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In the Seam with JP Ross Fly Rods & Co.

In the Seam with JP Ross Fly Rods & Co.

By Jordan Ross
Discover new inspiration about fly fishing, conservation, and an outdoor lifestyle. Getting outside matters as part of our quest to be happy. Learn about fresh new ideas in fly fishing, history, citizen science and general outside living and adventures. Music by our good friend: Jason Maloney
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The Wild Card fly rod 7 foot 5 weight 4 piece Carbon Silica Hybrid. Explained in detail.

In the Seam with JP Ross Fly Rods & Co.

The Wild Card fly rod 7 foot 5 weight 4 piece Carbon Silica Hybrid. Explained in detail.

In the Seam with JP Ross Fly Rods & Co.

#10 On Golden Pod... fishing for golden trout in high elevation lakes with Guest James Taylor
Today I interview James Taylor, long time friend of mine, now living in Idaho.  James has caught some huge Golden Trout on the fly..  but not without some work.  Like 35 miles one way type of work.  But to him, its totally worth it.  Find out why.  Music by Jason Maloney. 
November 23, 2020
#9 Small Stream fly rod overview with JP Ross
Today I take over the mic for a bit and talk about small stream rods that we offer.  Thanks for all the suggestions about doing this pod cast, I hope you enjoy a brief overview about the rods I have designed for small stream fly fishing.   JP
November 19, 2020
#8 footloose and freeflow with Andrew O'Neill. Adventures in Wyoming, Seychells, and Adirondacks
I talk to Andrew O'Neill about filming some of his movies and his adventures elk hunting.  Andrew teaches us a bit about how to explore Wyoming, and shared some hot spots with us.  Below are links to his movies and his web site.  Music by: Jason Maloney Here's some links for some of the stuff we talked about: - The Extra Mile Series - Season 1 (check out the cutties in episode 1): - World Angling - Knockin' On The Door and Ghost Stories trailer:
November 17, 2020
#7 Trophy Labrador brook trout with Robin Reeve and Chris Murphy
Today we speak to Robin Reeve owner of 3 rivers lodge in Labrador Canada.  I have had the good fortune of going to Robins Lodge many times.  I first found him when I was an outfitter and I was looking for alternative places to find huge brook trout other than the usual Quebec Trip.  I found 3 Rivers Lodge, and I am happy I did.  Robin is a great friend and we have had many adventures together. With my co-host Chris Murphy we explore trophy Labrador.  link to lodge.  Music by: Jason Maloney
November 15, 2020
#6 Interview with Jeff Patterson of Abel and Ross Reels.
Jeff talks about all the companies that are part of Mayfly. Some history on Ross and Abel reels and also some tech talk, as well as some insight on Airflo fly lines. Listen in on Jeff Patterson.
November 11, 2020
#5 A snowy talk with Greg Rudd, artist and outdoorsman in The Adirondacks.
We talk to Greg about growing up in the Adirondacks and specifically Inlet, NY. What brought him back, and why leaving it is important to realizing how special it is.
November 5, 2020
#4 Bobby Helms from Tupper Lake Adirondacks explains how his home woods called him home from Alaska.
A short talk with my bud from Tupper Lake about what is “wild” and how the Adirondacks are such a special place.
November 5, 2020
Did Covid Kill the brook trout? We discuss how it felt when COVID started from the perspective of 3 different anglers.
In this episode I team up with Chris Murphy, Nate Martin and Mark Usyk to dig into the real deep questions about COVID and if it is ruining the outdoors?  Are there too many people outside?  what are we learning from this?   Is fly fishing better or worse for all of this?  Let's find out. 
October 30, 2020
The Smith Brothers... how their family kicking them out of the house taught them the most valuable lesson about life.
Doug and Lucas are brothers.  And not just brothers, they are best friends too.  I have known them for many years and they have taught me a lot.  In fact their family has taught me what matters about life.  I look up to Doug and Lucas because of their comfort with the outside world.  They also catch a ton of huge fish.  Learn about sasquatch, ghosts in buckskin, and vanishing and re-appearing wallets.  You gotta hear this.   JP
October 28, 2020
The Wild Card fly rod 7 foot 5 weight 4 piece Carbon Silica Hybrid. Explained in detail.
Learn about our Wild Card fly rod.  A 7 foot 5 weight 4 piece fly rod.  A unique big fish, big fly, small stream fly rod.  We Hope you enjoy it.   How was this rod inspired by the great Lee Wulff?   Learn about Carbon Silica blank technology, and why we made a short 5 weight fly rod for small stream fly fishing.  For more info, try our web site.
October 16, 2020