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By Joyful Life | Creative Career
Hiya, pull up your favourite chair or press play on-the-go and join Indra and guests on ‘Joy within‘ podcast for encouragement on walking into your calling and nurturing your gifts to serve well. Listen in on creative career conversations & life lessons and join listeners in 27 destinations for content steps for your home-based business and refreshment reminders for your wellness. You are meant for more than a career; subscribe and tune in for gentle reminders recorded in Barbados.
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Getting 'Un-Stuck' In Life & Answering Your Calling To Write | Interview with Jamie Lerner
Hi there, a new interview for you. Today’s guest is Jamie Lerner. She is the co-author of “The Ever-Loving Essence Of You” book and a professional coach helping people to get 'unstuck.' Jamie’s logging on from the U.S. and shares her insight into the journey and discipline of writing, as well as some helpful advice and forward steps for aspiring authors who want advice on developing a writing rhythm and formula that works well for you. Listen up and thanks for tuning in. Along with walking us through her writing regimen, our guest encourages us to be honest about recognizing and riding waves of authentic inspiration in order to maintain a joyful approach to writing. Some key questions asked in this episode: Were you always called to write? What triggered your educational interest in the field of psychology? What is one thing that you think every person could benefit from in terms of reflection and honest self-evaluation? "Stuck is just a moment" ~ Jamie Lerner Visit Jamie online at Read a partial transcript on the matching blog post on To send a question for another podcast episode, download the (free) app, subscribe to this channel and record your message.
February 22, 2021
Hiya, today we have a new guest for you. His name is John Vuong; he’s joining us from Toronto. Al little pre-roll so that you can get to know him a lil bit better and find out all you can glean from him in this insightful episode. John is the 4th child of Vietnamese immigrants to Canada. He’s very familiar with hard work. A devoted husband and dad, as well as a diligent businessman. He is at the helm of Local SEO Search Inc. which is one of the leading SEO companies in Canada. John has a background in finance but he also has a dedication to living well and making sure that his business complements his family and doesn’t detract from the priority that they are. That’s a beautiful balance and that harmonizes sweetly with our message of content management and understanding how you can work well in terms placing or positioning your website - your online content, as opposed to producing and publishing wildly without focus, not really knowing where your reach is growing. He’s gonna share everything that would probably take us a while to learn so listen up and thanks for tuning in. In this episode, John Vuong shares about: the call to entrepreneurship understanding opportunities in business visibility for your business the engine of S.E.O. work/life balance “7 years ago, I started this journey of entrepreneurship not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. I left a sales career - selling advertising sales (traditional and digital media) for 10 years. During that time, I learned a lot about myself, who I wanted to become - what I enjoyed and what I didn’t enjoy, in terms about work and life balance. Fast forward to when I started in 2013, I knew who my ideal type of client was, what their pain points were, and what they wanted out of someone that wanted to move them ahead - transformation from traditional to now digital. I didn’t know anything about SEO. I just knew there was an opportunity because people told me. Users' behaviours were shifting to more digital. You need to understand your customers and how they shop. People are (now) doing way more shopping online. They’re doing more research - vetting websites. As a business owner, how do you understand the behaviours of patterns, what they’re using and get in front of them? You can be ahead of the curve if you’re able to pivot your business very quickly. We help educate and inform people. On Work/Life Balance "I was always curious and asking questions to see...what did it have a family - get married - eventually have children. Yes, you work hard while you work, but what happens afterwards? Do you have dinner with your family - do you go on vacations? On the weekends, do you work or do you spend time with the kids and family? All these things mould what you want to become. So I learned and really got a lot of insight from a lot of people." John Vuong (Local SEO Search)  Toronto
January 18, 2021
Working From Home After Traveling Constantly | Encouragement
Since most of us are working from home right now, travel has...changed its flavour and glamour-effect recently. Travel has always been a part of my life until a few years ago, just before I started my blog which now reaches readers in 80 destinations. (Thank you) I learned a lot in that life-tempo change and in today’s episode am sharing encouragement and gentle prompts with any travel fans who could do with a fresh perspective on their life at home in this season. Passport in purse. Bills and coins from different countries tucked in one drawer, just in case. Adapters and converters to suit any socket – pre-packed. A fluid calendar and easy-to-reach bright pink mini suitcase, with a larger matching option depending on the trip. This was how life looked for me, not so long ago. Just before I started this blog, actually. Writing can therapeutic; don’t let anybody tell you different. Travel has always been a part of my life – well, ’til now. What about you? Correction: Barbados is listed as the 12th most-expensive 'country' on - not the 20th like I said (by accident) here. Here's the matching blog post to today's episode with a bit more on that. 
November 26, 2020
Being The Face Of Your Business | Jewelry Designer, Nisha Doughlin shares Encouragement for Aspiring Creative Entrepreneurs
Meet Nisha Doughlin, jewelry designer and entrepreneur behind Metah Designs, a rising jewelry line in Trinidad & Tobago. Listen in as she shares openly about overcoming the awkwardness of introducing yourself as the face behind your business, and be sure to get a notebook to jot down motivational steps and encouraging tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. In this interview, I ask Nisha about her: inspiration workflow journey into jewelry modelling advice for nervous newbies to entrepreneurship insight into joy and work View photos and order your favourite Metah Designs pieces on Facebook: Metah  Metah (may-tah) N: "I knew that part of what I wanted to do was to make women feel good about themselves." JWI: How have you overcome insecurity to be now doing IG live videos and photoshoots with your pieces? N: That was really very scary for me; to go live - that first conversation that I had. Even to model my own pieces; even putting my face on my page was very very very scary for me because as much as I am an extrovert and I am a people-person, it’s a whole other thing to put yourself out there - this is not just like my friend seeing this or posting a picture in a family group - this is like people I don’t know - this is the world. Joywithin website: (Matching blog post with transcription excerpts from this audio will be up within 48hrs)
