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John Says Things

John Says Things

By John Anderson
Think of this podcast as random folks striking up a conversation while sitting next to each other at a bar for an hour about nothing.
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JST #84 - Life Over Drinks with Pam
Pam and John sit down over a few drinks to discuss what's going on in the world including inspiring words by President Biden, Roe V Wade decision, Hot Pam Summer, and more.  Enjoy Also, Pam debuts her beat boxing skills.  
July 14, 2022
JST #83 - Life Over Drinks With Pam
After a month break a new episode finally drops.  Pam and John talk about Pam laying the smack down in the hood after a brawl breaks out, Naomi Judd passing, and which one of our friends think they could win a death match with a ferocious animal.  Also, we talk about the Will Smith slap.  Because how can you be a podcast and not?  
May 03, 2022
JST #82 - Josh Hatcher from the Manlihood Mancast
Josh Hatcher is the host of the Manlihood Mancast with the motto, "Becoming a man is a journey. We’re all at different places. No matter your place in that journey, we all want to be better husbands, fathers, leaders — better men." Josh and John have a conversation about everything from podcasting, being a man, conspiracies, politics, and religion.   To find out more about Josh: Website:   Facebook: Youtube: 
March 23, 2022
JST #81 - Clay Smeltzer - Purpose Infused Brotherhood
Clay Smeltzer is the founder of the Purpose Infused Brotherhood which helps driven men become the best version of themselves by Building, Battling, and Bonding together. - Getting men initiated into a family where they belong! Clay was 35 years old and living by what the world and everyone else told him he should be. He was the "responsible man" yet he was filled with worry, anxiety, anger, stress, negativity, shame, fear, and the list went on. Then the shit hit the fan with a full blown anxiety/panic attack over a tv show and this is when he decided to bring death to the old self and out of those ashes give birth to the new Purpose Infused Man. This change gave birth to the Purpose Infused Brotherhood and helping other men make those same changes and become the best version of themselves every single day!! How to Connect with Clay and the Purpose Infused Brotherhood FREE Top 7 Ways to Get Out of the Work/Life Balance Rut: Website: Podcast: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:
March 15, 2022
JST #I80 - Breaker Breaker, It's a Truckercast!
A few truck drivers sit down with John to talk about driving trucks over some beers.  There is also a live studio audience in the back.  Enjoy.
February 15, 2022
JST #79 - Live Over Drinks With Pam
Pam and John sit down to have a conversation about what is going on in the world.  
February 11, 2022
JST #78 - Noah Healy
Noah Healy joined the podcast to talk about NFT's, the metaverse, game theory, and a whole host of other topics.  Very interesting conversation. Noah is a recreational mathematician born and raised in Charlottesville VA. He has discovered a superior form of marketplace and he's working toward adoption of this technique to upgrade the economy.  To find more out about Noah:
January 21, 2022
JST #77 - Life Over Drinks With Pam
Boobies, body slams, and shiny buns.  This podcast has everything.  Enjoy.
January 19, 2022
JST #76 - Dr. Robert Yoho
Dr Robert Yoho has a conversation with John about the medical system, big pharma, and our current medical challenges. Dr. Yoho spent three decades as a cosmetic surgeon after a career as an emergency physician. His generalist training gives him perspective and allows him to avoid favoring any medical specialty. He has had little dealings with hospitals, big Pharma, or insurance companies before he wrote this book. No one has ever considered him a “whale” prescriber or device implanter. He retired from medical practice in 2019. To find out more about Robert please visit his website: Please share the following links with anyone you care about. Listen to Joe Rogan’s interview with Peter McCollough HERE: Equally good is Rogan’s Robert Malone interview: Buy RFK Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, on Amazon. Robert's essays A BASIC GUIDE TO COVID and WHY COVID IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND are at these links: See to learn about Robert's books, Butchered by "Healthcare” and Hormone Secrets. "LEGAL” DISCLAIMER: Use the information here at your own risk. It is not medical advice. Make your healthcare decisions with the help of a physician or other licensed provider.
