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The Undisputed Awareness Project

The Undisputed Awareness Project

By Brian Jones
Now is the time to raise our own awareness.

Join me as I share my perspective and share stories that have led me to believe that I have discovered the secrets to true transformation across mind, body an spirit...And business. And Relationships. This podcast is about learning how to make daily one percent transformation across all areas.

And it starts with...Undisputed Awareness.
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Episode 21: Juli Emmons - Carolina Film Community

The Undisputed Awareness Project

Welcome to The Undisputed Awareness Podcast/ I learn from my struggles
Welcome to the first episode of The Undisputed Awareness Podcast. It has been over a year since I was behind the microphone producing podcast episodes. In this premiere episode I share with you what my vision is, I call my shot and I share a lesson that I have learned from my past struggles.  For more resources, head over to  I would be so grateful for a comment and a rating in itunes if you have received any value from this episode. 
June 11, 2020
How To Reclaim Who You Are and What You Want
So a little secret...most of us aren't living the life we desire!! I know, I know, hard to believe.  In this episode, I went on IG and discussed why we let FEAR and our EGO hold us back and how we can reclaim who we are and what we really want!  I hope this episode inspires you and I hope you take inspired action to really reclaim who you are and get the most out of this thing called life! If you're wanting to learn more about my coaching program, The Golden Path, connect with me on Instagram 
May 22, 2019
How To Deal With Adversity
Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes. Life gives no one immunity from adversity but life gives to everyone the power of positive thought, which is sufficient to master all circumstances of adversity and to convert them into benefits!  In this episode I discuss how adversity is a positive thing and the difference between failure and temporary defeat.  Thanks for your support and please leave a rating so that this can continue to grow and reach more people!
May 14, 2019
3 Components to Finding Your Purpose (The Law of Dharma)
Are you struggling to discover what your true purpose is? I know for most of my life I did. Well if this is you, I have a great for you on this episode. I break down the Law of Dharma (which is Sanskrit for purpose in life) and explain the 3 components to finding your purpose. If you find value from this episode, I would be so grateful if you leave a review on the platform you listen to this on 🙏🏻
April 26, 2019
How to Apply the Law of Least Effort
Are you struggling with accepting your current situation? It could be a relationship ending, divorce, employment issues, health issues or anything else.  Are you consuming yourself with blame, anger, jealousy, rage? If so, your reference point is ego driven.  Your ego seeks power and control over others.  When you seek power and control over others or seek approval from others, you spend energy in a wasteful way.  In this episode, I discuss the Law of Least Effort and the 3 components of this Law that will help you free up that ego-based energy and help you accept things in a way that will get you out of your undesired situation. 
April 19, 2019
Quick recap of my hypnosis session
I am back after taking a 7 week hiatus from the podcast game. I discuss why I learned and took away from a hypnosis session and what I plan on changing to bring more joy to my life.
April 5, 2019
Are You a Drifter or a Non Drifter!
I have been drifting through life. I didn’t even realize I was a drifter until recently! But after reading a book by Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the Devil, I understand that there are characteristics of a non drifter and that is what i aspire to be like. Check it out!
February 19, 2019
The Golden Path
On this episode I recap what I did in Miami. I also introduce my 9 week coaching program The Golden Path and what it means to me and how I plan on transforming lives with it! Check it out and head over to
February 13, 2019
How to Tap Into Pure Potentiality
I have talked about the Law of Pure Potentiality before, but in this episode I discuss how to tap into it and why you should want to! Thanks for listening and your support 🙏🏻
January 30, 2019
How To Be More Confident with Men's Confidence Coach Franz St Fleur
What does confidence mean? Why do so many people struggle with confidence?  Men's Confidence and Charisma Coach Franz Saint Fleur drops by to discuss the practicality of confidence and why some of the self help industry is PHONY!! #joneszonepodcast #confidencecoaching #confidence 
January 27, 2019
8 women, 1 dude (what was I thinking?)
I really leaned into some awkward emotions this weekend! But it was for a good reason. #fullyinspired
January 23, 2019
The JZP Presents: BFI Episode 5
Walking into the bookstore with the intention of purchasing some books for gifts, I came across The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success  by Deepak Chopra.   Needless to say, I bought it as a gift.. A gift for myself! In this episode I attempt to summarize the first Law (Law of Pure Potentiality and how F'N powerful this is.  As always, thanks for listening.  Chris and I would be so appreciative if you were to leave a rating, comment or review!  Thanks #inspired #selfpower #podcast #podcasting #fulfillment #opportunity 
January 18, 2019
The JZP Presents: Brian's Fully Inspired Show (The 3 C's)
I've realized that part of being a professional is to get your reps in.  Being consistent whether you feel like it or not.   Consistently contributing to myself and others is a part of my vision and mission, so it's important that I put in the work.  Clarity is the result! And clarity is power Thanks for listening, please give a review, rating or comment and I look forward to hearing from you! If you want more information on how to tap into your own inspiration, head over to and schedule your free call. 
January 16, 2019
Dr Rob Garcia aka Rob The Warrior Strategist
We are joined via Zoom by Rob The Warrior Strategist. Rob is the CEO of Shift Advanced Life Design Magazine, published author and host of The Experts Lounge where he hosts experts from different industries. He has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals. Rob discusses his obsession with Macho Man Randy Savage and dragons! Rob gets shares with us PRACTICAL tips to jumpstart your business (especially those in saturated industries) HIs CEQ course is helping entrepreneurs become celebrities in their industries! He has such a great sense of humor and it shows on this episode! Make sure you take notes (we sure did). Enjoy the show!
January 15, 2019
JZP presents: Brian’s Fully Inspired (episode 3)
What do you REALLY want? Freedom, money, abs? Gaining clarity on what you want is the first step. Now, ask yourself WHY don’t I have it already? Get deep in your answer. Now that you know what it is, own it! Use it to empower you instead of disempower!
January 4, 2019
Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self with Chris Burns
The Jones Zone interview Chris Burns, the host of Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast.   Chris discusses his previous identity and how he went from clubbing and spending his time playing video games and getting in trouble to now helping others pursue their greatness.  We discuss how you can create your new identity and create a great sense of purpose.  Chris hosts a weekly FB Live where he goes for 12 hours straight.  He has interviewed hundreds of experts in self development and has impacted thousands of lives.  Chris has the fire and does amazing work! Be sure to check out this episode.  Check out his podcast here As always, we love your support.  If you can leave us a review and rating on itunes, we would be much obliged! Thanks! Enjoy the show! Btw, if you're looking to break through in 2019, schedule your free call with Brian at
January 3, 2019
Brian’s Fully Inspired: Why I Decided to Become a Transformation Coach
This is a raw and authentic episode of what led me to leave real estate to start a transformation coaching business. I share some info that can really transform how you feel which will improve your life by leaps and bounds! If you want to start your own journey of learning to love yourself and live from joy and happiness head over to
December 28, 2018
JZP 166: Jon Drew of MLM Automation Radio
Jon Drew is the host of MLM Automation Radio and owner and founder of Five Star Power Team, which is his unique team inside his network marketing company.  Jon is a new breed of network marketer that leverages the internet to build a team of over 2,000 members.   We discuss what led him to leave a career as a CPA to take the leap into entrepreneurship, the early struggles and how he's used publishing content to grow his business.   Enjoy the show!! JZP! Links: By the way, as a thank you to our listeners, head over to to take advantage of a free coaching call with Brian. If you're feeling complacent and stuck, this call will be a game changer.  
December 28, 2018
The JZP Presents: Brian's Fully Inspired Show (Episode 1)
Brian here, and I am starting a standalone series within the JZP called Brian's Fully Inspired Show.  My goal here is to educate and entertain the listeners when it comes to living an inspired life.  Most of my life I spent simply existing.  Well, in 2018 I decided that I was done "just existing" and set out to become a Fully Inspired Brian Jones.  Follow me on these standalone episodes as I learn, apply and share REAL information that will help you on the transformation of living a head centered life to a heart-centered life. Being as New Years is right around the corner, I wanted to share what I learned from my personal friend Tony Robbins (ok, we're not really friends..yet) When it comes to achieving, most of us ask ourselves "What do I need to do?" Listen to this episode to see why this is the wrong question to ask when contemplating.  Enjoy the show! Oh, btw, if you want a FREE coaching call to discuss how YOU can live a life full of INSPIRATION, JOY, and PEACE, head over to and book your complimentary call today!
December 26, 2018
Episode 155: Chad Molyneux - Chad Molyneux Fitness
Chris and Brian are joined via ZOOM by Chad Molyneux of Chad Molyneux Fitness. Chad coaches entrepreneurs on how to take control of their health so they can make more income and impact. He provides busy professionals with efficient exercise and health solutions and is the creator of the Health and Wealth Blueprint. Chad shares some of his personal story and talks about how losing his starting job on the lacrosse team inspired him to get in better shape and led to him falling in love with health and fitness. He talks about the differences between in-person training and online training and how he's able to impact more people in a shorter span by taking his business online. Chad shares some of his struggles with starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur and how hiring coaches for himself has impacted his life and business.
December 13, 2018
Episode 154: Steve Larsen - Sales Funnel Radio
Chris and Brian are joined via ZOOM by Steve Larsen of Sales Funnel Radio. Steve Larsen simply says, "I build sales funnels." Steve builds sales funnels for or has collaborated with alot of the biggest names in business including Russell Brunson, Marcus Lemonis, Robert Kiyosaki and more. He has coached over 1800 business men and women in building sales funnels and growing their businesses on and offline. Before venturing out on his own, Steve was the lead funnel builder at ClickFunnels and served as the primary coach for The Two Comma Club inside of ClickFunnels. Steve shared some of his personal story and talked about being broke and starting from nothing. He bootstrapped his way into the ClickFunnels organization and worked his way up. He talked about how he left his job to start his own businesses and how he uses podcasting to grow his business. Steve is also a Multi Level Marketing and affiliate expert.
December 7, 2018
Episode 153: Logan Tyler Nelson - Logan Tyler Nelson Agency
Chris and Brian are joined via Zoom by Logan Tyler Nelson of the Logan Tyler Nelson Agency and the Scratch Your Own Itch Podcast. The Logan Tyler Nelson Agency helps business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and anyone looking to land a podcast interview to promote their brand or share their story, book an appearance. The Scratch Your Own Itch podcast is his podcast. He interviews business leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world to talk about their success and what they do to make it all work. They also talk about how emotional, mental and spiritual health and how true success means improving in all these areas. Logan shares some of his personal story and talks about how listening to podcasts and creating his own literally saved his life. He used the power of story and inspiration via podcasting to pull himself out of depression and possible suicide.
December 4, 2018
Episode 152: Meryl Hunte - Connecting Kitchen
Chris and Brian sit down with Meryl Hunte, owner of Connecting Kitchen. Connecting Kitchen uses the experience of cooking in the kitchen together to help people build and strengthen relationships. Meryl shares some of her personal story and talks about how cooking in the kitchen with her son saved their relationship. She talks about how that inspired her to help others improve their strained relationships by cooking together. Meryl talks about all the things Connecting Kitchen offers including cooking classes, team building events and more. We talk about healthy eating, how your diet effects you and what she does to make sure her family stays happy and healthy together.
November 29, 2018
Episode 10: My interview with Stephen Larsen
Untitled • Intro Brian's Podcast • Stephen Larsen audio
November 28, 2018
Episode 9: What I Learned From Our First Live Event
So Franz and I had our first live event last week. It was a success, because...well you're going to have to listen! If you want to become more confident, I encourage you to head over to and sign up. You get a lot of bonuses including 2 1/2 hour video from our first live event!!
November 24, 2018
Episode 151: JD Brooks and Zach Watson - Iron Tribe Fitness
Chris and Brian sit down with JD Brooks and Zach Watson of Iron Tribe Fitness. JD and Zach are also joined by Daniel Fogarty, Executive Director of Beds 4 Kids and Iron Tribe Fitness member. JD and Zach share some of their personal stories and talk about how JD started Iron Tribe and how Zach was quick to join the gym and shortly after, the staff. JD and Zach talk about what Iron Tribe Fitness is and talk about what their programs consist of. They talk about the culture of the gym and what makes them different. With the holiday season approaching, they give tips on staying fit, keeping an exercise routine and how to handle traveling for the holidays. Daniel shares his success with Iron Tribe Fitness. Daniel joined their 6 week challenge a few months ago and got amazing results. He was able to shed unwanted pounds, increase his energy and get more done throughout the day.
November 20, 2018
Episode 8: The Customer Avatar
I go on some mild tangents but mostly in this episode I talk about creating your target customer avatar, why I love coaching and how I plan to grow and scale my coaching business 🙌! I also want to know what is your favorite Mobster movie? I know it’s irrelevant to the topic, but I’m curious!🤔
November 16, 2018
Taking Inspired Action
Inspired Action- I talk about what led me to hire my own coach and what led me to l want to become a coach myself. Stepping into your purpose is scary, but ride that terror barrier and take action.
November 12, 2018
Episode 6: Thank God for Granting Me This Moment of Clarity
I'm a fan of Jay Z. One of my favorite songs of his is Moment Of Clarity. Most of my life, I haven't had any clarity, and as a result, I lived in a state of worry and anxiety. But now, learning how to transform that low energy of anxiety and fear, and flow it into Inspired Action, I've gained influence, peace and clarity. My new mens coaching business will be launching soon, and I plan on scaling it using the BEST MARKETING STRATEGIES out there! Buckle up, because when you get done learning about inspired action, you're going to want to transform your own life! Be sure to head over to to learn how to build the core confidence you desire and deserve. Also, we have a free ebook for you, it's called "Who Gives a F#$k, An Unconventional Guide to Building Confidence" you can download it at
November 7, 2018
Episode 150: Marni Setless - Intuitive Energy Healer
Chris and Brian sit down with Marni Setless, who is an energy healer, medium and meditation trainer. Marni helps professionals heal stress and tension creating more wholeness and and joy inside of them. She uses a powerful melding of intuitive energy healing modalities to help you shift gears and take your life to the next level. Marni shares some of her personal story and talks about how she learned of her gifts and abilities to use energy, meditation and love to help herself and others. Marni talks about her coaching programs and gives some insight as to what she does to guide others.
