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Big Wonder. Conversations with Australia's emerging Actors and Filmmakers.

Big Wonder. Conversations with Australia's emerging Actors and Filmmakers.

By Joshua
My name is Joshua Charles Dawe. I'm a Melbourne based, Australian born Actor, Photographer and writer.
In this podcast, I'm talking with other creatives who are trying to make their way out of the dark and into the light.
I'll be specifically talking with Actors who have been creating their own content, what they are currently working on and giving them a chance to promote it. There will be an emphasis on projects that hope to pull the veil back on issues that need it, and creatives who are hoping to bring about change through awareness.
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#48 Big Wonder. Christopher Kirby
I can't think of too many better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, than sitting down with Legend discussing life and acting over a glass of red. Christopher is an incredibly generous, funny and intelligent dude and it was a real treat to have him on the show. Originally from L.A., Christopher is a very accomplished actor, having worked on an extensive collection of productions including 'The Matrix trilogy', 'Star Wars', and 'Blood Vessel'. So tune for a chat that follows no rule book and goes where ever the hell it wants!!! For your Naked wines vouch of $100 off a case go to Chris Kirby imdb: Joshua Dawe:
February 22, 2021
#47 Tegan Crowley
SEASON THREE OF BIG WONDER IS HERE!!! And we are off to a bloody good start with the incredibly talented and humble Tegan Crowley. I have the extreme pleasure of currently working with Tegan on the short film 'The kids on Murphey Street' and in between blocks Tegan found the time to step in for a chat. Tegan like myself is also a Photographer and a writer, but that's not all, Tegan is currently putting the finishing touches on her debut album that she and her brother have written, 'Born of a Dying Star' and their band is called 'The Urban Crowley Collective'.  So sit back and enjoy listening to another of Melbourne's excessively talented artists!!!
February 7, 2021
#45 Nick Farnell
I can't thank my guest today enough for taking the time to chat with me today. I constantly reminded of how lucky I am to get to chat with talented people. Nick Farnell is an actor, producer, director and writer based here and in LA. Nick actually worked on one of my favourite Australian movies 'Balibo' which was great to dive into as my mother has lived in East Timor for the last 20 years. It's a story that every Australian should know. Nick is the scripted Producer for Set Apart Pictures. They have worked on such features as 'Robert The Bruce', 'Sail Boat' with J.K. Simmonds and 'Broken Ghost'. And Set Apart is also the team behind the web series that I had the please of being apart of, 'Perfect Chaos, which has just released the second season and it's not to be missed. Massive things on the horizon for this absolute legend and gentleman. I hope you all enjoy learning about, Nick Farnell. PERFECT CHAOS: Don't forget to share, like and subscribe, you amazing people!!!  What else have you got to do!!!  FREE WINE!!! Head to for your $100 discount on a case of wine.
September 29, 2020
#44 Rowan Howard.
Talk about transparency. My hat goes off to this man for being so open in our conversation, it's tricky for most, even actors so I'm incredibly grateful for my time chatting with Rowan. We get into Rowan's journey as an actor but also as a man from his generation and how he's evolved to be a better father and a better husband, which ultimately makes him a better actor.  Rowan dives into his latest film 'True Blue' which centres around an Aussie farming family dealing with drought and financial hardships and the depression that follows. A very real and current problem in Australia. 'True Blue' is currently doing the film festival circuit and is an official selection for the 'Screen It' International Film Festival. Rowan Howard IMDb: And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
September 20, 2020
#43 Evan Williams
So thrilled to have my dear friend and fellow actor and musician, Evan Williams on the show. We both started acting at a similar time and met on the set of 'Broken Contract' and independent feature film shot back in 2013 in Perth. Now 7 years later we have formed one of my most cherished friendships and have had the pleasure of working on three films together. Evan has had an incredibly bumpy journey till now, filled with doubt and heartbreak and has now come out the other side with a real clear line of sight to what he wants as an artist.  This conversation brought me a lot of joy as I haven't spoken with Evan in a while, and I'm so excited about what he's been working on and what he has coming up. Evan recently worked on the feature film 'The Furnace' with David Wenham and 'Slippery Business'. Which we dive into and also how he juggles his extreme love of being a professional musician and being an actor. Evan: joshua: Instagram @slipperybusiness And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
August 31, 2020
#42 Dylan Smith