January 18, 2022
JST #75 - Stephen Hawley Martin
Is there life after death?  Is reincarnation real?  They cover these topics and much more.  Stephen Hawley Martin is the author of more than three-dozen books, including five novels, half a dozen business management titles, and a number of self-help books and metaphysical investigations. He is a former principal of the world-renowned ad firm, The Martin Agency, creator of the GEICO Gecko and “Virginia is for lovers.” He founded an ad firm, Hawley Martin Partners, which he and his partner sold to the Interpublic Group of Companies, an ad agency holding company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. From 2007 through 2009, he hosted a weekly Internet podcast entitled, “The Truth about Life,” that averaged more than 30,000 downloads per week. Steve is the only three-time winner of the Writer’s Digest Book Award, having won twice for fiction and once for nonfiction. He has also won first place for fiction from Independent Publisher and first place for nonfiction from USA Book News. To find out more about Stephen:
January 12, 2022
JST #74 - Jennifer Peavey
Jennifer Peavey comes from a varied background of engineering, design, and innovation. She is known for finding common ground and powerful connections in unexplored territory. Amid the pandemic, Jennifer found herself making new connections within herself as she ventured into uninvestigated spaces of her life. Through this period of isolation and reflection, she was inspired to share her discovery of turning her fear and pain into a mindset of intentional reflection and power. Natural Reflectors explores how can we instill our actions with a mindset of intentional reflection to create our own process. The new process is taken from the power of nature’s cycles and will allow us to become natural reflectors and bring more peace to our lives by empowering us to play the long game. It is worth the effort that it takes to do this, so we can protect ourselves from burnout and create space to engage with a life that matters to us. To follow or find out more about Jennifer: 4
January 07, 2022
JST #73 - Life Over Drinks
Finally, the Pam returns to the podcast! Pam Anderson is a painting CONTRACTOR with an amazing amount of artistic ability.  She has a great voice and a unique perspective that propels her to the top of her field.  She is a Gen X female who is a bad motherfucker.   To follow Pam please visit: (Don't follow my wife anywhere else creep) This episode is brought to you by Jason Bundy.  (Could be one of the best peoples on earth)
December 29, 2021
JST #72 - Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown is the host of PBS's podcast The Sweaty Penguin. He makes climate change discussions less politicized/more fun. The Sweaty Penguin cuts through the noise and the doom-and-gloom of the climate conversation with late-night-comedy-style monologues and in-depth conversations with leading global experts on a variety of environmental issues. Since its launch, The Sweaty Penguin has released 80+ episodes on topics ranging from fracking to ADHD to maple syrup to jellyfish, amassed over 12,000 downloads, showcased the work of professors from ten countries across five continents, won three grants, and became a PBS partner. You can find us on any major podcasting platform, on, or on our website at which has past guests, press coverage, and more information. To find out more about Ethan:
December 22, 2021
JST #71 - Gule Sheikh
Gule is a former female CTO who has been bridging the gap between Healthcare and Technology for over 12 years. With over 23 years of experience in technology and in 12 years in healthcare, she is passionate about health IT innovations, innovation strategy and solving healthcare problems. Former Entrepreneur: Co-Founder and CTO of eazyScripts. She developed the first proprietary algorithm for medication price transparency in the United States. Voted top telehealth software provider. Interviewed by Melinda Gates for her work and acquired after 7 years of operations. Her company was VC funded and sold successfully. To learn more about her:
December 18, 2021
JST #70 - Renee Jones
Renee spent 40 years on the Diet Yo-Yo until she overcame emotional eating and lost her weight in 2012. After nine years (and counting), She never regained it. Now she helps others find what is driving them to food for comfort or stress relief so they can shed the weight they want to AND keep it off. Her book is: What's Really Eating You, and her TEDx talk is Emotional Eating: Lose the Weight AND Keep It Off has over a half a million views.  She has a Masters in Counseling, a clinical residency, and training in both traditional and contemporary models of care. To find out more or follow Renee:
December 15, 2021
JST #69 - Samson Hollmerus
Samson is a founder, CEO, and an all around interesting person connecting with John from Mexico City.  He shares his story about traveling with his wife during the pandemic and getting trapped.  They discuss business, investing, travel, and many other subjects including his involvement with their real estate business in Austin, Texas. To find out more about Samson: Social media profiles: And the website is
December 15, 2021
JST #68 - Deborah LeBlanc
Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, the heart of Cajun country, Deborah LeBlanc is a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Master NLP Practitioner, a Therapeutic Imagery Master and a Certified MER Practitioner. Deborah is also an award-winning, best-selling author of 16 novels and a licensed death scene investigator, a private investigator and has been a paranormal investigator for over twenty-seven years. She is currently the house clairsendium for the upcoming paranormal television show, Through the Veil, and was recently featured in one of MTV’s latest programs, Are You the One? To follow Deborah or find out more about her:
December 06, 2021
JST #67 - Tony Russo
Tony has been a journalist for the better part of the 20th century. His most recent work, "Dragged Into the Light: Truthers, Reptilians, Super Soldiers and Death Inside an Online Cult: was featured in ViceTv's "The Devil You Know Season Two" He has been making podcasts since 2007 and continues to look for new stories to tell. Tony has written podcasts about combat veterans and the history of beer. For you more information about Tony:
December 05, 2021
JST #66 - Cowboy Hat Chat #1
Cowboy hat chats are now a thing.  Here is the first cowboy hat episode!
December 04, 2021
JST #65 - Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator
John has a conversation with Dustin Miller about being a Polyinnovator and all of the fascinating things he is involved with. Describing everything Dustin does is a bit tough, so in his own words: "On a mission to create a Modular Education Platform; I created the first Modular Degree in the effort of creating a Polymathic education. I am an aspiring #polymath, someone who learned many different areas. I created PolyInnovator as a foundational means to build out the various careers I want out of life. I create OmniContent, which just means that each episode contains a OmniBlog Post, TeleInnovator Video, and PolyCast. Written/Video/Audio On top of that I have a secondary series where I interview multidisciplinary people! #polymath #multipotentialite #generalist" To learn more about Dustin visit the following links:
December 03, 2021
JST #64 - Jenn Stillman - Guys, Ghosts, and Great Adventures
The great and hilarious Jenn Stillman stops by to chat about life, ghost experiences, and guys.   She is perhaps the funniest person to have ever done the podcast.  Enjoy!
November 29, 2021
JST #63 - Ben Sorensen - John Tells A Big Lie
Ben Sorensen is a comedian, voice over artist, media personality, presenter, and much more who also lives in Australia.  Ben has a wide ranging conversation with John about multiple subjects.  For more information or to follow Ben Sorensen, please visit the following links: Website: Facebook: Instagram: FYI - John's external drive is 2TB.
November 23, 2021
JST #62 - Live Over Drinks With Pam
John and Pam talk about the Rittenhouse mess, the Covid mess, and then talk about the usual random stuff. 
November 17, 2021
JST #61 - Life Over Drinks with Pam - Who is the asshole at work?
Pam and John talk about the new podcast setup, who is the biggest asshole at work, how great it was that pregnant women could smoke, and other fun topics.
October 27, 2021
JST #60 - Pam, Chris, Kristi, and John Try Out The New Podcast Space
We have a new podcast space.  We just bullshit and talk about nothing as usual.  If you would like to see the video that goes along with it, head over to the Youtubes or Facebook page.  Still working out the technical difficulties.
October 24, 2021
JST #59 - Friendscast - Flamingo Panties, Three Spring Band, and Chili Cookoff Smack Talk
Chris and Kristi are hanging out with Pam and John.  They drink some beers and talk all the shit they normally do.  Piper joins in a few times to let us know what's up in the school system and her trip to Myrtle Beach.   There is a big chili cookoff coming up next weekend and the competition is fierce.   If anyone wants to come on and talk, please send a message.  Everyone is welcome.
