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Freedomology with Julie A. Christiansen

Freedomology with Julie A. Christiansen

By Julie A. Christiansen
What does it mean to be free?
This is what freedomology is all about. Listen to our 30 minute podcast in which we discuss all things freedom. You can expect love, passion, laughter, hilarity, tears, insight, and inspiration in every episode.
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Season Two Episode Nine: Forgive for Freedom
Have you ever been hurt? Experienced emotional trauma at the hands of someone you loved, trusted, thought had your best interest in mind? Ever been betrayed? Had your boundaries violated or your rules broken?  Straight facts, we all know what it's like to be hurt in one way or another. For some it's a minor thing, for others, it is life-altering and soul shattering.  This episode is all about forgiveness and it's role in healing from hurts. The stories I share are straight from my memory (which is not so great, y'all), so I may get some of the finer details wrong, but the theme is consistent and on point. Forgiveness is for YOU.  If you want to know more about how you can apply the concepts of forgiveness and acceptance to your personal story, visit my online store and check out my books that address this topic: 1. Anger Solutions: Proven Strategies for Effectively Resolving Anger and Taking Control of Your Emotions 2. Anger Solutions by the Book: Biblical Principles for Resolving Anger I also highly recommend the book, Forgive for Good by Dr. Frederic Luskin. If you have decided you need professional help to work through your trauma, AND you live in the province of Ontario, please reach out to my psychotherapy practice, Spa for the Soul to get connected with a trauma-informed therapist.  Here's to your healing, and for making room for all that lies beyond forgiveness and acceptance. Enjoy this episode!
September 22, 2022
Season Two Episode Eight: Design Your Life with Alyssa Zwonok
With over a decade of industry experience, Alyssa Zwonok is a rare blend of creative director and CEO. She brings endless energy to her work, mentoring her ever-growing network of skilled professionals as they help brands to exceed industry standards. Nomad Cre8tive was founded by Alyssa, out of her intense need to innovate, create, and work from anywhere. In direct alignment with her values, she created a business to suit her life and not the other way around, hoping to empower others to do the same. Alyssa’s extensive experiences of living, working, and travelling abroad, shaped the model of Nomad Cre8tive as a streamlined, agile, and flexible remote business. With a varied roster of clients, Nomad Cre8tive’s reach goes from local to global and everything in between. We had such an interesting convo about life, work, designing the life you want, and so much more. You can find out more about Alyssa by following these links: Instagram: @alyssazwonok
July 13, 2022
Season Two, Episode Seven: The Compassionate Supervisor
If you are a psychotherapist, psychologist or social services administrator in a supervisory role, you won't want to miss this episode! In this episode, I have an open and frank conversation with fellow psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, Tracy Miles. Tracy has over 30 years in clinical practice, working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has worked in many settings across the Province of Ontario. Tracy brings a passion for connection to everything she does. She is witty, passionate and full of energy. Tracy began Energy Tap in 2007 because she wanted to grow and expand her experience of the world. She has a deep belief that everyone has a wisdom within them. She has witnessed how powerful it can be when someone turns toward themselves and the answer is right there. This experience is what moves her to keep expanding her view of how human connection can heal. Tracy's first book is titled, "The Compassionate Supervisor". You can learn more about her book and purchase a copy at, and you'll find her on social media @energytap.
