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Flagship: Claiming new territories in the ungoverned areas of your mental health

Flagship: Claiming new territories in the ungoverned areas of your mental health

By Joshua Stegenga
Flagship is an educational resource of To Bind The Broken. If you are seeking information that you can use to improve your mental, relational and spiritual health, Flagship is a no nonsense resource built just for you. We offer practical information that can be put to good use immediately, enabling you to see tangible changes in your thinking, feeling and behavior.
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Mastering Your Anxiety
Anxiety to some measure seems to be prevalent in cultures everywhere. At times it is a natural reaction to our circumstances in life, but for many of us it becomes a physically experienced prison that keeps us from adventure, change, and pursuing our ambitions. In this episode we give you the direct concept of anxiety, and then transition into an exercise that will help you get to the depths of what actually fuels your anxiety. 
June 1, 2021
Creating New Neurological Pathways for Health
Do you always find yourself arriving at the same conclusions despite your circumstances? Can you take a good experience and arrive at a negative conclusion? This process exists as a physical and biological representation in the brain. You have a series of thoughts stored as a neuron in the brain through quantum energy. While this process is supposed to work in our favor, many times it works to our detriment. In this episode we seek to give you simple and tangible tools to be more intentional about the health of your thought life. 
May 25, 2021
Unhealthy Behavior Development Through Memory Formation
Ninety percent of what we learn is done in the nonconscious mind. Before we even realize it, we have said or done something we come to quickly regret. There is a part of you that has already made a decision on how to respond to life's circumstances and interpersonal interactions in order to keep you safe, but sometimes what seems safe is actually sabotage. On today's segment we discuss how this happens. Our hope is to get your wheels turning, look introspectively, and ask yourself why you are the way you are. 
May 17, 2021
Basic Concepts for Emotional Stability
Our emotions are a part of us, but they are not us. Sometimes they lie to us, and most of the time we become enslaved to them, rather that means being over sensitive or totally suppressed. Their actual purpose is to expose our basic needs, when we are low in them, or when we are fulfilled in them. In this episode we go over the basic concept of those needs, and how we can create some unhealthy habits when we try to instantly gratify those needs. Isn't it time you master your emotions instead of being mastered by them?
May 13, 2021