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The Tri Journey Podcast

The Tri Journey Podcast

By Josh Muskin
This podcast is devoted to educating & motivating triathletes, Ironman® trainees, marathoners, and other athletes alike. It features the inspiring stories of regular people tackling incredible challenges, none bigger than the Ironman® triathlon.
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Roll an ankle, complete an Ironman - a typical week with Justin
If you've ever rolled an ankle before, there's a STRONG chance that you didn't do much for a few days after that. You rested, iced, took it easy.  But not Justin. Justin rolled his ankle 48 hours before his 140.6 mile triathlon, and you know what he did? He finished.
November 11, 2019
Run Fast, Don't Suck (And Cycling Advice Too) with Kevin Love
He's not the NBA super star, but he is an accomplished collegiate runner & junior national cyclist. Kevin Love joins the podcast today to talk about running/cycling efficiently, what do with your feet, and overall, how to run (and bike) fast, and not suck. Enjoy!
September 7, 2019
Never stop until you get home - An interview with Brian Johnson
When Jack, a father figure diagnosed with MS after his first two Ironman races called up Brian to join him for Ironman Tulsa 2020, there was only one answer: See you at the starting line.  In this interview Brian talks about his relationship with Jack, overcoming trips to the hospital, Jameson Whiskey, and other fun anecdotes about Ironman training. It's a can't miss. 
August 28, 2019
Don't eat sweet potatoes raw (and other Ironman nutrition advice) w/ Emily Connors
I'm joined by Emily Connors, Nutritionist & close personal friend to talk all things Ironman nutrition. What to eat, what not to eat, when and how much to eat, etc, etc.  She drops all sorts of knowledge bombs ranging from how to count your macros without counting, and what an awful idea it would be to eat sweet potatoes raw (and why that matters). 
August 13, 2019