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"Soldiers Of The Light Ministries" 
       Life Lessons In Christ

"Soldiers Of The Light Ministries" Life Lessons In Christ

By Pastor Joseph E Baker Jr
"Soldiers Of The Light Ministries"
"Life Lessons In Christ"
A place to where we can talk about real Life's struggles and issues by applying the Bible in our every day lives. To help us live better lives for Jesus Christ.
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"A Look at the Past and a Warning for the Present"
Have you found yourself dwelling on the Past and not taking a warning of the Present. There area many of us still find ourselves with wanting one foot in the world and one in Heaven. Many of us have become foolish, disobedient, still wanting to taste the lust and pleasures that this world offers, there's many out there still living with malice and envy and yes some are hateful and not loving one another yet we know what the scriptures says that we should be living by. Let dive into this episode with a open heart and a open mind...
July 13, 2022
"Sleeping in the Harvest Season"
The very words of our text words of commendation and words of warning. It declares that many of us play an important role as spiritual laborers in a world that needs Harvesting for the Kingdom Of God. Lets take a deeper look as to why we shouldn't be sleeping on the Spiritual job at hand.
May 11, 2022
"What Happened at Pentacost?"
The day of Pentacost was a life changing dynamic that reshaped the history of the World in our relationship with God. We should learn to embrace and Celebrate Pentacost every day with excitement just like any natural Holiday we tend to celebrate. Lets take a look at what really happened on the day of Pentacost?
April 24, 2022
"Conquering Fear!"
Have your ever been afraid? Do you know the unpleasant truth that fear is the robber of all spiritual joys? Has fear caused you to do strange things? Do you long to be able to conquer your fears? These questions hopefully will be emphatic "Yes!" from most of us. Lets dive into 2 Timothy 1:1-7 and see what fear does and how to overcome it!
April 13, 2022
"Beware Of Temptations"
This world that we live in is filled with so much temptation and our yielding to it can be devastating. Temptation can break up marriages, families and even close friendships. It is one of the worst things that can happen to the human race. What even happened to Adam and Eve is a classic example of all that can happen to a person when we find ourselves yielding to temptation...
November 13, 2021
"Christian Love: The Controlling Guideline"
In our Christian walk and lives we are responsible for the love we have towards one another. We are responsible for our influence. We must be genuinely concerned about the welfare weaker Christians. We must be builders rather than wreckers. Our total objective is that this World is lost and they must be saved. We as Christians need to relate to others in such a loving way to reveal that our Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan for our lives. Live, Breathe and walk and talk Jesus!
November 10, 2021
"What Does the Word Say About Self Gratification?"
Seeking to be number one puts the Christian in the middle of a great tension...a dual philosophy. One is hedonism, meaning all is geared toward pleasure; the other is Christianity, meaning that all is geared toward God. Self righteous people in today's world know nothing of true repentance. Many think that they're number one in their own lives. Let's examine four detrimental results from our own pleasure seeking instincts...
October 26, 2021
"How To Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries!" Psalm 73
Even though technology is much more advance nowadays. The Automobile industry still needs a battery to keep things charged. There are times when the battery gets low and we have ways to add life into the battery by means of recharging in order for your car to carry out its functions to operate properly. We as Christians in life as we call it can get that way in where we need spiritual recharging. The psalmist gives great meaning in a lot of ways of that simple burst of energy we need to boost us when our spiritual power runs down. Let's see where Psalms 73 takes us, and hopefully it will give you a deeper desire to recharge...
September 09, 2021
Man Talk "A New Direction!"
Taking a slight break from the every day norm of the Podcast Ministry, and had a burning desire to sit down with a great Minister friend of mine Ruben Gonzalez the leader in a Men's Ministry "Front Lines" and I wanted to delve in the "New Direction" in where the Lord is taking him. So after having a candid conversation with him in we should proceed we decided to call this feature "Man Talk" we going to sit back and see where the directs to go with this type of series. But we both agreed that we would come together and tackle every day real issues we as men face as Believers in Christ. Please be mindful that the sound recording maybe off and even the quality of the recording. Everything is a learning process and we can only get better with time. God Bless so sit back and enjoy. If you like what you hear. Please consider subscribing to the Ministry and help us grow together in the knowledge of the Lord.
