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Seeking Health with Josiah & Anne Jisca Meyer

Seeking Health with Josiah & Anne Jisca Meyer

By Josiah Meyer
Husband/wife team partner to bring fun and informative discussions about deconstruction, reconstruction, healing and health in a post-Evangelical world.

#abuse #psychology #christianity #narcissism #evangelicalism #currentevents
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48. Discussing "Toxic Jesuses" with Marc-Henri

Seeking Health with Josiah & Anne Jisca Meyer

5. The Kindness of God
“How has reconstruction shifted your view of God?”
December 2, 2021
4. Reconstructing Together
Navigating the complex journey of faith after deconstruction.
November 28, 2021
3. Anne Jisca's Testimony
Anne Jisca got to share at our local church about what has been happening in her heart over the past 2 months.
October 18, 2021
2. Holy Imperfection
More on our reconstruction journey, as we reconnect with our church family.
September 20, 2021
1. Anne Jisca, WTF?!
Josiah gets whiplash as Anne Jisca shares about her spiritual transformation.
September 11, 2021
19. A Seedling Takes Root
A surprising turn in the road for Anne Jisca
August 22, 2021
18. An Active Jehovah's Witness Speaks out From the Inside, feat. Geoffrey Wallis
As a critical insider, Wallis uses his unique situation to provide commentary on the social psychology of the organization and raise awareness of how coercion in the group leads to Religious Trauma Syndrome in disillusioned members.
July 25, 2021
17. "I Survived Conversion Therapy," feat. Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson experienced conversion therapy while studying at Liberty University as an Evangelical youth. Now, he is part of a lawsuit against the US board of education for allowing conversion therapy and other discrimination against lgbtq persons to go on in schools that receive public funding.
July 17, 2021
16. Intersectional Humanism, feat Robert
Robert of Affinis Humanity joins us for a very informed discussion of how religion affects gender, sex, and race in America.
July 15, 2021
15. "I Was Raised in Evangelicalism," and other Horror Stories feat. Ruth
Anne Jisca's sister Ruth joins us as we discuss the ill-conceived, hurtful, and downright abusive parenting tactics that we experienced, raised within the Evangelical church.
July 13, 2021
14. Deconstructing with Kids, feat. Rachel
Host of "Post-Mormon Parenting" on Youtube, TikTok, and Instigram, Rachel discusses the complexity of parenting through the deconstruction journey, including how to talk about sex, how to give age-appropriate freedoms, and how to broach the subject that one or both of their parents are no longer "believers."
July 4, 2021
13. Navigating No-Contact with Tia
Host of the Mom Now Podcast, Tia joins us to share her journey of going no contact with her emotionally abusive mother. We discuss narcissism, religion, deconstruction, and finding wholeness after the chaos of being raised in a toxic family system.
July 1, 2021
12. Spiritual Narcissism
We analyze the tactics of hoovering, gaslighting, blame-shifting, guilt-tripping used to control within toxic religion.
June 28, 2021
11. No Contact on Fathers Day
Hosts discuss the realities of experiencing Father’s Day as survivors of narcissistic abuse, who are currently “no contact” and “low contact” with their own fathers.
June 23, 2021
10. Religious Narcissism & Calvinistic Upbringing, feat. Tatiana Milne
Tatiana discusses religious traumas from her childhood, and how she is seeking a healthier way forwards.
June 14, 2021
9. Celebrating Pride Month!
In honour of Pride Month, Josiah & Anne Jisca talk about becoming allies to LGBTQ+, and the troubled relationship of Evangelicalism to the LGBTQ+ community.
June 10, 2021
8. Sheila Gregoire: "The Great Sex Rescue"
Sheila has published a new book, supported by a survey of 20,000 women -- the largest survey done to date of Christian women's marital & sexual satisfaction! -- in which she discusses the toxic messages many of us received about sex, and how to move past them.  Among the findings of the study are: 47% orgasm gap between husbands and wives discovered. 2x the rate of sexual pain as the general population revealed. 4 common evangelical beliefs uncovered that contribute to the orgasm gap 7 biblical beliefs which help women (and men!) have awesome sex For more from Sheila:  Twitter: @sheilagregoire Instagram: @sheilagregoire Facebook: Sheila Wray Gregoire
May 25, 2021
7. The Pursuit of Happiness
A year out from leaving church, Josiah discusses feelings of “the pressures off,” and discusses organic ways to pursue health and happiness.
May 22, 2021
6. How Did my Family End up Joining a Cult?!
Anne Jisca recalls the times “before” and “after” joining the cultish homeschool organization ATI: we discuss why people are drawn into these types of groups.
May 20, 2021
5. Encountering Fundamentalism Outside of the Church 🤔
It has been a surprise to encounter black-and-white thinking, group-think, and “you’re not one of us unless you think like us” attitudes outside of fundamentalism. In recovery groups, of all places! We discuss why this may be, and some ways we can strive to be better.
