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A Light In The Dark

A Light In The Dark

By John Gregory
A Light In The Dark podcast is about all things darkroom. There has been a resurgence of film photography in the last few years and many people, including myself are getting back into the darkroom. Come along with me on my journey back into darkroom processing.
Join me as I build my new darkroom and delve deep into the process of wet printing. We will have interviews with experienced darkroom users along with followers of this group.
All are welcome regardless of experience level.
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015 - Round Table Discussion with Wayne Setser and Sam Warner
On this episode I am rejoined by Wayne Setser and Sam Warner for a round table discussion on setting up a darkroom. We will go over the equipment needed and how to choose and setup a space; temporary or permanent.
September 1, 2020
014 - Round Table Discussion with Wayne Setser, Kevin Lane and Mike Kukavica
On this episode I am rejoined by Wayne Setser along with Mike Kukavica and Kevin Lane of the Uncle Jonesy’s Cameras podcast for another round table discussion of various darkroom topics such as: Why Print in the Darkroom? Community Darkrooms Record keeping and organization Drying and flattening prints Links Here are some links for products mentioned in the podcast: Cardbox Database - Archival Methods -
August 10, 2020
013 - Round Table Discussion with Andrew Bartram and Wayne Setser
On this episode Wayne Setser and Andrew Bartram join me for a round table discussion of various darkroom topics such as: Right to Left or Left to Right, which way to do you process Split Grade printing Lith Printing Caffenol This podcast was a lot of fun to record.  Wayne and Andrew have a wealth of knowledge to offer and it was an honor to participate in this event. Look for more Round Table podcast in the near future. Social Media Links Andrew: Instagram - WarboysSnapper - Flickr - WarboysSnapper - FaceBook - Wayne: Instagram - wayne_setser - Flickr - wsetser - FaceBook - -  John: Instagram - jwgregphoto- Flickr - jwgreg - FaceBook - email - Links referenced in podcast: Moersch Lith Chemicals - FomaTone Paper - Tim Rudman - Elsa Dorfman - Photographers Formulary -
July 26, 2020
012 - Social Distancing with Photography and the Darkroom
Once again, sorry for the long time between episodes.  Today we talk about Social Distancing and Photography.  These are crazy times we live in right now and we all need to do the best we can to keep ourselves, our loved ones and each other healthy.  Just a few thoughts on ways to do this with Photography.   Also, we have a call in review of the Versalab Parallel Laser Alignment tool from Mike Kukavica.  This is an excellent review of a product that I could put to good use in my darkroom.  Great job Mike!  Mike can be found at drunk_darkroom on Instagram and at Be sure to visit our Facebook group at: Keep on fixin'
April 5, 2020
011 - Thoughts on Dip and Dunk Processing
Over the last year or so I have delved into large format photography.  This has taken my film processing to a new level.  In this episode I explore the ins and outs of Dip and Dunk film processing.  It is a great way to process sheet film as well as roll film. Social media links: Our Facebook Group: (private group - please answer questions to join) Our YouTube Channel: Our Flickr Group: (newly created - lets grow this)
November 9, 2019
010 - Where Have I Been?
As promised earlier this week, a new episode has been published.  I talk about upgrades to the darkroom.  The first Negative Positives Film Photo Podcast Louisville Photowalk.  A shout out for content and reviews.  And a big thank you to our Facebook group participants.   I am really hoping to do more of these in the coming weeks.  There are many things I want to talk about and I will try to do it more Ted Viera style, short and sweet. (Yeah Man). Spread the word, A Light In The Dark is back!
October 19, 2019
009 - I'm Back (finally)
I finally do another episode after almost 3 months.  It has been a long time and I certainly missed it.  In this episode we cover getting into my new darkroom and how that has been going.  What I have done so far and what I plan to do.  A shout out to all my friends on the Facebook Group, it has developed into a nice community of great people doing darkroom work or at least interested in doing it.  I hope we inspire more and more people to take the plunge and experience the magic of darkroom printing.
January 25, 2019
008 - A chat with Svein Olav Humberset.
On todays episode we will chat with Svein Olav Humberset. Svein is a professional photographer and passionate film photographer and darkroom aficionado from Ørsta Norway. He is the creator of Viewfinder Vikings, an excellent new film photography podcast. We will discuss his life as a professional photographer and how that came to be as well as his passion for the art of photography and the creative process. This is a long one but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Svien and hope to have him on the show again someday.
October 29, 2018
007 - Trying a new format, minimalist darkrooms and Mike Gutterman
This is a short one. Trying a new format in that I recorded it on my phone during my daily commute. Setting up a basic, minimalist darkroom and a call in from Mike Gutterman.
October 20, 2018
001 - Welcome to A Light In The Dark
Welcome to a new and different kind of Film Photography Podcast. This podcast is about Film Photography with a special emphasis on darkroom work. Come join me on my journey back into the darkroom after a 15 year hiatus. Let's share our knowledge and experience to promote the resurgence of film photography and start producing prints the old fashioned way
October 2, 2018
003 - Building the darkroom
On this episode, we go into more detail of the build and construction of my darkroom. We talk about making the space light tight, the dry side and the wet side along with storage and the equipment used. A big shoutout to Shane Isenberg for providing the music of A Light In The Dark
October 2, 2018
005 - Ramblings of a darkroom user....
A short episode this week. A bit of a rant about dust along with a discussion of multi-grade filters, darkroom chemicals and a call for interviews.
October 2, 2018
004 - An interview with Andre Domingues
This is a long one folks! An interview with Andre Domingues. We discuss darkroom adventures as well as many photographic topics.
October 2, 2018
002 - Why a darkroom
In this episode I will discuss why I prefer using the darkroom to digital prints. In addition, we will talk about the pending construction of my new darkroom.
October 2, 2018
006 - A talk with Andrew Bartram
In this episode we have a chat with Andrew Bartram, the cohost of The Lensless Podcast. This is an deep dive into Andrew's darkroom workflow and his background in darkroom work. We have a ton of questions from the Facebook group as well as a call in from Mike Gutterman of The Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast,
October 2, 2018