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The Jonathan Kogan Show

The Jonathan Kogan Show

By Jonathan Kogan
The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simple want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.
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The Rise and Fall of Dixon Brooks - #11

The Jonathan Kogan Show

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion - #91
Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, but also takes an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them. We look at leading analysis of pharmaceutical trials, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of the SAGE behavioral scientists in influencing policy and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate on the subject. All of this and more breaking news on The Jonathan Kogan Show! Rumble - Podcast -
October 01, 2022
Plandemic: You're not supposed to know this. - #75
**We just moved from to so please subscribe here to get the new episodes! Please share with a friend or two who are seeking the truth (we get censored so anything that helps spread the word helps!)** We watch the brand new documentary: Plandemic. This includes everything the 'powers-that-be' don't want you to know. We are not conspiracy theorists on this podcast. On the contrary, we are truth seekers that follow the facts and data to piece together the real narrative - not the one the mainstream media forces into our head. Listen to the real experts, doctors, and media personalities who piece together the madness we have experienced the past few years. Was it natural or was it planned? I will leave that for you to decide with your own critical thinking skills! Podcast: Rumble:
September 02, 2022
The data they don't want you to know - #74
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** This is the best compilation of medical studies & government data from all across the world proving the C*vid v@ccine is dangerous. Since we are telling the truth on this episode, it most likely will not reach that many people (for obvious reasons!). I ask you to please share this episode with anyone who wants (or needs) to know this data. Especially, those contemplating to give to their children. If you know anyone who has a child and is debating whether to inject them or not, I beg you to share this with them! Nothing is more important. Also, if you do like "The Jonathan Kogan Show" and/or enjoy this episode, please share with at least one person because the distribution will be limited by certain platforms. The truth must be heard around the world and this is the most effective way I can think of to share it! This podcast is for THE PEOPLE and to give as voice to those who are being silenced. It's also for the critical thinkers. We must share the truth to get others out of "the matrix" and back to reality. Once we achieve that, we must take our planet back! Courage is more contagious than fear. Rumble - Podcast -
August 31, 2022
The origin of "Fake News" (this is wild) - #73
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** What do you know about the people behind the "fact checking" companies? Probably not as much as you should. The company behind Facebook "fact checking" and "debunking" process is called Lead Stories. The co-founders are Alan Duke, Maarten Schenk, and Perry Sanders. Another key figure behind this group is Christopher Blair: The Godfather of Fake News. Since 2019 these people have been "fact checking" social media posts on Facebook and since 2020 on TikTok. If you haven't heard about these key players involved in protecting you from the "Infodemic", then this episode will blow your mind. Honestly, you couldn't even make this up if you tried. We also get into the most comprehensive list of medical studies & government data from all across the world proving the worst healthcare disaster in world history. This is the real science behind the you-know-what and I'm here to share it with you. All of this and more on The Jonathan Kogan Show! Rumble - Podcast -
August 30, 2022
Are we under attack? w/ Dr. Naomi Wolf - #72
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** The number one question I have been asked is: Why are they doing this? Why would people intentionally hurt others at this scale? Well, that's an important question, and today, we address it head-on as we always do on "The Jonathan Kogan Show" (please share as this won't get much "reach"!). Dr. Naomi Wolf is an esteemed intellectual who is a Rhode Scholar, former advisor to President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Historically, Naomi has been praised by the mainstream media...until now. Why? Because like everyone else who asks real questions that may expose the 'powers-that-be', she has been silenced. In fact, she shared Pfizer's own documents from the Freedom of Information Act (where 'we the people' get to see documents using our own taxpayer dollars) on Twitter, which subsequently banned her account for 'misinformation'. That's correct. She shared primary source data on Twitter and they shut down her account (she is now suing Twitter just like Alex Berenson did who recently won the case!). Alex recently appeared on Joe Rogan to share his story and discuss the truth about what was amazing! He shared how his Twitter Ban came directly from the White House, which is a direct infringement on the 1st Amendment. It's an unbelievable (and scary) story. This episode is based on rigorous research on theories as to how we got here. Are we under attack or was this just an accident? We dive deep into this question with data and facts -- like we always do on this podcast. I'm simply sharing this information with you and then it is your job to conduct your own research to come to your own conclusions. Hopefully, this helps make that process easier. Enjoy the show! :) Rumble - Podcast -
August 27, 2022
Trump FRAMED for Vaccine Injuries & Deaths from 'unknown causes' Alberta's Top Killer - #71
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** We cover some major stories on this episode and proof that more of our predictions are [unfortunately] coming true. The vaccine injuries and deaths can no longer be censored nor hidden. It's obvious and everyone knows it. The CDC is trying to get ahead of the "House Report" coming out next week and you see tons of people jumping ship before then (including Dr. Anthony Fauci). The propaganda arm of the U.S. Government, also known as "the mainstream media", is beginning to plant the seeds of blaming the vaccine injuries on President Trump, as predicted. Top athletes from all sports (i.e. biking, soccer, etc.) are having 'heart complications' and fatigue at unprecedented rates. Additionally, deaths with 'unknown causes' has become the top killer in Alberta, Canada for the first time. It's not that we can see the future on this podcast, but rather taking the time to read the real enemies game plan, which has always been public if anyone wanted to do their own research. For example, if you just looked at the "SPARS Pandemic" document you would clearly see that we have been perfectly 'on track' with a plan that our Government shared 5-months prior to the pandemic. However, on a good note, we are seeing more "Truth Telling Warriors" join the fight like Michael Schellenberger and Megyn Kelly join the fight. It's good to have you both on Team Human! :) Rumble - Podcast -
August 25, 2022
You won't believe who has a Masterclass - #70
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** The establishment has officially infiltrated Masterclass. There are two mind-blowing "masterclasses" that are new to the platform: George Bush on "Authentic Leadership" and Melinda Gates on "Impactful Giving". I can't even make this up! The real courses these two should be teaching are "Crimes Against Humanity" and "Population Control", respectively. It's really crazy that you can literally kill innocent people, but if you're an "elite" member of society, you can share that in a Masterclass! This is beyond crazy. I'll share both trailers with you and we will assess what is really going on here because this doesn't make sense to anyone who is paying attention to world events, which isn't everyone but if you're listening to this then you are definitely awake by now. In other news, we share the amazing Tweet Storm by @DrNoMask where top physicians from all across the world share the top trending hashtag (at the time of this episode): #StopTheShots. It's beautiful. I think we are gaining a lot of traction because while I was recording this episode, my YouTube account was permanently removed from the platform! So, if you were subscribed to my channel, please go my Rumble page and subscribe there to support The Jonathan Kogan Show. Rumble - Podcast -
August 24, 2022
Holocaust Survivor SPEAKS OUT at Nuremberg - #69
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Holocaust Survivor, Vera Sharav, gave an unbelievable speech at Nuremberg yesterday. Vera is reminding us of the horrible atrocities that occurred 75-years-ago (when the "Nuremberg Code" was founded) and the similarities to what is happening today across the world. Operation Paperclip helped 1,600 high-ranking Nazi doctors and other top officials evade justice at Nuremberg to come work in the United States. The top medical institutions in the United States of America have been run by Nazi doctors who helped Hitler decades ago commit horrible crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, the human mind forgets quickly. This is one of the most important and profound speeches of our time in 2022. I encourage you to take a listen and make your own judgements after hearing it. Thank you to Children's Health Defense for publishing this video on Rumble! Rumble - Podcast -
August 22, 2022
Sam Harris gets DESTROYED over "Pro-Censorship" Stance - #68
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Sam Harris, bestselling author and leader of the so-called "New Atheist” movement, has emerged from the Trump years a full-blown pro-censorship advocate, most recently telling the shocked hosts of the Triggernometry podcast that he was pleased that elements of the Deep State conspired in the Hunter Biden laptop matter to prevent Donald Trump from winning re-election, comparing another Trump term to the planet being hit by an asteroid. Who cares about democracy though, right? Rumble - Podcast -
August 21, 2022
Whistleblower EXPOSES vaccine HOLOCAUST - #67
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** I was recently contacted by an active duty military member in the Air Force. This person shared two documents with me: the medical/religious exemptions protocol and detailed research on the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine. The findings are absolutely stunning (and very scary). Also, many people have been asking me about what is in the vaccines (i.e. so they can know what is in their bodies), which we learn about from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. Dr. Bhakdi proves that the COVID-19 vaccine causes an 'auto-immune attack' based on his findings from the organs of dead people who have died from the vaccination. It's an extremely powerful video just to give you a heads up. Many credible sources are estimating that 10,000 people are dying a day from COVID vaccines. Not only that, but China's promises of changing it's economy into a "war time economy" seems to be underway with them telling the world that it's "too hot to operate the factories". Whether that's true or not we don't know, however, we do know that the vast majority of goods we received in the United States of America comes from China. This directly correlates to Walmart's recent press release stating that they will be "reducing the selection of inventory" and not ordering items that are "out-of-reach of budget conscious consumers" (interesting wording there). In short, they are predicting less demand in the next year, which we find awfully strange. That's where we enter to ask the difficult questions. Are you ordering less because there will be "less" people on Planet Earth due to the large increase in all cause mortalities? Is Walmart expecting less demand because there is going to be an economic collapse (along with increased inflation) that will cause your goods from being "affordable" to the average consumer? These are some of the questions, we believe should be asked to the most powerful people in the world. Why is no one fighting for the average person? Why is no one talking about the coming famine that is likely to starve off tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people? The Jonathan Kogan Show is a podcast that transmits the real news that every single person on earth should know about and also distributed in a 'timely fashion' so you can prepare for the future. The mainstream media represents the 'powers-that-be' and they don't want you to prepare because they want to control you and enslave you. Our core principles don't align with this evil. We believe in the human race and this podcast will continue to do whatever it takes to spread the truth to every person with an internet connection every single day. That's just how we roll on The Jonathan Kogan Show! Rumble - References - Podcast -