May 12, 2021
4. Celebrating Adolescence
Our upbringing taught us to fear & suppress the teen years. Why was that? What were they afraid of? As our oldest turns 13, here are some thoughts on how we wish to celebrate, not dread adolescence.
April 24, 2021
3. Christians and their Rights
Thoughts and feelings about Christians putting their energy behind fighting for their own rights, rather than advocating for the rights of others...
April 23, 2021
2. Sex, Gender, and LGBTQIA
Discussing our evolving beliefs on these important and complex issues...
April 12, 2021
1. Why is Feminism so Toxic to Evangelicalism?
Out of all of the issues...why do Evangelicals fear feminism so much? What are they afraid of...?
April 11, 2021
52. Alternatives to White American Evangelicalism, feat. Shane Claiborne
A discussion about finding a Jesus-centred Christianity in 2021.
January 25, 2021
51. Women & Worthiness, feat. Melissa Spaulding
A licensed counsellor joins us to discuss emotional health while navigating a shift in one's religious beliefs. We discussed therapy techniques such as EMDR, the importance of inherent value, and faith transitions can be uniquely difficult for women. Melissa Spalding, SMHC Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counsellor EMDR Certified Therapist Instagram @guidedwellnesscounseling
January 23, 2021
50. Am I a “Lukewarm Christian?”
Some would say you are either fully in if fully out: so if you can’t be an “on fire Christian”...should you just become an atheist?
January 17, 2021
49. Blessings and Curses... 🤔
When you get a string of bad luck, is that God punishing you because you’ve been bad? Or Satan trying to hold back because you’ve been so good? 🤷‍♂️
January 15, 2021
48. Discussing "Toxic Jesuses" with Marc-Henri
A Swiss Evangelical, Marc-Henri was a pastor for 15 years before he left to seek health. He identifies 6 toxic, counterfeit Jesuses who create unhealthy dynamics within Christianity. @toxicjesusthebook
January 13, 2021
47. Capital Riots: How We Got Here, How They Make Us Feel
Anne Jisca and I discuss the events leading up to the insurrection, and how we are experiencing this culture-forming event.
January 11, 2021
46. Is belief in God Rational? feat. Lee Zook
A friendly debate about the Cosmological and Teleological argument.
January 9, 2021
45. Cultural Humility, feat. Danielle Weber
Danielle talks about training she is taking as a nurse on "cultural humility," and how that can help us rethink how we engage with "the other" in today's context.
January 7, 2021
44. From Mennonite/AG to Vegan Atheist, feat. Lee Zook
Musician Lee Zook talks about his experience growing up in Evangelicalism, gradually deconstructing, and his new position as a vegan atheist.
January 6, 2021
43. "Leaving Fundamentalism" feat. Clint Heacock from Mindshift Podcast
Clint was a Bible school teacher and pastor for over a decade before deconstructing his faith. He now hosts a podcast and helps others in their journey of deconstruction.
January 4, 2021
42. Discussing Evangelical Messages to LGBTQ, feat. Brian Pengelly
Brian responds with research and personal experience to the things that Evangelicals commonly tell LGBTQ to do, and believe about themselves. Resources: - Us vs Us by Andrew MArin - Justin Lee at - Generous Space Ministries - Family Acceptance Project Brian can be reached at
January 4, 2021
41. Happy New Year!!
Fun “ice-breaker questions” to welcome in the new year.
January 2, 2021
40. "Growing up Gay in Evangelicalism," feat. Brian Pengelly
Brian became a youth pastor and popular speaker, who was openly gay but celibate...until he began to see the harm caused by his "non-affirming" message.
December 31, 2020
39. Ex-Mormon Discusses Emotional Health, feat Kyle Bishop
A fun discussion of the similarities between Evangelicalism and Mormonism, and discuss "shadow work" and emotional health.. Find Kyle at 
December 29, 2020
38. Anorexia & Purity Culture, feat. Rebecca Lemke
How unhealthy messages from Evangelicalism contributed to a life-threatening condition.
December 25, 2020
37. Why I Converted to Orthodoxy, feat. Daryl Schantz, MD
Long-time friend Daryl discusses his conversion from Evangelical/Mennonite faith to Orthodoxy.
December 21, 2020
36. Dr. Scot McKnight, "A Church Called Tov: Forming a Goodness Culture That Resists Abuses"
Author joins us to discuss his book which exposes narcissism and corruption in church culture, and how Jesus' message can bring a corrective.
December 20, 2020
35. Religious Trauma Syndrome, feat. Anne Jisca
How is it possible that I have real PTSD symptoms from what should have been positive  experiences with religion?
December 20, 2020
34. Why the Bible? feat. Anne Jisca
All the reasons why the Bible seems like just another book to me....