August 04, 2021
Facing Difficulties In Life "Facing Our Fears"
Facing difficulties in life affects our feelings of helplessness and hopelessness when hated or rejected. But Adversity is easier to deal with and accept when we recognize our true relationship with our sovereign God. Those who may try to come against us at times may seem to have the upper hand, they're ultimately the helpless and hopeless ones. Those who know God will be victorious in the end. We can have the courage and strength today knowing that our God will preserve us in everything that we face in life.
July 21, 2021
Facing Difficulties In Life "Being Thankful When the Going Gets Tough!"
The old saying of "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!" Is merely scratching the surface of difficulties in life. Some of us want to run when things gets tough. Especially when surrounded by every day fear, anxiety, worry, stress. Those things can affect our physical being as well as our spiritual being if we let it. Habakkuk gave us a great illustration when he was faced with difficulties. He chose to rejoice in the Lord by being thankful. If you read his words, he also gave us an example to live by faith. Just like the Lord wants us to do today.
July 19, 2021
Facing Life's Difficulties "The Storms of Life!"
You can count on God to get us through any storms of if we would but trust him. We know that the storms of life comes in many different forms. Economic conditions, Political conditions, emotional stress and physical. There's no sure guarantee that storms in life will not come. Jesus gives us the ingredients of a life that will stand storms. Although storms are inevitable, let's get ready to face them with the Lord.
July 16, 2021
Facing Difficulties In Life "God Of All Comfort!"
Facing difficulties in life everyday some of us tends to become dreadful. We get caught up in a life filled with broken promises or shattered dreams. But I love the simple fact that we serve a God who loves to comfort us. He loves to fill our hearts and minds to be of Good Courage and not give up in the fight...lets find out why he's the God of All Comfort...
July 10, 2021
Facing Difficulties In Life "When The Wicked Prospers!" Psalm 73
You know of someone who gets upset when they see someone who doesn't know Jesus, and how successful there lives may be, and then that person finds themselves getting filled with envy over what they have. They get frustrated for suffering for the righteousness of living right for God? While reading Psalm 73 I was reminded of how the pandemic reshaped many lives. Yet many believers threw fits of rage and frustrations because laws came down in many states to try to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Churches were upset because they couldn't congregate or fellowship in a Church setting. Yes we know that it wasn't but fair but the lesson should be trusting the Lord to get us through every difficulties we face in life. Letting God fight the battle is guaranteed victory every single time..
July 09, 2021
Facing Difficulties In Life "God Our Refuge and Our Strength" Psalm 46
If you took the time to reflect on this pass year, you will take notice that many people were more caught up in the pandemic, many forgot to realize that God protected from all harm. Yes many didn't make into 2021 and many lives were lost. Yet still many forsook the need to rely on God as there protection and one who has great strength. Psalm 46 is a great reminder of who God is as our protector... I hope that as you take a listen. It is my prayer that the Lord will speak to your heart and you bring you to a place of placing your trust fully in him...
July 07, 2021
Facing Difficulties In Life "My Light & My Salvation"
Psalm 27 is a great example in the life of David. If you read it carefully you will learn to understand that in most instances of his life he faced everyday difficulties in life just like we do. Anxiety was an understatement, I'm sure like many of us he faced depression, worry and even doubt. But yet he never lost Faith in the goodness of God. I'm sure David also probably grew anxious like most of us, but the one thing David knew how to do was "Wait" on the Lord, not only "Wait" but he knew where his "Strength" came from in that waiting...
June 23, 2021
The Realms of Forgiveness "Forgiveness: The Goal of Church Discipline"
When it comes to correction in forgiveness many Churches still fall short, because we don't want to be the bad guy. Especially if we have to go to the offender and offer spiritual correction. We would rather have a Pastor or someone who they deem more qualified. But I am reminded of the shepherd who went after the one lost sheep and brought it back to the 99 who were kept safe. Let's delve on on this last Podcast series on us as a church learning to go after the who one who has left the Church and how the Church offers to restore the one into the realms of forgiveness through the Church itself and through the Lord.
June 22, 2021
The Realms Of Forgiveness "The Forgiving Father"
Think about your life in God for a moment? When you came to know His Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, what did freedom of forgiveness for you feel like? Was it a moment of release, joy and peace? Reading Luke 15 one can begin to fully understand the love of the forgiving father, the price paid as a results of our sinful nature and the consequences of those sins and how it affects everyone around us. The forgiveness of God stretches beyond our level of understanding, but it's the Love and compassion that he has for us that covers a multitude of our sins. We can live victorious lives if we would but learn to let go of that sin residue and live freely in God's mercy, and his grace and his forgiveness as our Father...
