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The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland

The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland

By Julie Bjelland
Empowering highly sensitive people around the world. Sharing all the ways you are needed and valuable in the world. As a sensitivity expert, psychotherapist, and founder of the online Sensitive Empowerment community, my mission is to help you reduce the challenges of having a sensitive nervous system so you can access the many gifts of this trait and thrive to your fullest potential.

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The Way in Which We See the World as HSP’s, with Willow and Julie
Have you ever been asked the question, what is your reality? Or how do you see the world? One of the greatest tools we have as an HSP is the way in which our cognitive perception works. We get so used to how we experience sensory information we forget that it is actually different from non-HSPs. Yet,  why is it important to know this? The way in which we perceive the world around us is in fact in direct correlation to our gifts, abilities, and purpose. In fact, when we consider this more deeply we come to realize that the way we think and see the world is often due to a particular focus we have. A fascination and slant on life that has been with us since we were children. When we identify this and learn to trust it, we are often led into a deeper understanding of ourselves and the way in which we are born to serve. Join us this week where we will discuss how this occurs, how to reveal the gifts it holds for you, and how you can learn to bring it into alignment with the work you love to do. Comment on episodes, read show notes, and our bios at Join the Sensitive Empowerment community, take the free Sensitivity Quiz, and explore all the supportive resources for HSPs at
October 15, 2020
Ask Julie!
Today we celebrate our 100th Episode on World HSP Day! Yay!  I'm answering HSP questions! Here are the questions HSPs asked from my Sensitive Empowerment Community! I would like to understand the difference between the two terms Processing time vs Restorative time a little better. how to help ourselves when we experience feelings of disappointment. In the brain training course, we learn that when we are in fight/flight mode and this reaches a certain point of overwhelm with emotions and stress that we can get stuck in our emotional brain and can't access the logical brain at that point. Would this be the same for physical symptoms that are triggered? Is the brain training course for HSPs suitable for teenagers around 16-17 years or is it mainly a program for adults? Why is it so hard to deal with making a mistake? Even when it’s not my mistake & the mistake of a loved one, I feel so responsible. I'm new here and in Week 3 of Brain Training for HSP's. My question is: what can I say to myself when I have a poor night(s) of sleep (mainly due to peri-menopause) and I need to go to work and do my best to get through the day..? :) Thank you! Do you have any grounding or shielding exercises that you recommend to help HSPs during these intense times? I want to stay informed but COVID, wildfires, US election, racism, etc can all be overwhelming. The amount of stuff going on is hard to process. Thank you! What is the proper use of alcohol for HSPs? Less? None? Hi Julie you recommend 1-2 hrs of alone, unstructured time per day but I am wondering if that has to be consecutive. I tend to prioritize sleep but that leaves me little time for much else. I was wondering, where and what is triggered in HSP's regarding an aversion by some of us to scary movies and or violence and also where or what is triggered in us that makes us more empathetic? I do live events in my Sensitive Empowerment Community every week and I'm there every day offering support.   Hope you join our beautiful HSP family! To take my free Sensitivity Quiz, join my online Sensitive Empowerment Community, and explore all my resources for HSPs visit To explore all the HSP Podcast episodes visit To sign up for my free newsletter for HSPs, visit 
October 6, 2020
Our Challenges Shape Our Purpose with Julie & Willow
Current times are challenging. Several months into a pandemic with no known end in sight, dividing families, economic crisis, racial unrest, political divide, climate crisis, etc. Families are struggling. It’s easy for fear to take over in all this uncertainty and when you combine the intensity of emotion we experience as HSPs it can be overwhelming. In survival mode, we just try to get through the day but there is something different about those listening right now. You are taking a step toward empowerment by choosing to listen to this podcast. Those of you attending live have taken several steps to join our Sensitive Empowerment Community and that’s taking intentional action toward change and that is exciting! You are open to a shift away from inaction to action and a shift in mindset. Consider this... When you lift heavy weights it tears down muscle tissue. But when you feed your body the right nutrition afterward, the muscles repair themselves and become even stronger than before. If we think of challenges in the same way we might be torn down from them but with the right care and balance, we can be even stronger. Just as a muscle is stronger after the repair, so are we! You might have noticed that in our own stories and in the HSP guests we’ve had that most of the HSPs rising up into their potential, helping others in some way, started out of a challenge. How can we become stronger in this current challenge? Learn about trait Understand that self-care for HSPs is different than the majority Learn how to honor and advocate for your needs Spend time with other HSPs, like in our Sensitive Empowerment Community to normalize and validate your experience Learn tools created for HSPs to balance your sensitive nervous system Grow self-compassion and self-love Take intentional action to move toward change Find meaning and do what fulfills you Know your value Live consciously instead of unconsciously Know that your purpose can be found within this challenge. What calls out to you? Are you listening? Let’s discuss it! Come join us in the Sensitive Empowerment community!  Members receive: Ask me questions directly about the trait of high sensitivity and how to thrive Ask me and Willow questions about your website and growing your online business! Access to join weekly HSP live events free Get your questions answered and join an amazing group of HSPs dedicated to growth and empowerment Normalize and validate your experience by being with us who also experience life in the same ways Learn more about how to join the online Sensitive Empowerment community, explore resources for HSPs and take the free Sensitivy Quiz at 
October 1, 2020
Listen to this on hard days
We are experiencing extreme challenges in the world right now and some moments are really difficult. I share some tools that help me during hard moments. Explore resources for HSPs, including a free Sensitivity Quiz at
September 29, 2020
EFT for HSPs with Terry Hernon
We will learn how the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help HSPs deal with overwhelm or feelings of stress, anxiety, or shyness, or can help them excavate and identify feelings they’ve lost touch with and we will go through a round or two of EFT so we can be comfortable using it on ourselves. Terry wants us to know that the power to feel better, calmer, less overwhelmed, and clearer is literally in our own hands. She shares: "I will offer tips and information about how Emotional Freedom Techniques can help calm the nervous system, facilitate clarity, and eliminate unhelpful beliefs (i.e., “If I say no, they won’t like me... .” Terry Hernon is an EFT practitioner who specializes in helping her clients find their voices and stand up for themselves. She has helped people beat food cravings, improve athletic performance, and end patterns of unhealthy relationships. She is an INFJ who discovered the power and efficacy of EFT when it relieved her of a stubborn case of insomnia after the death of her mother. Book mentioned: THE SCIENCE BEHIND TAPPING by Peta Stapleton, Ph.D. To learn more about host, Julie Bjelland, and explore HSP resources, including a free Sensitivity Quiz visit   To explore all episodes, read show notes, bios, and leave comments visit  Please share and review this podcast to help more HSPs find it!    ❤️
September 22, 2020
Empowering HSPs to Vote Informed
This is the most crucial upcoming election in the United States that we have ever had and there is a lot at stake. I’ve always believed that Highly sensitive people can make a true difference in the world.  I have a commitment to helping to empower you in all ways. So I want to empower you to vote in this upcoming election. This is the most crucial election of our lives right now. What happens during this election is going to greatly impact our future, our earth, and the lives of everyone.  We need to trust science and have leaders who follow the guidelines and recommendations of science. We need to have leadership that brings people together and not a leadership that divides us and fuels hate.  We need leadership that cares about the lives of black and indigenous people of color and has a plan to heal systemic racism.  We need leadership that cares about LGBTQ rights and women.  We need leadership that is going to take action to protect the earth and take climate change seriously. Living in California I’ve been living through the devastation of what climate change has already created in the wildfires ravaging the west coast. We’ve been unable to go outside for weeks with hazardous air and science tells us if we don’t act quickly it will be too late.  We need leadership that cares about the people and not just about profit.  Our children need role models in leadership. What can we say to our children when they watch their leader dangerously skew facts, lie and manipulate? What message is that sending to our children?  There is a lot of misinformation out there and I hope what I share in this episode helps you make informed choices.  Every vote counts.  This episode shares information about how to get informed so you feel good about who you vote for and that you are a part of making real change in the world.  This is an excellent site to help get informed, organized, and ready to vote! Learn more about Sensitive Empowerment at
September 18, 2020
What is Joy for an HSP? with Willow and Julie
