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Welcome to the Stuff I Heard podcast, where I talk about podcasts, Netflix, time travel, multiverse, Elon Musk, grilling, patriotism, religion, politics, and life... Instagram: jtatpeek or StuffIHeardPodcast YouTube: Joshua Peek Email: Let's change the world by building our community! I'm inspired by Bert & LeeAnn Kreischer, Joe Rogan, Pete Holmes, Whitney Cummings, Casey Neistat, and... Greg Steele "5 in 40" Danny McWilliams "Stuff I Kinda Care About" Alex Smith "Gabacast" YouTube "rpeek" Watercolors painting by Constance
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Episode 267 Eye Damage, The Cabin, The Right Stuff, Jurassic Park Camp Cretaceous
Thank you for all the calls and support and prayers.  Keep praying for a full recovery.  Wear your safety glasses!  The Cabin on Netflix is streaming now!  It's funny, check it out!  The Right Stuff on Disney+ puts out a new episode every week, check it out!  Camp Cretaceous is up now on Netflix, lots of good stuff, check that out too.  :)
October 21, 2020
Episode 266 Derrick Brown, Herbie Halloween, Bert Kreischer, The Boys
Rest in peace Derrick... you will be missed.  Shout out to Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer for continuing to inspire and entertain us!  Shout out to Chris Titus, Adam Carolla, Adam Sandler, and everyone out there promoting the positive.  Joe Rogan, you are missed in LA for sure, and I'm not even there, but you've proven that you can do what you do from anywhere.  Whitney Cummings you are deemed by Bert as the new LA Rogan, but I hear you're moving too.  Bert, you can move too in a few years once the kids are grown, or you could become the new LA Rogan sir.  You have the connections, you are building your studio, Halston Ray has basically been your "Young Jamie" for a while new.  Keep at it and you can do it all yourself sir.  I hope to do this on a scale big enough to one day have a reason you'd want me on, or be a guest on my podcast, even if it's a quick zoom.  Interested??  Zoom, beer in hand, no need to leave your house brother... have LeeAnn on too Bert.  :)  Love ya both.  
October 10, 2020
Episode 265 Utopia, Raised By Wolves, Couples Costumes
Utopia is the best show out right now!  I'm so inspired by their creativity of characters, plot twists, and the endless surprises that keep popping up.  Shout out to 2 Bears 1 Cave, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are so funny in this latest episode.  Bert gives a lot of behind the scenes info on hanging out with Snoop and Rosario Dawson.  I'm looking forward to seeing the game show "Go Big" on TBS, and Bert's show "Cabin" on Netflix Oct 13.   Stay tuned, give me costume ideas, and thanks for hanging with me.  Raised by Wolves can be amazing if they just write a little more reveals to make it come full circle.  We, the viewers, need some explanations.
October 3, 2020
Episode 264 5k goal, Unemployment, Andrew Yang, Timesuck
Let's get real, we don't belong to our politics, we don't wear red or blue, we are people and we deserve better.  We should be able to vote on issues without "representation" that does not care about us.  We don't need a President, or senators, or representatives.... we need a voice, our voice.  We all have the ability to communicate, we should also have a say on issues.  The future of politics should be by the people (period). Thanks for listening or watching this on YouTube.  I couldn't do this without your support.  I appreciate you.  I hope you aren't loosing your mind during all this political debate stuff.  It will get better.  It has to.
September 30, 2020
Episode 263 Uncle Danny, Elona Holmes, Eat Meat!
Shout out to my Uncle on his birthday, and my brother Alex and his wife on their anniversary.  It's a great day.  Thank you to everyone who's joined us on this podcast.  Check out the website and my YouTube Joshua Peek for more content.  Today is the first day for the real USC Carolina Gamecocks!!  Go Cocks!!  :)  
September 26, 2020
Episode 262 Nurse Ratched, 5 in 40, Social Delima, Joe Rogan, Jenny Kleeman
Netflix is on a tear with new shows lately.  Ratched, or as I call it Nurse Ratched is awesome!!  It's gore and violence, and weird ideas mixed with a bit of history.... this is crazy good.   Check out my buddy Greg's podcast 5 in 40 and give him a shout out to let him know how he's doing. Joe Rogan and Jenny Kleeman have baked my brain on this topic and it's so exciting, terrifying, and amazing.
September 23, 2020
Episode 261 On The Lake, Edward Snowden, Joe Rogan, Cobra Kai
Please pay attention to our first amendment and how we are loosing it. We need to support these men as they are victims to injustice.
September 19, 2020
Episode 260 Josh Treadaway, Timesuck, Aliens, And Porn
Everything starts with a conversation, so let's talk.  :)
September 17, 2020
Episode 259 Tobe Nwigwe, Bill Burr, Bert Kreischer, Joe Rogan, Adam Curry
Check out Tobe Nwigwe Eat on YouTube!!  The video is FIRE!!!  Shout out to Bill Burr, Bert Kreischer for turning me on to new music I dig.  Adam Curry knows more now that I'll learn in a lifetime, but I'm so thankful that Joe Rogan recognizes him as the "Podfather" and gives him the ability to reach more people with his message.  We can all come together and create change, but you have to make your community broader.  Not that growing your community leads to a happier life, but we were born to be social creatures, not to use social media to create division.  Get out of your echo chamber and make the world better.  I love you.  Thank you for tuning in.  I am so thankful you are write me and give me feedback.  It helps me grow.  Check out the website and let me know what you think.  
September 12, 2020
Episode 258 Raised By Wolves, JRE, Mike Tyson, Miley Cyrus, Timesuck, Bert Kreischer
Timesuck may be my new favorite podcast, tell Dan "mush-mouth" Cummins over there that I love me some Timesuck!  Keep on suckin!!  Thanks for everyone that tunes in on a regular basis.  I am so thankful your messages of encouragement and your help along the way.  Thomas Jackson, I hear you on getting closer to the camera, I made an effort on this one, I hope it helps.  Special shout out to Kyle Hardee of Tubbs, I hope you are doing well brother.  If you get to frequent his establishment tell them Josh at the Stuff I Heard podcast sent you.  It won't get you anything special, but maybe a high 5.   
September 9, 2020
Episode 257 The Boys, Away, Joe Rogan, Timesuck
Where do ideas come from?  And why can't I split my podcast for adds like normal... what's going on Anchor?
September 5, 2020
Episode 256 Rain, Mud, Lego, Razor Crest, Joe Rogan, Censorship
Would you watch me on Twitch or is that a different audience?  Am I doing what I should or how should I change?  Be part of this experiment called life.  What would you do?  Is any of this real?  I'm still amazed any of you listen or watch anything I do, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you so much.  You have no idea what it means to me.  
September 2, 2020
Episode 255 Hurricane Laura, Lucifer, Joe Rogan To Spotify
I am praying for everyone involved in Hurricane Laura.  I hope you are all healing and rebuilding... I know how life changing hurricanes can be.   Thank you to Netflix for bringing back the show Lucifer, even if it is for 2 seasons worth, at least the last season is a 2 parter. And finally, where can I find Joe Rogan's podcast to "view" once the YouTube version is gone?  Help!!
August 29, 2020
Episode 254 Greg And The 3 Joshs Zoom Together
We are all getting together soon for a friend's weekend.  This was Josh Treadaway's birthday podcast more than anything.  He turned 45 on Sunday (when we recorded it)  I hope you enjoy the hang. Thanks for tuning in and being a part of our journey.  If you want to start your journey it can start by downloading the Anchor app on your phone.  Start there and see where it takes you.  Thanks for listening.  Have a great day!!
August 26, 2020
Episode 253 Doubletree Savannah, Bert Kreischer, Timesuck, Joe Rogan
I wish Doubletree and all hotels would make an investment in some firm pillows...  Please.  Timesuck, Dan Cummings you are tackling some fascinating subjects sir.  Joe Rogan, Whittney Cummings, you are an inspiration to me personally and professionally.  Bert Kreischer, Halston Ray, thank you for showing your struggles and talking about it on a regular basis, it helps us all succeed.  LeeAnn Kreischer, I hope you had a good birthday, and I hope they find out why you passed out.  Sorry you got hurt in the process, I hope you heal soon.  Check out Wife Of The Party for more from LeeAnn.   Check out Greg Steele in 5 in 40.
August 23, 2020
Episode 252 Spray Foam Insulation, Swollen Jaw
Check out for tour dates Hot Summer Nights Drive-In comedy tour. Rpeek on YouTube is my Dad.  See his "sewing room" videos to see more of our spray foam insulation experience. Thanks for watching, your support is appreciated.  Please, if you haven't yet, rate, review, subscribe, and share the podcast with your friends.  
August 19, 2020
Episode 251 Josh Treadaway and Danny Shaw
We are all over the place on this one, we talk about what if you had 100 million dollars, what would you do?  Where would you live? We talk about aliens, multiverse, promoting the positive, the new movie on Netflix Project Power.   Check out 5 in 40 podcast, and go to to find tickets to Bert Kreischer's Hot Summer Nights tour coming to a drive in near you.
August 16, 2020
Episode 250 Greg Steele Zooms In
Great conversation with Greg about meat, birthday ice cream sandwiches, snickers, and tons of whipped cream. Check out his podcast 5 in 40, and if you're in the Albany Georgia look for his band Ninety5.  Thanks for checking us out.  :)
August 12, 2020
Episode 249 Josh Treadaway Zooms In
Dude, glad you could zoom in to hang out JT.  Love ya brother.   Be kind to one another.   Don't covet your heroes.  If you meet your heroes have something to say other than "You're my favorite...."  What next?
August 9, 2020
Episode 248 Beirut, Constance Sabella, Timesuck, AC Out Again
Check out Constance Sabella's art, reach out to her at and tell her you heard about her on the podcast Stuff I Heard by Joshua Peek.  She's working on putting her art online somehow for viewing and purchasing.  I have linked her watercolor of the "Rain" painting I bought for my Mama on my instagram jtatpeek Check it out.  Prayers go out to the people of Beirut.   Please check out gofundme for "Funeral expenses for Bowen Wainright"  The young couple could use all the help they can get.   Please pray for Air Conditioning!!!!  I'm melting!!! Thank you to everyone who makes this happen.  If you don't hear it anywhere else, I love you.
August 5, 2020
Episode 247 Umbrella Academy, 2 Bears 1 Cave, Warren Sapp, Jennifer Aniston
Check out Umbrella Academy on Netflix.   Check out 2 Bears 1 Cave on YouTube or anywhere you get podcasts.  Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are hilarious together.  They're going to have a future podcast with Warren Sapp.  There may be a podcast interview with Jennifer Aniston that would be hilarious!! Check out Bert's Hot Summer Nights tour at a drive in movie theater near you, at Thanks, and help grow this podcast and community.  Love you.
August 1, 2020
Episode 246 Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Timesuck, The Office, A/C Is Out
Oh pray for air conditioning to be fixed.... it's in the 90's again today.  It's funny how you get so used to a thing you used to not have... I spent a lot of time with my Nana growing up, and I can remember her not having AC till one day she did.  It's night and day different.   Check out JRE with Ben Shapiro, it's a great conversation starter. Check out Timesuck, the Mental Health episode is the one I'm on now, great information in a funny way.  Love you Dan Cummins. The Office is getting better, but that Michael character is so much like one of my old bosses it's giving me PTSD feelings. Thanks for listening, please rate, review, subscribe, and share this with your friends.  Check out the website and let me know what you think. I put a lot of hard work into it, I'm hoping it was worth it.
July 29, 2020
Episode 245 Cursed on Netflix, Joe Rogan, Oliver Stone, Jordan Peterson
Challenge the way you think.  Debate all ideas, even your own.  When you feel completely overwhelmed, let's talk.  :)  You could be the next break out star of the show.  Or have your own show.  I can help you do that too. for tour dates to Bert Kreischer's Hot Summer Nights drive in movie tour for more on me; episodes, merch, pics Check out Cursed on Netflix.  Shout out to Gustaf Skarsgard.  You are an awesome Floki and Merlin sir.  :)
July 25, 2020
Episode 244 Greyhound, Cursed, Family Trip
Check out Greyhound on Apple TV, Cursed on Netflix, and  Also, Bert Kreischer is on tour again with his drive-in Hot Summer Nights tour across America, check out his schedule to see where you can see him do comedy live go to for tour dates to see when he'll be near you next.   Thanks for hanging out with me.  Take care.  :)
July 22, 2020
Episode 243 Surfside Beach Vacation With Family
Sorry for the audio quality on this one.  I tried to record sitting on the balcony of our vacation rental in Surfside Beach South Carolina.  Stick around for more.
July 20, 2020
Episode 242 Hanna, Doom Patrol
Big fan of life. Tag in when you're ready to join me.
July 15, 2020
Episode 241 Alex Smith Zooms In, Dave Chapelle 846, Old Guard, Midway, Teachers, Doom Patrol, Warrior Nun
Thank you to my brother Alex for being on the podcast.  There are many I would like to interview for the podcast to talk about the challenges and solutions we could come up with, but my brother will always be on the short list of advice I would seek.  (I don't always follow advice, but that's just the way I operate).  Still, he is always a good conversation, an interesting point of view.  As an educator he is faced with different challenges than I am and I love him for just being himself.  He could be President one day.  I'm just saying.  The man is impressive as a person of integrity, thoughtfulness, perspective, and humility.  Send love his way any chance you get.  We are all human, but he is a better human than I am.  Just saying.  Love you little brother.  If I am the darkness, he is the light.  He is all the best parts of me.   Check out several of the topics we discussed, Dave Chapelle's special 8:46 is on YouTube now.  It is a must see. The Old Guard is on Netflix, Midway is online, Doom Patrol is on HBOMAX, Warrior Nun is on Netflix.   Elon Musk, if you want to make friends, I'm here brother.  Call me!  Just leave me a message.  I don't answer phone calls from numbers I don't know, and I wait to see if they leave a message because I assume that it's a telemarketer.   Make the world a better place, I love you, you can overcome with community.  Politicians will not speak for us properly, let's become the change we want to see.  If you feel you can be that change, be that candidate we can vote for.   Please take time to rate, review, subscribe, and share this with your friends.  This is may be a small podcast now but I won't stop and we can grow together!!
July 11, 2020
Episode 240 Rebel, Fireworks, Statues, Timesuck
Should we celebrate and preserve all statues? Should we care about things like the rebel flag?  Should we encourage or discourage rebellion?  Is it just the American spirit to be rebels?  What is the right side?  Are we "law abiding" or rebellious?  At what point is your breaking point?  When do you change your mind to be one or the other.  I think this would be a great conversation to have with some people of opposing views.  What is your feelings?  Let me know.
July 8, 2020
Episode 239 Greg Steele, Queen, AIDS, Police, Unions
My thoughts and prayers are out to those serving as police, those affected by the violence, and all those who are trying to make correct decisions on a daily basis.  I know we are all flawed, myself included.  We all make mistakes, I'm just hopeful that we all improve our choices and communicate with one another to establish a sense of community.  We can heal from this.  We can vote out systematic politicians and put in new blood.  People should be represented by people who are in touch with the voters, not just career politicians.  Be the change you want to see.  Vote.  Speak to your representatives.  Run for office yourself.  Make change happen.   Thanks for listening. I encourage you all to be part of the conversation, that's how we change as a people. Please rate, review, subscribe, and share this with your friends.  Check out the website, for more.
July 5, 2020
Episode 238 Dark, Gunter, Customer Service
Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed the podcast.  Dark was awesome!!  Killing Gunter was stupid till it was funny when Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up (spoiler alert).  Thanks for the great customer service from Spectrum and Amplifi.  I know Spectrum isn't known for it's customer service, but I had a great interaction with them today.  "Sheldon" from Amplifi really tried and finally was able to help me.  Shout out to my wonderful, beautiful, awesome wife Deloris.  Check out her Stuff She Said podcast.  Central Freight can go fuck themselves....  That's it.  Please rate, review, subscribe and share this with your friends.  :)  Together we can grow community.
