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Moontower Business

Moontower Business

By Joseph OBell
Spotlighting successful businesses, startups, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas
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Episode 16: Caryn Werner

Moontower Business

Episode 34: Nick Barreiro, Owner of Clay Imports
This is our 2nd interview of our Hispanic Heritage Month podcast series in partnership with the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  Episode 34 is an awesome conversation with Nick Barreiro, Owner of Clay Imports.  Nick talks about how he and his brother got into the tile industry.  He also talks about his travels around the world learning the tile business and his experience running an international business.  Learn more about Clay Imports at   This episode is brought to you by our affiliate Gemini.  Gemini is a well respected crytocurrency exchange started by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.  Go to to open a free account and start trading Bitcoin or your favorite cryptocurrency. Podcast music by
September 27, 2020
Episode 33, Olivia O'Neal, Owner of Sugar Mama's Bakeshop
This episode is the first interview of our Hispanic Heritage Month podcast series in partnership with the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  Episode 33 features a great interview with Olivia O'Neal, owner of Sugar Mama's Bake Shop.  Olivia, talks about the success she has had with her bakeshop and all the delicious treats available at Sugar Mama's.  Order some delicious sweets while you listen to this episode at This episode is brought to you by our affiliate Gemini.  Gemini is a well respected crytocurrency exchange started by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.  Go to to open a free account and start trading Bitcoin or your favorite cryptocurrency. Podcast music by 
September 21, 2020
Episode 32: Jessica Gaffney, CEO of Women@Austin
Episode 32 features a great interview with Jessica Gaffney, CEO of Women@Austin.  Jessica talks about her background as an entrepreneur.  She also talks about all the great things Women@Austin is doing including the launch of the Beam Angel Network.  The Beam Angel Network is the first Angel network in Texas focused completely on investing in women led companies in Texas.  Learn more about women at Austin at Also if you are interested in learning about investing in cryptocurrency, check out our.affiliate Gemini (cryptocurrency exchange) started by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Link below. Podcast music by
September 17, 2020
Episode 31: Carlos Cascos, 110th Texas Secretary of State
Episode 31 features a great conversation with Mr. Carlos Cascos, the 110th Texas Secretary of State.  Mr. Cascos talks about the economy in Texas, why businesses are moving to Texas, and Texas- Mexico border issues.  Please listen to learn about the business ecosystem in Texas and the functions of the office of Secretary of State in Texas.  
September 14, 2020
Episode 30: Larkin Tackett, CEO of Maya Consulting
Episode 30 features an interesting conversation with Larkin Tackett, CEO of Maya Consulting.   Larkin talks about his background in education and how Maya Consulting helps school districts all over the country improve performance and close the racial and socioeconomic gaps. Learn more about Maya Consulting at Podcast music by
September 11, 2020
Episode 29: Joe Kelly, CEO of Unchained Capital
Episode 29 features an awesome interview with Joe Kelly, CEO of Unchained Capital.  Joe talks about Unchained Capital's Bitcoin financing services as well their multi-signature cold storage vaults they offer clients to safely store their Bitcoin. Learn all about the innovative services Unchained Capital offers.  You can even purchase bitcoin from them. podcast music by 
September 10, 2020
Episode 28: Mike Fried, President of Aftermath Consulting Group
Episode 28 features an informative conversation with Mike Fried, President of Aftermath Consulting Group.  Mike shares his insights on the insurance industry and his expertise in helping people and companies navigate complex insurance policies.  
September 6, 2020
Episode 27: Ryan Vice CEO of Vice Software
Episode 27 features a great interview with Ryan Vice, CEO of Vice Software.  Ryan talks about the software and web development services Vice Software offers to companies and what sets Vice Software apart from its competitors.  Listen in to learn about the ins and outs of software and web development and how Vice Software  can help your company.  Learn more about Vice Software at Podcast music by
September 2, 2020
Episode 26: Les Nichols, University of Texas at Austin- Office of Technology Commercialization
Episode 26 features an informative conversation with Les Nichols, the Director of the University of Texas at Austin Office of Technology Commercialization.  Les describes how the University of Texas files for Patents when University Researchers create a new technology.  He also describes how entrepreneurs can identify interesting patents the University holds and license them to launch a new company.  Listen in to learn how you can license a Patent from the University of Texas at Austin and launch the next most innovative company in Austin. Check out their website at podcast music by 
August 30, 2020
Episode 25: Attorney Tycha Kimbrough
Episode 25 features an informative interview with Austin Attorney Tycha Kimbrough.  Tycha talks about the business side of a law practice, the type cases she handles, and her decision to represent people arrested for protesting in Austin pro-bono.  Learn more about Tycha at Podcast music by
August 23, 2020
Episode 24: Nichole Williamson, Zilker Media
Episode 24 features a great interview with Nichole Williamson, Brand Strategy Director at Zilker Media.  Nichole talks about strategies Zilker Media uses to help companies, authors, and thought leaders grow their brand.  You can learn more about Zilker Media at  Podcast music by 
August 16, 2020
Episode 23: TSO Chinese Delivery Co-Founders Min Choe and Angell Tsang
Episode 23 features an excellent conversation with Angell Tsang and Min Choe Co-Founders of TSO Chinese Delivery.  Learn all about their backgrounds, how they came up with the unique concept for their business, and how they made adjustments along the way to becoming a success.   Order their food while you listen to the podcast  Free delivery and a no tipping policy. Podcast music by
August 10, 2020
Episode 22: Guillermo Cornejo, CEO of Riders Share
Episode 22 is a great conversation with Guillermo Cornejo, CEO of Riders Share.  Riders Share is a peer to peer marketplace that offers street legal motorcycle rentals through out the United States.  Guillermo talks about his background in finance in the auto industry, his passion for motorcycles,  and his journey launching and scaling Riders Share.  
