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Julie Leoni - What's Your Thing

Julie Leoni - What's Your Thing

By Julie Leoni
Inspiration, mental health, the meaning to life and what it is to be human
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Living differently 1 - Designing a life that fits with your values and needs

Julie Leoni - What's Your Thing

Climate Emergency - a call for elders to support future generations
We have known since the 80s that climate change was in need of our attention and yet, we have either ignored it or tinkered around the edges of the massive changes that need to be made.  As elders it is our roll now to support the younger generations in any way we can in order to ensure that future generations survive and thrive.  Here's how. p.s I've added some new online courses to Teachable which you might find useful, some are free and all are low cost so take a look at I would really appreciate it if you would let people know about them. Thank you
August 06, 2022
Living differently 5 - On being an elder
Are you over 50? Did you do your degree for free? Are you looking forward to retirement? Are you financially secure? Then imagine if you could use some of your skills and experiences to support younger people in tackling some of the challenges that our generations have created. p.s I've added some new online courses to Teachable which you might find useful, some are free and all are low cost so take a look at I would really appreciate it if you would let people know about them. Thank you
July 30, 2022
Living differently 4 - different ways of thinking about wealth
When we think about wealth as something more than just money, we can start to live more and more in line with our values in a way which makes us happier, healthier and lighter on the planet. p.s I've added some new online courses to Teachable which you might find useful, some are free and all are low cost so take a look at I would really appreciate it if you would let people know about them. Thank you
July 23, 2022
Living differently 3 - Cognitive dissonance
Cognitive dissonance and denial and how to stop them holding us back from making the changes we want to make. p.s I've added some new online courses to Teachable which you might find useful, some are free and all are low cost so take a look at I would really appreciate it if you would let people know about them. Thank you
July 16, 2022
Move your attention from Westminster
We don't need to keep consuming the Westminster shenanigans, we have more power than we think.
July 15, 2022
Living differently 2 - the difficulties and reasons for living your own way
It isn't always easy to build a life on your terms, but here's what I've learned from some of the blocks I have faced. p.s I've added some new online courses to Teachable which you might find useful, some are free and all are low cost so take a look at I would really appreciate it if you would let people know about them. Thank you
July 09, 2022
Living differently 1 - Designing a life that fits with your values and needs
Rather than fitting your life in around work, here's how it is possible to tweek and change your work so it fits in with what you want and what suits you, rather than the other way around. p.s I've added some new online courses to Teachable which you might find useful, some are free and all are low cost so take a look at I would really appreciate it if you would let people know about them. Thank you
July 02, 2022
How to say 'no' for people who find it hard.
Lots of people find it hard to say 'no' but here's how to do it and why you should. p.s I've added some new online courses to Teachable which you might find useful, some are free and all are low cost so take a look at I would really appreciate it if you would let people know about them. Thank you
June 26, 2022
What's your thing? - Being a literary agent with Sophie Lambert
Sophie Lambert is a literary director and agent who started her career as a bookseller on Charing Cross Road, and became a buyer for Blackwell and later Foyles. In this conversation we talk about the publishing industry and how risk taking can lead you to just the right place. Access blogs, free materials, books and coaching with me at
July 31, 2021
What's your thing?- Doors with Sharon Green
What goes on behind closed doors?  How do we open doors?  What assumptions do we make?  A simple conversation about Sharon's photographs of doors takes us into community, connection, creativity and the big issues that as a world we are grappling with. To get in contact with me, Julie, head over to Sharon Green Chartered Fellow CIPD, MA (HRM), Post Grad Dip. BA (Hons) is a trained coach, project and programme manager and professional interim consultant. Sharon founded Chiara Consultancy over 15 years ago following a successful, cross sector career as a project, people and change management specialist. Her consultancy helps clients, change, innovate and maximise the power of their people. Sharon works with clients from start ups to global corporates and specialises in people change projects, from large scale transformations to smaller scale initiatives that require technology, comms and engagement skills. As well as doors, Sharon’s other passion project and side hustle is running a global Linked In community of over 1380 independent people consultants, coaches and interims, the HR Interim Networking Group. In the spirit of #payitforward this group shares leads, good practice, support and collaborates. Twitter handle: SharonGChiara Instagram also SharonGChiara Linked In Website
July 04, 2021
What's your thing? - Photography with Julian Stokes
Join me in conversation with Julian Stokes as he describes the visceral experience of analogue (old fashioned, with film and shutters) photography.  In it we explore just exactly what it is the photograph captures and the role of intention in creation. Julian has designed my website for over 10 years now and I can recommend him, his work site is: Here are the photographers that Julian refered to: Fay Godwin with a critical assessment of her work by Julian's dad: Imogen Cunningham You can take a look at my site to find out more about the books, training and coaching I offer.