July 1, 2020
Episode 237 Stuff She Said
My wife Deloris, her friends Cheryl and Lori, and Lori's friend Cindy did tonight's "Stuff she said" podcast.  I hope you enjoy.  Please write us and let us know what you think of the podcast.  Check out the website for contact info, photos, and merch.  Thank you for your support.
June 28, 2020
Episode 236 The Politician
Someone stand up and do what is right.  Someone be the leader we need.  Senator Tim Scott, thank you for trying to pass your Justice Act.  Please look into it and tell your representatives to vote for reform.  There must be change.   Watch The Politician on Netflix.  Ask yourself if you're voting party lines for the sake of "towing the party" or if you actually believe they are representing you.  I feel too many politicians need to be gotten rid of, fresh minds put in their seats, and a new approach is needed now.   Thank you for listening.  Politics won't go on forever, I swear I'll talk about other things as soon as it's not the only thing people are talking about.  
June 24, 2020
Episode 235 Bill Burr, Joe Rogan, Father's Day, Do It Yourself
Seriously, if you are a creator and want to work together let me know.  Let's use a key word to indicate we actually are real... what do you think?  I want to use a name that won't be easy to guess, something that we agree on, something that won't be said by accident in a proposal e-mail from some hack idiot who isn't a creator...  something that says "we can do it ourselves, together".  What would that be?  A Union is a grouping of people commonly used by workers, a Legion is used by comic book writers, a Band is usually made up of members making music together....  I like Band as part of it...  Band Of Podcasters.... BOP.  BOP. BOP.   Could that be it?  What do you think?  We could form B.O.P.
June 20, 2020
Episode 234 13 Reasons Why, Ratrods, Black Lives Matter
We have to change as a people.  Shout out to Sen Tim Scott of South Carolina.  Your bill for police reform is what was needed.  Your speech is what should have been delivered by our President.  Shout out to Danny McWilliams of Stuff I Kinda Care About on YouTube, and my Dad rpeek on YouTube.  Check them out.   Love you all.  Thanks for the support.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with friends.  We are the change, make change happen!
June 17, 2020
Episode 233 Greg Steele Talks Motivation And Money
Greg and I have been friends for a long time, and this is just the beginning.  If you're looking for motivation or advise on a job, money, or a future, check this out.  You can do anything if you just move forward.  Make a choice.  Do something with your life.  All it takes is a decision, work, and follow through. Check out Greg's podcast "5 in 40" available everywhere.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
June 14, 2020
Episode 232 The Rock, George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, Casey Neistat, Joe Rogan
Our President seems to not be paying attention to the pain it's people are facing.  He doesn't care.  He is oblivious.  It's up to us to make change happen.  What are you going to do to make change happen?  Say something, do something, be the change!!!!
June 10, 2020
Episode 231 5 in 40, The Honey Honey Band, Amanda Nunez, Michael Jordan, Moen
Let's all have fellowship and conversations.  Let's all grow out community and grow as people into the tapestry of colors, a life of beauty.  Be kind to one another.  Thank you for supporting the podcast.  Continue to send those pictures to me so I can post it on the website  Thanks!!  Rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
June 7, 2020
Episode 230 George Floyd, Trump, Star Wars Boba Fett Legos
We can and should change.  Justice for George Floyd.  Trump needs to choose better words.  Tulsi Gabbard could still be our future President.   Special thanks to my wife for encouraging me to play.  Thanks to LeeAnn Kriescher for reminding me to play.   Check out the time lapse video I made on building the Slave1 space ship (Boba Fett's ship) Take a second and rate, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Thanks.  :)
June 3, 2020
Episode 229 George Floyd, Greg Steele, Joshua Treadaway, Whiskey, Star Wars, Thom Shea
George Floyd.... I'm going to keep saying his name... there was no need for him to die.   Special thanks to Greg and Josh for being on the podcast, helping this community grow.  Shout out to @Wofgangjoc @jd_will on Tic Toc/Twitter for sharing this inspirational video I shared on this podcast.  Being a police officer is a very difficult job.  I do not envy their challenges and dangers.  That being said, the killing of George Floyd was wrong.  Those who filmed it were wrong in not stopping it.  Those officers who stood around were wrong.  We have to get better as people.  Value human life.  Be kinder to one another.  I don't agree that the looting or violence that followed is the right coarse of action, but I understand it.  I speak about this on the podcast.  I hope you understand.  This IS ENOUGH!  Please be part of the change.  Don't let George Floyd's death be for nothing.  Please!   Thank you for supporting the podcast.  Please check out our website  If you want to be part of the podcast, don't be shy, reach out.  We have merch and a fan page on the website.  Anything you do helps the podcast succeed.  Special thank you to all those who bought merch from the page, please share photos with me and I'll feature you on the website. Take a moment and rate, review, subscribe, and share this with your friends.  As The Time Tracker says on YouTube I've done my part, now it's time to pay the price.  Which means, do your part.  Give me some love.  Share.  Rate it 5 stars.  Subscribe.  It's just a click of the button but it goes a long way to make this podcast succeed and be better as we grow.  Thank you.   If you don't hear it anywhere else, I love you, I appreciate you, and I can't wait till we meet again.  :)
May 29, 2020
Episode 228 Joshua Treadaway Zooms In, George Floyd, Space X, Joe Rogan, Star Wars, Michael Jordan
Say his name, George Floyd.  He died for nothing if you don't say his name.  This is a tragedy and we need to change.  All of us.   Special thanks to Joshua Treadaway for being on the podcast at a moment's notice.  We all need each other, this is how we get better people.  Let's have the difficult conversations.  Let's help the change take place.   Please continue to show the love!  "Now it's time to pay the price" as The Tim Tracker says on YouTube.  Help me continue to make great content.  Like, review, subscribe, and share with friends.  Let's all be part of the change.
May 27, 2020
Episode 227 The Half Of It, Jerry Seinfeld, Hollywood, The Wrong Missy
You know what to do, support the podcast, give us 5 stars, share with your friends, check out the website, buy some merch, spread the love!!!  Thank you for your support.  We're going to make it through this thing called life, together.
May 23, 2020
Episode 226 Joe Rogan Moving To Spotify
Let me know what you think.  or
May 20, 2020
Episode 225 2 Year Anniversary Part 2
Here's the second half...  Anchor, help me publish a 5 hour podcast!!!
May 16, 2020
Episode 225 2 Year Anniversary Part 1
I had to break this up in to parts because we did 5 hours... listen tot his then check out part 2
May 16, 2020
Episode 224 Ian, Mike, and Danny, Law Enforcement And The Challenges They Are Facing
Ian and Mike talk about working in law enforcement and the challenges that are coming to them during this pandemic.  There are always challenges with trying to keep the peace, but it's even harder now during this COVID-19 is an added threat.  This is a great conversation where we discuss how hard the job is, how we are often not happy with the decisions of others.  There is always an added pressure of being under the spotlight, but there is always an opportunity to do the right thing.  In the end, will you be part of the problem or part of the solution.  Please rate (5 stars are the best), subscribe, and share with your friends.  
May 10, 2020
Episode 223 Star Wars, May The 4th Be With You, Cinco De Mayo, Press Hard Seltzer
Thank you for your support.  I appreciate every one of you.  Thank you to everyone who has bought shirts, send me a pic of you with the shirt on for a feature on the website fan page.  Please take a moment to rate, review, subscribe, and share this with your friends.  That's how I grow, that's how I get better.  If you want to be on to talk about something, let me know.  We are all community weather we realize it or not.  It's not what you know, is how you communicate to others.
May 6, 2020
Episode 222 Deborah Hopla Zooms In, Nursing, Nursing Week
Please check out to help and give where needed.  Nurses need to be thanked and helped in any way we can.  Please take time to thank a nurse.   Thanks to my Mom for being on the podcast to talk about Nurses Week.   Thank you to everyone who's supported this podcast.  I still need your support.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  If you have a shirt from me, or have bought a shirt from the website, send me a pic of you wearing it and I'll feature you on the fan/guest page.  Thank you again.  I couldn't do this without you.
May 2, 2020
Episode 221 Alex Conder Zooms In, Star Wars, People Over Corps
Thanks for tuning in, Alex was a friend of my brother Alex's... the two Alexs.  :)  Anyhoo, he's living in Oregon now and reached out wanting to be on the podcast.  Conversation was easy, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Please rate, subscribe, and share this with your friends.  Your support helps keep this going.  Thank you to everyone who's bought shirts from the website, send me a pic of you wearing it for a feature on the fans and guest page. 
May 1, 2020
Episode 220 Danny McWilliams, Star Wars, Hot Ones, Bash Baux, Stuff I Kinda Care About
Please check out Danny on YouTube, Stuff I Kinda Care About and Bash Baux.  Also look for episodes of Hot Ones under First We Feast, Sean Evans interviews people while eating progressively hotter chicken wings.  Love the people at Think Media on YouTube for helping me learn so much about making content for you look more professional.  Support local business.  Wash your hands and practice social distancing.  Thank you to Zoom for allowing this trial period of making longer videos without paying right now.  I hope this gets them more business along they way.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Check out the website and give me feedback.  Thank you for your support.  
April 29, 2020
Episode 219 Jeff And Justine, How To Avoid Online Scams
During this time where we are all at home more, please be aware of online scams trying to phish for your personal information so they can access your banking files.  There are many tricks out there.  If you are suspicious of anything from what you think might be real, contact the source through your proper channels and ask them if it is real.  Never click on anything that says "you must click here to fix this"... those are fake.   Please take time to rate, review, subscribe, and share this podcast with your friends.  If you want to talk about anything, just hit me up.  We can work something out.  Check out the website, and connect with me.   Thank you for your support.
April 26, 2020
Episode 218 Stuff She Said, Visit With Maddie, Working From Home
My wife got together with her friends and did a podcast.  Their good friend Maddie stopped in, from Miami, and did a podcast with them.  I hope you enjoy this discussion.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  We could really use your support to help this podcast grow.  Thanks.  
April 25, 2020
Episode 217 Alex Smith Zooms In With New School Guidelines For South Carolina, Movies, and Games
My brother came in to talk about movies, series, the future of both.  We talked a bit about the decision that was made to not open schools for fear the kids being that close together would perhaps expose them to be at risk to get and spread the COVID19 virus.  Lots of fun stuff here folks, I hope you are enjoying these.  The idea is to give you free content to keep you entertained during all of this.  Please help us grow community.  I'm asking for 5 star ratings, subscribe, and share with your friends.  It really does help the podcast reach more people.  Thank you again.
April 22, 2020
Episode 216 Alex Smith, Zoom, Star Wars, Final Fantasy 7
This is the second Zoom meeting I've done in a row.  For some reason it only let me do 53 minutes of my talking, but it let Alex go on for another 7.  I proofed it to see the quality, so I noticed it.  I cleaned it up a bit and added an ending.  I am learning to do this different ways.  Not sure what happened there.  If any of you have experience with Zoom and can give me advice, please reach out.  Thanks for listening.  Please take time and rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends. 
April 18, 2020
Episode 215 Josh Treadaway First Time Zoom Meeting
This was my first time using Zoom.  We tried to use Skype but we honestly couldn't figure it out.  We tried Zoom, it was easier to set up but I was nervous it would shut off after 40 minutes of recording, but this is 53 minutes.  There is no counter to tell you how long it has gone, so this was an experiment of sorts.  Thank you to Josh Treadaway for helping me figure out the bugs of this along the way.  I think this will allow more content like this where everyone is at home/getting together.  Please rate, review, subscribe,  and share with your friends.  Go to and give me some feedback on what you like, what you'd like to see, if you'd like to be on the podcast... whatever.  Thanks!
April 17, 2020
Episode 214 Ron White, Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull, Aliens, and Perception
What is the thing that binds us together?  Our curiosity.  We all like to ask questions and feel like we are finding out the answers.  What if the goal wasn't the actual answer but the questions?  The conversations.  What if we are supposed to always remain curious and that's the point of all this?  This and many more musings of Ron and I.  Ron brought is girlfriend Desiree over, and towards the end we talk a little about ghosts.  She will be back on to talk about ghosts in the future.  Question everything.  Argue both sides of any subject so you learn both sides.  Let's have the discussion.  That's the good stuff in life.  Thanks for tuning in, please take time to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Please check out the website and the merch  Thanks!
April 17, 2020
Episode 213 Greg Steele, Stimulus Money, Nursing, Not Drinking
Greg and I got together today using zencastr to podcast.  We talk about Greg not drinking, money that people are getting with their stimulus packages.  We still have not got anything...  not sure why.  We talk about his podcast a bit "5 in 40" and the crying nurse video that's circulating.  It's not fake, it is real, and he covered it on his last podcast.  Tune in for more.  Check out Bert Kreicher's Netflix special Hey Big Boy, then check out Tom Segura's Ball Hogs special.  It's not for the faint of heart.  If you're sensitive, watch puppy videos or videos of kids laughing... there's always a Disney plus movie out there to watch.  Thanks for tuning in.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Check out he website and leave me some feedback, or at least check in to the connect page.  
April 15, 2020
Episode 212 Kristina & Daniel Johnson Talk Fitness And Beating The Boredom Of The Quarantine
This is a great podcast with Kristina and her husband Daniel.  Kristina is a fitness instructor at Fitness World Gym here in Florence South Carolina, and her husband works on the equipment for the gym keeping them all working properly and fixing them when they break down.  Check out Fitness World Gym on Facebook for live posts of workouts from many of the instructors including Kristina.  Check out Daniel's Instagram and YouTube, and Kristina's Instagram for motivation and ideas.  Send them a "like" and tell them you heard them here on the Stuff I Heard podcast.  This is the first one they've done, but I don't think it will be their last.   Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Check out the website for content and T-shirts, or just to send me a message.  Thanks for listening, I couldn't do this without your support.
April 11, 2020
Episode 211 Derrick Dove, Southern Rock Musician Calls In
Wow, I had a great time meeting and talking to Derrick Dove.  Please check out this podcast, listen to Derrick's music available everywhere, check out his website and check out his live Facebook feeds where he's playing music all time time.  When this quarantine is over, go see him live, buy a shirt or some music.  This is what community is all about folks.  Thank you to Charles Allsbrooks for setting this up.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Check out my website for everything.  :)
April 10, 2020
Episode 210 Lisa Hoeckel, Staying Busy During The Quarantine, Be Silly, Have Fun
Lisa's husband Todd's mother, Trish, is married to my Dad.  So we are family.  It's a modern American Family.  I through the invite out there on Facebook to anyone who wanted to be on the podcast, and Lisa said she was up for it.  I hope the sound is OK.  We played around with using a new program called zencastr to do the audio, then dragged it over to garageband so I could change it how I wanted with the intro music (blah, blah, blah technical talk, blah blah) so let me know what you think.  What do you think?  Reach out to us on   Thanks!  Shout out to Dan Cummins podcast Timesuck.  He did a podcast about the COVID19 virus that is very entertaining, especially the "idiots of the internet" section where he makes fun of people who think that drinking bleach will cure them of the coronavirus.  No kidding....  lol..   Thanks for listening.  Stop by the website and let me know you were here.  Please, rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
April 10, 2020
Episode 209 Bert Kreischer, TFATK, Onward, Andy Griffith, Star Wars Clone Wars
Thank you to everyone for all the support.  Please take a moment and check out as much content as you can, share what you find that helps you get through this tough time.  Be part of the positiveness we all need.  If you have one of the black and white shirts, send me a picture of you wearing a shirt to be on the website and fan page.  If you buy one of the new shirts for sale at let me know for a special shout out.  Please check out the new website, and give me some feedback.  Click the comment page and let me know you've been there.  I'm still trying to see if it works, or if it's worth the $$... Thanks again, and please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Wash your hands, and help practice social distancing.  Love you guys, Be safe out there.
