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Wisconsin's The Hunt in Common

Wisconsin's The Hunt in Common

By The Hunt In Common
We are a group of like minded outdoorsman and conservationists that are constantly searching for common ground that everyone can come together on.
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Memorial Day Musky Hunt
I am joined by Steve Heiting, Mike Roberts and Luke Roberts. This is a three part "live" podcast. We talk about musky management and how we helped increase size limits and eliminated quick strike rigs. The fact that I hadn't caught a musky yet. A few cool stories that Steve and I shared about some veterans we have met. A personal best musky. Double net points. Shotgunning beers
June 1, 2021
Live From Decorah Peark
Andrew Ehrhart's first turkey hunt in the driftless area. We covered many topics including. Old friends. A 45 year old bucket list filled. No morels. Which one to shoot. The beauty of the driftless area. Getting Andrews family into hunting. Delivering a 50 horsepower outboard. Cleaning turkeys and venison smash burgers. 
May 15, 2021
Covid 19 Turkeys
Covid has been a challenge. On this episode I explain the delay between podcasts. Work challenges with Covid 19. Turkey hunting challenges with Covid 19. A chance meeting with a DNR staffer that changed a hunt. How a simple task of sharpening a hook lead to a trip to urgent care. Grand Slam Kurt. Dog walkers. Sprinting hens. Silent birds. A Dr that seems to struggle. 9 Jakes. A 13 hour, 200 mile mile drive and a 7.1 mile walk day.
May 18, 2020
You Can Catch a Virus, But You Can't Catch a Fish
Talking with 2 guides about the Coronavirus and how it is affecting them. One from Wisconsin, a fresh water guide, Captain Brett Jolly. One from Florida a saltwater guide, Captain Jeremy Mathis. We cover going from recording a TV show to getting shut down. Seeing on social media that the Keys are closing. Fishing is just fun. Kids and minnows in the livewell. Road blocks. Closed landings. Small business loans. Next steps.
April 10, 2020
Stealth Tackle, Clearly The Leader
Today I was joined by John Bette of Stealth Tackle. We talk about the coldest fishing trip ever. Slashed Tires. Teaching a guide how to fish a Bull Dawg. Water freezing before your eyes. Beached boats. Eating at McDonalds while musky fishing. Tornado unawareness. Frozen fingers. Matt's first musky. Matt being very calm about losing a giant musky. The start of a leader company. It is all about the components. One Eyed Willy.
March 21, 2020
Back Country Hunters and Anglers, we are not a green decoy!
I am joined by Bryce Schmidt a board member of the WI chapter of Back Country Hunters and Anglers. We discuss the ins and outs of BHA. Including oak wilt. Green Decoys The land water conservation fund. Pint nights. Cooking rattlesnakes. The Rendezvous. Spring hearings. And all things public land access.
March 13, 2020
A Day At A Musky Show
I'm joined by  my good friend Vern Weeks his son Eric Weeks and Eric's sons Jake and Joel. We talk about our day at the Milwaukee Musky Show. We discuss the "Best Of Show".  Free lures. Empty wallets. New Boats. Best damn brats ever. Big Red the Blue bucktail. No secret lakes. Family fishing and going overboard.
February 21, 2020
Chronic Wasting Disease 101
I'm joined by Mitch Baker to discuss  CWD itself and the social impacts of the disease. We cover what the basics of the disease are. How it affects deer. Are hunters putting antler size ahead of herd health. What the future looks like for the deer herd. We discuss why big agriculture is not concerned with it. How hunters view the disease. What you can do if you are concerned about the disease. What would happen if it jumped to cattle or worse yet to humans
February 12, 2020
Any Gun Will Do
Sometimes things happen that you don't expect. I never expected to be at a 50 bird trap shoot in my hometown. Today I am joined by a childhood friend of mine, Craig Thompson and we talk about my recent experience at the Ettrick Rod Gun. We talk about guns, hot dogs, old friends. Getting beat by a very nice High School kid. How a tiny tin shelter turned into a very busy trap shooting range and the fact that Any Gun Will Do
February 3, 2020
Breaking The Non Hunting Barrier
I'm joined by Andrew Ehrhart. He explains what it was like to make the transition from being a non hunter to a hunter. We talk about the traffic on 1-90 before opening day. The look when you say "I've never shot a gun". Using up your free pass on gutting a deer. A 5 year old telling his Dad that he loves hunting. The beauty of the driftless area. Buying a State Park Sticker.
January 18, 2020
DNR, Do Nothing Right. Or do they?
I'm joined by Jordan Weeks a DNR fisheries biologist.  We talk about the struggles with this years 9 day gun deer hunt. Single hook sucker rigs. Spring hearings. 2000 boat landings. 6 Million acres of public land. Trees that can't move.The Mississippi and just how massive it is. My nephews first deer. The voice that hunters and fishermen have and how to use that voice.
December 29, 2019
Rabbits, Squirrels, and Grandpa Joe at No Name Lodge
I get together with my bother Greg, my cousin Rick Teska and we go small game hunting on Ricks place. Then Ricks Dad, my Uncle Dick joins us and we talk about live grouse in cars. Digging worms. Reloaded ammo that was not very good. Snorts of brandy. Chew spit. Road hunting. Old guns. Building a beautiful lodge. Creating deer habitat. And Family
December 8, 2019
Whats Bigger the Packers or the WI 9 Day Gun Deer Season
Is a 38 year opening day streak as impressive as Favres starting streak. Mentoring new hunters and setting low expectations and bringing snacks. Knife sharpening and aiming fluid. Chili and scalloped potatoes and ham. Shooting at Movement the unfortunate WI DNR campaign for this year. Life lines. A couple of CWD assignments. Hunting with dear old Dad.
November 22, 2019
Missing my biggest buck ever, recording Podcasts for the DNR.
Caralyn and I recorded a podcast for the WI DNR. I missed the biggest buck I've ever shot at. The Weeks boys did not miss. Steve Heiting and my nephew Brian Stensven enjoyed some great mule deer hunting.  I walked up on an eagle. Hunting is hard.
November 10, 2019
4 Guys discussing the 4 stages of musky fishing
I am joined by 3 of my best friends. The father and son team of Father Vern Weeks and his sons Jordan Weeks and Eric Weeks. We cover all of our first muskies that we caught and where each of us feel we are in the 4 stages of musky fishing. Along the way we talk about Verns 100th muskie. How cheap it is for Eric Weeks to fish for muskies. Where Jordan and I passed into Stage 3. The fact that Vern is a drifter. Just how humbling it is to fish for muskies. Hot coffee bacon and eggs.
October 27, 2019
Steve Heitings moose hunt
Steve and I talk about his recent trip to New Foundland to hunt moose. We talk about spruce grouse. Coconut cream pie. A 3 day drive. A ferry ride. Mo the cook. A moose camp built where a father said you are out of you damn mind.  How moose ended up in New Foundland. Hungry March. And truck freezers.
October 17, 2019
3 Point, what is it and how did it get to what it is today.
In this episode we discuss property buying, property naming. A marginal shot on a deer. Who got the naming rights to 3 point. a 400 plus pound bear. Stormy barking at that bear mount. A really small bear. We talk to 2 boys that are crazy about musky fishing and a recent 46.5 incher that was caught recently. The fact that all it takes is a stop at a convenience store to make 2 musky fishing kids happy
September 29, 2019
Stage 4 Outdoors Labor Day Solo Wilderness Camping
Learn what Stage 4 Outdoors is about and what you can expect
September 6, 2019