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Small Biz Tips

Small Biz Tips

By Julbert Abraham
In this podcast, Julbert Abraham interview small business owners and entrepreneurs from some of the fastest growing companies in America who have been in the trenches.

They share their journey, their lessons and tips that can help other up and coming small business owners.

If you are an Entrepreneur or small business owner, this podcast provide tactical tips and examples to help you reach your goals.

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How to Attract and Retain Clients
Learn more about how Marquel Russell aka The King of Client Attraction, accidentally became a coach and has now helped his students generate over 1 Billion in Revenue for their businesses!
September 12, 2022
Reforming Education with Locha Brooks, 1st Class Educator
Learn more about how Locha Brooks aka The 1st Class Educator is Reforming Education in 2022 with her School Consulting Firm!   To learn how to start your own School Consulting Firm and Generate $250k Profit annually, check out her webinar and course!   Free School Consultant Webinar Link     School Consultant Accelerator Course Link  You can also contact Locha on all platforms @LochaPowerMoves :)   More About Locha Brooks, 1st Class Educator   Locha Brooks is founder and CEO of 1st Class Educator. One of the leading school consulting firms providing staff development and assistance to educational organizations. Ms. Brooks has a passion for promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and access which is shown throughout her organization’s commitments.   Ms. Brooks started her post-secondary education journey with an Associate of Arts in Communication from St. Louis Community College while working a substitute teacher. Next, she proudly graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a focus in English content from Harris-Stowe State University while serving as an In-School Suspension Coordinator. Upon graduating Ms. Brooks proudly secured a position as high school English Language Arts instructor.   Always hungry for learning, Locha leveled up and received a Master's Degree in Education Administration from Lindenwood University located in St. Charles, Missouri.  She also completed post-graduate work at Harvard University in the Women in Educational Leadership program.   With her experience she has served in education for over 14 years. She has moved through the ranks of the educational field and has the experience and understanding to help clients transform their careers and workplace culture. Ms. Brooks now offers an 8-Week Course of how to start a School Consulting Firm through the School Consultant Accelerator program.   Locha is a dedicated member of several professional education organizations including NABSE, NEA, NEA Black Caucus, and ILA. With her expertise, she has also written and assisted with curriculum revisions.   Staying on the leading edge of the latest practices and trends in education, Locha attends several conferences and workshops to better assist clients. Now, with the help of her 1st Class Educator team, she continues to lead professional development initiatives on various topics from cultural competency training, behavioral intervention and support, classroom management, beginning teacher assistance and beyond. Locha is the proud mother of two wonderful boys, Pharaoh and Sire. When she is not helping educators and future entrepreneurs perfect their craft, you’ll find her spending time with her children and traveling the world.
August 10, 2022
Boxabl: How Folding Homes Generated 90 Million in Revenue
The creative ways Boxabl Founder, Galiano Tiramani, generated over 90 million dollars in revenue by revolutionizing the way we build homes!   Anyone can buy shares in boxabl for $0.80 at and read the offering circular contract at
July 29, 2022
The Cheat Code to Millions with Danielle P. Jeter
Danielle P. Jeter Visionary, Founder, CEO AOI Events & PR Women In Media GLOBAL Embracing the ethos that entrepreneurs can be community leaders, this change-agent Danielle P. Jeter is a role model for today’s generation and new wave of women. “Creative, visionary, and inspiring” are just a few words used to describe Danielle P. Jeter. Jeter’s a graduate of Spelman College. This dynamic change-agent is an award-winning travelpreneur, garnering 12 years as a CEO and a trusted advisor to politicians, institutions, CEOS, and youth. DPJeter's proven strategies have garnered her opportunities to share the stage with many greats like Master P, Kindred The Family Soul, Wale, Wise Intelligent, James Lindsay of Rap Snacks, Bonin Bough, Governor Tom Wolf, Senator Bob Casey, Yandy Smith Harris, Sonia Sanchez, Angela Yee, DJ Aktive, Ronne Brown, DJ Spinderella, and David Shands Sleepis4Suckers. She has been quoted in over 20 national publications for her abilities to advocate, inspire, lead, and build community. Passionate about the global impact and economic empowerment, Jeter is devoted to the next generation of leaders, empowerment, and multimedia story-telling. Jeter is the Founder & CEO of AOI Events & PR. AOI Events & PR is an award-winning leader in the communications industry, who stands to make a measurable difference in the communities they serve. AOI proudly services the world’s most impactful brands with creative and intrepid strategies to establish them as household names. This is accomplished through media placements, branding, marketing, and business growth strategy. AOI Represents Black CEOs and Women CEOs who are Thought Leaders In FinTech, Women’s Empowerment, Wellness, Lifestyle, Politics and Cryptocurrency / NFT / Blockchain Technology. Currently, you can find DPJeter behind her laptop or on the phone near any beautiful bodies of water focused on scaling her PR Agency, AOI Events & PR and building out her coaching program called Notable Brands University.  Danielle is passionate about helping as many brands as possible grow their credibility and authority in their chosen niche which will ultimately give them the opportunity to inspire people with their impactful story and build wealth at the same time.
June 15, 2022
How to build a brand and scale it with Scarlett R.
Scarlett Rocourt knows how to build a brand and scale it. As an award-winning entrepreneur and the owner of Wonder Curl, an indie hair care line for all hair types, Scarlett scaled her brand’s visibility and its revenue. She created Wonder Curl in 2010 because she wanted products that simply did what they said and used simple ingredients. After formulating the Get Set Hair Jelly, which is our best seller, she formulated the rest of the line using customers’ feedback as well as personal need. Today, Wonder Curl can be found throughout the US, Caribbean and Europe. She started the Healthy Hair Summit in April 2020 after seeing a need for more textured hair education. With the Healthy Hair Summit, her vision is to become the premier source for consumer haircare information. As a Haitian-born immigrant and plant-based vegan, she was able to create multiple successful platforms across the internet that aligns with her vision to give curly-haired people the best products and education. She also offers one-on-one hair consults for personalized haircare information. In her spare time, you can find Scarlett doing Kundalini yoga at the park or in her garden tending to her varieties of fruits and vegetables she’s growing. She’s using her time during the pandemic to learn how to can her own food and recreate her childhood Haitian dishes into healthy vegan meals.