December 19, 2020
33. Narcissism, feat. Anne Jisca
A discussion about narcissism, boundaries, and no contact.
December 18, 2020
32. The End of Religion, feat. Bruxy Cavey
Teaching pastor of the Meeting House church in Oakville, Ontario, Bruxy Cavey writes about the "Subversive Spirituality of Jesus."
December 17, 2020
31. Sex & Purity Culture
Church promised me that if we kept ourselves pure, married sex would be amazing. But the messages of shame and control lasted long into marriage and did NOTHING to enhance our love-life. So...what SHOULD we have been told? What should we tell our kids?
December 15, 2020
30. "I Brainwashed Myself" feat. Josiah
How can you be a free-thinker with the threat of excommunication, joblessness, and being called a "heretic" hanging over your head?
December 14, 2020
29. Hellfire & Damnation? feat. Merle Nisly
Reconsidering how we tell the central story of Christianity, with pastor Merle Nisly.
December 11, 2020
28. No Contact with Abusive Parents, feat. Gail Pt. 2
A guest discusses going no contact with a psychopathic foster-mother, and a pedophilic foster father. How faith helped and harmed her, and how she continues to find healing for childhood wounds. Part 2 of 2.
December 9, 2020
27. No Contact with Abusive Parents, feat. Gail
A guest discusses going no contact with a psychopathic foster-mother, and a pedophilic foster father. How faith helped and harmed her, and how she continues to find healing for childhood wounds. Part 1 of 2.
December 7, 2020
26. Abortion, feat. Anne Jisca
We have been pro-life all our lives. But for the first time, we are taking a look at the actual ISSUES involved, and it has changed our minds...
November 25, 2020
25. Jesus & John Wayne, feat. Dr. Kristin Du Mez
In 2016, around 75% of white evangelicals voted for Trump. Many said that they, "held their noses" to vote for him. But historian and author Dr. Kristin Du Mez traces a century of historical development. "Evangelicals did not vote against their convictions," writes Du Mez, "but with them." In this interview, Du Mez explains the history of radical masculinity, nationalism, racism, power, and money which has driven Evangelicalism to the present moment. 
November 21, 2020
24. Questions about "The Gospel" feat. Josiah
Is it true that everyone is going to Hell unless they say a magic prayer? I don't know that I believe that anymore...
November 21, 2020
23. The Importance of Listening to Your "Gut" feat Anne Jisca
We are told that "the heart is deceitful above all else and desperately sick." But does the Bible really want us to mistrust our intuition, and only trust the (male) leadership in our lives? Is it really bad advice to "believe in yourself?" 
November 18, 2020
22. "Cult or Not a Cult?": The BITE Model feat. Anne Jisca
The BITE model of Authoritarian Control was developed as a way of identifying cults. Listen as we apply it both to the ATI/IBLP homeschool curriculum, and also to my upbringing under a very controlling fundamentalist father. Which of us was raised in a more "cultish" environment?
November 15, 2020
21. A Brit and a Canadian Discuss US Evangelicalism feat. David Valentine
As a Canadian, almost all of my Evangelical media is from the US. With Trumpism taking over, where can I turn for an alternative? British friend David Valentine gives his perspective on European Evangelicalism as an alternative to the "noise" of the US.
November 14, 2020
20. What is Gaslighting? feat. Anne Jisca
A discussion of the common and insidious tactic of narcissists, which literally makes you feel like you are going crazy.
November 12, 2020
19. Domestic Abuse: I am a Survivor feat. Josiah
How narcissism and fundamentalism combined to create childhood traumas. Why I am going no contact, and how I am finding healing in the present. #complexptsd #narcissism #narcissisticsurvivor #domesticabuse #spiritualabuse #spiritualabuse #physicalabuse #gaslighting #trauma #cptsd #ptsd
November 9, 2020
18. Dehumanized by Purity Culture feat Anne Jisca
A blog post called, "I Kissed my Humanity Goodbye" sparked a discussion about the terrible emotional, spiritual, and physical pain of being raised within a culture which tried to over-control romance.
November 7, 2020
17. Deconstructing Together
She is an agnostic, I am still a Christian. Together, we talk about our deconstruction journey, of processing traumas, re-evaluating our beliefs, and giving one another space to walk the path in our own ways.
November 5, 2020
16. "Love Thy Abuser"? feat. Anne Jisca
First time back in church in eight months, and the sermon made our blood boil. The pastor stated that while your spouse may be unlovable (like an old teddy-bear, dragged through the mud) their spouse's love can change them. Love changes people. No it does not! Boundaries change people! Loving submission to abuse just enables that abuse, and this is terrible advice to give to anybody. This sermon sparked a discussion about some of the boundaries that made us into a better couple, early in our marriage. 