June 23, 2021
What's your thing? - Cycling with Gary MacGowan
Join me in coversation with Gary MacGowan who has built his life around cycling.  Not only has Gary cycled through 117 countries but he also brough the Tour De France to London, improved cycle routes in London and inititated the free bike scheme in the capital. Here is the information Gary shared while we were talking: The best websites for local groups and campaigns are Cycling UK and Sustrans For the best maps for cycling, download any of these Komoot, Viewranger, MAPS.ME or OS maps.  If people want to plan a route to see how far it is, Komoot is excellent on a smart phone and on laptop, Ride With GPS is superb and free to use - just open an account and use it, if you then have the app to, the route will appear automatically in the app. Plan your route on Ride with GPS, using OSM Cycle, it has all the cycle routes.  But to start with, go straight to Komoot The image is of Gary cycling with Mt Fuji in the background on a very cold day. To contact me about coaching or training, or to buy my books go to
June 11, 2021
What's your thing? - Christianity and bisexuality with Carol Shepherd.
Dr Carol Shepherd is a global expert on bisexual Christian identities. As well as Bi: the Way, Pastoring Bisexual Christians in Europe, she has published a monograph with Palgrave Macmillan in 2018, The Damage of Silence: Bisexuality in the Western Christian Church. She also has chapters in several academic bisexual anthologies. As well as writing and researching on bisexual intersectional identities, Carol is an active member of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups and a Sociology and Access to HE lecturer. She lives just outside of Edinburgh and is a mother of three. Contribute to her crowdfunding to send a book to churches, schools and other faith organisations in the UK on JustGiving Non Fiction is here You can find out more about my coaching, books and well-being work at
May 27, 2021
What's your thing? - The Art of Shouting Quietly with Pete Mosley
Pete Mosely is a life coach and maker who has written books and works with creative people who are quiet.  Join us in conversation about why both quiet people and creativity are so important for human beings, now, more than ever. You can find Pete at these places:   - website Online courses and toolkits: Linked In article about A Quiet Person's Guide to Getting On The Art of Shouting Quietly This is one of Pete's beautiful images. If you want to work with me to find your 'thing' or access some of my books or free materials go to
May 22, 2021
What's your thing? - Regenerative agriculture with Ian Steele of Treflach Farm
Treflach Farm in Shropshire has been in the family for generations, but Ian Steele is trying to farm differently.  Ian aims to nurture healthy soil, animals and people using regenerative agriculture.  In this conversation Ian covers everything from cattle fodder, economic systems, community and the need to find a different way to feed ourselves. - @treflachfarm Instagram @treflachfarm or @ianattreflach Ian on Born Mucky - trailer: If you'd like to find your 'thing' get in touch to have a conversation or find out more about me here:
May 12, 2021
What's your thing? - Archaeotherapy with Harriet Sams
I had never heard of archaeotherapy until this conversation with Harriet Sams so join me in learning about how connection to our ancestral land can bring back our sense of wholeness, healing, belonging and connection. Want to find ‘your thing’? or want to find out more about my books, free resources, training and coaching head to : Here are the links : Radical Joy for Hard Times, ecospirituality charity, that attends to wounded places in the landscape. The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids for whom I mentor: The Tariki Trust who I offer ecotherapy, archaeotherapy and ritual workshops through: The Climate Psychology Alliance: My personal ecotherapy blog: Blurb from the Tariki Trust: Harriet Sams Harriet Sams is an archaeologist, ecotherapist, freelance lecturer, yoga teacher and spiritual Guide for the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, mother and student. From a very young age, Harriet has been in close connection to the landscape; especially to ancestral messages that are all around us, written onto the landscape. On rare occasions, the Voice of the world speaks to her and calls her into Service and Harriet interprets these messages as the voice of the ecological Whole; indivisible between human ancestor and landscape, all speaking with one voice. Through this awareness, she has realised that the land itself is where the healing resides. Harriet’s work is all about helping participants to directly access the healing the land/ancestors can bring the individual, working as facilitator for this awareness and guide for support. Druidry and Quakerism guide her work; aspects of these spiritual traditions weave themselves into her teachings and offerings. She is currently undertaking a PhD in archaeotherapy with Bournemouth University, is on the advisory Boards for the Climate Psychology Alliance and for Radical Joy for Hard Times, an eco-spirituality charity.