October 19, 2020
Business Coach Shares Mindset Steps & Scheduling Tips For Entrepreneurs | Interview with Natalia Amador
Hi everyone, hope you're safe and sound wherever you are. It means a lot that you're here. I appreciate it, and you. Today’s guest joins us from Southern California. Natalia Amador is the beautiful face and brilliant mind behind According to her website, she is Latina, creative writer, entrepreneur and Business Coach. I’ve had the opportunity of being on a coaching call with Natalia and recently had the chance to interview her for this podcast episode. Click play to listen in as she shares about: starting and selling her first business {1:56} her journey to coaching {4:32} working from home and scheduling well {10:50} steps creative entrepreneurs can take right now {14:30} Meet Natalia Amador. “A lot of the work that I do with my 1:1 clients is to help them transition out of a job and become full-time entrepreneurs, and so with that transition, I’m often walking people through this process of ‘so, I’m working from home now - how do I do this?’  There’s a big gap between who can afford coaching or who can’t or where you have to be in order to be ready for coaching, and I don’t really believe in that. I believe in making it attainable to anybody that needs help and has a vision for something, so whenever I’ve done anything, I’ve always wanted it to be very open to anybody feels called to being a part of it. Create a routine and a schedule that works well for you. You were the one who was given this download of this business vision. You’re that one that sees the vision. You’re the one that has that unique job is to help people be empowered in that.” ~ Natalia Amador Visit and remember to check out the matching blog post to this episode (with transcript excerpt) on
June 04, 2020
Career Motivation And Podcast Preparation with Scott Carson
Scott Carson is owner and managing member of, an Austin based, defaulted note buying company. He specializes in finding nonperforming notes on residential and commercial properties and purchasing these notes for the business portfolio. He is also a nationally syndicated radio host of the popular podcast, The Note Closers Show which has millions of listeners across 17 AM and FM radio stations and downloads across 130 countries. In this interview, Scott shares motivation for creative entrepreneurs, remote workers, and aspiring podcast hosts. You'll want to take notes for this NoteCloser. I’ve been in marketing for over a decade. Whether you’re in real estate or tourism or buying or selling property - whatever; we’re all in the media business these days. I think that’s what a lot of people realize when they’re started a blog or a podcast - what do I talk about? I started off by just teaching a little nuggets - a little bite-sized lesson every day. Started off doing Facebook lives, with my cell phone and about 7 months later, we converted into a full-blown podcast. I bring on experts in my industry - vendors - other investors and then we also dabble in the mindset and business side of things, along with marketing too. So, we kinda keep it fresh for listeners. I’m always trying to look to provide value to my listeners, first and foremost. When I do get a block when it comes to me coming up with content, I always think, “who can I bring on that’s gonna add value to my listeners.” Just set up to try to do something all planting seeds across the board. You have to stay consistent; that doesn’t mean you can’t take a day off. Something is a whole lot better than nothing. Just do something to be consistent.  Visit and remember to subscribe to The Note Closers Show on iTunes and major listening platforms To read the matching post to this episode, check out
May 08, 2020
Faith-Fueled Encouragement For Women | Interview with Sharon Shannon
She is the Writer and Coach behind and the host of its affiliate podcast. Certified Faith Coach, Sharon Shannon joins us as today's featured guest. Get ready for words of wisdom and faith-fueled encouragement to help us both reflect honestly and bloom daily. i'm so grateful to have these brilliant minds, kind coaches and innovative entrepreneurs shine their light through their voice right here with you and me. Sharon shares some of the most poignant pages in the real-life story of how she became a Coach and Podcast Host and holds up a mirror (through her gentle yet pressing words), so we can contemplate how we truly are growing through whatever challenge or season we might face at this time. No long talk needed - just click, listen, enjoy - and, like Sharon Shannon says at the end of her episodes, "Be encouraged." Visit today's guest on her website: Thanks for logging on and listening - and feel free to share the joy and a link you like with someone you love.
April 24, 2020
Listening More To Love Each Other Better | Interview with Roman Mironov
Whether you live alone or you're a part of a small or large household, good communication and healthy relationships are beneficial to us all. Today's interview is with Roman Mironov. Roman is a Relationship Coach in Toronto and shares his insight and knowledge into the dynamics of listening more to love each other better.  For relationship coaching, visit:
April 23, 2020
Get Creative While Staying At Home | Interview With Creative Stress Relief Life Coach, Janelle James
Hey, how’s your stay-at-home season growing so far? If working from home is new to you, I understand how challenging it can be at first (and at points along the way.) Here’s an encouraging video with some smiles and straight talk for you. This week, it’s a creative conversation with a guest writer on the blog who happens to be a Creative Stress Relief Life Coach. Meet Janelle James from ‘Your Journey To A Positive Life.’ She shares steps you can make to take care of your home, yourself and loved ones at home amidst all that’s going on in the world right now. “I would recommend you get up, do your morning routine, exercise – put on something pretty, fix your hair and find something to do in the house.” Along with sharing ideas that lead to: a clean home a refreshed mind a ‘green thumb’ creative projects there’s inspiration for anyone who has had to start again or pivot in their business. Maybe you’ve been in business for a while and could do with some encouragement in the perseverance department. Got that here too. Janelle shares encouragement for entrepreneurs and walks us through some of her career journey. Here's Janelle on Instagram: @janellejames777 My blog:
April 22, 2020
A Household Facilitator & Social Worker Shares Encouragement For Challenging Seasons
Hi there, I hope you're safe and sound at home in this season.  Listen in on a conversation with Davianne Phillips, a Household Facilitator/Social Worker in Barbados. At a time when much of the world is on 'lockdown,' she shares: - encouragement - insight into helping others through challenging seasons - a reminder to do regular self-checks to tend to our own wellness Here's the IG link to connect with Davianne directly -->  @davikat Enjoyed this podcast episode? Share it with a loved one to encourage and equip them. Wherever you are on the map, stay safe, and thanks for coming by Joy within podcast after a l'il siesta. I've been posting mostly on the blog, so be sure to check it out for work-from-home & content tips and refreshment reminders. Stay tuned for another interview coming right up. 