May 26, 2022
The Secret Weapon for Women Changing The World with Lis Best
Great Interview with Lis Best! Lis Best is the secret weapon for women who are changing the world. Specifically, she is an executive coach for women in the impact space, founder of the Girls Club mastermind, and host of the Women Changing the World podcast. In her 10+ years in the corporate sustainability world, Lis watched two things happen: one, she saw amazing woman after amazing woman land her dream job and completely burn herself out (spoiler alert: this happened to her, too). And two, she saw time and time again that the impact that companies were having on the world wasn't dictated by what they "should" be doing - it was dictated by how effective a change agent the person leading their program was. So in early 2020 (right before the pandemic), Lis took the leap and started her own coaching and consulting business to help other women make their sustainability careers more personally sustainable by leading with mindfulness and moxie. Today she has helped hundreds of women launch impact-focused businesses, land and excel in their dream jobs, and enhance their personal brands. -- lis best (she / her) impact coach + consultant | linkedin | instagram | calendly
May 15, 2022
Work your business don’t let it work you with the Queen of LinkedIn Lakrisha Davis
Lakrisha Davis - formerly known as “The Career Professor '' - is an Award-winning Career Coach turned LinkedIn Business Coach. After being let go from her 6-figure corporate job in January of 2017, Lakrisha turned to LinkedIn to market and grow her career services business full-time. Now that she’s got LinkedIn down to a science, Lakrisha shares the proven strategies and frameworks she personally leveraged to build a profitable LinkedIn brand with other Black women. In her 5 years in business, she has impacted thousands of job seekers and created a number of female creators on LinkedIn. Lakrisha holds a BA and MBA in Business, and hails from the city of Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her partner, attending live music events, acting, and karaoke.
May 05, 2022
Mike the Business Man with Julbert Abraham
Mike The Business Man aka MTB. I am a serial entrepreneur, husband and father. I am an avid traveler. I’ve been to over 20 countries and still seeking to go to more. I love to watch anime and UFC on my spare time and spend countless hours every week consuming courses and self-development audiobooks in my search for more knowledge. I like to tell people that New Jersey raised me but Texas paid me. After I graduated from Rutgers University New Jersey with a major in Computer Information Systems, I couldn’t get a job in the tech industry. I searched the entire Tri-state area looking for a job in tech. But no company was hiring. Hence I packed my bags and moved to Texas where I noticed it was full of opportunities. First opportunity came in the form of an insurance job, where I sold non-standard property & casualty auto insurance to high-risk drivers. After several years of doing this, I sold the businesses and then decided to embark on a new journey – Corporate America. This led me down a career path in the telecommunications industry, and eventually into banking, where I was a Tech & Cyber Operational Risk Management Vice president for banks like Bank of America & JP Morgan Chase to name a few. This wealth of insurance and risk management experience has served me well and given me the confidence and the knowledge required to become successful as I transitioned out from corporate America and into my dream job of running a highly successful exotic car rental company. I believe this wealth of knowledge has served me well and given me an edge over my peers in the industry
May 03, 2022
How to sell high ticket items with Bruce Hill
Bruce Hill is a sales professional and trainer whose career spans a decade. Along the way he has accumulated numerous awards including President Club two times. He realized that the skills that made him successful as a salesperson are transferable. He began coaching young professionals and entrepreneurs in personal and professional development. Bruce believes one new skill can change your life. Thus New Skills New You was born. From fraternal organizations to business professionals to solopreneurs. By combining his experience in sales and business   New Skills New You has helped others start new ventures and scale existing ones. Schedule a call here: Digital Store:
April 20, 2022
Everything You Need to Know to succeed as a Small Business with Chris Vaglio
Chris Vaglio is a business mentor & marketing/branding consultant that helps creative business owners build a ROCK STAR brand so they can get noticed, feel confident, and bring in more clients. Chris was the co-founder and co-owner of Grey Sky Films, a video production agency that he started in 2000 and grew into a 7+ figure company before successfully exiting in 2020. When Chris isn't helping his clients create a ROCK STAR brand or working on new strategies for Rock It Growth Agency, he spends time with family and Boston Terrier, Milo. He is often found listening to too much punk and metal music in addition to watching Star Wars repeatedly. PEOPLE I'D LIKE TO MEET Chris likes to be introduced to creative professionals such as marketing and advertising agency owners, marketing directors, video producers, filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, and artists. HAVE ME SPEAK AT YOUR NEXT EVENT! POPULAR TOPICS I SPEAK ON "How to Create Your Personal Brand", "How to Leverage Your Personal Brand", "How to use YouTube 101", How To Use YouTube 201", "How to Use Canva", "How to Humanize Your Brand with Video", "How To Make Your Business ROCK", "Owning Your Personal Story", "How to Use LIVE VIDEO on Social Media", "Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile", "How to Raise Your Social Capital"
April 13, 2022
Understand the in and out of system and automation with Elle Taheri
Elle Taheri is a Harvard credited business strategist specializing in set up operations and scaling LLC's with proper systems and business funding. With more than 50 certifications in training development and over a decade of experience in implementing systems, Elle uses frameworks to 10x your business. Offers 30 5 week accelerator for 3k that includes: Learning contracts for vendors Paying  yourself Bookkeeping Finding your niche Grant proposal Business Funding
April 06, 2022
$100,000 In Only 7 Months Using Just Instagram With Taijaun
In this episode,  I had a chance to connect with a good friend of mine. Taijaun is a 20 year old web design & marketing nerd residing in Atlanta. His #1 goal this year is to teach Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs how to Sell ANY Product Using Instagram. Socials: Instagram @taijaun Youtube:
March 31, 2022
How to build multiple businesses as a power house couple with Shavon and Nichole