Joy! What does it look and feel like to be truly happy as an HSP? What is it exactly we are striving for? Are we often comparing our happiness to what it looks like in non HSPs? The pursuit of happiness is a huge topic in itself and is often referred to as being only attained through the acceptance that we can’t be happy all the time! However it goes deeper and research indicates that happiness means the pursuit of meaning, service and authentic social relationships. Whilst there is certainly a need for meaning, service and authentic relationships for us, how should we be pursuing this as HSPs? What do these things really look like for us? What do we value as most important in our lives as HSPs that perhaps is not being acknowledged when we compare to the happiness of non HSPs? Are we truly recognising and honouring our needs? Are we being honest about what truly makes us feel a sense of contentment, achievement and happiness? Where might we be over processing or over complicating what happiness really means to us? Join us this week as we consider the importance of recognizing whether we are on the right path in the pursuit of our own individual happiness as an HSP.  Learn more about the course discussed in this episode, How to Grow a Heart-Centered Online Business  Feedback about the course: “Julie draws on her own unique experiences as well as her many years of professional knowledge and expertise to bring together the practical tools, tips and techniques HSPs need to thrive in their online business.  Julie Bjelland is the real deal and her authenticity and genuine desire to help HSPs prosper and succeed certainly shines through in course content and presentation.  The course offers very valuable and necessary information, effectively integrating what HSPs need to build strength and resiliency for themselves and for the growth of their business. There is so much to be learnt and shared with the world and with the right tools and support, HSPs are in the perfect position to do this.  Participating in this self-paced program will put many things in perspective and provide a solid platform to continuously adapt, evolve and ultimately thrive in your business. Thank you, Julie for all the encouragement, compassion, inspiration and direction you offer in this well designed and well-rounded course for HSPs."   -Andrea Weber, Founder of Expansive Happiness Explore more at
September 17, 2020
Dreams: Our Inner Compass with Dr. Lourdes Viado
Dreams are a powerful tool for deep self-knowledge and inner guidance. Why dreams matter,  the different kinds of dreams, dream interpretation, dream retention. Dr. Lourdes Viado is a Jungian psychotherapist with a private practice in Las Vegas NV, where she helps anxious, stressed out, sensitive women manage their lives without feeling like they’re drowning.   She is a Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) Certified Practitioner and integrates mindfulness, neuroscience, dreams, and astrology into her work with clients. She is also the host of the Women In-Depth Podcast:  Conversations about the Inner Lives of Women, which has been downloaded over 350,000x in 96 Here's her astrology and mentorship site for the show notes: From Lourdes: These are my favorite dream books and what I recommend to my clients.  If I only had these books for working w/ dreams, I'm good.  :) The Beginner's Guide to Dream Interpretation (CD only) Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. Inner Work: Using Dreams & Active Imagination for Personal Growth Robert A. JohnsonThe Book of Symbols: Reflecting on Archetypal Images by TaschenLet your Body Interpret Your Dreams Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D. To leave comments, share episodes, please visit  To learn more about Julie Bjelland, and her HSP resources, including  a free Sensitivity Quiz, visit 
September 15, 2020
Using Our Emotions To Find Peace in Times of Stress with Luciana Garcia
Loved the power of this conversation so much!  Enjoy the meditation she does at the end too!  Emotional integration ( the mindfulness of feeling) is a unique technique that everyone can learn to create a healthy and positive relationship with their emotions especially for those of us that are highly sensitive people. Lucia shares: "I would love to talk about the importance of normalizing feeling our emotions, and how to do that. For us HSP we feel so much, that it's easy to get overwhelmed and shut down. Emotional Integration and meditation have transformed the lives of many people and I would love to talk about how it offers a new tool and hope for those that need it." Luciana Garcia is an ordained Buddhist priest and emotional mastery coach, who teaches other women how to master their emotions by using the unique technique of emotional integration (the mindfulness of emotions). Using this method, she has dropped 80 lbs and overcame premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). She has a Degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology and is an ordained Acharya from the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition. She has been featured in KFoxtv Channel 14 and leads the #itstimetofeel moment, where she encourages women to see their emotions as their super power to build the relationships, families, and businesses of their dreams.  Find more information and explore all episodes at Julie Bjelland's resources for highly sensitive people can be found at 
September 8, 2020
HSPs Ask Julie Questions
Here are the questions submitted from my Sensitive Empowerment community. What are some effective ways I can practice to try to quiet or tune out the words that others have said to me so that I can focus on taking care of myself? I often find that I am responding to what's going on outside of me, and in particular, what others are thinking about me, instead of responding to what is going on inside of me. In doing so, I lose touch with myself and don't get my needs met a lot of the time. Although EHS (electromagnetic sensitivity) has very physical symptoms, I'm wondering about the emotional connection, have you noticed these types of physical-emotional connections, and do people benefit if they are able to work through these things as well as the physical symptoms? I know many HSPs suffer from chronic illnesses, and I'm wondering if there are any particular kinds of illnesses we tend to suffer from more than others? I’m trying to figure out “healthy helping” and could use some insight on this. Most recommendations of putting your oxygen mask on first etc make sense but I think my deeply caring side struggles so much with thinking others are suffering. I think us HSPs are natural helpers and so others often come to us for support. But how to balance being there for others with our own needs for rest, self-care, etc. and not to get overwhelmed? I suffer a great deal with injustice to humanity. It paralyzes me. It could be at any level and it affects me. There are times I can't listen or read the news because it hurts so much. I know what happens out there is greater than myself and there is so much one can do, but if it wouldn't bother me so much maybe I could do things about it. That's one of my goals now that I joined this group, to focus and be creative about it. But, I would like to know if you have some suggestions to manage those strong feelings about injustice. I love to learn, I am always learning something and it is a great joy for me, but I could be in the middle of learning something (and writing at the same time) and I get so happy about what I am learning that I have to stop and process it for a while before returning to what I was learning/writing/developing ideas, etc, but in that process, I interrupt ideas and let them go, which disappoints me, need suggestions. I would like some advice on how to believe more in myself. Especially when it comes to my creative work. There always seems to be part of me that panics when I think about showing my art, my stories, etc. Where I see other writers and think "they are so much better than me", how to collect braveness in my personal creativity. For writing and painting. There I wobble so much more and find myself burying myself in anxiety, "not good enough", etc. Any suggestions? I would be really curious to hear any suggestions or ideas you may have about how to slow down to get the rest you need when life does not slow down with you. I’m wondering about how to set boundaries with friends. I really need social time but I get exhausted. I love sharing and talking with friends about our experiences and inner lives but some of my friends tell very detailed stories and I just can’t listen for that long. I know I need to say something but I’m not sure what to say or how it might look. Have a question for me? Connect to me directly in my beautiful Sensitive Empowerment community. I'm there every day offering support and we do weekly live events that support our growth and empowerment. You can also explore our incredible HSP Library of all our events!   Get the link to join the community and explore all my HSP resources, including my free Sensitivity Quiz at  Explore my courses for HSPs at
September 1, 2020
Honoring Authenticity and Diversity with Julie and Willow
Discussing honoring sensitivity, LGBTQ equality, equal rights, educating ourselves about how to heal systemic racism and how we can support black, indigenous people of color  (BIPOC) So important for us to be ourselves in the world and not only accept differences but to embrace differences Let’s start celebrating the beauty of all of our differences.  Why would we want to be the same? It is in the differences that make us valuable and beautiful in the world. I share my own story of hiding who I was as I tried to be in the role of being "perfect" and lost who I was and how both my personal life and my business thrived when I stepped into my own authenticity.   Lots of work to be done for equality: we still have to consider safety and acceptance as a consideration for where we live. Our ancestors who lived in tribes honored the sensitive in the group because of our natural gifts. We were the highly valued and respected healers, guides, and leaders of the tribe because of our unique gifts. This high sensitivity trait evolved for the particular survival of the population because of our unique gifts and their importance to the world. Somewhere along the way, society got too busy and started giving us messages that who we are and how we experience the world is different and wrong in some way. I say it’s time to change that message back into a place of honoring who we are and embracing diversity in general. Why is there such a push to have everyone be the same? Differences are needed and beautiful and valuable.  With differences comes important perspective, creativity, details, and information!  It’s time to embrace and honor differences! Let’s be the change the world needs and cherish authenticity and a loving acceptance of everyone.  Let’s honor the sensitive. Let’s embrace the fluidity and spectrum of sexuality and gender.  Let’s cherish Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.  I truly believe it is HSPs that care so deeply for others that can be part of the change. Let’s open to, embrace, honor, and celebrate the superpowers of the sensitive and the beauty of diversity. Explore bios and more episodes at 
August 27, 2020
Trusting the flow as an HSP with Willow and Julie
HSPs typically fall into two categories when we fall out of sync with ourselves. We become either the ‘pusher’ or the ‘hider’. These two shadow sides of our character cause us to either force ourselves to try to get what we need or we go the other way and hide altogether. Neither are effective strategies to function and are a clear indicator we are out of the flow and out of sync with ourselves. Living in this way can lead to burn out, stress, and depression. Join us this week as we discuss the importance of recognizing we achieve in different ways to the 80% born without the trait. Learning to trust our feelings and intuition and be in sync with the natural flow of things can be life-changing in terms of up-leveling our self-care and learning to live in ease and alignment. Explore episodes, ask us questions, make comments, read show notes, explore our HSP resources, leave a review and share episodes to help other HSPs at Sending love and light to you. 