April 27, 2021
What's your thing? - The menopause with Dr Jane Wilkinson
Dr Jane F. Wilkinson is an accredited Menopause Specialist and an experienced GP of over 20 years. She has a particular interest in women’s and sexual health, menopause and lifestyle medicine. Dr Wilkinson has an advanced level Special Skills Certificate in Menopause Care from the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health Care, for whom she is a Diplomate and Trainer. She is a member of the British Menopause Society, serving on their Medical Advisory Council for 3 years. She is also a member of the International Menopause Society. She is Wirral GP Champion for Sexual Health and previously worked for West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group as GP Clinical Lead for Maternity. Dr Wilkinson has lectured to fellow health care professionals for the British Menopause Society and the British Medical Association. She has also provided menopause training for medical professionals in various organisations. Through her training and education company, Menopause Wellbeing, Dr Wilkinson provides a range of training and education events aimed at supporting women through their menopause transition and educating all those with an interest in menopause, both professional and non-professional. Join me in a conversation with her about the menopause; signs and symptoms, HRT, life style changes and sources of support so that women can thrive at this stage in our lives.   If you'd like to find your 'thing' get in touch to have a conversation or find out more about me here: Jane's links are: Menopause Wellbeing Facebook: @MenopauseWB Twitter:  @MenopauseWellb1 Website: Email: Women’s Health Concern: Menopause Matters: Manage my Menopause: Lisa Mosconi, Neuroscientist: Lisa Mosconi talks to Dr Rangan Chatterjee about female brain health: Food For The Brain: Women's Health Strategy: (for women to complete as an individual and feedback on their personal experiences of healthcare)
April 23, 2021
What's your thing? - Overcoming perfectionism and the danger of labels with Katharine York
Katharine teaches yoga, flies planes and works in the wind power industry.  Join us in my conversation with her as we talk about perfectionism, learning and the problems with labels. You can find out about Katherine here: During the podcast I mention this TED talk: If you'd like to find your thing, get in touch to have a conversation or find out more about me here:
April 23, 2021
Setting up a women's refuge and the importance of support for children and young people
A conversation with Gill Evans who, along with other social work colleagues, set up the first women's refuge in Newtown.  Gill set up the refuge in her spare time with no funds.  Later in her later career working in mental health, Gill met some of the same children again. We talk about what these families, children and young people need in order to recover. Gill and I both talked about Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Center I mention my book: 'Into the Woods - When love isn't always a fairy tale'.  There are also free resources on my site for people affected by domestic abuse.