November 2, 2020
15 Help! I think I Married a Feminist! 🤣 feat. Anne Jisca
A twitter post about "making sure your wife votes exactly as you do" sparked a passionate and hilarious discussion about gender roles. We have never quite agreed on whether we have a "complimentarian" or a "feminist" marriage. Somehow, it seems to work pretty well. But telling your wife how to vote is just not OK in either of our books...
November 2, 2020
14. Deconstructing my ATI Past feat. Rebekah Drumsta
Writer, mother, and life-coach, Rebeka Drumsta, M.A., was raised in what she describes as the "cult" of ATI. Her deconstruction journey has been ongoing for the past twelve years, as she seeks to heal from her legalistic and controlling childhood. She offers help to others through her blog and life-coaching. Rebekah holds a BA in Urban Ministry and Family Crisis with a Counseling Minor, an MA in Religious Education and is a Certified Professional Life Coach. She is a contributing writer for The Salem Network and has made appearances on and consulted with sources including BBC, NBC, ABC, The Daily Telegraph and a variety of other platforms.
November 1, 2020
Is ATI a cult? Chantelle gives her reasons why...
October 31, 2020
12. Raised in ATI, feat Chantelle Neufeld
Registered hypnotherapist Chantelle Neufeld opens up about her childhood in the cultish homeschooling curriculum of ATI. Chantelle Neufeld is the oldest of 10 children and was raised in a cult. She is now is a mom to 3 teenagers and lives in Manitoba, Canada.   She is passionate about helping people feel better emotionally.   Chantelle offers online Trauma Therapy, which fast-forwards the emotional healing process through guided visualization, comfortably releasing emotion that has been locked away.  You can find her on her facebook page Mindful Regeneration or at
October 30, 2020
11. Is Evangelicalism "Healthy"? feat. Merle Nisly
Merle is a longtime mentor, pastor, and friend: the guy I turn to when I have hard questions. Like this one: is Evangelicalism emotionally healthy? Does it fit with my vision of seeking a healthy and authentic spirituality? Or does it have to go? His answers surprised me. Here is the link to the seminar that Merle referenced on YouTube:
October 30, 2020
10. Is Plexus a Cult? feat. Anne Jisca
What could be wrong with a company promising healthy living? 🤔 Maybe they just promise a little too much...
October 29, 2020
9. Do "Pro-Life" Policies Actually *Increase* Abortion Rates?
If left-leaning policies (social programs, birth control, day-cares, etc.) actually reduced the number of abortions more than right-leaning policies (criminalizing abortion), would you vote left, and not right?
October 24, 2020
8. Everything My Wife Hates about Facebook, feat. Anne Jisca
We had an unexpected twenty-minutes with our kids babysat, so...thought we'd put out a "fun"(?) podcast about abortion, Qanon, MLM's, the rapture, politics, anti-maskers, and the Evangelical obsession with Trump. Enjoy!!! 🤣
October 22, 2020
7. The Cult of ATI, PT2, feat Anne Jisca
Continuation of our discussion of the teachings of Bill Gothard.
October 20, 2020
6. Surviving in a Narcissistic Workplace
How to survive when one finds themselves working in a toxic workplace.
October 18, 2020
5. Workplace Narcissism
Ever worked in a very unhealthy, "toxic" work environment? Here are all the small ways that a narcissist sows discord, disrupts healthy structures, and creates drama to feed their unhealthy needs.
October 16, 2020
4. The Cult of ATI, feat. Anne Jisca
My wife, an ATI survivor, discusses the bizarre and restrictive teachings of Bill Gothard. @josiah_r_meyer
October 15, 2020
3. Covert Narcissism
Not all narcissists are grandiose and showy. In fact, some of the most toxic people in your life may seem helpless and needy. A bit too needy, in fact...
October 13, 2020
2. Narcissism and Donald Trump
With the rise of Donald Trump, there has been an increase of discussions on narcissism. Here is an introduction to narcissism, looking specifically at the “overt narcissist,” or “grandiose narcissist.”
October 10, 2020
October 8, 2020
October 8, 2020
1. Seeking Health, Finding God!
The official relaunch of my podcast. After nearly a decade of "creating a mature and stable Christian worldview," I am pivoting to talk about health. What would it mean to live a fully healthy, integrated, authentic spirituality? With new insights from psychology, I am talking a lot about narcissism, victims advocacy, some of the "unhealthy" parts of Evangelicals, and current events. Stay tuned! blog at 
October 8, 2020
Hot Potatoes 3
More on my beliefs, including the Apostle's Creed, church hypocrisy, and legalism
May 6, 2020
Hot Potatoes 2
More on controversial beliefs, including LGBTQ, and Islam
April 28, 2020
Hot Potatoes 1
Here's a roundup of some of my beliefs on a variety of controversial issues.
April 26, 2020
Christians & Counselling
A podcast on EMDR, Neural Feedback, Hypnotherapy, Talk-Therapy, and Nouthetic Counselling.
