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Heart to Heart with Josh Campbell

Heart to Heart with Josh Campbell

By Josh Campbell
The audio experience which strives to crack up heart-to-hearts and conscious conversation to help you attract, keep and seize the love & connection you've always dreamed of. Be introduced to inward-out solutions, explore energetics, dial in relationship dynamics and your empathetic power. You’ll learn through guests and my own experience how to achieve a happier existence, emotional freedom, kick-ass in dating and loving, gain emotional intelligence and how to's to live a healthy, thriving, confidence-filled lifestyle. If you want fun, facts or mic-drops then you’ve come to the right place!💙
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The Gift of Trauma | How Trauma Changed My Relationships Forever
One in four couples are in an abusive relationship, one in five children are molested, Stats that make you gulp. But a rife and real epidemic that affects the body, mind and brain of us all - no matter how severe the story of our lives. Trauma has the power to have a complex grasp on how we show up in our relationships, whether we keep toxic patterns alive and the reason behind why we continue to settle for toxic relationships.  Good news amongst the glum; TRAUMA is rewritable, and TRAUMA is the gift that brings you closer to the treasured and true relationships, and away from the neglectful and numb - only IF you become enlightened to it. That's where Today's episode comes in! I'll help you get familiar with: - The devastating toll trauma plays on the mind, on body and its automatic ability to sabotage our lives and relationships - My two life-changing traumatic experiences and how I turned around my Rescuer/Compliant role - The 4 Strategies People use to adapt to Trauma - How to practice radical self compassion - The hurtful myths about trauma - The Vicious traps you can fall into if you are to bypass or unsee your trauma-story - How to transmute trauma into unstoppable boundaries, empathetic ability, wisdom, emotional breadth and high self worth for amazing relationships. ...amongst much more. If you're one to dive into the books, I'd strongly recommend The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. Trauma is a heavy subject matter, but an extremely necessary one that I hope you consider exploring for extra mileage in your healing journey and stepping out of the magic dark and opening your world into colourful windows to come.  I am beyond thankful for those of you who tune in at the early stage of the podcast, if you'd love to support it reaching more ears, and being part of a bigger network of and movement that makes trauma less taboo - please share and write a review here: If you want some guidance, high-level support, and a no.1 fan throughout the healing process and a mentor to help guide you to emotionally available men, check out my latest coaching program here: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: -------- 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 🤳Do it for the Gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
August 04, 2022
Reacting to Love Island Cast 2022 | Learn About Emotional Immaturity & Toxic Dating Mistakes
Let’s Learn from Love Island Contestant’s Mistakes and Highlight the Emotional Immaturity that exists in the show! From Promoting Narcissism, to glorifying lower-level Instincts, to encouraging us that it’s healthy & normal to gain validation through how you look, fake, play games, achieve and are willing to defend yourself by ruining another’s reputation without remorse. It’s surface level connection, Wounded feminine and masculine alignment to connect It's never telling the truth. Its persona and performance orientated. It's a far-cry from vulnerable connection. When one is vulnerable it’s usually blown up on media and shamed, you’re made into a meme, or a target to gossip about inside the show. Chaos. This teaches us that vulnerability and integrity is a dangerous rather than a courageous and necessary thing. We’re conditioned to believe drama + gossip is a norm in relationships. That strength is in being able to manipulate, take high risks, and have no remorse, and show a perfect mask of who we are. Essentially promoting narcissism as OK. Rather than BE true, real, and open just what our inner child craves. This association to vulnerability closes the window to connection. The VERY channel to get to empathise, understand, and connect DEEPLY with our loved ones. So let’s use vulnerability as a great test in dating to see if the other person is ever a match, rather than run away from it, and fall into our primal/instinctual, lower-level self that settles for less. In this Episode you'll learn:  - How the Primal Psyche takes over our behaviours - More about Seductive Tricks we unconsciously used to be liked - What Settling looks like vs. Striving for a Self-Expressive Fulfilling Relationship - How to Date with Higher Intentions + Healthy Expectations - The Triggers, Energy, and Emotional Immaturity that's Present in Human Connection. Amongst Much More! Here's to learning from our human experience, eachother and understanding we need not pretend, posture or filter ourselves to please others as God is present in us all.  If you loved this episode, get the word out here: 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the Gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
June 13, 2022
Porn in Relationships
Can the epidemic of secret porn usage destroy sexual satisfaction, our worthiness in relationships, and be so bad it creates a dysfunctional personality? HELL YES. It's a rife and relevant trouble I hear many men, women, and relationships face. So that's why I wanted to explore this taboo today, to help you understand the impact porn, online polyamory and radical fantasies can have on your emotional, mental and relational health.  We'll explore the debilitating activation effects porn has on our primal instincts, and how it helps us digress into the once traditional wounded "Mean Girl" feminine and Barbaric stonewalling masculine ways. As you can see, it can certainly bring out our most insecure self - and our very worst. The good news is, there are workarounds - and this problem is solvable! Today's episode will help you: - Understand the history of human dysregulation, and how we react in these dysregulated ways. - Understand why men have a particularly traumatic time around porn usage and how it fuels avoidance. - How to raise your worthiness - How to communicate your desires without making your partner defensive - Live in the frequency of truth rather than fear - Realign your ideals & motivations from egoic to wholesome - Reassociate meaning with sex - Strategies to improve your sexual satisfaction, turn toward your partner, and get closer - Build your relationship with vulnerability - and more. As you can see it's a juicy episode this week! I hope it brings light to the dark, and answers to your wonders. If you've gotten this far then you're a TRUE FAN, one I'd love to hear directly from. Leave a Review for the Pod to help it reach more brilliant souls like yours: If you're wanting to go the extra mile with 1:1 support find more info here: aaaaand finally, if you found a tit-bit of value in this podcast - share your favourite takeaway on an instagram story, tagging @josh.campbell!💙
June 06, 2022
Why You don’t Need Secure attachment to Attract a Healthy Relationship (Busting Attachment Style Myths!)
