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Mental Fitness(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

Mental Fitness(Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

By John Mozes
Time to get up and work out your mind with your daily dose of Mental Fitness on 107.7 The Bronc. Every day on 107.7 The Bronc, Mental Fitness will educate you on a number of topics relating to your mental health and well-being, such as substance abuse and addiction, anxiety and panic disorders, depression bipolar and eating disorders and more.
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Mental Fitness Dave DeCamp and Stacey Ross 10/19
Dave DeCamp Patient Navigation Mercer Council on Drug and Alcohol Addiction Pure addiction specialist and Stacey Ross Director of Outreach and CPRS discuss alcohol addiction and how to seek treatment. 
October 20, 2021
Mental Fitness Rider Counseling Center Outreach Team
Daniel Maida and Ashley Arias, graduate assistants at the Rider Counseling Center speak on suicide prevention and awareness and activities they are doing to bring awareness to the cause. 
September 24, 2021
Mental Fitness Keith Levine
Keith Levine, Health Officer for Lawrence Township, New Jersey speaks on drug and alcohol recovery awareness. 
September 17, 2021
Mental Fitness Anissa Moody
Anissa Moody Interim Director of Counseling at Rider University speaks about suicide prevention for National Suicide Prevention Month during September. 
September 10, 2021
Mental Fitness Stephen Barclay 8/10
Personal Trainer and host of Your Body At Work podcast, Stephen Barclay speaks about the different mental health aspects of self-care. 
August 11, 2021
Mental Fitness Sravya Gummaluri 7/5
Sravya Gummaluri, Counseling Doctoral Student George Washington University speaks about Minority Health Month. 
July 5, 2021
Mental Fitness Dr. Elizabeth Carr 6/24
Dr. Elizabeth Carr, owner, and founder of Kentlands Psychotherapy in Gaithersburg, Maryland talks about anxiety people may face going out in public after nearly trapped in their houses quarantined due to COVID-19. 
June 24, 2021
Mental Fitness Dr. Muhammad Zeshan (6/11)
Dr. Muhammad Zeshan, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Rutgers New Jersey Medicine School speaks about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month for the month of June.
June 11, 2021
Mental Fitness Jim Fay 6/1
Jim Fay, Senior Clinical Director for Gen Psych speaks about the mental health aspects of Men's Health Month. 
June 1, 2021
Mental Fitness Malissa Arnold 5/24
Malissa Arnold, Program Coordinator for the Drug-Free Communities Grant at Mercer Council speaks about World No Tobacco Day on May 31. 
May 24, 2021
Mental Fitness Brittnay Blyth 5/10
Brittnay Blyth, Mental Health Therapist speaks about Mental Health Awareness Month for the month of May. 
May 11, 2021
Mental Fitness Jocelyn Cooper 4/29
Jocelyn Cooper, Executive Director at Mercer Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction speaks about how to manage stress on final exams and activities to do while taking breaks from studying. 
April 29, 2021
Mental Fitness Danielle Scollins
Danielle Scollins, Coordinator of Prevention and Community Education at Womenspace talks about seeking help with sexual violence for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. 
April 22, 2021
Mental Fitness Ashley Leeds 4/9
Ashley Leeds speaks about stress and gives tips on how to manage it. 
April 9, 2021
Mental Fitness Barbara Sprechman 4/1
Barbara Sprechman Assistant Executive Director at Mercer Council and Coalition Coordinator for Prevention Coalition of Mercer County speaks about alcohol awareness for Alcohol Awareness Month during the month of April. 
April 1, 2021
Mental Fitness Chris Chernick 3/26
Chris Chernick President of Depression Bipolar Support Alliance New Jersey speaks about Bipolar Disorder including a brief explanation of what it is, signs to look for if someone is experiencing it, and ways to seek help.  
March 26, 2021
Mental Fitness Laura Balin 3/18
Laura Balin, Behavior Health Therapist for Yakima Nation in Washington State speaks about domestic abuse and how to seek help. 
March 18, 2021
Mental Fitness Dr. Lynn Bufka 3/4
Senior Director of Practice Transformation and Quality American Psychological Association and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Maryland Dr. Lynn Bufka speaks about women's mental health for International Women's Day. 
March 4, 2021
Mental Fitness Katie Scozzari 2/25
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Katie Scozzari speaks about eating disorders and ways to identify symptoms and seek help. 
February 25, 2021
Mental Fitness Dr. Stephanie Golski 2/18
Associate Professor of Psychology at Rider University Dr. Stephanie Golski speaks about National Boost Self-Esteem Month. 
February 18, 2021
Mental Fitness Dr. Eri Millrod 2/11
Dr. Eri Millrod, Assistant Professor in Theater and Dance and Dance/Movement Therapy at Rider University speaks on Dance/Movement Therapy and how it impacts your mental health and also why she got into the field.
February 12, 2021
Mental Fitness Hannah Wade and Morgan Nash 2/5
Rider University dance students Hannah Wade and Morgan Nash talk about dance and how it can improve your mental health.
February 5, 2021
Mental Fitness Scott Horowitz 1/28
Scott Horowitz, Music Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Assistant Professor at Drexel University speaks about music therapy. 
January 28, 2021
Mental Fitness Dr. Barbara Blandford 1/21
Director of Student Accessibility and Support Services at Rider University Dr. Barbara Blanford talks about how students can get academic accommodations and how using them can help your mental health. 