April 8, 2020
Episode 208 Kelvin Durant, A New You Counseling Center, Mental Health
Kelvin was nice enough to drop in today with some advice for those going through some rough times, if you need assistance, please reach out.  You can reach him at or on Facebook under A New You Counseling Center.  If you feel comfortable reaching out so someone more local, please do so.  We can all get through this together.  Through community and support we can help one another.  Please support others when and where you can.  Please remember to wash your hands often and stop touching your face (I'm struggling on that one).  Please check on those who you haven't heard from in a while.  They may need a kind person to talk to.  Practice patience with one another.  Go outside once in a while and get some sun.  The sun is a natural source of vitamin D which helps you fight infections.   Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with others.  Thank you for your support.  Without you this wouldn't be possible. Check us out online at Check out the new shirts available at  There's an alien head and octopus design up now. 
April 5, 2020
Episode 207 Girls Bonus Podcast #5, Stuff She Said
Thanks to Cheryl and Lori for hanging out with Deloris for episode 5 of the podcast.  They've come up with their own name, stuff she said.  What do you think?
April 5, 2020
Episode 206 Jan Vodrazka Returns!!
What will happen in the future?  Who knows.  The only thing that is certain is the people who are problem solvers will flourish and the ones who think the sky is falling will have their sky fall.  Sometimes life is all about perspective and approach.  Be part of the solution, not the problem.   Go to to see the new T-shirt for sale, and for the podcast website.  There's tons of content there, links to the podcast, pictures of fans and guests, a connect page that lets you connect to me.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  How will you be part of all of this moving forward?
April 1, 2020
Episode 205 Charles Allsbrooks, Dakota West, Batman, Comedians
Meet my brother-in-law Charles/Dakota/Domino.  :)  He's a great guy and a former DJ celebrity.  I think he'd be a natural at podcasting and I keep trying to encourage him to do a podcast.  Write in and tell him so.  He has the voice for it.  :)  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  It really does help.  Check out the website I've worked really hard on it and will continue to add content there.  Thanks again for your support. 
March 28, 2020
Episode 204 Alex Smith Calls In, Star Wars, Leadership, Adapting
My brother Alex is a basketball coach and teacher.  He is also a father of two kids.  He is 12 years younger than I am and it's refreshing to now be an adult with him, watching him and his wife raise their kids.  I'm proud of him, and thankful that I've been some sort of positive influence on his life.  We all have it in us to be inspirational.  You just have to decide are you going to be a positive or negative influence?  We need each other in order to succeed in life.  If you don't have that in your life, look for it in others.  There's help out there.   Thank you for all who support this podcast.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with others.  Check out the new website and let me know what you think of it.  If you have a podcast Tshirt, post it on social media and tag me so I can share it on the fan page.  Thank you for your support. 
March 25, 2020
Episode 203 Josh West Calls In
We've tried to make this happen for a while now, but I finally figured out how to get the sound board wired to host him on the other end.  I hope the sound is OK.  I figure it out as we go, changing the levels.  Unfortunately it took till about 14 minutes in for the sound to get to where it sounded best.  Please be patient as I learn what I'm doing.  I think you for your support and assistance during this quarantine.  I hope everyone is staying safe, keeping your hands washed and out of your face.  Take care and God bless.
March 25, 2020
Episode 202 Quarantine COVID 19 Update, Bert Kreischer, Greg Steele Calls In
I wired Greg through the sound board so the sound quality should be better than it was.  Sorry about using the way I did it last time.  I'm getting better all the time.  That's the goal right?  Check out for more CORVID 19 updates on a regular basis.  Don't follow me, or us, or anyone not the CDC (center for disease control).   Trapped in a quarantine?  Check out some Netflix comedy specials, Bert Kreischer's Hey Big Boy (or his last one Secret Time), this coming Tuesday Tom Segura's Ball Hog (or his last one Disgraceful) , Michelle Wolf's Joke Show.   Wash your hands.  Socially Isolate.  Check out my website Thanks for being a part of this. Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
March 22, 2020
Episode 201 Quarantined With Bert Kreischer, Hey Big Boy On Netflix Now!!
It's all fun and games here in the quarantine until you don't have toilet paper any more.  Keep searching, let your friends know, share... go outside and play, get some Vitamin D, wash your hands, don't touch your face, and go watch Bert Kreischer on Netflix right now!!  Hey Big Boy!!
March 21, 2020
Episode 200 Ron White Stops By With An Awesome Origin Story!!!
This is Ron White, not the comedian, though he has a great sense of humor, this is the tattoo artist and one of my personal friends.  He has lived an amazing life and we will get more into his journey as an adult in being the only person alive in the United States to be arrested for tattooing someone, but also was the person who fought the system and helped legalize tattooing in South Carolina.  His origin story will blow you away.  I knew a little of his father and mother's journey and path to the states, but this will amaze you I'm sure, as it did me.  If you have questions or comments for Ron, please write them down, I'll ask him when he's on the podcast next time.   I have the feeling this is the first of many podcasts we will do,  Thanks for being a part of this.  Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.   Bert Kreischer's new comedy special, Hey Big Boy is now on Netflix!!  Go check it out!  He's hilarious!!  It's because of his podcast, and his wife that I have my podcast.  Give him some love and a shout out.  
March 18, 2020
Episode 199 Dale Jr, Marc Maron, TFATK, Hunters, Bill Burr, Bert Kreischer, Timesuck, Dr Drew After Dark
Lots of good podcasts out there to listen to.  We can all be a part of this community, it just requires our engagement.  Be a part of your community.  Be part of the change.  Support and talk about the positives in your life.  Wash your hands and stop touching your face.  Love you.  Thanks for being a part of this.  
March 14, 2020
Episode 198 Timesuck, Freaks, Bill Gates, Bert Kreischer
Big shout out to Chad Powell for the recommendations, and to Kaeley George for the help at Terminus Tees.  Bill Gates is a treasure and I hope that his nuclear project gets a chance to be something positive for the world.  I hope it's all for the good of humanity.  Thanks for being a part of this.  If you want a shirt, come on the podcast.  Michah (bigdadddy1992) send me your size and address, I have your shirt ready to mail to you.  :)
March 11, 2020
Episode 197 Joe Rogan, MTV's Adam Curry, Bertcast, Taylor Tomlinson, TFATK, Chris Distefano, Tulsi Gabbard, The Tim Tracker
The Pod-father, MTV VJ Adam Curry, creator of podcasts is on JRE talking to Joe about so many amazing stories of working for MTV, realizing the potential of the "internet" and creating what we call podcasts now.  He has his own podcast out of Austin TX called No Agenda.  Check it out and show the man some respect.  Without him we wouldn't be here folks. TFATK (the fighter and the kid) with Bryan Callen and Brendan Shaub is great, especially 538 with Chris Distefano.  I had no idea this guy was such an interesting, funny guy.  I'm going to check out his podcast "History Hyenas" with Chris Pappas. Tulsi Gabbard is still in the Presidential running.  Just because old white rich guys are trying to prey on those who want "free" life doesn't mean the conversation can't include the one candidate who is still an active duty combat medic, 8th year serving congresswoman of Hawaii.  Check out episode 3 of Tulsi Gabbard Podcast with Dave Navaro.  He interviews her in a meaningful way that you get to hear how she plans of making change out a system that needs not be about party lines, and more about how we can move forward and help those in need the most. Check out Taylor Tomlinson's Netflix special "Quarter Life Crisis".  Bert's special is coming out on Netflix March 17th!!  I think I said May on the Podcast... sorry...  I'm seeing him in Charlotte NC with Greg and (4 other tickets to be determined if I can fill).
March 6, 2020
Episode 196 Altered Carbon, Timesuck, 5 in 40, Bertcast, JRE, 2 Bears 1 Cave, DrDrew After Dark
Big shout out to the Florence robotics team the Technomancers team 1758.  Check them out on social media, give them some love.  Check out the YouTube playlist I made (4 videos) of the event at Myrtle Beach where they won as a Red Alliance with teams 694 and 4020.   I loose momentum towards the end because I get introspective... sorry..  it is what it is.  Looking forward to many more episodes where I de-rail and go down a "real" rabbit hole of thought.  I hope you can relate, or not...   Queue the cow!
March 4, 2020
Episode 195 Jim Norton, Our Lady J, (Korn) Brian "Head" Welch, Robot Competition Myrtle Beach
Way to go 1758 from Florence SC!!!  Great team win!!  The robot competition was a great experience!  I'll be posting videos online soon.  They were paired up with 2 other teams.  Sorry I don't remember their numbers or where they're from.  I think one of them is from New York.  Very exciting competition.  I had no idea this was out there or what was involved.  What a tremendous opportunity for these kids to compete on in an event that will shape our society with technology and innovation.  One of these kids may invent the next Tesla, smart phone, or power grid to save humanity from pollution! If you follow me on Instagram, jtatpeek, we had fun this weekend.  The game Telestrations gave us so much joy, but we were also allowed to hang as friends and make new friends.  Karen's "Shitting squirrel" is hilarious!!  
March 1, 2020
Episode 194 Fury Vs Wilder, Kate Upton, Time Suck, JRE Fight Companion, Star Wars Rebels
Thank you to Joshua Treadaway for the hookup!!  I got to watch lots of great fights this weekend.  Thank you to my wife for putting up with me watching these fights, and for all the other stuff.... you know.. ;)  Check out Dan Cummins "Timesuck" podcast.  The Good Girls on Netflix is my wife's recommendation for something new to watch, if you aren't already.  My recommendation is ATypical on Netflix or Star Wars Rebels on Disney+.   Support each other.  Be body positive.  Lift people up.  Support comedy!!!  Thank you for supporting this podcast.
February 26, 2020
Episode 193 Jason Biggs, Jo Koy, The Fighter And The Kid, Dr Drew, Tulsi Gabbard Podcast
Lots of good podcasts consumed by this guy lately.  I felt rushed doing this podcast because of 4 cups of coffee in my system.  I feel a bit of caffeine in my system.  Several great podcasts to check out.  I hope you enjoy this.  Please continue to support this podcast with rating, reviewing, subscribing, and sharing with your friends.  If you want to participate, please do.  I ain't going away.   If you're interested in a T-shirt, let me know.  I'll be putting in an order soon and would like to get an idea of sizes.  Thanks again for your continued support. 
February 22, 2020
Episode 192 Star Wars Rebels, Theo Von, Dan Cummins, Bert Kreischer, Bill Burr, Self Helpless
Check out Star Wars Rebels on Disney+, Dan Cummins podcast Timesuck, 2 Bears 1 Cave, The Bill Bert Podcast, Self Helpless, Bertcast, King and the Sting, and my last podcast of Stuff I Heard with my wife and her friends. Check out my YouTube videos to see how the video from the iPad Mini looks for the podcast.  Let me know some feedback so we can find out what works.  Thanks.  
February 19, 2020
Episode 191 Girls Bonus Episode #4, Fitness Recap, Breast Reduction Surgery
Deloris, Lori, and Cheryl talk about their fitness recap so far in the spring of 2020, and Lori discusses her upcoming breast reduction surgery.  Please join in and let them know what you think about the podcast.  Thoughts, concerns, or just tell them you like what they're talking about.
February 16, 2020
Episode 190 Valentines Hacks, Self Helpless, Instant Family, Troop Zero, Bertcast
Life is about sharing, thank you for allowing me to share with you.  I hope you are are doing well and your Valentines Day  was full of love.  
February 15, 2020
Episode 189 Radio Signal From Deep Space, Multiple Orgasms, Locke & Key, Horse Girl
Stick around, this is only the 189th episode, there are many more to come... they could have you in it.  Interested?  Reach out and start a conversation, there's no telling where it could go.  I'll talk about anything. Look up the NASA article about the radio signals from deep space, estimated at 500 million light years away. Check out Bill Bert Podcast on YouTube. Check out Horse Girl, Alison Brie on GLOW and Horse Girl on Netflix. Check out Locke & Key on Netflix.  Joe Hill (King) is an amazing writer, like his dad Stephen King.  This show is awesome! Dr Drew After Dark 52 with Kelsey Cook (multi-orgasmic) comic on her podcast Self-Helpless and her YouTube show Wrists Of Fury. Thanks for stopping by.
February 12, 2020
Episode 188 Greg Steele Calls In, Starting Your Podcast Is Easy, Anchor, 5 in 40
My buddy Greg Steele calls in and we do a podcast.  We talk about how easy it was for him to start a podcast with Anchor (app) and he promotes his podcast "5 in 40" along with his band ninety5, a local 90's cover band in Albany Georgia.  I hope you enjoy listening and hanging with us.  This was fun.  I could do more of these in the future.  Join along and be part of the podcasts!!  Community people, we are all in it! Shout out to all the faithful friends and family, and fans... without you this wouldn't be possible.  Promote the positive and lets build community!
February 8, 2020
Episode 187 You're Doing Great, Tom Papa, Taylor Swift, Christopher Titus, 5 in 40
Watch Tom Papa now on Netflix "You're Doing Great".  This is one of my favorite specials I've seen lately.   Taylor Swift :Miss Americana on Netflix... wow... I had no idea.  Now I want to buy some of her music. Christopher Titus: Amerigeddon (on Amazon Prime)- argues both sides of every issue.. work-a-holic, self depricating, very smart comedian.  This guy motivates me to do more. 5 in 40 - Greg Steele making it happen with his second podcast episode.  Getting better with each one brother. Omniscient on Netflix.... can you please hire more voice actors?  Maybe have some emotion? (p.s. drones are scary now) Morgan Murphy, you're a hilarious comedian... this was just Stephen Wright energy, and just made me feel down rather than laugh... I love you on podcasts, you're hilarious but this special :Irish Goodbye on Amazon Prime just wasn't on pace.... it's probably my take, and what do I know, I'm just a fan. You're doing great!  It's fine....  :)  Go to to look up tour dates for the Berty Boy World Tour.  I'll see you in Charlotte May 17th!!
February 8, 2020
Episode 186 October Faction, Sabrina, Good For You, Bertcast, Inside Of You, Beware Of Scams
Shout out to my buddy Greg Steele for his 5 in 40 podcast making it to iTunes.  It's also available on Spotify, podbean, Orangecast, Google Play, and everywhere you find podcasts.  Give him a shout out and tell him Josh Peek sent you.   Please give Good For You, the Bonus podcast with Jessica Yellin and Maz Jobrani a listen for the history of Iran and what it means for conflict in the middle east.   Remember, the Democratic Primary is coming up.  Go vote!  I'm voting for Tulsi Gabbard.  
February 5, 2020
Episode 185 Dr Debbie Hopla FNP, Coronavirus, Nursing, Nurse Pratitioners, Instagram Life
Lots of good info here.  Check out the CDC website to find out more info on the coronavirus.  Live your best life.  Don't let Instagram design your life, live a life worth sharing.  Promote the positive and help each other.  Check out my friend Greg Steele's podcast 5 in 40 on Spotify now.  Also watch Danny's Stuff I Kinda Care About on YouTube.  His lightsaber build with his friend is great!   Thanks for listening.  