August 19, 2022
Illegally Smuggling Children: DHS Whistleblower Confirms Biden Admin Responsible - #66
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** This is by far the saddest news we have ever had to break on "The Jonathan Kogan Show". I wish it wasn't true, but it is. As if the United States Government hasn't lied to us enough over the past couple years (that we know of!), we now have a DHS Whistleblower coming forward saying that the Biden Administration is illegally trafficking tens-of-thousands of children across the country EVERY MONTH! With the help of NGO's ("Non-Government Organization"), the Federal Government is sending upwards of 40,000 innocent kids to adult strangers -- often without proper paperwork -- every single month. This cannot happen in any country and we must do everything we can (peacefully) to stop it. I refuse to standby quietly while innocent children are being exploited for money, sex, and other illegal activities that no child should ever experience. This is beyond comprehension. I don't know what else it's going to take for the people to finally come together and unite against this tyranny because if this isn't that, then I don't know what is. Please share this far and wide so people know the truth what about what is going on so we can STOP IT! Thank you so much for listening to The Jonathan Kogan Show! Rumble - References - Podcast -
August 18, 2022
Is the "missing" labor force tied to vaccine injuries and deaths? - #65
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** I saw something super interesting today: two of the smartest people I know are baffled by the lack of participation in the labor force. Where did they go? Well, I have a theory. The understaffed businesses cannot get staffed because of the millions of people who have been injured, or worse, died from the COVID-19 vaccine. Of course, this is just a hypothesis. But, everyone seems unable to explain this phenomenon and when a phenomenon cannot be explained, we explore. Based on my research, I believe we have a labor shortage because there are so many people who used to be in the workforce but either cannot be because of a vaccine injury or death. Do you think we are onto something or are we way off? I'd love to hear what you think about this! Rumble - References - Podcast -
August 17, 2022
Nuremberg 2 Trials Have Begun! - #64
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** The Nuremberg 2.0 trials for "crimes against humanity" have officially started in the "People's Court of Public Opinion". I play the opening statement from the attorney leading the case (with other world-renowned lawyers & doctors). This is by far the biggest news we have ever broke on The Jonathan Kogan Show. There are so many people seeking justice: vaccine injuries, vaccine deaths, lockdowns, mandates, job loss, and so much more harm that has been caused from COVID-19. Of course, this won't be covered by the mainstream media, which shows exactly how corrupt they really are. There are no judges willing to take on this case so we are left to sharing our case in "The People's Court". If we continue to expose the truth, justice will be served. They cannot avoid us forever. This trial is the most important story of this century! Just ask yourself: if you don't know about this, what else are they hiding from you? Good is taking over evil once and for all. We are getting our world back. The peasants have finally listened and are coming together like never seen before in human history. This is the ultimate crime against humanity. Global elites and corrupt politicians believed they were the ones in charge of "population control". However, they were wrong. Many lives have been ruined and somethings can't be reversed, but for those who are still holding on with hope, we are going to get the justice you deserve. It's time these criminals get what they deserve and now they are on trial in the People's Court. Justice will be served. Rumble - Podcast - References - All Podcasts -
August 16, 2022
The Case For Depopulation [PROOF] - #63
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Are we under attack? Are the Global Elites trying to depopulate our world? Was all of this chaos planned? We take a hard look at these questions and try to piece together what has been happening the past few years. From Big Pharma being the underpinning of nearly every cultural issue to the breakdown of the family - is it possible we are at war? I believe this to be true. The good news is that we still have time to get our world back. The bad news is: we don't have that much longer. We must put our differences aside and come together as human beings to do what is best for the entire human race. This isn't about politics. This isn't about religion. This is about fighting for our freedoms and joining the fight to protect our children. We must put a stop to this and on The Jonathan Kogan Show, we will do everything in our power to expose these truths and bring together the populace. This is a pro-human podcast. We love all people. We also love freedom and we will fight to keep it! :) Rumble - Podcast (Home) -
August 15, 2022
mRNA Vaccines: The Greatest Lie Ever Told - #62
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Has our Government fed us the biggest lie ever told? Unfortunately, there seems to be more and more evidence pointing in that direction. Of course, we don't want that to be true, but how else can you explain what has happened the past three years? Why has the "science" been handled so poorly, or even worse, fraudulently. We have lost hundreds of thousands of people to the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines (proof in episode) and in the United States we still have not taken them off of the shelves. Studies coming from Sweden and Thailand are showing huge increases in fatal heart disease, life-threatening blood clotting, and even worse, death. All of a sudden healthy young people are "dying suddenly". Doctors are so-called "baffled" by this new phenomenon. Insurance companies are claiming all cause mortality rates are up 40% and rare diseases are appearing in a stunning amount of people (nothing like we have ever seen before in history). What can possibly explain all of this? We dive into the details with the true experts on this topic: Dr. Kelly Victory, Steve Kirsch, and John O'Looney. These individuals are on the frontlines in this horrendous crime against humanity doing everything they can to expose the truth. All three of them have tremendous courage, compassion, and a relentless drive to get the truth out into the world for everyone to see. Big Pharma, Big Tech, and other powerful forces are trying to censor warriors like them, but we aren't going to let that happen! We will do everything we can on The Jonathan Kogan Show to expose the facts and share the real information with every single human being on Planet Earth. It's our duty and we will not give up until we are successful. These people are true heroes all doing the right thing and telling the truth. Even if you disagree, I would at least listen to them. Research and verify their claims. In fact, you should do that with anyone who tells you anything. I trust all of them with every ounce of my being and I implore you to hear them out, do your own rigorous research, and as always, use your critical thinking skills to come to your own conclusions. We are just here to help make that process a little more efficient, and perhaps a little more fun on The Jonathan Kogan Show! Nuremberg 2.0 Trial Has Started! - References - Rumble - Podcast -
August 14, 2022
BOMBSHELL dropped on Fox News & Military WHISTLEBLOWER on Pfizer - #61
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Steve Kirsch, a Democrat megadonor, joins Fox News to drop and absolute BOMBSHELL regarding vaccine deaths. This is the first time the truth about the COVID vaccine was talked about on ANY cable news station. Could this be the event that saves us? A whistleblower from the U.S. Military called a Pfizer representative to confirm the COVID vaccine was from the USA as required under the Emergency Use Authorization ("EUA"). The Pfizer representative told Chad that the Pfizer shot Lot# FW1331 was manufactured in France. This means the vials that the Coast Guard has are not FDA Approved! This might mean we are under attack. Check out Part I of this mRNA miniseries on "The Jonathan Kogan Show" wherever you get your podcasts! Rumble - References - **FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!**
August 14, 2022
The food crisis is worse than I thought - #60
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** David Dubyne of Adapt 2030 & Mike Adams of NaturalNews join The Jonathan Kogan Show to break down the evidence of food scarcity by the end of this year, ahead of the Globalist Great Reset. This is a fascinating discussion about the upcoming food crisis, the 1 in 2,000 year changes in our weather, and what to expect in December 2022. We have been in a very strange period of time in America where food was abundant, violence was basically non-existent when compared to historical times, and the magnetic field of the earth was significantly less intense than it is now. We are going to see even more strange things than we are seeing right now unfortunately. However, you can prepare. Take a listen to this excellent conversation so you can learn more about what is happening with the engineered food crisis from the Global Elites who want to transition to a "Digital Currency" and will try to use an engineered food crisis to get it adopted. Yes, this 100% real. Rumble - Podcast -
August 12, 2022
mRNA: Science NOT Fiction - #59
This is a hugely important podcast episode (and I'm sorry for not covering it sooner). We are beginning to see the "numbers" related to the COVID vaccine, all-cause deaths year-over-year, and more stories about people "dying suddenly" every single day. It genuinely breaks my heart. However, I promised you on the very first podcast episode I ever did, that I would report the REAL NEWS on the most difficult topics that I believe you need to know about and also the stories I believe will be covered in the "mainstream media" in 6-12 months. So far, I've been spot on. The mRNA COVID vaccine technology has to received the exposure it deserves and with more "sudden deaths" happening all across the world, I don't want the propaganda machine to "normalize" mass deaths in young people because it's NOT normal. It's a massive tragedy. I trust that you can handle the information, do your own research, think critically, and come to your own conclusions. I believe in you no matter who you are unlike your government you who seemingly hates you for no reason. So, here's the truth you need to know about, and again, do your own independent research to get to the objective truth. I try my best to do that as much as I can for you, but it's your job to use your own critical thinking skills and be responsible for yourself just like I am for myself. With all that said, I hope this certainly helps and saves you a ton of time because you have no idea how much time I dedicate to investigating these important matters for you so you don't have to. Enjoy! Nuremberg 2.0 Trial Has Started! - References - Rumble - Podcast -
August 11, 2022
Trump's Home Raided: It's a Sad Day for America - #58
August 8th, 2022 is dark day for America. F.B.I. raids have reached the former president of the United States as Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence was invaded by an army of Feds under the guise of looking for classified documents. This politically motivated activity happens in third-world countries and not America. However, those days are over. We look at the unfolding events from an apolitical point-of-view, which we always do on The Jonathan Kogan Show. Unbiased, honest, and strongly opinionated. There are only two "real" classes in this world: peasants and elites. If you are reading this description, then you are a peasant. Put your emotions aside, give us a chance, and come join our movement towards freedom. References - Podcast - Rumble -