April 14, 2020
Setting Time To Write While You Have A Day Job | Author Of 'Gimme A Home Birth' Shares Her Story
Do you have a calling to write a book, but haven't found the time to get started, or maybe pick up where you left off? In this podcast episode, the author of "Gimme A Home Birth - The Birth Story I Didn't Expect" shares her writing and publishing journey, along with encouragement for aspiring writers. Korena Darnelle came up with the idea for her first book after giving birth, and the experience inspired her to put pen to paper and fingers to keys to produce what is fast becoming a popular read among Bajans and visitors. Get to know her on Instagram @korenadarnelle and find out more about this proactive entrepreneur who is also a diligent employee, and the author of a book written for women, men and medical professionals from her firsthand experience. Korena is a devoted wife and mother who believes that we should focus more on thriving artistry than the 'starving artist' syndrome - y'all know I'm all for that, while still fanning your passion for whatever gifts you've got. Stay tuned for the matching blog post (with transcriptions of nuggets) - it will be right here on Joywithin blog -
November 22, 2019
What To Do When You Don’t Get The Support You’d Like To Start Your Business
So, it’s no secret by now - starting a business and going on to maintain and grow it, is not easy - or for everybody. Having a support system is fabulous, but it’s not always a given. So what can you do if nobody nearby is cheering you on as your navigate launching a business? Listen for encouragement. Get freelancer tips and refreshment reminders on
November 18, 2019
Mindset Refresh with Joanne (PART 1)
Hi there, today we're starting a new quarterly series on 'Joy within' podcast. It's called 'Mindset Refresh' with a special guest who is a clinician and researcher joining us from the U.S. Joanne Nicholls shares her expertise on The Brain and Behaviour along with key strategies to: understand the difference between acute and chronic pain identify our predispositions and coping mechanisms breathe beyond stress and remember our wellness express and overcome the tendency to catastrophize with practical exercises be proactive about declaring truth over our lives Pain - fear - anxiety...some of the topics addressed in this very honest and open conversation about choosing and nurturing a healthy thought life. " may come to down to just being in the workplace - at your desk...rehearsing what your truth the midst of threat. Stay committed to what your response will be." Have your mug of tea, coffee or smoothie ready? Notebook and pen nearby? Ok cool - let's grow. After listening to this episode, check out the blog post that shares a review on a life workshop co-hosted by our guest/co-host and tune into the brain tips there too. To connect with Joanne Nicholls of The Mc Kenzie Project and book a seminar on The Brain & Behaviour or request her notes from today's segment, e-mail:
June 19, 2019
Be On Schedule Without Being A Hostage To Time
Hiii, what comes to your mind when you hear the word, “punctuality?” Well, it’s important, but still; we’re not designed to be a hostage to time. So how then do we successfully schedule and follow-through, assign and align, plan and implement, declare and complete...and, when the tempo of those things seems to miss a do we exhibit patience? Let’s have an honest talk about this topic ‘cause as much of a planning-fan I am, none of us is truly in control of time
May 06, 2019
Q & A: Freelancing, Group Organization And Passive Income
Hi there, in today’s episode we’re tending to 3 of your questions that came in about: 1. Moving from being an employee to an entrepreneur 2. Coordinating a group to successfully complete an assignment 3. Growing from ‘starving artist’ to creative entrepreneur. Let’s get started
April 16, 2019
By The Work Of Her Hands - Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur, Sheldene Brathwaite
Hi there. Today's episode highlights a new guest in the 'Celebrate A Sister' series, Sheldene Brathwaite. She is the fashion designer of Charmaine's Couture, and owner of La Mode Dimitri Boutique, and 'I Give You Glory.' She always had a keen sense of fashion from a young age and started by attending classes in fashion designing and sewing. The vision for her brand is to create unusual yet distinctly fashionable and elegant pieces for women.  Sheldene loves fashion passionately and shares a moving moment that inspired her along her creative journey to pursue her calling whole-heartedly. She was a shy person who had to step out in faith to start her businesses and continues to shine by the work of her hands. Listen up for gems of encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs and ladies who need a word of refreshment. Visit her on Instagram @lamodedimitriboutique 'Joy within' podcast is recorded in Barbados. Highlight on the way: A clinician will be hosting a new quarterly series right here starting this April. She'll be sharing her expertise and insight on The Brain and showing us how the way we each think influences the different areas of our life, and how we can make healthier decisions that resonate into our lives, relationships and businesses.
April 03, 2019
Sharing One Message On Many Social Media Avenues
Let’s talk about language, social media, message and community for a moment. In this episode, we’ll walk through 7 platforms: YouTube, Wordpress Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Podcast. From groups, contacts and character limits to trending content, tags and algorithms, each social media spot has a ‘fingerprint’ though there are still some similarities. Here are some notes to consider when approaching the delivery of your message in different online settings.
March 29, 2019
Journey Of A Writer - Interview with Linda M. Deane
Hi there, meet Linda M. Deane, a storyteller, writer, publisher, mum and co-founding director of Arts Etc. In today's episode, Linda walks us through her interesting journey with words and invites us into the mind and life of a diligent wordsmith and arts event coordinator. From her early days in England to her present walk in Barbados, our gracious guest shares inspiration for aspiring authors, and gives us insight into the creative writing history and storytelling landscape of this tropical island. Linda M. Deane is also a writing coach, for those of you who are considering sharing your own story through written words. Connect with her on Facebook (The Summer StoryTeller) and Instagram @The_Summer_Storyteller and get paper and pen (or a typing thingie) to take notes. She shares about an upcoming event and offers sound advice for creatively-inclined people. And yes - giggles included along the way. Blog post highlighting this interview coming up. Indra Denys @itsjoywithin
March 17, 2019
Encouragement For Those Days When...
Showing genuine appreciate is so important in how others - how WE experience and receive care and compassion. Here’s a little reminder for those feeling unseen or unappreciated today... you DO matter
March 10, 2019
A Workshop On The Brain And Insight Into How It Works - The Mc Kenzie Project
I was recently invited to a workshop with 20 entrepreneurs and corporate team members at a seminar space just outside of Bridgetown, Barbados - called Elijah House. The topic: “The Brain & Behaviour In The Workplace.” It was such an insightful, education and inspiring workshop and experience, led by Joanne Nicholls, a Clinical Therapist, and Corporate/Leadership Trainer, Tyrone Gerald-King, visiting from the U.S. In this podcast episode I share a brief overview of what we learned and also a recommendations to corporate leaders, educators, entrepreneurs and nerds, to book this workshop for your team to upgrade your business from the inside out. Contact
March 03, 2019
5 Quiet Time Ideas For Busy-Bodies Longing For Refreshment
Hiya, so glad you joined me for this episode and hope it inspires you to enjoy daily moments of refreshment. Consider that an invitation to find and deviate a part of your day to serenity. Everyone’s life has different contents and we each dance to a different rhythm from season to seasons but across the board, a combination of diligent work - - paces with and quiet time, is a key to wellness and refreshment in our approach to everyday life, regardless of what your life looks like.
February 21, 2019
Be The Boss Of Your Phone - not the other way around (Encouragement)
Remember when BBs came to town? Blackberries - the phone, not the fruit. I remember the first time that shrill triple alter resonated through the room, “pweep-pweep-pweep!” and even then, had the though that this whole phone thing could become an annoyance if not managed. Is your phone bossing you around? Is it your phone, or are you its person? The other day, my phone hollered at me...
February 14, 2019
You Don’t Have To Be Rough, To Be In Business - Choose Joy & Remember Your Wellness
So many are asking about the qualities and traits of a “successful” entrepreneur and there really is no cookie-cutter explanation or one-size-fits-all answer, but there ARE some things to consider when choosing your approach to being an entrepreneur and aligning that with the true essence of who you are and more importantly, whom you’re created to be. Listen in and get a pen and journal for the question prompts at the end. Thanks for listening.