Well, this was a real honour and something I will cherish for years to come. My guest today is has acted alongside some of the biggest names in Cinema, from Chris Pine to Colin Farrel and none other than Tom Cruise.  He is now working on his biggest role today in the upcoming Amazon Prime Lord of The Rings series, being shot in New Zealand. This was really exciting to sit back and listening to his stories of working with these actors, especially working on 'The Mummy' and sharing scenes with Tom Cruise. And how he came to land the role of Sepp, in 'I Am the Night'. Dylan is not only an incredible actor who is a testament to doing the work and staying the course, but he is also a really great human who is more than generous with his time and knowledge. I feel very privileged to have had this time with him and I can't wait to see him in his next role in 'Lord Of The Rings'. And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
August 23, 2020
#41 Lliam Murphy
After a week off to just chill and recalibrate for this 6-week lockdown, I'm back!!! My guest today is an actor, photographer, filmmaker, producer, novelist and one of the first friendships I made when I moved to Melbourne. Most of you listening have probably stood in front of his lens and some point, Mr Lliam Murphy. I actually haven't caught up with him for a good chat in ages so this was really great. Lliam, has always been someone who is trying to be as effective as he can in everything that he does, and is constantly evolving as an artist and as a man.  Jump on and listen to his tales of working on Netflix's 'Rostered On', the constantly changing landscape of our industry and his cautionary tale about getting his first feature film financed. And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
August 17, 2020
#40 Martin Copping
This is what I love about doing this podcast, it forces conversational depth and a level of honesty humility that you don't often get in fleeting interactions with people. I had an absolute blast chatting with Martin Copping and I feel pretty confident in saying it won't be our last.  Martin has really taken the next step and has been living and working in LA as an Actor for over a decade. Working on some amazing projects and with some great Actors in his time, including Steven Segal and Danny Trejo. But true to his nature the quest doesn't stop there and he is currently in post-production for his feature film 'Dunes' which he wrote, produced and acted in the lead role. So we dive into that whole process which is really where the gems lie for you the audience. Big fan and I'm sure you will be too. Martin Copping IMDb: And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
August 3, 2020
#39 Melissa Mars
A special episode of Big Wonder indeed, straight from New York. My guest today is a woman of many talents and considerable success across a multitude of film and stage genres. Melissa Mars and I first met when we had the chance to work on a project called 'Perfect Chaos'. A web series shot in multiple locations around the world, all whilst lockdown was being enforced, innovation at it's best. Melissa shares her story about being cast alongside John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Myers in 'From Paris with Love'. And some of the projects she has cooking. I'm incredibly grateful for her time and even more so for having the opportunity to work with such a talented woman. Hopefully in person in the not too distant future. Melissa Mars IMDb: IG:melissamarsofficial Joshua Charles Dawe IMDb: And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
July 27, 2020
#38 Mark Lipkin
Here he is, the man who cast me in my first lead role for a feature. An experience so very special to me and I will forever be grateful to him for trusting me with his baby. Mark is an incredibly unique guy with a drive and passion for making films that will undoubtedly see him triumph in this business. It was so great to have him on as I have spoken about him many times on the show before, so it was very cool to finally pin him down for a chat. We get into the film we made together 'Weevil' and how Russia has fallen in love with the film, so much so that they took the time to dub the pirate copy. Yep, that's right, I have a Russian version of me lol.  We also get into what's next, his crazy film making process and a lot more. Mark Lipkin: And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
July 22, 2020
Big Wonder High Lights Thus Far.
This week I decided to have a look back at some of my favourite moments. Each guest has a 10 min black, so feel free to jump ahead or preferably watch all five!!!   1. Justin Dix. In this clip, Justin gets into how he found himself working on Starwar Episode 11.  2. Julian Haig. We get into how he landed a series regular role on the NETFLIX series, 'Riverdale'.   3. Myles Pollard. An absolute classic tale of when Myles auditioned for Peter Jackson and his LOTR.   4. Scotness L. Smith. What big wonder is all about, putting filmmaker together who just may go and make a film together!! Here I pitch Scotness on directing my film 'The Park.   5. Anthony Sharpe. Anthony dives into pitching producers in LA. SO fascinating, a must-watch.