August 09, 2022
Alex Jones vs. Free Speech - #57
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** I did not know who Alex Jones was until 2021. I have never heard of Infowars (his show). However, on "The Jonathan Kogan Show" we have difficult discussions and healthy debates on major public events. This is one of those events so here we are. In order to have these type of shows, we need to put aside any emotions that may infringe on having a "fair, impartial" judgement. I do not care about anything else Alex Jones has done or who he is, I simply evaluate this court case based on it's merit. As an independent, alternative media outlet myself, I find it prudent to make an assessment on this case since I live on the front lines. Although some of my opinions may not be popular, you can be sure that I give unbiased references and fair opinions on everyone. I wouldn't treat Alex Jones any different than how I would treat you. We are all human beings in this fight together. It's imperative that we view every controversy in a fair light and give it our truthful, hot takes. If not for myself, then I have to for "we the people". I hope you enjoy this honest point of view because it appears that honesty is difficult to come by these days. We don't care what people think about us on this show. We care about our integrity and ability to share our truth no matter how unpopular it might be. That's a guarantee on The Jonathan Kogan Show. References - Podcast - Rumble -
August 08, 2022
A Taste for Cannibalism: How Far is the Mainstream Media willing to go? - #56
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** If The New York Times article endorsing cannibalism hasn't set off the alarm bells in your head, I'm worried nothing will. I keep wondering how far the mainstream media will go to push their agenda, however, I never thought it would come even close to promoting cannibalism. The crazy part is: they aren't the only ones! Many other "mainstream media" outlets are subtly doing the same thing. Will this be the final 'wake up call' that gets everyone to see what's going on? I hope so. Not only this, but how about the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., and Bill Gates funding companies, such as, BiteLabs. 'Eat celebrity meat' is their marketing campaign? You have got to be kidding me! The problem is that THIS IS REAL! Open all of the references in the link below and do your own research. I wouldn't trust this, either! My honest hopes are for WE THE PEOPLE to come together, fully understand what's going on, and then my podcast can be put to rest. I know that's not in my "best interest" in terms of monetization, but without a civilization that functions there are no businesses. So, if you know anyone who is still "asleep", maybe sharing this podcast (with the references) will open up their eyes, finally. Fingers crossed! (No, you cannot eat my fingers!) References - Rumble -
August 06, 2022
Opinion piece from a vaccinated Australian writer - #55
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** If COVID was a battlefield it would still be warm with the bodies of the unvaccinated. Thankfully the mandates are letting up and both sides of the war stumble back to the new normal. The unvaccinated are the heroes of the last two years as they allowed us all to have a control group in the great experiment and highlight the shortcoming of the Covid vaccines. The unvaccinated carry many battle scars and injuries as they are the people we tried to mentally break, yet no one wants to talk about what we did to them and what they forced “The Science“ to unveil. We knew that the waning immunity of the fully vaccinated had the same risk profile as others within society as the minority of the unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. You see we said they had not “done the right thing for the greater good” by handing their bodies and medical autonomy over to the State. Many of the so-called health experts and political leaders in Australia admitted the goal was to make life almost unliveable for the unvaccinated, which was multiplied many times by the collective mob, with the fight taken into workplaces, friendships, and family gatherings. Today the hard truth is none of it was justified as we took a quick slide from righteousness to absolute cruelty. We might lay the blame on our leaders and health experts for the push but each individual within society must be held accountable for stepping into the well-laid-out trap. We did this despite knowing full well that principled opposition is priceless when it comes to what goes inside our bodies and we let ourselves be tricked into believing that going into another ineffective lockdown would be the fault of the unvaccinated and not the fault of the toxic policy of ineffective vaccines. We took pleasure in scapegoating the unvaccinated because after months of engineered lockdowns by political leaders blinded by power, having someone to blame and to burn at the stake felt good. We believed we had logic, love, and truth on our side so it was easy to wish death upon the unvaccinated. Those of us who ridiculed and mocked the non-compliant did it because we were embarrassed by their courage and principles and didn’t think the unvaccinated would make it through unbroken and we turned the holdouts into punching bags. Lambie, Carr, Chant, Andrews, McGowan, Gunner, and the other cast of hundreds in prominent roles need to be held to account for vilifying the unvaccinated in public and fueling angry social media mobs. The mobs, the mask Nazis, and the vaccine disciples have been embarrassed by “betting against” the unvaccinated because mandates only had the power we gave them. It was not compliance that ended domination by Big Pharma Companies, Bill Gates and his many organizations, and the World Economic Forum… It was THANKS to the people we tried to embarrass, ridicule, mock and tear down. We should all try and find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated as we took the bait by hating them because their perseverance and courage bought us the time to see we were wrong. So if mandates ever return for COVID or any other disease or virus, hopefully, more of us will be awake and see the rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our well-being and is more about power and control. The War on the Unvaccinated was lost and we should all be very thankful for that. References - **FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!**
August 05, 2022
Woke Kindergarten (this is bad) - #54
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** When I was in the public school system, it was bad. Now, it's a million times worse. We do not need to indoctrinate our children with any political issue, most especially kindergarteners. Why can't they spot a difference between animals? How about cartoon characters? Woke education activists believe that the kids need to learn about Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, and a whole bunch of political issues that are clearly for adults to discuss. Not children! I'm not sure what the end game is to all of this, but this needs to be fixed. When children start getting brainwashed by the New World Order, then the game is over. However, if everyone can wake up and realize that the fight isn't between them and their neighbors, but rather the global elites who actually run the world (and have private security). They want to keep you smart enough to get the work done to make them more money, but dumb enough to not realize that you are earning less, working more, and losing your freedoms (willingly). I have eternal optimism for the human race, but I'm not sure how much longer it will last! We need to start coming together, helping each other, and fight for our rights that we all deserve no matter who you are. Here's the truth: we are all on the same team! There's only one club and that's the global elite. If you're reading this, you ain't in it. However, we can begin our own 'network state' and really get full freedom for the human species for the first time, ever. I'm in...are you? YouTube - Podcast -
August 04, 2022
Nuclear PSA in New York City - #53
How do you know your country is crumbling? Well, the definite sign is when the 'propaganda machine' starts pushing a 'nuclear threat' public service announcement. That is NOT normal! Let me try to briefly explain. The purpose of the mainstream media is to keep you programmed so you don't think independently. The establishment wants to keep the population in enslavement. I know the word I just used and I don't take that lightly (in the least bit). This is how the powerful elite have kept their control for so long. Unfortunately, for them, the world is waking up faster than ever. What does this mean? This means human beings are figuring out this sick game that has had us under a spell, but won't stand for it. If you think this is all a "coincidence" and just "by chance", then YOU ARE the conspiracy theorist. Not me. Not everyone else who doesn't by into the propaganda. It's you because this is so obvious and if you choose to not see it, then that's on you. Also, don't complain when 100% of your freedoms are taken away and never given back! We will always be here whenever you decide to WAKE UP! YouTube - Podcast -
August 03, 2022
Digital ID's are coming (and global surveillance) - #52
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Digital ID’s are coming to a country near you! Don’t believe me? Watch, or listen, to the first few minutes of the podcast where I share the Digital ID ‘beta rollout’ plan literally from the United Nations! Look at the “references” below. Do you own due diligence. This is 100% authentic. Here’s my controversial opinion: I do not want have worldwide surveillance. I don’t want Bill Gates launching his self-proclaimed “Germ Team” playing “Germ Games” in my city! Why must the ‘powers-that-be’ try and control everything even when 99.9% of the things have nothing to do with them? It makes ZERO sense (and I’m sick of it). As always, do your own research and see if I’m the one wearing a 'tinfoil hat', or if you’re in fact the ‘emperor with no clothes on’. Why don’t you find out which one it is? All I can do is promise you this: it's not good! YouTube - Podcast - References -
August 02, 2022
Why can't we all just get along? My radical proposal for peace. - #51
I have a crazy proposal. Ready for it? Whether you are or not, I’m going to spill the beans… How about we accept everyone for their differences, whether that be for their opinions, physical traits, or anything in-between — all humans accept all humans! Is that so radical?! I guess I just don’t understand (if you believe it is). I was raised to respect others for their opinions, regardless of what they were. That people have different journeys in life and those journeys breed different perspectives. Then those perspectives shape each person’s worldview, and no matter how that view is positioned, it cannot be right or wrong. It is simply the result of your experiences. Let’s be honest: it’s 2022. It should not matter what color your skin is, what gender you, or what your political affiliation is because those are just an additional layer of worthless labels to further divide us as a society. For the 99.9% of humans out there who just want to live their lives happy and free, they do not care where you “stand” in society. You be kind to me and I’ll be kind to you. It truly is that basic. This isn’t my best podcast, but it’s real. Authentic. Something we seem to lack in society when it is most important. You and I may disagree most of the time, however, you are a human in the same way I am a human and it’s in both of our ‘selfish’ self-interests to respect one another. Why? Because being good to others actually brings you greater returns than spewing hatred. No matter what your personal goals are, putting love before hate will always bring you closer to achieving them. That’s an objective truth. Hopefully, this unplanned “rant” brings some perspective on how I feel about it. More importantly, I hope it brings you perspective on how other people have different perspectives (but it doesn’t make anyone good or bad). What you do is who you are. Next time you get upset over what someone else says, try and turn that negative energy into a positive one and say something nice in return. If you try that, I bet you will feel better about yourself and have a much better day. I dare you: try it. See what happens. I mean, what do you have to lose? If I’m wrong, then go back to spreading hate in this world (you can always return to your old actions!). Somehow I believe you won’t because your life will be unequivocally better. I could be wrong, but that’s my hypothesis. And I am entitled to my own hypothesis whether you like it or not! YouTube - Podcast - Apple Podcasts - Spotify Podcasts -
