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The Night Parlor

The Night Parlor

By Joshua Rex
Conversations with artists, historians, musicians, and writers. Hosted by author Joshua Rex.
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Clint Smith

The Night Parlor

Clint Smith

The Night Parlor

doungjai gam
doungjai gam is the author of 'glass slipper dreams, shattered' and 'watch the whole goddamned thing burn.' Her short fiction and poetry have been published in LampLight, Wicked Haunted, Nox Pareidolia, and The Dystopian States of America, and most recently in the anthology Campfire Macabre from Cemetery Gates Media. "Crossroads of Opportunity," a story she co-wrote with Ed Kurtz, appeared in the Stoker-nominated Lost Highways: Dark Fictions from the Road and was reprinted in Year's Best Hardcore, Volume Four. Born in Thailand, she currently resides in New England with author Ed Kurtz. Links Amazon Author Page: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
April 11, 2021
Clint Smith
Clint is the author of the collection Ghouljaw and Other Stories from Hippocampus Press (2014) the novella When It’s Time For Dead Things to Die from Unnerving (2019), and The Skeleton Melodies, also from Hippocampus Press (2020). A former freelance writer, Clint’s non-fiction stories and columns have previously appeared in FARM Indiana Magazine, SOUTH Magazine, the Southside Times, and the Indianapolis Star. In 2018’s 21st-Century Horror:  Weird Fiction at the Turn of the Millennium, literary scholar and critic, S.T. Joshi, includes an essay segment titled, “Clint Smith:  Decaying Cities, Decaying Lives.” Clint lives in Indiana, along with his wife and children, just outside Deacon’s Creek.  Upcoming publications include the story (previewed in the episode) "Feast Your Eyes on the Yawning Monotony of Humdrum Rot" in Nightscript, Vol. 7 (October 2021). Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Amazon Author Page:
April 3, 2021
Christa Carmen
From her website  “My debut collection, Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked won the 2018 Indie Horror Book Award for Best Debut Collection, and additional work has been published in places such as Year's Best Hardcore Horror, Fireside, Rooster Republic's Not All Monsters, Muzzleland Press' Behold the Undead of Dracula, The Wicked Library, and Tales to Terrify.  "These days when I'm not writing, I keep chickens, forget to pull a daily tarot card, and read books like Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein and The Gashlycrumb Tinies to my daughter. Most of my work comes from gazing upon the ghosts of the past or else into the dark corners of nature, those places where whorls of bark become owl eyes and deer step through tunnels of hanging leaves and creeping briars only to disappear." Links: To Podcast Mentioned in this Interview: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Amazon:
March 28, 2021
Irish Lights
Irish Lights are Benjamin Fox and Gordon Cooper who have been making music together for over two decades. Both originally from the American Midwest they now compose from across the Atlantic Ocean. Cooper is based in Detroit MI while Fox is based in the West of Ireland. Both grew up on Catawba Island Ohio which is on the shores of Lake Erie. Immersed in maritime folklore and island mentality, Irish Lights was a natural progression into love songs written for lighthouses. Each Irish Lights album is rooted in theme and picture. Fox and Cooper study existing photographs and drone footage of each lighthouse before and after composing. They also discuss what the Lighthouse Keeper is feeling at the particular time and what time of the day/night it may be for each album. They will compose a song for each lighthouse on the Island of Ireland. Website: Spotify: Youtube: The Astronauts:
March 20, 2021
Curtis M. Lawson
Curtis M. Lawson is an author of unapologetically weird and transgressive fiction, fantastical graphic novels, and dark poetry. Curtis’ work ranges from technicolor pulp adventures to bleak cosmic horror. He is a member of the Horror Writer’s Association, and the organizer of the Wyrd live horror reading series. He lives in Salem, MA with his wife and their son. Links: Website: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
March 15, 2021