April 6, 2020
A podcast on where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going during this season of life.
April 4, 2020
Anxiety post Covid-19
Keeping calm in stormy and uncharted waters. Insights from Scriptures, psychology, and contemporary science.
March 20, 2020
Caring for Unseen Wounds (The Good Samaritan)
How can you care for someone struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mental health issues? Here is a fresh look at the Parable of the Good Samaritan, which considers the psychological toll of trauma
March 17, 2020
Jordan Peterson: The Sting of the Archetype
In a "non-binary" world, what can it mean that archetypes are inflexible? What about those who do not fit the mold?
March 17, 2020
Jordan Peterson, and Jesus as a True Myth
It is a historical fact that Jesus existed. But can His life also have archetypal and mythological significance?
February 19, 2020
Jordan Peterson Is Wrong About The Historical Jesus
...about the scholarship on the Historical Jesus, and the dating of the New Testament.
February 8, 2020
The Kindness of God
How God, my kind Father, saved me...from kidnappings, PTSD, and...
January 10, 2020
Why Can’t You Just Get Along…?
A sermon about getting along with difficult people.
July 16, 2019
Could God Make a Rock so Heavy I Could Not Lift It?
A fresh look at the idea of God.
June 30, 2019
If God is Good, Why Do I Hurt?
An honest and intellectual look at the problem of Pain.
June 9, 2019
Jesus Wants to Make You Young Again
Jesus cares about that little child deep inside of you.
May 29, 2019
Parenting: “Dear Former Self: ‘You’re Not Raising Teenagers…yet!'”
Some thoughts on the importance of structure and order in raising littles.
May 8, 2019
Dr. Geisler on the Impassibility of God
That time that Dr. Norman Geisler explained ineffability, impassibility and divine simplicity to me.
April 23, 2019
Easter Sermon
"We were the sort of creatures that aught not live..."
April 20, 2019
An interview with Dr. Florin Curta on Marxism
Dr. Curta is a well respected historian, who also grew up in communist Romania. In interview, he discusses both his intellectual, and experiential engagement with Marxism.
April 16, 2019
Marxism 6: “Cultural Marxism”
The much-anticipated conclusion of my series on Marxism.
April 12, 2019
Marxism 5: “A Note on Classical Liberalism”
Liberalism is not always all bad. Christianity in politics is not always all good. Together, we have made a great team.
April 11, 2019
Marxism 4: “That Wasn’t True Marxism”
Some answers to the most common defence of Marxism.
April 9, 2019
Marxism 3: The Doctrines of Karl Marx
A survey of Marxist theory.
April 8, 2019
Marxism 1: Philosophical Foundations
How Enlightenment thought provided the foundations for Marxism.
April 6, 2019
Weight Loss 3: “Speak the Truth, Be in Control”
Some further thoughts on weight loss
April 3, 2019
Weight Loss 2: “Was it Hard to Keep the Weight Off?”
One month in, here are some thoughts about keeping my 50lb off.
April 2, 2019
Weight Loss 1: How I lost 50lb in 6 months
"Don't Be a Victim"...and other sage advice from Jordan Peterson, as well as some excellent tips, tools and apps that...
March 26, 2019
A Meditation on Liturgies
Reconsidering some cherished assumptions about "devotions"
March 23, 2019
Philippians 7: “Anxiety vs. Peace” (4:6-8)
"Be anxious for nothing"...on militarizing peace, as a soldier against anxiety
March 3, 2019
Philippians 6c: On Forgiving Your Spouse
If "iron sharpens iron" then sometimes you will need to forgive when your spouse rubs you the wrong way!
February 19, 2019
Philippians 6b: Eudia & Syntyche
Some thoughts on Church Unity
February 18, 2019
Philippians 6a: “4 Enemies of Joy” (Philippians 3:1-4:4)
For Paul, religion is about Joy: and he passionately warns about 4 enemies that would steal it!
February 18, 2019
Philippians 5: “Paul, Timothy, Epaphroditus”
This week we look at three role models of the faith, that Paul puts forward to illustrate what he has been saying to the Philippians, about sharing their faith, and living out their faith. […]
February 10, 2019
Philippians 4b: “The Will to Work”
Some thoughts of Calvinism, from Philippians 2:13
February 8, 2019
Philippians 4a: “Share the Gospel. Live the Gospel!” (2:12-14)
In our fourth sermon in the series, we are starting to see a theme emerge: Paul wants the Philippians to DO something (to “share the gospel”) but he also wants […]
February 3, 2019
Philippians 3: “Together for the Gospel” (2:1-11)
Join us for our winter-storm live stream sermon! You can watch above, listen below, or subscribe to my podcast. God bless!   Topic: “Together for the Gospel” Application Questions: HOW […]
January 20, 2019
Philippians 2: “Petty Pastors” (1:12-20)
You would think that all pastors would be the paradigm of emotional maturity. But Paul writes about some pastors that are petty, mean-spirited, and competitive. What can we learn from them?
