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The Positive Podcast

The Positive Podcast

By Joshua Jehudah
Welcome to the Positive Podcast where we spread a message of hope, love and compassion. We inspire and motivate and uplift those who are heavy burdened, the weak at heart and in mind, the ones who lost the way, the rejected and lonely, We help you CHANGE your weaknesses into STRENGTHS, your failures into WINS, your losses into GAINS, your sadness into HAPINESS. If you can be positive in a negative situation: you WIN. It is time to bring out your inner Beast, your Destiny, your Force. Align yourself with the vibration of positivity and watch how life changes for you.
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Words Which Mean The Opposite To Positive (Antonyms)

The Positive Podcast

Words Which Mean The Opposite To Positive (Antonyms)

The Positive Podcast

Words Which Mean The Opposite To Positive (Antonyms)
Join us in this episode as we discover words which mean the opposite of Positive. These are words which you should never use to describe yourself or your affairs. These words describe actions, results, attitudes and behaviours that are negative. When you use them to describe yourself, you might bring about feelings and thoughts that will make you feel unworthy, unimportant or unvalued. Tehey migh make you lose your focus, lower your self-esteem and destroy your confidence. You might end up not believing in yourself and lose your way. Learn to identify these words when you acome across them and change them to a positive vibe. Check out our online course: IMPORTANCE OF VOCABULARY Follow me on facebook: FACEBOOK PAGE WEBSITES
January 7, 2021
Words Which Mean The Same as Positive
Join us as we talk about words which mean the same as Positive. Improve your Positive Vocabulary by learning other words which have similar meanings to Positive. Facebook Page Youtube Channel Importance of Vocabulary Online Course
January 5, 2021
History and Definitions of Positive
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Learn the History and Different meanings and Definitions of POSITIVE. Understanding the context and definition will give you a better and broader understanding of how to approach and apply Positivity. Check Out Other Links Here ONLINE COURSES IMPORTANCE OF VOCABULARY POSITIVE VOCABULARY TERMS
December 22, 2020
The Depth and Degree of Positive
Degrees of Positive In order to determine exactly how well you know a word there are certain criteria or stages you should understand in order to define your level of understanding. · You have never heard or seen the word. · You have heard the word, but you cannot define it. · You can recognize the word due to context or tone of voice. · You are able to use the word and understand the general and/or intended meaning, but cannot clearly explain it. · Fluent with the word – you can define the word and you know how to use it. Depth of Positive Understanding the depth of a word is to be able to recognise the different components and context of use. This refers to how well a word is known · Orthography – the written form. · Phonology – Spoken form. · Reference – Meaning of the word · Semantics – Concept and reference (Meaning and Relations). · Register – Appropriate use of word · Collocation – Lexical neighbours (combinations) · Word Associations – other words that come to mind · Syntax – Grammatical function. · Morphology – Word parts. RESOURCES - LINKEDIN - Click Here FACEBOOK PAGE - Click Here CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE COURSES IMPORTANCE OF VOCABULARY POSITIVE VOCABULARY TERMS
December 17, 2020
Welcome To The Positive Podcast
Welcome to the Positive Podcast. This is the Perfect time to launch a Positive Podcast when millions of people around the world are losing their livelihoods, friends and family. This is the time to send out a message of hope, love and inspiration to the lost, lonely, weak and heavy burdened. This is the time to send out a message of positivity to inspire, motivate and uplift humanity. In the Positive podcast we talk the positive walk and walk the positive talk, engage in, discuss, entertain, edutain, transcribe, visualise, affirm, conduct, create, imagine, uphold, deliver, nurture, produce, teach, construct, devise, cultivate, plant, pursue, fertilise, converse about, chew over, breathe in, swallow, transliterate, interpret and incorporate, emulate, advance all things positive. Stay tuned for positive episodes that will put you on the right track and inspire you to take positive action. Follow me on Social media LINKEDIN FACEBOOK PAGE INSTAGRAM TWITTER ONLINE COURSES Pre-enrol on The Positive Vocabulary Terms Course HERE Check out The Importance of vocabulary Course HERE
December 15, 2020