October 05, 2021
JST #58 Life Over Drinks with Pam - Toilet Talk
Pam and John sit down to discuss how she learned to use a toilet communication system in prison, the scoop on 3,000 embalmed penises, and other rivoting topics.
October 05, 2021
JST #57 - There Was A Ruckus At The School Board Meeting Last Night
John went to a special school board meeting for parents concerned about the nonsensical mask mandate handed down by the state of Pennsylvannia.  Before the meeting started, there was a ruckus outside.  John was there and captured in the video that made it's rounds on the interwebs.  John and Pam discuss this over a couple of drinks.  Enjoy. PS:  SASD, it's time to replace the flag in front of the high school.
September 15, 2021
JST #56 LIfe Over Drinks with Pam
Pam and John sit down to review and comment on President Bidens address to the nation about Covid.  Also there is a gigantic tweezer hunt.  Enjoy.
August 19, 2021
JST #55 Pam, Piper, and John Do A Famcast
Since it was storming Pam and John decided to do a podcast episode.  Shortly in, a loud clap of thunder brought Piper into the room and she also decided to join.  They talk about summer, camping, good food, things you know without being told, and oddly lots of asmr talk.
July 21, 2021
JST #54 Life Over Drinks with Pam
After a year of living in this global pandemic, Pam and John talk about the past year and their feelings about it.  What they would have done different and random life things.
April 27, 2021
JST #53 - Hoop Roche
John met Hoop several years ago when John joined a business peer/mentor group and has stayed friend since.   Hoop Roche was the CEO of Erie Plastics and then moved on to become an executive coach helping businesses owners and ceos to manage their businesses.   Hoop is a great guy and tells his story over a great conversation.
March 24, 2021
JST #52 Life Over Drinks with Pam
There are no topics.  There is just random talking over drinks.  Enjoy.  Or don't.  Whatever.
March 17, 2021
JST #51 Eli Marcus - Motivational Guru and Dynamo
Eli Marcus joins John to talk about business, motivation, and life.  Eli is the host of The Motivation Show on C-Suite Radio Network, he interviews celebrities, book authors and experts in all fields.  His mission is to inspire you, challenge you, motivate you & arm you with all the tools to be the absolute best version of yourself.    To find out more about Eli: Motivation Show Podcast Speakers and Experts Magazine
March 02, 2021
JST#50 Richard Capriola - Author of The Addicted Child
Rick joins John to discuss his new book, "The Addicted Child".  They talk about addiction issues affecting adolescents, types of addictions, what role the lockdowns have played on all of us, and more in this great conversation.
February 25, 2021
JST #49 - The Advice Show - Life Over Drinks With Pam
John finds random questions and posts from social media to read to Pam for her advice on the situation.  They talk about the winter storms in Texas, mail order brides, making your hands grow together, should you become a stripper, and abusive relationships.   *** The Advice Show ***
February 18, 2021
JST #48 - Life Over Drinks With Pam
Pam and John have their weekly chat about all the things going on in the world including Morgan Wallen, bad words, the Superbowl, and other random topics.
February 05, 2021
JST #47 - Six String Crossing
This is one of my favorite podcasts.  I got to have a fun conversation with one of my favorite bands.  Six String Crossing comes to our campground, Sunny Hill, every year and always blows the roof off the place.   This conversation covers everything from music to covid to the lead singers motorcycle crash and recovery to electric Harleys.  Just a great all around conversation with some great people.
January 29, 2021
JST #46 - Life Over Drinks with Pam
Pam made a social media post earlier in the week questioning the irony of people applauding left swearing in a female president and rescinding restrictions on biological males playing in female school sports.   Pam and John have a conversation about all things transgender.  If you hear this podcast and find them misinformed, they would love to have a discussion with someone who can make sense of this topic when they cannot.  Please send a private message.