IS YOUR ATTACHMENT STYLE THE REASON YOU CAN'T FIND & KEEP LOVE? Buckle up for an episode that helps dispel many beliefs you have around feeling "unworthy", "too much" for someone to handle, or too "unpredictable" to love.  We'll learn what the 4 Attachment Styles are, how childhood plays a formidable role in these showing up in adulthood, and learn ways to bring you to more inner-acceptance authority and security. You'll also learn how to navigate the world of dating, spotting signs of avoidants if you're anxious, and landing safely in the arms of a nurturing, secure partner. Let's get you out of the DANGER ZONE, yearning with unmet needs and into a SAFE ZONE that understands boundary injuries, how to fix them and help you become the emotionally mature adult internally, to not go without externally.  Psst. My Free Masterclass to help you HEAL your relationship with Men and the inner-masculine and guides you through boundary setting on 15th April! You won't want to mis it; SIGN UP NOW at this link: Explore My First EVER Group Coaching Program going LIVE 16th May here: aaaaand finally, if you found a tit-bit of value in this podcast - share your favourite takeaway on an instagram story, tagging @josh.campbell! If you've gotten this far then you're a TRUE FAN, one I'd love to hear directly from. Leave a Review for the Pod to help it reach more brilliant souls like yours:
April 12, 2022
5 Harsh Lessons from Tinder Swindler | Disney Ideals & Avoiding Seduction
Wouldn't love be easy if we could all love, unconditionally? It gets tough & conditional when we experience some level of emotional attachment towards those who live in the world of avoidance & transaction. Amongst Disney's propaganda, romanticised male ideals, and slick manufactured tactics that make you feel worthy... The most deadly of all to falling for men like the Swindler is our inherent nature to bypass the facts and get lost in our emotional attachment. Men like the Swindler latch onto emotional targets. Targets just like my past self, who once had a tendency to abandon themselves to gain the satisfaction of helping others. Those who idealise escaping a deemed "unworthy" past for a dream with a person that was manipulated to exist. Those who had an upbringing of neglect, who cling onto any scrap of affection. Those who were praised for giving, and identified as the peace makers, internalise their experiences. They don't think to question red flags and bypass neglect, by only seeing the best in the other. All of these traits are what make you a beautiful, sensitive being. But the truth is, in the wrong hands - or even right hands - only makes you the victim, who'll continually be chasing in life. You deserve to be protected, present, and loved unconditionally, but must first protect your vulnerability. Now I don't want this to spoil your relationship to lead with vulnerability; for we must trust first, to ever build depth - but the only way to lead with an open heart is by having heightened awareness of malevolent men, and an ability to set firm boundaries despite your life-story, conditioning and potential feelings of guilt. You MUST, at the first sign, show no remorse at rejecting men who show no remorse in using you. You deserve to play the game of love on your terms. Don't demonise men, riches or love, instead create a new association with it. Hold the energy, get crystal clarity on your desires, and tune in your intuition to finding someone who is wholesome. Enjoyed today's Pod?  Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the Gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
February 23, 2022
How Far We've Come Ft. Jas Lipska (2 Year Anniversary Special)
A marriage in the midst of a global pandemic, and a growing a bond against all odds. We open the lid on our relationship once again, exploring how jealousy could’ve gotten between us, how we’ve handled conflict, and how our marriage was far from what we expected to go to plan! The secret? Building a Conscious Relationship. We’ll be explaining how our relationship is rather unconventional to what you may see on instagram as the #couplegoals. We’ll be talking about how you can extinguish insecurities from getting between you, why compassion around the inner child counts, and bring a new meaning to what a masculine dynamic can be! Ultimately, giving you signs in a relationship for spotting whether you’re becoming more or less of who you TRULY are through the container of support for one another. I hope this episode enlightens you for what to look out for in a partner, and helps you own insecurities; see, hear and feel them without shame! ______ Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the Gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
February 18, 2022
How Your Schooling Experience Effects Your Relationships
Have you ever thought something as small as the contents of your lunchbox, and how your parents who were late to pick you up had a PROFOUND effect on your attachment style, fears and doubts as an adult? It certainly can! Even curriculums, grade-schemes, playing little miss/mr Perfect, may lead to the greatest rebellion from a shadow that’s bursting at the seams to be seen. The more we alienated our naughtiness with teachers and parents shame, the worse the chasm between the self we show the world and the self we hide from it. Where shame, control, and authority in school systems keep the burrowed and brooding naughtiness at bay - who knows how this could show up in love too? It’s only a matter of time we carry this into adulthood and have it show up unconsciously ways that can be destructive to your seeking of wholesome love. Tune into my school stories of petty crimes to accidental racism so you can feel less alone in your discovery, and let's get diving deep into reflection! From my heart to yours, I cherish you for giving your precious time and energy into listening and devoting yourself to healing and self discovery. Your love-life will thank you for it! Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the Gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
February 15, 2022
Ready for an Aligned As F*ck Year to Attract the Love of your Life?
Let's welcome in 2022 by putting your Needs and Dreams FIRST! We've just been through a year pummelled with challenges, shaming, pain, and suffering it's pummelled us to our worst, and maybe even brought out our best. Now it's time to call in the New Year in emotionally amazing ways. It's time to say goodbye to cliche New You's and time to step into alignment. Create energetic space and a deeper self understanding that'll prove vital in attracting true love, and showing up in it! HOW?  You'll learn in today's episode it takes 5 pivotal steps to calibrate yourself, take off the exhausting masks of pretending to be something you're not, and show up being able to bear any obstacle that gets in the way of you and the path you'll pave rather than follow. Let's create the kinda alignment that puts your body at ease, takes you away from sensation chasing, and stepping into a year of meaning.... Here's what you'll learn: 1. Explore your Past Pain; We'll connect the dots of the past, uncovering personal history, and learning where we've been settling for less and dishonouring our needs. 2. Explore Shame wounds; Where have we been filtering posturing, editing ourselves as a way of self-preservation? Have we yet to let ourselves be SEEN? I'll be talking about my perfectionism, the inner child, and keeping up appearances to hide. You'll learn how to trust yourself, and create more inner security. 3. Detachment - We'll deeply understand why we get so emotionally engaged and hurt in the first place. The difficulties of an activated attachment and learning how to let go, falling into a welcoming acceptance. 4. Attachment - It's demonised, but this episode will honour WHY we naturally attach as emotional beings who care, and how to associate meaning to objects along your pursuit of purpose. It'll help you care more about people that matter. It'll make you more assertive and decisive, and show up as the potent person you were born to be. 5. Visualisation - Away with imposter syndrome, and in with make-believe - literally. With a fun journalling method call Morning Pages, and deep imagining - you'll hold space for your mind, body and emotional pulse to synergise for your higher self.  Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review Don't forget to DM me "Align" on instagram @josh.campbell for your FREE Shadow Work Journal ----- 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
January 12, 2022
My Wife Asks Emotionally Provoking Questions About My Life (Feat. Jas Lipska)