February 10, 2019
From Busy On The Road To Quietly Working From Home - Pacing Housework With Business Duties
Working from home is an interesting experience, with its fair share of perks, challenges and adventures. You ever have the compulsion to just go for a walk or drive anywhere or edit the design and tempo of your day whenever you’re inspired to? Well, you can when you work-from-home, for the most part. Still, it isn’t glamorous and often involves other activities like sweeping, doing the laundry, wiping down your kitchen counter and tiles... - in this episode, I share tips to orienting yourself on pacing household duties with business tasks and some key clues as to what it means and takes to work from’ll find tips on activities you can do to stay refreshed and notes to consider if you are longing to start your own business as a work-from-Home entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart and you don’t have anything to prove to anybody but if you’re called to do this, here are some things to consider and plan for.
February 08, 2019
Be Your Sisters' Keeper by Tarryn Leigh, Founder of 'Rhema'
 It's a fresh new season in the 'Celebrate A Sister' series and our first guest for the year joins us from Zimbabwe. Tarryn Leigh is the founder of 'Rhema' an encouragement and devotional group for women and today we carved out time to record this podcast episode for you. Tarryn Leigh shares: "About a month ago, I started a group on Instagram initially. I wrote on my IG story, 'Whoever wants to join a support group and is suffering from inconsistency and wants to chase their goals, join me on this one.” And I had the privilege of having initially at first 73 - actually, it was 80 girls joined group chat, and I was shocked." In this refreshing conversation, Tarryn shares so honestly about the inspiration to start the movement that sprung from a struggle, and invites us in to the daily essence and tempo of the group that's growing by grace. She encourages women to be their sisters' keeper and not tear each other down, and she's taken a bold step forward by creating a safe space using accessible tech for women to share, support and encourage each other through the Word of God. "As we pray The Lord’s prayer…’Thy will be done.’ That is what I essentially want the ladies to understand. You have your plans, yes - you have the things that you have set for your life but there is Someone in charge of your life, and you ought to give credit to Who made you." Sis, you're gonna wanna make a cup of tea or coffee, get your journal and a pen, or just close your eyes, listen with a soft smile and be inspired. Connect with Tarryn Leigh on Instagram @bridging_thegap
February 04, 2019
Sisterly Love And Intentional Expressions Of Kindness
Hey, how’s your day so far? i hope bright – if it happens not to be so at the moment, lots of compassion to you. This real-life story of everyday kindness may encourage you: The other day i went to town to take care of an errand and on the way, saw a woman who used to be a sales clerk at a jewellery store that was a popular spot for buying Christmas gifts for school friends. Today, i’m inviting you to join me in seeking to be more kind…to shower kindness like eco-friendly confetti…to recognize, receive and breathe it forward, understanding that it doesn’t inherently spring from us – its divine copyright resides in Heaven alone yet kindness and compassion are poured onto, into and through us…if only we let love in… Let love in today, ok?
January 30, 2019
Sparkle workshop - a refreshing gathering for creatively-enterprising women
Hey sis, You know you’re gifted and designed to shine yet every now and then, we all could do with reminders to enjoy moments of refreshment, key resources to upgrade in business and support through a community of like-minded women. Sometimes you just need to get a breather, put your feet up (if ya like), sip a hot drink and have an honest conversation about merging life and business amidst good company. As a former creative workaholic who once operated a 24hr vocal studio, I’ve learned that wellness and community are essential to blossoming and growing continually as an entrepreneur. YOU DON’T HAVE TO STRUGGLE SOLO OR OPERATE ON AUTOPILOT JUST TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY “SPARKLE” IS A WORKSHOP WHERE CREATIVELY-ENTERPRISING LADIES GATHER TO GROW IN BUSINESS, WITH WELLNESS IN MIND. It’s a refreshing event for a select number of women where breathwork starts each session, networking is organic, business and social media marketing are included in the topic, and the setting is welcoming. Could you do with some special treatment, tech tips, a ‘Business Clarity Map‘ and a light lunch in a creative environment?  Have you ever received a message of encouragement right when you needed it most? Ever gone through a challenge and had your core friends reach out and step in to support? Ever went through a tough season in business and wished you had access to a community of skilled sisters there to share resources and stand in the gap for you? When women gather on purpose with the intention to share, encourage, learn and grow, the results are epic and overflow into our families, communities, work lives, and circles of influence. That’s the essence of “Sparkle“ Wellness is often left out of the conversation where women and business are concerned. For some reason, being ‘busy‘ is seen as a heroic thing, even if it doesn’t translate into productivity and affects our health and peace of mind in the process. Let’s face it – stress is a real factor – not for us to fear, but to be aware of. It affects the quality of life, clarity in thinking, our approach to interacting with others, our health and ‘joie de vivre.’  If you’re anything like me you desire to live light, shine bright, serve well and thrive with joy. Your bright light is welcome here. Registration is now open @itsjoywithin
January 18, 2019
How To Prepare For A Music Conference
  This podcast episode springs from my eBook" "How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps" that outlines key prep-steps designed to help you: - maximize the business opportunity of attending a music conference prepare for your trip, and navigate the whole process without being overwhelmed overcome nerves when preparing for the networking experience return refreshed, avoid burnout and reap results  From choosing an event and funding your trip, to preparing your E.P.K, and booking 1:1 meetings with music biz execs, you'll find key info to equip you during the planning, ’n-conference' and forward-step stages.  Music conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings can be exhilarating - they can also seem intimidating when you’re there in real-time and not quite sure what to do or how to tap into the huge opportunities available, in a way that propels your music career forward. ‘How To Prepare For A Music Conference” shares a proven template that I compiled from experience and research then learned to apply firsthand for conferences like: M.I.D.E.M, S.X.S.W, C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O, W.S.I.S, W.O.M.E.X, and more.  To purchase the eBook, e-mail with subject line: "Music Conference eBook"
January 07, 2019
Overcoming Online & Real Life Stage-Fright & Sharing Your Message
Do you find yourself hesitating or procrastinating with taking a step forward whether to you prepare for the studio, stage or a new social media platform? Well, in this episode I share encouragement based on practical experience coaching hundreds of classes to aspiring singers. You’ll also hear a bit of my journey and former struggle with getting over shyness to singing on big stages, coaching groups and hosting webinars. Yes breathing helps and comes in handy in real-time, but beyond that listen in to find out more clues to how you can grow beyond fears and step forward in faith - to share your message.