January 28, 2021
JST #45 Vinny Himes
John met Vinny a long time ago as the both have been around the diesel pickup industry for a long time.  Vinny tells his story about how he got started in the industry that led to where he works today, Lead Foot Diesel.   They talk about everything from diesel pickups to business to life to wood working.  A great conversation.  Thank you Vinny.
January 26, 2021
JST #44 Phil Murray, Dave Morris, and Pam Anderson
It was very nice to have a polite, reasonable conversation about politics and the country with a few people who had conflicting opinions.  Phil Murray is former military who voted for Biden and is pro 2A.  Dave Morris is in the oil and gas industry and voted for Trump.  We all discuss the past election, the state of the country, and what we all wish to see in an elected leader.   Great conversation.
January 21, 2021
JST #43 Tamara Linnan
A very tired John, who had probably had a couple too many beers, was editing the Facebook room podcast they recorded earlier in the night.   He didn't realize he hadn't closed the room and Tamara joined in around midnight.  So why not turn the mics back on and do a late night podcast?   Their conversation covers lots of topics including the importance of college in life, suicide, business, and much more.   Check out Tamara's website to learn more about her:
January 15, 2021
JST #42 Facebook Room Shit Show
We were going to do a regular podcast tonight but Pam was burnt out on politics and bullshit.  So instead John set up a Facebook room for guests.  People slid in and out all night which made for an interesting podcast.  It's a bit of a mess but John has the best friends in the world.
January 14, 2021
JST #41 - Life Over Drinks With Pam
In the first "published" podcast of 2021, John and Pam discuss the following over a couple drinks: - The chaos in DC on Jan 6, Trump, and how crazy things are - What if the covid vaccine gave you superpowers as a side effect - How great is season 3 of Cobra Kai? (or not) Happy New Years.
January 08, 2021
JST #40 Brad Owens
Brad Owens has worked for several top diesel performance companies.  Brad and John met several years ago through business and stay in touch as friends now.  They talk about everything from entrepreneurship, having kids, health, a bit of covid, and life in general.
December 24, 2020
JST #39 Life Over Drinks With Pam
We might lose a few listeners over this one.  John is riled up about the stimulus bill that was passed and rages a bit about politicians, especially our state level ones.  Then they talk a little about Christmas.   The proper care and importance of dog testicles somehow finishes up the podcast.  Shout out to Ballsy and Meowsy. Credit for the ending song goes to: Song: The Christmas La La Song Artist: Sherwin Sleeves We do not own the rights to this song.  Merry Christmas.
December 23, 2020
JST #38 Life Over Drinks With Pam
John and Pam talk about more COVID shutdowns and how it affects life and business.  A little about whether Trump lost the election or not.  We bring up a local classified ad where someone is selling something very personal of nature.  Lastly, we discuss the science behind dogs getting stuck together at the butthole.  Enjoy.
December 17, 2020
JST #37 - Tyler Shaffer
Tyler Shaffer came in to hang out with us.  He told us about his Reserves service, having a new baby,  and losing his dad nearly a year ago.  Thanks to Tyler for sharing his thoughts and feelings on it all. Enjoy
December 12, 2020
JST #36 Rona Life Over Drinks
Pam and John sit down to talk about the only thing any humans are capable about talking about, the Rona.  Then a bit of election mess talk.  Then Pam muses about maybe finding a new job/career/calling.  Some serial killer talk is sprinkled in here. Then John makes a worldly prediction for the coming week.  And lastly they go back to talking about the stupid Rona.  Enjoy.
December 10, 2020
JST #35 Chris and Emily Waite
Chris and Emily Waite join us to talk about body building, the coronavirus, conspiracy theories, and lots of random stuff.  Enjoy.
