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Journey to Wellness

Journey to Wellness

By Essential Wellness Society
Welcome to the Journey to Wellness podcast, where we invite wellness-related professionals to share their stories, passions, and expertise. This podcast series is produced by the Essential Wellness Society and is sponsored by The Rooted Herbalist and Embrace Her. Learn more about the Essential Wellness Society at and join us on Facebook at
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Exploring Reiki with Julie
Aura, chakras, reiki…. Is all this real? Exploring these topics and more with Julie today. Discussing what reiki is, the benefits of it, and what you might experience during a session. Julie also shares some things to consider in terms of choosing a practitioner and being open to trying different modalities to find what works for you. Julie Speetjens is a Registered Holy Fire® III Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher, as well as a Psychic Medium at The Reiki Place in Colorado Springs. She began her healing journey when corporate burnout had her feeling like a robot just going through the motions of her life. Her motto is “Worry Less, Reiki More”. Reiki has been a springboard for her spiritual awakening, and has renewed her life-force energy! She believes that Reiki is a transformative force that truly can heal our mind, body, and Soul if we allow it. She has helped many grieving clients not only by demonstrating evidence of the Soul's survival of death, but also by providing opportunities for healing on both sides of the veil through her Mediumship. Her Psychic intuitive work provides clarity, inspiration, empowerment, and divine connection through her Spirit Guide/Past Life Soul Journey Readings. Julie has been featured on several podcasts including "Sacred Connections", "The Sedona Files", and "Floating On A Cloud." Julie enjoys hiking, playing drums, and traveling, and she volunteers with LifeSpark Cancer Resources providing free Reiki healing to individuals with cancer. Website Link to Bio Insta and FB Soaring Heart Energies Phone 719-660-7924 Email
June 25, 2021
Forest Bathing with Summer
In this episode, we are talking with Summer Lajoie about the health benefits of nature. We explore forest bathing and sit spots, and simple related practices you can do at home. Summer Lajoie is a certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and has a background in art, design and photography, as well as education and community leadership. She turned to Nature Therapy and mindfulness meditation during a very difficult time in her life and learned to use these tools to manage her lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety. She established her small holistic arts business, Listening Pines, last year in hopes to bring this form of healing to others in need and currently hosts public Forest Bathing walks twice monthly at a local nature center in Colorado Springs. Summer offers a variety of private sessions as well and is always seeking opportunities to collaborate and connect with people and nature. Learn more at on Facebook @listeningpines
June 08, 2021
Exploring Physical Therapy with Chera
In this episode, we are exploring physical therapy, dry needling, posture, and taking a preventative approach to address areas of tension before they become a pervasive problem. Dr. Chera Hope is the owner of Hope Physical Therapy & Wellness. She has been a Physical Therapist for 26 years. Some of her specialties include hands on manual therapy, dry needling for muscle pain, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, and scar release therapy. She opened Hope PT & Wellness 5 years ago with a passion to treat holistically, create a relaxed and nurturing environment, and reach out to the community with education on how to prevent pain before it starts. She also knows the importance of having women’s health/ pelvic floor rehab as a part of her practice, because many women suffer needlessly with problems during and after pregnancy or from surgeries. After living in Latin America for a few years and working closely with some orphanages in several of these countries, she has a heart for Latin American communities and supporting children’s charities. Hope PT supports Casa de Luz orphanage in the Dominican Republic, and Hope and Home, a Colorado Springs foster and adoption agency. If you are interested in chatting about your pain, or interested in how to prevent pain from occurring, come in for a free consultation! 719-466-6800.