February 1, 2020
Episode 184 Joey Diaz, Kate Quiggly, Donnel Rawlings, Bert Kreischer, Jo Koy, Narcos, 5 in 40
Check out The Donnell Rawlings podcast.  The first one is rough, but it gets better.   Check out kateqfunny on Instagram.  Tell her you heard about her on the Stuff I Heard podcast.  Tag me please.  I think she's going to blow up as a comedian.  Coyote Peterson is fascinating, and the conversation he had with Bryan Callen and Bert Kreischer (follow all of them on Instagram and watch their stories) is amazing.  Again, please write all of these comedians and tell them you heard about them from me.  I'm hoping to interview them in the future.  Jo Koy is hilarious with Bert Kreischer, follow them both and watch their Insta-Stories for the inside jokes between them.   Big shout out to my friend Greg Steele for starting his podcast 5 in 40.  You can find him on Spotify and Anchor right now, soon to be more platforms, just type in "5 in 40 Greg" and it will come up.  Black icon with gold 5 and 40 on the logo.   Look out for KnowCash on The Voice coming up February 12!  His collaboration with SpikeFe on YouTube doing the ABC song with "Murphy" is awesome!  Imagine if you could make Sesame Street with your friends, this is what that video is the start of.  Show them some love and support, this is going to be the biggest thing to come out of all of this if they get the support.   Shout out to my buddy Danny at Stuff I Kinda Care About.  I dig the budget $15 lightsaber hilt challenge with your friend.  Best video yet! As always, thank you for your support.  I couldn't do any of this without you.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.    
January 29, 2020
Episode 183 Joshua Treadaway Representing The Bald And The Beautiful, Joey Diaz, NBA, NFL, Friends
So, my friend Joshua Treadaway stops by and we talk about history, friendship, our love of the NBA, NFL, and the things that shaped our lives.  
January 24, 2020
Episode 182 Jack Ryan, JRE, Tulsi Gabbard, Bertcast, Narcos, Sex Education
I've had the chance to listen and watch a bunch of things lately.  I haven't talked about it because the last 2 podcasts have had guests.  I hope you are enjoying this.  It's meant to grow community and bring us together for better interactions with one another.  Listen to some of the podcasts I recommend.  Check out Sex Education Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.  Narcos is amazing!  Let's get weird and talk about all the weirdness we are in to.   Thank you for your support, and as always, "que the cow!"
January 21, 2020
Episode 181 Byon "Know Cash" Shares His Story, Dave Ramsey, Anchor, The Voice
I want you all to listen closely to what we are saying in this podcast.  It's not about where you came from, what you're going through, it's about your journey and what you're going to do with it.  What direction do you want to take your life in?  What do you need to change?  What do you want to change?  Do you need to make better friends?  Do you need to learn to make a podcast?  Do you want to share with others what you know?  Take the next step towards that, and then the next step.... no one is going to do it for you.  
January 17, 2020
Episode 180 Richard Peek, rpeek on YouTube Stops By
I had a great conversation with my Dad on this podcast.  I hope you enjoy.  Check him out on YouTube, rpeek.  Thanks for listening.
January 15, 2020
Episode 179 House Fire Help, Virgin River, Ad Astra, Letterkenny, Bertcast, Craig Ferguson, Cash App
The cash app was easy to install and set up, took me 5 minutes.  Marcus Blakely lost his home in a fire yesterday.  They have a son 10, and 2 daughters 8,6.  Any amount will add up and help.  Please help through the cash app.  His code is $mblake8727  Spread the word and let's help this family.  Thank you. Letterkenny is hilarious!!  Thank you Charles Allsbrooks and Joshua Treadaway.  You guys rock!   Happy Birthday Lori Shaw!!  
January 11, 2020
Episode 178 The Spy, Red Sea Diving Resort, New T-Shirts, 2 Bears 1 Cave
Promote the positive, that's what I say.  I've done that for the majority of my life.  It's not always easy.  We can all get set-backs and we can all get kicked down once in a while, but we can choose to face adversity in different ways.  I choose to face challenges as things that I haven't figured out yet.  Prime example is these T-shirts, or the design, or even this podcast, the music that plays in the intro.... you name it.  Challenge after challenge.  What makes it all worth while for me is the conquering of those things I didn't know how to do before that I learn to do proficiently.  That's the good stuff right there family.  Get together with the people around you.  Lean on your community.  We can all be part of the change together.   Pray for Australia... pray for the wildfires to end.  Pray for all the people involved in this Iran situation.  There is no right side to this....    Tulsi Gabbard 2020!!  That's all I'm saying.  Join in for a better option.
January 8, 2020
Episode 177 Girls Bonus Podcast #3, 2020 Fitness Goals
Previous girls podcasts were episode 145 and 165.  My wife Deloris, Lori, and Cheryl talk about their fitness goals for the next year.  Tune in and join along.  Please rate, review, share, and subscribe with your friends.  
January 5, 2020
Episode 176 Messiah, WW3, Kevin Hart, Nick Thune, Forrest Galante, Joe Rogan, Australia On Fire, Tulsi Gabbard
I tackle multiple subjects here on the Stuff I Heard podcast and this episode you can see that I'm trying to create a dialogue where we can all understand, help, and support one another.  Bert Kreischer talks to Nick Thune on The Bertcast about alcohol addiction and getting lyme disease.  Joe Rogan has a great conversation with Forrest Galante, check out his Instagram forrest.galante  Micah on YouTube bigdaddy 1992 is working with several community YouTubers to help his community grow.  Danny at Stuff I Kinda Care About is doing the same.  Kevin Hart reveals many of his own faults and shows us that even when you make mistakes you can grow from it and help improve the lives of others by your actions and your words.  Messiah on Netflix raises the questions of what would happen if Jesus returned?  Australia needs prayers and a miracle only God could give as their entire continent seems to be on fire.  500 million animals have died since September from wildfires including 8000 kaolas.  Iranian general Qasaem Soleimani was killed in an airstrike apparently because he was planning a terrorist act on Iraq, our ally who we give "Billions a year" as Trump says.  Dan Crenshaw says we need to be there to kill the enemy before it comes here.  Tulsi Gabbard says we need to pull our troops out of there and Syria to restore peace.  I'm not sure who is right here but the conversation should happen where we all admit we don't know the right coarse of action.  Both of these representatives are combat veterans and speak from first hand experience.  Nikki Haley as our UN diplomat put Soleimani on notice 2 years ago at a UN hearing.  She knew then that he was planning terrorist acts and needed to be stopped.  When our embassy in Bengazi was attacked and those people were raped, murdered, drug through the streets we did nothing to stop it, even though Hillary Clinton had intel that it was going to happen, then her classified e-mails on public servers mysteriously disappear and we just let her off the hook.  This time we act as the US embassy in Iran was getting attacked and it's seen as an act of War by Democrats??  Really?   Semper Fidellis and God Bless.  We all need prayer and unity more than ever. Build your community.  Support the positive.  Have conversations with the people around you.  Do research.  Don't get your news from one source.   And if you have time after that, please rate, review, subscribe, and share this podcast.  I love you and I pray for you.
January 4, 2020
Episode 175 The Witcher, Wife Of The Party, The Degenerates Season 2, Joe Rogan Experience 10 Year Review
Lots of good stuff moving into the new year.  The biggest is me... being 255lbs.  I gained so much weight lately just eating everything I could fit in my face and drinking beer with no regard to how it would affect me.  I feel it today.  Now I feel like garbage.  It's easier to get in front of it than play catch up but here I am.  It's time to take responsibility.  Stick around to see what happens next.  Thanks for being part of this year.  I hope we're all here next year to celebrate again.  Love ya.  Happy New Year 2020!!
January 1, 2020
Episode 174 Mandalorian Finale, Lost In Space, Ronan Farrow, Tulsi Gabbard
It's time to think outside the box.  Russia has the ability to make the world much smaller now.  This is not a good thing.  Whatever your political affiliation there is a need to think on a much grander scale.  We've lived a very easy, charmed life up to this point here in America with the benefit of 2 oceans flanking us.  We are so eager to divide each other we are missing the bigger threat.   Take action over your life.  Time is so limited.  It's up to each of us to live our lives for whatever time we are here.  Thanks for listening, and God bless.
December 28, 2019
Episode 173 Merry Christmas, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, The Two Popes, JRE, Coughing
Sorry I'm coughing during this... and my camera dies half way into it.  I didn't plan any of this happening the way it did but I still wanted to do a Christmas podcast.  Merry Christmas friends and family.  Thank you for being part of this with me. Stay tuned for more to come.   Please rate, review, subscribe, and share.  I still only have one 3 star review... need help making that better.  Only you can prevent 3 star'edness.  Does that make sense?  Oh well....  Merry Christmas!!  
December 25, 2019
Episode 172 Rise Of Skywalker 3D, Mandalorian, Tulsi Gabbard, Trump Impeachment, Tony Hinchcliffe, Dr Drew, Wife OTP, Dan Soder, Michael Rappaport
Go see Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker in 3D, you will not be disappointed.  The Mandalorian's episode 7 is really great.  It ends on a cliffhanger for the next episode.  I talk about Trump's Impeachment and Tulsi Gabbard's stand to vote "present" not yes or no.   Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020.  Check out Something's Burning with Brian Redban, Tony Hinchcliffe, Bert Kreischer, and the entire Kill Tony cast.  Bertcast with Dan Soder is good.  Son Of A Gary is on HBO now.  Also check him out on The Bonfire.  Whitney Cummings and Michael Rappaport sit down for the Good For You podcast and talk about his standup comedy, his movie career, and him as a Dad on the Netflix show "A Typical".   Check out the shirts I made and tell me what you think.   Would you want one if I made more?  Should I make more?   Please rate, review, subscribe, and share this podcast with your friends and family.  I still only have 1 review that gives me a 3 star from someone I don't know.  Help!!  I need your help to keep this going.  
December 21, 2019
Episode 171 Christmas Ideas, JRE, Iliza Shlesinger, Jack Whitehall, Grinch, Outlander Theory, Star Wars, Tim Tracker
Promote the positive right?  Go check out The Tim Tracker for tons of behind the scenes stuff about Disney and The Rise Of The Resistance ride that just opened.  Check out Outlander on Netflix if you dig time travel movies and shows.  The acting is great, the action is great, and the main character Claire ain't bad to stare at.... just saying.  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Benedict Cumberbatch is really cute.  It's a great remake of a classic that I think is better than the first one.   Thanks for tuning in.  I don't want anything for Christmas.  I'd like you to be on my podcast.  Let's share community.  That's what I want.  Take care, and tune in this Saturday for more.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Any rating is fine, but 5 stars is best.  :)  Merry Christmas.  
December 18, 2019
Episode 170 *Swapcast* Danny McWilliams, Stuff I Kinda Care About, Community
This was a great hang with my friend Danny McWilliams.  We talk about addiction and self esteem, doubt and depression, and trying to fit in, PTSD, and all the fun stuff in between.  Big shout out to him as this is a Swapcast, and his podcast Stuff I Kinda Care About, also find him on YouTube under the same name.  Shout out to Shannon Hernandez, The Shan-Man on YouTube for the behind the scenes helpful info for podcasting.  I have subscribed to them and will keep going back for more info.
December 15, 2019
Episode 169 Cameras, Grand Tour, Klaus, 6 Underground, Andrew Dice Clay, Michelle Wolf, Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings, Bertcast
I know you don't want me talking about cameras for 20 minutes, but here it is.  What are you going to do, this is free content, you get what you pay for.  :)  Just kidding, I hope I talk about this stuff so it's not boring.  Check out The Bertcast with Andrew Dice Clay.  All of the podcast videos are on YouTube also, so if you want to see Dice, check out Bert Kreischer's YouTube channel to see him there.  Bill Burr is my hero and probably saved the season for The Mandalorian.  Very cool character on the show, and so far the best actor on the screen in that series.  Thanks for stopping by, please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  I've only got 1 review after almost 2 years of doing this and it's a 3 star from someone saying "it's alright..."  Help me!!  Please!!  I'm trying to put out better content all the time.  If you want to be on (or perhaps again) let me know.  We will work it out.  Thanks again.  :)
December 14, 2019
Episode 168 Marvelous Ms Maisel, Modern Love, Movies That Made Us, JRE, Good For You, Tom Rhodes, Zach Bitter, Bertcast, Michelle Wolf
Thanks to a 6 hour drive to Greg's and a 6 hour drive back I had time to listen to quite a bit of podcasts.  I also watched a few as well.  Do yourself a favor and go watch The Marvelous Ms Maisel, all 3 seasons.  Then go watch Modern Love, all of them.  Movies That Made Us was also wonderful.  I'm so lucky to live in a time with such great content to watch and listen to.  My buddy Danny McWilliams started his podcast "Stuff I Kinda Care About" on Anchor.  Right now that's the only place it's available, but it will grow, trust me.  He will be on all the podcast sites before you know it.  Check out his first podcast with Know Cash, they talk about their battle with addiction and homelessness.  It's a struggle out there friends and you don't know how lucky you have it sometimes.  Spread the love, spread the community, build the community from within.  Grass roots baby!  Thank you for being a part of this, please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends,  I've only got 1 review on iTunes and it's a 3 star....sheesh...  help me out friends!
December 11, 2019
Episode 167 Greg Steele, Ninety5 Band, Pellet Grilling, Mandalorian, Tesla's New Truck
I went to visit my friend Greg Steele in Albany Georgia.  He's performing with his band Ninety5 tonight at the Harvest Moon.  If you're interested, check them out on Facebook, or drop by to see them live.  I will try to film a bit of it tonight, but I'm not sure how much I can film.  I hope you enjoy the episode.  Remember that 10,000 hours of anything makes you a master at that thing.  Put in the work.  Your rewards will be better than you could have ever imagined.  Thanks for listening, please rate, review, subscribe, and share with others.  
December 7, 2019
Episode 166 The Irishman, Disney Plus, Bertcast, Dolly Parton Heartstrings, Wife Of The Party
I had a week since I could talk about the things I've been listening to and watching.  I wanted to talk about it now to drive you guys there.  I hope you enjoy.  My wife and her friends just did a Girls Bonus Podcast #2 last night.  Thank you for the support.  I do record this video on a new Canon VIXIA HF W10 camcorder.  If you watch it on YouTube, please let me know how you like it.  Is the sound Ok?  Picture?  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends. Don't miss Dolly Parton's Heartstrings on Netflix.  It's really great!
December 4, 2019
Episode 165 Girls Bonus Podcast #2, Southern Christmas Show, Black Friday Shopping, Christmas Decorating
My wife Deloris sits down with her friends Lori Shaw and Cheryl Walker to discuss some things like going to the Southern Christmas show in Charlotte NC, Black Friday shopping, and Christmas Decorating.  I hope you enjoy this as much as they do.  If you enjoyed this, please reach out.  Write, call, whatever, let me know what you think.  They will be doing these once a month for a while.  I think it's awesome.  I'm trying to get Deloris to do her own and let me produce it, but we'll see what happens.  Special thank you Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer for being the inspiration for this.  Check out Bert Kreischer's podcast The Bertcast, and LeeAnn's podcast, Wife Of The Party.   Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Thanks for listening!