April 19, 2021
What's your thing? - Permaculture with Steve Jones
Join us as Steve Jones takes on his journey from a small farm, through an economics degree to Africa where he found permaculture which has changed his life and thousands of lives globally. You can find out more about Sector 39 here: For details of the next course (online) click here: To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
April 13, 2021
What's your thing? - Astronomy with Rob Jones
Join me for this adventure into black holes and super novas with Rob Jones, a physicist and astronomy enthusiast.  Rob's passion, clarity and curiosity is contageous.  Rob talked about Xplore in Wrexham: You can find out more about my books, training and coaching here: The image below if of a black hole (the first one ever taken, early spring 2019)
April 11, 2021
What's your thing? - Swimming the channel (and how we all need a support boat) with Nadine Bowker
Join me as I listen to Nadine's amazing story of determination, commitment and support.  Nadine talks about swimming in the cold, in the dark, through jelly fish for hours and hours.  She also talks about how to manage the gremlins we all have in our minds which tell us we can't, shouldn't, aren't good enough.  The thing that touched me in this conversation was not only her strength of focus, but also the centrality of the support boat and Nadine's loved ones who helped her from coast to coast. The places who helped Nadine are: (Her brother and sister and in the photo supporting her before she started the swim) You can find out more about me and my coaching, training and writing at:
April 07, 2021
What's your thing? - Radio, saying 'yes' to opportunity and not over-thinking with Eamonn Kelly from Smooth Radio
Join me in conversation with with Eamonn Kelly as we talk about how he went from working in a record shop in Dublin a career in radio working on  National stations such as Capital Gold and Smooth.  Eamonn's positive philosophy of saying 'yes', taking chance, persevering and not over-thinking is contageous and energising. You can find out more about him here: If you want to know more about my coaching, training or writing you can find me at
April 03, 2021
What's your thing? - intuition, nature and coaching with Lilith Flanagan
Join me in conversation with Lilith Flanagan as we talk about intuition, nature and coaching. Lilith supports her clients to reveal who they naturally are and to live their true intention. She is intuitive and invites the whole of the client into a coaching conversation. That includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. She is passionate about facilitating the client's dialogue and collaboration with the natural world. She is accredited at the Master Certified Coach level by the International Coaching Federation A former business leader with an MBA and MA in Economics, Lillith founded Evolution in 2007 to provide coaching for her corporate clients in 1-2-1 and team engagements. That soon evolved to life coaching programmes for women, including dance, creative arts and deep transformative journey. In 2012 Lilith opened a coaching academy and started training coaches in a holistic and intuitive approach, accredited by the ICF. (ICF ACTP Intuitive Coach, The Birth of a Coach) Lilith did an MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College which opened her of Environmental Coaching  She incorporated it into Intuitive Coach and her coaching practice to support clients to take a heart centred action in service of our planet. Together with her business partner Krish Surroy they offer a comprehensive programme: The Living Earth. Nurturing Holistic Change Makers. You can find out more about me and my coaching, writing and facilitation at 
March 29, 2021
What's your thing? - Changing the story about our world with Manda Scott
Manda Scott; former vet, author, shamanic practitioner, activist and visionary talks us through how to re-imagine our world into being more connected and regenerative.  In this conversation we move from climate change to new economic and agricultural models, from imagining to acting. You can find Manda's books here: The beautiful Accidental Gods website is here: The podcast is here: and Manda mentioned an episode called 'How to be a pirate' Manda's shamanic work is here: The transformative TV project Manda talked about it here: To find out more about my coaching, training and writing go to:
March 11, 2021
What's your thing? Nuclear power and steam trains with Colin Tucker
Colin Tucker's life has been shaped by the steam trains of north Wales.  It was on a family holiday as a young teenager that he first fell in love with the engines and the mountains and later, it was through the same tracks, that he found his wife and his future career.  Colin is the Nuclear Safety Group Head at Sizewell B, and which includes the role of Station Reactor Physicist. He is also an old school friend who helped me understand my physics O' Level without making me feel stupid.  In this conversation his passion for the subject is clear, as is his awareness and concern for safety and environmental impacts.  For me, one of his key talents, is that he can explain even the most complex ideas in simple and clear ways.  Colin has recently had his first book published called 'How to Drive a Nuclear Reactor'. To find out more about my coaching, training and writing at