June 21, 2021
The Realms of Forgiveness " Overcoming Through Forgiveness"
Forgiveness of ourselves is at times a hard thing to do or even face. The mirror can show a face guilt ridden with shame. God wants us to trust in Him and his Word to learn to overcome through forgiveness. Once we learn to overcome forgiveness, through the power of the Holy Spirit the rest of the journey can be a life of Joy and Peace...
June 18, 2021
The Realms Of Forgiveness "The Church as a Community of Forgiveness"
There was a recent article in Christianity Today "The American Church Is a Mess. But I'm Still Hopeful" it talks about the simple fact that many churches of different denominations don't operate on the basis Biblical doctrines. Many people two-thirds of them young adults stopped attending church according to a recent survey. Many of them citing religious or political disagreements with the church or hypocrisy among members. Many churches leaders find themselves at a lost as to what directions they need to take. Its easy to say that many Churches needs to double down, get back to basics by believing in the Holy Spirit that God is more invested in purifying and strengthening his Church then we are. We need to get back to basics in recognizing that our call is to be faithful in the small sphere we are in to getting the church to place of being a community of forgiveness in seeking the way of Jesus
June 17, 2021
The Realms Of Forgiveness "A Psalm Of Forgiveness and Repentance"
Psalm 51 has everything one can use in wanting a clean heart and a renew spirit. David's plea to God to change his heart after he had sinned, is a compelling sincere effort to get things right with God, how many of us are still struggling with issues of our sins and the Sin residue...just go read Psalm 51 and let God take care of the rest!
June 15, 2021
The Realms Of Forgiveness "Pleading The Cause of a Fallen Friend"
What do you do when someone you love or care about falls? Do you just drop them like a bad habit? Do you criticize them while they're down or do you life them up? The Devil has us in court everyday of our lives pointing out our wrong doing, but Jesus stands in the gap before our heavenly Father and the verdict when we confess our sins is "Not Guilty!"
June 14, 2021
"Faith In Him"
God wants you and I to have Faith in Him through accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Those types of spiritual traits are also power to increase our faith and trust in the Lord. John gives great examples if that...
June 07, 2021
The Realms of Forgiveness: "Responding with Forgiveness"
When someone does something to offend you, do you find it hard to forgive them and do you find yourself holding a grudge? Do you want to retaliate against them? Trust me you are not alone, but aren't you thankful that you're forgiven to the point of just letting it go or would you rather be bitter or miserable? Over the next course of the week or so, let's dive into the Realms of Forgiveness and see what God has to say about Forgiveness and forgiving others.
May 27, 2021
"The Holy Spirit as a Tree"
The Holy spirit pours out the love of God within the Heart of the Believer. Joy is a result of gratitude toward God because of his goodness to us. We enjoy peace which is something more than absence of turmoil, peace brings harmony even in the midst of unfavorable circumstances. It enables us to endure until we have finished the work that we were put here to accomplish. It involves itself in kindness in action with a attitude of thoughtfulness and helpfulness that enables us to render gentle service to others in time of need. It enriches us to give ourselves until we have a warm feeling on the inside concerning thr ministry we have rendered. It will lead us out of stingy, self-centered ways of thinking and acting. It will lead us to be faithful to God amd his will for our lives. It shows us that meekness is not weakness and tolerance is not compromise but it lead us to love and accept people as they are, because that is the way God responds to people. It helps us to exercise self-control over our impulses and ambitions. Just like a tree firmly planted it longs to produce in us that attitude and disposition of heart and mind that will manifest itself in our conduct and cause others to see the beauty of Christ within us.
May 13, 2021
"The Holy Spirit as a Seal"
The simple thing is this we're bought with a Price, Jesus Christ paid it all up on the Cross to paved the way for the comforter. It is true in the realm of the Spirit. When we are saved, the seal of the spirit that accompanies our salvation makes us sealed and secure. Freedom from any condemnation is acclaimed by the "seal" of the Holy Spirit.