July 14, 2020
#37 Jonathan Zoch
My guest today is an incredibly talented founder of Inspire Works, a corporate video production company based here in Melbourne. I asked Jonathan on the show because I was fascinated about why he chose that industry as opposed to slugging away at fiction films. The answer couldn't be more compelling. I think you will gain something from having a listen to what Jonathan has to say about the choices we make as creatives, the things as individuals we must have and the things we can live without in the pursuit of happiness. We also get into the film Jonathan would like to make when the time is right, which I was so fascinated to learn about and also impressed that it's still part of his overarching objective in life. You can check out his company here: And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
July 6, 2020
#36 Myles Pollard
Where to begin... This man single-handedly changed the course of my life  6 years ago, and I'm eternally grateful to him for that.  I have wanted to be an actor since I was first in a Christmas play at age 6, but after the age of 13, I gave it up due to peer pressure and bullying in my high school. It took me until I was 32 to get myself back into an acting class and it was in Myles Pollard's class that I was reconnected and convinced this is something worth giving a go. You probably know Myles from McLeod's Daughters now considered to be the most successful Australian TV show of all time and his epic surf film with Sam Worthington, 'Drift'.  This is an episode of Big Wonder I've been dying to do, Myles is incredibly humble about his journey as an actor, his wins and loses, his big decisions about doing what's right for his family and his career. Finding that balance is not an easy thing to do.  For those of you out there looking to get into acting or sharpen your skills, I strongly suggest you do your self a favour and train with Myles, he's easily the best I've worked with. Thank you again, my friend, this was a very special conversation indeed. For enquiries about training with Myles go to And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
June 29, 2020
#35 Reilly Archer-Whelan
A very special episode of Big Wonder indeed. Ahead of schedule and a must-listen. My guest today is a woman of many talents. Making incredible documentaries is just one of them.  Her upcoming film 'The Last Extinction' is set to premiere at The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on Tuesday the 30th of June in a live streaming event and I can tell you, it's a must-see. An original take on an ever-pressing issue of the impending mass extinction event, that includes. Don't think for a second it doesn't. We are very much apart of this planet and are integral to its survival. I can speak highly enough of Reilly and her work and I really hope this film receives the exposure it and the planet deserves. To check out her film and her body of work, hit these links. And as always for you $100 dollar wine voucher head to   For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
June 25, 2020
#34 Holly Hargreaves
This week I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with the very talented Holly Hargreaves. Holly is a filmmaker here in Melbourne but very much a writer at heart, so we had a great chat about her upcoming film 'Run'. Run is inspired by her incredibly successful short 'Run' which has had over 2.3 million views!!!! That is amazing!!! I can't wait to see the feature film, the poster and the story, look and sound sick!!!  We also discussed the grind behind building your own youtube channel, the pros and the cons. Enjoy!!! Head to to see Holly's incredible body of work.  And to check out all her great youtube videos which are super helpful to all of you in the biz, head to: As always For you $100 dollar wine voucher head to For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
June 22, 2020
#33 Robin Summons
Wanna hear a tale that will fill you with hope about the short film circuit??? Then this is the one. Robin Summons is a Melbourne based filmmaker and his recent film 'Skewwiff' is an absolute must-watch. It was accepted into the Claremont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in, France and the winner of the Reel Good Film Festival 2019 Audience Choice Award, winner of the Reel Good Film Festival 2019 Best On-Screen Performance. and winner of the Northern Lights Film Festival 2019 Best Short Film. Robin has an incredibly disarming way about him and has a great gift in being able to take a fragment of an idea and turn it into a compelling story. I loved chatting with and hope we work on something together in the future!! Robin Summons: Joshua Charles Dawe, IMDb : For you $100 dollar wine voucher head to For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
June 15, 2020
#32 Scottnes L. Smith
This is a very special episode indeed!!!! As you know Big Wonder is about putting upcoming, hustling actors, writers and filmmakers together for great conversations about their projects, their journey to now and the road ahead. But alongside that, my hope for my guests and for myself is that collaborations come from these conversations, directly or indirectly it doesn't matter!!! Let's just make some shit made already!!! hahaha So my guest today is an incredibly talented, intelligent, kind and generous filmmaker from South Africa who found his way to the podcast through my dear friend Anthony Sharpe. Scottnes, is a rare human indeed and I'm incredibly grateful to him for taking the time to come and have a chat. We really connected on our views of what collaboration means and how important it is.  Now what makes this episode very special to me, is I was able to pitch Scottnes on my own film 'The Park' during the podcast... wanna know how it went? Hit play. Check out Scottnes's incredible body of work at IMDb: Joshua Charles Dawe, IMDb : For you $100 dollar wine voucher head to For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with proof of your subscription to the channel.