August 3, 2020
Episode 21: Precision Biopharma
Episode 21 features an interesting interview with Patti Rossman, one of the Co-Founders of Precision Biopharma.  Patti explains how Precision Biopharma is repurposing an FDA approved drug to treat Covid-19 patients.  She also talks about her other company Globiox and the Life Sciences Women's Conference she co-founded.  Podcast music by
July 26, 2020
Episode 20: Chris Doyle CEO of Billd
Episode 20 features an informative interview with Chris Doyle, CEO of Billd.  Billd is a construction finance company that partners with regional and national suppliers across the U.S. to offer project-based financing to contractors.  The short term finance solutions facilitates immediate payment to suppliers while providing contractors the flexibility to pay for material purchases over time.  Chris talks about his experience in the construction industry, how he launched Billd, and secured a $60 Million investment.  Check out Billd at Podcast music by 
July 19, 2020
Episode 19: Joe Edgar
Episode 19 features a great interview with Joe Edgar, CEO of TenantCloud.  TenantCloud is a cloud-based platform that enables landlords and tenants to manage their rentals.  Joe is also a Forbes Council member, Kauffman Fellow, and Angel Investor.  Joe talks about his vast experience as a real estate investor which led him to launch TenantCloud.  He also talk about his experience  with Angel investing and the venture capital industry in Austin. You can learn more about TenantCloud at Podcast music by
July 16, 2020
Episode 18: City of Austin Economic Development Division
Episode 18 is an informative interview with Sylnovia Holt-Rabb, the acting Director of the City of Austin Economic Development Division.  Sylnovia walks us through each of the resources and programs that are available through the City for businesses in Austin.  She also talks about the City's recruitment efforts to bring more businesses and jobs to our great city.   Fore more information please check out:  Podcast music by
July 13, 2020
Episode 17: Blended Sense
Episode 17 features an informative conversation with Abigail Rose and Albert Baez, Founders of Blended Sense.  Blended Sense is a media-technology company on a mission to stimulate local economies by empowering small business owners.  Learn about their unique backgrounds, their inspiration for launching Blended Sense, and how they implemented a successful pivot in the middle of a pandemic.  Check them out at Podcast music by 
July 6, 2020
Episode 16: Caryn Werner
Episode 16 is an awesome interview with Caryn Werner, Co-Founder of KOYA.  KOYA is the anytime messaging & gifting app for the next generation. Show you care, when you can't be there by sending a surprise gift to anyone through the the KOYA app.  Caryn talks about her background as a humanitarian photographer working abroad and her entrepreneurial journey launching and growing KOYA.  Please download the KOYA app and try it out. Podcast music by
June 28, 2020
Episode 15: Josh Hall
Episode 15 is a bonus mid-week release interview with Josh Hall, owner of Hall Accounting Company in Austin and Dallas.  Josh talks about his experience at a big four accounting firm PwC, working at two local startup companies before going into business with his brother in the Hall Accounting Company.  Please listen to the end of the episode to hear about loans and grants that are still available to businesses through the CARES Act.  If your company has any accounting needs, contact Josh and he will do a great job for you. Podcast music by 
June 25, 2020
Episode 14: Dr. Alaine Hutson
Episode 14 is a great conversation with Dr. Alaine Hutson, the Founder of Social Justice Jewelry.  Social Justice Jewelry is an African American, woman-owned business which creates message jewelry that lets others know that social injustice is bad for your health.  Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, Social Justice Jewelry proudly communicates the wearer's value and values.  Dr. Hutson is also a History professor at Huston-Tillotson University.  