March 06, 2021
What's your thing? - Mystery, magic, intuition and laughter with Carol Cumber
Join us for a conversation about intuition, magic and how we are never alone, even as we die.   Carol's background is in motivational psychology, goal setting, Indian head massage, sacred space clearing, natural healing, Reiki, intuitive healing and other modalities. She is also a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, having trained with co-founder, Richard Bandler. Nowadays she runs a holistic health center in the Welsh hills and offers sessions that  include hands on healing, the use of crystals in healing and  psychic sessions. Here's the video she mentioned about seeing auras: Carol's main website can be found at: She also is featured on the Natural Harmony Centre website here: and she has an e-learning portal here: Carol is also available on the usual social media: YouTube: Facebook at: & Instagram at: People can subscribe directly to our mailing list if they would like her community information sent directly to them -  They can Subscribe here: During our time together Carol referred to the following people that have had a significant influence on her thinking.  In no particular order.... Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief) Greg Braden HeartMath institute Rupert Sheldrake To find out more about my coaching, training and writing at
March 03, 2021
What's your thing? - Writing and claiming your voice with Rhian Taylor
Rhian is a social worker and an academic. Her love of writing and passion for social issues and change led her to write the young adult novel Fosterboy. In the podcast we talked about how she created her characters and her journey into the publishing world. You can purchase Fosterboy here: And Other links are: Books we mentioned in the conversation included: The Conscious Parent- Dr Shefali Tsabury The Invention of Wings- Sue Monk Kidd Tara Mohr- Playing Big Women’s Ways of Knowing- Mary Belenky To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
February 19, 2021
What's your thing? Trailer for season 2
Come and listen to more inspiring stories.
February 18, 2021
What's your thing? - Counselling, celebrancy and navigating masculinity with Pete Avey
Pete's been a ref, a fire-fighter, he's worked in the City and has a son with autism and now he's training to be a celebrant and a counsellor.  Join us in conversation about masculinity and sensitivity, alcohol, climate change and what leaving a legacy means. (Ps...there are adult language and themes used in this conversation!). Pete's celebrancy work is here: His wife's book based on his son: and her website (where she shares the story of how Pete was shut out of Australia during the first lockdown: (Image: Pete on the right with his son, in Australia, after everyone said he would never get on a plane) To find out more about my writing, coaching and training
February 18, 2021
What's your thing? - Walking, wildly, slowly with Charlotte Gilmore
Did you ever want to do a long walk, go exploring, but never feel you have the time, the money or the courage?  Charlotte will inspire you as she shares word pictures of her many walks alone, with just her hammock, her boots and a map, taking long trails in small chunks, then returning to family life.  Here is a link to Charlotte's 870 mile walk of the Welsh coast for The Sick Children's Trust and here's her link to that charity of you would like to donate on her 'Just Giving' page: To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
February 17, 2021
What's your thing? - Endorphins with Lin Arthan (with love to her mum)
Lin is a triathlete, a singer, a mountain biker, walker, and isn't slowing down at all at 66.  In this episode she tells us how to build our own endorphins so that we can feel good, for free, every day.  This is the charity that Lin supports if you want to donate: Here are a couple of the people Lin sings with: To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
February 17, 2021
What's your thing? - Letting the world rewild us while we rewild the world - Deborah Richmond
Join me in hearing Deborah's amazing story of how a piece of land and a course on water led her to a new life in Portugal where she is re-wilding the land while it re-wilds her.  You can find more about Deborah, the project and her coaching work work below. Here's an article about water that Deborah mentioned changed her thinking: To find out more about my writing, coaching and training: Deborah also mentioned doing a permaculture course and you can listen to Steve Jones talk about his permaculture background here.