Today's different! A vibrationally amazing different! My wife Jasmine Lipska (now Campbell) jumps in the front seat to ask me emotionally provoking and thought tickling questions that get down to the bottom of why I do what I do, and how I've become who I am today.  Has anyone ever told you sensitive people can THRIVE? Well, I hope this podcast is the one which makes you believe it. From panic attacks to purposeful. From people pleasing to finding my path. From numbing to openly vulnerable... We'll be covering lots. Expect to understand how you can be expanded by your past pain, and how you can transform it into your passion. Expect to learn how your environment has a profound impact on your mental wellbeing, and expect to get to know me a little better! Jas brewed up a big roster of questions which you'll hear all the answers to: What is a pivotal moment in your life that has shaped who you are today? What are some lessons that 2021 has brought you? What has our relationship taught you about life/yourself? What’s your favourite thing about being married? What are 3 fun facts about you that you think not a lot of people know about you? What is your 5 year vision? If you loved this one, feel free to let me know directly in the DM's @josh.campbell on instagram.  If you were blown away however go ahead and give the podcast a review (it means the world to get it to more ears and hearts) If you’ve got a burning podcast idea for me to cover, submit your topic here: From my heart to yours, let's raise the vibration of the planet together.  Love Josh —— 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel: 🎵Hunk Funk Workout Playlist: 🕺Tik Tok:
November 18, 2021
How to Spot a Narcissist & Stand Up Against One
Today's Episode we use the tragic but keystone story of Gabby Petito's murder case as the epitome of the Narcissistic abuse she faced. This episode is an homage to turn her story into a beautiful learning for signs to look out for and to protect others from the same abuse. Be ready the for my solutions to maintain your self-worth + believe in an exit strategy against Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Part 1: Dark Side of Abuse Feel like you’re going “Crazy”? Forced into becoming the victim against a power-hungry partner? For the next day everything to be forgotten about, and be back into the "honeymoon" phase of a relationship after all the manipulation, temper tantrums, and out-of-the-blue aggression. You're likely facing the effects of the viscous cycle of Abuse. Tensions build, the incident happens, then there's apologies, then there's "kiss and make up" for it all to repeat itself unapologetically. You'll figure out how to break this cycle! Part 2: Spotting the Signs Narcissists come in many forms. BUT there are consistent red flags we can look for. 1. Superficial Charm 2. High Risk Taking Behaviour 3. No Remorse 4. Shape Shifting 5. Parasitic lifestyle I'll be diving deep into ways these show up, and how you can become familiar with this evil - to overcome naivety.  You'll also find out the 8 reasons WHY you may be staying in an abusive relationship! Part 3: How To Stand Up for Yourself From keeping your intuition sharp to Assertive Communication, you'll learn it ALL to ensure you are protecting your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. By then end of this podcast you'll have all the tools and to sniff out malevolence, understand the roots to the shadow that lurks beneath a manipulative mask-wearing narcissist.  You, My fellow empath, and lovingly sensitive human have probably graced a Narcissist. You are not responsible for “fixing” someone like this - nor there to mother/father or change see the potential in them. A solid sign of sticking around is only when they show commitment to their responsibility or self-healing. Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
September 28, 2021
Is Your Taste in Men Dangerous? (7 Types of Toxic Masculine)
Tired of falling for the crafty, arrogantly charismatic, cold and cunningly charming men? I bet! Who ever thought that was an end for a Princess? Or is that just the problem? Disney ideals, naivety and being the codependent can really get in between your healthy, happy relationship. If you want a change, then this episode’s for you! By exploring the Shadow, Robert Greene’s seductive characters, and Attachment Styles we can begin to see why men act in the way they do, and how you can side-step, or navigate out of a toxic relationship. Today’s episode will provide you with some strategies to do just that for each of the following Hurting Masculine Types: 1. The Controlling - How to overcome your tendency to over-give, and please. 2. The Obsessive - Understand how the scarcity mindset can tear you down too. 3. The Manipulator - Helping you beat unreliability by setting expectations and seeking the truth. 4. The Codependent/Natural - How to avoid the Mother Role, and maintain a mature relationship. 5. The Cunning Charmer - Awareness of your egoic, vain tendencies to stop them sabotaging your own life's path. 6. The Arrogant Charismatic - Find a way to not fall prey to "erotic fatigue", and coexist with someone who is so polarising to you. 7. The Cold - Protecting your empathy against someone who has no pulse for consequences. You are a GIVER not a SACRIFICER OR FIXER, and are not deserving of toxic behaviour. I hope this episode enlightens you to take action. Unless you see a vital component of them GENUINELY working introspectively to improve, then you’re fighting a losing battle. If you're in need of a little extra clarity, self-discovery and angst to attract a healthy relationship then this FREE mini-course is perfect for you: Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review --------- 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
August 31, 2021
Men in Relationships Q&A (Ghosting, Playing it "Cool", Fearing Commitment)
Get ready for the front-row seats to the male-mind. In today's episode featuring your wonderful, interesting and even wacky questions received on a recent Q&A Instagram poll. I cover form the male-perspective, and my background in relationship coaching the reasons why men ghost, how they play it cool, and what holds men back from commitment, amongst much more. Not only does this episode give you advice to navigate these unique scenarios, but provide the self-inspired questions to ponder on for your own situation in the pursuit of the ideal man!  🎁FREE Coaching Mini-Course:  Expect answers to all the following questions: He often tells me to have no expectations?  What do men seek in conscious connection? Why men ghost? What's the best way to attract a guy?  How to get my boyfriend to let me help him?  Why are some men apprehensive about having children?  Why men are not ready for serious relationships?  How do men live a life without breaking hearts? Is it normal for men to not be obvious when they like me? If you want to drop in a question for the next podcast/youtube Q&A video, feel free to plant a seed on this page:  Your support also means the world, so if you have 20s to write an honest review for the Heart to Heart Podcast, it'd mean the world! You can also join the rest of the community on all the following social channels: 🤳Do it for the gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel: 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 💪1:1 Coaching Program:
August 24, 2021
Questions Women are Afraid to Ask Men
Expect the awkward questions to becoming a little awakening into the inside workings of the male-brain. Today’s episode is a mashup of when Jas (my wife) asks me all the icky, uncomfortable, and taboo questions women might hold-back to ask men... There’ll be some surprising answers on what's attractive, why men fear commitment, who should pay on the first date, views about sex, and much more... Let this inspire you to be open in your communication in your current relationship - discover more about one another, and connect on a deeper level! Look forward to Part-2 on our Jas and Josh youtube Channel where I’ll be asking “Questions Men are Afraid to Ask Women” Subscribe here: Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the gram: 
August 18, 2021
How To NOT Settle for LESS Romantically (Part 2)
Today's episode is a FLOW into many of the reasons your own soul chooses and settles for less! It's not a simple explanation either, and so get ready to explore some of the juicy WHY's to your motives. Here is just the tip of the iceberg for what to expect:  - Questioning if loneliness creates voids, anxious and avoidant attachment styles, and when to know it's time to cut your losses. - When your actions, motivation within your intimacy is telling you something. - Hindsight is a beautiful thing. Use it to guide you, and give you awareness to what you're drawn to. - Intuitive learning with energy. Energy flows through us, influences us, and sure as hell teaches us! This isn't just pseudoscience. I prove why in the podcast! - Take your TIME; Patience opens up more fruitful romantic options than you can imagine. You'll start being the exclusive to the minority rather than commodity to the masses. - Learn to be impeccable with your word, the power of what conversations you have over the dating phase, and with yourself in your down-time might just dictate what you call in! - Are you being swayed by fantasies and ideals which are completely f*cked!? I'll present to you how even Disney Movies; through Prince Charming, and Sleeping Beauty all have their deeply engrained messaging; and another reason we settle for less. - You'll learn why grounding yourself in WHO you need and desire NOW, is the GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY's jail card. Falling for potential, or your memories of a person is a quick way to fall short once more. Get ready to all the deep dives on the above, from energetics, pep-talks, to mindset shifts - I truly hope this will be a valuable episode to start calling in and keeping what you deserve in love. If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review If you’ve got a burning podcast idea for me to cover, submit your topic here: From my heart to yours, Love Josh ------- Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. 💰Become a Supporter: 🏠The Hub: 🎁FREE Heal Your Heartbreak Course: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Youtube Channel:
July 17, 2021
How To Know Your WORTH To NOT Settle for LESS Romantically
We're all too familiar with the gold-rush to find "the one", the comparisonitis to our fellow homosapiens, and therefore totalling our self-worth pitiful pit... Which inevitably leads to settling for a romantic relationship, which is LESS than you deserve.  It's a big one to get right. Life is too short to not seek depth. Life is too fragile to get it wrong.  So I've made sure to cover the reasons you could be settling for less, and HOW TO raise your self worth. There are many unconscious patterns, biases, and identity-crises which lead us to value ourselves into a toxic, dull or unfulfilling relationship - and I invite you to join me to seek your way out! From my heart to yours, thank you for all the support - and being with me through this podcast journey as we take on the NEXT BIG LEAP to your confidence, worthiness and growth; fellow sensitive soul. -------- Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform.  🏠The Hub: 💪1:1 Coaching Program: 🤳Do it for the gram:  👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 🎵Hunk Funk Workout Playlist: 🕺See Me TikTok’in: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call: 🎁FREE Coaching Gift:
July 10, 2021
Healthy vs. Unhealthy Masculinity
Today's episode applies to EVERYONE. That's right, the hidden masculine which hides in all of our shadows can become a hinderance or danger to those around us, if not properly understood. With our good friend Carl Jung's concepts of the unconscious Animus that lives within us all, I dive deeper into WHY toxic masculinity can manifest itself into our lives and HOW you can spot the signs within yourself, and those around you. You'll soon discover that much of the masculine's power comes from many sources, which can be totally out of our control. That being parenting, past influences, childhood trauma, and attitudes we've adopted to our inner-feminine.  As this topic has so much potential, I wanted to unpack 4 of the most prominent influences to why a human being may adopt the healthy, or unhealthy masculine: 1. Nurturing Parenting vs. Unconscious Parenting 2. Attitude to Attention 3. Expanders vs. Limiters 4. Surrendering to the feminine vs. Resistance to the feminine Let this episode guide you to using conscious responses to unhealthy masculine, and begin to understand how it works in the shadows of our self. Let this be an invitation to grant yourself emotional availability, across the spectrum, in balance. It is time to get to integrating!  If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review If you’ve got a burning podcast idea for me to cover, submit your topic here: Sending e-hugs - Much Love, Josh Noteworthy Links: Adler's Parenting Styles: ______ 🎁FREE COURSE: 💪Apply for 12 Week 1:1 Coaching: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Health Hunk Vlogs: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
May 13, 2021
Living Through Trauma (My Traumatic Experience & 5 Solutions)
Does the past still live with you like a shadow? A baggage that brings triggers, low mood, confidence-knocking flashbacks and irrational thinking? Then you might have experienced some form of trauma. As this Podcast aims to help you build confidence - a traumatic experience is commonly the route to low self-esteem. While I also show you how trauma can be a result of receiving something as little as a negative comment from a teacher as a child, all the way to physical abuse by your parents, which haunts your life NOW. It’s time to take it back - and find some solutions to heal. I dove deep into my traumatic experience, to make you feel less alone - my alienation and scary concussion - which stemmed into panic attacks and insecurity as life went on. Life doesn’t have to be painful, nor become a never-ending burden, as just like me, you can make trauma a core part of your character-building, and learning. I guide you with five of my go-to solutions that helped me heal and now thrive - and recommend these to my clients - so here goes: Rewrite your story - Don’t own baggage, take projections seriously, and adopt beliefs that aren’t yours. Get super clear and concise on the experience that still troubles you - and write about it as precisely as you can. An Exercise: What’s one sentence you’d tell your past self-living through the catalyst? Unconditionally accept all that is coming up for you - you’re allowed to be “seen” with these emotional reactions. Emotional Freedom Techniques and how to clear energy blocks Use Sensual Strength to your environments; tune into the trigger then move forward by eliminating or building a boundary. Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist, but am qualified to talk on this subject based on personal and coaching experience. However, I do not condone this podcast be a diagnosis or permission to not seek professional support if required. I have had a super positive response from previous clients that have gained a transformative experience in my 12 Week Solo 1:1 Program. If you feel a deep, immersive dive into an integrated coaching experience is for you to get to your roots and receive authentic healing methods - then apply today! 💪Apply for 12 Week 1:1 Coaching: ----- 🎁FREE COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Health Hunk Vlogs: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
May 05, 2021
Busting the 5 Greatest Relationship Myths w/ Jas Lipska
Do you need to be OPEN about everything? Is poor intimacy and little sexual interaction a dealbreaker? Do you have to be fully healed to be in a healthy relationship? Must you be a good match with family before commitment can happen? Do happy couples ever fight?  These are the burning myths waiting to be busted. I have nobody better than my wife, Jasmine Lipska (or shall I say Campbell) alongside me with a fun, informative, and conscious view on these widely asked, searched, and pondered questions.  Some of these myths will keep you paralysed on commitment, self-sabotaging your current or future relationships, or have you cling on to a limiting belief that really shouldn't be yours to own. These answers will put an end to your doubts and whirling wonders, and have you grounded in an optimistic yet realistic reality. So let us both break down our opinion on them all, and in the process, humanise many fantasies, while giving you key action steps from nurturing a healthy relationship to calling in your ideal partner through conscious solutions. Let me know in the Instagram DM's @healthhunk on how this Podcast Served you, and what other Myths you'd like Jas and I to bust next time! Thanks again for all those who leave a loving review on the Podcast @ - remember to screenshot, and DM them to me - for a FREE 15 minute Consultation while you're at it! Win, win! You can also tune into the Jasmine Lipska Podcast for a recent episode on "Conscious Relationships" where we also dive deep! Love and light to you all, Josh —— 🎁FREE COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
April 21, 2021
Toxic Positivity; Can Too Much Optimism Be Damaging?
“Energy Never Lies” an ideology that keeps us cornered when we feel terrible. Are positive projections creating even more pressure? Is there such a thing as Unconscious consciousness? Spiritual ego? Such thing as TOO MUCH positivity? Is choosing optimism seen as “weakness” or naive? Well, this podcast helps explore how we can get positivity hangovers, dig ourselves into deeper holes of self-deprivation & how positivity can sometimes erode us into deeper loneliness, isolation, and mental health challenges. Funnily enough, this podcast goes full-circle in on itself and you’ll walk away with solutions to implement more optimism into your life, and using it as an ESSENTIAL tool to turn your life around, rather than demonise it. I know from personal experience, Depression and Anxiety attacks - were necessary to nudge me into making a change, and seeking the miniscule light within, letting it win the battle of living life on the bright side. Become one of today’s leaders with optimism, and I hope this inspires you to change through action, not through meditation, prayer and dwelling alone. If you’re feeling kind today, What goes around comes around - email a screenshot of your review to , and I’ll set you up with a FREE 1 Week Fitness Program on me! ----- 🎁FREE COURSE: 💪Apply for 12 Week 1:1 Coaching: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Health Hunk Vlogs: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
March 29, 2021
High Functioning Anxiety; Do You Have It?