June 22, 2022
Season Two Episode Six: Be the Change You Want to See with Erica Williams and Erika Smith
In the wake of the Buffalo shooting on May 14, 2022 comes a timely episode about systemic racism in our schools and social services, and how we can be the change we want to see. Black lives matter. Some may counter that all lives matter, but that will not be true until Black lives matter. My guests in this episode are Erika Smith, high school teacher, co-founder of Matter of Black, and community activist, as well as Erica Williams, a social worker and founder of Erica's Embrace Support Services. We have a free-flowing open conversation about representation in our local school board, the lack of consideration for persons of colour when stocking supplies for women's shelters and everything in between.  You can learn more about Erica' Embrace by visiting: Learn more about the DSBN's initiatives on anti-racism: Learn more about Matter of Black: Instagram - @matterofblackniagara and Facebook: 
June 22, 2022
Season Two Episode Five: Do It Afraid with Cassandra Powell
Cassandra Powell  is an entrepreneur and started her first business at the age of 12. She enjoys looking for opportunities to grow and loves helping others to do the same. Her background is in Music. She is currently the music director at Apostolic Gospel Lighthouse In London, Ont. In 2001 she founded the music company, Divinely Orchestrated Music Group which has since been changed to PowellHouse Company where she teaches piano and vocal classes. In 2004, She was on the TV show Gospel Challenge which aired on CTS. This led her to being hired to be a judge and vocal coach on the show “Gospel Dynamic Duets” in 2008. In 2010, Cassandra was nominated for a Covenant Award for Gospel Song of the Year for her song “Grateful”. She travels regularly overseas as a vocal clinician and has helped many churches, schools & organizations with their music programs. She was a volunteer music teacher with the organization “Equip to Serve” in 2013-2017 and served twice a year in Jamaica, teaching in schools and churches and performing at community concerts. Cassandra was also a music professor at Canada Christian College, teaching Private vocal & piano lessons as well as Gospel Choir, Song Writing & Contemporary Worship Leading. She is also on faculty at Toronto Mass Choir’s Power Up Music Conference as a workshop clinician. Cassandra also enjoys hosting her podcast called “Soul, Songs & Shenanigans” where she shares her faith, love of music and encourages her listeners to live, love & lead well in their lives. Cassandra recently obtained her Ministerial licence in the Spring of 2021, and ministers through speaking engagements at various events throughout Ontario. Whether it be teaching, speaking, leading worship or coordinating music events, Cassandra feels passionate about living a life that honours her God-given purpose. You can follow Cassandra's shenanigans on Instagram and Facebook @powellhouseco.
May 01, 2022
Season Two, Episode Four: "The Slap" Through the Anger Solutions Lens
In this episode, we set aside our regular programming format of engaging conversations with our guests to discuss the main subject of the week, "the slap heard around the world". What happened at the Oscars was shocking to many, but it provides us with an opportunity to examine our own reactions and to learn from Will Smith's very public error in judgement. The Anger Solutions approach provides us with a decision-making strategy that enables us to look past our angry reactions, and choose carefully what action we will take to generate the best possible long-term outcomes.  I help mental health agencies and therapists deliver life changing anger programming that enables agencies to stay funded, helps therapists to stay passionate about group work, and creates radical, positive, lasting change in their clients. To learn more about Anger Solutions, visit my website,, and of course, you can follow me on Instagram: @julz_christiansen and @leverage_u. 
April 02, 2022
Season Two, Episode Three: Talent, Tenacity, and Timing with Camille Tucker
In this episode, I have a heart-felt chat with Camille Tucker about her talent, the importance of tenacity when working as a screenwriter, and the value of timing when you are living out your purpose with passion. Camille Tucker is a writer, director and producer from Compton, CA, where both her father and brother were mayor. Passionate about empowering women and BIPOC in front of and behind the camera, she is a Sundance alum and has sold scripts to major studios such as Sony, Universal, New Line Cinema, Fox TV and Disney. She has been fortunate to have worked with A-list producers such as Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, Stacey Snider, Marc Platt, Debra Chase and the late John Singleton. Camille holds a BA in Creative Writing from UCLA, an MFA in Screenwriting from Loyola Marymount and an MA in Theology and Film from Fuller Seminary. She was Associate Professor of a writing for film and television at Biola University from 2014 to 2021. Camille is co-writer of Lifetime’s hit TV