December 4, 2019
Episode 164 Jeff Vealey and Justine Mikaloff, Cyber Security, Legal Advice, Change, Relationships
I sit down today and have a conversation with my friend Jeff Vealey and his wife Justine Mikaloff.  Jeff is a technical cyber security advisor.  Check him out at   Justine is a real estate lawyer, blogger, freelance writer.  Check her out at   Justine also says check out for legal advice.  It's free folks, give it a try. We discuss cyber security, protecting yourself against cyber attacks, and all the things you should know but probably don't.   This gets technical at one point, but we bring it back towards the middle.  I hope you enjoy.  Thanks for listening.  :)
November 30, 2019
Episode 163 Tulsi Gabbard, Jocko Willink, Joe Rogan, Dolly Parton
You can hear that I've had 4 cups of coffee before recording this episode.  Sorry.  I got up at 6am and just guzzled down the java.  Watch Tulsi Gabbard and Jock Willnik on Joe Rogan's Podcast on YouTube.  You'll be amazed at how thought out and compassionate she is, and as a Presidential candidate, what more could you ask for?  She's a 16 year veteran who is currently serving in the National Guard, she is a 6 year representative of Hawaii's 2nd congressional district.  She's not taking any money from PACs or lobbyists.  She's only funded by the people she is hoping to serve as President of our United States.  Pay attention to her!  If you don't know who she is, do some research.  She's worth the time. Shout out to Dolly Parton, one of the most amazing talents we've ever had in our lifetime.  Nothing but love Dolly, you are an icon. Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020
November 27, 2019
Episode 162 Bertcast, Kimi Werner, Todd Garner, High Castle, Good Omens, The Crown, Good For You
I know I'm all over the place here.  This is stuff I had lined up for last episode plus what I worked on for this episode.  I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I am.  Check out Whitney Cumming's new podcast Good For You, and Bert Kreischer's podcast The Bertcast.  Good Omens was cool on Amazon Prime.  I'm also really loving The Mandalorian on Disney Plus.  Thank you for all the support for this podcast and my YouTube.  Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Que the cow! "Mooooo"
November 23, 2019
Episode 161 Quade Richardson, Growing Up With 90s Music, Depression, Learning, Growing As Men
I went over to Quade's house today, we get in his man cave and do an almost 2 hour podcast.  We talk about what it's like growing as men, going through the 90's with some awesome music to listen to, and what it's like to go though bouts of depression.  This is a easy conversation, we got comfortable, and it flowed so easily as the podcast went on.  Tune in to enjoy.  I'm sure you'll love it, I did while doing it.  Thanks for listening.
November 20, 2019
Episode 160 Joe Rogan, RZA, Wu Tang, Donnell Rawlings, Malcolm Gladwell, Disney Plus, The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda
Check out The Mandalorian on Disney Plus.  The show is really cool.  The baby Yoda character is going to be a hot Christmas gift for kids.  I could see a plush doll of this selling fast.  He's just too darn cute.  I had no idea who RZA was until the podcast with Joe Rogan, check that out for some cool Wu Tang Clan history and behind the scenes information.  Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for more.  
November 16, 2019
Episode 159 Mandalorian, Disney+, Whitney Cummings, Joe Rogan, Rick Baker, Netflix, Riverdale
Go to wookiepedia and look up Mandalorian to find out more about the Mandalorians.  Disney+ is awesome so far, I'm digging the interface and the availabilities of their catalog of movies and TV shows.  There's tons of behind the scenes content with history and background info.  Big thank you to Quade Richardson for buying the first furniture I've sold.  Thank you for helping me with this obsession.  This helps justify the wood and tools I've bought to my wife who is sick of me doing this stuff, but also equally fascinated that her husband has this ability.  Who knows, this may be the origin story of how I got started with my furniture building business.  :)  Que the cow!
November 13, 2019
Episode 158 Veterans Day, Joe Rogan, Artie Lange, Bert Kreischer, Gary Gulman, Something's Burning, Casey Neistat, Inside Of You, Dr Drew, Voice Monster Edits Colin Metzger
Sometimes I get to listen to some really great podcasts, and sometimes they're on YouTube.  Consume your content however you like, I'm just trying to share some cool content with you.  Check out Joe Rogan and Artie Lange's podcast together.  Artie's path is fascinating.  Gary Gulman's podcast with Bert on the Bertcast is so tender hearted and loving, it's friends who share a great hang with each other talking about dealing with depression and anxiety.  Also check out Inside Of You for a surprising podcast with Corey Feldman.  Dr Drew Pinskey on Dr Drew After Dark has a great podcast with Taylor Tomlinson.  She's such a lovely, funny person to listen to, I'm going to have to check out her podcast Self Helpless.  Go get tickets for Bert Kreischer's new world tour Berty Boy!!  I have my tickets for May 17 in Charlotte NC.  Come join us and have a blast!  Shout out to Colin Metzger "Voice Monster Edits" on Instagram and Twitter.  There's a shot of Colin and Bert in Bert's bus on their InstaStories.  Check him out.  I'm a big fan of his work.  His edits are hilarious, as is he.   Big fan of so much.  I didn't even talk about watching Riverdale season 3 right now, or Whitney Cumming's new podcast "Good For You".  Be on the look out for her rise.  She's going to torch the podcast circuit with her own drive and voice.  I'm rooting for Whiney.   Que the cow!
November 9, 2019
Episode 157 ATypical, Dolemite, Joe Rogan, Kevin Smith, Andrew Santino, Bert Kreischer, Jeannie Gaffigan, Dr Drew, Bill Burr, Netflix
I know I talk about a lot on here today.  What can I say?  I was able to watch and listen to a bunch of cool stuff these last couple of days.  With no distractions around I can get a bunch of things digested (podcasts and Netflix).  Happy 17th Birthday Kaylee Blocker!!  Love you!!
November 6, 2019
Episode 156 Sick Wife, Joe Rogan, Edward Norton, Netflix, Daybreak, The King
I know I talk about things going on in my personal life, and I'm cautious to tell you everything, but this is the fabric of what makes this and me and us... sharing is caring.  Deloris is feeling better now and I'm so relieved.  The Pecan Festival is in Florence downtown area today.  Should be fun.  We are going to check it out later.  Take care, thanks for tuning in.  
November 2, 2019
Episode 155 Josh Treadaway, Kominsky Method, Laundromat, Netflix, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer
Hanging with Josh Treadaway talking about whatever and everything.  Come along and hang with us.  :)
October 30, 2019
Episode 154 Harbor Freight, Joe Rogan, Dr Drew, Inside Of You, Your Mom's House, So Over October, Sober October, 2 Bears 1 Cave, Bill Burr
Lots of fun things I've watched and been a part of this past week.  My eye is still twitching, I'm sure I'm over do-ing it.  Not going to stop.  Posting this and then marching out to the garage to put the new grinder to work sanding that big slab of black walnut.  Once that's done I can put it together in this podcast studio with the new sound mixer board.  Thanks for being a part of this, and supporting me.  I appreciate every one of you.  If you use the "community" phone number to reach out to a celebrity, tell me how it goes.  I'm curious.  
October 26, 2019
Episode 153 Living With Yourself, Joe Rogan, Edward Snowden, AmpliFi Web HD Router, YouTube Copyright Issues, Inside Of You
In my opinion Edward Snowden is a hero and deserves exoneration and commendation.  Dick Cheney is a criminal of good intent and bad follow through to the level of epic cost in lives, money, and freedoms.  Joe Rogan was the right guy for this interview.   Check out the new Netflix show Living With Yourself.  Great job Paul Rudd.  Aisling Bea is a descent actor, but as a comedian, I still don't know who she is.   Jason Mewes is on Inside Of You with Michael Rosenbaum.  Great discussion of fighting addiction and coming out the other side.  Great interview with Dane Cook also.  Michael is a natural in interviewing people.  Very cool podcasts.   Please help me figure out how to fight YouTube when it comes to obvious robot claims to copyright our material as theirs.  It's not right. Shout out to Jeff Vealy for the tip on the AmpliFi HD web router to improve my coverage and ability to stream online content at home.
October 23, 2019
Episode 152 SAMs Loosing Business, Bertcast, Kyle Dunnigan, 2 Bears 1 Cave, Joe Rogan, Lenny Clarke, Inside You, Cast of Supernatural
SAMs is loosing business in Florence South Carolina.  Why are you setting standards when the rest of the free market is opening online shopping and 24 hour access.  $100 more per year for me to enjoy the same access I've had for years to kick me back 2 hours later?  Kiss my butt.  The way you treat customers and the way you fired Frank, I'm so done.  Dollars dictate actions.   Go to Harris Teeter and tell Frank he's appreciated.  He's a good, hard working, honest guy.   Check out Kyle Dunnigan on Instagram kyledunnigan1 for tons of funny face swap impression videos.  He's really funny. Michael Rosenbaum on Inside of You podcast has the cast of Supernatural (coming out with the 15th and final season) on this past week. If you haven't seen Rescue Me, originally on FX, you are missing out on a touching, hard time in New York for the survivors of 9/11 FDNY and their relationships, ghosts, and the job they still have to do afterwards. Check out Danny McWilliams, Stuff I Kinda Care About on YouTube, his DIY gel light project.  Good stuff brother.   Thank you for stopping by.  If you're in the Albany Georgia area, check out my buddy Greg's band 90five. 
October 19, 2019
Episode 151 Navy Cmdr David Fravor Tic Tac UFO, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Todd Glass, Shadow Of The Moon, Falling Inn Love, Disney Skyliner
I go into the reports of Navy Cmdr David Fravor (yes I miss say his name as Fraiser for the first part) on his Joe Rogan podcast appearance discussing what he saw November 14 2004 off the USS Nimitz.  He was off the coast of Ensenada Mexico and has learned there have been multiple sightings of unexplainable craft in the area before and since his encounter.  Very cool discussion, even if you don't believe in the possibility of life from other planets.  Check out Bert Kreischer's podcast The Bertcast, and his YouTube show Something's Burning.    Todd Glass teaches us to look at life from a different point of view, and try to add to it.  Give it a different perspective or add to it in some way.  That's how we make this a better world.  Do the extra thing, even if it's buying a pre-made lasagna and covering it with some high end cheese... it makes the ordinary better.  We can all add to our ordinary to make it better for someone.   Check out Danny McWilliams on YouTube, Stuff I Kinda Care About. The Tim Tracker on YouTube for Disney highlights, including the gondola Skyliner updates. rpeek on YouTube, my Dad.  Post knee surgery and still living his best life.   Thanks for tuning in.  Thanks to my wife for telling me "Keep your energy up!"  I love you more than you'll ever know.  
October 16, 2019
Episode 150 Danny McWilliams Stuff I Kinda Care About, Creating, Joe Rogan, Dakota Meyer
We talk about all sorts of things, interests, fears, things we want to work on together.  We go into Danny's past and a little about his recovery from addiction.  We talk about promoting the positive and what it means to us.  Check him out on Instagram and YouTube.  He's up to 60 subs so far, check him out, tell him Josh sent you.  Thanks for being a part of this.  This is the community I was talking about, and it's only up to us to make it happen.  Please rate (5stars), subscribe, and share with your friends.  Be part of the community.
October 13, 2019
Episode 149 Bert Kreischer, El Camino, Sound And Fury, Big Mouth, Jeff Dunham, Bryan Callen, Taco Boy
Great experience seeing Bert Kreischer in North Charleston.  I've seen Bert 3 times now and this is his best so far.  He's getting better on stage.  Sober October is really agreeing with him.  Thanks to Kyle Hardee for going with me, taking me to Taco Boy, and being my friend.  Sound and Fury on Netflix is awesome, think Pink Floyd but with Japanese Anime sword fighting and end of world crazy videos.  Big Mouth is funny, but in the teenage boy/girl form that really is inappropriate till you're older, but relatable no matter what.  Thanks for listening.  Stay tuned for more!
October 12, 2019
Episode 148 George Bush, Trump, Ellen DeGeneres, Tulsi Gabbard, Disney Skyliner Crash, Raising Dion, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Ari Shaffir
What does it take to be a friend?  Does it take being identical?  Does it take agreeing with everything someone says?  Does it take political affiliation?  Do you put drugs in your friends drink?  Nope.  A friend is thoughtful of your feelings.  A friend supports you.  A friend values your opinions but doesn't have to agree with everything you do.  A friend listens and offers advise when needed.  A friend never makes you feel like you are their victim.  I know I go on a tangent here and try to find some correlation of many different scenarios but just hear me out on this one.   Check out Raising Dion on Netflix, it's awesome!  Check out Tulsi Gabbard for President of the United States. I'm done supporting Ari Shaffir until he makes this right.  He shouldn't have dosed Bert's drink with Molly.  That was one of many dick moves.  To me this was crossing a line, and Bert shouldn't put up with this.  He doesn't have to.   Looking forward to seeing Bert Kreischer tomorrow night in North Charleston with Kyle Hardee.  If you're there give me a shout and we could have a beer.  :)  Thanks for listening and watching this on YouTube.  I couldn't do it without your support.
October 9, 2019
Episode 147 Cedar Wood, Joe Rogan, Sturgil Simpson, Bert Kreischer, Jim Brewer, Peaky Blinders, Nikki Glazer, Bangin
Lots of info here today.  Check out Sturgil's new album Sound & Fury, and his Netflix Anime videos Sound & Fury.  Jim Brewer is touching and heart warming on Bertcast with Bert Kreischer.  Peaky Blinder's 5th season is awesome so far, Cillian Murphy is powerful on screen.  Nikki Glazer's special Bangin is young woman humor.  I think she's much funnier on podcasts than the special shows.  Thanks for the cedar hook up Tonya and Eric.  I hope your Dad gets well after his surgery.  Danny McWillims is on Instagram and YouTube as Stuff I Kinda Care About.  Show him some love, tell him Josh Peek sent ya.  He will be on the podcast and we are collaborating in the future.  Please rate (5 stars), review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
October 5, 2019
Episode 146 Sober October, JRE, Inside Of You, The Politician, Unbelievable, Netflix, Pizza Mio
Lots of content absorbed and taken in be me in the last couple of days.  Check out Pizza Mio if you're in the Florence SC area.  It's delicious build-your-own style pizza.  On Netflix, The Politician is amazing.  Great acting, great idea, great singing by the main character in the second episode (I think it's that episode).  Unbelievable is a hard show to watch about a rape of a young woman and how she is mistreated by the police who investigate, and how another series of rapes in another area lead the arrest of the man responsible and how it all comes full circle to her in clearing her name and getting some sort of life back after going through such an awful experience.  Michael Rosenbaum is killing it on his podcast Inside of You.  If you want to feel vulnerable and not alone, this is the podcast for you.  Michael has a way of making you feel like this is a community and opening up in a way that invites his guests to talk about what they go through as well, and you realize celebrities are not that different than you or I.  Sober October has started with Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura, and Bert Kreischer.  I'm not exactly sure what the challenge is going to be.   Check out the almost 3 hour podcast and see if you can figure it out for yourself.  It's a fun hang with comedian friends.  Even if you're not into them, the friendship is real, even if Ari is a dick.  Please support the podcast by rating, reviewing, subscribing, and sharing with your friends.  I'm enjoying this podcast and I hope you are too.  
October 2, 2019
Episode 145 *Bonus Episode* Deloris And Friends, Lori, Cheryl
This is the first podcast I've handed off to my wife and her friends to try one on their own.  This may be the start of something new.  She may have her own podcast before it's all said and done.  Special shout out to LeeAnn and Bert Kreischer for showing us the way, to Halston Ray for the technical questions of gear, and to my wife Deloris and her friends Cheryl and Lori.  Thanks for hanging with us and them.  Please leave us feedback at  Remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends,.  :) 
September 29, 2019
Episode 144 Sober October Comedian Challenge, Bert Kreischer, Joey Diaz, Ari Shaffir, Joe Rogan, Wife OTP
Check out WifeOTP, Wife Of The Party podcast with LeeAnn Kreischer for some different perspective.  The Sober October or Octobert challenge is coming around the corner.  Check out each of the 4 comedians to be a part of the conversation, the comedy, and the podcasts.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
September 28, 2019
Episode 143 The Walking Dead Spoilers Up To Now, What It Means About Us, Time Management
As always, be good to one another, help each other, support your fellow neighbor/friend/person.  It's up to us to be kind to each other.  Thanks for being a part of this.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
September 25, 2019
Episode 142 YouTube TV, College Football, The "I" Land, Jay And Silent Bob
Thanks for tuning in again, I'm off to watch college football.  I am happy with this service so far.  I had to look up how to install YouTube TV on a Firestick, but Google brought up a video immediately that worked perfect.  Thanks for being part of this.  Have a great day!