November 6, 2018
2 Ladders
Welcome to Marketing Mobsters In this episode I'm talking about the Value Ladder for your business and the emotional ladder in your life! Today's episode is brought to you by: www.networkmarketingmobsters/funnelsuccess
November 1, 2018
5 Steps to Living a Happier Life
In this quick episode, I delve into the 5 steps to living a happier life. Happiness is that elusive thing that everybody i hoping to find. We all want to be happy and live a more fulfilling life. However, most people base their happiness on the wrong things. You can be happy DESPITE your situation, with OR without money. It all depends on your attitude. Other Resources:
October 31, 2018
5 Charisma Building Block with Franz Saint Fleur
Whaddaya hear, whaddaya say? What's goin' on! This episode is from the show I do with my business partner, Franz Saint Fleur. I ask Franz about charisma, what makes a person charismatic and much more. There are many similiarities between marketing and charisma. Having charisma certainly can make you a better marketer. Enjoy this episode, and if you like it, would you please leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe! Resources
October 31, 2018
The two most important numbers in marketing
I’m running late to my other podcast show, but I wanted to drop some quick information to you guys about some sexy topics. That’s Average Cart Value and Cost Per Acquisition. Be sure to head over to AND
October 31, 2018
Episode 149: Aaron James - 6 Figure Hosts
Chris and Brian are joined via ZOOM by Aaron James of 6 Figure Hosts. 6 Figures Hosts shows real estate investors how to make money renting properties that they don't own on AirBnB. Aaron shares some of his personal story and talks about how following his girlfriend half way across the country presented a unique opportunity in the short term rental industry. Aaron had so much success his AirBnB arbitrage business that he launched a course to teach others how to do the same. Aaron gives us a little insight into what he does and how his business operates and tells us how to get started. Click on the opt in link below.
October 30, 2018
Episode 148: Arden McLaughlin - Definita Publicity and Marketing
Chris and Brian sit down with Arden McLaughlin of Definita Publicity and Marketing. Definita offers a multi-tiered approach to publicizing you and your brand. From traditional media placement to the intricate workings of social media to strategic event execution. Their services will ensure your voice is heard and your brand defined. Arden shares some of her personal story and talks about how she got into journalism, marketing and publicity and why she launched her own business. Arden talks about what business owners and entrepreneurs can do to grow their brand and improve on their social media and public presence. We also talk about all the other things Arden is involved with including Arden's Book Club, which is a segment on WBTV, The KNOW Tribe, which is a super networking group of women business owners and community leaders and The People of CLT, which is a digital publication that highlights prominent people of Charlotte. @arden_mclaughlin on instagram
October 25, 2018
Who is Brian Jones
This is the pilot episode. I'm Brian Jones and this episode I'm introducing myself and my struggles. Being a real estate agent, I found myself unhappy. I owed the IRS $10,000 and I just lost 2 deals, worth $10,000. Lying on my couch in my house all alone because my wife and I decided to seperate. I was depressed, stressed and fearful. I remember feeling like a failure and just wanting to give up. Here I was the unhappiest I had been in a long time and I knew I was headed for trouble. Until, I went back and listened to an old podcast and that's when everything changed. Because of the podcast episode, I'm on a journey to help male entrepreneurs and business owners regain their confidence so they can live a more fulfilling life! To listen to the podcast that impacted my life click here
October 24, 2018
Episode 147: Rock Thomas - Rock Thomas International
Chris and Brian are joined via ZOOM by Rock Thomas of Rock Thomas International. Rock Thomas is the world's #1 whole life success expert. He is a real estate mogul, author, speaker, life coach and more. His programs blend his extensive knowledge about personal development with cutting-edge success formulas designed to produce whole-life wealth. Rock shares some of his personal story and talks about how he transformed his own limited beliefs and self doubt into confidence, personal growth and a new perspective on life. He talks about the importance of mentors and like minded peers and shares stories about some of his experiences with that including his one on one mentor relationship with Tony Robbins and others. His mastermind groups include hundreds of millionaires from all over the world. Rock shares his philosophy on mindset and how to put yours into a place of gratitude, abundance and wealth even if it's currently in scarcity and fear. He talks about how he built 36 revenue streams despite starting from nothing at age 30. Go to his website to learn more and check out his books, The Power of Your Identity and Your Epic Blueprint.
October 19, 2018
Episode 146: Amanda Berger and Katherine Katz - GloBody, Inc.
Chris and Brian sit down with Amanda Berger and Katherine Katz of GloBody, Inc. GloBody, Inc. is a natural and organic sunless spray tanning company on a mission to celebrate health and wellness. Amanda Berger is the CEO and Katherine Katz is the Vice President of Branding and Product Development. Amanda and Katherine share some of their personal stories and how they ended up meeting and working together and share their mission and vision for GloBody. They talk about what it was like starting a sunless tanning company and how they are empowering women all over the world through tanning and business ownership opportunities.
October 15, 2018
Episode 145: Fabi Preslar - SPARK Publications
Chris and Brian are joined via ZOOM by Fabi Preslar, President of SPARK Publications. SPARK Publications specializes in custom design for magazines, catalogs, and books for print, digital, and interactive formats. Fabi's new book, Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership: Redefining Choice Words to Fuel Your Small Business is available now digitally on her website and is being released on paperback at 10:10 am on 10/10/18. Fabi shares some of her personal story and how and why she transitioned from working as a graphic designer to running her own business and launching SPARK. She talks about how business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders are using books to establish authority, expert status and to grow their business. Fabi walks us through a little bit of the book writing process from inception to publication and reveals the type of person that can benefit from writing a book.
October 8, 2018
Episode 144: Jennifer Wolf - Susan G. Komen
Chris sits down with Jennifer Wolf, Director of Development at Susan G. Komen. Susan G. Komen is the largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States. Jennifer shares her courageous personal story, which includes her own battle with cancer and how that inspired her to leave her current job and work for Susan G. Komen. She talks about her duties as Director of Development and what she does to help Susan G. Komen raise money, help families, contribute to research and impact communities. Charlotte's Race For The Cure is this week (10/6/18)if you want to register, volunteer or donate.
October 3, 2018
Living an Intentional, Purpose Filled Life with Cheri Lynn
I have known Cheri for a couple of years now and the first time I met her she gave me a copy of the book The Secret. I have been watching and following alongside her on her journey of weight loss and self discovery. In today's episode we have fun discussing her story, where she's been and where she visualizes herself and her company in the next few years! If you don't know anything about essential oils, you need to listen to this because Cheri drops some knowledge and I discuss my favorite oil I use while meditating and getting grounded!
September 28, 2018
Episode 143: Lynne Gugliotta - Truth Wellness Coaching
Chris and Brian sit down with Lynne Gugliotta of Truth Wellness Coaching. Lynne coaches women who are separated or divorced and are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and not putting themselves first to say yes to themselves in order to have more energy, manage stress and change, and fall in love with themselves and their lives. Lynne shares some of her personal story and talks about how going through divorce and losing her father changed her life and ended up empowering her and encouraging her to seek more out of life. She discusses what her coaching program entails and what women can do to get the most out of their lives.
September 27, 2018
Episode 142: Justin L'ecuyer and Jimmy Coleman - Mako Medical
Chris and Brian sit down with Justin L'ecuyer and Jimmy Coleman of Mako Medical. Justin and Jimmy re-visit the show to talk about what they've been up to since they first came to The Jones Zone 18 months ago. Justin and Jimmy went from Charlotte area new comers to big time movers and shakers and have helped the award-winning Mako Medical Laboratories become one of the fastest growing companies in the country. They talk about their roles as intrapreneurs within Mako and how they build their brand within another. Justin and Jimmy are also LinkedIn experts and share what they do to meet new connections, grow their business and expand their network.
September 24, 2018
The Value of Determination
When I was a little kid, my mom had these Value Tale books. These value tale books basically talked about different values in each book. There was a book The Value of Saving: The Story of Benjamin Franklin, The Value of Laughter: The Story of Lucille Balle The Story of Believing in Yourself, the story of Louis Pastore. Well I’ve been reading these to Brenna and Bristol at night and the story that really got me thinking was the The Value of Determination: The Helen Keller Story. Now, I’m sure you know who Helen Keller is, she was born with sight, hearing and the ability to talk, but she caught a horrible fever and fell sick and lost her sight and her hearing, which led her to also become a mute. Anne Sullivan was brought in to help Helen learn. At first, Helen was determined to act out, but her teacher, Anne was also determined. Determined to help Helen learn. It got me thinking, I have had some situations and circumstances in my life where I had to be determined. I was determined to graduate basic training, to finish school and to launch my own business. But I have never been so determined as say a Helen Keller or Anne Sullivan. But reading this story to my daughters and the message it instills, just filled me with gratitude. I am grateful to live my life and to be able to have the sight and ability to read to my daughters. Grateful that my daughters have their health and vision, and hearing and can laugh. I’m determined to give them the life they deserve. Brenna asked me yesterday, daddy what’s rich? I told her rich means “an abundance” or “ a lot of something” I told her “we’re rich in love, because there is a lot of love in this family” I also told her you can be rich in terms of money. Explaining that rich is a mindset to a 5 year old wasn’t that hard, I think she got it. If you're determined to make the most of your life, your business and you want to build a tribe of people that follow you and pay you for your advice, then head over to and grab your free copy of Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. He's covered the book, if you just cover the $7.95 to ship it!
August 27, 2018
Episode 141: Randy and Eve Habfast-Madison - XRVR Esports Lounge and VR Arcade
Chris and Brian sit down with Randy and Eve Habfast-Madison of XRVR Esports Lounge and VR Arcade XRVR provides mobile Virtual Reality services for your next party or event and a soon to be lounge for esport fans featuring a virtual reality immersion-scalable arcade. Randy and Eve share a little bit of their personal stories and talk about how and why they decided to start their VR business. They talk about the future of virtual reality and how the gaming industry is constantly changing.
August 22, 2018
Get a Coach, Be a Coach
I'm helping a life and success coach with her marketing, in exchange she's helping me out with some coaching. She had me share my story with her during our call and things got pretty interesting. I left the call with the weight on my shoulders, gone! Knowing the stories I've been telling myself my whole life weren't the truth and that I can manifest new truths was a key takeaway. Give it a listen and as always, thanks for leaving feedback and reviews. Head over to and get started on living your dream life! Much love, Jonesetti aka Boss of all Bosses
August 22, 2018
Episode 140: Adoree DeLuca & Erin Byrd - Adventure Air Sports Rock Hill
Chris and Brian sit down with Adoree DeLuca and Erin Byrd of Adventure Air Sports Rock Hill. Adoree DeLuca is the General Manager and Erin Byrd is the Community Outreach Director. Adventure Air Sports is a state of the art, world class indoor trampoline and air adventure facility. Located on Cherry Road, Adventure Air Sports features trampolines, parkour elements, foam pits, extreme dodgeball, ziplines and more. Adventure Air is perfect for spirit nights, lock - ins, teen nights, birthday parties, corporate team building and more. Adoree and Erin share some of their personal stories and talk about all the things that go into opening such an amazing facility.
August 15, 2018
Episode 139: Mike and Laura Dascal - Beers And Burpees
Chris and Brian go on location at NoDa Brewing Company to meet with Mike and Laura Dascal of Beers and Burpees. The Beers and Burpees beer is now available on tap there with other locations to follow. Beers and Burpees is an annual charity event in Charlotte where the entire fitness community comes together to work out, drink beer and raise money for Dream on 3, a local wish-granting organization whose mission is “Making sports dreams come true for children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, or life-altering conditions". Mike and Laura share some of their personal story and talk about how inviting friends over to workout and drink beer turned into an award winning non profit organization. They talk about how the city has embraced their mission, what the event consists of and how you can get involved.
August 8, 2018
Episode 138: Jorge Millares - Queen City Unity
Chris and Brian sit down with Jorge Millares, the Executive Director of Queen City Unity. Queen City Unity's mission is to bring people together of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses; in order to create unity in the Queen City of Charlotte. Jorge shares a little of his personal story and talks about how he and his friends were inspired to take on this project in 2016. He talks about what they do in the community and all of their plans for the future which include various outreach programs and community festivals.
August 1, 2018
When to Pivot in Business (My realization)
Chris joins me in this episode as I talk about my recent trip to South Dakota and how I came to realize that I need to niche down even further in my business. If you're a personal trainer or in the health and wellness business, listen to this episode because I have some grand plans for ya'll.
July 27, 2018
Episode 137: Patrick Camuso - Camuso CPA
Chris sits down with Patrick Camuso of Camuso CPA. Camuso CPA takes an industry focused approach to offer a tailored, comprehensive financial solution to empower you to reach your greatest business and financial objectives. Patrick shares some of his personal story and talks about how he got into Accounting and launching his own CPA firm. Patrick explains the differences between the types of business owners and the benefits of each. Patrick talks about cryptocurrencies as well. Camuso CPA is the only CPA firm in town that accepts crypto for payment and one of the national leaders in doing taxes for people who trade cryptocurrencies.
July 25, 2018
Episode 136: Real Estate 101 - Part 6: The Closing
Real Estate 101 is a 6 part series designed to give listeners a quick, easy to listen to crash course on the real estate process. It's an audio Cliff's Notes for anyone looking to buy or sell a house. In Part 6, we discuss what you can expect at the closing. What role does the attorney play in the home buying and selling process? Do you have to have an attorney conduct the closing? What actually happens at the closing? These topics and more.
July 23, 2018
Episode 135: Celia Thompson - Be Amazing Project
Celia Thompson comes back on the podcast to catch us up on what she's doing with her Be Amazing project. Celia is a local health and fitness expert and owner of Catapult Fit. Since the last time she came on the podcast, she has launched a clothing line with Nuvo Athletic and a network marketing business with Isagenix. She is also organizing The Be Amazing Showcase here in Charlotte October 5-7. The Be Amazing Showcase will feature women all over the country and give them a platform to celebrate health, share their stories and inspire women everywhere. In preparation for the showcase, Celia is hosting a free bootcamp in Charlotte where women will get a chance to workout, walk the runway and take professional photos. For more info on these events, visit:
July 12, 2018
Episode 134: Ken Lacey - Veterans Path Up
Chris and Brian sit down with Ken Lacy of Veterans Path Up. Ken revisits the Jones Zone to give us an update on Veterans Path Up and to talk about their upcoming fundraiser called Pave The Path. Pave The Path is a 2 Day Real Estate Seminar and Auction scheduled for 7/13 and 7/14. The Seminar will feature over 10 speakers from various aspects of the real estate industry including real estate investing, financing and rehabbing. There will be great food, great items up for auction and a Happy Hour boat ride on Lake Norman. All proceeds, of course, going straight to Veterans Path Up.