June 8, 2020
#31 Jye Hawley
My first sit down with a bonified stuntman!!! Jye and I have been chatting for months now, having never met but sharing a former agent and a love of the industry, in general, I felt it was time to get him on the show. I wanted to know why he decided to make a move into professional stunt work, and where he wants to go with it.  Jye has a unique transparency about him which is rare, and I dig it!! I rarely loved him on even though when I first asked him to be on the pod he turned me down thinking he didn't have enough to say, which is total bull shit, as you will hear. He has loads to say and worthy of hearing.  He's incredibly tenacious, and I have no doubt will make his mark someday in the not too distant future. Jye Hawley IMDb: Joshua Charles Dawe IMDb : For you $100 dollar wine voucher head to For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with off of your subscription to the channel.
June 1, 2020
#30 Shane Joseph Willis
When I decided to start this podcast I really wasn't sure if id ever make it past the few actor/film people I knew. But here we are at episode 30 and I'm booked up for the next few weeks!!! This is guy is one to watch out for. Shane has just signed on to write the TV adaptation of 'Seven Bones' and 'Deadly Paths' and so we dive into that and the slew of projects he has in pre-production and post. Shane is incredibly generous with his knowledge of writing and the industry so this is one for all upcoming filmmakers.  I'm really honoured to have him on the show and stay tuned for our follow up chat in a few months time!!! Head to to check out Shane's work For you $100 dollar wine voucher head to For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with off of your subscription to the channel.
May 25, 2020
#29 Justin Dix
What a tremendous privilege it was to sit down with this man. His first job in the film industry was as the operator of R2-D2 (droid technician) on 'Stars Wars Episode II', and since then it has been from strength to strength. My guest today is the seriously talented and generous Mr Justin Dix.  I basically just sit back on this one and listen to his incredible stories of how he paved his way in the business. What was most interesting is learning of his next project and how he plans to bring it to life, a project he has been cultivating for 20 years, a must-listen.  We also dive into his upcoming film 'Blood Vessel' which will be released later this year, which was all shot here in Melbourne. I have had the honour of seeing a sneak peek and if Vampire Horror films set in WW11 are your thing, this will be a high light for you. It's epic. Check out Justin's work at For you $100 dollar wine voucher head to For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with off of your subscription to the channel.
May 18, 2020
#28 Yvonne Cone
This episode is coming to you from New York City. My guest on the show today, well this woman rocks, no other way to put it.  Yvonne Cone is an actor, writer, producer and co-founder of the Off-Broadway Theatre company 'Shrunken Shakespeare'. When I first moved to Melbourne I auditioned for TAFTA and it was Yvonne who coached me in Shakespeare which ultimately lead to me being accepted into the program.  Yvonne has worked on numerous theatre shows, Televisions show and films like Netflix's 'Happy' and "The Mysteries of Laura'. Yvonne has a new short film 'Take Me With You' which wrote, produced and acted alongside an incredible ensemble cast which includes 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' actor Spencer Garrett. Now sitting to write her first feature film which we dive into so you'll have to tune in to hear all about it. I can't wait to see what comes next for Yvonne.    Check out her theatre company  And a trailer for her upcoming short here   For your $100 dollar wine voucher head to  For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with off of your subscription to the channel.
May 10, 2020
#27 Julie Sharpe
Just can't say enough how much I loved sitting down with this remarkable woman!!! Julie Sharpe has been a Comedic Master of Ceremonies for the past 30 years. She was Dracula's beloved 'Sara Pax' and now 'Miss Juliette' at the Crown Casino's Princes of the Night. We dived into the events that took her from Drama school to diving into live comedy.   On a personal note, Julie and I know each other through her husband Anthony Sharpe and although we have crossed paths many times, we've never really had an opportunity to sit down and just talk about anything and everything, this was quite a treat. We went on the quite the journey, full of laughs and tears and recorded Big Wonder's longest episode to date!!   Go check Julie out, it's something to behold, I've been and I loved it.   For your $100 dollar wine voucher head to  For 20% off a Photoshoot, leave a comment with off of your subscription to the channel.
