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By Jonathan Arenburg
Host, Jonathan Arenburg, Wellness Coach, owner of and published author, talks about all things wellness related. From diet to exercise, to therapies and personal mental health stories, we cover anything and everything that can improve mental health.
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The Road To Mental Wellness - My Story


The Road To Mental Wellness - My Story


Finding Purpose When Mentally Ill
On episode 4 of #thewellnesstalks, we talk about the importance of finding purpose when you're debilitated by a mental health condition. Is it really the end? I would argue but the answer is no. However, how we move forward in life will look much different then who we used to be. Remember, no matter how limited your energy is, you still get to choose where you put it.  You can find a new purpose. Thank you for tuning in.  Jonathan Blog: Latest blog post: The Cross Roads Of Uncertainty Be on the Podcast: Checkout our online store - Mental Health Merch Follow us. Facebook - The Road To Mental Wellness - Twitter - The Road To Mental Wellness - Instagram - john arenburg
April 17, 2021
Exercise - Mother Nature's Medication
Is medication the only option to minimize the debilitating symptoms of a mental health condition? Or do we have options? The answer is, of course we do. But what is best for one may not be as effect for others. In my case, running was the breakthrough treatment. I taught myself how to run and over time, its effects were amazing. So much so, I now call exercise mother nature's medication..  While it may not be easy, pushing past what makes us uncomfortable is the key to getting down the road to mental wellness..... have a listen and see if running is best for you. Check us out on YouTube - The Road To Mental Wellness  READ: Our Mental Well Being AT  the road to mental wellness   Follow us.  Facebook - The Road To Mental Wellness - Twitter - The Road To Mental Wellness - Instagram - john arenburg
April 5, 2021
Fractured, a system in need of care How do we fix the mental health care system
In episode two, season one of the #wellnesstalks, we discuss the two-tiered mental health care system and propose possible solutions to the shortages and the division that is caused by having both a public and private mental health care system. Please like and share if you feel that what we propose can be helpful. Once again, we would like to thank you for joining us on tonight's episode. if you are looking for more of what we do, please go to and check out are over 150 blog posts all on the subject of metal health The Latest blog post: Mental Illness The Road To Mental Wellness: Homepage, Want to be on the show? Write for The Road To Mental Wellness Who is Jonathan: About Me A Report on Mental Illnesses in Canada › publicat › pdf › men_ill_e Facebook page: The Road To Mental Wellness
March 23, 2021
The Road To Mental Wellness - My Story
Back in 2019 I knew my 15 years in the fire service were taking their toll, at that point, I wasn't sure just how close to the edge death and destruction had taken me; what I did understand was, I could no longer let it fester. I knew that I had hit a "do or die" scenario. I choose life, no matter what I had to do, I had to do what I had to live; I wanted to live, I just, as I can't now at times, deal with the pain. This is where The Road To Mental Wellness was born, a form to tell my story in hopes that it would help others. What started as a book entitled The Road To Mental Wellness, morphed into the blog and finally, into this podcast....... If you would like to be a guest on the show or write for The Road To Mental Wellness, email us at:
March 16, 2021
Hello everyone, and welcome to #thementalwellnesstalks, a division of The Road To Mental Wellness. In this intro we talk about what you can expect from our podcast. We hope to help others improve their mental wellness by bring anything and everything to do with mental health and wellness to you..... If you want to be a guest on the show, you can contact us at: When you are done, why don't you go checkout the blog post that started it all; entitled, The Road To Mental Wellness
March 16, 2021