September 21, 2019
Episode 141 Carnival Row, Undone, Amazon Prime, Dan Aykroyd, Joe Rogan, Jim Jefferies, Bert Kreischer
Lots of good content being created out there just waiting for people to find it.  I hope I can help you find some cool stuff to watch or listen to.  Thanks for hanging with me.  I'm still figuring this out, and I will continue to try.  This is only the beginning.
September 18, 2019
Episode 140 13 Reasons Why, Netflix, Start Talking To Someone  for crisis help 24/7.   Too often we don't have the tough conversations.  This show shows a bit of that, and more.  The purpose is to start the conversation.  So talk to someone if you are going through something.  We are all here to help one another.  I don't know what to do, but I can listen.  If you can, reach out to a family member, a friend, a church member, someone from work, a councilor, or go online to for more help. It's never too late, until it is.
September 15, 2019
Episode 139 Never Forget, Bill Burr, Dave Chapelle, Moving Forward, Comedy
Today is 9-11-19... I won't forget but I am moving forward, and it helps to find humor in the places it hurts.  Thank you to all comedians who help us say what we don't have the words to say, for helping us take the sting out of the pain, for allowing us all to laugh together through a life that is at times unbearable.  Check out Dave Chapelle's special Sticks and Stones, and Bill Burr's special Paper Tiger, both on Netflix now.  Thanks for listening.  Please take a moment to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
September 11, 2019
Episode 138 Draven Peek, Bert Kreischer, Whitney Cummings, Joe Rogan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Second Chance Church, Dr Drew After Dark, LeeAnn Kreischer
I start off talking about my son and our journey to be where we are.  Don't take offense in this if I talk about you.  We all grow from each other and our experiences.  I'm an adult now and non of it bothers me anymore, it informs me of who I am and what I want in my life.  Check out Whitney Cummings' Netflix special "Can I Touch It".  It's really good!  If you're a fan of Bert Kreischer (his podcast is The Bertcast) or his wife LeeAnn (check out her podcast Wife Of The Party) you'll enjoy the conversation they have with Dr Drew on the Dr Drew After Dark podcast.  I'm deep into podcasts if you couldn't tell.  Perry Noble rounds out the end with Second Chance Church where he talks about one fo the craziest stories in the Bible no one talks about, and he makes a lesson out of it.  This is where Perry excels.  Check it out!   Thank you for your support.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  That's how I can keep this thing going.  I can't do it without your support.  
September 7, 2019
Episode 137 Ovation Of The Seas Alaskan Cruise, Juneau, Whale Watching, Skagway, Zip Lining, Alaska
If you're ever in Juneau Alaska, enjoy Tracy's Alaskan King Crab Legs.  They can also be consumed at Skagway Fish Company.  Delicious... Pricey, but good.  We are at sea again today.  I'm recording and posting this from the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Ovation of the Seas.  Tomorrow we will be in Victoria British Columbia Canada.  Hope everyone is fairing the Hurricane Dorian OK on the east coast.  We will be headed home Friday.  Thanks for listening, check out my YouTube channel Joshua Peek for more videos of our trip.  Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
September 4, 2019
Episode 136 Alaskan Cruise, From The Ovation Of The Seas
Yes I recorded this using Voice Memo's app on my iPad Mini.  I shared the file to the laptop and opened with iTunes.  Dragged the file over to Garageband and put my own spin on the into for the podcast.  I also did video but that may have to wait till I get back on land to get a signal to put online.  The internet on this ship is so slow... it's just terrible.  Hope everyone is doing well.  East coast brace for Hurricane Dorian and RIP Uncle Charles David Peek.  Check out my Instagram if you want to see pics, jtatpeek  Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
August 31, 2019
Episode 135 Mindhunter 2, Otherhood, Better Than Us, Sober October, Bert Kreischer
Go to and enter the code word "Shots" at checkout for tickets to Bert Kreischer's Body Shots World Tour.  More dates and times added.  Check out Mindhunter 2 on Netflix.  Otherhood, shoutout to Angela Bassett.  Girl you still got it.  I remember back when I was a younger man you did Stella Got Her Groove Back, you haven't lost your groove.  Better Than Us is also good.  Netflix has to do a better job of dubbing voices, but it doesn't take away from how good the show is.  The young lady playing the main "Bot" is awesome at playing a robot lady.... you have to see it to understand what I mean.  Thanks for listening, please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with friends.
August 28, 2019
Episode 134 The Path That Makes You, Bert Kreischer, Jim Gaffigan, Netflix, Better Than Us, Disney+, The Mandalorian
What is your path?  We all have a path that defines us.  Here in the south, my generation is deeply defined by The Depression and how it had a trickle effect to generations afterwards.  It ruined so many lives to the point that it has residuals remaining in kids and their kids.  Check out Jim Gaffigan's special on Amazon Prime.  He's hilarious.  The interview on The Bertcast with Bert Kreischer is really great.  Check out Better Than Us on Netflix.  It's a Russian show dubbed into english.  It has 16 episodes, I'm 8 in so far and it's really good!  Thanks for hanging out with me for this one folks.  Take care.  Please take a moment to rate, review, subscribe, and share with others.  
August 24, 2019
Episode 133 Michael Rosenbaum, Inside Of You, 2 Bears One Cave, Something's Burning, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Joe Rogan, Ben Crenshaw, Legion Of Skanks
I was able to listen to a bunch of podcasts this past few days.  The 2 Bears One Cave is so hilarious.  I watched it on YouTube last night.  Very funny stuff.  The first 4 minutes of it Bert almost passes out from laughing too hard.  There is a new Something's Burning on YouTube also.  Happy Birthday to my Sister, Brandy.  Love you Sis.
August 21, 2019
Episode 132 Jim Gaffigan, Joe Rogan, Alonzo Bodden, Amazon Prime, Comedy, Wife's Journey, GLOW, Netflix
Look up at the top of your Amazon Prime page online and scroll to the left... type in Jim and Jim Gaffigan will come up.   Same with Alonzo Bodden.  Amazon, get your stuff together and change the interface to show comedy shows available as a category.  Check out GLOW on Netflix.  Great acting and story writing.  The 3rd season is up now.  It's very easy to watch, and it will get you hooked immediately.    Hope everyone's doing well.  Thanks for joining me.  Remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
August 17, 2019
Episode 131 Bert Kreischer, Bertcast, Halston Ray, Freewaters Sandals, Body Shots World Tour
The power of the internet is awesome.   Shout out to Halston Ray for doing a great job, 100 episodes of  The Bertcast.  The sound and video quality is so good now.  You've done a great job sir.  I'd love to learn how to step up my one man show here to improve the quality.  Who's going to see Bert's Body Shots World Tour?  Hit me up.
August 14, 2019
Episode 130 Bernie Sanders, Joe Rogan, Tulsi Gabbard, Handmaid's Tale, Jerry Seinfeld, Bert Kreischer, Something's Burning, 2 Bears 1 Cave
Real change happens by calling your Rep or Senator.  You can find their numbers online, call them regularly and tell them the change you want them to vote for.  That should be your first action, not Facebook or on here...  Even if Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard are not the candidate you think you want to vote for, do yourself a service and listen to them speak in long form.  Years of Joe Rogan asking questions has seasoned him to ask great questions of these Presidential candidates.  Check it out.  Thanks to the new sponsor, I hope I recorded it so it flows seamlessly.  Thanks for being part of this.  I did it at 7 in the morning with a cup of coffee and I think it went well.  Take care everyone.
August 10, 2019
Episode 129 Greg Steele Calls In
This was the first time I've used the sound board for a call in episode.  I hope everyone enjoys it.  We had no plan.  Greg just texted me and said he wanted to do a podcast.  I was game, so we went for it. Hope you enjoy it.  :)
August 6, 2019
Episode 128 Another Life, Netflix, Comedy, Consumer Reports, Cord Cutters, Electronic Vehicles, Tesla, Whitney Cummings, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Marshmallow, Body Shots, World Tour
This is a long one.  I talk about how comedy shaped my life, and influenced me in ways that it didn't with my wife.  (is she a comedy fan or just forced to pay attention to it because of me?)  This months Consumer Reports is a good one.  It talks about cutting the cord, the new push cable is having to win back customers, and the reality of Electronic Vehicles or EVs.  Thanks for listening, please check out Another Life on Netflix, Consumer Reports latest publication, Whitney Cummings new special (Can I Touch It), and Bert Kreischer's special on Netflix (Secret Time).  Bert is also on tour right now, the Body Shots World Tour.  Tickets can be found on his website  Look under tour.  He's back in the states and recording his new comedy special in Cleveland over 4 shows.  If you're in that area and you want to be part of his special, get your tickets now.  Thanks for being a part of this podcast.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
August 3, 2019
Episode 127 Orange Is The New Black Season Finale, Tulsi Gabbard, Google Scandal, Joe Rogan, Whitney Cummings, Maynard James Keenan, Doug Benson, Dr Drew After Dark
Check out Whitney Cummings' Netflix special "Can I Touch It".  This was a full day of King Jefe Taco, the Cali-bowl, cheeseburger style with guacamole on the side... thanks Kyle Hardee.  If you're ever in Florence South Carolina please look up King Jefe and eat there.  Tell them Josh Peek sent you.  :)  I don't get anything, but it's nice to share with friends.  Take care and God bless.
July 31, 2019
Episode 126 The Boys, Amazon Prime, Bertcast, Bert Kreischer, Daniel Sloss, Ian Humphries, Cedar Couch Project, Orange Is The New Black Last Season, Netflix
The Boys show on Amazon Prime is awesome!!!  I can't wait to watch Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.  This is an awesome week for shows on both platforms.  Thanks to my buddy Greg for the replacement bluetooth speaker for the one he accidentally kicked in the lake.  Thanks to Dad for introducing me to Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.  Thanks to my wife Deloris for helping me with yard work.  The lawn looks awesome baby cakes.  :)  Thanks for listening to the podcast.  Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
July 28, 2019
Episode 125 Spoilers!! Big Little Lies, HBO, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Reece Whitherspoon
Wow what a season!!!  Such good performances by such talented actors!  HBO hit a home run with this one.  Meryl Streep did not disappoint as her character was Nicole Kidman's mother-in-law.....  wow!~  If you don't want spoilers of the show, skip most of this one.  Thank for listening.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  God bless.
July 24, 2019
Episode 124 Big Little Lies, Catch 22, Female Brain, A Star Is Born, Rabbit Ms Pat, Podcasts
I'm making up for lost time on this one.   Watched lots, listened to lots, and wanted to talk about it all.   Please check out Rabbit, the Ms Pat story.  The download is only $10, and you can hear her on various podcasts including her own, the Pat Down.  Thank you for all the support, please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.
July 20, 2019
Episode 123 Jury Duty, Book Club, Bertcast, Bert Kreischer, 2 Bears 1 Cave, Spiderverse, Burnt, Bradley Cooper
Back in the swing of things.  Sorry for last week as vacation sucked my brain to la-la land.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks for hanging with me.  Time to get this thing going again.  I'm back working, building a cedar couch for my porch, and creating content.  See the building going on YouTube under my name Joshua Peek.  Thanks for listening, please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends. 
July 17, 2019
Episode 122 On Vacation In Kiawah Island
Sorry it's so short.  Not much to talk about right now.  Just enjoying time with the family.  Special thanks to Mom and Dan for bringing us along.  We had a blast.  
July 13, 2019
Episode 121 Outlander, The Chef Show, Bohemian Rhapsody
Life is what you make it.  The outliers are pathing roads that no one else travels.  What is your path?  What are you told you can't do?  What is holding you back?  Is it your own limitations?  Do you lack the access to the internet?  Is it just a laziness?   Seek that motivation, and try.  I never knew how to do anything I've learned until I tried.  I'm no different than you.  Set a path.  Learn what you can.  Make your future working to it now.  Thanks for all your support.  Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  
July 10, 2019
Episode 120 Stranger Things 3, Outlander, Netflix, Bertcast, Inside of You, Time Travel, Sleep Chaos Day
Again, sorry for the late podcast.  My sleep got all screwed up.  You can hear my 3 year old grandson Jackson in the background because he was playing with my wife in the house.  Towards the end they open the door to look at me.... remind me to put up some soundproofing on the walls and a lock on the door so there's no interruptions.  Or maybe I should have taken the time to do one when everyone was sleeping.  That's on me.  My bad y'all.  Anyhoo, thanks for hanging with me.  Tune in for more in the future.  
July 7, 2019
Episode 119 Rodney Aspiras, Handlebars Of Freedom
Yeah I thought I'd be cool, and I ended up with a dumb peddle style moped.... and I made it cool to have one.  Thanks Rodney for always "showing up".  Love ya brother.
July 3, 2019
Episode 118 Greg Steele, Joshua Treadaway, Santee Lake Vacation, *Drinking*
This is 2 of my closest friends hanging out at Santee for a little vacation.  We are drinking, and being silly.  Hope you enjoy.
June 29, 2019
Episode 117 Bob Lazar, Joe Rogan, Aliens
What do you think?  Are we alone?  Are roaches alien drones?  Are we full of crap to think we are the only beings in the universe?  What if what we think is the known universe is just a spec of the reality that's out there?  What if time and space are relative, and our perspective is wrong the whole time???  Let's talk about it!!
June 25, 2019
Episode 116 Riverside Church, My Testimony, Cedar Wood In The Pasture, Joe Rogan, Ms Pat, Duncan Trussell
I recorded this outside on the iPad Mini 4 on a Voice Memo app, then did an airdrop to my Macbook Pro.  I dragged the file from the download file to the garage band and it worked!!  This is awesome.  I'm so stoked I figured out how to do it and I've never done it before.  Technology is so cool, especially when it works.
June 22, 2019
Episode 115 Perry Noble, Newspring, Second Chance, Church, Jessica Jones *SPOILERS*
Check out Second Chance Church online through podcasts or YouTube.  I think Perry Noble has a gift for bringing people closer to God.  During the last 10 minutes I talk about Jessica Jones on Netflix.  There are spoilers in the last 5 minutes so if you haven't seen it then don't listen that far.  You have been warned ahead of time.  Thanks for listening.  Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with friends. 
June 20, 2019
Episode 114 Father's Day, Jessica Jones, Disney, Galaxy's Edge, 2 Bears 1 Cave, Making A Podcast Studio
Sorry for the content this week.  Been busy in the garage making a second chair for folks to sit on when they come to do the podcast.  If you're like me, you're in for the long haul, and this is no exception.  Love you guys.  Thanks for listening.
June 16, 2019
Episode 113 Jamaal Baynes, Franks Mad House, Netflix, Marvel, Walking Dead, Conversations With Different People
I had a great conversation with a co-worker and friend Jamaal Baynes.  
June 12, 2019
Episode 112 LeeAnn Kreischer, Dr Drew After Dark, Wife Of The Party, Christina P, Sold DJI Mavic Drone, House Of Cards
There's things changing here in the Peek household.  I'm not allowed to talk about it all yet, but when I can, you'll know more.  At the moment I'm selling some items to get some cash, and make some room for the podcast studio.  Sometimes you make sacrifices in life to move forward and make better content.  Big thank you to my Mom and Stepdad Dan for letting us borrow a vehicle, and to my neighbor Paul for inviting me over to dinner to meet your friends and have fellowship while sharing a meal.  That's what it's all about people, community, sharing, being a part of each other's lives and caring for one another.  Thank you for rating, reviewing, sharing this podcast with your friends.  Because of you I'm making tens of dollars that will eventually help me pay for all this equipment I talked my wife into letting me buy.  :)   Tell your friends, it's "Stuff I Heard".