July 11, 2018
Episode 133: Real Estate 101 - Part 5: Inspections and Appraisals
Real Estate 101 is a 6 part series designed to give listeners a quick, easy to listen to crash course on the real estate process. It's an audio Cliff's Notes for anyone looking to buy or sell a house. Part 5 is about home inspections and appraisals. What should you expect during this part of the transaction? What do home inspectors look for in a home (hint: everything) and what happens with the appraisal comes in lower than the sales price?
July 9, 2018
Episode 11: What YOU can learn from John Gotti
While watching the Show About Gotti the other night, I couldn't turn off my marketing brain! As I was watching this amazing documentary, I noticed how I was being pre-framed to sympathize with the Gotti family. I sat there in amazement, as I was breaking down his "attractive character". Now I'm not saying you need to be John Gotti, but YOU NEED to develop your attractive character if you want to succeed in this business we call network marketing! For more on what an attractive character is, give this episode a listen and to get a FREE copy of the book, Expert Secrets by marketing OG Russell Brunson, click the link below What’s up mobsters, thanks so much for your support and for listening. Hey as a thank you, I’d like to invite you to purchase the books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. They’re both free, we just ask that you cover the small shipping fee. And full disclosure, these are affiliate links, so I would make an affilliate commission, and as a special thanks, I’d like to offer you a free zoom call to brainstorm and collaborate on a funnel. Accountability - weekly check ins with progress on funnel builds
July 8, 2018
Episode 10: Working With A Teammate to Craft Her Backstory and Attractive character
I recently met with a teammate of mine and have decided that we are going to craft her marketing pieces. What I mean by that is, we're going to come up with her attractive character and her backstory. Why is she doing what she's doing? What are her goals? What is her vision and who does she want to serve? These are the questions you have to ask yourself when going into this network marketing space. I will be documenting what we are doing to make an impact and change as many lives as possible. Taking from Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson we are going to apply the strategies to grow our brand. If you want to watch the vlog, check it out here What’s up mobsters, thanks so much for your support and for listening. Hey as a thank you, I’d like to invite you to purchase the books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. They’re both free, we just ask that you cover the small shipping fee. And full disclosure, these are affiliate links, so I would make an affilliate commission, and as a special thanks, I’d like to offer you a free zoom call to brainstorm and collaborate on a funnel. Accountability - weekly check ins with progress on funnel builds
July 3, 2018
Last week was a rough week. I have never felt like giving up as much as I did last week. But luckily I have a strong support system. I have my secret weapon that gets me in a better mindset and that helps me recover from those crappy weeks. What do you do? Also, I have some exciting stuff coming in the next few days, so be prepared! Let's connect on Instagram @brian_jonesetti
June 26, 2018
Episode 132: Real Estate 101 - Part 4: Going Under Contract
Real Estate 101 is a 6 part series designed to give listeners a quick, easy to listen to crash course on the real estate process. It's an audio Cliff's Notes for anyone looking to buy or sell a house. Part 4 talks about going under contract. When a buyer finds the house they want, they need to make an offer. What should the buyer and the seller consider when making or accepting an offer? What goes into making an offer? What are some current strategies buyers and sellers are implementing in this hot market?
June 26, 2018
Your Business Plan (episode 8)
In this episode, Jonesetti talks about the Mobsters Business Plan. There is the 3 year vision (why), the 1 year goals (what), 90 day strategy (how) and This Weeks Action Items (Now) He also shares his visions and goals for the next 3 years and what his ideal business and life look like. Tune in to check out!
June 13, 2018
Episode 131: Real Estate 101 - Part 3: Choosing the Right Agent for You
Real Estate 101 is a 6 part series designed to give listeners a quick, easy to listen to crash course on the real estate process. It's an audio Cliff's Notes for anyone looking to buy or sell a house. Part 3 talks about choosing an agent to work with. What are the benefits of an National Brokerage versus a Local Brokerage? Should you work with a team or an individual agent? What are the different types of ways a real estate agent can represent you?
June 12, 2018
Episode 130: Real Estate 101 - Part 2: Preparing to Buy and/or Sell
Real Estate 101 is a 6 part series designed to give listeners a quick, easy to listen to crash course on the real estate process. It's an audio Cliff's Notes for anyone looking to buy or sell a house. Part 2 talks about what you need to do to prepare to buy or sell your house. What should you do to have your home ready to go to market and what should buyers do after their lender has prequalified them.
June 8, 2018
Talking Network Marketing with a 21 Year Old from My Neighborhood
The other day, I was walking down my street, filming a video for my landing page. I was stopped by a young adult in a car. He asked me what I was doing, I guess he thought I was a weirdo or something. I told him what I was doing and how I was documenting my journey to make six figures inside MLM (or as he put it, one of those pyramid scheme things). I immediately started talking about marketing and how mlm'ers are failing because they're targeting the wrong people. I was hitting his beliefs and giving him NEW VEHICLES for success. Check out this podcast episode and in the comments, let me know what tv show the quote from the beginning is from. Thanks for listening
June 6, 2018
Episode 6: What's Coming To You (The World Chico)
We all know that famous Tony Montana quote from Scarface. When his best friend, Manny says, they should be happy with what they have, Tony responds, "You may be happy with that, I want what's coming to me" In which Manny responds, "Oh yeah, what's that?" To which Tony replies, "The world chico, and everything in it!'' Tony Montana was calling his shot. That's what I'm doing with this podcast. I'm calling my shot. While I don't want to rule the Miami cocaine underworld anytime soon, I do have plans on making six figures inside MLM while recruiting GANGSTER members who want to learn how to market and create an impact!! Listen to this episode and then publicly Call Your Shot! You can do so in the comments. Have we connected on facebook yet?
June 6, 2018
Episode 129: Real Estate 101 - Part 1: Deciding to Move and Getting Prequalified
Real Estate 101 is a 6 part series designed to give listeners a quick, easy to listen to crash course on the real estate process. It's an audio Cliff's Notes for anyone looking to buy or sell a house. Part 1 talks about making the decision to move and getting prequalified with a lender or bank of your choice. What factors should go into deciding to move and why is it important to be prequalified with a lending institution before you start looking for homes.
June 5, 2018
My New Free 5 Video Mini Course is Coming...(Ep 5)
Jonesetti talks about creating offers that solve your prospects problems and creating new opportunities. He also battles a very disrespectful fly that entered his home.. The videos will be done soon, stay tuned for updates on that!! (full disclosure..this is an affiliate's a free webinar, but if you do decide to purchase what he's selling at the end, I get a percentage...I wouldn't promote it if I didn't believe in it. Great stuff)
May 31, 2018
Power of Story
I recently went to Boise, Idaho for a two day mastermind workshop. My takeaway was that story creates value! Listen to this episode to see what I'm talking about and also help me create a proper "outro" for this podcast. What’s up mobsters, thanks so much for your support and for listening. Hey as a thank you, I’d like to invite you to purchase the books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. They’re both free, we just ask that you cover the small shipping fee. And full disclosure, these are affiliate links, so I would make an affilliate commission, and as a special thanks, I’d like to offer you a free zoom call to brainstorm and collaborate on a funnel. Accountability - weekly check ins with progress on funnel builds
May 29, 2018
9 Mental Triggers for Persuasion
There are 9 Mental Triggers for Persuasion There 9 mental triggers to relate to people and to improve sales. 1. Likeability 2. Reciprocity 3. Authority 4. Trust 5. Social Proof 6. Scarcity 7. Anticipation 8. Community 9. Events/Rituals To increase sales hit some of these mental triggers! To join the mob, head over to What’s up mobsters, thanks so much for your support and for listening. Hey as a thank you, I’d like to invite you to purchase the books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. They’re both free, we just ask that you cover the small shipping fee. And full disclosure, these are affiliate links, so I would make an affilliate commission, and as a special thanks, I’d like to offer you a free zoom call to brainstorm and collaborate on a funnel. Accountability - weekly check ins with progress on funnel builds
May 29, 2018
Episode 128: Julia Pacifico and Jordan Flair - Measure Up Carolinas
Chris sits down with Julia Pacifico and Jordan Flair of Measure Up Carolinas. Measure Up Carolinas is a residential and commercial real estate measurement service, verifying square footage through on-site visits and in-depth property sketches. Julia is also the Owner and Broker in Charge of Pacifico Properties and Jordan is a Broker there too. They share some of their personal stories and talk about how Julia being Jordan's Realtor led him to get into the business. They talk about why it's important for people to have their home measured when it's hitting the market and why Realtors should have a professional do it. We talk about how they acquired the company and what marketing tactics they employed to grow it.
May 24, 2018
Episode 127: Farah Usmani - Fashion Designer and Philanthropist
Chris sits down with Farah Usmani to learn more about her fashion company and her philanthropic work. Farah designs multi use scarves and sends those designs to women in Pakistan to make. By sending her designs there, she is able to empower and entire group of women scarf makers in Pakistan by enabling them to use their craft to support their families. Each scarf is truly one of a kind. They are all hand stitched and embroidered and can take weeks, even months to complete. Farah is able to use the proceeds from her scarf business to help her two philanthropic projects, Champ Camp and the Farah Usmani Scholarship. The mission of Champ Camp is to give young adults the opportunity to interact with high achieving professionals and hear from them about the skills that have helped them in their careers. Farah shares some of her personal story and talks about how she came to be so passionate about scarves, women empowerment and guiding today's teens to make great decisions.
May 21, 2018
Episode 126: Ben Lovro - En-Vision Home Solutions
Chris and Brian are joined via ZOOM by Ben Lovro of En-Vision Home Solutions. En-Vision Home Solutions is a real estate company in the Columbia, SC area that helps distressed home sellers sell their home fast and for a great price. Ben shares a little of his personal story and talks about growing a business after having served a stint in prison. Ben talks about his mindset and how he prepares for his day and how reading one book changed his perspective on life and business. Ben talks about what En-Vision Home Solutions actually does day to day and how they help people in need by adding value and caring for them. We talk about trends in real estate, who are some people that inspire him and resources any business owner or entrepreneur can use to help get started on their journey.
May 15, 2018
Episode 125: Chris And Nicole "Ash" Pointe - Anytime Fitness Rock Hill
Chris and Brian sit down with Chris and Ash Pointe. The Pointes are husband and wife and just bought the Anytime Fitness in Rock Hill. Anytime Fitness is a 24 hour gym located off of Celanese Road. Chris and Ash share some of their personal stories and talk about how they ended up leaving corporate careers and owning a gym. Ash describes her own fitness journey where she lost over 70 pounds and how starting a Youtube series led to growing a following, starting a boot camp and eventually buying a gym. Chris and Ash talk about the process of buying a company and how they leaned on each other to get through the acquisition. We talk about marketing and their plans to grow the gym. We also talk about what it's like to work with your spouse and Brian tries to convince them that aliens are real.
April 19, 2018
Episode 124: Matt Brady - Body By Brady, Clean Eatz
Chris and Brian sit down with Matt Brady of Body By Brady and Clean Eatz. Matt is also a Firefighter for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Fire Department. Matt shares some of his personal story and talks about his life as a Firefighter, Personal Trainer and Restaurant Owner. He talks about how he got into fitness and started personal training and how that eventually led him to opening up his own gym and building a team of trainers to help with his clients. He goes into how he and his family operate a Clean Eatz in Fort Mill and how he's able to use both businesses to benefit each other and his clientele at the same time. We talk about how he manages to do all that while working 24 hour shifts at the Fire Department and being a husband and father. We also get into business, leveling up and scaling and what books he enjoys reading.
April 16, 2018
Episode 123: Coach LaMonte - Life Strategist and Coach, Co-Host of WBTV's "Morning Break"
Brian sits down with Certified Master Life Strategist & Coach and Co-Host of WBTV's "Morning Break," Coach LaMonte. LaMonte founded a Motivational and Personal Development Technology: Youosophy™, which (spirit, soul, and body), is an understanding into human potential, behavior, and motivation. He is is also the founder of Today Coach, a first of its kind daily video-based membership coaching site. Coach LaMonte shares some of his personal story and talks about the struggles he went through trying to make it as an entrepreneur and Life Coach. He shares some of the lessons he's learned and what he does to keep himself motivated and goal oriented.
April 13, 2018
Episode 122: Cathy Savage - Fitness and Success Coach
Chris and Brian sit down with Fitness and Success Coach, Cathy Savage. Cathy coaches women and men with sport-specific training and nutrition in addition to marketing, branding and careers in the fitness world. She has been featured on MTV, ABC News and Fox News and she is currently a member of the prestigious Advisory panel and contributor for Oxygen Magazine and Strong Magazine. Cathy has coached and mentored celebrities, athletes and television personalities for lifestyle changes and business strategies. Her clients span the globe from the US, to Australia, Asia, and Europe and throughout North America. Cathy shares some of her personal story and talks about how she got into the fitness industry. She talks about how she developed a revolutionary strategy in the fitness competition world by embracing the team concept to an individual sport. She talks about building a business in the network marketing world and how she coaches other people to do the same using her strategies and systems.
April 11, 2018
Episode 121: Karie Greathouse - Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year Candidate
Chris and Brian sit down with Realtor and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year Candidate, Karie Greathouse. Karie owns MetroVillage Properties in Charlotte. Karie is running for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year here in Charlotte. Karie shares some of her personal story and talks about how she got into real estate and how she got involved with the LLS. She also shares why supporting LLS has become so important to her and how she plans to win Woman of the Year for 2018. She shares her ambitious goals for fundraising for the LLS and tells us how people can get involved and what events and fundraisers they have coming up. Karie has a blog called Karie's Kitchen where she shares her passion for food with recipes and food reviews. We also spend several minutes talking about one of her favorite films, The Goonies.
April 9, 2018
Episode 120: Daniel Fogarty - Beds For Kids
Chris and Brian sit down with Daniel Fogarty of Beds For Kids. Beds For Kids empowers families with children by delivering beds and other essential furniture items to supplement the family's resources as they rise out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. Daniel shares some of his personal story and talks about how he got into the non-profit world and how he saw a need in the community and addressed it. Daniel shares how they started in his garage and how now they deliver over 2,000 beds yearly. He talks about how the community has embraced them and how their non profit isn't run like most. Daniel talks about how Beds For Kids has build several relationships with other non profits in the community and how you can help. You can also buy tickets to their annual Gala coming up here in April.
