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The Contemplative Corazón

The Contemplative Corazón

By Julie Calderon
One woman's journey to live a contemplative life in a busy world
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17. Rough Road
This past summer, my daughter and I experienced what many might consider a nightmarish road trip.  I share about the lessons learned and an important realization I had.  
September 11, 2022
16. Capturing the Light
Listen in on my conversation with my dance sister Christine. Christine is a licensed therapist, doctoral student, photographer, and artist.  We talk about her work with others and how she takes care of her mind and spirit through creativity.  She also shares her experience withi the practice of labyrinth walks.  
August 21, 2022
15. Tending the Spirit Through Motion
I welcome my second guest of the season, my dance sister Gigi, as we discuss her contemplative journey.  She shares about her love of hiking trails and how dance helped her face grief and health challenges.  She also connects her tending to her spirit to her work as an educator and her life as a wife and mother. 
August 07, 2022
14. Thousands of corazones
Season 2 has explored the theme of community in contemplative practices. I share about my experiences at three different large events that have touched my heart.  
July 24, 2022
13. Finding peace within a parade
Last season, I explained how I find dance to be a contemplative practice. In this episode, I share my experience dancing in Carnaval and how a parade can be a place to get in touch with our corazon. 
June 12, 2022
12. Envisioning Legacy
Our first guest of Season 2 is Russell Sato, a proud dad of two, his district's 2021 Teacher of the Year, and a dear friend.  He shares about his Buddhist roots, parenting, and thoughts on legacy as we explore the impact of attending to our spirit.  
May 15, 2022
11. Travel Companions
I open Season 2 with an explanation of the new season's theme and by sharing a story about a unique experience during a long time tradition.  
April 18, 2022
10. Reflections on Season 1
Season 1, The Beginning, has come to a close.  I share about a hectic day during January's omicron surge and share how contemplative practices have helped me move through challenges.  
March 20, 2022
Season 2 Trailer, Fellow Travelers
In Season 1, I shared how contemplative practices provide stability in my busy life. Join me for Season 2, Fellow Travelers, when I will be joined by several friends as we continue to explore the gifts of contemplation and community.  
March 20, 2022
9. Hearing the Heartbeat
Before COVID-19 changed our lives, my life was changed by a retreat with Father Ron Rolheiser. After suffering a terrible loss, I needed to reconnect with myself and the world around me.  The retreat helped me embrace my contemplative journey.  
March 06, 2022
8. The gift of retreat
A more traditional contemplative practice is going on a retreat. I give a brief history of the Christian retreat tradition and describe a typical retreat. I then highlight three retreat centers in the Bay Area.  
February 19, 2022
7. Dance as contemplation
Episode 7 describes how one of my favorite activities, dancing, has led me into contemplation.  I share my history as a dancer and include fellow dancers in my family. I discuss the mind-body connection. I explore how the joy of dance can lead me to the peace of contemplation. 
February 06, 2022
6. Running as contemplation
Running is great exercise but it is also an opportunity for mindfulness and contemplation. I discuss how running is a contemplative practice. I describe my recent experience completing a half-marathon. I also take a moment in honor of Thich Nhat Hanh.  
January 23, 2022
5. Class Reunion
I reunite with the former members of Queen of All Saints, a chapter of the Legion of Mary to which I belonged many years ago. These women became my lifelong friends and taught me so much about my faith and were important in my contemplative journey.  We reminisce about our childhood as cradle Catholics, our adult journeys into faith and spirituality, and provide advice on where to begin a journey into contemplative practices.  
January 09, 2022
4. Practicing in a pandemic
While some might think the pandemic shutdown was an ideal time for contemplation, I found it created new challenges.  I go back to the early chaos of quarantine and then discuss two positives that came out of that troubled time.  I also mention how a mentor's reflection on one of my character traits inspired me to make this podcast a reality. 
December 27, 2021
3. Roots and resources
I continue to share the roots of my journey and offer resources that have helped me explore contemplation.  
December 17, 2021
2. The Contemplative Commute
Have some time on your way to work?  I discuss how I have shifted my commute from a time of stress and worry to a more contemplative, calming time.  I describe a typical Monday and what could have been a terrible commute and how I use the contemplative commute to get centered. 
November 03, 2021
1. Origin Story
I provide my definition of contemplative, tell the story of the call to deepen my practices, the inspiration for this podcast, and preview next episode and this season
October 10, 2021
Coming soon:  I explore my journey as a contemplative while balancing my roles as a mom, educator, and writer.  I will share my story while also exploring contemplative practices 
September 25, 2021