Has Hustle Culture Produced A New Anxiety? Let this podcast taken from my Youtube Channel bring you the Solutions, Self-Help & Peace of Mind.  Are we being influenced by a contagious and dangerous behaviour that's creating lack in our lives? Or are we continually in avoidance of the truth, the deep-rooted emotions we may find difficult facing right now?  Be kind to yourself, if you are currently resonating as someone going through High Functioning Anxiety, as not only are some of the most influential figures, athletes, & creators, which you put on a pedestal… living it out…  It could even be that lady cares for 5 dogs, craving the need to be under baseline stress,🐕 That Dad who manages to run his son’s football team while working 3 jobs, ⚽️ Social-butterfly Wendy, who makes mince meat of the group chat - arranges all the meet-ups and works around the clock to keep up her social cred📲   No wonder, we are seeing institutions diving deep to research this, to find a game-changing discovery.  Rather than diagnose it as OCD, or ADD it’s now named a form of modern-day anxiety. Characterised by obsession, people pleasing, lack of boundaries & balance, perfectionism & difficulty to relax and  more…  If these plague you - it may be a sign of escapism, avoidance & putting off the discomfort of feeling the true, underlying root cause.   I want to make this divergence of mental health feel very human, as too, I have gone through many of the above - and still do. But I learned to shift, pivot, and discover that there are solutions, all of which are in this podcast!🙌🏼  I hope you enjoyed this one, please do leave a review of the Podcast, if you get 5. It goes a long way. 💙💪 🎁FREE Mini-Course 💪APPLY for Solo 1:1 Coaching Program 🏠The Hub Subscribe to the Health Hunk Youtube Channel where this episode came from!
March 26, 2021
Why Men Struggle with Commitment? (The Five Fears)
However much they might put on a brave-face, men are fragile. You’re playing with an inner child reluctant to get hurt, a man conditioned by society’s expectations, and a human manifestation of pride and sometimes a self-sabotaging ego. To make things worse, fear and commitment are opposites that repel each other. The question is; Is commitment really what we all crave, and need? This hour will cover 5, of the many fears men face today in today’s society, what keeps them sitting on the fence, and why the fears exist in the first place. This hour will empower you to forgive yourself, heal your hurt, and spot a parter who is ready for you. Until we learn to allow our fears to be the well-meant pilot rather than the hijacker, is when the magic of commitment can commence. If you really enjoyed this, feel free to give the podcast a review If you’ve got a burning podcast idea for me to cover, submit your topic here: Keep it hunky, Love Josh —— 🎁FREE COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
February 26, 2021
Is The Fitness Industry Toxic?
Are we being misinformed by disorder? Is our self-doubt based on seeing the tip of the unachievable iceberg? Are we just dollar signs to fitness influencers? Is what we are seeing false identities, limelighted insecurity and integrity subject to the producers conditioning?  I know, it sounds like a whirlwind to think about but all your questions will be answered in this one. After my 8 years experience in my own life experimentation, 2.5 years as a professional PT, and rubbing shoulders big influencers in Bali, I'll lift the lid and expose the industry for what it imposes on the masses. How it preys on an unconscious, victim mind. This episode is a real-and-raw awakening to skip the traps and spot the red flags, but most of all make your own journey to health and fitness without falling for the enticements, ill-intentions, and triggers that make you feel even worse about yourself.  While we idolise the cover mags, Hollywood stars and even our favourite boy-bands - are we really just being misinformed by high-functioning anxiety, identities that need be nurtured, and a marketing machine that imposes upon us the idea we're always living in lack in the physical form? I hope you love the perspective, talking poetry, and all the psycho-social concepts I merge together which will have the answers to how the fitness industry makes its impact on our everyday. Thanks for listening, and if you get the time, an honest review of the podcast goes a LONG, LONG way. I love you, and you are more than enough just as you are, hunk(ess). As long as you're progressing, or growing you're golden. If you were intrigued to dive deeper into the models I use to express Us vs the Fitness Machine, here they are! Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions: Recommended Reads for today: 12 Rules for Life, Jordan Peterson / The 5 Levels of Attachment Miguel Ruiz —— 🎁FREE COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
February 19, 2021
How To Be Unapologetically You (Coping with Haters and Judgement)
The World is torn, divided and hurting now more than ever. The vulnerable state of the planet has risen insecurity, and when the melting pot burns so hot - there needs to be a vent for this turmoil to escape. Unfortunately, this could mean you in the firing line. Albeit, you're a content creator, personal brand or aiming to be a fully expressive version of yourself - it can be hard to go up against the friction and resistance projected upon you by the masses, or those that may not see eye-to-eye. Here's the magic. We must be OK with this. We must understand we've all walked a path of conditioning that has brought us all to where we are today. But it's time to take a stand for the right team, learn how to eliminate resistance, and turn up in the world as the brightest, most unfazed version of yourself. You'll be delighted to see just how much this art of resilience can do for you, not only in your professional life, but for your personal, relational and spiritual growth too! This podcast will identify the 3 Steps to take to make it the most painless, liberating and empowering process you could ever take to BE YOU, unapologetically. All the way from knowing when you should respond to haters, if at all. How to cope with conflict, game-changing ways to negotiate, the reasons why we live with indifference, and how to live your best life as the sweetest response.  I hope you get a LOT from this juicy episode, and I love hearing how much this podcast has a positive impact on you all. Feel free to DM me with your takeaways, and how it's allowed you to turn up for yourself!  An honest review also goes a long way to bring others along on the journey of development with us too. Your 2mins of precious energy and time won't be taken for granted! Keep it Hunky you beautiful people, may nobody have the right to puke on your parade! I'll see you on the next one. Notable Resources: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:  ---- 🎁MINI COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
February 12, 2021
7 Musts for Men to Make Their Partner Feel Valued
Man-UP Monday is here! Fear not ladies, this is just as applicable to you as it is men. You'll get the pleasure of seeing the inside workings of a man, ew not that far. But definitely what goes on in our heads, actions and how best to co-exist or nurture your future relationship!  I'm super excited to roll-out this short, sweet, yet full of inspo treat to you as the precious podcast community.  Today expect my 7 Must-Do's for Men to earn some brownie points, really take their dating game up a notch, or relationships to the next level. From secrets to surprises, love languages to emotional availability - this podcast will sure show you how to show up for the opposite sex! Let me know if you love this short-form format, and if you have any topics you'd love me to cover. Thanks for listening, and if you wanna go the extra mile, a Hunky review would go a long way. — 🎁FREE COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
February 08, 2021
Healing from Heartbreak in 4 Phases