May 11, 2021
"The Holy Spirit As Chief Counsel"
Picture your life on trial as a believer every single day. Jesus promised the comforter, chief counsel to represent us against Satan himself. We're ridden with Sin and Guilt with a repentant heart, yet the enemy has us on trial. Jesus sends the chief counsel to stand alongside of us. To represent us, to hear and speak to us on behalf of our Heavenly Father and every time the verdict is "Not Guilty!... How comforting it is to know that we have an Advocate that is Diligent, has courage, is always loyal, has a sincere display of Humility, always has a right perspective, is very sincere, subject himself to self-subordination, Person awareness, has great leadership and awesome representation. In this sinful World I am so glad that the Holy Spirit is Heaven's court appointed Advocate every single our very lives!
May 10, 2021
"The Holy Spirit as Oil
Tbe power of Holy Spirit as oil ought to have a powerful significance for many of us to serve, as the oil provides light, energy and the power of the Holy Spirit with the anointing oil can also produce healing. Let the Holy Spirit have full reign
May 06, 2021
"The Holy Spirit as a Mighty Wind"
When I walk my dog at times and look up at sky with a clear view of the stars above, I often wonder on amazement the Holy Spirit has breathe life into other planets, just like it's very winds longs to breathe life into us as a believers in yearning to dwell within us, just open up and let him...
May 05, 2021
"The Holy Spirit as a Fire"
You know sometimes I wish that I was there during the time that God spoke to Moses through the burning bush, when he told Moses to take off his shoes because it was Holy Ground. Our God yearns to live within us as a consuming Fire. All we have to do is say yes, so why is that so hard go do when it has the power to change everything around us...? Especially on so many levels...
May 04, 2021
"The Holy Spirit as a Dove"
The Holy longs to ascend upon us as a Dove and dwell within us on a permanent basis, daily. But if not allowed it can actually depart, if we're not careful. To have a normal everyday walk with the Lord it's imperative that we have the Holy Spirit also. The examples of the "Dove" paves the way for the Holy Spirit...
May 03, 2021
"Please Meet an Important Person"
When we look at the Scriptures we can learn some important lessons of the many Characteristics of the Holy that indeed he is a person, not an "it" as some might try to have you believe, a person who is apart of Trinity. If we can identify the Holy Spirit and our Relationship with him, and if we can see his personhood, our moments will be a blessed threshold to further fellowship with him.
April 30, 2021
"What Have I Done With The Holy Spirit?"
Sometimes I wish I was there at the very day of Pentecost, that upperroom experience, to bear witness of the power of the Holy Spirit at work, setting that room on "Spiritual Fire!" No fire department with hoses to put out its flames, windows open as the room filled and ceased the moment like a mighty rushing wind. Now what's sad today is that many have fallen to the nature of the things of this World, and have put the Holy Spirit in a box to be used when needed. Think about these things...have we become afraid to recognize his presence in our Hearts?
April 29, 2021
"Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit"
When Jesus left the earth 40 days after his morning resurrection, he did not leave his followers alone. He told them to wait for the best gift that the human heart csn receive which was the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit. So lets take a look at why we need to recognise his presence in our lives today and why he was sent to us...
April 28, 2021
"Applying Our Answer"
There is a power at work in us, that can do a lot of great things for a World that is hurting and in great need. Many of us have fallen away in tapping into Ministry in the application of our answers which lies in Jesus Christ. All we have to do is apply him and the power of the Holy Spirit into every are of our lives and watch Jesus work it out...
April 27, 2021
"Are We Hiding From God?"
Sin always brings guilt or shame and it separates us from God. It causes us to turn from God and flee from his presence of Grace and Mercy. The question for us today is: "Do we really want God?"
April 26, 2021
"Whose Voice Do You Hear?"
Like the title says, do you find yourself trying to listen to reason or do you actually long to hear the voice of God? There are many voices outlined in the message as you quietly try to understand. Lets learn to fully listen to the voice of God, he longs to speak to you about every area of your life today....
April 23, 2021
"Jesus Christ the Lord of the Perfect Storm"
Has your faith ever been tested in the storms of life we face in this World we live in today? The disciple's were in the realm of what some might consider "The Perfect Storm" but one can only imagine the very sight of Jesus walking on the water when he shouted "It is I, Be not afraid" those very words shouts boldly at every aspects of our lives when we're faced with issues... "It is I, Be not Afraid!"