movie, The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel, which was executive produced by Queen Latifah and debuted to 2.7MM viewers with over 13MM viewers to date. In 2021, Camille was selected as a participant in the inaugural Sony Pictures Television Diverse Writers Program. In 2019, she was a finalist and the drama alternate in the Walt Disney Television Writing Program, and in 2018, a participant in the Producers Guild of America Power of Diversity Master Workshop. She is a two-time Sundance Screenwriters Lab semi-finalist and Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist. Camille is repped by Management 360. Specialty dish: Dirty South Gumbo. Fun fact: she used to rap under the moniker DJ Cammy Cam. Be nice and she might spit you a rhyme. Follow Camille on Instagram: @camilletuc, on Twitter: @scriptlitchick and visit her website: 
March 17, 2022
Season Two: Episode Two - The Power of Your Story with Kerry Ramsay
In this episode, we meet Kerry Ramsay, the host of the Power Your Platform Podcast, a top 10 Marketing Podcast in Canada. She is also a Story Coach for women looking to build bold story brands and an enthusiastic champion of female speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs. Through her full-time work with Queen's University, Kerry serves hundreds of women entrepreneurs in her role as  Project Manager of the women's entrepreneurship strategy for the greater Kingston region. For Kerry, freedom means having the peace of mind to move through life knowing there is no obstacle that can stop us from achieving what we were born to achieve. Kerry has had a storied career (pun intended) in journalism and communications, and she is most passionate about helping women entrepreneurs to build their story brand. She is such a font of wisdom, you will want to listen all the way through this one - make sure you have pen and paper handy because she is gonna drop some serious nuggets! You can find Kerry on social media at @poweryourplatform and her website, and of course, listen to her amazing podcast,
February 28, 2022
Season TWO, Episode One: Uplevel Your Customer Experience with Crystal D'Cunha
Welcome back to Season Two of Freedomology! Our first guest of 2022 is the indomitable Crystal D'Cunha, Award-Winning Customer Xperience Engineer | Sales Training Expert | Executive Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker  and Chief Experience Officer, The INSIDE View Inc.  Crystal D’Cunha is the charismatic force behind the world's #1 leadership training program, Customer Experience Mastery! Crystal has spent nearly two decades in the corporate world directing, coaching and leading sales forces valued at more than $50 million. Her global experiences led her to her current role as President and CEO of The INSIDE View, Inc.  As The INSIDE View. As Chief Experience Officer, Crystal is a global award-winning entrepreneur, international keynote speaker and Customer Experience Thought Leader with more than 22 years of success across multiple vertices in a wide variety of industries. Crystal inspires leaders to design dynamic team environments and engineer epic customer experiences. She is a valuable asset to companies seeking to achieve consistency with their customer-first approach; keeping employee and customer engagement, retention, loyalty and world-renowned Customer Service as top business priorities.  Her career has taken her around the world physically and virtually, creating a global brand for herself and The INSIDE View, yet she stays rooted where she feels most at home, in Canada being a football mom. In addition to all of the above, as a Disney-certified Customer Experience Engineer, Crystal brings best practices to her clients from her affiliation with Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, and many more. Her mission is clear: to IGNITE Leaders, EXCITE Employees and DELIGHT Customers!  Find Crystal at:  @crstld  @gettheinsidevu 
February 13, 2022
Epsiode Ten: Season One Finale! Gratitude
This final episode is a reflection of the year that was, and some of the highlights. I know I missed some folks as I was going through my list (working from memory is always hit and miss with me), but I want to acknowledge my season one guests here: Erin Skye Kelly Jeremy Goldberg Diana Myrie Lezlie Harper Vanessa McWilliams Tony Estrada Tera Bradham De Neui Laurie Soileau Schlisner Devon and Danah Artis The books I mention in this episode: We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers My Grateful Five Journal by Drops of Gratitude Overcome Lack and Step Into Abundance by Diana Myrie Swimming for Freedom by Tera Bradham  Get the Hell Out of Debt by Erin Skye Kelly Of Dreams and Angels by Jared Morrison How We Can Win by Kimberly Jones Our next season is already in production! We've got a great lineup of guests for you including Kerry Ramsay of Power Your Platform, Crystal D'Cunha of Get the Inside View, screenwriter Camille Tucker, and many more. Stay tuned. This next season of Freedomology is going to be lit! Thank you for listening, and if you hear something you love, please share it with your friends!