February 13, 2021
What's your thing? - Cajun music, travel and following the your passion with Jock Tyldesley
Jock Tyldesley plays fiddle and banjo, specialising in the old-time and cajun music of the southern United States. He has been a professional musician since 1990 and toured all over the world with various international artists. He also makes rather good hot sauce…so join me in conversation with him this week. To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
February 11, 2021
What's your thing? - Movies, going for it, having fun and taking risks with Yolanda Lynes
Yolanda Lynes is an actress and performer and in this conversation she tells us how, by having a go and having fun, she made her way from a small market town on the Welsh borders to a Marvel film. Yolanda would like to dedicate this conversation to her mum about whom she says; 'I owe a lot of my career to my mum who ensured that I go to ballet and martial arts and taught me about a strong work ethic and always believed in me.  She is very independent and girl-power, probably my biggest feminist influence' Use the links below to find out more about Yolanda's work To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
February 11, 2021
What's your thing? - How Eckhart Tolle is changing my life with Steve Watts
In this conversation Steve Watts, actor, musician, father, teacher sheds all these roles to share his experience of how the work of Ekhart Tolle has helped him heal from pain and create joy in his life. The podcast Steve mentioned is Rick Archer’s 'Buddha At The Gas Pump'. Steve says;  'I have been inspired by every moment of the hundreds of hours I have devoted to listening to Eckhart so it’s hard to choose one clip but this link is to an Eckhart retreat from a profound and memorable series of sessions known the the Omega sessions, in 2001, (just a couple of weeks after 9/11). And this link is to ‘Eckhart Tolle Now’, his website where all of his teachings can be found. Membership is quite expensive but there’s a free 10 day trial offer. To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
February 06, 2021
What's your thing? - Travel and the moral complexity of it with Emma Gore
Join us in conversation about what travel has meant to us but also how we struggle with the moral conflict of about getting on a plane in these times of climate crisis.   To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
February 06, 2021
What's your thing? - Self worth and awe with John Perry
Join us meandering through parenting, bereavment and the power of nature as John discusses the difference between self-worth and self-esteem, guilt and shame and the power of awe walks. John Perry (MA, MA, MA, MSc, FHEA) is an award-Winning Wellbeing Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Supervisor and BACP Registered Counsellor.  He was a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton; and is a Freelance Coach, Trainer & Wellbeing Consultant. He has a background in Teaching, Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy; and has particular interests in Psychological Resilience and in Coaching & Psychotherapy Integration. John holds four Masters degrees and over a dozen Professional Diplomas. Here are some links to John: To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
February 06, 2021
What's your thing? - Equine Facilitated Learning with Rosie Withey
Join me in a conversation where Rosie explains how Equine Facilitated Learning helps you connect with your true intentions, feelings and inner wisdom in the presence of horses. Horses just are. They communicate through subtle language and energy and can help you to honour your own vulnerability. Simply being in a horse’s presence can show us how to listen to ourselves and relax into a similarly calm state of mind. Discover how horses can help you feel clearer in mind and purpose and better able to develop meaningful, healthy relationships. Here's I wrote after working with Rosie: Rosie's links are: Email:     Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linked In: Recommended books: Linda Kohanov             The Tao of Equus; Riding between the Worlds; The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership and Innovation Angela Dunning           The Horse Leads The Way Pam Billinge                The Spell of the Horse To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
January 30, 2021
What's your thing? - Dungeons and Dragons with Iain Russell
Join me for this conversation with Iain as he not only talks about what Dungeons and Dragons has added to his life, but how its depth and complexity create a space for re-imaging ourselves and how we show up in the world (whilst having a lot of fun). Here are some links for you to explore: To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
January 24, 2021
What's your thing? - Comedy and why laughter matters with Susan Earl
You might know Susan Earl from her roles in Red Dwarf, So Awkward, Reggie Perrin or as Christopher Dean's mum in the Christmas special of Torvill and Dean.  She is a comedian, actress, writer, single mother and my friend.  In this conversation we talk about parenting, feminism, writing, misogyny and holidays and how, through comedy and laughter, we can find connection and comfort through even the hardest of times. One of Susan's comic songs that I so love is called 'Hot Middle Aged Loving', her it is:  and you can find out more about her work here:   We talked about the work of Laura Bates which you can find out more about through these links: To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
January 23, 2021
What's Your Thing? - Dorota Owen talks about Findhorn, magic parenting and self-care.