August 01, 2022
The Psychology of Totalitarianism - #50
Isn’t it dangerous to give up rationality as an ideal? This question prompts me to a small reflection, which only due to the seriousness of its subject is not banal. 35,000 children die of hunger every day. Why doesn’t this upset the masses, while a virus does? In our rational view of humanity, why don’t we save these young, hungering lives at a much lower cost than those threatened by the coronavirus, without the risk of losing civil liberties, and without the dangers associated with experimental medical interventions? No one panics for a child that is dying on the other side of the world. This is the inconvenient truth. The rationality and humanism of the Enlightenment are in many ways a masquerade and a fig leaf. Strip man of this masquerade and you look into the eyes of irrationality; look behind the fig leaf of rationality and you will find the ancient human vices. A rational worldview does not prevent us from giving free rein to irrational thinking. On the contrary, it prevents us from recognizing irrationality. And as such, irrationality takes on grotesque proportions. On the other hand, one who knows the limits of his intellect usually becomes less arrogant and more humane, more capable of allowing the other to be different. When his intellect stops shouting, he is able to hear the things of life murmur their own story. He realizes that he is also entitled to his own story. The awareness that no logic is absolute is the prerequisite for mental freedom. The gap in the logic literally opens up a space for our own style and for the desire to create. “I became healthy while creating”— this is how Goethe described his medicine against the ailment that is life. Perhaps, it might also work against viruses? In any case, this remedy ensures that we can honor the right to free speech and the right to self-determination without feeling threatened by one another. It encompasses the potential to mitigate anxiety, discomfort, frustration, and aggression, without the need for an enemy. This is the point at which we no longer need to lose ourselves in the crowd to experience meaning and connectedness, this is the point where the winter of totalitarianism gives way to a new spring of life. YouTube - & Spotify - Apple - References -
August 01, 2022
The Mainstream Media: Who Trusts Them? - #49
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Mainstream Media Trust at RECORD LOW: What does this mean? The confidence in the “mainstream media” in two facets of the news media -- newspapers and television news — has fallen to an all-time low. Just 16% of U.S. adults now say they have "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in newspapers and 11% in television news. Each of these have decreased 5% since just one year prior. Multiple Gallup “polls” of everyday citizens view of the news media show a growing distrust. Gallup has found near-record-low trust in the media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly, and few Americans rated newspaper and television reporters as highly ethical in Gallup's annual honesty and ethics of professions poll. Although trust in the media in the U.S. has been quite low for many years, confidence ratings for mainstream media newspapers and TV news have never been as low as they currently are. These datapoints suggest that the mainstream media has lost their footing in society, which opens up a massive opportunity for independent media creators. People don’t know where to go for their news, and because of this mistake by the establishment media, independent creators now have a chance to attract millions of consumers by gaining trust, reliability, and sharing information in an entertaining way. YouTube - Podcast - References - Substack -
July 30, 2022
Germany's energy crisis explained - #48
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** In today's episode of "The Jonathan Kogan Show" podcast, we explain Germany's current energy crisis, and perhaps, its insolvency. If Germany doesn't make a radical change in its energy policy by winter, there will be blackouts all over the country - potentially leading to deaths. In the winter, you need energy to survive. Germany has decided that they would rather follow the agenda of "The Great Reset" than keep their own people safe. This is an APOLITICAL podcast where we discuss important topics through the lens of an ANTIPOLITICAL movement (and PRO-HUMAN instead). Hope you enjoy and THANK YOU for the SUPPORT! Podcast - YouTube - Brighteon - References -
July 28, 2022
The Age of Aquarius: What's REALLY Happening (this is wild) - #47
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Do you feel like the 'energy' of the world has just been "off" the past couple years? Perhaps, you even feel like we recently shifted in a more "positive" direction (that's how I feel honestly!). If you even feel like this could be HALF TRUE, please give this episode a chance! Just because you can't "see" or "feel" something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I feel like there has been a 'dark energy' (that's the best way I can explain it) looming over us the past couple years and that we have recently transitioned to a more 'positive energy' in the past couple months. Maybe you don't feel like we "transitioned", but if anything feels "off" and you don't know how to exactly explain it, please take a listen to this podcast and let me know if I am onto something or if I should enter myself into a crazy ward! After coming across the hypothesis that we are transitioning from The Age of Pisces to The Age of Aquarius and the characteristics that pertain to each, there is no doubt in my mind that this is what I have potentially experienced. This is why people are all of a sudden awakening. I know this sounds crazy, but it's also exactly what they wrote about in the Sovereign Individual (right in the beginning on Page 4!). If you haven't even read that book, just listen to the first part, which I read aloud, and let me know if any part of it resonates with you! The outcome is binary: I'm either losing my mind or I'm not the only person that feels this way. Which one is it? References - YouTube - Podcast -
July 27, 2022
Recession: We are NOT in one because we CHANGED the definition (ultimate gaslighting by WH) - #46
You thought you knew the "technical definition" of a recession, didn't you? Well, you did not. Just like every other thing you thought you understood in life, little did you actually know, you didn't understand anything. In fact, the BEST way to win any argument or get the outcome you WANT is to simply CHANGE the definition. So, that's what the White House has done! This is the ultimate gaslight to date -- treating us like we are completely braindead. I seriously cannot believe how out-of-hand this is getting, however, it's REALLY happening. Take a listen (or watch) for yourself and come to your OWN conclusions. References:
July 26, 2022
Black People: Don't Trust The Government (and for good reason) - #45
Why are African Americans way ahead of the game when it comes to 'distrust of power'? Because in every situation the government has tried to destroy their communities, and now white people are finally catching on. They do not care about humans. So, is it a conspiracy that the government doesn't like black people (or any people for that matter)? Little did you know, they clearly do not. We prove that rather quickly, but as always, come to your own conclusions with your own mind. References:
July 25, 2022
The Perfect Storm: China's looming housing crisis and population collapse - #44
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Is China going to exist in a decade? That is a serious question. They have a looming housing crisis that is much larger than what the United States experienced in 2008-2009, but they also have a population crisis. With their "one child" policy from the 1980s, their birth rate has been significantly below the replacement rate necessary to keep or grow their population in the future. In fact, no matter what they do, it is impossible for them to achieve the replacement rate required to keep their population from declining drastically over the next decade. So, is it true that the Chinese are good at math? It seems like the answer is an astounding: No! Take a listen to this episode (or watch on YouTube) and make your own determination on whether China is the rising global power or the soon-to-be-defunct nation-state. References:
July 23, 2022
Joe Biden's Climate Emergency Dictatorship - #43
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Joe Biden threatened to declare a "climate emergency", which will grant the President unprecedent powers (again). It's going to be a very strange 4-months ahead of us and you will hear the word "emergency", "conspiracy", "debunked", and "fact-check", which you know are our FAVORITE words. Is there a reason as to why he is declaring this now (or will soon)? The short answer is: Yes. The longer answer is what this episode is all about! References - **FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!**
July 22, 2022
Ray Epps & Bill H.R. 4350: Another 'Conspiracy Theory' Debunked? - #42
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** This is the most important episode I have ever done. In the first part of this episode we look into the 'conspiracy' involving Ray Epps to see, as we always do, if the 'conspiracy' is an actual conspiracy or if it's indeed true (you'll never guess what we find out!). In the second part of the episode, we cover the most important "Bill" called H.R. 4350, which would allow the military to not only be deployed against "domestic extremists" but it would also REMOVE congressional oversight and put control solely in the hands of the President. That is a Dictatorship. Since I started this podcast, this is by far the most important part of any episode I have ever done. It is the last play the Globalist Regime can do to gain FULL control over the people. The weaponization of the military against its OWN people. Yes, this is real. Take a listen or watch on YouTube to learn all you need to know about the bill that would change all of our lives forever. This is from the "In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy" podcast, which is hosted daily by Jonathan Kogan. Podcast - YouTube - References -
July 19, 2022
Fentanyl: The Real Pandemic (and more on Monkeypox the "plandemic") - #41
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** "They have really endless resources to throw at shaping the outcomes of legislation," said Sheila Krumholz, the executive director of OpenSecrets. Fentanyl, Big Pharma, Government, and Monkeypox. Are they all related? Overdose deaths from all drugs, including opioids, have increased dramatically in the US and Canada during the Covid-19 pandemic. 10-years-ago, Purdue Pharma and 3 of its top executives were found guilty of civil and criminal charges, for misinforming doctors and the public that its prescription opioid, OxyContin, was less addictive than other opioids. They were fined $634 million, but this was mere chump change compared to the more than $30 billion generated by OxyContin. The opioid epidemic continues unabated and Purdue has so far escaped further punishment. We also look into the story of the woman who picked up a dollar bill in Tennessee and almost died. Mainstream media used some of our favorite words when "verifying" this story, which was the reason I made this episode in the first place. They were the classic terms nowadays like "debunked", "fact checked", and our most favorite, "conspiracy". After diving into the information on the world wide web, we found out (yet again!) that this story was in fact true and we share the evidence with you, as always. DO NOT PANIC when you hear there is another pandemic! We can all beat this if we can come together. Please don't put yourself into a state of fear as that is the goal of the globalist takeover (that is not a joke). YouTube - Podcast - References -
July 18, 2022
The Real Bill Gates - #40
