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Destination Driven

Destination Driven

By Joshua Gorra
Empowering people to maximize their day! I designed a 10 principle checklist & wrote a best selling book but this will be geared towards helping entrepreneurs win the day. Gratitude is my #1 principle, remember to be thankful for everything you have while in pursuit of what you want. Visit to view all 10 principles & learn more about how we are helping business owners build a lifestyle around work-life integration.
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Brittany Drozd: Coaching entrepreneurs and how she is maximizing each day while making an impact.
Britney is a business coach who is dedicated to her profession! Listen to how she moved across the country with her family to California, pivoted during Covid and became much happier in the process.
March 05, 2022
Preview for the Destination Driven podcast, let's grow together!
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I'm passionate about teaching and utilizing my “time value of life” mindset merging both personal & professional lives, while tailoring it to the individual person. I'm inspired by teaching people & corporations this 10 principle mindset & helping them find their “drive within” because your mindset is the driver to your destination. Based on overcoming my own obstacles, my greatest gratification is paying it forward & changing one life at a time. Let's focus on progress NOT perfection! Visit to view my 10 principles & learn more about how we are empowering others to become the best version of themselves!
November 06, 2021