June 9, 2019
Episode 111 Black Mirror, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Ari Shaffir, Sober October Preview Podcast
The Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Tom Segura, Bert Kreischer, Ari Shaffir, Sober October Preview.  They get silly, party, bust balls, and hang out trying to discuss what to do once they get to October.  It's fun.  I watched it on YouTube today because I like to see their reactions.  Joe with that championship belt is awesome.  Season 6 of Black Mirror on Netflix is awesome.  3 episodes.  They get better every year.  The episode with Millie Cyrus is incredible.   Check out rpeek on YouTube.  My Dad is breathing life back to the ratrod, video by video.
June 5, 2019
Episode 110 Fear, Communication, Better Together
It's l about the effort we put forth.  Would any of this matter if we didn't follow through with our intentions?  The hardest step is the first one.  Do you need help?  Let me help.  We can build community together.  Promote the positive and reach out to one another.   It all starts with that first step.
June 1, 2019
Episode 109 House Of Cards, Catch 22, Emmitt Smith, Problem Solving, Michael Rosenbaum
Sorry, I'm under the weather.  I sound like I'm trying to breath out of my mouth.  It's 100 degrees outside and I'm melting.  Lowe's had a sale for Memorial Day.  I got some stain for my back deck and they had a mail in rebate that I was able to send in today to get some $$ back.  I can always find stuff to buy at Lowe's.  Thanks Mom and Dan for the gift card.  :)  
May 29, 2019
Episode 108 Jan Vodrazka, Playing Professional Hockey, Learning Languages, Coming To America, Becoming An American, The Future, Elon Musk, Singularity
I work with Jan and have had this and many like it over the years.  I find him fascinating and thought others would too.  I hope you enjoy the conversation.  IF you have any influence or would like to see hockey here in Florence South Carolina, please keep Jan in mind.  He'd love to see this as a reality.  If you'd like to ask Jan a question, reach out through me.  He will be back to do future podcasts so we can get weird about the strange things that intrigue us both.  Thanks for listening, please rate, review, subscribe, and share with a friend.  I'm building community, and it all starts with us.
May 25, 2019
Episode 107 Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, Game Of Thrones, House Of Cards, Dr Dan Hopla, 2 Stints
I'm heavy at times in this.  I'm thankful that my Step Dad Dan is OK after having 2 stints put in his heart today.  Thank you to Leinenkugels for their Summer Shandy beer, and my interaction with Dick Leininkugel for his help getting the local distributor "Yannis".   Some magic must have happened because 6-pack bottles are on sale this week through Memorial Day for half price!!!  $3.74 at my local Food Lion!!  I'm so excited I bought 4.  I'll probably go back and buy more to make sure I show them some love.  Shout out to Game of Thrones.  I got your back.  If anyone's talking trash, send them to me.  Your story was amazing and can't be matched.  Thank you for creating some awesome content.  I'm catching up on House Of Cards.  I just finished season 1 today.  Great show!!!   Stay tuned for this weekend as I tease a possible guest that's going to blow your mind... he's lived such an amazing life.  
May 22, 2019
Episode 106 Deloris Peek, Joe Rogan, Disney, Michael Rosenbaum, Bert Kreischer, LeeAnn Kreischer, Perry Noble, Second Chance Church, Dr Drew, Anna Farris, Netflix, Dead To Me
Today I talk with my wife about multiple podcasts we both listened to and we get silly along the way.  I was totally surprised she texted me today and asked if she could do another episode.  This was fun.  I can tell she's getting used to the process and enjoying it.  Thanks for listening, please support us by rating, reviewing, subscribing, and sharing this with your friends.  Send me a "Voice message" on the Anchor app and be part of the discussion. I'll include your audio and have you be a part of the conversation.
May 18, 2019
Episode 105 Tulsi Gabbard For President, Joe Rogan, Problem With $15 Minimum Wage, Netflix, Lucifer
Let's start the conversations about what the truth of our economy is... the worth of our dollar and how raising the minimum wage to $15 only hurts the very people it was intended for. What does the world look with everything moving towards automation?  What will our kids do for a job?  When will politicians stop being owned by corporations?  Could Tulsi Gabbard be a key person in our history to become President of the United States?  So far I like her.  She's my vote right now.  Go listen to her on Joe Rogan's podcast.  If you want to watch him he's also on YouTube.  You can find it easy if you just type their names in the search.  Let's start the discussions of our future and really start taking actions with our voices, with our votes, with conversations to the people around us.  Let's all embrace Aloha and Ohana.
May 15, 2019
Episode 104 One Year Anniversary! Deloris Peek, LeeAnn and Bert Kreischer, Michael Rosenbaum, Joe Rogan, Netflix
There's over an hour of content here.  I celebrate my one year anniversary of doing the Stuff I Heard podcast.  I'd like to thank everyone for the support and the help along the way of rating, reviewing, and subscribing, and sharing with friends.  I've enjoyed this journey starting from nothing to 23.4 plays on Anchor alone!  I'm blown away by the support and the encouragement all along the way.  Most of all I want to thank my guest today, my wife, my best friend Deloris Peek.  Thank you so so many others for being part of this journey.  
May 11, 2019
Episode 103 Champ Lambert Stops By For Coffee
This is the first of many podcasts with Champ.  Check it out!
May 8, 2019
Episode 102 Cinco De Mayo, No Wall Trump, Joe Rogan, John Reep, King Jefe Taco Florence South Carolina
That's right, I'm all over the map on this one.  I got home early, wife is out of town, I started laundry, grabbed a few beers out of the fridge, and turned the microphone on.  I got so lucky to be in this skin, born on this dirt... who are we to say that people who weren't shouldn't have the chance to better their circumstances.  If anything you'd think the right would respect the "pulling yourself up by hard work" mentality.  That wasn't invented by white people of affluence, it was built by the poor.  People I come from.  People I respect.  I am the person who worked out of my circumstance and I admire others who do the same.   God bless everyone who works hard and doesn't give up.  We can do all things through Jesus Christ.  Love your neighbor as your self.  If that's a problem with you either your neighbor is a meth-head asshole,  or you are the problem.  We can all change for the better.  The only thing it takes is effort.
May 3, 2019
Episode 101 Inside Of You, Michael Rosenbaum, Deep Dive, Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock
I went deep "Inside Of You" on Michael Rosenbaum's podcast.  It's in my regular download and listening library now.  Check out Joe Rogan interviewing Graham Hancock also.  I recommend watching the YouTube version if you have that available so you can see the images they pull up from research papers and archeologists from around the world to support the conversations you hear.  It's fascinating to think of where we come from.  It's not all known.  If anything it should spark our imagination to what could possibly be new to learn.  Learning should be universal and never ending.
May 1, 2019
Episode 99 Inside Of You Michael Rosenbaum, Zachary Levi, Downcountry Dining, YouTube, Know When Its Time To Hire Someone Else
I can't say enough about my new obsession, Inside Of You by Michael Rosenbaum.  Check out his podcast wherever you download podcasts.  Also check out Travis, Steve, And Kyle on Downcountry Dining on YouTube.  Be sure to try King Jefe, Tubbs, or Revival Burger if you're ever in Florence SC.  Letterkenny on Hulu is funny, but the commercials on Hulu suck the big fat one.  Get with it Hulu, people deserve better.
April 24, 2019
Episode 98 Joe Rogan, Adam Conover, Bert Kreischer, Michael Rosenbaum, Thank You
Go check out Adam Ruins everything on TruTV or Netflix has old episodes.  It's funny and informative.  You'll find yourself going down educational fun rabbit holes you never thought about before.  Also check out Adam and Joe's discussion on Joe Rogan Experience.  I hope they meet up and have future discussions.  This was an interesting listen.   Check out The Bertcast interview with Bert Kreischer and Michael Rosenbaum.  Then check out Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.  I'm listening to the interview with Bert now.  Michael is such an interesting guy to listen to.  I hope they do a movie project together.  I'd tune it and talk about it for sure.  Thank you again for all the kinds words as we pay our respects to my Granny Peek.  :)
April 19, 2019
Episode 97 RIP Nell Peek, After Life, Netflix
What will you do?  How will you plant your tree for future generations?  
April 16, 2019
Episode 96 Katie Bouman, Black Hole image, Sabrina Teenage Witch, Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix, Aquaman, LeeAnn Kreischer, Dr Drew After Dark, Joe Rogan, Brad Williams, Jessimae Pelusa, Michael Yo
Lots to cover in this.  Let's make sure Katie Bouman is a known star for the first ever image of a black hole.  Aquaman is probably one of the worst movies ever made... I can't believe it made so much money.  Sabrina the Teenage Witch season 2 was great!!  So was Santa Clarita Diet season 3.   I'm out... hope everyone's doing great.  Love ya.  Thanks for the support.  If you haven't already, please rate, review, subscribe, and share this with your friends.  
April 12, 2019
Episode 95 Love Death Robots, Netflix, Kevin Hart, Jo Koy, Joe Rogan, Gabrielle Reece, Marriage
I consumed lots of content this week as the weather was terrible outside.  I hope you find this entertaining and check out Love Death Robots on Netflix.  Also, let's grow as people and let people evolve and change without giving them a hard time forever?  Thanks.  Hope everyone is doing well.  I appreciate every one of you.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  :) 
April 9, 2019
Episode 94 Bryan Callen, Complicated Apes, Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Marriage, Longevity, Love, Kevin Hart
What you do with your time here on Earth is up to you.  Share that time with those you love and your life will be rich with experience and in turn, you will find fulfillment like no other.  We are all here for a reason, get out of your phones and interact with one another!!  Tell me about what comedy special you are excited about.
April 5, 2019
Episode 93 Grand Tour, Hanna, The Highway Men, Dr Drew After Dark, Joe Rogan, Lindsey Fitzharris
Oh, lots going on here.  I had so much happening between visiting Dad, my brother, and getting my kidneys x-rayed.  Hanna was cool on Amazon Prime, also check out the new episodes of The Grand Tour.  The movie The Highway Men was great on Netflix.  Dr Drew's new podcast After Hours is really entertaining.  Fun to be had by all on the Stuff I Heard podcast.  Thanks for being a part of it.  
April 2, 2019
Episode 92 New iMacPro, Voice Memos, Bert Kreischer, Dr Drew, The Dirt, Netflix
The Black Tux • Anchor • New Recording 2.m4a • Cow
March 29, 2019
Episode 91 Taxes, Passports, King Jefe, Suntory Whisky
As Ice Cube said, "today was a good day."
March 27, 2019
Episode 90 The OA Netflix, Adam Carolla, Blaze Your Own Path
Sometimes there are rules and people standing over you, lording over you.  Sometimes you have to just do it all yourself so that no one has a say over what you do.   When you are creative it's hard to have the discipline to make yourself learn how to do all that you need to know in order to make what you want, but you have to do the work if you don't want obstacles in your way.  Action over Intent!
March 23, 2019
Episode 89 Google Maps Invited Me, Chris Pratt Correction, Netflix, Northern Rescue
I'm trying to make my video now to submit so I can speak to the Google Maps people.  I want to have an exchange of ideas and help change the map a little to make it better for Semi and RV drivers.
March 19, 2019
Episode 88 Dane Cook, Bert Kreischer, Pollen Aliens, Chris Pratt Is Awesome, Jurassic World Sucks, St. Patty's Day
That's right, I said it... come at me bro!  You ain't listening anyway Pickle Ball Boy!!!  
March 15, 2019
Episode 86 Changing World, Richard Peek, YouTube, Tesla
What would you say about the changing world if you could document and talk about it later?  Would you look back and be happy or sad about the way the world changes?  What if you could effect that change?  What if you could be part of the change?  It's all what you put into it.  Be a part of the change!!!  Let's do it together!
March 9, 2019
Episode 85 Elon Musk, Space X, Dragon Crew, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, NASA, Conspiracy Theories
We are living in a crazy time where the future seems to be right at our fingertips but we squander our opportunities.  Look at what Elon Musk and the Space X crew have done putting the first privately owned company's space ship to dock with the International Space Station.  Then if you listen to Joe Rogan's interview with Alex Jones you hope to God that Alex is crazy, but you tend to find out that most of what he's talking about is true.  It's terrifying to think of NASA as anything other than a purist group trying to explore the cosmos outside our planet, to find out where we come from and where we are going.  I'll be honest, I think Alex is a bit crazy, and he may be right, which is even more terrifying.  
March 6, 2019
Episode 84 How Do We Make Friends In Real Life? (Tried to post this for 2 days, finally figured it out)
We all struggle to connect as we find our way through life.  Sometimes we get lucky and connect to other human beings and that friendship lasts a lifetime.  Sometimes we have a brief time where we come together and we move apart.   We all have to find our way, but there is a truth in that we are better together.  Our learning, our experiences, our path becomes a journey we take together.  We enrich each other's lives and we help color the tapestry of our fabric... our make up.  It's hard to form those bonds today with social media and games on our phones taking all of our attention.  We don't get involved or invested in each other unless we make an effort.  As a boy we would find a way to entertain each other when we were bored.  That boredom has now been replaced with gadgets and the internet.  I'm just as guilty as the next person... maybe more.  I spend extra moments developing this podcast or the YouTube channel.  I try to line up projects and things that to be honest are "busy work" to most.  I could invest that time in the people around me but it takes a concentrated effort that I honestly don't nurture like I feel I should.  What about you?  Are you in the same position?  Let's all make an effort to change ourselves for a "real life" not social media life version of friendship.  Hi my name's Josh, what's yours?  Where are you from?  Let's start a conversation...
March 3, 2019
Episode 83 Joe Rogan Experience Overload, LeeAnn Kreischer's Wife Of The Party, Bert Kreischer The Machine On Netflix
I got deep in the last couple of days listening to multiple episodes of Joe Rogan's podcast.   Go check out Bert's 2016 comedy special The Machine on Netflix right now!!  Well, maybe after you listen to my podcast...  Bert I'd love to have you as a guest on my podcast, but if you're busy LeeAnn could do the heavy lifting for you sir.  :)  Love ya both.  
February 27, 2019
Episode 82 RIP Brody Stevens, Joe Rogan, Donnell Rawlings, LeeAnn Kreischer, You're NOT Alone!
Sad day...  Brody Stevens was so loved... Check out Twitter's outpour of love for Brody.  Rest in peace sir.  If you are suffering and are thinking of hurting yourself, please reach out to someone.  There are people who will listen, talk, help...  It's not too late until it is.  We are all here for each other.  Let someone help you.  It's not a weakness if you realize we all struggle at times.  
February 23, 2019
Episode 81 Joe Rogan Pot Debate With Alex Berenson & Dr. Michael Hart, Rambler to RPEEK, Netflix Cancels The Punisher And Daredevil
I'm proud of Joe Rogan for having a good debate between two guys who are very passionate about their positions and Joe does a great job mediating between them as impartial as he could be while also asking great questions.  Information and sharing is key to us growing as people.  Netflix loosing Marvel is a big deal, and with it we are loosing Daredevil and The Punisher.  They will be greatly missed.  Also, check out my Dad's YouTube videos about the Rambler on his channel "rpeek".
February 20, 2019
Episode 80 Man Crate Valentines Day Surprise
I'm making the video to put on YouTube today, check out the Man Crate unboxing as I do it.  Very cool present from my wife.  Thank you Deloris!  I'm cooking a pork butt using the stuff I got in the Man Crate today.   I'm also making a video of that as well.
February 16, 2019
Episode 79 Valentines Day, Dave Ramsey, Budget, Vacation, How To Videos, YouTube, Singularity, Refinishing Cedar Slab Wood
I'm sort of all over the place on this one.  I sometimes have something I'm going to talk about when I start.  This was not that type of episode.  I literally hit record and just talked for 34 minutes.  I hope you enjoy.  I'm constantly changing, challenging myself, and transforming what I do and how I do it.  Stick around, I'll probably do something else wacky along the way, and maybe you'll be a part of it.  Please remember to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends.  Let's all be part of this community and share our ideas and conversation with one another.