May 4, 2020
#26 Nick Cain
So great to finally sit down with this bloke and have an ultra free-flowing and inspiring conversation about... whatever the hell we want to. I think it's as important to keep pushing this podcast in the direction of it being a Film concept launchpad and promotional platform, but also it's the meandering, explorative conversations with other creatives that are so important also. My guest today is an Actor, Writer and Podcast host, amongst many things. Nick Cain joins me today to discuss a myriad of topics one being the rebranding and launch of his and Lauren Baily's podcast 'The Act of Storytelling', which centres around Artists who are trying to make a difference in the world through their art. It's definitely one to add to your favourites. Don't forget to share, like and subscribe, you amazing people!!!  What else have you got to do!!! And I'll give you 20% off a photoshoot!!! FREE WINE!!! Head to for your $100 discount on a case of wine.
April 27, 2020
#25 Tom Hayton
BIG WONDER GOES INTERNATIONAL!!    So since this COVID-19 shit show has got us all on lockdown I've had to recalibrate the podcast, that means no in-studio conversations, time to go remote and hell, why not go international for something a little different. But don't worry Big Wonder is still about local filmmakers, but for a little bit of variety, a glimpse into what other filmmakers are doing out in the world, meet my dear friend, Tom Hayton.  Tom is an established international filmmaker, Photographer, writer, educator and competitive Judo martial artist. Tom jumped on to discuss his most recent  E-book which centres around helping freelance artists navigate these difficult times and not only survive, but thrive.   You can get yourself a copy of 'The Freelancers Guide to the Pandemic' on his website,   Don't forget to share, like and subscribe, you amazing people!!!  What else have you got to do!!! And I'll give you 20% off a photoshoot!!!     FREE WINE!!! Head to for your $100 discount on a case of wine.
April 18, 2020
#24 Nina Buxton
There are people that come into your life every day and they are often forgotten or not often thought about they just pass you by. That couldn't be further from the truth for this superstar!!! Nina Buxton is one hell of a human!! Oh and an incredible Director and writer to boot :).  I had the extreme pleasure of working with her on multiple award-winning short film 'Mwah' which is a must-see!!!  Nina jumped in the chair to discuss the journey of that film and what she is up to now, and she is kicking ass!!! I have all the time and respect in the world for this woman and I'm very grateful that our paths crossed!!  Please don't forget to subscribe and share!!!   Check out 'Mwah' here: 20% off Photoshoots
April 10, 2020
#23 Anthony Sharpe
He's back!!!  Mr Anthony Sharpe, and what a dead set legend he is. Anthony was my first guest ever on Big Wonder and as always I'm incredibly grateful for his time and his friendship. This chat truly is an inciteful one as Anthony dives into his recent trip to LA and the work he is now doing on the producing end of the spectrum.  s a proactive, make shit happen, Actor, you inevitably find yourself producing to some degree, so if that's you, I highly recommend giving this episode a listen. Anthony drops some serious insight into what it's like to pitch a film in person to the 'suits' in Hollywood.   Don't forget to share, like and subscribe you amazing people!!!  What else have you got to do!!!   FREE WINE!!! Head to for your $100 discount on a case of wine.
April 4, 2020
#22 Sarah Hallam
What a blast it was to sit down with this woman!! You may recognise her as 'Hutch' from Wentworth or from the stage in such productions as 'Killer Joe'. Sarah Hallam is one hell of a talented actress and she joined me to discuss her many upcoming projects and the incredible amount of training involved in preparing for one role in particular.  Tune in to hear which one and what's involved to play a former professional boxer turned coach!!!   For your Naked Wines voucher head to for $100 off your first case!!!
March 28, 2020
#21 David Beamish
Back in Melbourne to shed some well earned and articulately executed knowledge on getting yourself set up in the film game over in Canada. David has been giving talks at institutions like Howard Fine, educating actors about the pros and cons hauling your ass over to Canada and getting amongst it.  Always a pleasure to have my good friend on the show and on my couch!!  Find Dave at  For an epic discount on some delicious wine, follow this link which is only for Big Wonder Listeners!!!
March 23, 2020
#20 Riley Longworth
Great to have this guy on the podcast today!!! Riley is one hell of a talented writer and we had a great discussion about his upcoming film, his dabbles with acting and how critical he was in helping me with my own writing. If you're a first time writer and looking for a professional to go over your script and give you constructive feedback then Riley is your man. Easily one of the best and most affordable in Melbourne. You can catch him on Don't forget to Subscribe, share and if you need new images, email me at for 20% off, just supply proof of your subscription to the apple podcast and the youtube channel and a share on your socials.