April 5, 2018
Episode 119: Casey Da Silva - Knowledge Park Coders, How to Social Work Better
Chris and Brian sit down with Casey Da Silva of Knowledge Park Coders and How to Social Work Better. Knowledge Park Coders is a Rock Hill based social networking group for people who are interested in all things tech. From coding to playing video games, KPC has activities and groups to keep you engaged. How to Social Work Better is a blog that Casey started to share her journey as a social worker. In it, she gives her perception of the social work field and talks about what she's learned through her experiences. Casey shares a little bit of her personal story and background and then talks about how she got into social work and technology. She talks about how she's combined the two with a program she's helping to launch called The E Project. The E Project will provide children the opportunity to learn about technology through design, engineering and manufacturing projects. We also have a little fun with topics such as aliens, yoga and flotation therapy. @kpcoders
March 29, 2018
Episode 118: Josh Delaney - Fab CBD
Chris and Brian sit down with Josh Delaney of Fab CBD. Fab CBD is working to rid the world of disease, depression, anxiety, and obesity by providing cannabidiol products including oils, chews and creams. Josh shares some of his personal story and talks about how he began his life as an entrepreneur as a teenager. He talks about his career in sales and shares how he came to care so much about fitness and health. We talk about what CBD is and how it's different than marijuana. We talk about all the benefits of CBD and the different ways you can take it and who should take it.
March 27, 2018
Episode 117: Lesley Young - Decorating Den Interiors
Chris and Brian sit down with Lesley Young of Decorating Den Interiors. Decorating Den Interiors is the largest in home decorating service in North America. They come to your home or office and work with you to help visualize a design solution that aligns with your taste, space, and budget. Their personalized approach ensures that everything they recommend will fit perfectly within your existing furnishings and space. Lesley shares a little bit of her personal story and talks about what got her interested in interior design. We talk about current trends and poke a little fun at people's obsession with HGTV.
March 21, 2018
Episode 116: Matthew Tringali - Group 15 Real Estate
Chris and Brian sit down with Matthew Tringali of Group 15 Real Estate. Group 15 Real Estate specializes in landlord property management services for single-family and multi-family rentals. Including marketing, showings, rental applications and screening, leasing & rent collection. Matthew shares a little bit of his personal story and talks about how he got into the real estate industry. We talk about real estate investing and how people can get started building wealth through investment properties. Matthew breaks down some of the basics of real estate investing and tells potential investors what numbers they need to look for. We touch on the future of real estate and who could be an industry disruptor.
March 17, 2018
Episode 115: Jude Johnson - A Keen Mind
Chris and Brian sit down with Jude Johnson of A Keen Mind. Jude Johnson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering mindfulness-based psychotherapy while specializing in mindfulness-meditation to support overall health and well-being. Jude has a personal meditation practice and has completed extensive training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an 8-week course designed to reduce stress through mindfulness-meditation, gentle yoga and practical applications of mindfulness in daily living. Jude shares some of his personal story and how he got into doing therapy and mindfulness practices. We talk about being happy with yourself and of course, Brian's favorite, sensory deprivation in the float tank.
March 14, 2018
Episode 114: Jamie Holler - Physician Assistant and Isagenix
Chris and Brian sit down with Jamie Holler, a Physican's Assistant and Isagenix Distributor. Jamie spends 13 days a month working in medicine as a Physician's Assistant and the rest of his time working in the health and wellness industry with Isagenix. Isagenix International LLC is a privately held multi-level marketing company that sells dietary supplements and personal care products. Jamie shares his personal story and talks about how ex-girlfriends got him into both industries. He talks about what he does in both industries and how his passion to help others has lead to self discovery as well. Jamie talks a lot about personal development, finding a fulfilling life and how the mind, body and spirit all interconnect. He talks about the MLM industry and how people can succeed in network marketing.
March 13, 2018
Episode 113: Stephen Esposito - Elevated Entrepreneurs
Stephen Esposito of Elevated Entrepreneurs joins us via ZOOM to talk about his business. Elevated Entrepreneurs teaches entrepreneurs from all over the world how to build their own High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing business online without having their own products to sell or any high tech computer skills. Stephen shares a little of his personal story and then talks about how he got into digital marketing and affiliate marketing. Stephen talks about how companies will pay people to advertise their products online and how those people can earn commission checks without seeing, touching or delivering the product or service themselves. Stephen shares some of the ins and outs of the affiliate marketing industry and talks about his program called Affiliate Marketing Mastery where he teaches people how to become an affiliate marketer.
March 8, 2018
Episode 112: Christina Pean - Travelmation
Christina Pean of Travelmation joins Chris via ZOOM. Specializing in Disney Vacation Packages, agents from Travelmation have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion dealing with the Disney brand. Christina shares some of her personal story and talks about how she got started with Travelmation. She talks about what they do to help families plan and organize their vacations so that they can have the most amount of fun as possible without worrying about all the logistics. Travelmation is not limited to Disney vacations. Travelmation can help with any kind of vacation or get away. From booking a single hotel room to planning a European vacation, if you want help planning your next trip, contact Christina. Christina offers a special incentive for the Jones Zone podcast audience in this podcast so make sure you listen.
March 5, 2018
Episode 111: Paul Gibson - Gibson's Carpet Cleaning, Actor, Comedian, Photographer
Chris and Brian sit down with Paul Gibson of Gibson's Carpet Cleaning. Gibson's Carpet Cleaning is a Charlotte area company that provides superior cleaning and service to your carpet, rugs, upholstery and tile. Paul is also an actor, comedian and photographer. Paul shares some of his personal story and background as a native Charlottean who grew up as a "weird kid." He breaks down some of the carpet cleaning ins and outs and tells us how he got into acting, comedy and photography. Paul also shares the very touching personal reason that inspired him to get on stage and try stand up comedy. Also, Brian tries to entertain us with his improve skills and fails miserably.
February 23, 2018
Episode 110: Rebecca Sutton - The Rock Hill Reader
Chris and Brian sit down with Rebecca Sutton of The Rock Hill Reader. The Rock Hill Reader is a digital, monthly publication that focuses on Rock Hill Localism. The Rock Hill Reader features content about Rock Hill and York County. Whether its the new pub opening up, an event that's being put on or something cool going on with the performing arts, The Rock Hill Reader will be talking about it all. Rebecca shares some of her personal story and talks about what inspired her to create a magazine. She talks about her literary influences and how she sees the evolution of media. Rebecca shares her vision for this publication and tells us what a "trash plate" is.
February 16, 2018
Episode 109: Suzanne Murtha - NextMove PRO
Chris and Brian sit down with Suzanne Murtha of NextMove PRO NextMove PRO is a sales tool for real estate agents. It helps agents track the progress of their clients and their transactions. It has funnels and systems and task managers. Take your client from contract to close and hit your goals as a real estate professional. Suzanne realized a need for structure and systems in her business after using a receipt (which happened to have a client's contact information on it) to clean up the coffee she spilled all over herself. She shares some of her personal story and how she got in to sales and what led her into the real estate industry. Suzanne also talks about some of her personal and professional development which includes learning from Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins. We also get into her Trifecta Formula, Salsa Dancing and how having passion for what you do helps you have success.
February 7, 2018
Episode 108: Michael Guerrero - MG Consulting Now
Chris and Brian sit down with Michael Guerrero of MG Consulting Now. MG Consulting Now is a digital agency full of creativity, out of the box thinking, and positive improvement happening with every new encounter. They market first by actually caring about our clients and their needs. Michael shares a little of his personal story and talks about how he transitioned from the military to a life of digital marketing and social media. We talk about the importance of story telling, branding and marketing and what business owners should be doing to help grow their brands.
February 6, 2018
Episode 107: Aaron Dodge - The Littlefield Co. & the Charlotte Hornets
Chris and Brian sit down with Aaron Dodge of The Littlefield Company and the Charlotte Hornets. The Littlefield Company is a team of digital storytellers that storyboards and shoots photos and videos for web and social with purpose, intention, and strategy. If you're looking to use video and photography to increase your brand awareness or your marketing presence, look into The Littlefield Company. Aaron also helps the Charlotte Hornets with their gameday operations. In game promotions, the kiss cam, halftime performances and more. Aaron has been working with NBA teams to perfect their fan engagement for years. Aaron shares some of his personal story and talks about what it's like behind the scenes in the NBA. He talks about The Littlefield Company and their vision and strategy towards marketing. We get into social media trends and what business owners should be doing to grow their brand, why Aaron dances in front of the camera (and on Instagram) and we debate whether or not Brian could be a vegan. @aaron_dodge
January 31, 2018
Episode 106: Dave Staib - Freedom Pest Services
Chris sits down with Dave Staib of Freedom Pest Services. Freedom Pest Services specializes in pest control and pest extermination. They handle bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, fire ants and more. Freedom Pest Services also specializes in Real Estate inspections and can provide CL100 (termite letter), WDO (wood destroying organism) and WDIR (wood destroying insect report) assessments. Dave shares his personal story and talks about being a fraternal twin. Dave talks about his professional background and how he became one of the best of the best in the field while climbing the ranks at Orkin. He talks about why he decided to start his own business and what went in to starting his company. We also get in to like as a small business owner and what he's doing to grow his clientele.
January 26, 2018
Episode 105: Dr. Dave Redding - Lake Wylie Wellness and Chiropractic Center
Chris and Brian sit down with Dr. David Redding of Lake Wylie Wellness and Chiropractic Center. The LWWCC (as Chris calls it) helps clients with various types of back pain, carpal tunnel, neck aches, head aches and more including ultrasound, electric muscle simulation and laser therapy. Dr. Redding talks about his career as a chiropractor and what got him interested in the practice. He talks about the various benefits that chiropractors provide and how improvements to the spine impact overall health. Dr. Redding shares some of his personal story including being a marathon runner and why he relocated his family from New York to the Charlotte area.
January 23, 2018
Episode 104: Loretta Hughbanks - Loretta Hughbanks Photography
Chris and Brian sit down with Loretta Hughbanks of Loretta Hughbanks Photography. Loretta Hughbanks is an award winning photographer, and is known for her whimsical childrens portraits. She has a studio in Rock Hill and is available to do on location shoots as well. Loretta talks about her style as a photographer and how being a former school teacher and the mother of three children has influenced her abilities to connect with children and make them feel comfortable. She also shares her personal story and talks about how her daughter's Autism diagnosis inspired a creative, outside of the box approach to capturing a child's perfect picture. We also talk about the mysterious conspiracies around the Denver airport and why float therapy is amazing.
January 19, 2018
Episode 103: Jack Weaverling - Float Carolina
Chris and Brian sit down with Jack Weaverling of Float Carolina after a float therapy session. Float Carolina is a flotation therapy and salt therapy center in Waxhaw offering the ultimate rest and relaxation experience. Its invigorating spa experience is designed to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed by floating effortlessly in warm salt water. Float therapy is like soaking in an epsom salt bath at home, but with 1,000 pounds of salt. You get the full benefits of epsom salt but you also get the floating benefits; such as weightlessness, pain relief and sensory deprivation. Jack shares some of his personal story and what led him to opening up his center. He talks about how he became interested in floating and how an experience during a float inspired him to quit his career and start his own business. If you're into yoga, meditation or finding relaxation, check out what Float Carolina has to offer.
January 18, 2018
Episode 102: Preston Sandlin - Home Inspection Carolina
Chris and Brian sit down with Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina. Home Inspection Carolina is a home inspection company in North and South Carolina. Go figure. They provide home inspections for home buyers and home sellers preparing to list. Their home inspections include structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and more. Preston shares some of his personal story and talks about how he started as a teacher and transitioned into the home inspection industry. We talk about marketing and branding as Preston is known for his colorful pants and home inspection podcast entitled, Successful Home Inspector. Preston talks about the home inspection process and offers some tips on home maintenance.
January 11, 2018
Episode 101: Rachel Gilmore - Wholistic Love Leader, Author, Speaker
Chris and Brian sit down with Rachel Gilmore. Rachel is a Wholistic Love Leader and Transformational Speaker and Success Coach dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and visionaries to have it all, including health, wealth, freedom and so much more. Rachel has co authored two books, 'The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose' and 'Success Secrets for Today's Feminine Entrepreneur' and has been featured on WBTV. Rachel shares her amazing personal story and talks about the things she's learned from love and loss. She talks about finding your passion and your happiness and why it's important to do things that provide your heart with fulfillment. Rachel talks about the connection between mind, body and soul and encourages everyone she coaches to discover their true purpose and passion.
January 6, 2018
Episode 100 - A Time to Reflect
Ryan Sanderson stops by and interviews Chris and Brian. Ryan takes a break from creating coffee excellence for Knowledge Perk to talk with Chris and Brian about The Jones Zone Podcast. After interviewing dozens of real estate professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs, Chris and Brian talk about what they've learned, both personally and professionally. Having interviewed Olympians, Professional Athletes, Comedians, Authors and all kinds of successful business owners, Chris and Brian talk about the episodes and guests that have provided ah-ha moments and inspiration. The guys also have some fun after Ryan reveals that he spoke with the wives to get some "dirt."
January 2, 2018
Episode 99: Joe Scarborough - Mr. 900 Electric
Chris sits down with Joe Scarborough of Mr. 900 Electric. Mr. 900 Electric is a Charlotte area Electrical Contracting Company. Whether you’re giving your home a makeover, addressing safety issues, building a new home or working to make your home more energy efficient, Mr. 900 Electric can help you with all of your electrical needs. Joe shares his unique story which includes being a third generation Electrician, an on-air radio personality, a professional wrestling performer and a professional bowler. Joe was given the monicker Mr. 900 after bowling three consecutive perfect games in a PBA tournament. He is the only person to do that in the history of the PBA. We talk about all the things he's learned in these various industries and how they have each tied into his electrical business. And he shows off that awesome radio voice of his.