January 18, 2022
Episode Nine: When Life Doesn't Go As Planned
When you live your entire life pursuing the purpose you believe God has set out for you, and it all comes crashing down, what do you do? How do you cope? As the old poem says, "when doubts are high and faith is low", how do you get through the valley of shadow? That is the crux of my conversation with Tera Bradham De Neui, author of "Swimming for Freedom". Once on track to qualify for the Olympics as a competitive swimmer, Tera's dreams were crushed by a debilitatingly painful shoulder injury. How she bounced back from the brink of despair is in itself and inspiring tale, but the wonder of the journey is how God showed her (and continues to show her) His plan for her purpose. The holiday season and beyond is "the season to be jolly", but when your body is broken and your heart is torn, and you feel like there is no hope left for you, when all you can feel is the pain and there seems to be no end in sight... it's pretty hard to be jolly. This episode is for you, my friends who may be going through the darkest time of your life. Tera is here to remind you there is hope, there is a way to live your purpose even in chronic pain or with a chronic condition. To learn more about Tera and to get a copy of her wonderful book, "Swimming for Freedom", visit her website at and follow her on Instagram or Facebook: @terabradham.
January 07, 2022
Episode Eight: Changing the Bullying Narrative with Tony Estrada
Anthony "Tony" Estrada is a Los Angeles-based producer, writer, and director. Currently, Tony produces and directs branded content and commercials for several national brands including; CBS, Mattel, Lyft, Niagara Bottling and Los Angeles County. His most recent concept film, ¡Viva la Revolución!, starred, Mexican crossover superstar, Maite Perroni, and child stars, Lonnie Chavis (This is Us) and Miya Cech (The Astronauts). After playing several festivals internationally, Estrada developed and presented a Youth Empowerment & Anti-Bullying Event anchored by the short film and presented to schools across the country. The film is being dual-tracked as a series of children's novels, and a television show, called The Revolutionary Kids. Currently, Estrada is in pre-prdoduction as a producer on the pilot, Classified, developing the feature Those Who Fear Us, and the filmed musical, Labor of Love, pitching Bridesman (based off his short film starring Danny Trejo), Forever Family for television, and his Motivational Self-Help Memoir, It's Ok I'm a Little Nuts: Stories of the Outlier Within is currently being pitched to publishers. Tony and I talked about all sorts of things including the events that led to the making of Viva la Revolucion (watch the trailer), the cost of bullying, living with passion, as well as a host of other topics. To learn more about Tony and what he's up to, follow him on Instagram at @officialtonyestrada, and visit his website:
December 01, 2021
Episode Seven: Bloom with Laurie Soileau Schlisner
What can I say about my convo with Laurie? She is a wonderful, sensitive, funny lady who has experienced life transformation through her faith and through her connection to God's creation. The personality behind Bloom Life Coaching, Laurie strives to help others discover and thrive in their unique human blueprint through poetry, prose and non-fiction.  A survivor, Life Coach, nature-lover and artist, Laurie writes from deep wells of experience on her path to deeper engagement, meaningful impact and less stress through simpler, more authentic living. Laurie approaches life as she does a canvas, finding unexpected treasure in the little things, and celebrating beauty through writing, painting, woodworking, kayaking and gardening. Despite an insatiable curiosity and seemingly endless list of interests, her faith and her family are her top priority. She and husband Grant enjoy collaborative play in woodcraft, Celtic music, beekeeping, and Scotland, ever dreaming of more time with children Kelli, Katherine, Jackson and Graceann. They live in Nashville, Tennessee but dream of life in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. Laurie's and my conversation was free-flowing and inspired. I'm sure you'll learn much from her! To get to know her better and to familiarize yourself with her work, please check out her website at: and follow her on Instagram @lauriesoileau_bloom.