To know more about our guests on this episode, check out the following details! Shavon is a new age entrepreneur and the CEO of The Rumour App company. She is an advocate for equity within the black community, a mindset enthusiast, a motivator and she has successfully transitioned from working a 9 to 5 to reaching 6-figures on Airbnb without owning property. She now teaches others how to get their first Airbnb property. Shavon is driving towards creating a wellness mecca for other entrepreneurs that include the likes of educational based tech, with a splash of spirituality to help entrepreneurs navigate their way to their highest potential and build scalable businesses. Shavon has a deep passion for entrepreneurship and believes everyone should be able to live the life of their dreams. She loves finding new ways to nourish and connect with her body, while inspiring others to do the same. She also loves deep conversations, traveling, spending time with her family, deep-belly laughs and FOOD! For more information on Shavon’s Airbnb Coaching Program, teaching you how to build an Airbnb empire without owning any property, visit Nichole is a Life Coach and the CEO of Shift2Happiness.  Her work is focused on helping people find focus and stability through coaching, planning and recognizing that ‘AHA’ moment. From an early age, Nichole faced several traumatizing and life-altering experiences that impacted her perception of life, love, and expectations of the world. Seeing that the reality of her challenges in life were due to her inability to process pain and past trauma, she committed to changing the narrative of her life moving forward. She’s since built a level of self-love and compassion for herself that’s enabled her to set healthy boundaries and rebuild healthy relationships. Knowing how traumatizing and triggering her life was and how abundant it is now; she is dedicated to paving a path for others who desire a brighter future but are struggling to find their path. On the personal side, traveling and experiencing new cultures is Nichole’s favorite desire, and finding ways to challenge herself mentally is her favorite lifestyle. She loves spending time learning, reading, running and crafting. When it’s time to chill, she loves being with her wife, dog, and cat in front of the fireplace. To learn more about what Nichole offers or to schedule a session with her, visit
March 23, 2022
How to build multiple six figure businesses by getting in the room - With Markus Turner
Check these out for more information for the podcast. The Digital Empire eBook: Instagram: YouTube: TikTok:
March 17, 2022
How to Generate 100k in business and personal funding with Dion Coopwood
Super excited about this episode with my good friend Dion Coopwood. A little bit about our guest: Dion is the Founder and CEO of Dominate the Decade Mentorship Group and Precise Credit, LLC. After leaving a successful retail career, over the past decade, he started multiple businesses and have generated multiple 6 and 7 figures. Follow: FB I @DionCoopwood IG I @Mr.Phenomenalpower DIY METRO2 CREDIT REPAIR EBOOK: MANUFACTURE SPENDING EBOOK: 30 DAY CREDIT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: PERSONAL & BUSINESS CREDIT QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE:
March 11, 2022
A Floating Rock in Space (Best Kept Secret for Entrepreneurs) with Cornell Thomas
Check out this amazing interview with my good friend Cornell Thomas, we went deep when it comes to best kept secret for Entrepreneurs. Here is a quick bio of Cornell: Cornell is a former basketball player and coach originally from Passaic New Jersey. Cornell received a contract to play professional basketball in Portugal, when just a week before departure he ruptured his Achilles tendon. Little did he know at the time that the pain he suffered from not being able to achieve his childhood dream would lead him directly to finding his purpose. Cornell became the head men’s basketball coach at Sussex County Community College at the age of just 26 years old. Having no prior coaching experience Cornell received a crash course in leadership, team dynamics, and culture. Determined to coach at the Division 1 level, Cornell left SCCC after 6 seasons to become an assistant at national basketball powerhouse Blair Academy. It was at Blair that Cornell got the unique opportunity to learn from some of the best basketball coaches (and leaders) in the country. From NCAA champions to NBA head coaches, Cornell immersed himself in all things leadership and team. After about 4 seasons at Blair Academy Cornell felt a shift. He started writing his own inspirational quotes, which eventually led to him writing a blog called the Power Of Positivity. After the blogs success Cornell decided to write a book under the same name. It was then that Cornell said to himself that he wanted to share his story with the world. With no mentorship, or speaker training Cornell embarked on his current journey 9 years ago. Flash forward to the present day, and Cornell is now a 5 time author, the host of two popular podcast (Storytellers Podcast and Population Unplugged) and has spoken all over the world from Dubai, Africa, and Saudi Arabia, to Switzerland, England etc Cornell is also the creator of the Positivity Summit event, is a sought after effective speaking trainer, and corporate trainer. He is on a mission to make the world a better place one speech, workshop, book, and interaction at a time. To grab a copy of Cornell's books - This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
February 02, 2022
How to Bypass Your Fear of Failure to Scale Your Business With Patrick Carver
Hey guys! Check out this amazing episode with my good friend Patrick Carver! Here is some more information about Patrick: Patrick Carver is CEO of Constellation Marketing, an Atlanta-based digital marketing firm. Patrick has spent over a decade working in digital marketing. Before starting Constellation Marketing, Patrick served as Digital Marketing Manager at a Fortune 500 company. He has experience across a variety of industries and business sizes. Patrick leads a talented team of marketing professionals who work together with the aim of driving growth in professional services firms, especially law firms. His team is experienced across the entire spectrum of digital marketing, from web design to advertising. Here is his website - This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
January 19, 2022
How to retain your clients for 5 or more years with Al Navarro (Mint Advertising)
I had an amazing opportunity to connect with the team at Mint Advertising.  Here is some background information on both of the founders Al and Eric: Al Navarro Al co-founded Mint Advertising after 13 years in the industry. His career began at the New York outposts of Grey Direct and J. Walter Thompson Direct, where he learned “old school” direct marketing. But things really started to happen when he moved to Rapp Collins (also in New York), where he worked on ADT Home Security, Delta Air Lines, Hyatt Hotels, and Mercedes-Benz. Al’s work on the launch of the Mercedes M-Class Sport Utility Vehicle was honored with top awards in both the Caples and Addy Awards shows — and garnered response rates as high as 59%. He is probably the only agency person you will meet who has been mentioned in GQ (positively!) and Automobile magazine (twice). Eric Schoenfeld Before co-founding Mint, he was the VP of Business Development for Brann Worldwide in Wilton, Connecticut. Eric’s career has carried him through the ranks of some of the world’s biggest direct marketing agencies, including Rapp Collins (where, still in their mid-20s, he and Al were responsible for running over $40 million of business) and Wunderman Worldwide. He has lent his talents to clients such as ADT Security Services, Callaway Golf, Becks Beer, Sony, and the United States Postal Service. Mint Advertising Mint Advertising is an award-winning creative consultancy based in Clinton, NJ that offers a wide range of consumer and B2B marketing services. Founded in late 2002, we serve national, regional, and local brands in a wide range of industries. This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
January 05, 2022
The Pros & Cons of Franchising with Jon Ostenson