April 22, 2021
"The Scandal of a Singer"
Psalm 51 has been the epitome of a sinner's prayer of repentance from generation to generation. A song to sing in our hearts, that will never reach the album charts of the top 10, but will reach the very nature of God's Grace and His Mercy. But David's prayer in Psalm 51 clearly paved a way of a legacy in prayer, but it opened the door for Jesus Christ to be the very Salvation of full repentance for us to have a loving close relationship with our Heavenly Father. No more animal sacrifices, no going to a priest to confess your sins, but we now have direct access to our Heavenly Father to ask for forgiveness of our sins. "I Love You Lord" by Phil Keaggy of which I own no rights to this song
April 22, 2021
"Guidelines for Victorious Christian Living"
How many of us strive to live a victorious life in Christ? It's never easy, but it's required if we're to defeat the enemy of this World at every time. Peter learned to live a life of humility, and yet left us guidelines to follow...
April 20, 2021
"Do We Shine as Lights in the World?"
Our lives should be characterized by moral purity, Patience, and the very peacefulness of Christ, so that we will "Shine like Stars" in a dark depraved World. A transformed life is an effective witness to the very Power of God's Word. Are you shining Brightly, or are you clouded in your judgement? Don't let the things of this World snuff out your light. Shine for God, our role is to shine until Jesus returns and bathes this World in his radiant glory.
April 19, 2021
"Working With God"
Living for God daily requires work, crucifying our flesh every day requires work, Diligent Bible study, sincere time in prayer, total obedience to Jesus Christ by letting the Holy Spirit work in us is the process of us working with God...
April 15, 2021
"Christ and the Conquest of Fear"
No one person is exempt from having something that they fear. Napoleon Hill said that there are six basic fears that torment the mind and heart of every human being at some point and time. 1. The fear of poverty. 2. The fear of criticism. 3. The fear ill health. 4. The fear of the loss of the love of someone. 5. The fear of old age. 6. The fear of death. The Bible has plenty to say about ways we can conquer fear and live a victorious life in Christ our giving our all to him.
April 14, 2021
"Try Giving Yourself Away"
Jesus loved to give, by healing, by deliverance, by raising lives from the dead. He gave of himself unselfishly died on Calgary nailed to the cross. WOULD you be able to do the same? Do you enjoy giving of yourself in helping the needs of others. Feeding the homeless, leading someone to the Lord. Taking in a stranger, would you be willing to give away your possessions to help the needs of the many. Do you willingly give yourself to the Lord in acts of praises to him without asking for anything in return? Ask God to help you do those very things, my prayer is to have the heart of Jesus and I hope you feel the same.
April 13, 2021
"The High Cost of Disobedience"
One of the things that I have learned in life is that when God has a plan or a calling on your life. There's no place to run or hide. Sometimes God will put stumbling blocks in your paths, raging storms of life to get your attention. Sometimes his chastening will break you or even expose you until you give up the will of self and just be obedient to his plans and purposes for your life, just like he did with Jonah
April 12, 2021
"Another Comforter As We Face the Future"
Towards the end of his earthly ministry, our Lord concentrated spending time with his twelve apostles. He taught them, spent time praying with them. The beginning of a Men's ministry I am sure, but he gave his word that he wouldn't abandoned even though they couldn't see it at the time. They had a relationship with the Son of God, and they didn't want him to leave. We face a future of uncertainty but with excitement because of the comforter that Jesus told us that would come.
April 08, 2021
"Moses: An Example of Faith and Action"
Hebrews 11 sets the stage of heroes of the faith who are marshaled into the witness stand did not seek to define faith as much as they seek tp illustrate what faith should mean and what it can mean as one faces the struggles if life. Moses demonstrated genuine Faith to lead the people out of Egypt. Lets look at five dramatic examples of genuine faith.
April 07, 2021
"The Sermon of an Egyptian Mummy Case"
By means of a mummy case, Joseph spoke to the people. By means of a cross and a empty tomb, God gave us the gift of his only Son, both Joseph and Jesus signified God's presence and His purpose. By faith Joseph left us examples of allowing God to be God...
April 06, 2021
"Abraham: The Patience Of Faith"
By faith, Abraham was initiated into a loving, living eternal relationship with God, by faith he walked and talked with God, he believed even when he could not see. May God grant each of us not only initial faith, but patient faith that keeps on believing and trusting.