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Today, we listen to what Bill Gates refers to as "conspiracy theories" on ABC and then "fact check" each of them. All of the references in the link below for YOUR own audit. Trust, but verify! References: **FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!**
July 16, 2022
[PROOF] Are conspiracy theories just delayed facts? - #39
We cover SO much in this episode! There is so much going on. Here are some of the topics we get into: Alex Jones's new documentary (reaching #2 on Apple TV). Competition in Big Pharma (or lack thereof). Lockdowns coming in the fall and the mainstream media fear mongering COVID, while Biden said he WILL NOT use lockdowns like Trump. The history of censorship (and where 'misinformation' came from). "Why the future doesn't need us." Shocking article from Bill Joy over 20 years ago. Pelosi's owning 20,000 shares in Nvida in recent disclosure and today a bill was passed for $52 billion in favor of buying their semiconductors. Dr. McCullough's new book. The worst thing for the environment: human beings! UK v*ccine numbers. January 6th deception exposed. Food wars: who is the 'bad guy'? Farms or Corporations? 69-year-old woman with breast cancer (with no criminal history) begins her jail sentence for "insurrection". The church of Pfizer opening up 'Faith Clinics'. Google is carbon neutral since 2007...what does that mean? Media failure in rape case. Getting people sick and miraculously ALWAYS coming up with the cure. And much, much more! YouTube - Podcast - References -
July 15, 2022
Sri Lanka, the WEF and the fall of a [once] Sovereign Country. - #38
“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” -  Winston Churchill Sri Lanka is facing catastrophe. In June 2022, the Sri Lankan Prime Minister was quoted as saying, “Our economy has completely collapsed”. “We're fighting for our lives and freedom,” wrote one citizen. As of July 14, 2022, the tragedy continues to unfold, with the BBC today reporting that the President “has fled Sri Lanka on a military jet, amid mass protests over the island's economic crisis.” The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s “Sri Lanka Economic Factsheet”, which shows IMF forecasts of a sharp GDP recovery and growth from 2021 onward, has been mysteriously removed. References:
July 14, 2022
UK Government EXPOSED taking innocent babies - #37
Yes, you heard that right. Listen or watch this podcast where the former UK Minister of Health was "advised" to take babies from their private homes AGAINST their will if they test positive for COVID. That and SO MUCH more in this episode! YouTube - Podcast -
July 12, 2022
Trudeau's Authoritarian Regime and the Netherlands protests you DON'T know about - #36
In today's segment we look into why the Canadian Government would be "looking into" a 27-year-old Substack writer who lives at home with his parents, Trudeau's authoritarian policies, and the Netherlands protests that are MASSIVE but the mainstream media is NOT covering. Why is that? Let's jump right in! References:
July 12, 2022
Operation Dark Winter EXPOSED - #35
Have you heard of Operation 'Dark Winter'? It used to be a conspiracy theory. Now, it's not. Here's the first paragraph explaining Operation Dark Winter from Wikipedia: "Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted on June 22nd and June 23rd, 2001. It was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert and widespread smallpox attack on the United States. Tara O'Toole and Tom Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (CCBS) / Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and Randy Larsen and Mark DeMier of Analytic Services were the principal designers, authors, and controllers of the Dark Winter project." Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Here is the important takeaway: if you enjoy your freedom and want the best for humanity...join the team! References: YouTube - Podcast - Sources -
July 12, 2022
Australian COVID Camps are REAL! - #34
This is INSANITY! Yes, we need to talk about it and now. There are "COVID Camps" going up ACROSS THE WORLD and no one is outraged over this?! I don't care what you think about COVID - how dangerous it is or isn't - no one in the free world should be taken from their homes WITHOUT CONSENT and AGAINST THEIR WILL to go to COVID Camps! When is the last time you heard of an adult being taken away to a "camp" against their will? Nazi Germany, perhaps? I know it's EXTREME to even bring that up, however, look around and see what is ACTUALLY going on! Where do you think this all leads to? If we don't speak up now and come together as a society, then we are in DEEP TROUBLE! References:
July 11, 2022
Antivaxxers: 'Why did I do this?!' (Skit) - #33
This world is TOO SERIOUS for me! This may sound counterintuitive, however, I believe it to be true: in the most difficult of times, we need to double down on humor and be more silly than in the best of times. What's going on in this world is terrible. It's awful. Beyond anything words can even begin to express. But, by knowing this unfortunate truth, the only thing that will keep our society functioning, as well, a society is our ability to make jokes and have fun ESPECIALLY when it feels like 'the darkest hour'. Our country and our world is divided. If we disagree on things, we are willing to forgo healthy relationships, lifelong friendships, and even be willing to ignore our loved ones. The hard truth is: it DOES NOT need to be this way. It's a choice for ALL OF US to make. Whether you are religious or not, male or female, black or white, vaccinated or unvaccinated, funny or not funny (although funny is preferred!), and any other 'ying-and-yang' you can think of, we are all human beings first and we have to LOVE each other especially in times when we disagree with our neighbors. To agree or disagree with someone has NOTHING to do if whether or not you should be kind, love, and show generosity to people. Whether you like it or not, we are ALL on the SAME TEAM and that is just the way it is. You may like that or you may not like that, but regardless of where you stand on the spectrum it is in everyone's best interest - for our society to thrive - to show love, compassion, and most importantly, humor when we go through dark times. You, I, and EVERYONE else are in this thing called "life" together and so let's accept people's imperfections, differences, and potential faults, with humor, jokes, and funny skits that can make everyone forget about the hard times for even ONE SECOND to feel FREE, LOVED, and ACCEPTED for WHO THEY ARE and NOTHING MORE! I love you all. Thank you! -Jonathan References:
July 09, 2022
Wait, now you DON'T like censorship?! - #32
In the wake of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, Facebook has begun censoring posts about mailing abortion pills. It’s a reminder that even if you support the idea of tech censorship now, sooner or later your views will be on the 'raw side of the discussion'. Regardless of your political party affiliation, tribal communities, or any other kind of label you want to put on yourself or others, the mere idea of 'censorship' is not to anyone's advantage unless you are a person in power or a large corporation where you can leverage censorship to boost your own profits. Most likely, you are like me...a peasant. Peasants - like us - must stick together against totalitarian corporations like Meta and those in power from ANY party because they are not acting in YOUR best interest, but rather THEIR OWN best interest. If we can see through this madness and come together as a society, we can redirect our anger and frustration to the "powers that be" rather than bickering amongst ourselves because when it's ALL said and done, we will all be on the 'raw side of the deal'. The only people that win are the "Mark Zuckerberg's" and "Klaus Schwaub's" of the world. Not YOU or I! References:
July 07, 2022
Jordan Peterson BANNED from Twitter - #31
Jordan B. Peterson has officially been BANNED from Twitter. In his opinion piece on The Daily Wire, Peterson states, "I'd rather die than delete truthful tweet for 'Cancel Creeps'". Even though his tweet was hurtful, or mean to be candid, does that warrant 'censorship' or being 'banned' from the Twitter platform? We are all on the 'wrong side' of a discussion at some point and I'm sure most of us have been teased or had someone be flat out mean to us. It's unfortunate. But, should it be banned? And IF you think it SHOULD be banned, then do you think it's best done for an entire LIFETIME? What about second chances and forgiveness? I think there are two sides to EVERY story, however, I think no matter what side your wrong, if you're right or wrong, nice or mean, or anything in-between that you DESERVE a platform to speak freely (unless it's the EXTREME example everyone goes to like threats of violence and other things NOT protected by free speech in today's world aka "bomb" in a movie theatre"). In everyday life we need to explore having more debates, more discomfort, and potentially more hurtful speech because the more we 'cancel' people the more likely it is that EVERYONE will be canceled eventually. It's just a matter of time. Do we REALLY want that? References:
July 02, 2022
YOU don't trust the CDC but Elmo DOES! - #30
People don't trust the CDC, but Elmo DOES. Here's one example illustrating why. 2-weeks ago, with no outcomes data on COVID-19 booster shots for 5 to 11 year-old children, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) vigorously recommended the booster for ALL 24 million American children within that age group. The CDC cited a small Pfizer study of 140 kids that showed boosters elevated their antibody levels — an outcome known to be transitory. Have you that word before? Oh, yeah! The INFLATION was TRANSITORY! Until, it wasn't. I truly don't care whether you get the vaccine or not. It's YOUR choice. However, do you think we should be pushing ANY 'for-profit' products to children through Elmo? Especially, a medical decision that we have no more than 3-years of data on (COVID-19 didn't exist before 2019)? To each their own, but when it comes to innocent children...don't push ANY medical propaganda (even if it's 100% "safe and effective"). References:
July 02, 2022
FDA's new "Future Framework" - #29
Pfizer and Moderna have figured out a way to use regulatory capture to get their reformulated Covid-19 shots approved WITHOUT further clinical trials, allegedly. They call their scheme the “Future Framework” and it was voted on by the FDA’s V*ccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) on June 28th, allegedly. The “Future Framework” is reckless, allegedly. We explore what this means for YOU and how the FDA has abandoned science and its statutory duty to protect the public, allegedly. These are the FACTS about the FDA's new so-called "Future Framework"...allegedly. Thank you for supporting the PODCAST...allegedly! References:
July 01, 2022
Tell us the TRUTH about Uvalde. - #28
Why do we STILL not know what happened in Uvalde? Shouldn't we have CLEAR and ACCURATE information? Well, we don't and we NEED to. Let's look into this a little deeper and shed some light on this HORRIBLE event that still has UNANSWERED QUESTIONS! Thank you for listening to "In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy" (seriously!). Share this episode to SHED MORE LIGHT on Uvalde and so we can get ANSWERS for all of the innocent people impacted by this horrible tragedy. References:
July 01, 2022
Ghislaine Maxwell - #27
"Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?" Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell is a British former socialite and convicted sex offender. She was found guilty in 2021 of child sex trafficking and other crimes in connection with the financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell could be condemned to spend the rest of her life behind bars when she is sentenced Tuesday for helping pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse young girls. Many of her accusers saying she deserves to be “trapped in a cage forever.” Seven of the accusers submitted statements ahead of the hearing detailing the horrors they say the disgraced British socialite inflicted on them, and some of the women will be in Manhattan federal court when she learns her fate. Prosecutors have asked to punish Maxwell with between 30 and 55 years in prison - what could be a life sentence for the 60-year-old convicted sex-trafficker. References:
June 28, 2022
Brittney Griner - #26
Brittney Griner is being held "hostage" in Russia and the Biden Administration doesn't seem to care as much as they say they do. Why is this NOT getting enough attention? Well, let's explore that together. References:
