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The Right Side Of Disabilities

The Right Side Of Disabilities

By James Tylee
An alternate take on the Civil Rights of Americans with Disabilities. Powered by CyberFM at

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An invalid Invalid Statement: Hey Disabled Vets: Thank ME for MY Service!
Everyone is equal, everyone deserves to be treated fairly. No one is exempt from being called out for irrational, irresponsible and egotistical behavior.  Yes disabled folks can be horrible people too! I make a statement regarding "Disabled Vets" who brag about how they became disabled, why they became disabled, and rub in the faces of others that they ultimately "took one for the team."  I ask, "Who's team?"
November 16, 2020
Live Read and Reaction to: The Biden Plan For Full Participation & Equality For People With Disabilities
Well folks, we started off fine during the Live Video on Social Media.  I gave a wholehearted honest attempt to be unbiased and open-minded. As we progressed (no pun intended), we see that History will repeat itself from 1938, 1964, 1973, 1990, 2009, and 2010 for 2021!
November 9, 2020