden. The first thing to make clear is that paradise is not ‘Heaven’! It is today in the heavenly realm, but is not heaven itself. This paradise state is a terrestrial (earthly) state from the heavenly realm related to ‘creation on earth’ in which Godhead planted a great garden with many beautiful trees full of exceptional fruit. This was purposed for their son, Adam, his bride/wife and family (including all created creatures), long before the outworking of ‘disobedience’ by this first man (First Adam). After this, Godhead shut its access off immediately, long before the outworking of ‘obedience’ by the second man (the Last Adam) who would reopen the way into paradise by His obedience to the ministry of reconciliation, salvation and redemption through the cross, in the fullness of time (refer to the following scriptures about this – Rom. 5:19; 2 Cor. 10:6; Eph. 2: and 5:6; Col. 3:6; Heb. 2:2-4; Luke 23:43).
January 16, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - ‘The Past, Present And Future Record Of The Two Adams – The ‘Son Of God’ - Episode Six
God’s central purpose, due to God’s primary nature being ‘all inclusive Love’, is to have many children, in order for ‘Love’ to be revealed, expressed and enjoyed. Yet for love to be revealed expressed and eventually enjoyed, everything that isn’t love must challenge it in every way. Otherwise, no one will ever know love’s multidimensional fullness (its length, breadth, height and depth) and its efficacious ultimate eternal power—surpassing knowledge—even God’s. In other words, God places His Love above His Knowledge! I find this so profound!
January 14, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - The Lives And Times Of The Two Adams - Episode Five
I start off with a song I wrote a few years ago about the 'Seed' - 'Planted in our Yesterdays' - click Lyrics - everything is in the seed - It just needs a conducive environment in which to grow in order to bring forth all the uniqueness placed intrinsically within it. (My music can be found on 'Spotify'.) In 1 Cor. 15:45-58, we read about Godhead’s Heavenly Kingdom Law to bring forth His Children via Creation from the First Adam to the Last Adam—first the Natural then the Spiritual. Jesus first revealed this to us in His discourse with Nicodemus in Jn. 3:1-6. In 1 Cor. 15:49* we find that God’s ‘Law of Creation for His Children’ is,… as we have all borne the image of the earthly man, so shall we also bear the image of the heavenly man. Everyone, since the beginning of time, is caught between the lowering and great descending impact of the First Adam, and his outstanding default ‘State of Disobedience’. This is together with our temporal vocation—that all are therefore short of God’s Glory. The greater ascending and glorifying impact of the Last Adam and His upstanding learned ‘State of Obedience’ is to raise us all into the Paradise of God’s Heavenly Kingdom in order to equip the universe of God. Here, we finish our full development—our eternal place, position and function as His body—and our eternal vocation with our Godhead’s gifts and wealth bestowed on us for His Kingdom/Realm, to reveal the full Glory of God.
January 13, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - What Is The Gospel Of Jesus? - Episode Four
The Beginning—before any created thing—begins in God with the one who is called the Beginning and the End; the First and the Last; the Alpha and the Omega; the Top and the Bottom; the Natural and the Spiritual; the Descender and the Ascender; The First Adam, the first man and the Last Adam, the second man. Nothing begins without Him beginning, and nothing ends without Him ending. God’s thoughts of creation beginning are eternal, and His thoughts of creation ending are also eternal. God cannot think of anything new, as He is the beginning and end of every thought, eternally. No one can surprise Godhead about anything—especially the two Adams! This is why Godhead said, “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness” because there isn’t anything greater to think about and nothing new to consider that hasn’t already been considered. God cannot make or create anything or anyone greater than himself—if He could, He wouldn’t be God any longer! So, for Godhead to say, “Let us make man in our image and according to our likeness” and then to do it, means there is absolutely no greater love of His life than this—nothing greater that He could think about or love to do! This, therefore, is the First time as well as the Last time, God has reached His infinite limit of love in what He has ever thought and done eternally, as He is eternally, the first and the last of anyone, anything, and of any thought! This is why love cannot fail!
January 12, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - What Does Our Godhead Say About It All? - Episode Three
Our Godhead has chosen the two Adams to bring us into this world in order to reveal themselves to their children, and the children to themselves and each other. This is for the purpose of granting their children, lucid and cogent experience of everything our Godhead has chosen for them to know experientially, intuitively and spiritually, from the beginning to the end of all their attributes and aspects of God as the Father of us all! Godhead set in place from before the beginning of all created things, our perfect beginning and ending in their full glory, ready to be fully revealed at the appointed time. This was placed in all its perfect fullness, in their one seed/person, full of ‘Eternal Logos ‘known as ‘The Only-Begotten Son of God’, ready to produce the ‘First Man of Earth’ in which He placed himself as the first reproduction of the original Godhead, in both image and likeness. Then eventually become the last reproduction of themself after experiencing the ‘fullness of God and Man’ for the sake of all the seed/children, to manifest the love, splendour and glory, of the manifold wisdom and love of the God of Love, according to Godhead’s forethought/foreknowledge, sovereign will and eternal pleasure! It is a call to empowerment, brilliant clarifying insight and great spiritual wisdom—hidden in 'The Anointing'! It is about the most powerful and significant family dynasty on earth and it involves you! People will either embrace it fully due to familial recognition of their Father, or it will eventually press them to fragmented pieces of human opinion as none will be able to remain neutral regarding their origin and destiny. God's Dynasty = a prominent and powerful family or group of people whose members retain their power and influence through many generations.
January 08, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - Godhead’s Immutable Law Of Creation - Episode Two
Our Godhead didn’t begin religion—Our Godhead began a loving family! God’s family supersedes all created things and is greater above and beyond any form of religion! Today’s Great Challenge The negative, centuries-old ‘Traditional Christian World Biblical View’ is based upon humanistic hypothetical assertions of our God being forced into a disastrous and devastating diversion from His original purpose by His first child. The Serpent’s Tactics The Serpent’s tactics are to ‘butter you up’ and then ‘batter you down’! It is very clear to me and also to many true believers that the world has been taught a false initial hypothesis to do with the first man, the First Adam. This false narrative is what the Father in the Godhead wants rectified about His Son and all of their Children!
January 04, 2022
Letters of The Oracle - The Odyssey - Episode One
Letters to the 'Church of the Unknown Christians' and to all 'God's Saints' scattered abroad! The Key Introduction to 'The Odyssey' - A Chronicle of Two Adams - Paradise Regained.
January 04, 2022