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The 15 Year Old Mind

The 15 Year Old Mind

By John Westmoreland

Hi, Im John, 15, and I am going to let you listen to my diary of knowledge which I’ve compiled throughout my many years of life. I’ll be trying to share my thoughts about growing up and how it’s affecting me. The podcast will cater to adults rather than teens because of its topics but feel free to listen at any age. Tune in every week (or whatever schedule I end up deciding on) and see what’s new in my life. I’m starting this as an audio diary of sorts to share my opinions about becoming an adult. (My mood will also drastically change from episode to episode so be prepared for that.) Thanks!
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Episode 1: First things first
Episode 1: First things first
Getting the formalities out of the way sooner rather than later.
June 02, 2018