December 23, 2017
Episode 98: Celia Thompson - Catapult Fit
Chris and Brian sit down with Celia Thompson of Catapult Fit. Catapult Fit is the name of Celia's Fitness Training Company. Celia is a fitness trainer for "The Honeybees," the Charlotte Hornets' professional dance team. Celia is also a Project Manager for Ready Fitness where she sells fitness equipment and designs fitness centers for all kinds of buildings including multifamily and apartment complexes, hotels and gyms. Celia is a member of The Greater Charlotte Apartment Association where she serves as the President of the Products and Services Council. Celia is also a member of The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. She is a part of the Healthy Charlotte Collaboration Team. Celia shares some of her personal story and tells us why fitness is such an important aspect of her life. She talks about how she enjoys giving back to the community and empowering people she gets to work with. She tells us what it's like to work with an NBA dance team and how it feels to compete in Fitness Competitions against the world's best athletes. @catapultfit on social media
December 20, 2017
Episode 97: Christian Sifuentes - Paving Lives
Chris and Brian sit down with Christian Sifuentes of Paving Lives. Paving Lives partners with businesses as their trusted marketing advisor to help them achieve success by learning, incorporating, and executing marketing strategies that will scale their business to the next level. Paving Lives focuses on branding, videography, photography, web development, social media management and more. Christian shares some of his personal story, talks about how got into social media marketing and what led him to start a company at the age of 20. Christian gives tons of practical advice for business owners looking to grow their social media presence and talks about current trends in marketing.
December 19, 2017
Episode 96: Shawn and Lindsey Turner - Turner Contracting Services
Chris and Brian sit down with Shawn and Lindsey Turner of Turner Contracting Services. Turner Contracting Services provides general contracting, home remodels, and construction services in the Greater Charlotte area. Shawn and Lindsey are a husband and wife team that will come in, do a consultation, help with the design and then execute your project to perfection. They are the Charlotte area's version of Chip and Joanna from HGTV's hit show, Fixer Upper. They specialize in bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels and outdoor living spaces. But if you can dream it, they can probably design and build it. They share their personal story and talk about how two high school sweethearts built a family and a business together.
December 14, 2017
Episode 95: Derek Murrell - Good Faith Home Buyers
Chris and Brian are joined via ZOOM by Derek Murrell of Good Faith Home Buyers. Good Faith Home Buyers is a real estate investment company. Good Faith Home Buyers focuses primarily on wholesaling; buying distressed properties from homeowners and then selling them to other investors either as "flips" or rental properties. Derek shares some of his personal story and talks about how a career in the military and a medical emergency led him to a career in real estate. Derek talks about how life really is as a real estate investor and how it's not as glamorous as HGTV makes it out to be. He shares his strategies for success, how he got his start and what he does to find his next deal.
December 13, 2017
Episode 94: Travis and Steve Tolson - Amor Artis Brewing
Chris and Brian sit down with Travis and Steve Tolson, the brothers behind Amor Artis Brewing. Amor Artis Brewing is a brewery opening up on Main Street in downtown Fort Mill in early 2018. Travis and Steve share some of their personal story and talk about what it takes to open up a brewery. They talk about drawing inspiration from a brewery on Kodiak Island, Alaska and how their experiences there have influenced their vision for Amor Artis Brewing. Travis and Steve have a passion for the community. They're using local fruits and products for their brewery and have plans to support the Greenway and Springs Farm. They're also members of The Fort Mill Dirty Riders, a bicycle club that meets outside the brewery every Wednesday.
December 8, 2017
Episode 93: John R. Bradford, III - PetScreening, Park Ave. Properties, NC House of Representatives
Chris sits down with John R. Bradford, III. John R. Bradford, III is the Founder of PetScreening. PetScreening is Pet Management for Property Management and was created by Property Managers for Property Managers. PetScreening is a software tool and platform that enables users to upload documents about their pets including photos, vaccination records, microchip data, behavioral records and certifications for service and companion animals. And it allows property managers of all kinds to see and verify these profiles before deciding whether or not to allow these pets into one of their properties. John is the CEO and Founder of Park Avenue Properties which is a property management group operating in about 10 cities in the Southeast. John is the Membership Co-Chair of the Entrepreneur's Organization here in Charlotte where he helps recruit members to the local chapter. John is also the Majority Whip in the North Carolina House of Representatives. John shares some of his personal story and professional background and then we get into all the cool things he's doing right here in the state of North Carolina.
December 6, 2017
Episode 92: Jonathan Edwards - Olympian, Author, Speaker, High Performance Consultant
Jonathan Edwards joins Chris and Brian via ZOOM. Jonathan is an Olympian and an expert in high performance and athletic development. He just released a book entitled, “The Athlete’s Guide to Winning In Sports and Life," which is being called the ultimate resource for athletes who have a dream and want that dream to come true. It's part sport psychology and part business plan for athletic success. Jonathan hosts a podcast entitled, "Business Called You" which is available on iTunes and other platforms and he currently runs the number one teaching and coaching resource for lacrosse goalies. Johnathan does corporate speaking, motivation and online coaching on high performance. He shares his personal story and talks about his experience in the Olympics where he was a luger in the 1994 Winter Games. He talks about life after the Olympics and how he's transitioned from high performance athlete to business man, author, speaker and more.
December 4, 2017
Episode 91: Dennis Ostrander and Chris Griffin - Palmetto Proscapes
Chris sat down with Dennis Ostrander and Chris Griffin of Border Magic and Boulder Designs by Palmetto Proscapes. Palmetto Proscapes designs and builds customized boulders (rocks) and edging for landscapes made of concrete with the beauty of stone. They also design custom benches, flagpoles, fire pits, memorials, plagues and more. If you can dream it, they can design it. Dennis and Chris were both Physical Therapists in town and after years and years in the healthcare field, they decided to make a change. With the support of each other and their families, they started Palmetto Proscapes. They talk about all the products and services they offer and what the process of creating large, customized boulders for people's yards actually looks like. We talk about some of the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur in an industry that is completely different than the one you left and how customer service and doing things right is the key to success.
November 17, 2017
Episode 90: Vince and Brandon Powell - Foundation Doctor
Chris and Brian sit down with Vince and Brandon Powell. Vince and Brandon are brothers and the Owners of Foundation Doctor. Foundation Doctor is Charlotte’s trusted source for foundation repairs and more. They have applied their expertise to residential and commercial projects in 10+ counties across North Carolina. Whether your current problem is with your home or a commercial structure, they have the experience and knowledge to help. Vince and Brandon discuss common issues associated with a home's foundation and talk about what home owners should do if they suspect a problem. Foundation Doctor was born when Vince and Brandon decided to ditch their 9 to 5 jobs in education and banking to pursue entrepreneurship and talk about how starting as house flippers led them to creating a foundation repair service. Vince and Brandon share some of their personal stories. They talk about how it is working with your brother as a business partner and what they do to market and grow their business.
November 15, 2017
Episode 89: Tony Robbins Recap with Leah Hanrion
Leah Hanrion returned to the Jones Zone to talk about Tony Robbins. On October 19, 2017 Tony Robbins came to Charlotte for The Ultimate Wealth and Achievement Summit put on by The National Achievers Congress. Chris and Brian attended the event and so did Leah. So they got together and talked about some of the key lessons and take aways.
November 14, 2017
Episode 88: Keith Faulkenberry - Lakeside Barbers
Chris and Brian sit down with Keith Faulkenberry, Owner and Founder of Lakeside Barbers. Lakeside Barbers is an award winning Barber shop in Lake Wylie. They’re traditional barbers that give premium haircuts at affordable prices. Keith and his staff at Lakeside Barbers combine that old school barber shop feel with current up to date trends and haircuts. Barber poles, foosball tables, leather couches and straight razor shaves. Lakeside makes you feel like family when you visit. Keith shares his personal story and talks about being a third generation barber. He talks about how his passion for being a barber has helped him become a better man and how he is always looking for a way to give back to the community. Keith also gave us an exclusive announcement. Keith is opening up Freedom Barber College in April 2018 so he can teach aspiring barbers everything they need to know to begin their career.
November 10, 2017
Episode 87: Don Habe and Erin Habe - Elite Home Inspection of the Carolinas
Chris sits down with Don Habe and Erin Habe of Elite Home Inspection of the Carolinas. Don and Erin are a husband and wife team running a home inspection business here in the York County and Charlotte area. Don handles the inspections and Erin runs the marketing and day to day business stuff. Elite Home Inspection of the Carolinas specializes in residential, condo and townhome inspection and all phases of new construction. Don and Erin share some of the personal story and talk about how Don transitioned from inspecting air crafts to inspecting homes. We talk about what they do to spread the word about their company and gain market share. Whether you need an inspection on the home you're buying or you want to have your current home inspected before you put it on the market, check out Elite Home Inspection of the Carolinas.
November 7, 2017
Episode 86: Jeff Johnson - NewPath Properties
Chris is joined by Jeff Johnson of NewPath Properties via ZOOM. NewPath Properties is a real estate investment company specializing in the construction, purchase, rehab, and resale of single family homes. Jeff shares a little of his personal story and professional background and tells us how he got in to real estate investing here in the Charlotte area. We talk about the importance of having a good team around you and how building relationships with people you trust and value helps your company go to the next level. We poke a little fun at some of the HGTV shows out there that don't necessarily portray it how it is and Jeff gives us some insight on what it is to truly be a house flipper.
November 3, 2017
Episode 85: Nicole Odom - Dogtopia of Charlotte and Out of the Ether
Chris and Brian sit down with Nicole Odom, Owner of Dogtopia of Charlotte and Partner at Out of the Ether. Dogtopia offers Daycare, Boarding and Dog Spa options for pet owners here in the Charlotte area. Whether you need a place for your dog to stay while you're away or you just want to pamper your pup with spa baths, nail trims and more, Dogtopia is the place you need to go. Out of the Ether is a brand strategy and website development firm comprised of a writer, designer, and strategist team with many decades of experience building brands, crafting narratives, and developing strategies that get audiences to take action. Nicole shares some of her personal story and talks about how she got into the doggy day care business. She talks about how she leveraged the skills she learned there to take on another opportunity with Out of the Ether. We talk about social media, marketing strategies and how business owners and entrepreneurs can stay on top of all the marketing and branding developments out there.
October 31, 2017
Episode 84: Corinne Brown - The Fresh Expert
Corinne is a Direct Sales Expert, a Tupperware Trainer, Mentor and Sales Organization Coach. She is also a Speaker and TV Personality. Corinne was "born, raised and burped in Tupperware" and she takes pride in "Saving you time, space and waste." She has been featured on the cover of Tupperware’s Salesforce Magazine and has had the opportunity to represent Tupperware at multiple Celebrity Events in New York City. She not only has been featured in exclusive training videos, but you can see her locally on Charlotte Today and WBTV. Corinne shares some of her personal story and explains how she got in to the Tupperware business and she shares some of the philosophies and tips that have made her a market leader.
October 25, 2017
Episode 83: Albert Polanco - Crucible Strategic Advising
Chris and Brian are joined via Zoom by Albert Polanco of Crucible Strategic Advising. Albert Polanco is an author, a marketing consultant, podcast host and Marine Corp Veteran. You can find his book, "Your Life Blueprint: Discover Your Passion, Purpose and Progress" on Amazon. His book answers some burning questions about how to get what you want from life and create the life of your dreams while offering a step-by-step system to follow. Albert shares some of his personal story and how he began his entreprenuerial journey at the age of 13 selling computers (that he made himself) on eBay. Albert is a marketing and sales expert and runs marketing campaigns for other businesses. He talks about the lessons he learned in the military that have helped him with his new career and shares some of the daily routines and habits he utilizes to ensure success. The Crucible Strategic Podcast can be found on Stitcher and iTunes and is for anyone looking for personal and business growth.
October 18, 2017
Episode 82: Phil Milam - Revere Veteran Talent
Chris and Brian sit down with Phil Milam of Revere Veteran Talent and Warriors Life Science. Revere Veteran Talent is a company that enhances career opportunities for veterans and the transitioning military community. They advocate for veterans and educate employers to the value of hiring veterans. Warriors in Life Science is a non profit organization whose mission is to advance professional opportunities for qualified transitioning military service members and veterans within the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic industries. Phil shares some of his personal story and why he left a Senior Leadership position in the biotech and medical sales industry to follow his passion for advocating for veterans. Phil talks about why veterans make great employees (in any industry) and what current military members should be doing now to prepare for their transition back into the civilian life.
October 16, 2017
Episode 81: Christopher Corrado - The Christopher Corrado Brand
Chris and Brian sit down with Christopher Corrado of the Christopher Corrado Brand. Christopher is a licensed agent with The New York Life Insurance Company. He is also an amatuer boxer, a local comedian, a comedy club promoter and an author. Christopher can help you plan for retirement, college funding and life insurance one minute and then entertain you the next. He shares some of his personal story and how he moved down here from New York. He talks about who is boxing and comedic influences are and how he uses the skills he's developed in that arena to help him as an insurance agent. Christopher has authored two books, A New York Night with Carmine McNally and Tubman's Five Stories of Tragedy; both of those are available on Amazon.
October 13, 2017
Episode 80: Brandon Hawk - Brandon Hawk International
Chris and Brian are joined via Zoom by Brandon Hawk of Brandon Hawk International. Brandon grew up in Texas as a tennis phenom. He played on the US National Team and played in the US Open and Wimbeldon. Chasing his dreams at such a high level led to an epiphany one night as he realized he was placing too much value on external achivement and not enough on internal fulfillment and happiness. He began a journey to self discovery, living a life of love and encouraging others to design a life that's gonna make them happy. Now, he shares his message as an Executive Coach and Public Speaker. Brandon works exclusively with CEOs who pay up to $250,000 per year to develop their capacity for a more productive and fulfilling life. Beyond his personal coaching, Brandon is the creator of several programs and products that help people discover who they are and create lives they actually love living — including the YOU(TRAINING) event, YOU(COACHING) process, & the YOU(JOURNEY) workbook. He authored the book “I’m calling BS: Debunking 7 myths of Modern Life” and gave a Ted Talk entitiled 'Heart over Hustle - How You Feel Matters.' Brandon was once hailed by one of his CEO clients as “some sort of hybrid between Tony Robbins and Martin Luther King Jr."
October 11, 2017
Episode 79: Seth Hudson - Benton Outdoor Design
Chris sits down with Seth Benton of Benton Outdoor Design. Benton Outdoor Design is an award winning outdoor living and landscaping company right here in the Charlotte area. Whether you’re looking to add features to an existing set up or transform your backyard into your dream oasis, Benton Outdoor Design can do it and Seth can help get that ball rolling. Seth talks about how he had a passion for trees and agriculture at a young age and how he became a Master Gardener. Seth also shares some of his experience as a member of a family band. The Hudson Family Band performs a variety of musical styles ranging from Country, to Classic Rock 'N' Roll, Swing, Pop, Bluegrass, & Gospel. Need a live band to entertain a crowd? Check these guys out! Seth has authored 3 books including 5 Steps To Your Dream Backyard, The Ultimate Homeowner's Patio and Deck Planner and The Designer's Plant Combination Guide. Seth also offers timely advice on how to prepare your yard now (in the Fall) so it will look amazing by Spring and Summer.
