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Journeymen, Craftswomen, Artists and Voyagers

Journeymen, Craftswomen, Artists and Voyagers

By Cath Ralph
A six-part podcast series celebrating the cultural life of a City, "The Potteries" - Stoke-on-Trent as part of the Under One Roof project supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. With different guests featured in each episode and wonderful musicians, you will be guided through the City's history through tales and tunes.
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Traces of Their Toil

Journeymen, Craftswomen, Artists and Voyagers

Traces of Their Toil
Ray Johnson on the creation of the Staffordshire Film Archive and in particular the importance of documenting the city's mining history from the perspective of those who worked in the industry. Tunes by Chris Bevington Organisation sung and played by Scott Ralph
March 13, 2021
No Going Back
Interview with Deb McAndrew acclaimed playwrite on how the Potteries influenced her work and a retrospective of past commission by the North Staffs Miners Wives Action group in 2015. Features No Going Back recorded in the early nineties sung by founders of the group, "Coalminers Blues" - bluegrass mining song and footage from the Staffordshire Film Archive.
March 04, 2021
For the Sake of Times Gone By
End of year remembrance and reflections, "plight of the potters" with Phillip Hardaker  Sculptor and Public Artist. Jennifer Spice, Poet and Researcher reflects on 2020, and a song for all times with a version of Auld Lang Syne recorded to take a moment to hold dear those who have past. 
January 11, 2021
The Small Stories in Every Day Things
Episode two in the series tells of the small stories in everyday things and the special ways of releasing them. With guests Alan Whiting: Musician and former Pottery Worker sharing his story of Jean Wooten told through a song, and Gabriella Gay: Poet, Teacher, Antique Dealer and member of Kwanzaa Collective UK made up of Artists, Academics and Activists Of Colour.
December 03, 2020
The Great Jewel Box with The Fire Underground
The beginning of the "tales and tunes" in six parts. Episode one puts the big light on this mysterious place where you can be standing in your own front porch museum, while a fire rages somewhere deep underground. With guests Danny Callahan, Artist, Designer and Historian and Gillie Nicholls, Composer, Musician, Potter and Sculptor. As part of the Under One Roof Project Stoke-on-Trent supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.
October 28, 2020