In this episode, I had a chance to connect with Jon Ostenson and we chat about the power of Franchising. Here is more details about Jon: Jon is a consultant, investor, author, and international speaker specializing in the area of non-food franchising. He draws on his experience as both the President of an Inc. 500 franchise system and as a multi-brand franchisee in serving clients across these capacities. Jon serves as CEO of FranBridge Consulting where he helps clients understand all aspects of non-food franchising in the process of introducing them to opportunities from the over 300 high growth brands that he represents. Additionally, Jon oversees FranBridge Capital where he and his partners own 17 territories across 5 property service franchises. Jon is the author of 'The Franchise Path' and is a frequent contributor and thought leader for publications on the topic of franchising and franchise investments. Prior to FranBridge, Jon was the President of ShelfGenie, a national franchise system with 200 locations.  Prior to ShelfGenie, Jon was the Vice President of Sales for Carter’s Inc., responsible for over $350M in annual sales. Jon began his career as a Consultant with Accenture, often working Internationally on behalf of clients. Jon has BBA and MBA degrees from the University of Georgia and lives in Atlanta, GA where he and his wife have 3 children and are active in the community. This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
December 22, 2021
How to properly price your services with Lev Hunter
I had an opportunity to connect with my boy Lev in this interview, where he dropped some amazing gems for small business owners. Here is more information on Lev: Lev Hunter is a Content Strategist who helps high ticket coaches and consultants grow and monetize Instagram without being on social media all day! Before starting his social media business, Lev spent eight years as an On-Air Personality and Promotions Director for a local radio station in Michigan where people know him as LV. After leaving radio, Lev worked for about a year as a freelancer for a YouTube Consultant. Lev kept the desire for entrepreneurship in his heart while bouncing around to jobs in banking, the health field, and the food industry. Lev understands the balance of having a full-time job while building a business on the side. It is not easy, so don’t do it alone. Lev enjoys sharing his passion for coffee through his business, The Daily Brew Coffee. Lev is available for coaching! Visit This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
December 08, 2021
How to know what drive your business with Tedd Drattell
In this episode, I had a chance to connect Tedd Drattell. Tedd is the Founder and CEO of The A Team. Tedd’s take-charge attitude combined with his extensive background in operations and finance, both in the private and public sectors, helps ensure that The A Team provides the best talent and business recommendations to effectively and successfully meet each client’s needs. Prior to founding The A Team, Tedd worked as a CPA with Big 4 accounting firms, and as a CFO at privately held corporations in the apparel, manufacturing, wholesaling, and importing industries. He received his degree in Accounting, with honors, from The University of Maryland. Tedd’s boundless energy is not confined to his work. He also enjoys exercising daily, whether it be running, lifting, or spinning. Travel is another passion that Tedd and his wife share. Actively involved in the business and local communities, Tedd is a founder of N3 and the Long Island Professional Alliance. He has also served on the Boards of both the Entrepreneurs Organization of New York and the New York Staffing Association. This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
November 24, 2021
From Cancer Survivor to running a 7 Figure Business with Loren Brill
In this episode, I had a chance to connect with Loren Brill. Loren has an amazing story.  Check out the details below: After beating cancer in her early twenties, founder/CEO Loren Brill made it her mission to eliminate processed foods from her diet. Unable to find great tasting cookies made from clean ingredients, she developed her own.  A note from Loren: My story begins with a question: How do I live a full life without regrets? A few things I’ve learned since beating cancer: Try new things. Work out. Experience the world. And treat yourself. Living a full life also meant taking control over my health, happiness and wellbeing: beginning with the food I eat every day. I cut out hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, most dairy, and anything I couldn’t pronounce. And replaced those foods with clean ones. In a very short amount of time, I felt more energetic, more alive, more me. But as a person with a serious sweet tooth, I was frustrated with the available clean-food options. So, I made my own. And Sweet Loren’s was born. I measure, mix and knead my heart into each Sweet Loren’s recipe. I make sure that every product we make is accessible and made from only clean, Non-GMO, gluten-free and plant-based ingredients. And, most importantly, every product we make tastes incredibly good. Because we all deserve to live a full life filled with yum. This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
November 10, 2021
How to leverage the 4 Days Work Week in your Business with Brian & Tony (Do-Be Times)
In this episode, I had a chance to sit down with two of my good friends Tony Carness and Brian Gorman from Do-Be Associates, discussing the 4-Day Work week model.  The Do-Be Associates’ 4-Day Work Week® is designed to help you define and successfully implement a work week that serves your customers, your employees, and your business. We are not saying you must have a  4-day work week. Our approach gives you the freedom to use that time as you choose. We are  going to enable you and your business to be more productive and efficient with a more engaged  workforce. It is not just what you do, it is also who you are as you are doing it, that makes the difference. That is  why the partnership of Tony Carnesi and Brian Gorman is so powerful. Tony Carnesi is a recovering CPA. He utilizes the knowledge he gathered as a CPA and CFO to be a  useful tool for business owners. He recognizes the value in putting together the plan and staying  with it. Together with you, he will assist you in implementing sound business management practices  to support controlled growth along with increased and sustained profitability. He has served  international clients from Ricola Inc. to regional NY businesses. Tony has appeared on Fox Business  News and Good Day New York; he has been featured in the New York Times and Crain’s New York. Brian Gorman is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified professional coach and change  management guru. He brings decades of change experience and study into every coaching  conversation. He has served clients as diverse as Merck Manufacturing and startups. He taps into the  core of the matter, helping each individual and team maximize their professional and personal  potential. He is a former member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a frequent contributor to Forbes  online publications, and a TEDx speaker. Tony Carnesi 917.716.5913 Brian Gorman 917.653.5198 Website: Contact them today to learn more about the 4-Day Work Week program. When times get tough in business, it’s DO-BE time! That’s our podcast! This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
October 30, 2021
How to turn your challenges into Business Opportunities with Dr. Uyi Abraham
In this episode, I had a chance to sit down with a fellow immigrant Entrepreneur, Dr. Uyi Abraham is an award-winning business coach, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author. He came to America with only a meager $100 bill and a suitcase of clothes to pursue his dream of being a medical doctor. After arriving in America, he was soon hit with some hardships that resulted in temporal homelessness and financial difficulties that led to abandoning his childhood dream of being a medical doctor and shifting into entrepreneurship. Despite his humble beginnings, he has attained entrepreneurial success, and is devoted to helping others become successful entrepreneurs. He is the founder of – a Saas company that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to start and grow a profitable online business. His passion is to help people break their limits and fulfill their life and business dreams. He has been featured on Yahoo Finance, CNBC, ABC, Marketwatch, Fox News and Forbes.