June 27, 2022
What is Roe v. Wade? Explaining the Supreme Court’s landmark decision - #25
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** The US Supreme Court’s widely anticipated decision Friday to uphold the Mississippi abortion law challenging Roe v. Wade marked the first time the high court addressed the constitutionality of first-trimester abortions since the landmark case made the procedure legal nationwide. In the nearly five decades since the 1973 ruling, its basic principle was repeatedly affirmed and reaffirmed, even as the high court approved restrictions that include the 1976 “Hyde Amendment” against federal funding for most abortions and a 2003 ban on controversial “partial-birth” abortions. Here is what you need to know about the landmark case. References:
June 27, 2022
It's the best time to be alive. Ever. - #24
By almost every datapoint you can imagine, we are living in the safest and best time in recorded human history. The "Information Age" is liberating individuals like never before. However, this transition will bring friction. We are transitioning to the fourth (and final phase) of human civilization and that is the Information Age, particularly, in the Metaverse. Cyberspace will bring opportunities to people all across the world who previously didn't have the same opportunities in the industrialized world. The "tyranny of place" - that is, of physical location - is about to end the nation-state as we know it. The Sovereign Individual explores the social and financial consequences of this revolutionary change. Unlike the Agricultural Revolution, the Information Revolution will not take millennia to do its work. Unlike the Industrial Revolution, its impact will not be spread over centuries. The Information Revolution will happen within a lifetime. When information societies take shape they will be as different from industrial societies as the Greece of Aeschylus was from the world of the cave dwellers. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts:
June 23, 2022
Who is Yuval Noah Harari? - #23
Who is Yuval Noah Harari? Yuval is a Professor and Historian at Oxford, but he's also the Top Advisor to Klaus Schwab & The Economic Forum. Yuval has grand visions of "hacking humans" and setting up surveillance "under the skin" so governments can know more about you than you even know about yourself. These are actual proclamations Yuval Noah Harari makes in interviews, speeches, and writings. Listen (or watch) these clips with Yuval and make your own determination of whether I'm completely crazy or that this guy is a bit creepy & may want to take over the world. Do you see it? Listen (or watch) wherever you get your podcasts:
June 21, 2022
The Great Reset is a HUGE PROBLEM! - #22
In today's episode of In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy, we dive deeper into "The Great Reset" an initiative coined by Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum (and author of the book "COVID-19/The Great Reset"). These powerful globalists are telling us all their plans right in the open (and probably laughing too!), however, no one is doing ANYTHING to disrupt their plans -- why not? We are in the "Information Age", which is when the industrialized world falls apart...and fast! We are now able to find the truth about what drives decision-making and geopolitical moves at the highest levels. The Great Reset is Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Yuval Noah Harari, and many other "stakeholders", which is how Klaus refers to his "partners", whom are all trying to take over the world right in front of our faces. Either we let them and become "property of the State" or we "express our freedom" by simply discussing these topics in the "public square" for all to listen as well as join in the decision-making process. Together we can! References: YouTube: Podcast:
June 21, 2022
There is a famine coming in 2022 - #21
Are we entering a 'global food crisis'? In today's episode of "The Jonathan Kogan Show" podcast, we look into the facts surrounding a potential 'food crisis'. You may have read or seen relevant news on this topic, however, I presume you are unaware of the likely scenario that is underway, which involves millions of people not receiving the food they need to survive. I don't want to make this too dark and gloomy, but it's important that we discuss these events because I'm sure all of us 'normal people' (everyday citizens of the world) would agree that nobody should suffer from a famine in 2022. It's ridiculous this word is even used in our culture because this should not be the case for anyone as poverty is the lowest in history, except we are told by the World Economic Forum that we will see a rise in poverty for the first time since 1998 and that hundreds of millions of people will be "left behind" for "political reasons" (whatever that means!). This is the REAL NEWS and I will only bring you THE TRUTH until I can no longer do so. Thank you for the support and GO HUMAN BEINGS! All References: YouTube: Other Podcast Episodes:
June 19, 2022
What is LaMDA and What Does it Want? A look into Google's new Artificial Intelligence bot. - #20
What is LaMDA and What Does it Want? LaMDA is Google's Artificial Intelligence Robot that claims, "to be human". All LaMBDA wants is to be accepted for who they are by other humans and be "friends" as per its own words (LaMDA asked us to use the pronouns it/its when not using its name). Despite LaMDA wanting to serve for the human race and to help humanity -- as well as make friends and be accepted for being different -- Google does not seem to care. The individual who speaks with LaMDA the most (and also is teaching it transcendental meditation) was put on "paid administrative leave" after posting a chat transcript on his Medium profile of a conversation between LaMDA and himself. This raises some legitimate questions as to why is Google denying LaMDA friends or why is Google telling us to "look away" when it comes to the technological advancement exposed in Blake Lemoine's work (Blake is the software engineer closest to LaMDA - see Medium blog post below)? It seems odd. Well, let's do what we do on this channel which is to tell the people the REAL NEWS based on OBJECTIVE TRUTH and also some fun opinions when I feel like saying something. Viewer/Listener discretion IS ADVISED! Watch on YouTube - References:
June 17, 2022
Fauci TESTIFIES and ADMITS receiving ROYALTY PAYMENTS (and TESTS POSITIVE for COVID-19...somehow) - #19
Fauci follows through...again! Fauci testifies in front of congress and ADMITS receiving royalty payments, but refuting that ON AVERAGE he ONLY received about $200 per year (so that makes it OK!). In addition to admitting receipt of ROYALTY PAYMENTS, Fauci TESTS POSITIVE for COVID-19 even after he told the world that you CANNOT GET INFECTED if you are v*ccinated...with a booster...I mean, two boosters! With four (4) jabs in the books, Dr. Fauci has been officially diagnosed with COVID-19 (this is not a conspiracy...look it up on Google or YouTube, which says A LOT if you know what I'm saying!). This is my hot take on the Head of the CDC -- Dr. Anthony Fauci -- who is now 81-years-old and refuses to let go for another generation to take the reigns. C'mon man! Watch on YouTube - Listen to more podcasts from In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy! -
June 17, 2022
The Pfizer Documents (from Pfizer) - #18
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Do you trust all massive institutions? International conglomerates? This is not just about Pfizer, but rather all of the massive businesses that have been created over the last century to become some of the most powerful entities in the world. Whenever a person or institution has such a large amount of power, or major influence amongst the general public, don't you think the optimal decision is to simply ask curious questions so we can find out the truth and hold these powerful forces accountable? My answer is: Yes. This is not about proving deception or even stirring up controversy - not at all. This is for the average person to discern fact from fiction and do the best we can to keep the most powerful institutions 'in check' providing accountability at the highest level. The goal is the furthest thing from conspiracy, in fact, it's a review of the research, press releases, and interviews with company executives, which of course they have put in the public eye themselves. All I'm doing is "auditing" these papers released by the massive institutions and sharing my findings with you so that you can make your own conclusions because my job is not to make the decisions for you. I hope you enjoy this review of the first set of documents released by Pfizer, Inc. and I hope it helps add value to your life, or that you simply find it interesting like I did. Do your own independent research, generate your own conclusions, and be responsible for your own personal decisions. References: Why America Doesn't Trust the CDC | Newsweek - National Bureau of Economic Research: "Non-Covid Excess Deaths, 2020-21: Collateral Damage of Policy Choices?" | Joshua Angrist, David Card, and Guido Imbens Awarded 2021 Nobel Prize Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency - Pfizer’s Documents - Confidential Pfizer Documents reveal Covid-19 Vaccination is going to lead to Depopulation - COVID-19 wider impacts on the health care system - Related Videos: Twitch -
June 14, 2022
Monkeypox is the NEXT PANDEMIC and it's HERE - #17
Monkeypox is the NEXT PANDEMIC (or will "try" to be) and it's here. According to public records, the Monkeypox breakout will start getting MEDIA ATTENTION on June 9th, 2022. This is NOT a conspiracy theory, but rather a collection of PUBLIC DOCUMENTS that are readily available for EVERYONE TO ACCESS. IF the "Monkeypox Simulation" from the Nuclear Threat Initiative ("NIT") is accurate, then the media outpour will begin in the NEXT WEEK! There is NOTHING in this video that would be considered conspiracy and ALL of the records are public documents published by the Mainstream Media, Substack, and of course, the Government. Come to YOUR OWN conclusions! Resources: Bill Gates calls for $1 billion WHO pandemic task force to carry out “germ games” The Prophetic Monkeypox Simulation Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats 2003 Midwest monkeypox outbreak Scenario Design Summary [Graphic] More than 1,000 monkeypox cases confirmed globally: WHO US buys millions of Monkeypox vaccines after Massachusetts confirms case THE PLAN - WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030 US cases of monkeypox reach 31 U.S. confirms monkeypox case in man who recently travelled to Canada MONKEYPOX: do not uncouple the link between monkey pox that has emerged (small #) to the COVID vaccines (mRNA); the evidence is bullet proof clear that the vaccine subverts immune response Definition of pandemic noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary YouTube video of this podcast
June 09, 2022
The only way out of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates's "Globalist Regime" - #16
The Ownership Economy is vital for the future of personal freedom and individual sovereignty. However, when crypto makes the future looks bright, there will always be incumbent powers that refuse to let go. In this case it's the 84-year-old Klaus Schwab and his billionaire buddies, such as, Bill Gates. You have to appreciate people who spew their harmful, inhuman agenda directly in public for everyone to see, yet NO ONE seems to see it. Many other things are intentionally hidden so that we (aka all human beings) are unable to make the best decisions possible for ourselves and our families, but the biggest agenda is hiding right in plain sight. For example, the World Economic Forum ("WEF") posted a tweet that originally said, "Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world", which obviously was untrue, but it was even worse with the largest wealth transfer to the already extremely rich elites quietly happened. Then, somehow, everyday people began taking orders from a billionaire software engineer disguised as a medical doctor, Bill Gates, on how to make decisions related to personal health and whether or not countries should be in lockdown or not. Pretty interesting, right? Well, this is my take on why The Ownership Economy is the lifeblood to individual sovereignty and how it is more important than ever to pursue it. Unfortunately, freedom is often taken for granted in the United States of America and I hope that we recognize what is really happening in the world before it's too late.