January 13, 2019
Philippians 1: “Participate in the Gospel!” (1:1-11)
Paul's introduction and prayer, in which he lays out the major themes of the book.
January 6, 2019
Philippians 0: Did Paul Write Scriptures?
"Why should I care about some old book written by pre-scientific humanity?"
December 31, 2018
The Priesthood of all Believers
Do we need a priest/pastor/church to have access to God?
December 16, 2018
Is Jordan Peterson a Christian?
His insights are profound. But are they Christian?
November 16, 2018
September 21, 2018
Philosophy, from Socrates to Derrida
An overview of ancient and medieval philosophy, before the begin of Modern philosophy.
September 17, 2018
Jesus’ Rebuke of the Pharisees: a message against legalism for all ages
Sick of religion? So was Jesus! Matthew 23 is His critique of the legalism, hypocrisy, and religious nonsense that He saw in His day...and in ours!
September 13, 2018
Is Pessimism Biblical?
Is it Biblical to believe that everything is always getting worse all of the time?
August 23, 2018
Q n A time: candid answers about the problem of pain, God’s wrath, and wayward children
While presenting recently at Straffordville Evangelical Mennonite Church, I was asked to also teach adult sunday-school. s   180527_001
July 18, 2018
How to Forgive from the Heart
Just about everyone agrees that we should forgive. But how can one truly forgive? And how can one forgive from the heart? That was the topic of my recent sermon, “Forgiveness.” Watch or listen below, […]
July 16, 2018
Facebook Sanity
Facebook/social media is a great servant...but can be a terrible master! Here are some thoughts I recently recorded for my podcast, on keeping social media within some healthy limits.
July 3, 2018
The Leadership Principles of Jesus
We know Jesus as many things: Son of God, Saviour, teacher, healer, religious leader. But have you stopped to consider Jesus as a leader? Join me as I explore the three […]
June 21, 2018
Missions: the Passion, the Pain & the Progress
At a missions conference, the organizer asked speakers, "Tell us what missions is REALLY like. What is the inside story?" Here is my best attempt to summarize our 5 years, while sharing the true highs and lows of missionary life.
June 14, 2018
Who is Jordan Peterson?
Who exactly is Jordan Peterson? Join me as I discuss first impressions of this interesting, rising Canadian figure.
June 12, 2018
Plotinus & Augustine, Part 2
How Augustine was shaped by, and shaped, Neoplatonism (aka Plotinus' thought).
June 5, 2018
Plotinus & Augustine, Part 1
A detailed study of an important, but little-known philosopher, who had a huge impact on Augustine, and through him on Western Christianity.
May 29, 2018
Silent Years 3: Second Temple Judaism B
From the Maccabees to the destruction of Jerusalem, with detailed description of the Judaism of Jesus' day.
May 22, 2018
Silent Years 2: Second Temple Judaism A
A detailed look at the situation of the Jewish People in the 400 years before Jesus.
May 15, 2018
Hoax or History? 5 facts regarding the resurrection (William Lane Craig)
Did Jesus rise bodily from the grave? Is there evidence for this fact? CAN there even be historical evidence for an event such as this? Join me as I discuss David Hume, William Lane Craig, and contemporary scholarship on the Historical Jesus.
May 14, 2018
Science and the Bible
7 proofs for intelligent design in recent science.
April 17, 2018
Finding God in your Spiritual Desert, Pt. 2
Part two of “Finding God in your Spiritual Desert.” In this devotional-type podcast, you can download the pdf-version, or scroll down to read along. PDF – Finding God in your […]
April 3, 2018
Finding God in your Spiritual Desert, Pt. 1
What's a Christian to do when they go through a "dry spell" in their walk?
March 27, 2018
Mennonite Reflections on Anglicanism
Reflections on liturgies, communion, and infant baptism.
March 20, 2018
Anglicanism, LGBTQ, and the Anglican Network in Canada
On the growing rift within Anglicanism over LGBTQ, and the small group of conservative Canadian Anglicans, named ANIC.
March 6, 2018
Liberalism, Fundamentalism, and the Gospel
An overview of Liberalism, Fundamentalism, and the "good news" of Christianity.
March 5, 2018
12. Thomas Aquinas: A New Synthesis
Aquinas was a game changer, setting up a new way to see the relation between philosophy and theology.
February 27, 2018
11. Averroes: Double Truth
How do theology and philosophy relate? For some, what is true in one realm may not be true in another.
February 20, 2018
10. Augustine: Philosophy UNDER Theology
Central to both Catholic AND Protestant theology, Augustine's solution continues to be very relevant today!