This is a conversation about community, magic and manifestation. I first met Dorota when, as a newly single parent, I took my young children to a Findhorn Family community holiday in Greece.  Dorota was one of the most skillful facilitators I have met.  In this conversation Dorota talks about Findhorn, honesty and the art of alchemy; her ability to make something appear where there was nothing before!  You can find out more about Dorota on her website: and the Miracle Game Dorota talks about is here: To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
January 07, 2021
What's your thing? - A conversation with Shamanic healer Ruth Cato
Join me in coversation with Ruth Cato as she explains what Shamanic healing is, how she came to it and what difference it makes to her life and the lives of the people she works with.  You can find out more about Ruth at: The anthropologists Ruth learned from are Prf Chris Knight and Camilla Power of UCL and the Radical Anthropology Group or RAG.  She has also been influenced by: Janine Parvarti Baker was one of Jane’s original teachers in Shamanic Womancraft. And the books Ruth mentioned: The history of Magic by Chris Godson The tribe of Witches by Stephen Yeates To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
January 01, 2021
What's your thing? - Triathalons and moonlight kayaking with Gemma Hargreaves
When Gemma turned 40 she decided that she wanted to change her life, even though she wasn't sure she could.  Slowly she built up to triathalons and in the winter, when most of us are struggling to get out of bed, you might find her paddling along the canal, in the dark, terrified, determined and  jubilant.  Listen to hear her story and if you want to find out more here are two sites she recommended. Women's biking Paddling  Thanks for listening. To find out more about my writing, coaching and training: Julie
January 01, 2021
What's your thing? - On Being a Quaker Elder with Elizabeth Flanagan
Join me as I talk with Liz about how Quakers have been behind some of our most important social and human rights changes through history.  We journey through death, god, truth, love, simplicity and peace and Liz explains the process of deep listening which is behind all decisions, all change- making and all Quaker meetings.  A wise and warm coversation.  If you want to find out more about Quakerism click here.   To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
December 22, 2020
What's your thing? - Parsifal Solomon - Walking, consciousness and the surrealists
Join me as I talk to Parsifal about surrealism and it's quest to disrupt the nature of reality, the importance of walking, the nature of consciousness and how winter and darkness affects us.  You can find out more about me at  and find some of Parsifal's creations here: and here  Enjoy.
December 18, 2020
What's your thing? - How love can cure depression - Michael Sclater
This week's conversation is with Michael Sclater who has just written a book on how love can cure depression.  Michael is a psychotherapist who has worked privately and within the NHS. Join us for this deep dive into depression, Indian psychology, western psychology, drug treatments, CBT and the art of playing tennis.  You can contact Michael at:  To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
December 14, 2020
What's You Thing - Sami Blackford founder of Freya Luna Skincare
My conversation today is with Sami Blackford who started her journey to creating Freya Luna Skincare as a teenager with acne.  Join us as we meander through lavendar, women in business, organic growing and how to value what we do.  You can find out more about Sami and Freyaluna here:  To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
December 01, 2020
What's your thing? - Yoga with Ceri Evans
Hi, I'm Julie Leoni and this is the first podcast in a series where I find out about what people love to do, what the 'thing' is that matters most to them, how they got into it and what it means to them. I should have declared at the start of this episode that Ceri is the person who got me into yoga 4 years ago.  She inspires me, not just in how she teaches but how she lives.  In this podcast she tells us about what yoga means to her, how it has changed her life over the years she has practiced it and what it might offer at this time. You can find out more about Ceri and contact her at Turiya Yoga. To find out more about my writing, coaching and training:
November 12, 2020
What's your thing? Trailer.
Welcome to What's your Thing' A new podcast about people's passions, ideas, passtimes, missions or life-styles to inspire us.
November 12, 2020
Denial, decisions, covid and climate change
I don't know about you, but I've been trying to make sense of the many different and often conflicting information about covid.  I have felt confused, overwhelmed, angry and sometimes like I am going mad trying to make sense of it all.  It seems to me that this is how we feel about climate change, we know something bad is happening, but feel powerless and overwhelmed with what to do about it.  I think covid can teach us about climate change and how to deal with it.
August 06, 2020
Welcome to Well-being for your teacher training year
A short podcast with some reflective exercises so you will need a paper and pen so you can really plan your well-being for the year ahead.