February 13, 2019
Episode 78 Greg Steele, Bert Kreischer, Whiskey, Financial Advice, Cowbell Burger, Tesla, Tupelo Honey, Donna And Frank
There's a ton of info in this episode.  Sit back, enjoy the soothing tones of Josh and Greg.  Look for Greg's 90's cover band on Facebook Ninety5 Albany Georgia.  He will soon be on Instagram and possibly have his own podcast that I will help promote. Bert was awesome in concert!  Go see him!!
February 9, 2019
Episode 77 Groundhog Day, Russian Doll, New England Patriots, Super Bowl, Bert Kreischer
I'm excited to see Bert Kreischer's Body Shots world tour, in Charlotte Feb 8th.  I'll be front center row with my buddy Greg Steele.  Come out and see us there.  Look for tickets for Bert's show at  Thanks again.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share.  
February 6, 2019
Episode 76 Kyle Hardee, King Jefe Taco, Tubbs, Revival Burger, KETO, Anthony Bourdain, Marine Corps
Today I got to sit down with one of the three owners of King Jefe Taco, Tubbs, and Revival Burger here in Florence South Carolina.  Please check out their social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.   Instagram : kingjefeflorence, revivalburgerflorence, tubbsshrimpandfish YouTube: Downcountry Dining
February 2, 2019
Episode 75 Byron Covington, War, Change, Killer Mike, Aliens, Multiverse, Military, Politics
We cover a bunch of different topics in this episode so have some Black Rifle Coffee, put your earphones on, and blast off with us!  We cover Byron's military journey, watching and listening to Killer Mike and how he is challenging us to think of individuals instead of groups, and how we could possibly one day look at our planet as "the place we came from".
January 30, 2019
Episode 74 Joe Rogan, Richard Rawlings, NFL Instant Replay, New England Patriots, Poop On A Stick
Sorry about the poop talk, but I'm trying to be healthy and would like you to get screened early also in case colon cancer runs in your family as well.  Talk to your doctor and get screened early for detection and treatment.  Please give Joe Rogan and Richard Rawlings a shout out from Stuff I Heard Podcast and tell them we are all on board with them buying 2 of those BMW's and racing.  I want them to be buddies just so I can hear them hang out more together.  :)  Thanks for tuning in the podcast, go Patriots, and check out Bert Kreischer's Body Shots world tour (
January 25, 2019
Episode 73 Sex Education, Big Mouth, Netflix, Dreams, Pete Holmes, Fear
There's lots of good nuggets here.  Check out Netflix shows Sex Education, Big Mouth, and The Punisher Season 2.  Check out the podcasts: Joe Rogan Experience, You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes, and Sex Nerd Sandra.  All great podcasts.  If talking about this stuff makes you uncomfortable, I'm sorry... this episode isn't for you.  I probably am not for you either, but here we are.  You get what you pay for, and this is free.  Love ya!  Thanks for tuning in.   As always, there is more to come in the future.  Stick around!
January 22, 2019
Episode 72 Joe Rogan, Mike Tyson, The Bertcast, The Punisher, Big Mouth, The Grand Tour
Yes I'm going to talk about Bert Kreischer every episode because he is "stuff I heard".  Joe's interview with Mike Tyson was awesome!  He, as a fan, asks him all the questions I wanted to know.  
January 19, 2019
Episode 71 DMV, King Jefe, Divorce, Stacking The Day, Time Mgmt, Joe Rogan, Bert & LeeAnn Kreischer
Lots of information in this podcast.  Shout out to Kyle, the owner of King Jefe Taco downtown Florence, South Carolina.  He will be a future guest on the podcast, stick around for that!  I'd like to give a special shout out to my step-Dad Dan Hopla.  He helped me get an appointment with a doctor to get some things checked up.  I've had trouble getting an appointment and he called in a favor.  Thank you Dan.  To all of you out there, thank you for the continued support.  If you visit King Jefe taco downtown Florence, tell them you heard about them here on the Stuff I Heard Podcast.  It won't get you anything special yet, but in the future, you never know....  we can all be part of something bigger if we just put our foot in the water.   Why not try?  Please rate, review, subscribe, and if you enjoy thing and want to show me some love, check out my sponsors or click the little $$ sign to help me get some better equipment to improve the quality of what you hear.  As Pete Holmes says, "get into it!"
January 16, 2019
Episode 70 Do Zombies Poop? Bert Kreischer Body Shots World Tour!!
This was an exercise in trying.... the page wouldn't let me record today so I ventured out to record using my Garage Band.  It recorded fine, but converting it over to load on here was trouble.  It took me an hour to figure out how.  I'm not sure what is going on or if it will load right.  Please let me know how it turns out.  Thanks!  Check out Bert Kreischer's Body Shots World Tour, go to for tickets and tour information.  Thanks again for your support, kindness, and attention.  More to come.  :)
January 11, 2019
Episode 69 Trump's Wall, Wife Of The Party, Flex Seal, OTA Antenna, YouTube, Community
I recorded this right before I went to have lunch, then the eye doctor... I didn't publish this until I got back and my eyes are dilated.  I just had to google microphone ask how to spell "dilated".  I'm not going to write a bunch on here because I can't see right now.  Thanks for listening to the podcast, please rate, review, subscribe, communicate, and share with others.  We can change the world through community and out-reach.  Action over intent, as Casey Neistat says.
January 9, 2019
Episode 68 Depression, My First Viral Video, Cord Cutting, OTA Antenna, Bert Kreischer, Perry Noble
Check out Perry Noble at Second Chance Church Podcast and YouTube page.  Check out Bert Kreischer's podcast The Bertcast, his cooking show on YouTube called Something's Burning.  Check out Mo Amer's Netflix special The Vagabond.   If you can go to GoFundMe/Nic-Allsbrooks and help send my nephew to Lacoste France for school this next semester.  Thanks again for all your support. 
January 4, 2019
Episode 67 Netflix Black Mirror, Bandersnatch, Bird Box, New Year, Choose Your Own Adventure
It's that time of year, people decide what direction to "change" their lives but they rarely see it through.  Decide what you want, make a choice, and take action over your intent.  Make 2019 yours.  Do something and live with the choices.  Life is worth the risk.
January 1, 2019
Episode 66 How Does This Sound, New Mic, Mixer And Now I Can Do Phone Interviews
That's right I learned how to set up a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer with a UCA 222 to get the sound just right in the MacBook Pro.  I think it sounds great. I also learned how to wire a phone into the board so the sound turns out great.  Please check out my YouTube page under my name Joshua Peek or the code name dhswpea.  I'm not sure how to change that, if anyone knows, please let me know.  Thanks for listening.  Please rate, review, subscribe, and share with your friends and family.  If you want to be part of the conversation, let me know.  We'll figure it out together.  :)
December 28, 2018
Episode 65 50 Year Anniversary Astronauts Orbit Moon, Christmas Day, Sound Board, Jesus, Santa
Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great time visiting family and friends.  50 years ago 12-24-68 NASA Astronauts orbited the moon for the first time, a total of 10 times before returning to the Earth.  It's amazing the accomplishments of these incredible people to do something so dangerous and unknown and to achieve the unbelievable.  It's debated whether it really happened or if it was a hoax.   What do you think?  
December 25, 2018
Episode 64 General Mattis Resigns, Joe Rogan, Lawrence Lessig, Campaign Reform
Marine Corps General, Secretary Of Defense James "Mad Dog" Mattis gave his formal resignation letter today 12-20-18.  It's a sad day for me.  He was the calm in the storm, the dangerous bad ass who we all wanted on our side.  God speed Jim.
December 21, 2018
Episode 63 Gift Giving, Christmas Time, Marvelous Mrs Maisel
Time is a fleeting thing that gets eaten by chores, obligations, trips to the grocery store, trips to the gas station, laundry, eating, pooping, checking your Facebook status, seeing if the people who influence you have checked your nod to them on Instagram or Twitter. What's going on with Trump today, has he lost his mind and done something regretful again today? Is there food planned to cook, when is the time to cook it? Are the clothes washed, if not, why not.... do we have enough coffee and that rare Sugar Free Italian Sweet Cream CoffeeMate creamer in the fridge because it's always empty on the shelf at every grocery store in town and put on the bottom as though no one buys it, but it's always out, and I always have to ask some one from the store to look in the back because I'm trying to cut down on my sugar intake and it'd be nice if someone would notice at least once a week that it's empty and go fill the shelf, and give me 5 bottles because I love it as one of the few joys I have in life. I go there on Saturdays early thinking they must have filled the shelves to be ready after people shopped Friday night, or in preparation to the day ahead of heavy shopping, but it's empty; so I go on Wednesday to shake things up and try to catch them off guard when you'd think that even the lazy stock crew should fill the damn shelves then but no, not even then.... so when it is available I feel like I should buy the whole damn case just to make sure I have some because it might be two weeks before I can find some again. I try talking to the manager but get no where with that every time. Where was I??? Oh yeah, so check out the Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime or Kodi if you don't have Prime. It's a great show. Oh and if you haven't checked out Bert Kreischer's Body Shots world tour, check out his website to see tour dates so you can see what all the fuss is about in person. Also check out his Netflix special Secret Time, now streaming. :) Love ya Bert. Hope everyone has a great Christmas. It's not too late to get that special someone something that you think they'd love (or hate depending on your/their sense of humor). Merry Christmas!!
December 19, 2018
Episode 62 Dave Ramsey, Get Out Of Debt, Grit, Overcoming Adversity, Omaha Steaks, Bertcast
Than you to everyone who listens. I know there's things I talk about that seem repetitive, but I honestly don't know what I talk about even when I do it. Some people have great recall and can tell you about conversations from their past. I talk so much there's no telling what I've said from episode to episode. I choose a path less taken, maybe not out of choice, but because I thought I was out of options. The main thing is I followed through. I will always follow through with what I say I'm going to do. The hard part is when people ask me if I'll do this or that, expecting me to just agree to everything, when the honest response most of the time is "Let's discuss it" or "I'll look into it". If I know I'm all in, like this podcast, or Bert Kreischer and Joe Rogan, then that's all that needs to be said. I'm all in. What are you all in about? What are you passionate about? Please don't forget to rate, review, subscribe, and share with family and friends. I'm trying to take this to the next level. My hope is to one day have my heroes, friends, and young go-getters on this podcast to have a discussion about what they want out of life and what it's going to take to get there. Stuff I Heard is just that.... Thanks again. I appreciate every one of you.
December 15, 2018
Episode 61 Taking This Up To The Next Level, Joe Rogan, LeeAnn Kreischer, Grilla Grills
It's all in an effort to get better. What microphones do you recommend and why? Do any of you use a sound board? Do you like 2, 4, 6, or 8 channels? How do you link them? Do you use power condensers or preamps? I'm learning and to be honest, I'm a bit confused looking at other people's versions on YouTube. Hit me up on my YouTube page dhswpea or under my name Joshua Peek, or under my Instagram page jtatpeek Thanks for listening to me talk about Stuff I Heard. :) Feel free to join the conversation!
December 12, 2018
Episode 60 Bert Kreischer, LeeAnn Kreischer, Joe Rogan, David Goggins, Pearl Harbor, Charles Peek
I cover so much in this one. So much going on. Please check out The Bertcast, Wife Of The Party, Joe Rogan Experience, And get David Goggins new book, or at least check out his Instagram page under the same name. Also give some love to Paul Baldwin on Instagram, tell him Stuff I Heard Podcast send you. He won't know what that means, but maybe he will. He did click a few likes on my Instagram jtatpeek. Promote the positive, give love to your neighbor, "Love thy neighbor as thy self". Thanks for listening, please support the podcast by rating, reviewing, subscribing, and sharing with your friends. I can't thank you enough for your support.
December 7, 2018
Episode 59 Wife Of The Party, Menopause, Drug Addiction, Break-Ins, Keto, 39 Degree Oil Change
Yeah, I'm all over the place on this one. Early morning oil change at 39 degrees and coffee on an empty stomach. Sometimes you get what you get, but the main goal is just to do the thing you set out to do. Does that make sense? I hope so. I am starting to record commercials for the podcast to help pay for some improvements I want to make (better recording devices, sound board, etc.) I'm hoping it turns out OK as I am new to the podcast financial aspect. I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, rate, review, and share with your friends and family. Every small step helps keep this all afloat. If you want to drop me a line, email me at or reach out on my Instagram jtatpeek
December 5, 2018
Episode 58 Joe Rogan, Bumping Mics, The Last Kingdom, Trying My First Ad
I'm not sure how the ad thing is going to go, but I'm trying it first today. I talk about Joe Rogan's podcast interviewing Dave Attell and Jeff Ross' show Bumping Mics on Netflix. I also discuss the show The Last Kingdom on Netflix. The 3rd season just came out and I've just run through 3 seasons in a row. I dig it. :) Ok, enough of this, take care and thanks for listening.
November 30, 2018
Episode 57 Bert Kreischer Open Tabs, GM Fails Again, Draven Peek
Happy Birthday to my son Draven Peek. I miss your face.
November 27, 2018
Episode 56 After Thanksgiving, College Football, Christmas Decorating
This was recorded during the Clemson/Carolina football game. I didn't want to miss any of the game, so I brought everything in the living room to watch it in the background. I don't have a "man-cave" like Bert Kreischer, but I can still multitask in my humble home. :)
November 25, 2018
Episode 55 What Are You Thankful For?
Sometimes you just have to look for hope, show up, and do your best, even when it's not enough. In the end, be thankful for all you have, including your struggles.
November 20, 2018
Episode 54 Keto, Steak King Paul_Baldwin, Bert Kreischer, College Football
Yeah, I talk about several things I love, including Bert Kreischer trolling his friend Paul_Baldwin on Instagram calling him the Steak King and making a whole genre about steaks. You got to check out Paul's page and look at the video from the beginning.... there's not much but you'll quickly see what happened. It's awesome. Hit him up, tell him you heard him here on Stuff I Heard and follow him to make his numbers grow. I don' t have much reach with this podcast, but you never know. :) Send me a link when you do. It'll be fun to see what happens. I'm on Instagram as jtatpeek where you can find photos of the cowboy steak I talk about in this episode. Shout out to Byron Covington .
November 18, 2018
Episode 53 Netflix, Disney +, Bert Kreischer, 2nd Chance Church, Loving Gay People And Refugees
I know this is my podcast, and you have opinions... but this is my podcast. So take this with the understanding this is how I see things, and I invite you to think for yourselves. Have conversations with people who are different than you, people who think different than you.... explore what makes you uncomfortable and ask yourselves if you are bought in to your party or TV lines or if you are capable of thinking for yourselves? I only ask that people begin to look at each other with a degree of love in their hearts instead of hate. If we are not here on this planet to help one another, then what is the point? For the "I'm-a-get-mine" mentality? Love.... that's it.
November 14, 2018
Episode 52 Being A Man, Motivation, Action Over Intent
It is absolutely harder to do anything versus doing nothing. I urge you to do something. Do something hard! Exert yourself and fail at times, and in the end you will be happier for the effort and the finished product. Energy and sacrifice defines each of us in value through my eyes. If you are a giver and a creator I admire you. If all you do is take and use I loathe you. Just saying. Effort matters. Live!!!! Don't just exist.
November 11, 2018
Episode 51 Rock The Vote America!
Yesterday was election day. Did you vote? Many did. I did. Be part of the change and vote, and if you don't get your way, fall in line and try again next time. United we stand!
November 7, 2018
Episode 50 Disney Vacation Ends, Fridge Breaks, Happy Birthday Bert Kreischer
Walt Disney had a dream, a vision, and with his brother Roy's help, they made it a reality. That dream lives and continues today. If you haven't been to Disney World I highly recommend it. Stay on property. Plan some meals and fast passes. We took a