February 12, 2018
9. Theology AGAINST Philosophy: Tertullian
"What hath Athens to do with Jerusalem?" Tertullian, perhaps the first great "conservative" of the church, rejected Greek Philosophy. But was he consistent?
February 6, 2018
Sermon: LOVE (1 John 4:19)
"We love, because He first loved us." (1 John 4:19)
December 24, 2017
Sermon: Peace (John 14:27)
"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful." John 14:27
December 11, 2017
The Heart of Christian Parenting
A sermon on the heart of parenting, from a Biblical perspective.
October 21, 2017
Psalm 128: Does God Always Want me Wealthy & Happy?
A sermon on the "Health & Wealth" Gospel, and how it affects our lives, and our reading of Scriptures.
August 7, 2017
9 Questions Skeptics Ask (Sermon)
A sermon on nine of the most common objections raised by skeptics.
August 2, 2017
Old Testament Difficulties (Question Period)
This is the question-and-answer period following my seminar on Old Testament Difficulties.
July 20, 2017
Old Testament Difficulties (Reprise)
Everyone loves Jesus. But what does one do with all of the wars, evil, absurdities, and immorality in the Old Testament? Tools and methods I use to interpret the OT, as a conservative Christian.
July 20, 2017
8. Philosophy over Theology: Alexandria
How should philosophy and theology interact? Some early Christians tried to put theology UNDER philosophy.
June 22, 2017
7. Aristotle
The great disciple of Plato
June 17, 2017
6. Plato: in detail
Plato in greater detail.
June 10, 2017
5. Plato: the Great Philosopher
An overview of the life and works of the great philosopher.
May 21, 2017
4. Sophists and Socrates
The first of the three great philosophers.
May 20, 2017
3. Presocratics B, Heraclitus and Parminese
Is all in motion, or is nothing in motion?
May 19, 2017
2. Presocratics A: Thales — Anaximander
Of Earth, Wind and Water.
May 18, 2017
1. Series Introduction
An overview and introduction to the series on philosophy.
May 18, 2017
Keep calm & study philosophy
Five or so reasons it's good for Christians to study philosophy.
May 16, 2017
Jesus: Son of Man or Son of God?
If Jesus called Himself the "Son of Man," why do we call Him the "Son of God"?
May 2, 2017
The Confessions of St. Augustine
Augustine's famous "Confessions"summarized, with historical and personal notes.
April 7, 2017
Augustine & Me
The incredible impact that St. Augustine had on me, at three critical junctures of my life.
April 6, 2017
James 2:14-26, “Are We Saved by Faith or Works?”
Are we saved by faith, works, or some combination of both?
March 11, 2017
Apologetics 11: Q n A
After-class discussion on Josephus, sources, and other topics.
December 2, 2016
Apologetics 11: The Historical Jesus
Examining the claims made by the DaVinci code, today’s class will dig deep into archaeology, critical methods, and Historical Jesus studies to find the truth about the origins of Christianity. […]
December 1, 2016
Apologetics 10: Is the New Testament Reliable?
Examining the claims made by the DaVinci code, today’s class will dig deep into archaeology, critical methods, and Historical Jesus studies to find the truth about the origins of Christianity. […]
November 24, 2016
Apologetics 9: Old Testament Difficulties
Let’s face it: there’s some difficult stuff in the Old Testament. Violence, weird laws, weird people, and a God that is not what we were expecting. Here’s some tools on how […]
November 17, 2016
Apologetics 8: The Great Creationist Debate
Examining the pro's and con's of the three major evangelical positions on creationism.
November 10, 2016
Apologetics 7: The “Fine Tuning” of the Universe & Biological Life
"Fine Tuning," or "Teleological" Argument. Evidence for design in the Big Bang, Evolution, and everything in between!
November 5, 2016
Teach us to Pray
Some thoughts on prayer from James 1:4-8
November 1, 2016
Why Worship?
How can a humble God receive worship? And why should it be central to our faith and lives?
October 30, 2016
Apologetics 6: Q n A
Click here to listen to the Q n A session following the class, as well as some after-class discussions with students.
October 28, 2016
Apologetics 6: The “Big Bang” As Evidence for God
William Lane Craig's "Kalam Cosmological Argument" shows how the Big Bang proves God!
October 28, 2016
Apologetics 5: Q n A
Additional thoughts on the Problem of Pain.
October 24, 2016
Apologetics 5: The Problem of Pain
How can a loving God allow evil, suffering, and pain?
October 24, 2016
What do God’s Hands Smell Like?
On a quest for my Father.
October 16, 2016
Hellbent or Heaven-Sent?
How do you view the lost?
October 15, 2016
Natural Disasters & Animal Suffering
How can a good God allow natural evil?
October 15, 2016
Apologetics 4: Q n A
Further discussion on the moral argument with students.
October 11, 2016
Apologetics 4: The Moral Argument
Combining the best of C.S. Lewis and William Lane Craig, this class looks at one of the major classical arguments for God.