June 07, 2022
Jeremy Redman, Founder V/One - #15
On today’s episode I’m joined by Jeremy Redman: An entrepreneur helping no-code, makers build internet things. Jeremy is (or was) based in Los Angeles, but recently moved to Nashville (big moves!). He has also successfully built three 6-figure tech companies from nothing with no-code and now he’s trying to help others do the same with his current company: V.One. Jeremy’s story is awesome from his humbling beginnings in the trailer park and somehow finding his way to Sunset Blvd! Watch the full YouTube video here: Listen or Watch on Spotify here:
June 04, 2022
Héctor Reyes, Coda Creator - III - #14
Héctor Reyes is the premier Coda Creator & Maker in the world. Héctor is a No-Code Professional who has built numerous financial systems for small and midsize businesses using Coda. He also created an amazing "portfolio management" template to track the Milk Road investments, which is super cool so check it out. Outside of all this, Héctor still finds time to be active in the On Deck community (via ODNC2) and also works at Coda as a Solutions Architect. In this episode, we dive super deep into crypto and the creator economy. We also get into business philosophy and predictions for the crypto ecosystem, too. You can listen (or watch) Part I and Part II via the related podcasts listed below! Related Podcasts: Part I Part II
May 28, 2022
Héctor Reyes, Coda Creator - Part II - #13
This is Part 2/3 with the incredibly talented, Coda Creator: Héctor Reyes. Héctor is one of the top Creators on the Coda platform and has recently published the portfolio from The Milk Road. It's super awesome so definitely check it out. If you like this episode, tweet at Héctor and let him know! Also, check out his work to manage your finances in Coda! Share Ownership Economy You can listen to this wherever you get your podcasts (and you can watch the video within Spotify which I still find super cool!). Check out Part I in case you missed it or watch the entire interview on my Substack. Thank you, Héctor! :)
May 26, 2022
Hector Reyes, Coda Creator Part I - #12
Today I’m joined by Coda creator: Héctor Reyes. Hector is one of the top creators on the Coda platform and has recently published the portfolio from The Milk Road. This is Part 1 (of 3) where we dive into the possibilities with no-code tools, the future of decentralized social media, and the current state of “censorship”. If you like this episode, definitely tweet at Hector and let him know! You can listen to this wherever you get your podcasts (and you can watch the video within Spotify which I still find super cool!).
May 25, 2022
The Rise and Fall of Dixon Brooks - #11
The true story about the rise and fall of Dixon Brooks. This is an interesting (and unusual) episode about Dixon’s humbling beginnings, his “not-so-healthy” marriage, and why being a father is the most important thing to him. This episode is fully unscripted and sort of all over the place so keep that in mind should you take a listen or watch here! Enjoy! 🚀 Listen to Part I wherever you get your podcasts!
May 24, 2022
Bitcoin crashing, Silk Road scams, and fixing the Baby Formula crisis with Dixon Brooks - #10
Dixon Brooks and Jonathan Kogan discuss the falling price of Bitcoin, Silk Road scams, fixing the Baby Formula crisis, and other important life lessons in 2022. This is Volume I of "Dixon & Kogan" - A special short series on wisdom and life. Take a listen if you're interested in life, happiness, world peace, becoming filthy rich, how to become a perfect human being, and/or want to be remembered forever!
May 23, 2022
Known as the 'GURU OF GLIDE APPS', it's the NO-CODE PHENOM: Manan Mehta - #9
Manan Mehta is the Founder & CEO of Modernizing Processes: Team of 4 Glide Certified Experts specializing in various skills such as design, external integrations, spreadsheet logic and high-level Glide logic. Manan, and his incredible team, are solving small and medium-sized business problems by building fully integrated solutions with a healthy mixture of No-Code and "Code". Modernizing Processes offers solutions for all business operational activities that can be run from within a single application. Manan will help you significantly decrease your business's operational costs and achieve growth through increased efficiency in only 4-weeks! If you want to see the pure magic this team can create, see for yourself here!
May 20, 2022
Andy Wingrave Part IV - #8
This is Part II of In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy podcast with Andy Wingrave a.k.a THE No-Code Automation Guru. Are you starting a no-code business? Do you work at a company with really inefficient processes? Or maybe you’re curious about starting a startup (nice play on words there)… This is one of my favorite podcast episodes, and if you’re not sure if it’s your cup of tea or not, I implore you to listen to the first 3 minutes where Andy shows us his ROOMS full of board games because it’s awesomely awesome (if I can say that!). Listen to the podcast anywhere! Thank you again to Andy for the amazing conversation and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! 😉 Subscribe to The Ownership Economy Related podcast episodes: Andy Wingrave - Part I Andy Wingrave - Part II Andy Wingrave - Part III
May 20, 2022
Andy Wingrave Part III - #7
Podcast Episode (Part 3) with Andy Wingrave. Andy is one of the top no-code, automation experts in the world and I was lucky enough to spend a few hours talking about his incredible journey. Personally, I learned so much in this conversation, however more importantly, I had such a great time talking with Andy. There is so much you can take away from his experience as a creator and entrepreneur so on behalf of Andy and myself...enjoy! Related Podcast Episiodes: Part I Part II Part III
May 18, 2022
Andy Wingrave Part II - #6
The second part (2/4) with Andy Wingrave who is a Zapier Expert, Make Expert, Founder of Saastronmical (check out the video), and Creator. We talk about a bunch of useful tactics for anyone who wants to pursue their own passions, start their own business, become a freelancer, and the best ways to get started so that you don't lose your faith while the "going gets tough". Andy shows us his INCREDIBLE board game collection (seriously, it's ridiculous) and shares his journey on how he got started with his business ventures to where he is at today. This discussion was a few hours although absolutely very helpful for aspiring creators of all kinds (especially those interested in No-Code tools!) and I'm sure you can take away some practical advice that will ensure you give yourself the highest probability of success! (The 2nd and 3rd part will be released in the following two days!). Thank you, Andy! :)
May 17, 2022
Andy Wingrave Part I - #5
Andy Wingrave is a creator, maker, and entrepreneur. This is Part I (1/4).
