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3-Up Moon Podcast

3-Up Moon Podcast

By Joshua Bone and Andrew Gilmore
Hosts Andrew (Gilly) and Josh (Boney) will take you through every video game starring Mario, and try not to get too distracted whilst doing so!
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Episode 4 - Super Mario Bros. 35 - Mushroom in the Wind
Rev up the ol' emergency episode klaxon, and adorn yourself in your funeral overalls, Josh and Andrew are discussing Super Mario Bros. 35, with this episode releasing on the day in which Nintendo pry the title away from our fire flower-y, but dead hands. The pair are crankier than a thrown King Bob-omb as they discuss the events surrounding Mario's 35th anniversary, and his sudden demise, but by the end, they come together in loving memory of a plumber worth celebrating, sending this Nintendo Switch Online title off to the Star World in the sky. Keep it between you and me, but the fellas are gonna be discussing Super Mario Bros. 3 in the next episode. If you wish to make and inquiry, or pose these boys a question, you may do so at this electronic mailing address -  Joshua Bone - @goujicho Andrew Gilmore - What is a man? A miserable little pile of feelings. Music from Super Mario Bros. 35 by... I honestly don't know and can't find a way to tell as the game has no credits. Cooool. Sorry. Polygon Doug Bowser Interview -
March 30, 2021
Episode 3 - Super Mario Bros. 2 and Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic - Welcome to the Space Womb
Andrew and Josh drift off into dreamland in this latest endeavour, covering Mario and Imajin's parallel adventures to defeat a particularly gassy frog. Our hosts astral project to Japan circa 1987 to experience some of the sights of the hottest event in town, discuss the difficulties in dealing with Cobrats and Albatosses (Albatossi? Albatoss?), and revel in the pleasant sounds of Andrew's new microphone. Lots of Josh poorly pronouncing things in this episode, I assure you it's just the pressure of delivering podcast content as revolutionary as this. Lay back and enjoy another riveting episode of Three Up Moon! You got something you wanna say, punk? Spit it out in the form of an email to already, jeez! Joshua Bone - @goujicho Andrew Gilmore - This kid is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S Music from Super Mario Bros. 2 by Koji Kondo (hail to the king, baby) The Story of Yume Kōjō, Not Super Mario Bros. 2 -
February 27, 2021
Episode 2 - Super Mario Bros. and The Lost Levels - The Clouds and The Bushes
Super Mario Bros. has Josh and Andrew scoring 5000 points with a top of the flagpole runtime. There's just so much to say about this game, with all of it most likely having already been said, but that won't stop these two Koopa Kings from trying. DJ Gilly Grime and Boney Beats peruse the game's charming manual cover to cover, recount their many feelings whilst playing, reflect on Hudson's very Special sequel, and try to do it all before Gilly has to go to work. Boney's audio sounds much better in this one, kids, really captures his knackered voice. Stay tuned until the end to catch an uncut discussion about Super Smash Bros., a topic of conversation that Andrew has ambushed Josh with countless beloved times. Got a question? Complaint? Correction? Offer we can't refuse? Send it in to and we will most probably get back to you! Joshua Bone - @goujicho Andrew Gilmore - Hopefully this Cheep Cheep plugs in the better microphone he's got for next time. Music from Super Mario Bros. composed by Koji Kondo Iwata Asks Interview Vol. 2:
February 4, 2021
Episode 1 - Mario Bros. - Lakitu Hype Train
The boys are back, one of them with substantially poorer audio quality than before as Audacity's input device selection or...some other malevolent force, strives to sabotage the second (or first?) episode of Let's-a Go: with Gilly and Boney! (seriously though, Josh is very sorry about this and it likely won't happen again) Mario Bros. is their prime target this time, with Josh and Andrew diving deep in their thoughts on the arcade classic, getting hungry for some ochazuke, and butting heads regarding Mario's green-clothed little brother.  Got a question? Complaint? Correction? Offer we can't refuse? Send it in to and we will most probably get back to you! Joshua Bone - @goujicho Andrew Gilmore - Still not sure what to put here! Forgot to ask Andrew...So how are you all doing? Music from Mario Bros. composed by Hirokazu Tanaka. Iwata Asks Interview:
January 21, 2021
Episode 0 - Donkey Kong - How High Can You Get?
Andrew and Josh check out the very first Mario game there is, Donkey Kong! Before the mustachioed man was even known as Mario he was Jumpman, scaling a perilous construction site to rescue Lady (Pauline) from the clutches of Nintendo's #1 ape. The boys discuss how high they can get, their thoughts on the plumber's (then carpenter) first outing, and Josh takes us through too many ports of the arcade classic to count. Who is Donkey Kong in relation to Mario? Which is the best level in Donkey Kong? Is Mario the baddie in Donkey Kong Jnr.? WHO IS STANLEY?! All these questions and more might possibly be answered in this inaugural episode of 3-Up Moon Podcast: Let's-a Go with Gilly and Boney! Joshua Bone - @goujicho Andrew Gilmore - Gilly deleted his twitter so I'm not sure what to put here for now! Music from Donkey Kong composed by Yukio Kaneoka.
January 14, 2021