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Unchained - Unlocking your athletic potential through the relentless pursuit of Jesus

Unchained - Unlocking your athletic potential through the relentless pursuit of Jesus

By Jonathan Carr
Christian Sport Psychology
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Pursuit of Purpose as Modeled by The Savior
This is the is the recording of a message delivered to a group of high school students prior to Christmas.  It digs into what it means to pursue Christ-centered purpose, and identifies how Christ Himself has provided us with a model for how to pursue purpose that leads to fulfillment and excitement in life.  While it does not examine the pursuit of athletics directly, the lessons do allow us to develop meaningful insights pertaining to how we can ensure that our pursuit of sport is fueled by a desire to serve Jesus rather than ourselves.   As you listen, I encourage you to think about how the pursuit of purpose - as modeled by Jesus - can be applied to your pursuit of sport - so that you can better honor Jesus.
December 17, 2019
Through Christ, we can't lose.
In Matthew 6:24, Jesus tells us that we cannot serve Him & anything else.  In competitive play, when we value Christ above all else, we can't lose.  In fact, we might win twice.
November 28, 2019
Transforming our Minds for Peak Performance
Anything that performs efficiently does so because their parts have been created to compliment each other.  When we ignore what this world values, and instead allow God to transform our minds, we are participating in His design for us.  When we participate in His design, we are preparing ourselves for peak performance.
November 28, 2019