April 05, 2021
"Noah: By Faith He Heeded the Warning of God"
After recording this episode live this evening, a thought came to mind..., did you know it took Noah between 55-75 years to build the Ark once it was constructed, he used well over 14000 trees. Then he herded the world's animal, two by two, into the bowels of his vessel, where he tended them until the flood receded, by faith he listened to voice of God. But upon doing some further research tonight. With today's technology the entire ark project which was reconstructed by a tiny Colorado company. It took 18 months to complete. To meet a deadline, additional workers and specialist were required. Tompkins said about 1000 people worked on the project overall, with more than 300 people working on site at one time. Yet by Faith Noah built the Ark with probably just his family members, or perbaps some that were making fun of him, or perhaps he had strong animals to use for hauling, etc. Yet by Faith he did what God asked him to do, by Faith he heeded God's warning of a flood coming. Ask yourself this question with Jesus Christ coming one day soon are you by Faith anticipating his return, are you heeding the warnings of living in the last days? If not I pray that you don't run out of time to repent and get things right in your life.
April 05, 2021
"Abraham: The Faith That Obeys"
Abraham had the wisdom of believing that his highedt happiness was to be found in loving obedience to God's will even though he was unable to give a rational explanation except on the basis of his faith in God..another Faith Hall Of Famer in my book.
April 01, 2021
"A Dead Man Speaks to the Living"
Hebrews 11 outlines what I call "Hall Of Fame" Faith heroes, when it comes living by Faith Abel lived at the dawn of history, he lived a life of faith that resulted in faithfulness and pure worship by his life to the Lord. So I ask you this question, what is your life communicating? Does your life impart good news that blesses, or does it communicate that which brings harm into the lives of others. Let's take a look at Abel's faith outlined in Hebrews 11:4
March 31, 2021
"The Life of Faith"
In my opening statement I said in error "The Life without Faith" but it's "The Life of Faith" in today's world in the midst of a pandemic do you face the future with your heart filled with fear, or do you face the future with your heart filled with faith in the goodness of God? Hebrews 11 left us a "Hall Of Fame" of faith members who lived by Faith in God. Let's look into this series over the next few days that hopefully will teach us and encourage us to increase our Faith in the Lord like thr saints of old... "I Love You Lord" by Phil Keaggy
March 29, 2021
"The Home at the End of the Way"
Today we come to the last verse of Psalm 23. There are several thoughts in this verse, each of which could serve as serve as text for a sermon but I am thankful God had me just go over each verse to teach and share...let's jump right into it.
March 26, 2021
"A Banquet Prepared by God's Grace"
It's a wonderful feeling to think of ourselves in terms of being the sheep of the Good Shepherd's pasture and to consider the safety, security, and satisfaction we get to enjoy under his guidance, leadership, and protection. It is even more wonderful to think of ourselves as guests at his table enjoying a bountiful meal prepared to enjoy fellowship with him as his Children. Let's take a look at the fifth verse to understand its meaning..
March 25, 2021
"Thy Rod, And Thy Staff, They Comfort Me"
A Shepherd's job is to protect the Sheep, Jesus is our Shepherd, he longs to protect God's children by the comfort of his Word, covered by God's Grace and Mercy. Join us as we delve into the facets of the many uses of the Rod and the Staff...
March 24, 2021
"I Will Fear No Evil"
If you study Psalm 23 you will find that the Shepherd leads his Sheep out in the early morning into the pastures. During the heat of the day, he carries them to a place of rest, relaxation, and refreshment and causes them to lie. He then leads them into the paths of righteousness. Finally, he leads them through the dark, gloomy canyons that lead to the safety of the sheepfold at the other end of the road. Let's delve into this verse of the green pastures of Psalm 23
March 24, 2021
"He Restoreth My Soul"
Have you tried doing a hard workout at gym, we work bodies, but at the end even though we're tired. There is a great satisfaction. But there comes the moment that our bodies needs replenishment, restoration in order to prepare us for the next workout. Our lives always has sense of needing to be restored moreso on a spiritual level. The world and all of its sins can be draining if we don't workout spiritually. God, Jesus, are the very core of our existence, the Shepherd that longs for us to follow him and draw close to him. So many people have decided at times especially believers that when they're tired or have found themselves yielding to sin. We would rather stay in sin, hide from God because it's comfortable. But those of us who knows God, will tell you that "that you can run, but you can't hide" God loves you dearly and wants his best for you... Let him restore your Soul!
March 19, 2021
"He Leadeth Me"
I remember as a kid playing the game "Follow The Leader" First a leader or "head of the line" is chosen, then the children all line up behind the leader. The leader then moves around and all the children have to mimic the leader's actions. Any players who fail to follow or do what the leader does are out of the game. When only one person other than the leader remains, that player becomes the leader, and the game begins again with all players joining the line once again. But when it comes to God's word and our Lord as the Shepherd, everything we do in life should be on our dependency's of the Lord to lead us in every direction of life. God longs to lead us right in the here and now. Who is your leader? Do follow the Crowd. Jesus said "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." Let's take a look at Psalm 23:2-3...and lets try to understand this how it can apply to our very life.