October 9, 2017
Episode 78: Tiffany Poles - Typh's Braid Creations
Chris and Brian sit down with Tiffany Poles with Typh's Braid Creations. "If you can grow it, I can braid it." - Tiffany Tiffany shares some of her personal story and how she started braiding hair for neighborhood children in her teens. After some time in the corporate world, Tiffany followed her passion and pursued braiding hair full time. Tiffany has become one of the top braiders in the Charlotte area. She has a large clientele here in the Queen City which even includes some celebrities. Tiffany also gets to travel the world as a braider. She's been to several awards shows and professional sporting events all in the name of making our actors, actresses and athletes look their best. Tiffany was joined in the studio by her long time boyfriend and previous Jones Zone Podcast guest Terrell Royster. They talk about their life together as entreprenuers and parents and discuss how they make braiding hair and training athletes a double ended business plan. Check out the Back 2 Basics website to learn more about their basketball camp to benefit Breast Cancer Research later this month.
October 6, 2017
Episode 77: Haines A. Maxwell, Jr. - Bravo Marketing Agency
Chris and Brian sit down with Haines A. Maxwell, Jr., Co-Founder of the Bravo Marketing Agency. Bravo Marketing Agency provides promotional products, apparel, direct response campaigns, brand recognition and digital marketing. Haines shares some of his personal story and talks about how selling books door to door as a college student helped prepare him for a career in sales, promotions and marketing. Haines talks about how marketing and promotional items can take your business to the next level and how companies should focus on making an impact rather than just giving out random stuff with a logo on it. A UNC Chapel Hill Alum, Haines reminisces about Tarheel basketball and the day Walter Davis broke the heart of every Blue Devil.
October 4, 2017
Episode 76: JP Sears - Awaken With JP
The Ultra Spiritual JP Sears joins Chris and Brian via Skype. JP Sears is the comedic genius behind the Ultra Spiritual Comedy series. His Youtube channel, Awaken With JP is one of the funniest ones around. It has over 515k subscribers and millions and millions of views. JP is also the author of How To Be Ultra Spiritual : 12 ½ Steps To Spiritual Superiority. JP shares some of his personal story and how he got into becoming an Emotional Healing Coach. He talks about the power of comedy and how he used his sense of humor to help build his business and grow his brand, which is rapidly expanding to include live comedy shows (check out his website for details). JP shares some of his experiences with the likes of Russell Brunson, Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins and talks about how finding balance in your life is key to success.
October 2, 2017
Episode 75: Lawrence Wingate - Wingate Media Entertainment & Jamar Perry - JXP Elite Productions
Chris and Brian sit down with Lawrence Wingate of Wingate Media Entertainment and Jamar Perry of JXP Elite Productions. Wingate Media Entertainment and JXP Elite Productions are multimedia companies here in Charlotte that provide multiple services for all kinds of clients. If you're an actor or someone looking to break in to entertainment or you're a business owner looking to create commercials or videos to help your company grow, check these guys out. They do everything from music videos and short films to wedding videos and drone work. They also do event planning and are a part of the Charlotte Event & Meeting Planners Association. Lawrence and Jamar help run Collab Charlotte, a non profit whose mission is to highlight, and give a voice to, all of the amazing , non-profit organizations, and businesses no one hears about in Charlotte. They share some of their personal stories and remind people in our area that you don't need to run off to New York or Los Angeles to find amazing talent. There is plenty of that right here in the Queen City.
September 29, 2017
Episode 74: Eric Simon, aka The Broke Agent
Eric Simon, aka The Broke Agent, joins Chris and Brian via Zoom. Eric is a Real Estate agent out in California who started a multimedia company called The Broke Agent. The Broke Agent is a comedy channel across multiple media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. The Broke Agent pokes fun at the life of a Real Estate Agent and includes original memes, musical videos, satirical posts and more. There is an animated series in the works, with a one minute pilot being released in the next couple of months. We talk about marketing and using media to help your real estate business and then get into basketball, college football, Game of Thrones and Million Dollar Listing.
September 25, 2017
Episode 73: Brian Johnson - Send Out Cards Distributor, Business Blogger and Coach
Chris and Brian sit down with Brian Johnson. Brian is a Send Out Cards distributor. He also writes a business blog and does some coaching and consulting for entreprenuers and business owners. Brian helps business owners and professionals leverage the relationships they already have. Using his company's app and simple strategies, he shows clients how to increase their customer retention, attract more referrals and be the top of mind professional in their market. No matter what your profession, greeting cards are a powerful business tool to help make sure your clients and customers know just how important they are to you! Learn more about Send Out Cards from Brian. Brian also runs a popular Facebook group for business owners called Facebook Introductions for Business Owners.
September 21, 2017
Episode 72: Reid Hovis - Smooth Move
Chris sits down with Reid Hovis of Smooth Move. Smooth Move is the top moving company in Rock Hill and Fort Mill. They are full service residential and commercial movers. Smooth Move can help whether you are moving within the city of Rock Hill or to one of the neighboring cities in York County or Charlotte. Reid shares some of his personal story and talks about how went from working in a pharmaceutical lab to owning a moving company. In just three years, they went from one guy and a truck to one of the top companies in the area in their industry. We touch on the services they provide and how it is navigating life as a business owner and entrepreneur.
September 15, 2017
Episode 71: David Broadie - Founder & CEO North Carolina Military Veterans Hall of Fame
Chris and Brian sit down with David Broadie of The North Carolina Military Veterans Hall of Fame. David shares some of his personal story and talks about his time in the Army as a paratrooper and recruiter. When he retired, David felt a void in his life and he missed the times and camaraderie he had in the military. He got the idea for a Veterans Hall of Fame while watching The NFL's Hall of Fame Ceremony and decided to pursue it. The North Carolina Military Veterans Hall of Fame (NCMVHOF) strives to honor and recognize the Valor, Achievement, and Service of North Carolina's Veterans and they aim to educate and inspire the states’ youth and communities to humbly appreciate the true sacrifice of American Freedom throughout their lives. 2017 is the inagurual class and they are currently accepting nominations!
September 13, 2017
Episode 70: Andrew O'Brien - Vetpreneur Tribe, Warrior Council, The Publicity Guy
Andrew O’Brien - Vetpreneur Tribe, Warrior Council, The Publicity Guy Chris and Brian are joined via Zoom by Andrew O’Brien. Andrew is the Founder of multiple companies including The Publicity Guy, Vetrepreneur Tribe and The Warrior Council. The Publicity Guy specializes in connecting business owners and media contributors who will feature them. The Vetrepreneur Tribe and Warrior Council are groups that Andrew leads designed to help Veteran business owners grow and help each other. Check out their websites and Facebook groups for more details. Andrew shares some of his amazing story. He grew up in a home where his mother was a prostitute and a stripper who went on to kill his stepfather. Andrew joined the military to escape his life but while he was in, attempted suicide. Surviving his suicide attempt, Andrew went on a mission to help others. He began a career as a public speaker talking all over the world and inspiring others to overcome their past and current obstacles. Andrew has shared his story on over 70 media outlets including MSNBC, USA Today, BBC and MTV.
September 6, 2017
Episode 69: Stephanie Klitsch - Council For Children's Rights
Chris and Brian sit down with Stephanie Klitsch, Assistant Director of Individual Advocacy at Council for Children’s Rights The Council For Children’s Rights provides advocacy and legal services for children in the area of Mental Health, Deliquency, Custody Advocacy, Special Education and Abuse and Neglect. The Council For Children's Rights is a group of attorneys that represent children in the courtroom, classroom and community. They are conducting a series entitled 'First Wednesday Special Education Workshop.' The First Wednesday (of each month - starting in September) Series offers an opportunity for parents, family members, and professionals who advocate for children to learn about special education and school discipline. Stephanie shares some of her personal story and professional background and talks about how she helps families navigate their way through the school year. She talks about how she's had a passion for helping children since she was a child and how having a child of her own has changed her perspective towards her family and the families she advocates for.
September 1, 2017
Episode 68: Coach Babette - CB Coaching & Consulting, Every Woman Can Be
Chris sits down with Coach Babette of CB Coaching and Consultation and Every Woman Can Be. CB Coaching and Consultation is an experienced coaching and consulting firm that can help shape your perspective into a productive view. Whether it is business, financial, or another topic that is important to you. They will help you develop the skills to effectively deal with the challenges and unexpected moments that come your way. Every Woman Can Be is a community that Babette leads that is determined to inspire and encourage women through monthly meetings and an online community. Babette shares some of her personal story, why she left corporate America to stay home with her daugher and how that led to her becoming a coach. She also talks about how she is facing her fears by learning to fly an airplane.
August 29, 2017
Episode 67: Jason Collett - ADAPTIVITY Development
Chris and Brian sit down with Jason Collett, Founder and President of ADAPTIVITY Development. ADAPTIVITY Development partners with companies large and small, new and established to maximize core strengths and address weaknesses to achieve true goal Jason is also an accomplished professional key note speaker, providing informational and motivational speeches on transformation, leadership, change management, drug testing, and strategy. In 2016, he was named Rock Hill area’s BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR. Jason serves on several boards, including the York County Economic Development Committee and the Rock Hill Area Committee Chamber of Commerce. He supports the Technology Incubator and provides education and support to local schools, universities and colleges.
August 25, 2017
Episode 66: Lori Christison - All Play Together Inclusive Playground Project
Chris sits down with Lori Christison, Founder of All Play Together Inclusive Playground Project. An inclusive playground is a playground designed for children and families of all abilities including typically developing children and children with disabilities and special needs. The All Play Together Inclusive Playground Project is currently raising funds to build one of these playgrounds right here in Fort Mill. Lori shares some of her personal story and talks about how serving the community as a Speech Therapist led to the discovery of a major need for families in Fort Mill and surrounding areas.
August 18, 2017
Episode 65: Dusty Ramsbottom - Fat City Entertainment
Chris and Brian sit down with Dusty Ramsbottom, Founder of Fat City Entertainment. Fat City Entertainment is a multimedia and entertainment business serving the Charlotte area. The host a variety of events in the area including pub trivia, game nights, live comedy and more. They are available for hire for your party whether it's a night out at your favorite pub or a corporate moral builder. Fat City Entertainment can also help you or your small business with video production, podcasting, web series, Ebooks and more. Dusty shares some of his entrepreneurial experiences including running a Tiki Bar in Costa Rica and starting Fat Bottom Trivia. We also talk about The Fat City Players, a group that Chris and Brian are in as well. The Fat City Players will be taking on unique, philanthropic video projects in and around the Charlotte area.
August 16, 2017
Episode 64: Yasmine Young - The Chocolate Lady, REIN Leadership
Chris and Brian sit down with Yasmine Young of The Chocolate Lady and REIN Leadership. Yasmine is a Woman and Children Empowerment Advocate that is creating a movement of change by instilling servant leadership in Youth and replacing the I factor with the WE factor. The Chocolate Lady is a metaphorical monicker Yasmine has adopted for her Women's workshops and seminars where she encourages other women to discover what's inside of them and where they find the love they have for others. Yasmine shares her story and how she was inspired by the love her grandparents displayed every Valentine's Day with their box of chocolates. REIN Leadership is Respect Empowerment Integrity Neighborly Leadershp. REIN works with local youth and reminds them that approaching their future with a servant's heart will take them further in their life and empower them to accomplish all their goals.
August 14, 2017
Episode 63: Frank Falls - Moped to Memphis
Chris and Brian sit down with Frank Falls of Moped To Memphis at Fini'z Oyster Bar and Grill in Lake Wylie. Moped To Memphis is a non profit based out of Clover. They raise money for cancer research all year long and during Spring Break, Frank drives a moped from Clover to Memphis and hand delivers a check to the St. Jude Research Hospital. Frank talks about how a simple class project turned into a non profit that now raises over $100,000 per year for St. Jude. In less than 10 years they've raised over $600,000 and their goal is to hit $1,000,000 by 2020. Frank shares some of the ways they raise money including a "Woman-less Beauty Pagaent," a golf tournament and casino night. Frank talks about how the town of Clover has rallied behind him and how several people working together can make a huge impact.
August 10, 2017
Episode 62: Frank Pruett - Undefeated Fitness
Chris and Brian sit down with Frank Pruett of Undefeated Fitness. Undefeated Fitness is a personal training and group fitness company located in the Anytime Fitness in Lake Wylie. Frank is one of the trainers with Undefeated. So if you’re in York County and looking for a coach or a group class to join, check out Undefeated Fitness. They do classes of all kinds including those exclusive to youth training and women. Frank talks about how he got his start in personal training and why physical fitness has always been important to him. He also talks Sopranos (the HBO show) with Chris and Brian.
August 8, 2017
Episode 61: Ryan Sanderson - One Million Cups, Knowledge Perk Coffee, Scraps Trash Removal
Chris and Brian sit down with Ryan Sanderson. Ryan is involved in several different ventures. He is a Founding Organizer of One Million Cups of York County. One Million Cups is program designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs with their communities. He is also the Co-Owner of Knowledge Perk. Knowledge Perk is a full immersion coffee experience in Rock Hill that gives the customer the chance to guide, lead and learn about the entire coffee making process. Ryan is also the Co-Owner of Scraps Trash Removal. Scraps is a full service trash pick up company serving York County. They make taking your garbage to the dump a chore no more. Ryan is also Chair of the Small Business Council and a Board Member of the York County Chamber of Commerce. And as if all of that wasn't enough, he is in the band at Lakewood Baptist Church.