August 20, 2020
The gift of being an HSP with Professional Tarot reader Sinead Fine
Sinead shares: “Discussing my own path as an HSP and how I navigated it. I want to talk about how Tarot and archetypal work helped me understand myself and help me with my sensitivities. I would also be happy to teach the listeners a few tips on how to access their intuition quickly and with confidence.” Bio: Sinead Fine is a Natural therapist and Professional Tarot reader for over 20 years. In her early career, she had to navigate being an HSP and at the same time help assist others in their time of need. She quickly discovered that being helping her clients connect to their intuition was vital for their safety and well-being. Then an event occurred that allowed Sinead to experience first hand the wisdom of her intuition. Contact info: Sinead Fine Read show notes and learn more at
August 18, 2020
Reiki and HSPs with Emily Souder
Reiki, a form of energy healing which originated in Japan about 100 years ago, allows recipients to drop into a place of deep healing and relaxation. HSPs can benefit from energy work especially, as they are more likely than others to pick up energy around them and might need help with releasing it. During my sessions with clients, I incorporate visualizations and techniques for grounding and moving energy, which can be so helpful for HSPs! Emily shares..."I would love for them to hear about the healing and grounding that Reiki can offer. It can be a great self-healing tool too!" Emily Souder is a licensed therapist, intuitive guide, and Reiki master practitioner in Maryland. She has written multiple books, most recently having released Sparks: Inspiration for Extinguishing the Power of Fear and Igniting Amusement, Knowing, and Trust. Emily is often found exploring the outdoors as she homeschools her two children, knowing that she is learning as much as, if not more than, they are. Read all the show notes and explore bios at
August 13, 2020
How to Use Journaling to Honor Your Sensitive Needs and Set Boundaries with Mai Oliphant
At some point in the highly sensitive person's life, someone said they were "too sensitive." It makes you doubt yourself and ignore your needs. How to use journaling to honor your sensitive needs and set boundaries. Especially with people who don't honor your boundaries. Mai Oliphant helps people use journaling for healing and growth. Download free journal prompts: Check out her daily journal prompts on Instagram The HSP Podcast with Julie Bjelland
August 6, 2020
Meditation to Restore
Sometimes as highly sensitive people we can become very depleted and overwhelmed. I hope listening to this meditation can help you recover and restore. Check out all the meditations at
August 6, 2020
Answering HSP Questions
My Sensitive Empowerment Community has become a beautiful, supportive,  loving family of HSPs from all over the world.  We share our experiences, connect, make friends, and support each other daily. I also offer weekly live events. I'm sharing the audio from one of our events in hopes it helps you too.  This was our 57th event and all previous events have been recorded and are available to all members. Get the link to join our loving HSP family at  Here are some of the questions we covered in today's event.  I would like to understand more about being HSP and being empathic.  Are they one in the same or are there differences between the two?    I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to handle the fear of "disappointing/hurting" someone when you say no or need to correct them on something? I’m wondering how many HSP’s also struggle with addiction in some sort of way. Any tips or support would be appreciated. Are there any major efforts out there to educate parents, doctors, teachers, human resources, and the general public about the trait of HSP's and what to look for? What a positive game-changer it could be for so many HSP's if this trait was common knowledge. I'm curious if there is a link between being HSP and being introverted? Where I am, things are opening up and I'm expected to soon work in the office. How can we manage the fear of venturing out when it seems much safer and calmer at home, especially if it does not seem necessary?  One of my biggest struggles with being an HSP is how to communicate effectively when I am in a heated situation, for example, when someone is angry or screaming. I tend to freeze and lose my ability to speak and then feel irate later. I want to be able to address the situation calmly and in my power but am often so flooded with strong emotion I can not speak. I have the same question, except I don't freeze, I fight. And can't stop until everything I have ever thought comes out. When a fight starts, how can we calm down sooner?  How to deal with when I just am doing nothing but tears start to fall uncontrollably. for example, over the weekend I saw protestors holding signs to support police officers and I felt this tingling sensation and an overwhelming of hotness and tears starting to form (is this “flooding”?) but I was able to hold them back by taking deep breaths and not focusing or looking at the people (I was in the car with my family). Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks. When talking to a spouse about HSP, what do you think are the top 2-3 things to focus on in discussion?  I'd like to avoid making him feel like he needs to change. I think he is feeling criticized when I explain my needs. It's such a huge concept, being HSP, so I would love to know a couple of big things to focus on and a couple of big things to avoid (like common mistakes)? Hoping this makes sense. I just don't know where to start, but I think he is willing to listen. Julie Bjelland is a sensitivity expert, psychotherapist, and author. Her online courses developed for HSPs and her Sensitive Empowerment community have helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSPs) around the world reduce their challenges, access their gifts, and discover their significant value to truly thrive in the world. Known for her ability to teach people tools that work quickly, Julie is on a mission to empower sensitive people to live their best lives. For more HSP resources and to take Julie’s free Sensitivity Quiz, visit  
August 4, 2020
The World Needs You to Thrive: Be Healthy, Balanced, and Productive with Julie and Willow
HSPs have the capability of making a huge difference in the world. In fact, we need more HSPs to step into heart-centered leadership roles and makers of positive change.  Your heart and your gifts are needed. But if we don’t know how to take care of ourselves in the right ways we are doing a disservice to the world by not showing up thriving. Most of what we have been taught about self-care doesn’t work for us. Learning how to practice the right types of self-care and learn to take care of your sensitive nervous system is the key to thriving as an HSP and helping your gifts emerge to help the world. If a healer/leader/educator/parent is wilting and in survival mode, how much can they help another? HSPs need to do things differently. Getting it right, means you can have enough energy to take care of you, your family, your community, and even the world. Self-care is NOT selfish. NOT practicing the right type of self-care eventually hurts everyone. Take turns at the front lines Rest in between with self-compassion Take control over what you can control Understand what you cannot control Slow down and listen internally the messages are there Get inspired by others and learn tools Be kind to yourself! Loving-kindness toward self is healing and gives you energy and vibrancy When you are thriving you... have more energy use your gifts to contribute to the world can be your best self love life follow your ambitions understand, love & accept yourself feel confident & secure know your value live in balance have a positive, fulfilling life of joy authentically reduce stress, overwhelm, anxiety achieve life & career goals are healthier learn how to support your sensitive nervous system feel in control of your life learn how to self-regulate improve your relationships learn how to emotionally regulate build greater internal resources & feel joy, happiness, calm and peace get calmer are kinder & more supportive of yourself increase self-compassion improve your mindset learn how to set & keep healthy boundaries get unstuck & remove obstacles live a happier life find balance stop worrying & overthinking know how to prepare for life changes learn how to support yourself better live life with intention feel fully alive are higher functioning to improve finances & live more comfortably feel renewed & live in a tranquil flow of life feel better Read show notes, check out our bios and websites at
July 30, 2020
Overcoming Challenges and Accessing Strength and Resiliency with Michael Arterberry
I had a beautiful, heartfelt conversation with author and speaker Michael Arterberry about his journey from hardship, trauma, and growing up in dysfunction to being able to break the cycle and now help others! I am so inspired by his story of strength and resilience and believe you will love it too! Michael now uses those experiences to speak to and inspire teens and adults all over the world. He's such a great example of empowerment. It is people who have overcome tremendous obstacles that can teach us so much.  I really love his inspiring resilience!  His message: “I help people to use what they have gone through to get to their breakthrough. I walk my audience through the effects of their past and present trauma, including the most recent impact of society's imbalance.” Michael Arterberry is the author of the book, Be Encouraged!!! 250 Days of Motivation and Encouragement.  He has received several awards such as the USA Network’s Characters Unite Award for exceptional commitment to combating prejudice and discrimination while increasing tolerance and acceptance within the community. He is also the recipient of the 100 Men of Color Award for leadership in education, government, mentorship, entrepreneurial success, and community service. EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD from the Youth Community Outreach Program. Learn more about Michael, get his book for free, and take his 10-week challenge at The course can be found at
July 23, 2020
What does it mean to be a High Sensation Seeking HSP? With Willow and Julie
What is HSS? How can we recognise this part of the trait and what does it mean? How can we be of best service to ourselves when we have this part of the trait? We will be looking at how to manage the need for high sensation experiences when they can so easily lead to overwhelm. Also how to recognise this in others, perhaps friends and family members. This part of the trait is of great benefit and learning to honour it of great importance. Read show notes, bios, and share comments at 
July 23, 2020
When Stress Feels Too High
I share some tools that can help you reduce your stress in the moment and also long-term. I also share my own story about how I moved out of survival mode into thriving.
July 22, 2020
First Steps of Sensitive Empowerment
What makes some people take steps towards positive change and others get stuck? We explore what several HSPs had to say about their first steps of sensitive empowerment. Let’s get inspired together!
July 21, 2020
Pandemic Self Care: with Julie and Willow
What is self-care? How is self-care different for HSPs?  How does it need to be different during a global pandemic? Willow and I share what helps us stay resilient so we can stay balanced, take care of ourselves, our families, and stay productive in our work helping others. Visit to read show notes, leave us a voice message, and get links to our websites to learn about all the tools we offer HSPs. 
July 16, 2020
What’s Hard and What’s Helping During This Pandemic
I share what I find hard and what I’m hearing is hard for HSPs. I also share the results of a poll I did on what self-care HSP therapists are doing that helps. Visit to leave comments about what is hard and what’s helping.