January 03, 2019
Breathing Exercise For Refreshment
When's the last time you remember taking a full breath?  Join me for a light conversation on the 3Ps and 1Q involved in deep breathing and for a light breathwork exercise you can do anytime. Deep breathing helps the mind be more clear, rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, assists with circulation, and helps to tone and strengthen the core, along with the obvious benefits - without the gift of breath, none of us could be here. Is your voice key in your career? Are you a Singer, Speaker, Coach, Vlogger or Podcast host? My 'Fine-Tune' Your Voice coaching workshop is now open for a new season.  Nurture and sharpen your gift with online sessions designed to help you breathe better, free and fine-tune your voice, expand your range,  and learn to ad lib like a pro. Link me on @vocalcoachin and feel free to send questions or comments as a voice message when you download the Anchor app and subscribe to my channel. Get your "Vocal-CARE 101" eBook  indra is a Singer, Vocal Coach, Publisher, and internationally charted Songwriter from Barbados.
January 02, 2019
Connecting And Communicating With Your Ideal Client And How That Relates To Your Wellness
Have you been hearing these two words in your ears - IDEAL CLIENT - ideal client? Well these words directly related to your business life, Wellness, and approach to something as simple as answering the phone or replying to an e-mail. Save yourself a headache by taking the time to visualize and identify what a fulfilling business life looks like for you, and who the ideal client for your service or product are. Think about the environment you’re in when you serve best. What would you love your clients or customers to say about the service or product they received through your business? With that in mind, how can you tweak your approach to doing business in a way that aligns with the people you enjoy interacting with? The sale of a product or booking of a service shouldn’t cost you a challenge with your health. Not every interaction is sweet and seamless but it IS possible (and enjoyable) to work alongside many clients with various personalities in a harmonious and productive way. I compiled a Business Clarity Map as a reference for creative entrepreneurs who are struggling with finding and connect with their ideal clients and being appreciated for their time and compensated for their skill and dedication. It’s in 2 formats as a FREE webinar or paid coaching service. In this podcast episode I share a snippet so feel free to take notes and get started identifying your ideal client, remembering not to limit your aspiration, gift or business. Enjoy what you hear? Download Anchor app, subscribe to this channel and leave a voice mssg with a comment, question or related topic idea for a chance to be featured as a caller in an upcoming episode. Thanks for joining this journey and have a bright rest of the day!
December 28, 2018
Stay Grateful And Get Ready - A New Season Is Here
Nervous about the new year? Maybe you had a tough time in 2018 and aren’t sure what’s on the horizon. Part of 2018 was really tough for me and I’m so thankful to still be here by grace. We all go through challenges so be sure to find a lesson or two to carry with you into a new day, and make a decision to face 2019 with gusto, grace and gratitude. You’re still here breathing, your heart is beating and mind still working. Thank God for that. Now’s a good time to re-evaluate your business and make any tweaks and edits to re-align it with your wellness. Your health matters and directly relates to your longevity and gusto when serving others through your business. Breathe through the process and choose to entertain only positive uplifting and healthy thoughts, as much as possible. Thanks so much for joining this journey here at Joy within. Remember to download the Anchor app, subscribe to this channel and record a voice message to let me know what topics you’d like highlighted as we grow forward. Have a safe, healthy, joyful, courageous, prosperous and purposeful rest of the day and beyond. Happy new year from Indra and the Celebrate A Sister ladies
December 27, 2018
Enduring With Cheer & Persevering With Grace by: Faith Bascombe {Guest}
So what does 'perseverance' actually mean, and why is our approach to it so very important to life in general, and our journey as an entrepreneur? Introducing a new guest in the "Celebrate A Sister" series - Faith Bascombe, a trained nail technician and entrepreneur in Barbados. She also happens to be a social worker and rehab therapist, by the way. In today's post, Faith shines a light that leads to the root of what perseverance is, so the fruit of it can be better reflected and expressed through our life's work. Our guest shares about her inspiration to start a business and offers memorable gems of encouragement with you and I. If you could do with a message on perseverance shared with grace, then click play and listen. "Going through this whole process of business and growing a business - sometimes it can be quite frustrating. I just wanna encourage you, ladies, as you traverse on this path of growth and development particularly in your business, and even personally to maintain perseverance." - Faith Bascome (owner of Nails ExQuisite)
December 17, 2018
Finding Personal Space by: Margaret R. Niles, PhD. (Podcast Guest
It's with joy that i introduce today's podcast guest, a gracious lady who shares insight and sound advice on... Finding Personal Space As a devoted wife and mother, and work-from-home entrepreneur, Margaret R. Niles, PhD knows what it's like to prioritize time with your family while growing your business, and making sure to tend to your peace of mind and wellness in the process. I've known our guest for about 7 years, and her sunny yet reserved, calm and strong countenance along with her dedication to family, is something to admire. Join Margaret for sound advice and encouragement on creating and enjoying moments of refreshment while working from home.
December 13, 2018
Q & A - Picking A Platform & Setting Your Pace
Hiya, in today’s episode i’m answering this week’s 3 most frequently-asked questions shared by creatively enterprising women. 1) How do you keep up with social media? 2) Which online platform is best to start with, or be on? 3) How do you come up with fresh ideas for posts and new episodes? So here we go...thanks for logging on to listen in.