September 30, 2021
How to scale your business with collaboration with Khalil S.
As an Operating Partner in I Know A Guy Network, Khalil brings his experience as an investor and entrepreneur to the table. Before launching I Know A Guy Network with G. Wayne, Khalil churned and burned in the field of phone sales, converting cold calls into cold hard cash.  Now Khalil works with business owners so that they don’t have to waste their time with outdated and inefficient marketing methods.Khalil’s Growth Strategies has grown his business and he’s excited about doing the same for others. Khalil and his wife Precious have been married for 8 years and have three boys. He and his beautiful wife raise their family in Central Florida, and they love traveling  just as much as they love lounging at the beach. To reach out to Khalil - Go here: 
August 30, 2021
How to focus your way to an 8 figure business with David Waring
I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the Co-Founders of Fit Small Business David Waring and I was able to learn so much...before we start the episode, here is more details about the company and the founders: Co-founders David Waring and Marc Prosser started Fit Small Business in 2013. They noticed a distinct absence of high-quality small business content online. They discovered that most articles were (and still are) written by generalists churning out multiple articles a day. Comprehensive answers for small business questions were virtually impossible to find online. They launched Fit Small Business to fill that gap. To develop useful and actionable content, they built a team of experts with current, real-world experience. Our editorial team members have been educators, certified public accountants, insurance agents, lawyers, credit advisors, investment advisors, and of course, small business owners.
May 15, 2021
It's Your Economy, It's not the Economy with Evan Rabin (National Chess Master)
Great conversation with the National Chess Master!! Here is bio: Evan Rabin was born and raised in New York. After working in Corporate America, doing enterprise sales at Oracle and Rapid 7, he formed Premier Chess in September 2017. Premier Chess currently runs programs in 80+ schools and companies, including the law firm Kramer Levin. He is a US Chess National Master.
April 30, 2021
The power of asking the right question with Tameka Vasquez
I had the opportunity to interview one of my good friends Tameka Vasquez.  Before jumping onto the interview, here is more info on our guest: Tameka is a strategist, educator, and social futurist with a decade of experience in the technology industry. She is currently working as Global Head of Marketing for the High-Tech and Manufacturing division of Genpact. Tameka is also a graduate school professor and a public speaker who has participated in conferences and thought leadership events globally. She has been featured by Udemy for Business, IBM Think Leaders, the Content Marketing Institute, CMSWire, and the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.  Tameka is a 2020 Fortune Connect Fellow, a 2019 nominee for the Rising Star award for Women in AI sponsored by VentureBeat, and a 2018 recipient of the Innovators and Disruptors award sponsored by America on Tech and NBC Universal. Tameka is currently working on a podcast called No to Status Quo, launching in Spring 2021. Stay tuned.
April 15, 2021
How a CFO perspective can impact your business with Nelson Topfer
Awesome conversation with my friend Nelson: Here is a quick Bio: Nelson has spent his entire career helping companies. Helping them grow. Helping them scale. Helping them thrive. Helping them overcome their challenges on their path to success. His capability for transformational contribution is the heart of his abilities as a financial officer. Having held leadership roles across organizations large and small, Nelson’s experience spans nearly a dozen industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, logistics to transportation, real estate to digital marketing, legal and other professional services. Nelson served in the roles of the CFO, interim CFO, COO, and consultant; working with companies of all sizes to achieve their strategic, financial, and operational goals. He earned an M.B.A. in Corporate Finance, Financial Instruments and Markets, and Accounting from NYU’s Stern School of Business. This experience has culminated in the creation of ProCFO Partners, where the founding principles inform every decision. Every company deserves an expert CFO to guide them along their way and every expert CFO deserves a platform to practice in a way that is meaningful to them. Best way to reach out to Nelson and his team:
March 30, 2021
If you don't quit, you can't fail with Mike Papapavlou
Great conversation with my friend Mike. Mike Papapavlou is an International Award Winning Guitar Coach, Guitar World Magazine's Winner of the Guitar Teacher of 2020 Award Winner and the Guitar Guide Guru himself! By providing the vision, accountability, encouragement & feedback that almost all aspiring guitarists lack, he's helped hundreds of busy and stressed out professionals across the U.S create a lifetime of joy playing guitar. Best way to reach out to Mike:
March 15, 2021
How to leverage systems to $100k + a month with Tamara Robb
Great conversation about systems with my friend Tamara. Here is her bio: Tamara J. Robb is the Founder and President of Robb Digital Marketing. As the first employee at Cooper Katz in 1996, Tamara learned from the best in the agency business. Mentored by Andy Cooper and Ralph Katz (executives at mega-firm Burson Marsteller), Tamara was hired for her entrepreneurial spirit. She learned first-hand from them how to launch, market, and grow a business. Tamara dove fully into digital marketing when she joined in 1998, where she helped clients including Weight Watchers, the NJ Nets, and the NJ Education Association get the most from their internet presence when digital advertising was in its infancy. She has also worked in the highly regulated industries of pharma, legal, and finance. Her specialized knowledge and understanding of how to navigate the digital space has helped OTC and pharma brands including Novartis, Celgene, Novo Nordisk, and Merck with site launches, search marketing, and even the first YouTube contest. At the helm of Robb Digital since October 2011, Tamara brings leadership, creativity, and drive with insight and hands-on guidance. She and her team help companies employ smart, engaging, highly targeted digital strategies that build strong brands while successfully impacting their bottom line. Best way to reach out to Tamara  -
February 26, 2021
Stop being the Best Kept Secret with Curt Anderson
I had a great conversation with Curt. Here is his bio: Curt Anderson founded an eCommerce company in 1995 that was ranked 3X on the Internet Retailer Magazine Top 1000 eCommerce Companies. Curt is the author of “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret” and founder of  an eCommerce resource guide for manufacturers.
