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Quora With Achidon

Quora With Achidon

By Jose Jozy Achidon
From life questions to Relationship Questions to the cringest of questions, Your host Achidon is ready to answer.
Every Tuesday and Friday new episodes will be brought out containing 10 questions from Quora which will be answered by yours truly ACHIDON.
Don't worry you can still give your thought on the question you feel the most and also send us your questions which will be answered in the following episode. QUORA WITH ACHIDON/LIFE JUST GOT EASIER
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Quora with Achidon S1E2 ("Do distance relationship work?") And more!
Relationship has been top trending topic over the world and people want to know more about it even before going to it. This topic provides questions asked around the world concerning relationship, its problems and also its sweetness all in one.
June 16, 2020
Quora with Achidon S1E1 ("what are the types of people you should avoid?") And more!
Do you love that girl so much? Are down because you are so short and always been criticized? Are you finding it hard to start a business? From question on Six pack to business question, love, crushes and many more. This episode brings different varieties of relatable questions of life. You might find your answers here. And more!!! Remember to leave your thoughts.
May 29, 2020
The Mad Perv (Pre Season)
Randoming is all we do Enjoy
March 21, 2019