December 07, 2020
JST #34 - Ryan Gelinas
Ryan Gelinas talks to Pam and John about Christmas lights, diesel shows, and a laundry list of other topics.  Ryan is a well respected member of the diesel pickup aftermarket community of one of John's good friends.  They catch up and talk about random stuff.  Enjoy.
November 30, 2020
JST #33 Life Over Drinks - Pam Is Allergic To Pink Mic Covers
Pam and John talk about a bunch of random stuff.  But the whole night is off because Pam has a runny nose and what seems like an allergic reaction.  But it turns out in the end she is allergic to the new pink mic cover we got this week.  Enjoy the sniffs, nose blowing, and derailed thoughts.  LOL
November 25, 2020
JST #32 Brian Fagan of Grace Musicians Group
Brian Fagan director of the Nashville Stops Here Tour and Grace Musicians Group talks about music industry during the covid restrictions, how he finds new talent, where they play, and some of the performers.   Here are links to some of the artists we talked about: Jake Dodd: Livin' The Dream Four Door Sydney Irving: Rain You and I with Barns Courtney Six String Crossing: Doin' It Again At Sunnyhill 2019 Sam Grow: Songs About You Anthony Orio: Walkin' On Whiskey
November 19, 2020
JST #31 Life Over Drinks - We Hate The Rona and Some Governors
Pam and John talk about the recent COVID mandates handed down by PA, what a piece of garbage the NY governor is, the worst, best, and funniest of their week, and then some good tv series they have been watching. Here is the link to the old dude feeding raccoons hot dogs: Guy feeding the fattest raccoons hotdogs
November 19, 2020
JST#30 Friday The 13th Bonus Episode
We turned off the mics but then realized we had some unfinished business that we had to address.
November 14, 2020
JST#29 Friday the 13th Special Hood Party
Chris and Kristi come over to talk about politics, superstitions, and Friday the 13th.  Roy and Mel slide in halfway and add their experience with superstitions.  Then somehow we end up talking about people that makes lots of money on Youtube.
November 14, 2020
JST#28 Life Over Drinks - Best, Worst, and Funniest of the Week
Pam and John discuss a dash of the presidential election saga then the worst, best, and funniest of their week.   The show phone number is 814-271-0600.  Leave a voicemail or text.  We will share them on the next show. Link to sheep jumping on a trampoline: Sheep Jumping On Trampoline
November 11, 2020
JST#27 Election Special Life Over Drinks #13
Pam and John give their election week reaction, talk about returning chickening wings with a receipt, and give some in depth political analysis.  #getbed
November 06, 2020
JST #26 Halloween Special!
John and Pam sit down on Halloween afternoon before parties and trick or treating starts.  Piper joins in at the end to talk about our favorite candies.  Happy Halloween!
October 31, 2020
JST #25 It's A Hood Party!
The Lacktashs have been wanting to do a podcast for a while and our neighbors the Burts swing on over too.  It's basically a regular Tuesday here. We talk about camping, super secret stories without mentioning names, and picking up hobos.  Enjoy
October 21, 2020
JST #24 - Drinks Over Life 12 - Best straw? Rona sucks. Scary Movies. Surprise ending.
Pam and John talk about how much Rona sucks.  How much John hates and Pam loves scary movies.  What is the best type of straw.  Then there is a surprise ending.
October 15, 2020
JST#23 - Life Over Drinks #11 - Is Salt a Condiment?
Pam and John sit down over drinks and discuss their week.  Test out going Facebook live to discuss if salt is a condiment.  Then they just talk about random things.
October 08, 2020
JST#22 Presidential Debate Recap and Meat Talk- Life Over Drinks #10
We talk about meat.  We talk about politics.  We talk about how much Pam ate today.  So many burps.  Enjoy
October 01, 2020
JST #21 - Life Over Drinks #9
The weekly Wednesday night talk covers all the crazy stuff going on in Kentucky, a dash of Rona talk, some QANON talk, and some regular marital bickering.   Bonus: We have new entrance and ending music along with an unofficial sponsor.   Enjoy.