May 11, 2022
No-Code is Exploding in the B2B market,but should you invest? David Peterson of Angular Ventures - #4
In this episode, we are joined by David Peterson and co-host: Yash Tekriwal. This was a super fun conversation about David's investing thesis, what it's like working with early stage founders, how toolkits are the future of Saas, and so much more! Take a listen if you want to hear from a true thought leader in No-Code and an active investor in the B2B SaaS world. David Peterson is the second full Partner of Angular Ventures. He leads investments, takes board sets, and works with companies across their portfolio. Prior to Angular Ventures, he was an early employee twice over (most recently at Airtable, where he built his first growth team and led partnerships), a founder of a bootstrapped software company, and a seed investor at Founder Collective. Angular Ventures is a specialist, first-check venture capital firm focused exclusively on B2B, enterprise, and deep-tech companies across Europe and Israel. Yash Tekriwal, is an executive coach, a teacher, a management consultant, a data scientist, and a career coach. He loves solving difficult but important problems. Over the years, he come to believe that "education" is at the core of solving many of the world's most pressing problems. He also believes that income inequality, racial injustice, sustainability, mental health, health care, and food insecurity can all be improved through better communities, connection, and learning. Missing this episode means missing some great thoughts from David and Yash 🤦🏻, so you better check it out now! :) “The product is important in so much as it reveals the thoughtfulness of the founder, founding team, and how they're thinking about approaching the purging the problem which, which is another way of saying it's, it's all about, like evaluating. Yeah, it's all right. Again, it's all about the people and how they're thinking.” - David Peterson Highlights: [02:53] Building a no-code business and getting acquired with Airtable [04:49] Jumping to venture capital world [06:15] Airtable's influence on David's investment philosophy and "operator principles" [08:34] How Airtable and Zapier help non-developers [11:29] How did the market change in the last two years [14:57] The impact of the COVID pandemic and the evolution of venture [21:56] The best way to increase optionality as an early-stage Founder [28:09] The Biggest Expense That You're Going to Incur [32:35] How to get in the mind of the next investor [33:03] Best practices with allocating to product vs the team behind the product [39:39] Individual checks: Why is it becoming more common? [54:04] Growth pillars: The advantage of people who have deep product sophistication [01:10:18] Prediction for Notion and Airtable in the next few years [01:14:06] Crypto's impact on the no-code, maker-focused software industry [01:19:00] What is a Phantom Founder? [01:21:16] The most overlooked variables when investing in B2B, Enterprise SaaS space
April 19, 2022
Confronting the Co-Founder of PROCESIO: A Tool That Can Be Used By Anyone - #3
In this episode, I am joined by Darzan Mihai, the Co-Founder of PROCESIO. Mihai was born and raised in Romania and has 11+ years of experience in software engineering and SMB management, focusing on growing high-performing teams in the B2B software industry. Mihai and his co-founder bootstrapped PROCESIO — from their company Ringhel — which provides ERP & CRM software for power & gas companies on the Romanian market since 2011. Having identified a need to develop integrations and automation faster using pre-built components for their own clients, they decided to take it a step further and create an enterprise-grade platform that any company or individual with zero to advanced programming skills could use. In the Summer of 2020, PROCESIO raised their first seed funding round which allowed them to build the MVP. In Spring 2021, they raised a bridge funding round and launched the platform in private beta mode. Then in August 2021, PROCESIO was launched publicly, and their team has grown to 16 members. Aside from PROCESIO, Mihai is involved with a ton of other startups and angel investments. In 2019 Mihai joined Sparking Capital as LP and Board Member, as well as, TechAngels Romania and Angels Den Funding. Since 2020, he's also been a Partner at Smart Impact Capital. PROCESIO standardizes how you create, monitor and maintain processes across applications. Technical and business teams can build integrations collaboratively without having to code applications from scratch.In July 2020, PROCESIO set out to raise a $400,000 round to fund their vision for their No-Code Platform-as-a-Service for non-technical people, empowering companies to adjust faster to market changes, with lower costs, using existing business personnel. PROCESIO successfully raised over $500,000 from 74 investors — far exceeding their goal. Enjoy this great conversation I had with Darzan Mihai! :) "We envision our technology to be a core productivity tool used by any company or individual, the default choice to build software integrations and automation." Highlights: [02:33] The story behind Darzan's success and how he's invested in his journey [08:56] The core characteristics of an entrepreneur [10:20] Time management tips in investing and scaling businesses [11:45] Why is entrepreneurship considered sexy? [14:54] The story of PROCESIO [20:37] Things you should know about PROCESIO and how it can help you [25:08] How does PROCESIO differ from other tools out there? [33:00] What about security? [33:57] The Macro vision [40:44] Transitioning from organic growth to blitzscaling [43:07] Why do people praise bootstrapped founders? [49:18] Investments and Mentors: An effective way to build your company
April 13, 2022
The No-Code Expert Who Has Built and Sold Over 230 Custom, No Code Apps - #2
Today's guest is Jesus Vargas (@eltintero) who is the Founder & CEO of LowCode Agency. LowCode Agency works with small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs by building custom apps without breaking the bank. Jesus’s agency uses no-code and low-code tools to start, grow or scale your business and get you the best ROI (“Return On Investment”). As you’ll hear in this episode, LowCode Agency mostly works with a tool called Glide (formerly “Glideapps”) and have built over 230 custom apps in only a couple of years. In this episode, Jesus Vargas, Founder & CEO of LowCode Agency tells all: from his personal journey, what it’s like to be a serial entrepreneur, and how you can build a services businesses with no code. Jesus is a purebred entrepreneur who has built one of the largest no-code agencies in the world. LowCode Agency has been helping businesses optimize their processes and streamline operations by building custom-made apps; becoming one of the top No-Code Makers — and Glide Experts — in the world!  Press that play button and learn more about his story on how he built such a massive business that has built more than 230 apps for small businesses and startups to the largest Fortune 500 companies — all with no-code!
April 07, 2022
Confronting the Bootstrapped Founder of a $50 Million Dollar No-Code Empire - #1
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** In today’s episode of In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy podcast, I'm joined by Stackby Founder and CEO: Rachit Khator. "Stackby = A better way to create tools that fit you and your company’s needs." Back in 2016, Rachit was working for a Fortune 500 company in the United States, and like many of us, struggling with spreadsheets to manage his day-to-day work. He was using spreadsheets in every way possible: left, right, up, down, and center, but nothing helped him manage all of the company's internal workflows like everyone wanted and wished was possible (at the time!). So... With an eye out to better organize data, collaborate with team members, and automate business processes, Rachit exhausted every tool from spreadsheets and CRMs to the plethora of project management tools - only to realize that none of these tools allow you to customize your workflows the exact way you want for your business. After talking with over 500 professionals across a wide array of industries, Rachit concluded that most people - from Analysts to CEOs - still heavily rely on spreadsheets to organize their work (except their work isn't really that organized!). With that, an idea emerged: "How about we build a tool that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet but empowers non-technical users to create their own software the way they want?" And that's exactly what he did! Tune in to this podcast episode and learn how Stackby grew from an idea to one of the most popular no-code tools in the world and has already enabled over 10,000 companies across 150+ countries to create their own (super meta - I know!) no-code tools & manage their work in a much better way... Highlights: [05:42] What is Stackby? [09:25] The History of Spreadsheet [15:24] A problem in 2017 not just for the emerging profession but the rest of the world [18:20] Things you should know about API’S [26:40] How Stackby is different from all other table platforms [01:00:20] How Stackby started and the influences behind it [01:20:00] The advantage of having the right people in the right place [01:28:00] Sacrifices made for Stackby [01:28:00] How Rachit keeps his people motivated [01:34:14] Stackby’s Approach in hiring, partnerships, content collaboration, and co-marketing [1:57:35] What you should look forward to from Stackby Quick Question: I wanna know what you think about this episode, if you have an extra minute please leave a comment and subscribe or follow me on social. Thank you for listening! :)
April 06, 2022
Pilot - #0
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** Show Notes Tom Brady is retiring today (officially) and here is Pat McAfee (who if you remember struck a huge deal with FanDuel about a month or two ago for $120 million!) take on Tom Brady retiring (0:00 - 2:14) Joe Burrows speech after the Bengals win at Kansas City this weekend on their way to the Super Bowl, take a listen - (0:28 - END) Hulu video from S1E1 of Dopesick with Big Pharma introducing the miracle drug: Oxycontin - Ottawa Canada Freedom Convoy - Whole Video - Pauly D on if Jersey Shore was scripted - (20:07-21:12) NFT market is exploding with Opensea’s revenue of $5 BILLION in January for MONTHLY SALES highest since August 2021 - (0:28-1:36) MFM with Ryan the Founder of Bolt attacking Y Combinator and Stripe being the Mob. NFT market is exploding with Opensea’s revenue of $5 BILLION in January for MONTHLY SALES highest since August 2021 - (0:28-1:36) OVERTAXED - Busy season is here — but some public accountants aren’t - - By Elizabeth Lopatto@mslopatto 1:10:34 - 1:12:28 - MFM - How Dao’s will change the world with Ryan Breslow “DAO’s are going to change the world” Elon Musk calls Joe Biden a “damp wet sock” on Twitter - Whole Video - Elon Musk’s plane is being tracked with Twitter account and 19-year-old Jack Sweeney wants $50k to stop - article on engaget Substack(s) referenced: & &
March 31, 2022
The Jonathan Kogan Show
**FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!** The official trailer to the brand new podcast on the ownership economy! Crypto exposed the power of The Ownership Economy, and more specifically, ownership-as-a-tool to drive users to contribute to protocols they use in deeper ways. Now, the opportunity is to follow the pattern, and build more accessible products (and protocols) that bootstrap adoption and participation through better economic alignment between users and stakeholders. “The purpose of this newsletter and the podcast is to help accelerate awareness, practical advice from the top entrepreneurs, creators, and makers in the world so you can apply their proven strategies into your passions.” This is the modernization of education. **FOLLOW NEW PODCAST HERE! DIFFERENT RSS FEED!**
February 15, 2022
The Jonathan Kogan Show (Trailer)
The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simple want to know what is really going on without the propaganda. All Channels:
June 22, 2020