August 3, 2017
Episode 60: Alexis Carberry - Carberry Custom Color
Chris sits down with Alexis Carberry of Carberry Custom Color. Carberry Custom Color is a Charlotte/Fort Mill area family owned business that does interior and exterior wall painting, art, murals, trim, moldings, drywall and more. Alexis shares some of her personal story about how she transitioned from school teacher to artist to business owner. Alexis talks about how all their projects are unique and special and why her team only does one at a time. If you're looking to make some improvements in your home, check out Carberry Custom Color. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud. This way you'll be notified of all future episodes. If you liked the episode, please leave a comment or review. We will see it and it will help our podcast grow. Thanks! Chris and Brian
July 31, 2017
Episode 59: Barbi Gearhart - The Staging Girl
Chris sits down with Barbi The Staging Girl. Barbi does home staging, consulting and remodeling. She works with home owners, realtors and investors and has staged thousands of homes since founding her company in 2007. Barbi has been featured in magazines and videos and even hosts workshops for realtors. In 2014, Barbi was awarded Stager of the Year by Douglas Lattimore. Barbi shares some of her personal story and then talks about the staging process and how staging a home can make it sell quicker and for a higher purchase price. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud. This way you'll be notified of all future episodes. If you liked the episode, please leave a comment or review. We will see it and it will help our podcast grow. Thanks! Chris and Brian
July 28, 2017
Episode 58: Ronnie Williams - Southern Food Junkie
Chris sits down with Ronnie Williams, AKA The Southern Food Junkie. Ronnie is a self described "foodie" that grew up on Southern Food and now spends his time traveling to new places and trying out new restaurants. He also spends time reviewing products and sharing delicious recipes. You can find his content all over the social media including his website, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. We talk about how social media can impact a business and how you can start chasing your dream with a cell phone.
July 25, 2017
Episode 57: Michelle Black - HOPE4USA Credit Education and Restoration
Chris and Brian sit down with Michelle Black of HOPE4USA. HOPE4USA is a credit education program designed to help people repair and rebuild damaged credit. They have helped thousands of individuals with credit problems achieve goals such as cleaner credit, home ownership, auto loans, freedom from debt, and much more! Michelle debunks some common myths and misconceptions about credit. She gives some simple and practical advice on what people can do to improve their credit scores and she informs home buyers what NOT to do when they're under contract on a home.
July 18, 2017
Episode 56: Paul Janish - Janish Home Inspections
Chris and Brian sit down with Paul Janish of Janish Home Inspections. Janish Home Inspections is a veteran owned company providing home inspections in the Charlotte area. Paul has over 30 years experience in construction, facility management, renovation and maintenance. Paul shares some of his personal story about how he got in to the home inspection business. He gives some advice to homeowners looking to save money on home repairs and utility bills and he discusses the importance of getting a home inspection prior to purchasing your home.
July 14, 2017
Episode 55: Dale Dove - Attorney, Founder of ROC and Tiny House Advocate
Chris and Brian sit down with Dale Dove. Dale Dove is an attorney in Rock Hill, SC. His firm specializes in Family Law and Dale is an expert in adoption. His firm has handled thousands of adoptions over the years and Dale is a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. Dale is the Founder of ROC, Renew Our Community. ROC is a non profit in Rock Hill that serves people in need. Whether it’s emergency food, clothing or housing, ROC is always willing to help. Dale is also a champion for tiny houses in Rock Hill believing that Tiny houses could be instrumental in ending homelessness and providing affordable houses for families with lower incomes.
July 10, 2017
Episode 54: Ken Lacy - Veterans Path Up
Chris and Brian sit down with Ken Lacy, Executive Director of Veterans Path Up. Veterans Path Up provides stable, affordable housing for Veterans and their families. They rehab donated houses and allow Veterans to rent and eventually purchase these houses. Ken shares some of his personal journey and what led him to Veterans Path Up. He talks about his desire to end Veteran Homelessness and how partnerships with The City of Charlotte and Home Depot are helping make this possible. Ken's passion for Veterans Path Up is amazing. The Jones Zone has been to some of their sites and projects and have witnessed the good Veterans Path Up is doing in our community.
July 6, 2017
Episode 53: Blair Jones - LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant
Chris and Brian sit down with Blair Jones, a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant. LuLaRoe sells women's dresses, maxi skirts, pencil skirts, a-line skirts, sheath dresses, and they are all "simply comfortable." Blair talks about how her business works and how she made the terrifying transition to entreprenuer and business owner. She talks about finding comfort in the LuLaRoe culture and feeling the empowerment of women through other consultants and her customers.
July 4, 2017
Episode 51: Leah Hanrion - New York Life Insurance Company
Chris and Brian sit down with Leah Hanrion of New York Life Insurance Company. Leah is a Financial Services Professional that offers a variety of products that can help you meet a number of insurance and financial needs, including but not limited to, college funding, retirement, managing costs for extended periods of care and lifetime income strategies. Leah has a passion for empowering women. Inspired by personal events, Leah is constantly aspiring to help women lift each other up and inspire one another.
June 28, 2017
Episode 50: 1/2 Way to 100
Chris and Brian reflect on the first 50 episodes and mention plans for what will happen at episode 100. Then they tackle heavy hitting social and political issues such as WWE, Dwight Howard to the Hornets, The Sopranos and how some kid ate a cold hot dog from the QT.
June 26, 2017
Episode 49: Frank Aull - Aull Clean Pressure Washing
Chris sits down with Frank Aull of Aull Clean Pressure Washing. Aull Clean specializes in the exterior cleaning of homes. Their house washing service includes using a low pressure, no damage process to clean your home or business. This process is often times referred to as "Soft Washing." Unnecessary pressure can damage siding, tear window screens, and force water into your home. Aull Clean has professional grade equipment that allows them to clean up to 4 stories without the use of ladders. If you're looking to have your home, deck, patio or drieway cleaned, give Frank and his crew a call.
June 23, 2017
Episode 48: Tracey Hartzog - Chelsea and Savannah Art Studio
Chris sits down with Tracey Hartzog of Chelsea and Savannah, an art studio in Fort Mill offering parties, arts and crafts classes for adults and kids and one-of-a-kind pieces. Tracey talks about how the studio was started and the various classes and programs they offer including birthday parties, BYOB, afterschool and summer camps. Chelsea and Savannah use their artistic skills to contribute to the community through programs with the Boys and Girls Club and the Palmetto Playground. Tracey is also the Architectural Chair on her local Homeowner's Association. We talk briefly about what a Homeowner's Association is and what they do.
June 21, 2017
Episode 47: Russell Smith - Stancil Painting and Drywall
Chris sits down with Russell Smith of Stancil Painting. Stancil Painting and Drywall offers a wide range of professional services, ranging from interior and exterior painting to drywall installation and repair. Kitchens, bathrooms living rooms, pool decks and outdoor patios; if it needs painting, Stancil can do it. Russell explains some of Stancil's systems and processes and how what they do differentiates them from their competitors.
June 12, 2017
Episode 46: James Matthews and Thomas Johnson-Bean - Blueprint
Chris and Brian sit down with James Matthews and Thomas Johnson-Bean of Blueprint. Blueprint is a full-service advisory firm that empowers young professionals as they begin to build their careers, engage entrepreneurial pursuits, and enjoy the process of growing a family. As members, clients experience a unique process to ensure they are well-informed when they make decisions early on in life concerning the purchase of homes and cars, repaying student loans, building savings, traveling, protecting their income and more. Located in uptown Charlotte, Blueprint is perfect and easily accessible for young professionals looking for financial guidance. BluePrint is an Agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. Securities products and advisory services offered through Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS), member FINRA, SIPC. OSJ: 4201 CONGRESS ST SUITE 295 CHARLOTTE, NC 28209, ph#704-552-8507. PAS is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardian. This firm is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS. Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents, and employees do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Consult your tax, legal, or accounting professional regarding your individual situation. Links to external sites are provided for your convenience in locating related information and services. Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents, and employees expressly disclaim any responsibility for and do not maintain, control, recommend, or endorse third-party sites, organizations, products, or services, and make no representation as to the completeness, suitability, or quality thereof. 2017-41866 Exp 6/19
June 8, 2017
Episode 45: Jake "Man Scout" Manning - Professional Wrestler, Standup Comedian, Podcast/Video Host
Chris and Brian sit down with Jake "Man Scout" Manning. Jake is a professional wrestler, standup comedian and a podcast/video host. Jake has been wrestling professionally for more than a decade and has wrestled against several WWE legends and current superstars including the current WWE United States Champion (and Chris' favorite wrester - Kevin Owens). You can see Jake wrestle all over the country and in the Charlotte area regularly. Jake also performs as a standup comedian all over the country and hosts a podcast and Youtube show called "How Did This Get Booked?" which is available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher. On this show, Jake and his co-hosts question and mock subpar wrestling matches and popular culture. Make sure to check out his website and order his 6 DVD set called "A Man Scout's Guide to Surviving a Night Under the Stars." This is a collection includes over 60 of his matches against some of WWE's greatest superstars.
June 1, 2017
Episode 44: Dr. Pennington, MD - Pennington Primary Care
Chris and Brian sit down with Dr. Amanda Pennington, MD of Pennington Primary Care in Rock Hill, SC. Pennington Primary Care is a Direct Primary Care practice. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model in primary care whose defining element is an enduring and trusting relationship between patient and physician. The patients pay the doctors directly for their services with a simple flat monthly fee. Dr. Pennington shares her personal story. Sick of the big hospital bureaucracy and being told how and when to serve her patients, she decided to open her own practice. One that doesn't accept insurance and promises better care and shorter wait times. Learn more about her beliefs and how this medical model works as it is sure to disrupt the medical industry as we know it.
May 30, 2017
Episode 43: Brett Yarnall & Abby Rice - AB/BY Fitness
Chris and Brian sit down with Brett Yarnall and Abby Rice of AB/BY Fitness. Brett is a personal trainer here in the Charlotte area. Abby serves as his business partner and is working on her training certification as well. They are "Charlotte's First Couple of Fitness (CFCF)" training both men and women in our area and serving as a good role model for couples. Brett shares his amazing personal story and talks about how he got in to fitness and what he does to differentiate himself from other trainers. Brett battled depression, anxiety and ultimately homelessness while trying to launch his fitness and and personal training business. He states that a timely call from Abby probably saved his life as he was able to find stability and focus on his goals once their relationship began. They talk about how they've leveraged social media and other careers to help their business and why you should follow your dreams when pursuing your purpose. Look them up on Facebook and Instagram AB/BY Fitness.
May 27, 2017
Episode 42: Terrell Royster - Back 2 Basics Athletic Training (Basketball)
Chris and Brian sit down with Terrell Royster, Owner of Back 2 Basics Athletic Training. Back 2 Basics Athletic Training focuses on one on one basketball training, group training and basketball skills camps. Terrell works with basketball players all over the Carolinas, with varying skills and ages. If you want to improve your basketball skills and take your game to the next level, contact Terrell. Terrell shares his personal story. The oldest of ten children, Terrell is a natural leader and caretaker. He uses the skills he learned as the big brother to teach his clients valuable lessons for on and off the court. Terrell talks about how a car accident that should have killed him changed his life and perspective. And how he hopes to help impact the lives of youth for years to come through basketball.
May 24, 2017
Episode 41: Stephen Fogg - Inbound Patients
Chris and Brian sit down with Stephen Fogg of Inbound Patients. Stephen is a multimedia and marketing consultant for independent healthcare agencies. He can help increase your business knowledge and understanding of your customer (and market) while leveraging the resources available to help you reach your revenue goals. Stephen shares his amazing story. How fighting testicular cancer made him develop an affinity for small and independent physician's offices an how that led him to take the skills he accured in the media/marketing world and implement them there, becoming an advocate for independent health care practitioners. A Cleveland native, we get into Cleveland sports and how he played against some of the area's most well known athletes, including Lebron James and Maurice Clarett.
May 22, 2017
Episode 40: David Storm - Reliable Radon Solutions
Chris and Brian sit down with David Storm, Owner and Founder of Reliable Radon Solutions. Reliable Radon Solutions is a full service radon mitigation company right here in the Charlotte area. Whether it's getting your home tested or creating a system for removing the radon from your home, Reliable Radon Solutions is there to assist you every step of the way. David talks about how a career in the construction industry led him to doing home inspections and how that led to starting a radon mitigation company. David tells us what radon is, what causes it and why we should be concerned about it.
May 18, 2017
Episode 39: Kenny Ramsey - 22 Below
Chris and Brian sit down with Kenny Ramsey, Founder & President of 22 Below. 22 Below is the company behind Sub-Zero, the ultimate in can cooler technology. The koozie of all koozies. The Sub-Zero is made from Class VI Medical Grade Silicone combined with a Patent Pending Air-Locking Design to keep in the cold while blocking out the heat. A must have for your outdoor adventures from the beach, lake, poolside, tailgates or with a hook in the water. Kenny talks about how he transitioned from racecar driver to thermal technology and how he plans to use his company to help the U.S. Economy. 22 Below pledges to use only American manufacturers. Learn more about his company and contribute to his kickstarter campaign at the link below.
May 16, 2017
Episode 38: Douglas Devanney - Research Analyst, Information Specialist
Chris and Brian sit down with Douglas Devanney, a research analyst and information specialist. Douglas helps businesses of all sizes with the data they need to help them succeed. His research helps companies stay competitive and avoid financial risk. Whether you need area demographics, intel on your competitors or a strategic way to target potential customers, Douglas can help. Douglas shares how his love for information and the library led him to a career full of research and analytics that has included multiple industries including banking, real estate, health care and solar energy.
May 12, 2017
Episode 37: Jake Dixon - Productivity Coach at Keller Williams Realty
Chris and Brian sit down with Jake Dixon of Keller Williams Realty. Jake is a former professional baseball player turned real estate professional. He's served as a Realtor®, Team Leader and now Productivity Coach. His program includes group coaching, mastermind meetings and individualized one on one sessions. Jake shares some of his personal journey and how he's taken lessons he's learned as a baseball player and implemented them into his business as a Productivity Coach. We also get into our favorite characters from the movie The Sandlot.
May 2, 2017
Episode 36: Brittanie Young - Diverge HR
Chris sits down with Brittanie Young. Brittanie is the Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant of Diverge HR. Diverge HR is a healthcare Human Resources consulting firm committed to taking patient care to the next level through integrative Human Resources strategies. Brittanie shares some of her story and talks about how she got into the Human Resources industry. She explains what a Human Resources Consultant does and how companies with limited resources can learn and benefit from her services. Brittanie talks about how Human Resources has evolved, how technology has impacted her industry and where companies are going to hire employees. Also, Brittanie is forced to choose between Memphis BBQ and Boston seafood.
