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The Stablemaster Speaks

The Stablemaster Speaks

By John Starrett
Hosted by husband and wife team, John and Majella Starrett.

John's one of the most successful online running coaches on the planet. Both have backgrounds in journalism. They are the founders and owners of Stazza's Stable: a global running community. John coaches a broad range of runners: beginners through elites (national, European, and Olympic standard).

Together, they cut through the flummery, misinformation, and plethora of platitudinous pap pushed out by influencers.

In an entertaining format, they sate runners' cravings for knowledge.

#fasttalking #hardhitting #haveit

The Marathon Part 1
The Stablemaster explains why so many get the marathon wrong, what defines elite, sub elite, decent club runner, and runners working towards 2:30-3hrs.
June 14, 2022
Tony Soprano and Dr Melfi
The Big Intro: what it’s all about, etc.
May 28, 2022