July 13, 2020
How to Manage Anxiety Through the Relationship with Trust: Live Podcast with Willow and Julie
In this week's episode we look at the challenge that anxiety often poses for people born with the trait of sensory processing sensitivity. The ability to process deeply can often be turned against us when we focus on worst outcomes. Through the relationship we have with trust we can learn to manage difficult thought processes and the habitual tendency to believe our minds. Through practise, and self inquiry using past experience we can learn to shift our belief system to trust that we have the ability to handle whatever may arise. We will be discussing: What trust really means in this context Why learning to develop trust in ourselves is so important The importance of regularly recalling evidence of our ability to look after ourselves How trusting in ourselves is a route to accessing authenticity and empowerment The irony in the habit of trusting anxious thoughts over truth How to develop the muscle of trusting in ourselves The importance of inner trust and our role in the world We also share tools that we use that help us! 
July 9, 2020
Seeking Peace: A Meditation for the Busy Mind
It’s common for highly sensitive people to have a busy mind and have a hard time turning it off to relax. I hope this meditation helps you relax and find peace as you visualize a beautiful stream in the forest during this meditation.
July 6, 2020
The Importance of Telling People About the Trait of High Sensitivity: Live Podcast with Julie and Willow
This is one of the questions I’m asked the most. We will discuss some of the challenges you have named and the benefits of talking about the trait. HSPs have named the following on why it might be hard to tell people: Don’t know how to describe it Shame about being highly sensitive Don’t think people are interested in it Worry people think you are asking for special treatment Don’t want people to think you are different Talking about the trait and telling others has the following benefits: Normalizes and validates the trait Spreads awareness and education about our gifts Helps others understand you Your needs need to be known to be met Educating others helps you express your needs too, which improves your relationships You can help and connect to other HSPs Leads to self-advocacy  &  advocacy about the trait Your mental health/medical professionals care can benefit you and all the HSPs that come after you It grows self-acceptance that improves everything We love hearing from you about what you found helpful. Please share this episode with others to help spread awareness and education of the trait.
June 30, 2020
Blooming Brilliantly, Understanding and Loving Who You Are as a Sensitive Person
Are You Blooming or Wilting? HSPs who are wilting (and not blooming) often experience: Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or having a hard time coping with the state of intense stress in your life and the world Having difficulty being productive Low energy and motivation Feeling tired, depleted or difficulty sleeping Feeling emotionally unstable, out of control or reactionary Low self-compassion and negative self-talk Problems in friendships or relationship Health issues or chronic conditions worsening Trouble accessing inner strength and resiliency Challenges from sensitivity heightened Low self-worth and self-confidence Low self-love Knocked down by life’s stressors A life that isn’t feeling meaningful or fulfilling VS BLOOMING HSPS You feel strong and resilient which helps you stay balanced and healthy. You have the energy to be productive and accomplish your goals. You sleep well and wake up rested and restored each day. You are able to pause, reflect, and respond. You are compassionate and have loving, supportive self-talk. You create and access tools that help you whenever you need it. You are the person you want to be in the world. You feel focused and have full access to your creativity. You know how to set healthy boundaries and have healthy friendships and relationships. You are loving, patient, and kind to yourself. You know what your needs are and can advocate for them to be met. You feel meaning and fulfillment. You walk in the world liking who you are which creates a higher vibration, attracting positive, supportive people who also love who you are. You access your gifts and share them with the world, helping you to make a positive change in the world. You can be yourself and feel empowered to live the life you want. LEARN TO BLOOM! Visit to learn more about my HSP Courses! Transform your life starting today!
June 28, 2020
Sleep Meditation Listening to Water in a Stream
I discovered a beautiful stream on a hike and created a meditation with the sounds of the steam and birds in the distance so you can have a beautiful sensory experience listening and imagining you are there next to this stream as you drift off to sleep peacefully ❤️ Enjoy and let me know if it helped you sleep! ❤️
June 28, 2020
Ownership as Path to Meaning and Peace: Live Podcast with Julie and Willow
One of the most effective paths to peace and meaning is honesty. An active inquiry to reveal the truth of who we are. As an HSP this can sometimes feel like a lonely path if we feel misunderstood, causing us to want to hide and protect who we really are. Each of us are born with an authentic heart, a unique way of seeing the world, a wish to bring change and to do good. Yet when we are living from a place of dishonesty about who we really are, the conflict we feel inside becomes the conflict we experience outside. Join us this week as we explore the intention of ownership and how it can lead to a profound sense of knowing, peace and meaning. Discussions in this episode: What it means to begin a path of ownership from a place of uncertainty Learning to trust and anchor our awareness in the heart Embracing the reality of feeling ‘different’ from a place of ownership Why community and kindred souls are so important for this process Ownership as the ultimate tool for meaning and purpose alignment Why ownership is critical to effective empathic leadership of self and others
June 25, 2020
Creating Healthy Friendships & Relationships Part 2 with Q/A
Are you a fixer and an over-giver in your relationships? It can be common for HSPs to feel like they give more than they receive.  We will discuss how to create healthy friendships and relationships. We'll talk about how vulnerability leads to connection and how to feel safe to be yourself so you can connect deeply. We'll discuss healthy boundary setting that can give you the healthiest type of relationships. Some of what we discussed in this episode: Importance of being a kind and caring friend to yourself We attract love and caring from others at the level we love and care for ourselves How setting boundaries improves relationships How to communicate our needs HSPs have more information and can read subtle cues that others might miss Non-HSPs might not be as courteous and conscientious because they don't have the same level of awareness and "knowing" not because they necessarily are trying to hurt us. We might be misinterpreting this so it's important to understand Shifting our mindset pay attention to our inner child's needs Being open and direct about our need for extra downtime feels empowering and gives them information And more!
June 23, 2020
HSP Chat & Q/A
An impromptu chat and question and answer session within my Sensitive Empowerment Community!    Discussed in this episode:  Feeling like it is hard to tell other's about our trait of high sensitivity  How this trait evolved as a survival strategy Why this trait is needed in the world How feeling marginalized might impact us  Internal vs external validation I share my story   Importance of being in a community that helps normalize your experience  How understanding how this trait evolved helps us understand ourselves  Developing tools for balance  Need to advocate with mental health and medical providers    HSPs are like Orchids   Moving out of survival mode and into Sensitive Empowerment   Live in balance, access your gifts, be around other HSPs Learn more about how to join the Sensitive Empowerment community: Discussed in this episode: my course, Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person, Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming  Emotions: 
June 18, 2020
Meditation for Intense Feelings
As highly sensitive people sometimes life can be very challenging when we have intensely difficult feelings. I hope this meditation supports you through hard moments. From a listener... "I listened to this yesterday and it was very helpful in normalizing my experience. I am now experimenting with starting my one hour of down time after work with one of your guided meditations. The length of the meditations is good in that I have plenty of time left in the hour to rest, reflect, watch TV, or whatever I need on any particular day. My husband has shared that I emerge from the hour in a much better emotional space than I'm usually in right after work, and I think the guided meditations are an important part of that." "Such a beautiful meditation. I listened to it this morning and it’s very soothing-exactly what my system needed to come back into center and alignment. Thank you ❤️🙏🏻"
June 13, 2020
Ocean Time Meditation
Enjoy your trip to the ocean with me taking in all the wonderful sensory experiences in this meditation.
June 12, 2020
Forest Bathing Meditation
Enjoy time in the forest connecting to nature and relaxing. From Listeners... “I felt like I was there walking through the forest with you! I could almost smell the pine needles and hear them crunching under my feet, see the sunlight coming through the trees... it was wonderful.” "I live in a city and crave access to nature, and when I listened to the forest meditation I could feel the crunch beneath my feet and see the sunlight coming through the tops of the trees." "I did the Forest Bathing meditation today and it was wonderfully relaxing. Thank you, Julie!" "I just made the connection in the Forest Bathing meditation, which was beautifully relaxing, Julie, thank you so much—-one of the first things I bought myself when I got a yard, was a hammock. The meditation made me realize how a hammock cradles and supports and soothes the occupant. 💕. Made me wonder how dreamy it would be/feel to have a weighted blanket on top."