September 24, 2020
JST #20 - Life Over Drinks #8
Pam and John sit down for their weekly Wednesday chat about creeps, cooking, and podcasts.
September 17, 2020
JST#19 Rona, School, Heat, and Stuff - Life Over Drinks #7
JST#19 Pam and John Talk Rona, School, Heat, and Stuff
September 10, 2020
JST #18 Donny and John In The Second Campcast
JST #18 Donny and John In The Second Campcast
September 03, 2020
JST #17 Piper and John Do The First Campcast
Piper and John came back to the camper and decided to do a Campcast.  It's not long, but it's the first Campcast in history.  Enjoy.
August 30, 2020
JST #16 - HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO - Life Over Drinks #6
Pam and John have been in lock down, quarantine, under stay at home orders or whatever for 7 years.  They are starting to snap.  They never once discuss Cinco De Mayo so that title is click bait.
May 06, 2020
JST#15 - Rona Rage - Life Over Drinks #5
John is in a sour mood about the "system", the over reaction to the virus.  Pam is her sweet self trying to make sense of it all.
April 29, 2020
JST #14 - Piper and John Discuss The Coronavirus
Piper wanted to do a podcast so she could let people know about it from a kids perspective.
April 26, 2020
JST #13 RONA Talk Life Over Drinks #4
John and Pam talk about the COVID 19 lock down and everything related.
April 24, 2020
John Says Things #12 - Piper Anderson
John has finally gotten around to setting up the podcast equipment in a new location.  His daughter Piper helps him blow the dust off.  If you are wondering how 2nd grade is going so far for her you don't want to miss this one.
September 18, 2019
John Says Things #11 - Life Over Drinks #3
Pam and John have a rambling discussion about everything including recent changes in John's business.
January 25, 2019
John Says Things #10 - Life Over Drinks #2
Pam and John get the mics out to restart the podcast after several months of being off.  This isn't good.  It's tired rambling.  Listen at your own risk.
September 14, 2018
JST #9 - Life Over Drinks #1
John brought a microphone home to test to make sure it works ok before he heads out on a trip to Denver where he might use it. His wife Pam decides to sit down and they do a home podcast about why John acts so weird with his friends, raising kids, movies we weren't allowed to watch as kids, and other fun stuff.
March 01, 2018
JST #8 - Ralph Brooks
Ralph comes in to talk about Space X, guns, gun control, transgender wrestlers, Free Masons, and a bunch of other loosely connected topics.
February 27, 2018
JST #7 - Jenn Stillman
Jenn comes in to talk about a Fox News editor who made some wacky comments about the US Olympic team. A woman who agrees to get sterilized to reduce her jail sentence. And a young woman who has to flush her pet down the toilet so she could board an airplane.
February 19, 2018
JST #6 - Chad Hayden
Chad comes in to talk about cars and business. Then they take a hard right turn about half way through when Chad opens up about past addiction problems and how he overcame them. Powerful.
February 10, 2018
JST #5 - Casey Smith
Casey Smith stops by to talk.  They talk about getting older and how your perspective changes then somehow venture into a discussion about whether the Earth is flat or not.
February 07, 2018
JST #4 - Pam Anderson with Jenn Stillman
Pam Anderson comes in to talk about her decorative painting business, along with ghosts, murder shows, and other topics we stumble into.
February 03, 2018
JST #3 - Piper and Jenn
A young Piper Anderson comes in and breaks down life, school, politics, and all things important to a five year old. This one is silly but whatever.
February 03, 2018
JST #2 - Jenn Stillman
John and Jenn continue to blow the dust off the podcast equipment with a discussion about what this podcast is all about and why they love podcasts in general. Then they get into why it's good to have good friends with opposing points of view and related topics.
February 01, 2018
JST #1 - Jenn Stillman
Jenn helps kick off the first episode by sitting down with John to cover all sorts of topics. They also talk about Jenn's photography talent and you can check her work out here:
January 27, 2018