March 15, 2020
#19 Sam Petersen
Sam Petersen is an Actor, writer, filmmaker and podcast host. Sam jumped into the hot seat to have a chat about his most recent film 'Fraud Festival'   The film draws inspiration from the Fyre Island documentary and applies it to a fictitious tale about a small-town Mayor who is trying to save his town, Cobert by holding a concert that doesn't exist...yet.  Sit down and have a listen and learn more about this film and also a little about Sam and his amazing journey so far!!   Check out Sam's extensive list of skills and productions on his website   For your 20% discount off Photography email me at for $100 off your first case.
March 6, 2020
#18 Sally McLean
Wow, what a special podcast. Sally McLean is a successful actor, writer, director and producer. Her list of achievements is staggering and her upcoming projects are definitely ones to look out for.  Sally is also the creator and Director of 'Shakespeare Republic' An award-winning TV series.   Sally, is also the curator of ‘Shorts Relief: Flicks for the fires’ a film festival she has put together in order to raise money for Victoria’s wildlife and other bushfire related charities. The festival will be held at the newly renovated Capitol Theatre in Melbourne on the 8th of March.  So naturally, when she told me about this epic event I had to get her on Big Wonder.    Get yourselves along, the line up of films is amazing!! Tickets at   For your epic discount on delicious wine from naked wines got to  For your 20% discount of a Photo session with me subscribe to the channel and the apple podcast, give the podcast a shout out on your socials, and the discount is yours.
February 28, 2020
#17 Justin Hosking
What a talented individual indeed and a delight to sit down with. He's an actor for the stage and screen and recently I had the pleasure of watching his incredibly powerful and close to all our hearts as creatives 'After Silence'. Please enjoy my chat with Justin Hosking. If you're needing headshots please email me at For your delicious wine discount head to 
February 24, 2020
#16 Lauren Bailey
What a great chat with an incredible human. We really got into the personal journey of an artist on this one.  Lauren Bailey is a talented actress, writer and producer based here in Melbourne. She has several projects coming up which I can't wait to see and she is also constantly evolving as an artist and as a person.  I really enjoyed having her on Big Wonder, enjoy. For your Naked Wines $100 voucher go to For headshots with me email me at check out my work at
February 11, 2020
#15 Maddy Tyers and Jimmy Eaton
My guest's today are the husband and wife duo, Maddy and Jimmy!!  What a pair these guys are. They met working with children at The Starlight Children's Foundation where they preformed for children and brought laughter and joy into their lives. We also discuss their upcoming show 'The Brick of Destiny' which they will be performing at this years Melbourne Comedy Festival.   For your epic discount on Naked wines follow this link!!!   If you'd like to be on the podcast please comment on any of the platforms and let's see if you fit the profile of the show. Remember to please hit the SUBSCRIBE button and or share this podcast to your social media accounts.  And if you're looking for any photographic work you can reach me at,
February 1, 2020
#14 Johnny Balazs
Welcome to the second season of Big Wonder, 2020!!! My guest today is a man of many talents and a drive that few can match. He is a Director and produces through his company Prima-Lux Films. We discuss his incredible action short Night Shift and his new feature film, 'Rage' which comes out later this year!!! What I loved most about this podcast with John Balazs is that he was generous to share some incredible insight into making films on a larger scale. Check out what he has to say!!
January 4, 2020
#13 Simone Gescheit and Katrina Mathers
My guests today are two incredibly talented women. They have both worked on numerous Television shows, films and stage productions in Australia. They are both incredible writers, directors and have 40 years in the industry between them. Simone Gescheit and Katrina Mathers sat down to chat about their new business The Sweet Olives, a company that specialises in creating clip libraries for actors here in Melbourne. The landscape is changing and we actors need to change with it. Clip libraries are the way of the future and casting directors and agents are loving them.  So tune in and then go book yourself a session with The Sweet Olives. Check out their facebook page For your free wine go to
December 10, 2019
#12 Robbie Ryde
My guest today used to spend his days as a carpenter, until one day he decided he'd had enough being covered in sawdust and put down the tool belt and pick up a script. He then auditioned for TAFTA, was accepted and began his acting career. Since graduating from TAFTA he really has taken the ball and ran with it. Realising very quickly that no one was going to put this on a plate for him, he started learning how to shoot and write his own films. Robbie Ryde is my guest today and its the first time we have seen each other since a sword-fighting class 3 years ago. Tune in to hear about the films he's made and whats next!!!