October 10, 2016
Apologetics 2: Worldview
A survey of the five major ways that people have approached life over the last 2,500 years of Western History.
October 8, 2016
Apologetics 1: What, Why, How?
Official course on Apologetics. Seeks to lay a foundation of the concept and practice of defending the faith.
September 24, 2016
Is it okay to get paid for ministry? (Q & A time)
This post is an informal discussion time, recorded at the first service, before preaching the sermon, “Is it okay to get paid for ministry.” –> Remember you can subscribe to my […]
September 23, 2016
Is it okay to get paid for ministry?
What about Paul? Tent-making? George Müler? Answers to these and other questions in this sermon, and 12-page blog-post on receiving money in ministry.
September 22, 2016
A Tale of Three “-ities”
Post-modernity, Modernity & Pre-Modernity.       If you enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe to my sermons podcast in iTunes. You may also want to follow my theology podcast, my YouTube channel, or my Twitter. […]
September 17, 2016
Can we evaluate worldviews?
In what sense can we say a worldview is better than another?       If you enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe to my sermons podcast in iTunes. You may also want […]
September 16, 2016
Dawkins & the Genetic Fallacy
I learned of God from my parents. Does that make my beliefs invalid?       If you enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe to my sermons podcast in iTunes. You may also […]
September 15, 2016
What is a Worldview?
A brief introduction to the important concept of “worldview.”     If you enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe to my sermons podcast in iTunes. You may also want to follow my theology podcast, […]
September 14, 2016
Apologetics: Dangers and Cautions
Some argue that we aught not do Apologetics. A look at the objections and cautions.   If you enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe to my sermons podcast in iTunes. You may also […]
September 13, 2016
Apologetics: What?
And so it begins! The first in a monumental series on Apologetics.       If you enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe to my sermons podcast in iTunes. You may also want […]
September 12, 2016
Science vs. the Holy Spirit: Appendix
Some additional thoughts, including, “What if I DON’T experience the Holy Spirit?”     If you enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe to my sermons podcast in iTunes. You may also want to […]
September 10, 2016
Science vs. the Holy Spirit
  Would you abandon your faith if all the science was against it? A discussion of Pannenberg’s theory of “Properly Basic Beliefs,” and Reformed Epistemology.       If you […]
September 9, 2016
Apologetics 101: 5-minute Teaser
On September 15, I will begin teaching a 12-week course on Apologetics. To hear a five-minute teaser of what you can expect, listen here. The culmination of over a decade […]
September 9, 2016
God, Time & Personality
Follow up on podcast “The Egg.” Some thoughts on time and God’s nature.     If you enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe to my sermons podcast in iTunes. You may also want […]
September 8, 2016
Missionaries n Money 4: Appendix
A wrap-up post including: the Dangers of Ministry & Money, Why I care about this issue, and the pro's and con's of various models.
August 22, 2016
Missionaries n Money 3: Paul
The heart of the issue: how did Paul fund his extraordinary ministry?
August 15, 2016
The Faith of a Child: how God saved me through an elastic gun, some flowers, and a spider
In this sermon, I survey my testimony, while also explaining how to be saved using the "Roman's Road" and the "Wordless Book."
August 8, 2016
Missionaries n Money 2: Bible Survey
How did God’s workers earn their living in the Old Testament?
August 1, 2016
Missionaries n Money 1: Five Questions
Where angels fear to tread: let's talk about ministry & money!
July 28, 2016
How did Judas Die & Did He Buy a Field?
Podcast version of a subject I did a research paper on. To listen, click below. To read, click  here. If you liked this podcast, don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes […]
July 14, 2016
Inerrancy 6: The Agony of Inerrancy
In this difficult & heartfelt podcast, I feel I have put to bed some of the most difficult questions in relation to the validity of the Bible.
July 9, 2016
Inerrancy 5: Chicago Statement – updates…?
Could we update the Chicago Statement…?  
July 8, 2016
Inerrancy 3: Chicago Statement – definitions
Ok, so what does inerrancy MEAN exactly?
July 6, 2016
What if God Were an Alien?
What do Dr. Who, Stargate, Sliders, MIB and Star Trek all have in common? They all point to God. Listen to find out why. As always, subscribe to my podcast […]
June 24, 2016
Science vs. Religion?
How does science relate to faith? A new way to frame an old question.
June 23, 2016
4) J. Gresham Machen: the man who wrote liberalism & Christianity
Generally considered the quintessential response of Fundamentalists to Liberalism, J. Gresham's book "Christianity & Liberalism" is a modern classic and one of the most important books in my own spiritual development.
June 16, 2016
What did Abraham Find?
Founder of three of the word's great religion, our Father Abraham found...something. Something very important. What was it? Watch or listen to my sermon to find out.
June 5, 2016