March 19, 2021
"The Pause That Refreshes"
Think about this for a moment, when was the last time you actually rested spiritually, sometimes in life we all a moment of refresh and renewal. The past year and the pandemic had many of us on edge and some of us forgot to just rest in the very promises of God. Some of us have not allowed the Holy Spirit to restore us and the very nature of our souls especially when he leads us the still waters. Lets take a deeper look in Psalm 23 and talk about tbose very things
March 17, 2021
"The Lord Is My Shepherd"
Psalm 23 is one of the simplest yet loveliest poems ever written. It is a confession of faith, a profession of faith, and a proclamation of faith. It is an anthem of Grace. It is a shout of joy---an exclamation from the heart of a man who is overflowing with a deep love for the Lord. Lets begin with the first verse and hopefully it will speak to your heart as it did mine...
March 15, 2021
"Have You Suffered Because You a Christian?"
Suffering in today's World as a Christian can be a great thing, just like Peter and the Many had suffered for being a Christian. Let's look at some of the examples Peter gave...
March 12, 2021
"The Prayer of a Depressed Saint"
I love the simple fact that the Bible gives examples of every areas in our lives, even the simplicity of someone dealing with Depression. David happened to be one of those examples. David was a psalmist who loved to hear from God, even in times of his life he felt that wasn't, clearly a sign of depression, but throughout everything David had faced, he still saw fit to cry out even in his despair. Key word "cry out" talk to God, Praise him no matter what...let's take a look in Psalms and let's discover the hope even in our state of Depression.
March 11, 2021
"A Look At The Past and a Warning To the Present"
Pauls gives great examples and Illustrations of Christian Citizenship, as Believers our first allegiance is to Jesus as Lord, but we're also to obey the government and it's leaders as well (Ouch! Some of us might say). Christians are not above the law. Paul summarized what Christ does for us when he saves us from Sin. We move from a life full of sin to one where we are led by the Holy Spirit. Paul stresses a life to doing good, lets take a look at some of the things we need to stay away from...
March 10, 2021
"What Kind of Revival Do We Need?"
We need a revival in these hard Covid-19 days, 2020 changed our dynamics in every area of lives. It was like a dark cloud covered the earth, many lives were lost during the pandemic, unfortunately it is still happening today. But God through Jesus by the power of Holy Spirit, is here to restore us, revive us, and strengthening our love and Joy for God, so sit back and let's discover how God wants to do just that.
March 08, 2021
"The Love of Jesus Christ"
No truth in the Bible comes home to us with such force and with such power and tenderness as the love of God through Jesus Christ... Let's look at the great love of Christ revealed in his Word.
March 04, 2021
"The Manner Of Your Testimony"
"To him all the prophets bear witness that every one who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name" (Acts 10:43 RSV). In what manner or form will you give your testimony for Jesus in which one can give his or her testimony for Christ. Let's delve in the many areas together...
February 27, 2021
"What Is The Foundation Of Your Home?"
We all have the dream of that one House, whether it's built on the side of a Mountain, or a cliff by the Sea, or the beach where the waves comes crashing in. Let's take a look at Jesus's last sermon on the Mount. But my question to you is this...." What Is the Foundation Of Your Home?"
February 26, 2021
"How To Handle Trouble"
The Apostle Paul faced many opposition of trouble and persecution, yet wherever he went he always gave many examples of how to handle trouble. His son in the Ministry came back from Thessalonica of good news. Let jump right in on some key points in just how to handle Trouble...
February 25, 2021
"How Can A Church Grow?"
Christians often try grow Churches and fail. The Church in Jerusalem from its beginning was a growing Church. The early Church in the book of Acts grew because the conditions were right...let us examine those conditions.
February 24, 2021
Challenge to Discipleship
The writer of Hebrews contains challenges to discipleship given to us who have accepted Jesus Christ..Let us delve into how God's people are to behave in reference to the gospel...
February 23, 2021
"The Habit Of Giving"
If you ever looked at the Ministry of Jesus, he was never a taker but a everything. Let's find out why in this episode...