December 06, 2018
Take A Deep Breath
When last do you remember taking a deep breath; this isn’t a’s an invitation to take one now. Breath is something we tend to take for granted. Deep breaths from the diaphragm bring clarity to the mind and create an automatic environment for gratitude to grow. Join me for a moment of refreshment in this mini-episode, and thanks for sharing precious time here today. I appreciate it - and you. Deep breath and light thoughts in one...two...threeeeeee
November 30, 2018
Sparkle Brunch & Workshop - November
Hi and welcome to 'Joy withIn,' Today's episode is all about “SPARKLE” Brunch & Workshop - a refreshing gathering in Barbados, for enterprising like-minded women to gather and grow in business, with wellness in mind. It’s a cosy event where networking is organic, and the approach, holistic – after all, we’re so much more than our businesses. At “Sparkle,” guests are invited to share their wins as well as challenges, and they're equipped with productivity resources, marketing solutions and business upgrade ideas through presentations. Wellness is often left out of the conversation where women and business are concerned, and I was concerned about that. Research, observation and experience have shown that stress is a real factor – not for us to fear, but to be aware of. It affects quality of life, clarity in thinking, our approach to interacting with others, our health and ‘joie de vivre.’ Joy and wellness are essential for a refreshed sense of purpose, longevity in business, cheerfulness in service, and gratitude as a way of life. This November, the topic for our second session was "Work, Wellness & Social Media" - woo-wee that was a necessary subject to highlight. Special thanks to Director of Design, Michelle who created a beautifully welcoming space; her decorations were a hot topic at the session. Celebrating one of our guests who shared some kind words. “…thank you for a beautifully run workshop yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the comradeship and exchange.The information shared will definitely help me to keep ‘shining’ and continue to assist others even more effectively.” ~ Kristy Be sure to visit her on Instagram @uniquelyyoufitness Remember - you too, are designed to shine! Want us to save you a seat at the next workshop? Send me a message @itsjoywithin
November 27, 2018
Food entrepreneur and encouragement-ambassador, Kim Haynes means business - GUEST PODCAST
Ladies, i'm glad you're here. Set down that mug or glass 'cause this new podcast episode is gonna compel you to jump outta your seat and run onto the tarmac of your life with open arms and a fresh perspective.  Kim Haynes means business, and shares a bit of her journey as a culinary entrepreneur and co-owner of 'No Meat Meals 246.' (Grab a napkin so you don't drool onto your laptop or phone; food pics - compliments our guest, are included.) If you're in need of some sisterly encouragement and some solid faith-filled calls-to-action right now, well this is gonna be a necessary nudge shared with some sisterly love through Kim - for you. Enjoy today's podcast episode. Here are some encouragement quotes shares by our newest guest in the "Celebrate A Sister" series. "We provide vegetarian - vegan food to anyone who wants good, nutritious, fresh, balanced meals." "Cooking is a gift that has been given to me by God - it's a talent that I use to just look at raw materials and create something glorious." This business evolved from an act of kindness. My husband has a policy that no amount of food is too small to share.  There was a lack of variety in the community where we live, in terms of vegetarian meals. Instead of wasting a talent, or sitting down on a talent - No Meat Meals 246 was launched | @no_meat_meals246 on Instagram "It is a pleasure and delight to share my story with other ladies and with the world. I would like to advise every women out there...your destiny is in your hands - look in your hands and see what God has blessed you with. Do not leave this earth until you have fulfilled your destiny - until you have fulfilled your God-given purpose. Whatever you do, the joy within you will permeate, and you will be a blessing to others" - Kim Haynes This podcast will also available on 'Joy within' blog as a feature in the "Celebrate A Sister" series, and you'll see food photos from No Meat Meals 246, on Sunday November 25th, 9am EST Remember to join them on Facebook and Instagram, and when in Barbados, be sure to enjoy their healthy and delicious vegan & vegetarian food.
November 24, 2018
Lessons on business from Global Entrepreneurship Week (business & the youth)
Entrepreneurship is a muscle-building experience. It isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally cool. Though we all have gifts, some are best or happiest expressed as hobbies, small circle activities, seasonal activities or deeds of service. Running and growing an enterprise while serving your audience consistently well, is a responsibility…businesses don’t just run on air n’ coffee or thrive solely based on how much love you put into it. i was recently invited (kindly by my local P.R.O) to attend a seminar at the Grand Salle, in Bridgetown, for a ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week.’ The 4-panelist presentation by business pros, was designed to reach a large group of teens from various secondary schools around the island, and educate them on the journey of entrepreneurship. It was interesting – and refreshing to sit in the front row, to learn more through innovative pioneers who spoke on: steps to building a business entrepreneurial endurance teamwork identity marketing strategy (and a special highlight of the day) – effective communication and connection with your ideal audience. A particularly hot topic was the popular debate: TO SOURCE FUNDING FIRST OR START WHERE YOU ARE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE...
November 19, 2018
3 Minute Message: What is good customer service?
A healthy portion of good manners come in handy all round - for both the server and receiver.
November 17, 2018
Encouragement to stand up, step up & shine bright through your gifts (sister to sister)
Hey sis, you know there’s a light in you yet - like we all do from time to time, you’re struggling to nurture those gifts assigned to you. You know you’re designed to shine and that through those gifts, you can encourage and serve others...but the pressures of life and seeming evasiveness of time often combine to make you feel like you can barely eek out energy to stroll through each day and make it home. When is it ever a good time to start something you know will not only elevate your mood, but nourish your soul and refresh your approach to life. That time is now. Each day is a gift - and YOU are designed to BE a GIFT. It’s time to stop being a hostage of time, and to start shining that bright light - remembering the essence of who you are and whom you are created to be. Here’s a little encouragement for you. We all have a tendency to forgot our gifts - when we don’t identify, nurture, and share them - but there’s still time. You’ve still got breath and have endured through challenges and all kinds of seasons in your life - now it’s time to take a hold of that gift - THOSE gifts that have been granted to YOU - and activate them - not only for you - but in service to others. So shine, sis - light is in your D.N.A - keep hope alive, pick up your gift - and shine
November 15, 2018
1. Time Management Tips 2. How To Be A Better Listener 3. How To Set A Writing Rhythm
Entrepreneurship often goes whoops and loud applauses on big stages when you google or YouTube the topic, but it’s not always a light walk in the park. It‘s a muscle-building journey that’s not for the faint of heart - an educational adventure that comes with celebrations, struggles, slips and strides - a fabulously liberating approach to business when designed well. When you love what you do, you can get carried away from time to time and go overboard working on business - along with the fact that for the first few sowing seasons, you’ll need to work and push in order to generate a client base, earn continually, and establish a presence. There are many phases where work doesn’t feel like work, because you’re so passionate about it or the people you serve / equip. In today’s world where typing is taking prevalence over talking, and necks are tilted down moreso than faces are looking forward, it’s a good time to remember quality of life in direct relation to the business-design and time alignment. When we consider what matters to us most in life and intentionally dedicating time to enjoy real-life connections with cherished or like-minded ones m, it’s on us to step up and structure how we use and assign the time we’re given *bonus episode included, on 3 steps to becoming a better listener* @itsjoywithin
November 09, 2018
Navigating Social Media...when you’re kinda social but not really THAT social
Do you ever find it challenging to take the step and reach out to people you’re following on social media? When we’re genuinely interested in the content shared by the people or businesses we subscribe to, it compels us to grow beyond those limitations we’ve placed on ourselves, and take a step forward to support, Celebrate, and encourage. Remembering the purpose behind why we’re on social media in the first place can help you take the first step to post a comment, send a meaningful message, or propose a collaboration. You don’t need to be super extroverted or outgoing to establish a presence on social media, but being present is a part of the purpose - the why you’re on social media in the first place. This episode shares encouragement for those seeking to overcome nerves and gain courage in reaching out. There’s a l’il assignment at the end of it, where you’re invited to take the 5-profile challenge the next time you are (purposefully - not idly) on social media. Thanks for taking the time to listen, feel free to share, and remember to download the app so you can leave a voice message as a comment or question (it may be included in an upcoming episode.) Have a brilliant rest of the day. @itsjoywithin
November 02, 2018
Encouragement for women who aspire to write & share online
Hey sis, are you called to start a blog? Wrestling with doubts like: “but will anyone read my posts?” There’s a message stirring in you, and once you are called to write, you’ve already been equipped with what it takes to begin the journey of pouring words out to encourage, inspire, or educate others. This isn’t the time for “smalling down” or hiding the light you have inside...this is an invitation to step up and forward into your writing assignment, and be the light that you are designed to be. One breath, one page, one day at a time. Feel free to leave a message (it may be included or addressed in an upcoming episode) by downloading the app, visiting this channel and recording your comment or question. are designed to shine.
