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The Farsight Podcast

The Farsight Podcast

By Jonathan Hicks
A short and snappy podcast regarding my thoughts and opinions as a TTRPG hobbyist and game designer. These short 10-15 minute episodes are designed to be nice and simple, something you can listen to while you do the dishes, or something.

Contact me on Twitter at @jonmarkhicks
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The Farsight Podcast Episode 9 - My TTRPG 'Those Dark Places'
A bit of self-promotion - a brief look at my RPG 'Those Dark Places' out on November 26th 2020! It's taken the better part of 3 years to get to this moment, but I've finally got the printed book in my hands. In three weeks it'll be on general release. I'm so happy with this. So very, very happy. Pookie review here Garblag Games playthrough here Book details here
November 14, 2020
The Farsight Podcast Episode 8 - Dune and my RPG hobby
In this episode I have something of a rant about my love for Dune, and what I would expect from roleplaying game session (most of it unrealistic and really selfish).
September 8, 2020
The Farsight Podcast Episode 7 - Influence and Inspiration
In this episode I talk about my influences on my gaming hobby, and talk about a couple of ideas as to where to find inspiration for your own TTRPG stories. Thank you to Ryan Hicks for the awesome intro music!
August 19, 2020
The Farsight Podcast Episode 6 - The importance of history and lore in fantasy and scifi settings.
I'm once again joined by my wife Lisa as we discuss why we feel that lore is an important part of a game's setting, as it enhances and enriches the experience. My idea for short sharp podcasts has gone out of the window as this one clocks in at over 45 minutes - sorry!
June 19, 2020
The Farsight Podcast Episode 5 - Voicing NPCs
In this episode I talk about voicing NPCs, how it shouldn't be a requirement and how I handle it, and a quick and easy way to create an NPC who might be spending a long time in the game.
April 23, 2020
The Farsight Podcast Episode 4 - Alien, the Alien RPG and more Alien
In this episode I generally ramble about my love for the Alien movie and how I'd use it in my own Alien RPG games. Links: Fria Ligan ALIEN RPG:
April 19, 2020
The Farsight Podcast Episode 3 - It's my wife! A conversation with a casual TTRPG who's a hardcore CRPG player
I'm joined in this episode by my wife Lisa, and we discuss how she has dabbled in tabletop roleplaying games after years of playing computer RPGs such as Warcraft, Skyrim and Dragon Age. What were her expectations and her experiences? This is the first of what could be a few conversations!
March 21, 2020
The Farsight Podcast Episode 2 - My problems with setting snobbery
In this episode - my thoughts and experience on setting snobbery in certain games. A question about what's more important - the roleplay or the game? Contact me on Twitter at @jonmarkhicks Links to mentions in this podcast: Fantha Tracks - The article 'Observations From A Gamer's Chair #32: J.R.R. Tolkien and My Roleplaying Hobby' - Modiphius - Fria Ligan -
March 8, 2020
The Farsight Podcast Episode 1 - An introduction
In this episode - an introduction to... well... me. Questions about Initiative and maintaining atmosphere in game design. Contact me on Twitter at @jonmarkhicks Links to mentions in this podcast:  Moebius Adventures: Gallant Knight Games: Arion Games: The D20 Future Show:  Altus:
February 29, 2020