February 19, 2021
"When The Religious Are Wrong"
In the illegal trial of Jesus, ths priests came to a definite decision, that Jesus the Son of God must die! These priest were the religious of their day. But on this day of indicting Jesus the religious were wrong. What happens when the religious are wrong? Let's take a deep look into why...
February 18, 2021
"What The Bible Says About The Devil"
Many people even Scholars, Evangelical leaders don't like to talk about him, but the fact is he's very real in every areas of life we face. Let's take a look at some of his Characteristics that he wishes that we won't bother looking at...
February 17, 2021
"God's Good Man"
Psalm 1 is a tree poem in the spiritual sense that speaks life to the very essence of a Man or Woman. The Bible almost begins and ends with trees. Someone suggested that the heart of gospel may ne found in Adam behind a tree, Jesus upon a tree, and the redeemed on heaven under a tree. Each passage in the chapter of Psalm 1 tells abpit the character, the influence, the conduct, and the destiny of the good and bad life. Let's delve into this passage together in how God wants to be at work in our lives...
February 17, 2021
"The Prayer God Hears"
This is a study of two men who prayed, one wanted to be noticed and the other was crying his heart out with a guilt ridden spirit. God dropped in my spirit of how we live in a society to where people want to noticed and heard. We see people actually taking selfies of themselves in Church, feeding the homeless, yet many have forgotten how to come to God with a Humble heart. We no longer approach the throne of Grace because of either the guilt or pride... Let's delve into this parable, may God and his Mercy reveal who we are, so that we can fully understand "The Prayer God Hears"
February 13, 2021
"A Way of Showing Mercy"
The picture of a what it takes to learn the lesson of being a good Samaritan from the Lord Jesus's our life as we live it today...
February 12, 2021
"What Jesus Does For Sinners"
Jesus loves us in our matter what we go through in life, he loves us...lets dive into why he loves us in this lesson today.
February 07, 2021
"Blot Out My Transgressions!"
The Bible says that the David sinned greatly, and David came to God knowingly that he could come to God for him to cleanse him, the Apostle Paul said "I crucify my flesh daily" God loves you truly and wants you to let go of the guilt of Sin. So let's tackle how we can do this as we dive into Psalm 51
February 03, 2021
The Lord's Prayer---What it is Not!
Many people use the Lord's Prayer as a form of Ritual to be repeated, but none of us take time to understand it's true meaning in, we often find ourselves saying the prayer like a incantation of which I can assure you God probably doesn't hear it. Let's take a look today at how it can apply to our lives as the starting point to having a meaningful relationship with the Lord.
February 02, 2021
"Going The Second Mile"
Do you find it hard to give a little bit more of yourself in doing extra or do you just settle in doing the bare minimum? Let's tackle this issue together!
February 01, 2021
"Dealing With The Call Of God"
The calling of God on our lives is at a all time high. He needs to speak with us and move within us, no matter level you're at, he desires to use you. Stop limiting God, you have so much in you that God can use. Just Sit Quietly, Listen humbly and watch him use you.
January 28, 2021
"Recognizing the Holy Spirit"
Believers need to understand the Working of the Holy Spirit in their own lives... Let get this Fruit at work in us...
January 26, 2021
The Greatest Commandment
It's plain and simple... "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind" today let's dive right into it about loving God!
August 23, 2020
"The Blessed Book"
Out of all the books ever written, none is more interesting the Bible. It contains every answers to your very life! No other book contains such a variety of history, philosophy, love stories, war stories, drama, poetry, and informal letters. Its a Divine production, "God-Breathed." It has stood the test of time and it gives hope and a future to those who will take the time to read it.
August 16, 2020
Restoring Hope
When worry strikes, we usually get discouraged, but always know that God has a promise for worrying...
August 12, 2020
Great Is His Faithfulness
How often do we take tine to pause and revel in just how Good and Faithful God has been to us?
August 10, 2020
"Hit The Reset Button On The Theatre Of Your Mind?"
Is your mind a GPS to the things of this world we live in... I want to take a moment to talk to you about keeping your mind renewed in Christ. I pray that it speaks to your heart.
August 09, 2020
"Who Do You Think You Are Fooling?"
Many of us as Christians struggle with sin and the weakness of sin. We go to church and yet still sin in our flesh, we find ourselves giving into desires that we know that are wrong and cause us shame and guilt trying to hide from God. But we have to realize that God sees every single thing. We can't run from God.
January 18, 2020