June 12, 2020
Reparent Your Sensitive Inner Child: with Julie Bjelland and Willow McIntosh
Learning how to give yourself what you needed as a child can be a powerful healing practice that can transform your life.  Discussions in this episode: Let’s explore the concept of caring for your inner child Getting to know and connecting with your inner child. We share our stories too. What did you need that you didn’t get? Learning to listen to your inner child’s needs: validation, nurturing, honoring, healing Is your self-talk truly yours or is it the voice of your parents, society, or culture? Does your self-talk soothe you or stress you? Practicing intentional reprogramming & changing the pattern Growing more self-love: We can be loved at the level we love ourselves We share some powerful practices that can support you Here are what some of you said you needed as a child... acceptance as myself as I was and encouragement, not being pushed to be like others reassurance that everything was ok or would be. Asking me: how are you? What is your opinion? How do you feel? I needed encouragement, special attention, apart from the attention my siblings were getting. I needed soothing.  I was put on the porch in windy Nebraska as a child and told I was going to be blown away, and I believed that.  My imagination was Huge.  My parents thought it was funny, they had no idea... that is was ok to have big feelings It's ok to be different than others I needed to be allowed to cry when I felt sad and hurt.  I needed nurturing.  I think my mother was a narcissist. But I was punished for crying, and told that I didn’t have anything to cry about, and that I better stop crying or I’d be given something to cry about  That was mainly my mother.  Fear of punishment to this day. I needed compassion and understanding about my sensitivity to noise. Instead I was either ignored or told I was wrong and bad. What did you need as a child?  What does your inner child need? More information about all our episodes can be found at
June 4, 2020
Live HSP Q/A With Julie
What a beautiful community of HSPs we have in our Sensitive Empowerment Community! Thank you for all the wonderful live questions. We started out discussing the post: Anguish and Action: Be the Change. Supporting ourselves through intense emotions so we can be our best selves to listen, learn, and grow to be the change we need in the world. Here are some of the questions we covered in this Q/A event.... Q: I’ve been receiving feedback that I’m too good or too nice for the world. Why is that a negative? How should I respond?  I think I’m seen as too soft and it seems to hinder me in the workplace. Q: How to tell, when meeting a potential friend, if they are going to be parasitic about our HSP empathy and energy. Are there questions, we can ask, in addition to checking in with how we are feeling in their presence, and after spending time with someone? Q: How to control osmosis with everyone and everything around us with the wall analogy that you have spoken of, to bring that wall up and down at will. Q:  I have questions around the message of loving yourself and turning inward and the push to destigmatize therapy. How is that not still looking outward? 🤔 I recognize my religious PTSD has created even more sensitivity and trust issues. Feels counter-intuitive to me to "be vulnerable and share who you really are," with just anyone….I find myself wanting to encourage anyone thinking they have to find their 'right mentor' to be skeptical of that message. Who is telling them they can only look within by attaching outside themselves? Q: Are we born HSPs, or is it a genetic in the family thing? Or is it something we could get out of a traumatic experience? Q:  I'm feeling quite nervous in lockdown as I've not traveled on public transport for a few months and was wondering are the tools to bypass the emotional brain and self-compassion the best ones to try to relax me? Also, can HSPs increase this self-esteem as I find negative self-talk is better but unfortunately it doesn’t work especially at work Q: I am struggling with being emotionally and physically drained when I am looking after my 4-year-old grandson during the days. I have done this for 2 months since no school due to COVID. Q: I have challenges around managing self-sabotage when going for career goals. I’m working on rewiring this self-image of being ‘less capable’ around stress management/handling things. A lot of the career paths that I am drawn to involve long investment/are emotionally draining potentially (e.g. social work which involves dealing with people constantly)...and I have so many back and forth moments where I think this might be what I want to do and also so much fear around burnout, it's too stressful, etc. How can I stop this over-worrying- this fear that doing what is needed to be successful would be ‘too much’/finding that balance? And More! If you have questions that you want to be asked in the next Q/A come join our Sensitive Empowerment Community!  Learn more about my community at 
June 2, 2020
Meditation for Deep Feelers
Being a deep feeler in the world can sometimes be difficult when we have intensely strong emotions. I hope this meditation supports you and calms you. For more meditations visit and for tips and tools to thrive as a highly sensitive person, a free Sensitivity Quiz and to join my Sensitive Empowerment community visit
May 31, 2020
Validation: The power of personal validation as an ongoing practice: with Julie & Willow
Following a previous episode about self-compassion, the powerful technique for managing our feelings, we turn our attention to the power of validation. As high sensory people, we can often get overly affected by other people's opinions and expectations of us. So much so we can even lose track of a sense of meaning in our lives and the very reason nature has given us this powerful trait. We’ll discuss tools and techniques to stay connected to our own sense of self, our purpose, and ultimately our own happiness and fulfillment. Join us as we will dive into key areas such as: What does validation really mean from a personal development point of view What are the signs to look out for when we have lost our sense of self The adverse effects of ‘people-pleasing’ on the relationship with ourselves and how to manage this The importance of differentiating personal validation from being self centered and how it ultimately leads to being of better service to others Understanding why self-validation is the path to bringing our high sensory gifts into the world Reflecting on the importance of self-validation in leadership How to bring self-validation into our lives as a daily practice More information at
May 28, 2020
Self-Compassion: This One Skill Can Transform Your Life with Julie and Willow
HSPs are some of the kindest, most compassionate people in the world, toward others, and yet It’s common for HSPs to have a lot of negative self-talk and lack healthy self-compassion. This can be particularly damaging during times of high stress when we need to be a compassionate, caring friend to support ourselves through intense emotions.  We will talk about how this brain-training skill development of self-compassion can improve every aspect of our life and even help us through a global crisis. We need this skill now more than ever.  Self-Compassion decreases cortisol (stress hormone) and increases the release of oxytocin (creating a calming effect). Self-criticism, common in HSPs triggers the amygdala’s fight/flight response sending out an alarm bell system: releasing the stress hormone cortisol, adrenaline (racing heart) and increased blood pressure fight/flight response designed to protect us from physically threatening situations response also gets activated with emotional attacks (even from when we are emotionally hard or unkind to ourselves  We already have more activation in our fight/flight so have a stronger need to counter this alarm bell response. Research shows us self-compassion actually decreases our cortisol levels and can deactivate the stress response and activate a calming response We can even change our body chemistry, recover more quickly from emotional wounding, improve health both short term and long term.  Warm, loving physical touch can release the feel-good hormones (oxytocin), reduces cortisol (stress), and blood pressure. (Self-hug, loving gestures (lotion lovingly applied to your body), hand on chest sending loving energy to your heart)  Learn about research from Kristin Neff showing that self-compassion is one of the key features of improving mental health and what life looks like without self-compassion and what improves when we have it.  Julie and Willow share our journey of developing self-compassion and how it transformed our life.  Practice the self-compassion technique with us!  Please share this episode and review our podcast which helps more HSPs find our episodes.   Check out Julie's HSP blog showing the video of her teaching the 3-step self-compassion technique:  Explore all our podcast episodes and learn about Julie and Willow at  For information about Julie's Sensitivity Quiz, books and courses visit:
May 21, 2020
Meditation for Emotional Wounding
Emotional wounding needs care just as much as physical wounding does, especially for highly sensitive people who can feel things so deeply. This emotional healing meditation will help you to become more relaxed and at peace.
May 16, 2020
How to Develop High Self Esteem Through the Recognition of Our Core Beliefs as a Highly Sensitive Person
Recognizing core beliefs can be pivotal to developing confidence and high self-esteem as a Highly Sensitive or “High Sensory intelligent” person. We often feel so strongly about the injustices in the world, it can upset us deeply when our core beliefs are challenged. Or if we witness someone causing harm in a context that we are particularly passionate about. It is very common for us to feel very strongly about the change we know we can make in a particular area. Understanding this at a deep level can bring enormous clarity into the importance of our place in the world, the deeper meaning of our lives, and personal empowerment. Areas of focus: The pain we can feel when we are not helping in the area that feels most important to us Getting clarity about the deeper need or cause underneath our core beliefs How the trait of being an HSP comes with a profound level of caring for the well being of people, animals, and the planet How the great leaders of the past known to have had the trait changed the world with their core beliefs and values The importance of recognizing that our innate skills are aligned to the cause we stand for How we can learn to develop our own skills by creating the right circumstances around us Why the alignment to what is most important to us can become the new reference point in all that we do. Learn more about Julie and Willow at
May 14, 2020
HSP/HSS Boost Your Mood & Energy
After working with highly sensitive people as well as high sensation seeking HSPs I have learned important information that may help you feel better if you’re experiencing depression, low mode, or low energy.
May 11, 2020
10 Steps to Creating Healthy Friendships & Relationships as an HSP with Julie & Willow
Highly sensitive people (HSPs) have a very caring and giving nature. However, sometimes we over-give to the point of being targets to people with toxic or narcissistic tendencies causing an imbalanced, unhealthy dynamic. We’ll talk about the ways that contribute to that dynamic. Almost every HSP I’ve ever spoken to has a story about an unhealthy friendship or relationship. We will talk about why this can be common and what we can do about it and how to create the healthy friendships and relationships that you deserve.  See you next week at the same time for more empowering discussions on what it means to thrive as an HSP. Join us live at Willow's website: Julie's website:
May 7, 2020
How to Keep Your Boat Afloat in Uncertain Times: Commitment to and Trusting Change With Michael Smith, Ph.D.
