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jsjoeio's mixtape

jsjoeio's mixtape

By Joe Previte
Joe Previte (@jsjoeio)'s mixtape. Random musings and interviews. This is a project I'm trying out for fun as an excuse to talk to cool people.

How'd you solve it: Interviews with indie hackers and developers where they talk through the technical details of how they solved a problem.

Share and give feedback: tag @jsjoeio on Twitter or email audio questions to joe @
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Working with Banking Information with Taylor Facen

jsjoeio's mixtape

Working with Banking Information with Taylor Facen

jsjoeio's mixtape

Smart Contracts and Scaling Ethereum with Angela Lu of zkSync
In this quick chat, I talk to Angela Lu from Matter Labs about smart contracts and scaling Ethereum. Shownotes Links: zkSync Three problems with Ethereum: scalability, MEV, and privacy 66 - Crypto’s Existential Threat | MEV Panel: Phil Daian, Georgios Konstantopoulos, Charlie Noyes Interview with a Searcher - with MEV Senpai and Hasu zkPorter: a breakthrough in L2 scaling Mastering Ethereum FURUCOMBO
September 18, 2021
Working with Banking Information with Taylor Facen
In this episode, I chat with Taylor Facen (@ItsTayFay) about her journey into the tech industry, working on side projects, especially those that involve working with banking information. Links
August 14, 2021
Intro to jsjoeio's mixtape
In this trailer, I introduce jsjoeio's mixtape and share more about the segment I'll be focusing on this season: "How did you solve it?" where I interview indie hackers and developers and ask them to share how they solved specific problems.
August 1, 2021