December 1, 2019
#11 Dave Beamish
My guest today is a talented actor, writer, director, producer and musician. He currently resides in Canada and was in Melbourne recently to promote his short film, 'Darkest Corner'. We had some great chats about his work on 'Lime Town' with Jessica Biel, and his ambitious 'Rogue Roy' project which is no doubt set to put him on the radar for the CW Network and their upcoming Superhero projects. He is also a great friend and it was awesome catching up.
November 19, 2019
#10 Julian Haig
Check this guy out!!! Straight out of 16th Street, he heads to Vancouver and to say he hit the ground running would be an understatement.  My guest today has worked a bunch of great shows including  'Once Upon a Time',  'Lucifer', 'Arrow' and most notably 'Riverdale'. Julian Haig is doing great things and we had a great chat about making that jump over the pond and what it takes.  We also got into what it's like working on American shows and his multiple chance encounters with Rufus Sewell.
November 13, 2019
#9 Mick Preston
Back in 2015, I returned home from New York with a choice to make. Carry on a High Fashion Photographer or give it up a pursue acting, I chose Acting. And so I moved to Melbourne and enrolled at TAFTA. My first teacher right out of the gate was this man Mick Preston. We discuss his time in New York City studying under one of the greatest acting teachers of all time Uta Hagen. It was a real joy having him on the show.
November 8, 2019
#8 Mark Diaco
My guest today is a hell of a talented Actor and Filmmaker. We discussed his upcoming film  'Blood Vessel' where he stars alongside Robert Taylor and Nathan Phillips and Directed by Justin Hix, his time studying in New York,  and his work on the stage in productions like Killer Joe, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Glen Garry Ross.  Mark Diaco is also a passionate advocate for Australian cinema and believes there is a longing for more quality Australian productions to be made here in Australia, and I couldn't agree more.  I really enjoyed having on the show. It was totally out of the blue and I'll definitely be watching what Mark gets up to in the future.  
November 3, 2019
#7 Rebecca Bentley
EPISODE 7!!!!! Very exciting indeed.  On the show today I spoke a young filmmaker about her upcoming feature film 'Kill me Heal me'. She is the writer, producer, director and lead Actress in this incredibly revealing story about domestic violence towards men. Yes, it happens, more than you think.  Rebecca Bentley is definitely one to watch out for and I can't wait to see this film.
October 27, 2019
#6 Ben Head and Ben Thompson
This was a real treat. These two lads are Filmmakers from Geelong and the cast me in their first independent feature film 'Stringybark'. This film was only accurate account of what happened between Ned Kelly and a squad of Policemen at Stringybark Creek in 1878. They also discuss their upcoming short film 'My Friend my Enemy'. I really loved having these guys on and these are definitely two lads who will go on to great things.
October 24, 2019
#5 James Vegter
My guest today is a man of many talents and a level of resilience and determination, few possess.  We got deep on his latest project, a story about William Buckley.  My mind was blown by this story. James is constantly creating and driving the dream forward. I was very fortunate to have him on the show.
October 7, 2019
#4 Emma Burnside
This episode of the podcast I sat down with Filmmaker, Emma Burnside. We discussed her upcoming film Life on Earth Severance, some projects we did in the past together and her plans to take on Hollywood next year!!
October 7, 2019
#3. Alicia Pavlis.
Big Wonder welcomes Alicia Pavils. One talented lady no doubt. Actress, Musician, Writer, Photographer and Producer.  Like with all my guests we had an in-depth chat about expanding your skills in order to be relevant, to be a working Actor in a town that has limited opportunities. Her new film Apparition which she wrote, played the lead and produced is coming out soon. Check out her Instagram @apparitionfilm, @aliciapavlis. 
September 28, 2019
#2. Jonathan Newton
Jonathan Newton is a Melbourne based Film Maker. He is also an Actor, Director, Writer and Photographer.  Jonathan joined me on Big Wonder to discuss the film he is currently making The Party Bus and the road that lead him to this film.
September 25, 2019
#1. Anthony Sharpe
Anthony Sharpe is an upcoming Actor, Film Maker and established Musician. We discuss a project we are both involved in 'The Park' and some of his recent films.
September 8, 2019