Michael Smith, Ph.D.,  of Empath Connection helps you understand the big picture on the planet and connect with your Divine Essence.    You'll understand the evolutionary advantages of your sensitivity trait, and how you can harness this trait to be used to help others. He shares a meditation and some vagus nerve hacks that calm the system.  You'll come away with more trust in the changes that are happening around you, and learn to trust your intuition instead of doubting it.  You will also learn several effective energy techniques that you can use in your own daily 'self-first' practice of rituals that allow you to stay centered, grounded, and fully empowered. Dr. Michael Smith is a former mental health counselor who now helps you as an empath or sensitive person connect with your Divine Essence.  He offers a quiz, free eCourse as well as paid classes at Julie Bjelland is a sensitivity expert, psychotherapist, and author. Her online resource, Sensitive Empowerment, has helped highly sensitive people (HSPs) around the world reduce their challenges, access their gifts, and discover significant value to truly thrive in the world. Known for her ability to give people a sense of true support, Julie is on a mission to empower sensitive people to live their best lives. For HSP resources and the Sensitivity Quiz, visit
May 5, 2020
Working From Home Tips
I share tips to support highly sensitive people (HSPs) working from home right now. Sharing ways to support yourself and your sensitive system as well as tips to create a workspace that works well for HSPs. You’ll add a few tools to your toolbox and information that can help you reduce stress and feel more focused and efficient for work. I teach how to find the balance between work and home life so that is best for you.
May 4, 2020
How To Deal With Anxiety While Navigating Chaos And Uncertainty with Sukie Baxter
Learn simple, embodied tools that HSPs can use to calm their nervous system while staying centered and connected to their core selves even when the world is chaotic and uncertain. Discover how to discharge stored stress so it doesn't build up in your body and cause physical, mental, and emotional health issues down the road.  Sukie Baxter is a posture and movement specialist, founder of Whole Body Revolution and the author of Perfect Posture for Life. Sukie helps people to get effective, long-term relief for pain, stress and tension in their bodies so that they can continue to do the things they love in life. For access to her free Pain Free At Any Age video series, visit Julie Bjelland is a sensitivity expert, psychotherapist, and author. Her online resource, Sensitive Empowerment, has helped highly sensitive people (HSPs) around the world reduce their challenges, access their gifts, and discover significant value to truly thrive in the world. Known for her ability to give people a sense of true support, Julie is on a mission to empower sensitive people to live their best lives. For HSP resources and the Sensitivity Quiz, visit
May 3, 2020
Highly Sensitive: The gifts from our childhood as an HSP with Julie & Willow
Show Notes During our childhood, we are much closer to our authentic selves. Even if our memories of childhood may be filled with challenge and discomfort. We are often very clear on what is most important to us and many of the gifts we rely on today were present. For those of us born with the trait of high sensitivity and high sensory intelligence we typically experienced the world in a particular and often profound way. It is quite common for us to have been misunderstood and for our emotional sensitivity to be seen as a disadvantage. Yet it is often the challenges we faced and the way we saw the world back then that shape us to specialize in a particular area of life. The Journey of our ‘inner Hero’ undertaking a very particular transformation from adversity into revelation. A journey that is usually encrusted with jewels and strengthened by the hardship we endured. Reframing our childhood and reclaiming what was most important to us back then can be pivotal in understanding who we are today and the important role we were born to play in the world. Join us this week where we share our own journey into adulthood and how they have been pivotal to the work we do today. Here’s What  We Talk About In This Episode We talk about the often conflicted experience we had growing up as a High Sensory or “Highly sensitive” child. What can happen when we pretend to be someone we are not just to feel accepted and fit in. How we tend to lose the very essence of who we are whilst continuing to fuel this misalignment ourselves into adulthood. The discussion helped us to see how the authentic version of ourselves we experienced as a child can be an important part to reclaiming ourselves as an adult. That we can all learn to stop believing and feeding the thoughts of self-criticism and self-rejection. That in fact, the essence of who we are is always available to us and inherently knows how to heal itself and bring ourselves back into balance. We also touch on the tricky area of coming away from toxic relationships. Just how important it is for us as high sensory people to be in the right company. We hear stories of how pivotal this can be to support our pathway back to claiming our true sense of self, meaning, and happiness that is our birthright. There were some wonderful moments of insight in this episode thank you to everyone who joined us and we would love to hear from you if you are listening to the replay. See you next week at the same time for more empowering discussions on what it means to thrive as an HSP. Willow's website: Julie's website:
April 30, 2020
Balancing a Sensitive Nervous System
I’ve been working with highly sensitive people all over the world and have learned specific things that help support the balance of our sensitive nervous system. Sensory processing sensitivity means that we often experience sensory overload and experience the world differently than 80% of the population. Understanding your sensitive system is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When we find the right balance we can truly thrive in the world and access our gifts to share. You can take the free sensitivity quiz at
April 26, 2020
Meditation for Exhaustion or Irritability
Whenever you feel depleted or irritable you may enjoy listening to this guided meditation. I encourage you to save this meditation and come back to it whenever you need it.
April 25, 2020
Highly Sensitive: The Trait Evolved as a Survival Strategy of the Population
This trait evolved as a survival strategy of the population and the valuable gifts of the sensitive are needed now more than ever. It’s the sensitive who care so deeply and often the first ones who step up to help people and make a difference in the world. HSPs are  often organizing ways to help others, starting non-profits, opening food banks, connecting volunteers, observing and fixing cracks in systems. HSPs are valuable as leaders- they are hard workers, have superior abilities to create powerful teams, lead by example and often most respected by the team, ability to sense people’s strengths and arrange the best teams, etc. They are gifted healers and often the ones in medical settings and some of the best healers of the world, using extra abilities and gifts 80% of the population doesn’t have. Our extra depth of processing helps us see ways to make things better and more efficient and organized. We are innovative and notice patterns others miss. Accessing the full power of the HSP supercomputer brain and our superpowers involves learning how to live in balance. You can’t pour from an empty cup, therefore it is important to manage energy levels. Practicing healthy boundaries, the right amount of self-care for your sensory system, and improving the ability to live in a centered space are essential. It’s important to do things your way following your powerful instincts. We need you thriving in the world. Enjoy this episode and please share! From a listener: “I look forward to listening to these weekly. I liked this one so much I started it over again as soon as it ended. Thank you. :)”  Willow's website:
April 21, 2020
Guiding You Into Sleep
Sleep is so essential for our well being. This is a great episode to listen to right before sleep. I guide you into relaxation and then you drift off to sleep to music in the end.
April 20, 2020
Deep Sleep Meditation
This is a 15 minute visualization meditation to do before you sleep. From a listener: “I tried this last night. It was so good. I fell asleep I think within the first one to two minutes into a deep sleep. Your voice was so soothing, Julie. I will need to listen to the whole thing another time but it sure worked in terms of sleep. Thanks so much for creating this meditation! Much needed as I've been having trouble sleeping the past couple nights. :)”
April 17, 2020
Optimizing Health as an HSP during Coronavirus with Julie Bjelland and Dr. Julia Hipp
Dr. Julia Hipp discusses naturopathic approaches to caring for the highly sensitive body during the COVID-19 pandemic. She talks about how your "terrain" or overall health can impact your immune system and ways to decrease your physical, mental and emotional overwhelm. Disclaimer: The information discussed in this podcast does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your physician and/or holistic healthcare provider before trying any new supplements, herbs, exercise or other holistic health care routines.COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Julia Hipp is an HSP-naturopathic-doctor specializing in digestive health and care for the highly sensitive person. She is passionate about helping patients reach their optimal health goals in body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Julia's website: Julie Bjelland's website:
April 17, 2020
Self love and living from the heart with Julie Bjelland and Willow McIntosh
Making the conscious choice of choosing positive thoughts on a moment to moment basis. Strengthening the muscle of experiencing heart consciousness and how simple it becomes to access it. Learning to stop feeding the false opinion we have of ourselves. Learning to find the inner resource of knowing. How self love clears the path to meaning and the service we are here to share with the world.   From Listeners:  "This particular episode was soul balm to me! I want to listen to it again because it was so rich and nurturing😊Thank you both! Both of your stories resonated also very much with my experience I went through. And listening to it also helps to put it into words because there are still things that I don’t know yet how to put it in words or express it although I have discovered and explored a lot...there’s always something to learn😊 I like that you were mentioning that even one has already done a lot of inner work it doesn’t mean that you won’t be challenged anymore. That’s so true. Also, all what you were talking about criticism resonated with me. Looking forward to another episode 😊❤" "I enjoyed listening to this episode because there were so many things that I experience and had troubling putting into words and I can't believe others experience that as well. One being the conscious choice of saying to yourself I am not going to go down this negative path of thinking and the false point of view of myself. It  is incredible what nature and sunlight can bring out. Even on the way to driving to the store today I couldn't help but smile at the fresh air and Mamma Mia soundtrack I had playing. It was as if my free child- like happiness unraveled. Thank you for a beautiful episode. I am in hopes to finding my path and purpose in life. Thank you for all you do."