Heartbreak happens to us all at some point in life. From relationship breakups, to distance from our parents, and even mourning a lost pet. It’s the cognitive dissonance we get when we feel pain, or at a loss. This podcast teaches you how you can heal, progress, and build yourself back in as little as 66 Days, in 4 Phases! Wow, what a game-changer! Using the science behind developing neural pathways, we can too, shift our experience, beliefs and burdensome feelings in the same way too.  I'm not saying 66 Days is the be-all or end-all, it's the quoted time it takes for the average person to go from Destroying an old belief to reinstalling, and automating a new one. By the end, you will have learned methods to heal, mindset to adopt, with lots of stories, anecdotes and relevant research to make you feel less alone. I'll also be offering my go-to 3 Affirmations at the end! Life is ironic. It takes absence to value presence, and sadness to value happiness. I assure you, heartbreak is not the pits of despair you may think it to be, nor are you "broken" or need fixing. Heartbreak is a valuable lesson, resilience builder, and key to appreciate when the good times come around that much more. Once you've journeyed through the 4 phases, you'll be ready to take on the next steps of calling in that person who'll never break your heart again. Be the FIRST to SIGN UP to the workshop Jas and I will be holding - The 5 Steps to calling in your Soulmate:  💪12 Week Solo Mastermind Program: 🎨Co-Create with me! Submit a question or topic you'd love me to cover next here:  ------ 🎁FREE COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
February 06, 2021
Making Sex Sacred with Jas Lipska
Sex has been demonised by mainstream culture, toxic influence, culture, porn, toxic masculinity, the list goes on. This has driven sex down a rough road of being desensitised, disempowered and losing its enchanting essence it’s meant for; creation. Negative consequences can be detrimental. It can range from an absent sex life to an abusive one. Sex and the energy carried with it can create transfers you hadn’t wish you had!  Fear not, this podcast aims to bring you deep dives, and anecdotes from Jas and I, to help you seek a trustworthy partner, and reframe sex altogether, bundled up with our favourite tips to spruce up your "Love Making" and eradicate the fear responses becoming your greatest sex-saboteur. You might find yourself like Goldie Locks and a few wrong beds, but this podcast will help you find the “JUST RIGHT”. Create space, eradicate the fear response, create comfort, free expression, and self confidence today. As you'll realise moment you start RESPECTING, CONNECTING, and TUNING IN, to the touch, sound, senses & feeling is the moment you’ll see sex as a completely different act altogether. It’s an energy transfer, a portal to manifesting, miracle creation, a deep-state meditation, & pleasure that heals. Make love, not war with your primal power.🐺and here are in no particular order the TIPS Jas and I share with you: Set intentions before “Making love” Use Meditation & Breathwork Drills to clear energy blocks How to Learn what your desires are, how best to accommodate them, and communicate. Priming with Foreplay Conscious Orgasms; the art of Manifesting through them Learn your intimate Love Language, how best you like to receive love, and what your greatest turn-offs might be, you can find the test here: Compassionate energy transfer Realise that you have all control of how you perceive & receive sex, let no other external factor like religion, society and toxic culture be what taints the experience and rushes you into an intimate relationship not meant for you. I hope you enjoyed this one, with a chuckle, deep nod and lots of a-ha moments! If so, feel free to drop a review and repost to your social feeds - it goes a really long way 💙💪🏼 Sending love to you all and I really do hope you find a sexual partner who brings you a super conscious, deep meaningful connection, founded with trust, that lasts. #keepithunky ------------- 🎁FREE COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
January 28, 2021
10 ways a Woman can be attractive to a Conscious Man
I held back from pulling the trigger on a serious relationship and commitment for so long... and it was only until I saw all the signs in Jasmine, that I'd be taken care of, taken seriously, respected, and essentially loved. This episode was created to help women (and men) seek the answers for how to show the universe certain signs that result in drawing in a more conscious, and emotionally available man. You'll also gain an insight into what many men look for, find irresistible, and extremely attractive, in ways that may not meet the eye, but heart, and soul. Today I cover 10 ways, with stories from my own relationship with Jas and beyond. This list isn't exhaustive, but you'll have to listen to the episode for all the gold! I want to leave you with the disclaimer that you as you are, is enough. It's now believing in yourself, your worth, and doing what it takes to seize and attract what you so deserve. The moment you begin to believe in yourself, is the moment you'll realise your dream partner is possible. I've seen it among my clients stories, and have lived through this truth myself.  The 10 ways that are only secrets, until you listen through the full episode, from creating a safe place for your man to be vulnerable, all the way to being truly dynamic, are how you can start to raise your worth and integrate them all into practice. I wish you all the very best, and be sure to never settle for less. #keepithunky ------- 🎁FREE CLARITY COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
January 24, 2021
Getting Engaged - What it's really like?
Strap up for a Roller Coaster of Emotions in this very special podcast episode. From the euphoria to the dips - nothing goes unnoticed in this episode. A real, raw and very transparent 3-Part Pod, which will help you identify your soulmate, what to expect, and how to navigate emotional turbulence. Since going public with all my feelings about the process, there was some misconception that men don’t ever seem to be “emotionally turbulent” during proposals, that I wanted to cover. In matter of fact, men might just be instinctually programmed to get on with it… But I wanted to shine light on all the potential emotional barriers empaths alike, may face. I break down the entire journey of the proposal; from secretly sourcing the ring, setting up the big day, sussing if Jas’ third eye caught me at any point, the roller coaster of bending the knee, my feelings, and all the after-thoughts. I hope this can be a reminder that being emotional knows no boundaries, and committing to your person, and yourself, is the most fulfilling and euphoric thing you could ever do. Life is for depth, and conspiring to bring you what you deserve! Here’s to the beginning of forever. 3:55 - Part 1 - Before You Plan, How do you know? All the tests you should be undertaking before committing Getting in-tune with intuition It’s YOUR decision 21:18 - Part 2 - D-Day, The Proposal We can’t plan everything. We remember how we feel, not the fancy trinkets, nor things. You are worthy! 44:28 - Part 3 - The Aftermath Commitment to simplicity, depth and Taking on the life of your dreams Expectation hangover You can also check out the full vlog over on my Youtube Channel; If you’re still riddled with questions of who you and that special person is, then my FREE 3-Day Course will kick you off to a great beginning, just sign up here: Keep it Hunky! —— 🎁FREE COURSE: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
January 12, 2021
Why You're Falling for the Wrong Man
This is not exclusively a great listen for those seeking men, but also a brilliant listen for men to look introspectively at the common issues of oh, so terrible relationships, the red flags and toxic patterns that need to be shifted and how some men can be even worse partners. We date back to our ancestors here, with the help of Darwinian theory, the Dominance Hierarchy, Power dynamics, Relationship Science, and Human Behaviour.  This podcast teaches you the roots for where neglecting patterns come from, the red flags to look out for and ways you can RAISE your WORTH, to cease the self-sabotage and seize a partner that really does go the long run with you, and recreates the happily ever after you've always been after. I hope these musings from my past experience with the dating scene,  being a male brain myself, and having rubbed shoulders with the bad boys you SHOULD NOT be seeking, will be the wisdom you need to hear today.  Feel free to pop this podcast a review, you're kind words go a long, long way, just like a relationship with longevity - and I ain't going nowhere! Keep it Hunky! ---- 🎁FREE GIFT: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
November 23, 2020
“Man”ifestation w/ Jasmine Lipska - How Intuition Works to Call in your Dreams, and Manifestation vs. Naivety
