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JONDI Design Inc. ~CYBO

JONDI Design Inc. ~CYBO

By JonDi Design
Inside the Digital World of Design , Marketing, Instructional Design and providing insight on the tools you can use to promote your real business in a digital society.
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In The Spirit - Conversation Series hosted by QRTM Digital Mag
Sponsored by QRTM Digital Magazine featuring guest RoShawn Sussmann, Dana Boisseau, and Celia Bellot.Listen to Women in Business chit-chat over positive libations, on the lessons learned and positive outcomes that occurred after Quarantine 2020. 
March 27, 2021
Communicating Your Business Online but first Buy Your Land and Get Your Address!
JONDI DESIGN INC. Explains the importance and different platforms you can use to build your web platform on. for consultation email
May 13, 2020
Communicating Your Business Online JondiDesign explains her role and discusses the The Main Connecting Piece, which is your digital platform. A digital platform that you own and have registered. Simply put, you must invest in a website. But not just any kind of website, a website that is integrated for optimal performance in the Digital World.
May 09, 2020