October 27, 2018
How To Have Productive & Time Effective Group Meetings
Whether it’s in-person or online, meetings can be very productive or extreme time-gobblers. Today’s episode shares a series of steps to assist entrepreneurs with navigating group meetings with clarity, focus, and a map. If you’ve ever been to a series of meetings that dragged on yet didn’t grow anywhere, and you’d like a fresh approach to having or hosting Productive group meetings, this episode’s for you. Remember to download the Anchor app, and send a message with your questions / input to be included as a caller, in follow-up episodes.
October 26, 2018
3 key Business Mapping Supplies for Creative Entrepreneurs
For many creative entrepreneurs, the documentation side of business can seem a bit intimidating (or tedious as ever), but check this – as an artist, author, freelance writer, graphic designer, chef, visual artist, producer – you’re already documenting in some form or another. The first time I wrote and handed someone an invoice for vocal work years ago, it was sooo awkward. Creatively-fueled people tend to be more…free-flowing. Especially when working from home or on tour, sometimes structure can seem a bit confining – it can also be extremely helpful in terms of maintaining a productive rhythm, understanding the seasons of your business, bringing a team on board and having a template for them to align with or improve on, as well as having a documented reference in case you ever make a pitch for funding / investment/ business partnership. It’s not easy, but documentation comes in handy and can assist us with planning, pacing, and monitoring progress for future growth. It can also be fun! Who knew?! You might actually find this incites you to put a l’il pep in your step’ when it comes to managing your creative business – and growing through it too. Good for you – and good for your clients too! So let’s go a step further, with 3 Key Business Mapping Supplies that can help make things more clear, and the load – lighter. HOW ARE YOU WITH PAPERWORK WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR CREATIVE BIZ, AND WHICH OF THESE 3 RESONATES MOST WITH WHERE YOU ARE NOW? 1) I find it easy to write and send invoices/receipts and do this consistently. 2)I write or type them, but freeze when it comes to actually delivering or sending them. 3) what’s an invoice? - Feel free to send a message to this podcast with your reply, by downloading the app - thanks for tuning in.
October 22, 2018
Episode 25: Growing Gratitude In The Garden of Your Heart & Mind
Filling your tank with thankfulness. Being grateful isn’t a 1-time assignment or task-item to place a check mark beside; it’s a daily journey. It’s a learning process for me, as a work in progress, but even thank I’m thankful for. Gratitude is a good fruit that can grow and flourish in the garden of our heart and mind. You’re invited to a new episode that shares a fun little gratitude exercise that can help brighten - and lighten your day.
October 18, 2018
Benefits Of Waking Up Early In The Morning
Along with being the most quiet time of the day, whether in your neighbourhood, city or town, mornings are usually the most sonically peaceful pocket of time out of our general waking hours. How we start our morning can influence how we approach the rest of the day, and in a world where stress is prevalent, serenity and wellness are essential. This isn’t a competition about waking up’s an invitation to consider enjoying a moment of quiet refreshment early in the morning.
October 13, 2018
Adding Joy to Business and Cheerfulness to Service
At a time when stress is a real life factor around the globe, joy becomes more and more essential and connected to wellness. Let’s talk about adding it as a key ingredient to business. As an entrepreneur, you are a designer of the nature, goals and tempo of your business. Include Joy as an element for longevity and wellness.
October 08, 2018
3 Tips to Working Effectively From Home
Today’s episode is about designing a peacefully productive lifestyle, working from home. Whatever the nature of your business, working from home involves a particular mindset, dynamic and approach. Join me for a 7-min. light walk-through these 3 Tips for enterprising
October 08, 2018
Purpose in the Present and Meaning in the Miniscule
Sometimes one of the highlights in a day can be something seemingly minuscule. Join me in this mini episode that shares a little lesson of being present learned from a moment in the garden
October 04, 2018
7 Artist Health & Wellness Tips To Remember and Apply
Very often, creative people tend to delve fully into whatever it is we’re working on, and sometimes there’s a tendency to forget to prioritize health and wellness in order to continue doing what we love - in a sustainable, joyful way. Here are 7 tips to share gentle reminders with musical artistes, producers, visual artists, and authors, on how they can include healthy activities in bite-sized portions of each day.
September 23, 2018
don't Wait for Things To Be Perfect For You To Be Proactive
Hey sis, have a dream, goal, mission - calling that’s prompting you to take action? are you wrestling with doubts about starting your own business? In today’s post I share a bit about the myth that the road of entrepreneurship is a piece o sweetbread and light walk in the park. It’s a muscle-building exercise that’s not for everyone - and that’s A-ok. It ain’t about competition, as if entrepreneurs are more this or that than someone who’s working in a job they enjoy and are living out their purpose while taking care of their family through. Entrepreneur-SHIP is a journey - and life - is a journey same way! Know what works for you, and work for it too! 🙌 Keep shinin’ ✨ right where you are - you’re a star - a bright light in a world that likes to assign heroes and losers and distinguish those who take big strides from those who make small steps - once it’s FORWARD and for the better, keep on keepin’ on (and dance to every beat with each breath you’re blessed to take - joywithin
September 18, 2018
Gaining Courage To Start Your Business
Do you wrestle with hesitation when it comes to launching that innovative idea for a business? Thankfully, our feelings can be very inaccurate; in that it may “feel” like you need more time, but it may actually BE the right time. The tendency to strive for perfection in timing when it comes to launching a new venture, can be intimidating - but it’s not meant to make us freeze and take a step forward. Starting and maintains a business takes courage, so let’s take it step by step
August 30, 2018
On Work & Rest - Guest - Joanne Nicholls
Hiya, hope you’re having a bright day! Today's guest in the “Celebrate A Sister” series is Joanne, a clinical therapist, researcher, and mom. . . In this episode 🎙, she shares on “work & rest” and highlights the significance of each individually, and together harmoniously. This is something a lot of us (men & women) wrestle with - no so much the working’s the resting that’s often challenging in a world that hollers “hustle,” “push” “get it!” JoJo invites us to acknowledge and embrace that we are also designed for refreshment through pockets of rest. Joining us from the U.S, this gracious guest offers insight into and encouragement on walking through this life to a healthy and happy tempo.