June 01, 2021
Singing is good for our wellbeing with Amy
Listen in to learn about the wellbeing-related benefits of singing, and to receive some tips for overcoming fear and self-doubt that hold us back from fully using our voice – whether speaking, singing, or figuratively. Amy Biondo is a Boulder/Denver-based vocalist, dancer, composer, and vocal coach. Her unique approach to training the voice, using contemplative practices and improvisation to unleash the full power of the body and emotions of the student and integrate them into the voice, has made her a go-to vocal coach for those seeking a more holistic approach to vocal training. Her performance experience spans diverse genres, including world, popular, jazz, musical theater, and improvisational music. Amy writes custom songs for special events and has written music for television. She holds a Master of Arts degree from Naropa University in Contemplative Psychotherapy; has trained extensively in music and improvisation with Art Lande, Rhiannon, Mark Miller, and others; and has been a meditation and yoga practitioner for over 20 years. Learn more at or find her on Facebook and Instagram at Amy Biondo Music. Listeners can take advantage of a 25% discount on the online course The World Needs Your Voice with code JOURNEY25
May 27, 2021
Exploring Creativity with Vivian
What does ‘creativity’ really entail? Does creativity really live in us all? Today we are exploring creativity with Vivian Geffen. We explore why creativity is important to our overall health and wellbeing and how to cultivate a creative mindset. Vivian Geffen's Believes that Creativity is Life and that Life is creative.  She teaches self-identified "practical people" how to embrace and heal their relationship to their own creativity so that they can use it as a tool for transformation and enjoy greater depth, freedom and satisfaction in their lives. Her work helps people who don't think they are creative realize the unique ways they are, and to open to more possibility. Vivian holds a Master's Degree in Creativity from Buffalo State College, teaches improvisation at Santa Barbara City College and leads her signature workshops online. Toward the end of  2020 she felt she had to do something to foster laughter, connection and collaboration so she created the improvisation-based LaughBoost gatherings. Find Vivian on Instagram @creativitymuse  or at You can also join her Facebook group Contact Vivian directly at
May 14, 2021
Self-Talk and Wellbeing
What impact does our self-talk have on our wellbeing? Today we are chatting with Beth Eldridge, who will help us explore simple techniques for shifting negative self-talk. Beth Eldridge is a compassionate empowered life coach and teacher with an inspiring presence. She helps successful, motivated women, who have been in helping positions, shift from taking care of others and losing themselves, to rediscovering their true self, prioritizing what really matters, making decisions confidently, and entering a new stage of life which brings deep fulfillment, freedom, and clarity about their life purpose. She also helps women to design relationships that are deeper, more lovingly honest, and more creatively satisfying than ever before. Find Beth at Contact Beth directly at
April 22, 2021
Reducing your toxic load with Carole
Carole Fehrman is the creator and founder of Natural Mama Collective. She is a toxin free educator teaching women/moms simple changes to live a more toxin free life. She designed an online course called 12 Weeks to Toxin Free, where she starts from the basics and helps women feel more empowered in their toxin free journey. She’s a wife to her high school sweetheart (Dr. Cody), and a momma to two sweet kiddos. Carole’s own toxin-free journey has evolved into what is Natural Mama Collective. While pregnant with her son, she began to dive into the world of toxin-free living. First by choosing home birth with a midwife over traditional obstetric care, and then progressing to research the lotions, washes, bottles, and diapers she would be choosing to put on her registry. As her research continued, she started to learn about things like fragrance, parabens, and phthalates. She learned about the infamous greenwashing of products and how the industries can put “natural” on a label when there isn’t anything “natural” about the product. Carole has made it her mission to be the change. Her life’s work is to help women reduce their toxic load and choose better products for their families and themselves. Through Natural Mama Collective she offers ingredient education, safe swaps, a solution to toxic beauty, and a safe space for women to gather no matter where they may be in their own toxin free journey. It’s become a catalyst of change for future generations. Learn more: Join Carole’s free community on Facebook: Instagram: naturalmamacollective Website:
April 16, 2021
Relational Wellbeing with Stephen and Erin
What is the importance of focusing on the quality of our relationships for our overall health and wellbeing? We bring our individual experiences and stories into our personal relationships and we may not always understand how our past is impacting our present. Today we are chatting with Stephen and Erin Mitchell, creators of the Create Your Couple Story course, who are passionate about providing education to strengthen relationships. Erin and Stephen Mitchell have been married for 12 years and have three kids. Stephen has a PhD in Medical Family Therapy and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professor. Erin has a Master’s in Counseling psychology and works as a Writer and Relationship Educator. Stephen and Erin focus on couples because relationships can be both beautiful and challenging. They are passionate about supporting couples in experiencing the sense of healing, belonging, and love that comes with an intimate relationship. They have developed the Create Your Couple Story Course which guides couples through 8 research-informed and psychologically-sound modules designed to help foster healthy, loving, and vulnerable communication. Find Stephen and Erin on Instagram @couples.counseling.for.parents or at
April 13, 2021
Intuitive Eating With Casey
What is the importance of eating intuitively and how can we improve our relationship with food? Making changes to our eating habits can feel overwhelming, especially with so many ‘fad’ diets out there. Today we are chatting with Casey Fessler with MAMA Tried Meal Prep. Casey helps us shift our perspective and gives us practical tips to shifting our approach to eating. Casey is a holistic nutritionist with 19 years of experience coaching individuals and families to whole health.  MAMA Tried Meal Prep is the love child of her tenure in the wellness industry; allowing her to serve her clients with delicious food that truly nourishes their bodies and souls.  MAMA Tried Meal Prep offers custom meal prep and delivery to Colorado Springs and Woodland Park in Colorado. Eating well has never been this easy! Learn more at Instagram and Facebook @mamatriedmealprep Email
April 03, 2021