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Journey of the brand

Journey of the brand

By Mark Asplin
Weekly episodes dedicated to whats happened in my business the previous week.

My name is Mark, I'm a 36 yr old entrepreneur and filmmaker, I have started a sports clothing brand from scratch and this podcast will act as my real time diary of all the ins and outs of growing a new brand from scratch.

In each podcast episode I will talk about my week previous, the ups and downs, the successes and the failures and document my journey to growing a sports clothing brand.

This podcast is for anyone looking to start any kind of business or brand and wants to learn what it takes.
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The Road to 1Mill - Dad Bods, Niches and David Goggins
Its been a while since I last done a podcast, due to lockdowns and restrictions its been super tough to get any kind of work done but alas here I am and in todays episode I talk about how I have been looking to better define my client for the brand, inspirations in the last month and the ultimate goal for the brand and business... reaching £1 million in revenue!
February 22, 2021
Journey Of The Brand - Ep 001 - Starting Over... Again!
Welcome to Journey of the Brand Podcast, a real time documentation of my journey to start and grow a sports clothing brand. In the first ever episode I talk about my story so far, how I came to acquire a sports clothing brand, the philosophies I want behind the company, the aspirations and finally whats in store for this podcast and why I have started it. The Daily Vlog which is mentioned in the Podcast can be found here: Come chat to me on Instagram and Twitter: @journeyofthepodcasthq I would love to know what you thought of the podcast and anything you would like me to include in future episodes.
October 09, 2020
Journey of the Brand - Trailer
Welcome to Journey of the Brand Podcast, a real time documentation of my journey to grow a sports clothing brand from SCRATCH! Each week I will talk through everything that happened in the journey in the last 7 days... warts and all! I want this podcast to be an inspiration and road map to enable you to grow your own brand.
October 07, 2020