August 26, 2018
You are gifted, and there is a purpose for your life
There are gifts tucked inside of you, and a purpose for your life. Each of us is given a cache of gifts, the first being LOVE - the essence with which we were all created. No matter what, keep hope alive. Don’t give up. Believe - and know that you are gifted. The more you identify, nurture and pour out these talents, the more you’ll be given. Come join Indra for a quiet conversation on your gifting
August 20, 2018
Oils as essentials: sharing my journey
What we take in, is reflected outwardly. Oils are essential to every household; they can enhance both our wellness and the serenity of our space. Did you know you can use essential oils for: 1) treating ailments 2) aromatic ambience 3) cooking 4) cleaning 5) revitalizing your hair 6) in your skin-care regime? Yep! They’re THAT cool! Join me on a journey where I share how I was introduced to them growing up as a Caribbean girl, and find out how they assist with some of the challenges I’ve faced and now manage by grace. Now, as a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, I’m equipped to further help my vocal coaching clients and artist peeps with authentic plant-based, pure and therapeutic resources to take care of their vocal (and overall) health. What a beautiful bonus! Do you use essential oils too? What’s Your favourite or ideal combo if so? Let’s talk. And thanks for tuning in.
August 11, 2018
Vocal Health (Part 2) - natural essentials
You and your voice matter. In today’s episode we’ll share on using natural foods and essentials to help you nurture your voice. If your voice is key in your career, and you’d like to find out how you can take good care of it (and yourself), come join Indra for a little chat on vocal health and natural essentials.
August 11, 2018
Song rehearsal at home: “Star” (a clip)
At home in Barbados, rehearsing "Star" - an original song. Here’s a recording of a verse, couple chorus and ad libs taken in prep for an event coming up this weekend. Haven't played guitar in a bit, and boy does it show. Still that doesn't change the joy in my soul and the message on my mind. "You are a star." (Keep shinin'). Wrote this while I was in Jamaica, at Rory StoneLove studio.
August 10, 2018
Mangoes for Lunch & a Lesson for Life
One day I was having lunch at the cosy home of a longtime married couple. On the menu was a huge bowl full of excellent mangoes...I didn’t expect a valuable life lesson on gratitude to be a part of the meal, but it was. Join me in this podcast to find out the fruit of the lesson I learned along the way
August 10, 2018
Celebrate A Sister guest - Nisha Doughlin
And here she is - meet Nisha; she’s the designer of Metah Jewelry ✨(pronounced ‘mee-tah’) and the next guest feature in the “Celebrate A Sister” series. Nisha took a leap of faith and started her own Trinidad 🇹🇹 based business that springs from her gifted creativity, and is inspired by her love for the Lord. Stay tuned for Nisha’s 🎙fabulous feature coming up first thing on July 30th. She’ll also be sharing gems of encouragement for girl bosses. Her voice - and words are sooo inspiring! @metahtt You’re gonna want to hear n’ see this, sis! Editing in motion so remember to visit the blog to see the full feature this coming Monday morning.
July 29, 2018
"Celebrate A Sister" guest - Marsha Branch
What a delight to introduce another special entrepreneurial guest as a highlight in the “Celebrate A Sister” series. Meet Marsha Branch, the brain and face behind “Atelier M – Skin Apothecary” – a new and already-in-demand line of handcrafted, fragrant, artisanal soaps. “Make the most of your gift. I know that there will be times when it feels impossible – there will be times when you are frustrated…sometimes your dream may seem like nothing more than that – just a dream… but it was given to you for a reason, and it wouldn’t have been given to you if there wasn’t a way to do it.” – Marsha Branch (Communications Specialist, entrepreneur and owner of Atelier M – Skin Apothecary) @marshabranch on Instagram Read full feature and see product pics on
July 29, 2018
Vocal Health Tips - taking care of your voice
Your voice matters. Are you a Speaker, Artiste, Podcaster, DJ/Announcer, Vlogger or Talk Show Host? If your voice is key in your career, you already know how essential maintaining it is. Here are some nurturing tips extracted from “Vocal-CARE 101” eBook by Indra. Easy-to-do home remedies
July 20, 2018
How Modes & Means Of Travel Build Entrepreneurial Endurance
(Part 1) How do you travel? Some walking, some driving? By van, bus, taxi, subway, tube, street car, or Uber? Strictly first-class and shuttled by limo? Do you notice any changes in your character as you travel one way or another? Here are some lessons I’ve learned traveling in different modes
July 19, 2018
Moving to a new Home in 7 Steady & Somewhat Sweaty Steps
If you have a move coming up, and want to shed a few pounds and stay joyful in the process, this podcast episode is for you. These 7 Steps have helped me through the moving process, with joy still bubbling and countless moments spent cleaning and beautifying. Let’s talk about living and moving lightly.
July 19, 2018
Choosing our Behaviour & Making It Better
The temptation to impress and perform for others is something we’re all faced with from time to time, as is the tendency to be lazy about the way we treat those closest to us...those whom we’re familiar with...those whom have seen us struggle in seasons...those while we assume “must” forgive or tolerate us - just because.... just because what? Let’s talk about selective behaviour while encouraging each other to do and be better.
July 07, 2018
A Note To encourageHer
Sis, there is a purpose for your life...and gifts in you designed to SHINE! Yes, it gets tough sometimes, and the storms they do come, but don’t you lose hope or be patient with your process, and believe - KNOW - that you are blessed and were created on purpose - FOR a purpose. Let’s talk about that in this episode...
June 30, 2018
The Priceless Gift Of Encouragement
Do you struggle with encouragement? Do you have a tendency to speak words that build up, or ones that tear down? Our words matter. If that wasn’t so, we’d choose to live in complete silence and not be compelled to speak at all. Let’s talk about the gift of speaking words that inspire, uplift and encourage.
June 28, 2018
Greeting The Day Grateful
Hey, can I ask you something? How do you wake up in the morning? Are you an early ride or more riser or more of a mid-morning or almost-midday person? Join Indra for a refreshing chat on greeting the day with matter how it begins...focused on giving thanks for the gift that a new day is here
June 24, 2018
3 Benefits Of Writing
Ever wondered why you enjoy writing so much? Come nurture your way with words and tune in to a light and refreshing chat on 3 benefits of writing. Songwriter, Blogger, Author and bookstore owner, Indra shares on the beautiful side of the writing / blogging life
June 23, 2018
Sparkle Workshop
You are designed to shine! Sparkle Workshop is based on an ask-believe-receive way of living. This fun and creative vision board building session is for women on a path to shaping a refreshed and vibrant life through creativity. Join Indra in an encouraging space for ladies to gather, identify your God-given gifts, and celebrate one another. July 22nd, 2018 (1-5pm) in Barbados. Registration is now open:
June 13, 2018