November 01, 2021
Episode Six - What Ball and Chain? with Devon and Danah Artis
Episode six airs on my 33rd wedding anniversary, so I thought it appropriate to bring on my guests who are marriage/relationship experts. Danah and Devon Artis are couples coaches doing exemplary work to help couples enrich and strengthen their relationships. Here's a snippet from their website: FACT: Relationships are hard. And according to a survey reported in The Huffington Post, communicating while in a relationship is even more challenging. A poll of 100 mental health professionals revealed that communication problems are the leading cause of divorce (65%). Another 43% of respondents listed couples’ inability to resolve conflict as a top cause of divorce. The survey also revealed that 70% of the surveyed experts said that men see “nagging” and complaining as the leading problem in their relationships. Women’s top complaint was that their partners don’t validate their feelings or opinions enough. So, who’s right or wrong, and what does this have to do with your loving marriage or premarital relationship? First off, everybody’s right. And if you’re not careful, these problems could wiggle into your relationship and wreak havoc on what you imagined would be a life-long union. Our candid conversation covers all sorts of aspects about relationships, and I'll even share some secrets to how Steve and I have made it successfully to 33 years. At the end of the episode, Devon and Danah have a special offer - follow them on social media @legacyimpactcoaching and let them know you heard about them through this show. They will give you a complimentary session as a "thanks"! Also, if you reach out to me and let me know you have followed this wonderful couple, I'll send you a little something to say "thanks" as well! Find me @julz_christiansen on Instagram. Enjoy the show!
October 15, 2021
Episode Five: Step into Abundance with Diana Myrie
What are some of the challenges that BIPOC people face when striving for financial freedom? What are the pitfalls, and how can we overcome them? What are some of the first steps to take when seeking to effectively manage and grow financial abundance? Our guest, Diana Myrie will share her depth of knowledge and insight into how people of colour can get ahead financially. You can find Diana online at Her instagram account is @dianamyrie. You'll find her book, Overcome Lack: Step Into Abundance at Amazon, or you can order an author copy through Diana's website. 
September 30, 2021
Episode Four: Learn to Love Your Meat Suit with Vanessa McWilliams
Vanessa McWilliams is a bright light whose mission is to manifest love and kindness wherever she goes. This coach, public speaker, aspiring author, and all around formidable human has lived with the autoimmune disorder of Alopecia since she was nine years old. In this episode, listen to Vanessa share her story of how she learned she had Alopecia and her journey to self-acceptance. Vanessa shows up as her authentic self always, and so we are being true to her authenticity by letting you hear as much of this interview as we could cram into 30-plus minutes, including a few F-bombs and S-words. Since this episode is all about acceptance - you're getting all of her and I promise, you will take so much encouragement and inspiration away from this conversation, you'll be glad you listened in. If you want to interact more with Vanessa, you can find her on Instagram @vanessa_mcwilliams_. You can also find her on TikTok, and at her website, 
September 15, 2021
Episode Three: Just Begin with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg
Gah! I enjoyed this conversation so much. Jeremy shares his journey of leaving the corporate/scientific world to do something that uniquely resonated with his passion and purpose. Listen carefully, and you may just want to have a pen and paper to jot some notes. Jeremy shares the keys to taking living your authentic life: choices and courage. He reminds you that it's okay to take risks, try the things, to make mistakes, and to be objective (and less fear-based) in your conscious decisions about how to live your life. You can learn more about Jeremy by visiting his website: 
September 01, 2021
Episode Two: Get the Hell Out of Debt with Erin Skye Kelly
How does someone working in the world of finance get herself into just over $2 Million in debt? Better still, how does she dig herself out? Best-selling author and coach, Erin Skye Kelly takes some time out of her busy schedule to chat about all things debt freedom. Erin is a brilliant, compassionate, loving, and hilarious human, and I'm so privileged to know her. We had such fun discussing the various challenges that come with being in debt. She shares key insights from her newly released book, Get the Hell Out of Debt, and provides some invaluable advice for young people hoping to escape the pitfalls of indebtedness. You can find Erin's book at e-book retailers and major bookstores everywhere. To learn more about her GTHOOD coaching program, her financial literacy program for kids, and Transformation Weekend, follow her on Instagram at @erinskyekelly, and visit her webpage at
August 15, 2021
Episode One: Emancipation Day - The Long Walk to Freedom with Lezlie Harper
August 1st is Emancipation Day in Canada, the day we recognize the abolition of slavery in this country. Lezlie Harper, the owner of Niagara Bound Tours joins me to talk about Emancipation Day and the rich Black History that is represented in the Niagara Region and beyond. We talked for too long, so you're only going to hear half of our conversation! Lezlie will return at a later date and you can hear the rest of our interview then. Be sure to reach out to Lezlie at where you can book a tour online and learn more about Black History in Southern Ontario. Copyright notices: Music -
August 01, 2021