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Journey to Freedom

Journey to Freedom

By Journey to Freedom
Join author Meg Nordmann on her family’s journey to financial freedom. On her quest to reclaim her time & therefore her life, Meg has embraced a combination of minimalism, sustainability, Stoicism, frugality, slow living and investment knowledge to achieve financial independence. Time is our most valuable asset. You can get out of the “hamster wheel” that society has put us in and achieve a more free life with ample time to pursue your dreams. It requires strategy and discipline, but it is not impossible. Follow along to learn from Meg and others how you, too, can be more free.
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Is CBD safe to use while breastfeeding?
Today we discuss my number one FAQ: "Is it safe to breastfeed while using CBD?" The short answer is "we don't know yet." But I go into detail on the related research that could help you better make your own decision on whether or not to use CBD while you're breastfeeding. I go through my personal thought process and what I personally choose to do. I also talk about what other health professionals say, which doesn't always align with my own views. I want you to come to your own educated decision, because we simply don't have the hard data to help us come up with a definitive answer yet. I discuss drinking alcohol while breastfeeding and consuming marijuana while breastfeeding and use these as part of my decision-making. I also discuss the 4 reasons women might choose to use CBD while breastfeeding. If you'd like to read this podcast in its blog format, please click here: All of the links and blogs that I refer to in this podcast can be found at that blog link. I highly suggest you peruse and read some these sources, as they are quite interesting and helpful.  Follow for more at @householdhemp on Instagram and @megnordmann on Twitter! "Like" HouseholdHemp on Facebook and Join our CBD Lifestyle Facebook Group! Subscribe to my channel on YouTube!
June 26, 2019
Episode 2: CBD Skincare with Ology Essentials' Kayla Fioravanti
Welcome to episode 2 of the Household Hemp Podcast! Today’s guest is Kayla Fiorvanti-- one of the co-founders of Ology Essentials, a research-driven brand of luxury skin care products made with high-quality hemp-derived CBD. Kayla has launched a natural personal care business once before and grew it from a $50 investment in her home kitchen into a large company that sold for millions. Ology is her newest endeavor. As she points out in our interview, the word “ology” means “a subject of study” or  “a branch of knowledge”--and Kayla certainly proves to be knowledgeable about the ingredients and formulas she’s created for her skincare products. She has over 20 years of experience in the essential oil and aromatherapy fields and has researched hemp extensively. She’s the author of several books, including “The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy” and is currently writing books about hemp as well.  In this episode, we discuss: - The synergy between hemp and aromatherapy -The difference between Ology’s Blot Line and its Mature Line -What goes into formulating a skincare product that makes your skin healthy on its own, as opposed to the norm where products actually make your skin dependent on their products -The emulsifying process, and the process behind the checks-and-balances such as making a product organic, getting third-party tested, and the value Kayla places on third-party associations for certifications, and the hemp industry’s surprising lack of this at the moment.  -How mothers, as consumers, are the driving force behind reshaping the market’s view of hemp, and separating it from its sister plant’s stigma.  I really think you are going to love this interview. I know I left this phone call just absolutely buzzing from the information! You can find more about them at or follow along on Instagram at @ology_essentials Please be sure to subscribe to Household Hemp's podcast and leave a review! Please give us a follow on Instagram at @householdhemp or join our CBD Lifestyle group on Facebook at  Join the newsletter at to stay in touch!
May 30, 2019
8 Reasons the CBD Industry is Targeting Mothers
In this inaugural episode, Meg Nordmann discusses the 8 reasons she believes the CBD industry is targeting the mother demographic in their marketing efforts & why we should care.
May 24, 2019