Manifestation gets a lot of flack from the realists. This podcast takes down the dream-getting naysayers, and makes you believe it is real, possible and only takes a mindset shift to get going with it. It’s not “spiritual fluff”, but what you create, for others to reap the realistic benefits. “Everything we see, was created with thought”, while the mind is a powerful tool to think into reality good and the bad. So Jas helps us explore how we can put our greatest, most supportive voice at the helm - and fear behind us - to rewire our brain, and call in our #bestlife. We also dive deeper into who is an “ideal” man for women, the dating red flags, and how to nurture the conditions for a healthy, thriving relationship. We must also understand intuitively when we need to make that life-shift and change, and so Jas explores her means and life-story for us to hear her way into the world of Manifesting, and holding the space for healing. “You are worthy, and your success is inevitable” as this beautiful soul would say, who I’m lucky enough to have as my partner too… We can both talk for England, and Australia - So I’m sure we’ll go again in the future. Feel free to Reach out for an episode idea you’d like Jas and I to cover in the future! A share to your instagram story tagging @healthhunk and @jaslipska, with your favourite takeaway; or if you’re not a big social media person, a lovely review will go a long way - beginning your journey to “what goes around, comes around” and you’ll expect sure to see feel-good fairies sent to you as thanks. You can also join the two of us at @jasieandjosh on instagram, and Youtube. Sending you hunky hugs, and love through this tough time. We can get through this, together! - 🎁FREE GIFT: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
September 23, 2020
10 DO NOW's to be Happier
This episode breaks down a juicy 10 things you can do today, to be Happier. Expect many stories, valuable practical advice, and real talk! 1. Cut out Alcohol; Stop stealing happiness from the next day, and living in a suppressed state. Tackle your underlying nags, with courage and soberly. 2. Get Better Mates; Those that support Goals, and vision. Limit Toxicity and gossip. "We are what what we think, others think, we are", so if they're unconscious people, we'll feel just the same, or horrible about ourselves.  3. Quit Comparing; They could be Fakers, Hurt People, and the Tip of the Iceberg to false realities; yet you're still weighing your own life up, to theirs. Stop that, by comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, and what you aim to be, as your very own Hero.  4. Enjoy the Journey, not the Destination; Be Dynamic. Ok with the Mundane, and have multiple Purpose Pillars. If one falls, hold yourself up with other life pursuits. Know life, right now, is exciting or teaching you something. 5. Play your cards right; Know thyself. Work on your Internal, in a way not dictated by Personality Tests, or funky Horoscope Readings. 6. Take yourself less seriously; Play More. Find Your Humour. In a Doggy-Dog world of competing for Hierarchy, be the one to Stand un-phased. 7. Less Extremes, More balance. Kick out dopamine-crave, bring in reason and look at your life with a birds-eyed view with the help of this Life-Inventory Journal I live by: 8. Your Parents, Aren't You; They may try to live through you, sometimes controlling, protectively, or without nurture; as they may have pain bodies in the past, projected upon you, or simply to protect you from the pain they once lived.  9. Communicate More, Means Don't Matter; We are always seeking feedback, and have a need to process. A way to the Means, in any form can be found in learning how you like to receive love; this is likely how you are best at communicating and giving: 10. Dream BIG, with Actionable, Achievable Steps; BE, DO, HAVE. Who do you need to be to achieve what you aim to have? Be Kind, Patient and emotional intelligent with yourself, by always taking "Quantifiable goals" with a High-Low Goal Setting.  When we look at the Procreation Chain, the odds of you being alive are basically zero. (1 in 400 quadrillion to be exact).  You are a Miracle, while God lives within you.  Be the Happiness, for yourself, to be the happiness for others. Starting with Gratitude to be Alive. Feel free to Tag and Share your Favourite "Thing" that helped you most to be Happier, in your Instagram Story, Tagging #keepithunky and @healthhunk! Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world too :) 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
July 31, 2020
How I Nearly got on Love Island Pt.2
Continued from Episode 7, we now take on the Directors of the Love Island Show... Bringing with it, the highest tension you're yet to hear. The point in the process where I had to create formidable boundaries and readiness for what was to come.  Here are more lessons you can learn from this one: Lesson 4: Hold your Integrity, no matter what may be promised to you Be everything and anything in any given moment. Besides; IMAGINE, if I made the show, having to PRETEND to be anything other than myself? Now what is already uncomfortable can be extremely uncomfortable. Lesson 5: Don't fake it til you make it, face it til you make it: I'm afraid that society can reward FAKENESS & there's incentives behind it.  You know those Fake followers accounts that still land big hotel collabs. Like the Coaches that fake making their team of coaches 5k weeks, that then get invited to nationwide public talks? BUT HOW HAPPY/FULFILLED WILL YOU FEEL WHEN YOU MAKE IT? Don't put money over meaning, profits over people, popularity over integrity. You'll rob yourself of feeling fulfilled & happiness. Lesson 6: Control your RESPONSE, what’s happened has happened. Lesson 7: Comparison is the thief of happiness, and our ability to notice your own, unique, authentic gift. Lesson 8: Handling Rejection: With opportunity, however big or small we MUST NOT dwell, to affect our future potential. Adopt the It’s NOT personal, “Meant to be” mentality as this equips you with humility. When one door closes, another opens, while you're released of your obligations to focus your time and energy, now on something that serves you. All in all, the Series Summary: Know yourself and know your decisions have a consequence. Deal with all scenarios with RESPECT and SENSITIVITY. Never lose integrity. Take decisions consciously, and check-in with yourself often. Give yourself a try. What’s the WORST that could happen? Big Dreams, manifest REAL Results and Opportunities. Are you Ready for what it Takes? When there’s a will and coping tools there’s a way… DISCLAIMER: What they won't tell you is Reality Shows aren't for the highly sensitive, and my advice, if you're still in healing or haven't created that initial toughness to "HATERS" or public Judgement I'd put these ventures on pause for a while. Proceed with SELF-CARE & PRECAUTION.  My Self-Confidence Bootcamps might be a perfect match for you, if you want to create the Readiness for situations just like these! - 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed this mammoth Two-Part Series; A Youtube Video will soon follow on the same subject! If you have 20s to spare, your review, or reshare would mean the world.  #keepithunky
July 11, 2020
How I Nearly got on Love Island Pt.1
In this episode you’ll get some juicy insights into how i nearly made it onto Love Island in 2020, not only the actual process, with actual things said, but the subtext, the emotional management and lessons I’d learnt along the way. You might be on your own big ol' daunting journey right now too, so let this episode be a hand-hold through situations just like this one! The journey will take you from the application process, through the Psychologists, Directors, and Family; to present you 9 valuable lessons on a roller coaster of self-doubt and emotional challenges. This is Part One, presenting 3 of them: Lesson 1: Share sensitively, make it about them, not you, share with the right people, who won’t have you guessing but offer HONEST feedback. Lesson 2: Seek something much larger than yourself, when you have doubts. Lesson 3: Only have a phew in your circle. Less than 5. Those who will be there, no matter what. Catch me on Part Two where we'll take on THE DIRECTORS, together! Your 20 seconds to review the Podcast will mean the world, as would your share to your favourite platform. #keepithunky ----- 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 🎵Keep it Fhunky: 🕺See Me TikTok’in: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: (Get 10% off as a Podcast Listener with Code: Keepithunky10) 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call: 🎁FREE Coaching Gift:
July 09, 2020
3 Ways to be an Unshakeable Empath