April 14, 2020
Hope in Crisis
There are so many things we can do right now to support ourselves through this crisis. Accessing resiliency and hope can make a big difference. Developing self compassion and brain training skills designed to activate calming centers will also support your balance. I have so many things to teach you that can help you as highly sensitive people and still find hope in crisis. From an HSP listener: “I started coloring yesterday and I immediately felt calm. I like how doing something creative can truly deactivate stress centers. I notice when they are deactivated I feel more myself and at peace; whereas before it was just so much overwhelm I didn’t even feel myself I felt like I didn’t know myself. I also think what you say about self compassion is so important. To truly give the love you give to others and turn in right back into yourself. Then you visualize it as not this overwhelmed anxious ball it’s more like sweet and able to tackle. Thank you for your sweet words and reminding me that something so beautiful will emerge from this growth”
April 13, 2020
Growth Through Suffering
There absolutely can be growth through suffering. In fact it’s our responsibility right now to intentionally take the path towards growth and to recognize the power of this trait of high sensitivity. This trait evolved as a survival strategy of the population. You are needed more than ever.
April 11, 2020
Accessing Resiliency: Helping Yourself & the World When You Are Needed Most with Willow McIntosh & Julie Bjelland
Willow and  I talk about resiliency today. We share what we are doing to stay resilient and how to access it.  Additionally, I have observed these 10 patterns of what HSPs are doing right now that are helping them to stay resilient.  Practice Self-Compassion: Every HSP I have talked to all over the world who has been practicing self-compassion and has named this to be one of the main reasons they are staying resilient right now. Resilience: HSPs actually have a lot of it and sometimes just need to learn a few tools to access it. Creativity: Activating the creative centers in your brain has a calming effect on the brain! Get creative! Practice healthy boundaries and limit exposure to the news:  It is recommended to limit how much news you take in and only to read enough to stay informed, but not watch it visually. It’s been found that visually watching it increases the feeling of fear and panic.  Avoid watching it and instead read-only to gain what you need to stay informed, but don’t dive deeply into an overwhelmed feeling from it.  Also, limit or avoid people who are toxic or emitting too much negativity right now. You need to take care of your wellness as a priority at this time.   Present focus: Whenever fear or anxiety creep in, focus on what you do have right now and what you are grateful for and that will activate calming centers in your brain. You can learn more about how to activate calming centers that deactivate stress centers here.  Grounded: Having a grounding process right now would be incredibly helpful to calm your whole system.  I find that water, plants, and pets can feel very grounding. Daily task list-stay productive: Setting small goals for yourself that make you feel good seems to be especially helpful for HSPs. Routine self-care: Taking time to honor yourself with the right type of self-care for you is essential.  Self-soothing: I’ve created some meditations and relaxation techniques for HSPs that you might feel calming. Monitor personal energy: Don’t give all your energy points away to everyone and leave none for yourself. Taking care of yourself mind, body and spirit are important right now. If you are balanced, then everyone around you is too and your immune system stays the strongest. Enjoy and please share. 
April 7, 2020
General Q/A & Support With Julie
Sensitive Empowerment community members ask me questions live. To ask me questions, see all the things we do in my Sensitive  Empowerment community, and learn how to join us,  visit my website
April 7, 2020
10 Minute Relaxation Meditation
Give yourself this gift and allow yourself to relax your body, mind and spirit right now. Take a half hour for self-care if you can, beginning with this 10-minute meditation, followed by another 20 minutes of your own time to reflect and relax in self-care. 
April 6, 2020
Reflection and Growth Opportunity
This is a time for us to reflect on our journey and what this pivot might mean for our lives and the ways that we might consciously and intentionally grow.
April 6, 2020
How HSPs Are Staying Resilient
I'm noticing a pattern of what HSPs are doing who are able to stay resilient and strong right now and I'm sharing with you in hopes that it helps you access your strength and resiliency right now.
April 2, 2020
Leadership & Business Q/A with Julie
We had such a great discussion!  I loved all the questions that came in. We talked about the importance of working on our own self-compassion, self-esteem, and value starting a new business and how to get clients what leadership means the importance of boundaries how to be sensitive to the Covid19 in marketing managing fear and perfection what some of the most urgent needs for HSPs in general how HSP leaders can begin to start helping to address these needs in our community What qualities HSPs can lean on to be the best leaders they can be and more! Please share your comments about what was helpful or resonated with you. I love hearing from you! Do you have a question you want to be answered in an upcoming Q/A? Leave me a voice message!
March 31, 2020
How to find your purpose as an HSP/HSI in this uncertain time. ‘Feeling the inner truth’.
Many people out there right now are being called to dig deep around what to do in this lockdown period. We think it could be supportive to talk about purpose and how to tune into our inner truth around this. In this episode we talk about: Finding the coach/consultant in us Recognizing our unique take on things and the value of this Finding creative ways to add value How our own life journey has given us lessons to share with others Finding the courage to run online sessions with clients Do you have a question you want to be answered in an upcoming Q/A? Leave us a voice message!
March 31, 2020
End of day relaxation meditation: Bath and candles
Enjoy a good sleep after this meditation ❤️
March 27, 2020
Letting Go Meditation: Opening up a new path
Meditation to help you let go and open up new energy towards living authentically and consciously choosing your path.
March 26, 2020
Loving kindness meditation to self and to all
Send loving kindness within and to all.
March 26, 2020
Activate the Power of Your Emotional Strength With Melissa Jean, MSW
This is our 26th event from my Sensitive Empowerment community! I have uploaded the audio for you. If you want to watch the video, it is available, along with all my video events in my community I hope you can join us!  One of the major aspects of inheriting the Sensory Processing Sensitivity trait is Emotional Responsivity/Empathy. Empathy is a beautiful quality to have, the ability to feel deeply and connect intimately with others but it can also be challenging with the wide range of emotions and thoughts. Many have developed a tendency to hide their emotions or even apologize for expressing them. Highly Sensitive People are typically kind-hearted, conscientious, caring people, but when it comes to being Emotionally Responsive, it can cause overwhelm with a host of negative thoughts and bodily sensations that might linger. This can create gaps in connections with others who we value.  The key element of the trait, a depth of processing, plays a part in this delay of recovery. That's where the advancements offered through Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics comes in, coupled with my own unique journey of awakening. As Highly Sensitive People, we have superpowers we can tap into, once we understand how. In this presentation, we will cover: -The importance of honoring all emotions signaling important information. -Why we need to create space for a daily practice that re-centers us. -The foundational teaching practice I call Take a break & Breathe Love. -What you need to know about the trait that qualifies it as a superpower. -How to use your trait to activate this power of emotional strength and invite more joy. I look forward to connecting with you. Melissa Jean MSW has a Masters Degree in Social Work with 20+ years experience focusing on children & families. A Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in MA & CA. As a Mompreneur, Highly Sensitive Person/Empath and Consultant, her specialties are in Emotional Wellness, Highly Sensitive People/Empaths, and understanding genetic codes of uniqueness via Human Design & BG5 Career Design. She is passionate about inspiring others to shift from old stories/programs towards accessing innate superpowers to live the life of their dreams.  Aligning Hearts in Families & Business is about empowering you to come home to the heart of who you truly are - one breath at a time. Email:
March 24, 2020
Recognizing the importance and value of our high sensory abilities during a global pandemic with Julie Bjelland & Willow McIntosh
This podcast episode is dedicated to empowering sensitive people to recognize their trait as sensory intelligence and bring their unique gifts into service for the crucial roles we play in communities, businesses, and leadership globally. With Julie Bjelland, Sensitivity Expert, Psychotherapist and Founder of the online Sensitive Empowerment Community And  Willow McIntosh founder of Inluminance and leader of the High Sensory Intelligence movement. As leaders in the field, we are stepping up in our communities, sharing advice and the tools we have to share guidance at this time.  We hope you enjoy this episode. Please leave us a voice message if you have a question or comment for us to be included in a future episode!, introduce yourself, tell us where you are from and record up to 60 seconds.  We love hearing from you! Take Julie's free Sensitivity Quiz and find all my HSP tools and resources at, To register for Willow's next masterclass on how to make your shift into High Sensory Intelligence visit Please share this episode to help others and take extra good care of yourself.
March 24, 2020
How to manage intense stress and anxiety right now as a sensitive person
I’m giving you information and resources on how to manage the intense emotions you might be experiencing right now to help you find a way to be balanced and get through this. Do you have a question you want to be answered in an upcoming Q/A? Leave me a voice message!
March 22, 2020
How to get free weekly support for HSPs
I’m committed to giving resources and support to you that helps you through this time. Sign up for my weekly HSP newsletter delivered to your inbox for free and also get a free download of a proven technique that helps to calm an overwhelmed HSP brain all available at
March 22, 2020
Offering daily support & connection
If you give yourself one gift this whole year give yourself the gift of joining me and my sensitive empowerment community. I am live every week with new events and offering daily support and connection. I hope to see you there! Get the link to join my sensitive empowerment community at
March 22, 2020
Be careful about how much news you’re taking in
I give an example of what I do and I hope that it helps you stay balanced and well.
March 22, 2020
How to ask questions or leave feedback
You can use the voice message feature and I love hearing from you!
March 22, 2020
HSP Gifts & Importance of Community
In this event, for the Evolved Empath Summit with the Shift Network, I shed light on how highly sensitive people (HSPs) can properly balance their nervous system… increasing their sense of wellbeing and allowing their many gifts to emerge and be shared with the world. I also share the importance of being in a community of other HSPs, like my Sensitive Empowerment community. 