February 12, 2021
The power of No B.S. Marketing with Lee Barnathan
In this episode, I had a chance to sit down with Lee Here is his bio: People hire Lee for their various communications needs because they want someone professional who will cut through the bullshit and help them communicate easily, efficiently and effectively. Lee doe this using the journalism principles of honesty, accuracy, clarity and brevity in all writing and editing. It started in high school when he uncovered a ballot-stuffing incident, resulting in the election being declared null and void. It continued in newspapers when people saw he had talents for asking the right open-ended questions and engaging in active, empathetic and sympathetic listening. Lee's professional writing and editing goes beyond asking the standard who/what/where/when/how/why queries. There’s an emotional component to it. People find they can trust him to handle their sensitive information. They tell him, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” and it leads to better communication and collaboration because Lee shows care, sensitivity, understanding and validation. Then he tells their stories with all the integrity, care and craftsmanship they deserve. His writing and editing personalizes their stories so they feel he's telling it in their voices. Since 1990, clients have trusted Lee with their information in a way that easily, efficiently and effectively tells their stories, informs their target audiences/demographics, sells their products, and states the desired message so they can accomplish their goals. You can reach out to Lee at 
January 29, 2021
Why Should You always take the meeting with Andrea Wolkofsky
In this episode, I had a chance to sit down with Andrea (Genius among us).  Here is her bio: Andrea Wolkofsky is the co-owner of shyft digital – a social and digital strategy and consulting company in Hillsborough NJ. shyft creates brand loyalty by helping marketers find their most authentic voice when talking to the customers they are trying to reach. Almost 20 years in the industry has provided her with a keen sense of what business owners and marketers need for their businesses to thrive. She lives with her husband and two teenage kids, and when she’s not working, she enjoys being anywhere near an ocean and traveling the world with her family. You can reach out to Andrea at 
January 15, 2021
How to leverage Branding to build a 7 figure business with Joseph Sommer
Joseph Sommer is the Founder of White Stone Branding.  Whitestone Branding was founded in January 2013, it's a boutique branded product agency located in the Flatiron District of New York City. Recently honored with being named to the 𝐈𝐧𝐜 𝟓𝟎𝟎𝟎 list for fastest growing private companies in America for the third straight year in 2020. Joseph and his team help their clients ignite and extend their brand or image through creative branded products. Joseph is a master client communicator and knows exactly what to do to make everyone’s projects successful and run as smoothly as possible no matter what the situation.
September 30, 2020
How to grow from 0 to 50 employees with Chris Brown
Chris began his career in the Turfgrass Science industry when he was seventeen years old. He was hired as help for a Summer at Woodway Country Club in Darien, CT. While he was primarily looking forward to fresh air and sun while working, he became fascinated with the extensive science that was behind the maintenance of grass at such a high level. He had been mowing his home lawn since he was twelve, but had never realized just how much there was to it. Chris enrolled at Penn State University based on the stellar reputation of their Turfgrass Science program. While there, he spent Summers working in Turfgrass Pathology research, and at a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in the Pittsburgh, PA area. In 1994 he received a B.S. Degree in Turfgrass Science and returned home to Connecticut as the Assistant Superintendent of Rockrimmon Country Club in Stamford. Though he had been working aggressively toward a career in Golf Course Maintenance, his own aspirations gradually shifted toward business ownership. Though he tried to stay the course he had set, entrepreneurial instincts took over and he quickly grew to dislike the daily grind of the golf course business. He left Rockrimmon to re-plan his career and soon met Peter Teed, who had been working for a local lawn care company as a manager and salesman. The two hit it off quickly and realized that they complemented each other well. In September, 1995 they incorporated their business as “GrassRoots Lawn Care, Inc.” The name was changed to Teed & Brown in August, 2004. In addition to holding a Bachelors Degree in Turfgrass Science, Chris is a Certified Lawn Care Manager. He has appeared as a guest speaker at The University of Rhode Island, SUNY Cobleskill, Penn State University, The University of Connecticut, and at several professional conferences over the years. He has also appeared as a guest lawn care expert on Connecticut channel WTNH.
July 13, 2020
How to consistently learn as you build your business with Edward Moten
C. Edward Moten is a son, brother, husband and father. Ed Moten is the CEO of Dominion Charter, Ltd., which is a private luxury travel and concierge company. He also host a podcast called, 'Saturday Spotlight'. The podcast focuses on edification and encouragement for businesses that believe in more for themselves in every experience. Even though his college training is in Theology and business marketing, business aviation and luxury living has become his passion. Ed is an experienced public speaker and aspires for people in business to encounter more effective and efficient moments through principled living.
June 29, 2020
Growing your Business thru acquisition with Stuart Foreman
Stuart Foreman is the founder and CEO of High Speed Welding, one of the fastest growing anodized aluminum fabrication businesses on the east coast. Originally an Outer Banks, NC native, Mr. Foreman has channeled two of his life long passions, boats and trucks. Within these and other product lines, he has carved out a reputation as one of the most respected manufacturers of marine and automotive accessories within our region. With a 3-year revenue growth of 155%, Stuart has earned spot #2690 on the 2019 INC 5000 list.