January 21, 2021
Mental Fitness Katie Lemek 1/14
Clinical Social Worker Katie Lemek talks about the importance of taking breaks from academics and gives tips on how to not get overwhelmed and burnt out during Rider University's 13 week spring semester. 
January 14, 2021
Mental Fitness Stephen Barclay 1/1
Stephen Barclay, Personal Trainer speaks about exercise and how important it is for your mental health.  
January 1, 2021
Mental Fitness Scott Horowitz 12/17
Scott Horowitz, Licensed Professional Counselor, Music Therapist and an Assistant Professor at Drexel University talks about how to safely see family and friends over the holidays and fun activities to do virtually. 
December 17, 2020
Mental Fitness Haylee Warner
Seasonal Wellness Guide and Co Owner of Vitality in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Haylee Warner talks about the  different mental health services that she offers.  
December 11, 2020
Mental Fitness Jocelyn Cooper 12/1
Executive Director for the Mercer Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Jocelyn Cooper gives tips on how to manage stress while studying and taking final exams. 
December 1, 2020
Mental Fitness Jada Woodley 11/24
Jada Woodley, Health Care Educator Intern at the Lawrence Township Health Department Health Department speaks about Flu and COVID-19 prevention. 
November 24, 2020
Mental Fitness Rider Counseling Center November 2020
Rider University Counseling Center Graduate Assistants Deangie and Hannah speak on healthy eating habits and sleep hygiene.   
November 18, 2020
Mental Fitness Carol Rickard (11/11)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Author Carol Rickard talks about COVID-19 and mental health including her new book How To Tame Your Covid Stress Monster!
November 11, 2020
Mental Fitness Josh Rivedal
Mental Health Author and Global Speaker Joshua Rivedal speaks on why he got into the field of Mental Health and his work including his Changing Minds Modules, a series that combines lecture, storytelling, group discussion, and improv theatre to enhance emotional development. 
November 4, 2020
Mental Fitness Jessica Nitti 10/29
Jessica Nitti from Camp Fire New Jersey talks about the mental health of kids youth ages and the programs Camp Fire New Jersey offers to the youth in the Trenton, New Jersey area. 
October 29, 2020
Mental Fitness Angelo Valente 10/22
Angelo Valente from Drug-Free New Jersey speaks about Opioid addictions.   
October 22, 2020
Mental Fitness Rider Counseling (10/14)
Rider University Counseling Center Graduate Assistants Deangie and Hannah speak about suicide prevention and awareness. 
October 14, 2020
Mental Fitness Malissa Arnold 10/8
Malissa Arnold from the Mercer Counsel speaks about the dangerous affects of vaping. 
October 8, 2020
Mental Fitness Mark Scheeren 9/30
Writer and substance and abuse and addiction researcher Mark Scheeren talks about why he got into the field of studying substance abuse and addiction and about his book The Freedom Model.  
October 4, 2020
Mental Fitness Katie O'Brien 9/28
Katie O'Brien from Heart Center Energetics speaks on how she teaches meditation classes and how she empowers people during them. She also gives advice on how to maintain good mental health during the pandemic. 
October 4, 2020
Mental Fitness- Rider University Counseling
On this episode of Mental Fitness Tara Coffey sits down with Doctoral Interns Deanji Davis and Hannah from Rider University counseling service. They talk about the services they offer as well as the effects students have had with the drastic changes in their college and personal life.
September 17, 2020
Trisha & Kurt Baker
On this episode of Mental Fitness Chris Stavalone chats with Trisha and Kurt Baker about Attitudes in Reverse.  Aired on 07/22/2020
August 5, 2020
Dr. Jonathan Karp
Dr. Jonathan Karp sits down with us this week to discuss the current strain of Covid-19 and some side effects of continued social distancing and isolation
April 13, 2020
Richard Shur
Richard comes onto the show this week to discuss some of the mental health concerns that could arise as we continue the rigorous practices of social distancing and self isolation
April 6, 2020
Melissa Arnold
Melissa Arnold sits down with us and discusses the dangers of vaping.
March 23, 2020
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn sits down with us to talk about the D.A.R.E. program returning to Lawrenceville.
March 16, 2020
Melissa Arnold - The Dangers of Addiction
Melissa Arnold from the Mercer Council on Alcoholism & Drug Addiction is here to talk about the what vaping is and its dangers .
March 9, 2020
Mike Ziccardi
Mike sits down to talk about Recovery Advocates of America, Inc. and the many services they offer for both addicts and families alike.  RAOA is there to help in your time of need, from information to changing policy, RAOA makes it their goal to help addicts become rehabilitated productive members of society.  For assistance, information, or even to volunteer you can begin your journey at .
March 2, 2020
Susan Stahley - Certified Peer Leader
Prevention Education Coordinator Susan Stahley is here to discuss an upcoming peer leadership conference at TCNJ where students and faculty become certified peer leaders.
February 24, 2020
Tim Drew
Tim Drew comes and talks about rideshare safety tips.
February 17, 2020
Susan Stahley - Prevention and Awareness Month
Prevention Education Coordinator on campus, she is here to discuss Alcohol Awareness Month and what to do if recreational marijuana becomes legalized
February 10, 2020