June 21, 2020
Episode 13: Trashbots
Episode 13 features an interesting conversation with Sidharth Srinivasan and Rohit Srinivasan, the Founders of an Austin startup company called Trashbots. Trashbots develops low-cost science and engineering kits with an artistic twist and a structured curriculum that enables students to develop problem solving skills and enhance their creativity by building robots that also utilize found materials in the world around them.  Check out their company at Podcast music by 
June 15, 2020
Episode 12: Whichcraft Tap Room
This episode is an education conversation with Jody Reyes the owner of Whichcraft Tap Room in Austin.  Jody shares his inspiration for launching Austin's first craft beer only bottle shop.  Learn all about craft beer in Austin and what to look for in choosing a new beer.  Please check out his beer store in the Mueller neighborhood in Austin. Podcast music by This episode is brought to you by Vineyard Sun, LLC.
June 7, 2020
Episode 11: Mark Strub
Episode 11 is an interview with Mark Strub, Founder and CEO of Strub Residential.  Mark talks about his experience as a real estate broker in Austin, starting his own company, and the current and future real estate market in Austin.  He also talks about his creative 17 home development in East Austin.   If you are in the market for a house, reach out to Mark. Podcast music by 
May 31, 2020
Episode 10: Lloyd Armbrust
Episode 10 is a great interview with Lloyd Armbrust CEO of Own Local and CEO of Armbrust American. Lloyd talks about his experience working in the newspaper industry, starting Own Local (a digital advertising platform), and recently launching Armbrust American which manufactures medical masks.   Podcast music by
May 24, 2020
Episode 9: Brooke Bains
Episode 9 is a great interview with Brooke Bains, the Founder and CEO of Bombshell.  Brooke talks about her start in investment banking, her travels around the world, and her inspiration for launching Bombshell.  Bombshell is a lifestyle brand that simplifies business travel for women.  Learn more about Bombshell at  Podcast Music by
May 17, 2020
Episode 8: AJ Vallejo
Episode 8 is a great conversation with Austin musician AJ Vallejo.  AJ walks us through his musical journey touring all over the world, playing local Austin hotspots, becoming a Producer, and pursuing other entrepreneurial ventures.  Check out his website: Podcast music by 
May 10, 2020
Episode 7: Nixta Taqueria
Episode 7 is a spectacular interview of Sara Mardanbigi and Edgar Rico, owners of Nixta Taqueria.  Nixta Taqueria is a hot restaurant in East Austin with a fresh unique cuisine.  Sara and Edgar talk about their journey in opening Nixta Taqueria, the challenges they experienced along the way, and how they have navigated the Coronavirus restrictions.  After you hear their story, please try their food, it is amazing! Music by  
May 3, 2020
Episode 6: Plateau Brewing Co.
Episode 6 is an informative interview with Michael Choate, Co-owner and General Counsel of Plateau Brewing Co.  Michael talks about his experience  home brewing, how he and his partners got the idea to start a beer company, and the different beers they offer.  Michael also explains the brewing process and the regulatory  hurtles he had to overcome before getting started.   Podcast music by 
April 29, 2020
Episode 5: Chisos Boots
Episode 5 is a great interview with Chisos Boots Founder Will Roman. Will talks about his journey in launching Chisos Boots, learning the craft of boot making in the boot making Capital of the world, and the ins and outs of quality boot making.   podcast music by
April 26, 2020
Episode 4: Carlos Jaramillo
Episode 4 is our interview with Carlos Jaramillo, the head of Antioch Consulting in Austin. Carlos talks about his previous experience as a journalist and his current role helping companies expand operations in Central and South America.  Podcast music by
April 19, 2020
Episode 3: James Frinzi
Episode 3 features an informative interview with James Frinzi.  James is a Lobbyist and business consultant in Austin, Texas.  We discuss Jame's path to becoming a Lobbyist and his experience helping his clients navigate the ins and outs of the recently passed CARES Act.  Give it a listen and learn all about the CARES Act and how it can help your business during this difficult time.  Podcast music by
April 14, 2020
Episode 2: Matt Confer
Episode 2 features a great interview with Matt Confer, VP of Strategy at Abilitie a company started in Austin, Texas.  Abilitie offers award-winning corporate leadership development through simulation training sessions that mirror real world issues.  Abilitie has major corporate clients such as Southwest Airlines, Dell, and the University of Texas.  Matt has an interesting background and talks about his role at Abilitie and the TedX talk he gave on decision making.  This episode was recorded March 12, 2020. Host: Joseph O'Bell Co-host: Ben Murray Podcast music by
March 25, 2020
Episode 1: Bob's Containers
Robert Balderas is changing the game in the custom shipping container industry.  Listen to our interesting conversation with Mr. Balderas, the Founder of Bob's Containers.  He described how he started his business, dealt with challenges, and successfully grew his business and learned how to top his competitors.  
March 1, 2020
Trailer: Moontower Business
Welcome to the trailer of the Moontower Business podcast.  Subscribe and listen to learn all about successful Austin businesses, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.  The first episode is coming soon. 
February 18, 2020