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#IJF22 Podcast

#IJF22 Podcast

By International Journalism Festival
Selection of panels from the 2022 edition of International Journalism Festival in audio format.
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#IJF22 - Modelling the business under repression
You’re under pressure. You have to pivot. What’s the key? Founders, editors and publishers from the IPI global network take you under the bonnet of their audience-centred business models powering independent journalism.  With Veronika Munk (founding editor-in-chief Telex) Jacqui Park (head of network strategy International Press Institute) Daryna Shevchenko (CEO The Kyiv Independent) Siddharth Varadarajan (founder-editor The Wire)
April 09, 2022
#IJF22 - Yemen: portraying violated beauty
The conflict in Yemen is among the least reported and represented by the media around the world. The reasons are many, not least the extreme difficulty of access for international reporters and, for locals, the extreme risks of being killed, arrested, threatened by the militias. But once inside, this country and its people are striking for the extreme beauty of places, landscapes, architecture, faces. Thus, photographing and describing this country at war poses uncommon challenges for reporters. How to reconcile the story of the war and its load of destruction, poverty, deformity, with the sense of objective beauty that this place offers to an observer? How can we not fall into voyeurism in the face of the necessary representation of malnutrition? How, at the same time, can we not fall into mannerism, privileging only this beauty, without giving depth to the cruelty of a conflict that has lasted for seven years and shows no sign of ending? With Amira Al-Sharif (photojournalist), Laura Silvia Battaglia (al-Jalal Frontline Freelance Register), Lorenzo Tugnoli (photographer).
April 09, 2022