June 15, 2020
The Power of Evolution with Kristi Piehl
Kristi Piehl (Peel) launched Media Minefield in 2010. With clients ranging from startups to billion-dollar brands, Media Minefield is a one-of-a-kind PR agency specializing in earned media, crisis communication and Positive Online Presence. Kristi joins us today to discuss her story and share advice for other small business owners.
May 25, 2020
Creating balance in your Life as You Grow Your Business with Brian Tane
Brian Tane is the Founder and CEO of Tane, a Creative Video Agency based in New York City that specializes in video marketing and advertising for leading global and direct-to-consumer brands; including Netflix, Venmo, and Daily Harvest. Tane helps brands build awareness, educate consumers, and drive sales through full-funnel video marketing and advertising campaigns.  Founded in 2002, the agency has received more than 30 industry awards for creative video content and most recently made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing U.S. companies for the third year in a row.
March 17, 2020
Leveraging Partnerships & Referrals to Grow a 7 figure Business with Esther Poulsen
Esther Poulsen founded Raare Solutions LLC in 2013 after ten years as President and Principal Consultant of Raare Inc.  Currently, she serves as Raare Solutions' primary Client Account Manager and Business Development Executive as well as Managing Process Architect. Previously, Esther has worked for over two decades in CRM, Marketing and Information Technology for clients and employers including BMW of North America, Jaguar Land Rover North America, Cummins Engine and Lucent Technologies.  In addition to her professional work she is actively involved in local community organizations and writes the column "Life in Lakelandia" for the Lake Hopatcong News. Esther earned a degree in Communications from Temple University and is a graduate of the Babson College IT Leadership Development Program.  She currently lives in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.
February 02, 2020
How to grow your business to 7 figure by niching down with Chris Dreyer
Chris is the Founder & CEO of Chris got his start in SEO as a self-taught affiliate marketer competing in some of the most ruthless niches on the web. He spent his days building websites and his nights poring over SEO forums, running tests, and absorbing any knowledge he thought could give him an edge. It was a great hands-on education in SEO: Learn. Apply. Test. Repeat.  Fast forward a few years: Chris took a job with an SEO agency where he was managing campaigns for over 30 law firms. He loved the competitiveness of the legal niche. But he hated how unethical his employer was becoming. Time and again, he saw them put short-term revenue over lasting results. It’s no surprise that they’ve since gone out of business. Chris didn’t think SEO had to be a zero-sum game. He believed (and still do) that the easiest way to be profitable is to do what you promise. He decided to take his experience in working with law firms and build an agency that would hide nothing and give their best to every client, every time. Because like you, Chris believe reputation is everything.  Today Chris and his team serve elite personal injury lawyers who share that same commitment to integrity and relentless drive to win. Because similar to personal injury law, there’s no prize for second page in SEO.
January 04, 2020
The Power of Mindfulness - 1 Minute Meditation for Entrepreneurs with Chantelle Fitzgerald
In this episode, we have our friend Chantelle Fitzgerald sharing some insights on the power of the 1 Minute Mediation for Entrepreneurs. Here is a quick bio: Chantelle Fitzgerald is the Founder of Mindset Strategies, LLC a leadership development consulting firm that helps to train and support leaders in becoming the best version of themselves. Mindset Strategies, provides training and tangible tools that help with increase of attention, focus, productivity, resiliency and more. Chantelle is a certified mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainer through a program called Search Inside Yourself -- a program founded out of Google that blends mindfulness with emotional intelligence and neuroscience.
November 27, 2019
Biggest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make - with Joe Apfelbaum
In this episode, we have our friend Joe Apfelbaum sharing some of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make. Here is a quick bio: Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a company he started in January 2008. Within a few years got it to be 178 on the INC 500. Joe's focus is currently supporting B2B companies with marketing funnels, sales enablement and lead generation. Joe lives and work in Brooklyn, NY and he is passionate about helping hungry entrepreneurs go from Frustration to Mojovation. Joe is a proud member of the NSA (National Speakers Association) and an active professional member of the NSA NYC chapter. He loves networking with other professional speakers to learn how to improve his craft. Joe is a long time member of EANYC (Executives Association of New York City), a group of executives that meets a few times a month to help drive grow each others businesses. Joe has been part of the NYC CEO community for the past decade and is very active in participating as a speaker, moderator, contributor, board member in one form or another with Vistage, EO, YEC, YPO, Business Owners Council and YJP.
October 25, 2019
How to follow up effectively with potential clients with Wellington (The King of Follow Ups)
In this episode, we go in full details on the power of following up with your potential clients with the King of Follow Ups. We have our friend Wellington who is from Cueniverse, a music agency in NYC sharing his stories on how he follow up effectively with potential clients Here is a quick bio on Wellington Lora: Wellington Lora Jr. is a professional television and movie composer/pianist with 15 years of experience composing professionally.  He has composed music for over 1200 episodes of television and is the founder of The Cueniverse music library & custom music company. Some popular shows he has worked on are Jersey Shore, Keeping up with The Kardashians, Mtv Cribs, Mtv Catfish, Bad Girls Club, Real World, SNL & Dateline. He has produced radio records for artists Pitbull, Nina Sky, Swizz Beats, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe & Thaitanium. He is a recipient of a Webby award for his work with College Humor and firm believer that you should be paid for what you love to do and practices that everyday.
September 24, 2019
How to make advertising work for you with Chelsey Pendock
In this episode, we had an opportunity to chat with Chelsey Pendock on the power of Advertising and why potential clients or customers need to see your ads at least 7 times for them to start paying attention. A little bit about our guest: Chelsey Pendock is an award winning media planner and the co-founder of Innovision Advertising, a certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise. With a background in local and national advertising sales, Chelsey has an insider's perspective of the media industry and uses her expertise to maximize her client's advertising exposure. Chelsey is also the Founder of the NYC Marketing Resource Group, a network of highly skilled, vetted entrepreneurs covering a wide array of marketing capabilities. She serves on the board of directors for the Childhood Cancer Society and she’s a mentor for undergraduates studying communications at her alma mater, Clarion University.