April 28, 2017
Episode 35: Ramona Emmond - Tiago Title
Chris and Brian sit down with Ramona Emmond of Tiago Title. Ramona is a US Army Veteran, former Realtor® and Mortgage Broker who now serves as the North Carolina Director of Sales at Tiago Title. Tiago Title is a title insurance and real estate closing company serving in the Charlotte Area. Ramona shares some of her story and explains what a title is and why it's important to perform title searches. She also describes how using a Title Company is different than using a traditional attorney's office for your residential real estate closings. Ramona prides herself on providing concierge-level customer service for her clients and Real Estate partners. From mobile closings to personalized closing gifts, she is always looking for ways to make the closing experience special and unique.
April 26, 2017
Episode 34: House Of Jones
Chris and Brian take a quick break from their awesome guests to catch everyone up on what they're doing. 30 seconds later, they dive in to more pressing issues including the NBA Playoffs, What Ever Happened to Sloth from The Goonies, The Easter Bunny's gender, Game of Thrones sigils and the book Brian is reading; The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
April 20, 2017
Episode 33: Nasar El-arabi - Author, Real Estate Investor
Chris and Brian join Nasar El-arabi via Skype to talk about his business and what he does as a Real Estate investor. Nasar started investing in Real Estate as a teenager and has flipped well over 100 homes. He shares what got him interested in Real Estate and how one chance encounter opened his eyes to the possibilities it possessed. Nasar authored a book entitled Flip Houses Like Burgers: With No Money Or Credit which is available on Amazon and has referred to himself as a Real Estate "Doru" (not Guru) because he does the work and walks the walk. Nasar is involved with several Real Estate investor groups and talks about how having mentors, reading books and learning from others inspires him and helps him be a leader in the community. For his Book:
April 17, 2017
Episode 32: Kenny Mills - Ruins Rebuilt
Chris and Brian sit down with Kenny Mills of Ruins Rebuilt. Ruins Rebuilt is an organization that offers coaching, consultation, public speaking and fundraising assistance to churches, non profits and other small businesses in the Charlotte area. Kenny talks about how he followed his heart and his dreams and trusted his faith as he tackled starting his own company, moving to a new area and having a newborn with his wife ALL AT ONCE. Kenny shares how he found inspiration for his vision in the book of Nehemiah, where Nehemiah had a vision to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and rallied everyone to rebuild the wall in just 52 days. Kenny’s positive energy and enthusiasm fills up the room as he talks about the services he provides and the clients he’s helped.
April 12, 2017
Episode 31: Micha Cobb - True Homes
Chris and Brian sit down with Micha Cobb of True Homes. True Homes is a Carolina based home building company with several subdivisions throughout the Charlotte metro area. Micha talks about how buying a new home is different than buying a resale home and what differentiates True Homes from other home builders in the area. Micha talks about the home buying process in regards to new construction. From choosing your lot to picking out your bathroom finishes, Micha walks her clients through every phase. Micha is based out of the Roddey Park subdivision in Rock Hill but can sell in any True Homes subdivision around. Micha Cobb - 803.487.5375
April 8, 2017
Episode 30: Ed Bracey - Ed Bracey Coaching
Chris and Brian sit down with Ed Bracey of Ed Bracey Coaching. Ed is a Business Coach and Strategist. He is a Platform Speaker and a Brand Catalyst, specializing in Business Development and Social Media. Ed shares his amazing story, which includes gaining strength while working through the grief of losing a son and finding inspiration by helping others. Ed talks about how everyone needs a coach and how he combines 30+ years of business experience with mental, physical and spiritual wellness to assist his clients. Ed helped create and works with a group called The Synergy of Empowered Women and manages several Facebook groups and communities including one called The Second Half, aimed towards helping people make the most of the second half of their lives.
April 6, 2017
Episode 29: Tim Campbell - ValuePest
Chris and Brian sit down with Tim Campbell, owner of ValuePest, a termite and pest control business working in the Charlotte Area. Tim is a former Probation Officer, Automotive Repo Man and Night Club Bouncer turned Fitness Competitor and Business Owner. ValuePest provides termite and other various pest (even Indian Meal Moths as he mentions) treatments. They are a preferred vendor with our Keller Williams office. Tim talks about the services ValuePest provides, what homeowners need to know about termites and what differentiates his company from other termite and pest control companies.
March 31, 2017
Episode 28: Jimmy Coleman and Justin L'Ecuyer - Mako Medical
Chris and Brian sit down with Jimmy and Justin of Mako Medical. Jimmy and Justin are sales executives with Mako Medical, a full service medical laboratory based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Mako Medical primarily serves medical professionals with the need for toxicology reporting, medication management and pharmacogenetic testing. Describing themselves as givers and connectors, Jimmy and Justin share their philosophy on selling and talk about building relationships through philantrophy and levels of intimacy. They talk about how to leverage LinkedIn for your business and how, at age 23, they're both able to connect with C level executives all over the country who are interested in what they have to say and desire to work with them.
March 27, 2017
Episode 27: Eric Smart - Charlotte Resurfacing
Chris and Brian sit down with Eric Smart of Charlotte Resurfacing. Eric is a serial entreprenuer who has owned more than a dozen companies including a gym, a consulting firm, a real estate company and an investment firm. Currently, Eric serves as a real estate broker specializing in investment properties and the buying and selling of businesses; all while owning and operating Charlotte Resurfacing. Charlotte Resurfacing specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling by using state of the art painting and refinishing sprays. Rather than demo-ing, remodeling and replacing all your sinks, countertops, backsplashes, tile, bathtubs and showers, Charlotte Resurfacing offers a time saving, cost efficient (saves $1000s) way to improve your home's value and aestethic appeal.
March 23, 2017
Episode 26: Kirk Rygol - Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas
Chris and Brian sit down with Kirk Rygol of Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas. Kirk is a Senior Mortgage Planner with nearly 20 years experience. Kirk loves serving all types of home buyers and people looking to refinance and has really found his passion in helping Veterans. Kirk is involved with Veterans Path Up and Charlotte Bridge Home. Kirk also started a networking group for Veterans in Fort Mill that meets once a month. Two weeks ago, Kirk's company partnered with the American Warrior Initiative to honor Charlotte resident and Veteran Lee Cahil. Lee suffers from PTSD, hearing loss, and back injuries and recently lost most of his possessions in a flood. Brian and Kirk were on hand to watch Lee receive a new car and a check to go towards food and household items.
March 21, 2017
Episode 25: Rob Casatelli - Mr. Putty's Fun Park
Chris and Brian sit down with Rob Casatelli of Mr. Putty's Fun Park. Rob's family owns and operates Mr. Putty's Fun Park in Fort Mill. Mr. Putty's features an 18 hole miniature golf course and several kinds of family friendly attractions including a mechanical bull, a bungee jumper and something brand new called the spaceball. Rob talks about how they started the business, what the park offers and what it's like to be a part of a family business. Towards the end of the episode, we each come up with our own Mobster Dream Teams, where we assemble our ultimate Mafioso television and film families.
March 15, 2017
Episode 24: LeWayne "Wanye" Young - Sandler Training by i10 Solutions
Brian talks about a Continuing Education Class that impacted him significantly. It was a class put on by Fairway Independent Mortgage and featured very impactful testimony by Military Veterans and their families. Chris and Brian sit down with LeWayne Young of i10 Solutions. LeWayne is an Army Veteran who now works as a sales trainer, business coach and motivational speaker. Sandler Training by i10 Solutions helps sales professionals and management executives fulfill personal and organizational goals, from initial hiring decisions to performance evaluations, from building and executing strategic sales plans to motivating people to achieve them, from understanding information technologies to tailoring these powerful tools to support clients’ specific opportunities.
March 10, 2017
Episode 23: Paul Davis - Paul Davis Solutions
Chris sits down with Paul Davis of Paul Davis Solutions. Paul is a content marketing strategist. He helps businesses create and develop website content. Paul is a avid blogger and also does business coaching where he specializes in marketing development. We talk about how blogging consistently can help a business grow followers and customers and how businesses can leverage social media for exponential growth. Paul is hosting a seminar entitled, "Why Aren't You Blogging?" on 3/9/17 at LOOM co working in Fort Mill. 120 Academy St. Fort Mill, SC 29715.
March 7, 2017
Episode 22: Shaun Ludwig - Envision Photography
We sit down with Shaun Ludwig of Envision Photography. Envision provides residential and commercial real estate photography including photos, aerial photos, 3D scanning and virtual reality. Shaun talks about his products and services and we discuss how 3D and virtual reality will impact real estate and other industries. The Jones Zone at Keller Williams offers Envision Photography's services on every listing.
March 6, 2017
Episode 21: Juli Emmons - Carolina Film Community
We sit down with Juli Emmons, Founder of the Carolina Film Community. CFC is a non profit organization of filmmakers, actors, producers and more right here in the Charlotte area. Founded in 2009, it serves as a great networking and collaboration platform for the local film industry. Juli shares how they got started, what they're working on (contests, festivals, and more) and how you can get involved.
March 5, 2017
Episode 20: Bebe Janish - Life Coach
Chris sits down with Bebe Janish. Bebe is a Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader & Coach. Her life changing workshops, retreats, lectures and teleclasses promise a sacred space to explore and experience powerful insights and shifts to create a life full of meaning and purpose, joy and freedom, peace and abundance. We talk about The Law of Attraction, the importance of meditation and how your body, mind and spirit are all connected.
February 24, 2017
Episode 19: Pierre Wooten - The Brand Ambassador
Chris and Brian sit down with Pierre Wooten, owner and CEO of The Brand Ambassador, a company that specializes in lead generation for medical professionals. Pierre shares his story, which includes his time as a Winthrop University basketball player. Pierre was a part of 4 NCAA tournament teams, is in the Winthrop Athletic Hall of Fame and played professionally overseas. Pierre created a family friendly card game called Seasons and helps local youth attend a Christian camp each year.
February 17, 2017
Episode 18: Jeremey Arel of Great Grappling Jiu Jitsu
Chris and Brian sit down with Jeremy Arel of Great Grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Fort Mill. He shares his story and talks about his BJJ school. Jeremy studied in Brazil alongside some of the sport's most talent students and teachers. His school offers several types of classes, perfect for all ages and skill levels.
February 12, 2017
Episode 17: Jones Zone Update
Chris and Brian sit down and catch up on what's been going on in business. They talk some sports and entertainment and predict some WWE Royal Rumble outcomes.
February 12, 2017
Episode 16: Stephen Baxley of 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
We chat with Stephen Baxley of 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. Stephen shares some of his story and tells us what a home warranty is, how it's different than home owners insurance and why every home owner should have one.
January 20, 2017
Episode 15: Trey Nantz, Real Estate Attorney
We sit down with Trey Nantz of Nantz Law. Trey shares some of his story explains the role of an attorney in a real estate transaction. He explains a lot of the legal process and what they look for when preparing a file for a real estate sale.
January 13, 2017
Episode 14: Michael H. Baker, Certified Financial Planner
We sit down with Michael H. Baker, CFP®, RICP® of Vertex Capital Advisors, LLC and Alpha Star Capital Management, LLC. Michael specializes in retirement planning, college planning and wealth strategies. He shares his story and talks about the products and services his firm provides. He talks about how brazilian jiu jitsu plays a role in his life balance and what his favorite financial film is.
January 6, 2017
Episode 13: Real Estate Appraiser Stewart Tedford of Tedford and Associates
Chris and Brian sit down with Real Estate Appraiser Stewart Tedford. He owns Tedford and Associates in Fort Mill. Stewart shares his story and talks about how appraisals work and what home improvements provide the most value and ROI.
January 2, 2017
Episode 12: Housemaster Owner and Operator Brian Wetzel
Chris and Brian sit down with Brian Wetzel of Housemaster York County. Brian Wetzel shares a little of his story and talks about home inspections. He talks about what they are and when to get him as well sharing a couple of funny stories.
December 19, 2016
Episode 11: Fitness Expert Emmett Ballard
Chris and Brian sit down with Fitness Expert Emmett Ballard to talk about getting healthy. Emmett fields live questions from Facebook viewers and gives advice on diet and exercise.
December 6, 2016
Episode 10: Matthew Krasnoff of CBC National Bank
Chris and Brian sit down with Matthew Krasnoff of CBC National Bank - Mortgage Division to talk about how the election is impacting mortgage rates and what products/services CBC National Bank has that can get home buyers into their dream home. They also talk wrestling and if you had to choose, would you give up potato chips or french fries?
November 18, 2016
The Jones Zone Podcast Episode 9: Veteran Ventures
Chris and Brian sit down with Tony Holden of Veteran Ventures, a non profit organization in Charlotte with the mission of helping veterans launch their business. Learn more about this program in the episode of The Jones Zone.
November 11, 2016
The Jones Zone Podcast Episode 8: Z Bakery
Chris and Brian catch up on the week that was 10/31/16-11/5/16 and sit down with Kristen Zimmerman of Z Bakery in Fort Mill.
November 7, 2016
The Jones Zone Episode 7: Buoyance, Inc.
After Brian's session of flotation therapy, Brian and Chris sit down with Cecil Roebuck, co-owner and operator of Bouyance, Inc. in Huntersville. He talks about the benefits of floating and all the services his spa provides.
October 31, 2016
The Jones Zone Podcast Episode 6
Chris and Brian recap the week of 10/17-10/21/16 and sit down with Rashan Thornton. Rashan wrote Trap to Triumph, an autobiography about his life as a teenage drug dealer, prison inmate and now entreprenuer, personal trainer, fashion consultant and motivational speaker. Rashan is also starting The Triumphant Academy, a program for at risk youth in York County.
October 21, 2016
The Jones Zone Podcast Episode 5 - John Salas of L&R Heating and Air
Chris and Brian talk about the week that was 10/10/16-10/14/16 and speak with their first guest, John Salas of L&R HVAC.
October 14, 2016
The Jones Zone Podcast Episode 4
The week that was 9/26-9/30. Riverwalk Academy, Brian's 30 day challenge, upcoming events, etc.
September 30, 2016
The Jones Zone Podcast Episode 3
Chris and Brian talk about the week that was 9/19-9/23. Mr. Putty's Fun Park, Powersource Sports Fitness and Advising, Brian's 30 Day Challenge and an Excerpt from our upcoming book.
September 23, 2016
Jones Zone Podcast Episode 2
Episode two recaps the week of 9/11/16 and talks about some upcoming projects. And Who would you have a beer with if you could choose anyone in the world.
September 16, 2016