E12: Ten Strategies to Get More Reviews in Amazon with Gary Huang

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By Judolaunch
A podcast for Amazon FBA sellers who want the lowdown on the latest industry techniques, tools & updates.

These long-form conversations are led by Chris Rawlings, the founder of Judolaunch, the brains behind a 7-figure Amazon empire, and a has-been rock ‘n roll star.

Each week, Chris hosts leading Amazon entrepreneurs and industry experts. Don't miss out – subscribe now!
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More places to listen

E13: Whatever it takes! Kevin Rizer- From Radio Host to an International Pet Products Empire.
Kevin Rizer- successful brand builder,  had a podcast of his own, logistic's business, owned multiple brands,  speaker, legend and a mentor of mine! I am so excited for this episode as Kevin will reveal ups and dows and how to succeed in this world. We will get philosophical and if you need to shift your mind listen all the way till the end!  
August 5, 2019
E10: How I Built my Amazon Empire feat. Joshua Asquith
May 17, 2019
E08: Startup Lessons from a Global Venture Capitalist feat. Bay McLaughlin
BayMcLaughlin talks entrepreneurship and starting up a small business.  After 10 years in Silicon Valley, Bay quit his job at Apple to move halfway around the world to Hong Kong. It was here that he co-founded Brinc, a global hardware accelerator that helps startups to manufacture their products and scale their business.  Tune in now to listen to Bay's entrepreneurial journey and learn how to turn your Amazon brand into a long-term business.   Visit us at http://judolaunch.com/
April 7, 2019
E07: How To Avoid Amazon Account Suspension feat. Chris McCabe
Chris McCabe is a former Amazon employee from their policy and protection teams.  After many years of evaluating seller account performance and enforcing Amazon’s policies, Chris launched his own consulting business. Today, he teaches sellers how to protect their accounts, as well as appeal listing restrictions and suspensions. Listen to our latest podcast episode to learn how to think more like Amazon and appeal your case effectively.  http://judolaunch.com/
April 2, 2019
E06: Sourcing from China 101 feat. Ashish Monga
The majority of Amazon sellers source and ship their products from China. And why not? It's a widespread and profitable business strategy. If you currently source any products from China (or want to start), then you need to hear from Ashish Monga.  For years, Ashish has worked with Chinese factories from various industries and gained on-the-ground insights into their working practices. Today, he's the founder of IMEX Sourcing Services, which helps Amazon sellers to connect with reliable Chinese manufacturers, arrange all the logistics, and get the best price using China-specific negotiation strategies.  In our latest podcast episode, we talk to Ashish about the best practices for sourcing in China, including: The checklist you should follow when shortlisting suppliers  How to develop the right specifications for your product Top mistakes to avoid when choosing your supplier https://judolaunch.com
March 26, 2019
E05: How To License Your Amazon Brand feat. Paul Miller
Paul Miller is the founder of Next Level Licensing and owner of Cozyphones.com.  Back in 2015, Paul started his private label business on Amazon. It grew from zero to $5 million within a couple of years, fuelled by his licensing agreements with global giants like Disney, Nickelodeon and Whatif Monster. In this episode, you'll learn: How to negotiate your product licensing deal What to expect in licensing royalties How licensing a piece of intellectual property brings credibility to your brand and access to new audiences Visit us: https://judolaunch.com
March 8, 2019
E04: 19 Years of Amazon Selling Advice feat. Kevin King
Kevin King is a serial entrepreneur who has sold millions of dollars of product on Amazon. As a one-man band, he's been building e-commerce empires since 1995 and selling on Amazon since 2000. Thanks to his wealth of knowledge and practical attitude, Kevin's spoken at over 20 Amazon conferences worldwide and mentors sellers in the Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 Elite Mastermind courses.  Here’s a sneak peek of our chat:  Why 90% of new Amazon businesses will fail and how you can avoid this trap (hint: treat it like a business, not a “get rich quick” scheme).  Best practice for building and flipping Amazon brands.  How to leverage your Amazon store data to build your brand. https://judolaunch.com
March 5, 2019
E03: How To Sell Your Amazon Brand for 7 Figures feat. Coran Woodmass
Coran Woodmass is the Founder and Managing Partner of The FBA Broker.  Since 2016, he’s been helping founders of Amazon brands to prepare and sell their businesses for the highest value and best deal terms. It’s a hugely exciting time to hear insights from Coran. Why? His list of registered buyers has just hit $1 billion in available capital. That's a big list of potential buyers for your Amazon brand.  Tune in to hear how you can sell your Amazon business for 5, 6 and 7 figures in cash. https://judolaunch.com
February 12, 2019
E02: Amazon PPC Techniques You Need To Know feat. Danny McMillan
Danny McMillan is a serial Amazon entrepreneur who lives and breathes conversion optimization and PPC. In this podcast episode, Danny walks us through his past Amazon PPC campaigns, sharing which techniques have worked for him and which ones to avoid. https://judolaunch.com
February 8, 2019
E01: How To Generate ROI with Amazon PPC feat. Tim Kopania
Tim's a highly successful Amazon entrepreneur and PPC consultant, with over 6 years of experience in the FBA world. In this episode, you'll discover: Why it's crucial to choose the right PPC keywords and avoid certain others How to place smart PPC bids and generate long-term ROI How Tim overcame his fear of failure and learned to live with risk (so he could reap the rewards!) https://judolaunch.com
January 30, 2019
Introduction: Let's Jam!
We've packed Seller Jams to the brim with Amazon selling techniques and insights. Plus:  Our guest line-up is awesome I don't want to spoil the surprise but expect to hear from Amazon FBA leaders. OK, I can't hold it in. We've got the legendary Danny McMillan for one of our early episodes! You definitely don't want to miss him speak.  Our content is inspired by YOU Don't hesitate to hit me up with any questions or send through specific topic requests. No question too small and no problem too big. Just email hello@judoalunch.com to reach me (yes, I read and respond to every single email).  Chris Rawlings Founder, Judolaunch https://judolaunch.com/
January 22, 2019
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