August 24, 2019
From concept to execution in your business with Donna Miller
 In this episode, we go in details on developing a business from concept to execution. Our guest Donna Miller shared some great tips on her different processes and how she has been able to grow her business for the past 20+ years.  A little bit about our guest: Donna is the founder of C3Workplace, Donna is a pioneer in the shared office arena. Combine that with a portfolio of services to help you with almost any administrative aspect of your business, we help you leverage your time so that you can focus on generating revenue.   Donna has inspired, coached and supported countless business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Her strategy for differentiating the business from its competition includes providing consistently superior service, creating win-win relationships between clients and colleagues, and going above & beyond the expectations of both clients and her staff.    
July 31, 2019
Raising Capital for your Business with Sid
In this episode, we go in details on different form of financing for your small business. Our guest Sid shared some golden nuggets on how to raise capital for your business. A little bit about our guest:  Sid Vaidya is a commercial lending professional with over 10 years of experience working with middle market businesses on growth and efficiency strategies.  Prior to that he helped run a family food business for 6 years. Sid is also an active networker and dedicates time to the business and social community. He runs a networking event called Switch, co-chairs the Corporate Growth and Awards committee for the Association of Corporate Growth of New Jersey (ACG) along with being a Board Member with the Boys and Girls Club of Union County.  Sid holds an MBA from Quinnipiac University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Berkeley College. 
June 28, 2019
How to ask for Referrals with Chris Lipper
Small Business Owners, do you always ask for referrals? In this episode, I had a chance to interview Chris Lipper, an Entrepreneur with 3 companies who works primarily with business owners to help them reach greater success.  Chris has coached hundreds of business owners over the years in sales and marketing, and has experience creating brand identity and corporate image as well as product development and marketing worldwide. Chris developed several multi-million-dollar revenue streams and understand firsthand the challenges today’s business owners and executives face in terms of sales, marketing and operational efficiencies.  This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
June 04, 2019
Do you have a Sell-able business with Albert Hakim?
Have you ever thought about selling your business?  In this episode, we have the Merger & Acquisition expert in New York City sharing his trade secrets on business acquisition.  Albert Hakim is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor with The Kensington Company where he helps business owners sell their companies as well as helping buyers looking to get into a new business or Franchise.  He is an Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience across many diverse business segments; as an owner of retail businesses, wholesale and distribution, a web-based business as well as having spent time in the corporate world as head of corporate sales at a publicly traded company. He is uniquely qualified to assist in all aspects of business transactions and brings his talent to the Kensington Company. This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
April 30, 2019
How to Find the right Networking Group as a small business owner?
Small Biz Tips from My Connections - Episode 1 In this episode, I had the chance to interview my friend George Costello from Costello Creative Group.  George and I go into details on his story, how he started with his agency and how design and creative add value to a company's overall branding. We then went into details in term of identifying the right networking group for a small business owners or Entrepreneur who is just starting out their journey.  If you are looking to learn more about Networking, Branding and Design, this is definitely an episode for you to listen to. A little bit about our guest: George Costello is the Founder/CEO of CCG. His company was founded in May of 2012 after he spent nearly eight years with Firmenich, a leading global flavor & fragrance manufacturer. During that time, he functioned as the Art Director supporting global business segments cross-category with their vast communication needs. This opportunity allowed him to develop a deep industry understanding of their client's needs which ultimately led to the birth of his studio and their unique industry focus. George always had a strong passion for creative arts. After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design & Visual Communications from Kean University in 2002, where he was part of the Art Honor Society, he began his career as a junior designer for a commercial printer. From there, he spent a brief stint designing packaging for an automotive company before landing his dream job in the flavor and fragrance space. Since the inception of CCG, his business has grown from one to five employees and has won multiple awards for creative excellence from GDUSA, NJCAMMA, Jspraa, and the NJ Ad Club. One of his proudest achievements is the 2017 'Jersey’s Best MarkComm Professionals Under 40' Award which is a welcome addition to his collection of accolades. In addition to NJ Ad Club, George is also part of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), The NY Marketing Resources Group, Hudson Business Exchange, and Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce (WFFC). George grew up in Union, NJ, is 39 years old, and currently, resides in Sayreville, NJ. He lives with his lovely wife Janine of six years and their three-year-old son, Deklin. When George is not focused on creativity or spending time with his family, he enjoys reading, working on his business, and playing drums. A little bit about our host: Julbert is widely known as “The LinkedIn Guy”. He is the CEO and Founder of AGM, a B2B agency that specialize on LinkedIn marketing based out of New Jersey. He has been featured and mentioned on Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur, BBC, Huffington Post, ROI-NJ and NJ Business.   Julbert and his team has been working with small and mid-size companies in the US, CA, UK the Caribbean, helping them maximize LinkedIn for branding, marketing, advertising and staffing. Originally from Haiti, Julbert speaks 3 languages and has an MBA from Northeastern University and he is a Professor at Baruch College in New York City. This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
April 02, 2019
How to generate leads from posting on LinkedIn?
In this episode, my colleague Mike Doyle and I discuss tactical strategies on how to generate leads from posting on LinkedIn. He shared his story on how he was able to generate 4 sales calls within 2 weeks from posting great content on LinkedIn. This a great strategy for a small business who is just starting out and wants to build a brand and develop new relationships.  This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
April 01, 2019
How to Predict Cash Flow as you scale your small business
In this episode, we had a chance to have an in-depth conversation with Tricia Taitt, President and Founder of the Art Money Matters, an outsourced CFO firm that help companies project, predict and raise working capital. She provided some real life examples on how a small business can build cash flow and raise capital.  This episode is brought to you by AGM LinkedIn Accelerator Bundle - If you want to CRUSH IT on LinkedIn, enroll to the Best LinkedIn Online Course at:
March 31, 2019