An Empath has a Paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. Yet must be protected. The world is unforgiving; with it comes a responsibility to stand up to abusers, narcissists, sociopaths and those willing to take advantage. Me, like you, may have been on the tail-end of abusive relationships, manipulation and in the dark; but it doesn’t have to be this way. The World needs your sensitive, emotionally intuitive gift now, more than ever. Reminder 1: Empathy knows no Gender. Reminder 2: Personality Tests and Science is flawed. Reminder 3: Grow a Backspine, here’s how: Maintain Balance; create a statement that embodies the best of the feminine and masculine worlds. Know your Worth. Create a Circle of Dignity in 5 Core Values; and set boundaries for them. Find out who you are here at Psyche Central. (You’ll likely be a “Thin Boundary” person, being an Empath.) Limit the Damage SOONER! Spot Red Flags, create get-out strategies, and destroy the attachment to all that you have invested in toxic relationships and situations. The Podcast dives much deeper; while I help Empaths 1:1 just like you in my Comprehensive, Engaging 16 or 8 Week Confidence Bootcamps. Find the link below! “You are a Gift to the World that is being unwrapped. But it is you who is responsible, to the right people.” Health Hunk, 2020 ———— 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 🎵Keep it Fhunky: 🕺See Me TikTok’in: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: (Get 10% off as a Podcast Listener with Code: Keepithunky10) 💰Support this Podcast: 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
June 23, 2020
Performance Anxiety: Slaying the 5 Monsters
Slaying the 5 Monsters to Performance Anxiety You don’t have to be a business mogul, public speaker, nor hollywood actor to want or need to perform highly. This is for everyone, from turning up to a social scene, new club, or team presentation; there are a multitude of factors we must overcome in order to fall into our flow; reduce anxiety, and allow ourselves to just naturally show up. We’ll cover the common anxious brain fallacies; and ways to deal with each. Mind Monsters: 1. Perfectionism Understanding that the greats do strive for error-free, competitive advantage in doing their best. but it’s exactly that. their best. Mistakes,  are a gift to grow. Embrace them. 2. Judgement Leonardo da Vinci "one can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself" Raise the value of yourself, look inward, before comparing to the outer; to those who really don't matter to you. 3. What if? How our brain works to seek for an outcome,  and living the best of both predictable and unpredictable worlds. 4. Self depreciation  You have a gift greater than you believe; your authentic ability to communicate and deliver yourself to the World, that no-one else can achieve. "We magnetize ourselves to excellent rewards by raising the value of ourselves" Body Monster: 5. Poor Neurochemistry Be aware of the physiology and chemistry going on with what you put into your mouth, which impacts your performing mind. The Dalai Lama said, "Change only takes place through action, not through meditation and prayer alone." The next episode will help knock down procrastination once and for all! Stay tuned -------------- 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Join the Vlog: 🕺See Me on TikTok: 🎵Keep it Fhunky: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: (Get 10% off as a Podcast Listener with Code: Keepithunky10) 📲Book a Hunky Life Reboot Session: 💰Support this Podcast:
June 18, 2020
Digital Nomad Success & Lad Culture with Marko Randelovic
Presenting Marko Randelovic; The first Guest on the Health Hunk Life Podcast. An Award-winning Filmmaker, for Netflix. *Nat Geo A lad who'd spun a life from busy, bustling and stressful corporate life in England as a Creator for Uni Lad, to become a Self-Made Award-Winning Documentary Maker around the World. Working for some of the biggest brands; Thai Airways, Matador Network & TedX, the list goes on. Marko has also gone onto found his own Creative Academy; Nomad Film Makers, and kickstart his Creative Media Agency Amantra Studios. It's a pleasure to pick the brains of this Creative Talent. Aside from his brilliant humour, will provide gems into essentially living the "Good Life" as a digital nomad, shining light on Lad Culture, and diving deep into the underlying effects of our toxic Consumerism Culture. He addresses what we can take away from Bali Culture, "Is there such thing as a REAL MAN?", and defines "Ladness". This conversation should pave the way to inspire action, and give an insight into the world of a Digital Nomad Creator; Success Secrets, and how to find your Creative Flow. Support Marko here: Marko's Creative Agency: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 💰Support this Podcast: 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 👥Join the FB Community: 🎵Keep it Fhunky: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: (Get 10% off as a Youtube Supporter with Code: keepithunky10) 👨‍💻Hunky Life Reboot 1:1 Call:
May 08, 2020
Overcoming: Social Anxiety & “Introversion”
You’re not alone. Anxiety is a baseline survival tool to keep us comprehending a complex world and keep us alive. But what happens when we fear the irrational? Once upon a time, parties, events, gatherings and even having family over would terrify me. Now I’m throwing myself in front of audiences, having casted in the top 100 for the popular Love Island UK, Butlered naked at full-scale events, and been on TV - it’s safe to say I overcame my introverted gamer ways. This episode, will help you build the confidence, destroy limiting beliefs, and equip you with the starter pack to pump up your social skills. Let your current state of anxiety be your enlightenment, to take responsibility for overcoming it. 1 - “Be interested to be interesting” As humans, we’re naturally egotistical for survival, whether we like it or not. So dive into the idea others love to talk about themselves. Channelling attention away from you. Be the first to ASK. 💬 2 - Smile// Body language // own it. 🕺 Chest up, chin up, eyes bold, smile. You’ve just created a testosterone-fuelled cocktail of go-getting, while halving your cortisol. 3 - Re-Energize Not only consume to be in your best “thinking” state. But limit ego taking over your mental-emotional - and even physical energy, in wanting and needing to be right for “power” 4 - Re-identify You crush the limitations of the mind, and find you’re limitless when you don’t take yourself too seriously. Ego can never thrive there. There are no problems in the Now. there is no illness or “lack” either. Belief in a label someone attaches to your condition - keeps the condition in place. 5 - SURRENDER Surrender does not transform what is. Surrender transforms you. When you transform your whole world transforms. Because the world is only a reflection. Become friendly to your own reflection, befriend it, never alienate. To the best of your ability, do your best. Over time the demon will become smaller and smaller. Practice makes peace, Hunk! ——————————————————————————— 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 🎵Keep it Fhunky: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: (Get 10% off as a Podcast Listener with Code: Keepithunky10) 💰Support this Podcast:
April 20, 2020
Overcoming: Depression - Greatest Mindset Shifts That Saved My Life
Once a naive, young lad, crippled by past traumatic experiences, and stressors, I hit a serious plummeting into a pit of self despair, deep fear, anxiety and built up immobilising layers that even led to feeling suicidal. Disabled by my social anxiety, self deprecation, sensitivity and little know-how, I was left hopeless. This is a conversation, all alike and resonant with the above, especially men, should take some valuable gems from. We all know that physical fitness, quality nutrition, and mindfulness creates ease and wellness in our lives - but what culminates breakthroughs from the lowest lows, is a reconstruction of mindset.  Quietening the lymbic, archaic, reacting brain to have faith, and spark action towards a brighter future. Let this be the podcast that SHIFTS your mind to: 1. Take Courageous ACTION - Forget the woo woo from guru's, do what I'm about to show you. 2. Think Realistic OPTIMISM - Discipline your expectations. 3. FOCUS your efforts - Consume and live consciously, however unconscious you may feel. I've been there, feel you, and know there's a way out. You're not alone, hunk! ... 🏠The Hub: 🤳Do it for the gram: 👥Join the FB Community: 🎥Join the Journey to launch the Vlog: 🎵Keep it Fhunky: 💪The Best Coaching Solution NOW: (Get 10% off as a Podcast Listener with Code: Keepithunky10) 💰Support this Podcast:
February 23, 2020