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The John Hammer Show

The John Hammer Show

By John Hammer
The John Hammer Show features thoughts and discussions from a Jesus disciple, preacher, author, poet and pastor. John will have 2 types of episode series. 1. “Theology, Culture and Leadership” will be interviews and discussions around current trends in pop culture, the church and how we navigate ideas as Jesus disciples. 2. “Dear Young Man” will start with a letter written to a young man & feature a monologue or dialogue about manhood. Brought to you by the Sonrise Podcast Network.
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2:9 |Theology, Culture and Leadership w/ Theo Koulianos Jr. | Ministry, Family and God's Love
Theo Koulianos Jr. Joins the John Hammer show today discussing how he encountered the Love of God, his heart for Ministry and Family and what that means for culture. Theo has a passion to see families walk in the fullness of what God has for them. John and Theo talk about the importance of intimacy with God and how that impacts our walk with God and how that transfers to others.
November 23, 2021
2:8 Faith, Fitness & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu w/Chris Wall | Dear Young Man
On this episode of The John Hammer Show we have special guest Chris Wall on to discuss walking out faith everyday and how fitness and Jiu-Jitsu bring great clarity and revelation.
November 9, 2021
2:7 The Bible, Manhood, Gender and More w/ Phil Manginelli | Dear Young Man
Pastor Phil Manginelli and John Hammer confront gender identity, manhood and many other cultural issues confronting the church today. They discuss the importance of the gospel and the Truth of Jesus in this unique time in history.
October 26, 2021
2:6 Christians in Military and Martial Arts w/Nate Drahota | Dear Young Man
Nate Drahota a military veteran, trained in Jiu Jitsu chats with John Hammer on the challenges young men face and the benefits these disciplines offered.
October 19, 2021
2:5 Theology, Culture and Leadership w/Bishop Joseph Mattera | The Purpose of the Prophetic in the Church
On this episode John Hammer interviews Joseph Mattera on his new book The Purpose, Power and Process of Prophetic Ministry, all about practical training on the prophetic. What purpose does the prophetic have in the church and how to steward that in today's world.  Check out his new book: The Purpose, Power and Process of Prophetic Ministry
October 7, 2021
2:4 Life, Wisdom & Marriage with Andre Benjamin | Dear Young Man
Join John Hammer and Andre Benjamin, pastor, coach, musician and entrepreneur, as they discuss life, wisdom and marriage as a young man.
October 1, 2021
2:3 Theology, Culture and Leadership w/Dr. Michael Maiden
This week in the show we are joined by Dr. Michael Maiden from Arizona. He shares his testimony of the rise and fall of his ministry and how God walked him through discouragement, depression and set him on a path to restoration. He shares about hope and courage to allow God to transform our circumstances. Dr. Maiden shares importance of being vulnerable, taking personal responsibility and humility in walking in freedom through honesty in the confession of sin.
September 24, 2021
2:2 Overcoming Fatherlessness with Adam Narciso | Dear Young Man
In this episode John Hammer interviews longtime minister and friend, Adam Narcisso. They discuss their observation's from a fatherless generation. Through Adams story, he opens up about shame, addressing the question am I good enough? Will people like me? The importance of other men in the lives of men as mentors, big brothers and father figures. They dialogue about when fathers are absent, the church can play an important role in helping restore identity through Christ.
September 16, 2021
2:1 The Beginning | Dear Young Man
In this season of The John Hammer show, John kicks off season two with a new segment called dear young man. John will continue to tackle questions and ideas surrounding culture, theology and leadership in the world, but this season he is adding a topic that is a passion of his. John desires to see young men built up, raised up and encouraged through this segment. Throughout the season he will be talking with others regarding this topic, but regardless of whether you are a man - young or old, a father of sons or daughters, a women, a mother of sons or a mother of daughters who will marry men one day, this is an area that John believes desperately needs our attention. In this episode John introduces  the crisis that young men around the world face today. John talks about the differences between men and women, equality and oneness in marriage. He will also discuss culture trends of gender roles and the boy crisis that the nation is facing as a result. From suicide to mass shootings, mental health, success at work and in the workplace.
September 9, 2021
1:5 Theology, Culture and Leadership w/Sean Smith - Preaching, Self Care and Racism
This episode with Sean Smith covers lockdown life, opportunities for the gospel, the art of preaching, caring for oneself as a leader and the pressing crisis of racism in our nation. Sean is a prophetic evangelist, author, preacher and accomplished martial artist. To find out more about this inspiring Jesus follower, his books and ministry visit
June 5, 2020
1:4 Theology, Culture & Leadership w/Grace Hammer - Marriage Life & Lockdown
In this episode, I talk with Grace Hammer, my wife and better half. We discuss marriage and ministry, especially in light of lockdown. We touch on family and the power of implementing Sabbath. There are a lot of laughs for sure and we hope you enjoy listening into our marriage talk and our perspective.
May 21, 2020
1:3 Theology, Culture & Leadership w/Adam Narciso - Jesus at Raves, Prayer & Gospel
In this episode John Hammer and Adam Narciso discuss the power of taking a gospel angle during hard times. When we see the world through God’s redemptive lens, we are able to see His power and work advance through our lives. We discuss the importance of navigating personal and cultural crisis as a follower of Christ first and foremost. Adam tells stories that will stir your faith about united prayer, prophetic words that come to pass and the mass salvation of young people at a rave. Adam is an author, podcaster, preacher, weight lifter, family man and a passionate follower of a Jesus. For Adam’s podcast, e-courses and book please check out
May 14, 2020
1:2 Theology, Culture and Leadership w/Ben Dixon - Prayer, Prophecy & Lockdown Life
In this episode John and Ben Dixon discuss life on lockdown especially as it relates to the follower of Jesus on the topics of prophecy and prayer. How do we live for Jesus and navigate this season of church during a government shutdown? Are we living sacrificial lives for the sake of Christ? Are we discerning through an echo chamber of social media or through a lens of a Christ follower? Ben is the Lead Pastor of Northwest Church, a Foursquare Church in Federal Way, WA. Ben is the founder of Ignite Global Ministries as well as an author, speaker and equipped. For more about Ben, his books and his ministry visit
May 7, 2020
1:1. Theology Culture & Leadership, w/Andre Benjamin on Covid-19, Gangs, Government & Kingdom
Andre Benjamin and John talk about being disciples of Jesus during lockdown. We have fun, laugh and inspire on government over-reach, conspiracy, creativity, loving our neighbors and learning to listen. Our current crisis reveals our longing for the kingdom of God ultimately. Andre is an author, consultant, rapper, business man and pastor. For more on Andre’s writing and music search social media for CEO of Destiny or Amazon for Andre J. Benjamin. His new song “Back on Darona” is available on all streaming music platforms.
April 30, 2020