March 19, 2020
What I'm Doing & What We All Can Do To Stay Balanced During This
I'm sharing what I'm doing and also ways that I think can help you right now too. Please share. Subscribe to my HSP newsletter to receive weekly tips and support at
March 19, 2020
The coming evolution from “Highly Sensitive” into High Sensory Intelligence and what is really possible for us as HSPs
The video of this event is located in my Sensitive Empowerment community Enjoy this inspiring conversation about ● The journey from self rejection into self ownership as an HSP ● The responsibility of our “super powers” and bringing them into service ● Our innate abilities in empathic leadership ● The identity shift from “Sensitive” into Sensory Intelligence ● The visceral perception of energy I have experienced since childhood and how it serves me as an adult. Willow is the founder of Inluminance and the leader of the High Sensory Intelligence movement. He is a speaker, author and business mentor. Specialising in facilitating heart centred coaches, empathic leaders and people with the trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity. A note from Julie I hope you enjoyed this conversation and I would love to hear from you. You can contact me, take my free Sensitivity Quiz and join my Sensitive Empowerment community on my website
March 18, 2020
Support for highly sensitive people during this pandemic
Ideas to support your wellness and balance and reduce anxiety and help you through this time. By sensitivity expert and psychotherapist Julie Bjelland
March 16, 2020
Grounding With Greatness with Life Coach Leah Walsh
This is our 22nd event within my online  Sensitive Empowerment community! This event is available to watch by video along with other amazing events at Check out all the incredible ways we are learning how to live our best life as sensitive people together! What a powerful visualization Leah shared with us! I loved the thought of imagining grounding like a tree with roots spread far and deep and how that can help us in so many areas of our life. We can connect deeply to ourselves, and access powerful self-love and self-compassion, our root core values, safety and a great source of strength within us! If you are rooted in the ground you can give more to the world, help others, and let go of anxiety, fear, or anything holding you back. We talked about how to clearly understand the difference between earthing and grounding. Leah: -gave a simple definition of grounding within the physical-energetic human body -helped us have experience practicing this with our own bodies (in a 5-8 min active meditation) -named reasons why this is important (in business, in a relationship, having a sensitive body) -helped us name 2 different ways to tell if we are ungrounded (body cues) -helped us name 1 next step/takeaway to work with this learning in our own life -offered a free gift! More From Leah: I know you! You’re a culture shifter. You’re sensitive. You have your own brand of greatness in you. But, it can be too easy for your brilliant ideas and most genuine contributions to stay on the sidelines as low-self esteem and lived trauma make taking up space difficult. This diminishes your life force and keeps you limited in your experience of success and joyful belonging. Thankfully, there is another way. This event will teach you a powerful grounding framework (offered by our standing tree relatives) that can help you to sustain new levels of contribution and success, take new risks, be seen and heard in ways that you’ve always desired, and all by honoring the beautiful nature of your sensitivity. Trees are one of our oldest and wisest teachers. They model so clearly that if we want to be an impactful presence in the world, we must build the roots to sustain the vision and generous gifts that will come from our reaching branches. Join me! Leah Walsh (she/her) is motivated by one desire: to support conscious and creative people to uncover their unique potential and bring that light into the world. Leah loves to see every human as a beautiful and unique flower in life’s garden, but being your own flower can be hard work! It means cultivating a strong mind, deep roots and clear heart to allow your flower to grow, adapt, & bloom. Leah’s work as a Life Coach supports people do just this. Her signature coaching program, Positively Sensitive, specifically supports other highly sensitive and introverted leaders to ground their confidence, cultivate deep-rooted belonging and awaken their unique bloom. To learn more about Leah’s work, visit Please share your experiences and what resonated for you! We love hearing from you!
March 10, 2020
Body Scan Meditation for the Sensitive
Enjoy, please share and find more resources at
March 8, 2020
When you are having a hard moment, listen to this
Support for you at 
March 8, 2020
When you feel misunderstood or alone, listen to this
I understand that feeling and want to help.  Check out all my resources for you at
March 8, 2020
How to ask me a question directly!
When viewing a podcast's page in Anchor, even if you're not logged in, you can click 'Send voice message' (Remember to give your web browser access to your microphone!) You'll be brought to a record screen where you can record a voice message for up to one minute You can record your message again, or, if you're happy with how it turned out, click 'Send this message!' If you're logged in to an Anchor account, we'll send the message right away. If you're not logged in, you'll be prompted to create an account *Note: Currently, you'll need to login with your email address
March 8, 2020
Learn about the free resources I offer HSPs
Have you taken the Sensitivity quiz, watched my free videos, listened to my podcasts, subscribed to my weekly newsletter? So many resources to support you to thrive to your fullest potential! 
March 8, 2020
HSPs Have an Overly Activated Emotional Brain Response & That is a Challenge!
This sets us up for a lot of challenges, but fortunately, you can train your brain! Learn more about my Braining Training Program for Highly Sensitive people at Check out all the resources for the sensitive, including a free sensitivity quiz at www.Sensitive
March 8, 2020
Breathe Awareness Meditation
Enjoy these few moments of relaxation.  For more tips and support for the sensitive nervous system visit
March 7, 2020
Relaxation Meditation by Julie Bjelland
Spending time intentionally relaxing through meditation is a big part of supporting your wellness as a highly sensitive person. Give this gift to yourself. For more information and tips to support your senstiive nervous system, visit
March 7, 2020
Relax with the beautiful sound of birds
Every day  I enjoy the beautiful sounds of these birds so I recorded them for you to enjoy too! I invite you to find somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and visualize a beautiful place in nature while you listen.   Did you like this?  What do you want to hear more of in my podcast? I would love to hear from you at 
March 7, 2020
Do HSPs need medications for anxiety or are there alternatives?
I answer a question from my Sensitive Empowerment community about medications and alternatives to medications. Every week in my  Sensitive Empowerment community I host trainings, events, and featured speakers.  This is a clip from one of our Q/A events. If you want to have  your questions answered directly, and join other HSPs committed to their wellness check out everything we are doing
March 6, 2020
HSP Psychotherapist Explains the Trait of High Sensitivity
Are you a highly sensitive person or know someone that is? 1 out of 5 of us are! Learn important information about the trait of high sensitivity and please share to spread education and awareness. 
March 5, 2020
Listener Question: What’s the difference between an HSP and Autism
I’m answering a listener question talking about the differences between autism and someone with the trait of high sensitivity.
March 5, 2020
Technique that helps calm you
This technique is proven effective for highly sensitive people. It’s an excellent technique that instantly trains your brain that you are safe and to stop sending out alarm bell signals.
March 5, 2020
Self-Esteem Building Relaxation for the Sensitive
Many HSPs benefit from practicing techniques to build self-esteem. Give yourself this gift.
March 5, 2020
Lovingkindness Meditation for Highly Sensitive People
We can love and be loved at the same level we love ourselves. This meditation helps to grow more self love. 
March 5, 2020
Relaxation & Body Tension Release for the Sensitive
Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and tension release for your beautiful sensitive body.
March 5, 2020
Meditation for highly sensitive people
A 5-minute breathe awareness meditation just for highly sensitive people. 
March 5, 2020
Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person, Techniques to Reduce Anxiety & Overwhelming Emotions
Information about what brain training is and why highly sensitive people need it and how my brain training course can help reduce the challenges of sensitivity.  Learn more about this course created especially for HSPs at
March 4, 2020
HSP Travel & Group Gathering Tips
Do you often get exhausted and need a lot of recovery time after travel or visiting family? You are not alone, many HSPs feel this way. Here are some tips to help you! 
March 4, 2020
Creating Healthy Boundaries as an HSP Without Guilt
Many highly sensitive people struggle to create boundaries. We are such a giving group of people that it can be hard to say no or feel like we are disappointing someone.  But not having boundaries actually creates an unhealthy balance in relationships. Listen and learn more about how to set boundaries without guilt. If you want to watch the video part of this it's available in my Sensitive Empowerment community. Join me for live discussions every week and connect with other wonderfully kind and supportive highly sensitive people! Take the free Sensitivity Quiz at Leave a voice message for me if you want your questions answered!
March 3, 2020
How to tell people about the trait of high sensitivity and the three steps needed to live your best
Understanding the trait, using tools to support your sensitive nervous system, and spending time with other highly sensitive people are important aspects to help you be your best in the world.
March 1, 2020
Gifts of the sensitive in the workplace
Smart, evolved companies will look at the research that shows us sensitive people excel highest in the workplace and will learn how to support the needs of the sensitive to help them harness their highest level of gifts!
March 1, 2020
A vision that highly sensitive people (HSPs) are valuable in so many areas of life.
I have so much to share with you about how how highly sensitive people can be the change we need in the world, how companies can harness the gifts of the trait, and how HSPs are some of the most gifted and talented people in the world with super computer brains! My mission is to help uncover and release those gifts in the world.
March 1, 2020