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Things That Are Simple, In Our Lives!

Things That Are Simple, In Our Lives!

By Jonathan Isom
This podcast is about disability communication and how we should pay attention to those out in community that have disabilities in how we can get them to respond to us your anchor Jonathan will take you on a series of conversations surrounding the disability community.
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It's Time
Springtime 2021 we are into it What have you are out of it please get out there yourself a job DVR, Entrust community service's.
March 23, 2021
Continuation of last episode
Talking about the importance about getting services in your town for your disability. The ark of the United States development services around the us and what you can look for. Choices we have as a disability community zoom appointments the feelings of helping others.
December 19, 2020
Getting help to find a job
DVR & DDA Services
December 15, 2020
Beginning with jobs
It is my first episode and I just wanted to introduce it so people can get and idea of what I am trying to talk about. I am disabled myself and some chances that I can get to get out there and promote companies out there.
December 15, 2020