July 14, 2020
June 20, 2020
Grounded Wisdom - The Art of Not Knowing - Welcome
Welcome to the start of the Grounded Wisdom;  conversations between people like you and me about how we can use this time of uncertainty and fluidity to tip our lives and larger systems and ecologies into ways of living which grow well-being for humans and the more than human world.
June 19, 2020
Grounded Wisdom - trailer
Welcome to Grounded Wisdom: the art of not knowing
June 19, 2020
Falling in love with nature
How would our lives and our world change if we could fall in love in love with nature?
June 13, 2020
Asynchronous connection - a new way of getting support
At this time where we need to be more flexible and adaptable, this a-synchronous way of connection might suit you
June 11, 2020
Will you join me in sniffing our way out of covid into a sustainable way of life?
I've written about how I have sniffed my way and found my way in a new eco-centered space and would love you to join me in 'not knowing' and curiosity about how we can use this strange time to re-set and live more harmoniously and sustainably.
June 09, 2020
Sniff your way forward
Making plans at this time of uncertainty is really hard, instead we need to go feral and sniff our way forward
June 03, 2020
Full v busy
Before COVID-19 I lived a busy life, now I live a full life.  What's the difference?
May 30, 2020
How we need to be the leaders of our own life
What are the criteria you base your life decisions on?  Do you fit your life around your work?  What about family? health? Sustainability?  How could COVID-19 help us think differently?
May 30, 2020
Are you, or someone you know living with domestic abuse
What domestic abuse is, how to spot it and how to get out of it.
May 24, 2020
Ask 'what if' and listen to the answers
A quick thought from the woods.
May 24, 2020
Using covid to help us re-write the story
Joseph Campbell's Hero's journey goes some way to helping us see lock-down and COVID-19 in a larger context so we can consider how we want to emerge into the world; what we want to leave behind and what we want to grow.
May 13, 2020
What schools need to do to support emotional well-being when they re-open
The world has changed in schools and we need to think about emotional and psychological needs as well as physical.  
May 04, 2020
Bereavement and how to live with it and support others through it
Death, divorce, separation; any kind of ending can lead us to feeling bereaved.   At this covid time we are all facing bereavements, losses and mourning.  Here is what I know based on my hospice work and also my own experience of grief. There is more to help you below: My book 6 steps to relationship recovery goes into more detail about grief and carrying on with life: Free meditations on emotion here might help: I'm available to support you: And there are more blogs on grief here:
April 22, 2020
'The Guest House' (Rumi) meditation.
Rumi asks us to welcome and entertain all emotions and this is what we use to focus our meditation on
April 16, 2020
Easter/ Ostara meditation on new beginnings
We use the chakras to explore what new  and fragile is hatching in you.
April 13, 2020
Anxiety: what is is and how to reduce it
Lots of practical tools and techniques to help you feel less anxious.
April 11, 2020
Meditation on grief
At this time there are so many losses and feeling them in our body is away of allowing them into our experience so that we can connect, not only to our self, but can empathise and connect with others.
April 08, 2020
Www.diary - what went well today?
A lovely way to end the day; focus on the positive to reduce stress and rewire your brain
April 07, 2020
Understanding what stress is and how to diminish it using cognitive and behaviour tools
Why and how to reduce stress so you boost your immunity to protect you from covid.
April 06, 2020
How about having a technology free day?
Remember the days before technology?  How would it be to have one of those days today? (3 mins)
April 05, 2020
What are you hungry for? Structure? Contact? Stimulus
Eric Berne said we all need time to be structured, we all need contact and recognition from other people and we all need to be are some ways to do this whilst in covid hibertnation.
April 04, 2020
Cocoon meditation
We are all hibernating and in our cocoons at this as gentle with yourself as you would a, breathe and see what emerges.
April 04, 2020
Being in the moment meditation
We all write stories about the future and what it might be, but actually this moment is where we live and it is the only place we can find peace. Use your body awareness and a guided visualisation to clear your mind and find ease.
April 03, 2020
A happy way to start your day
So it's weird isn't it?  Our routines and structures have changed and so our days can seem unstructured and strange.  Here's a tool I use a lot to help me build a happy day, no matter what the restrictions and changes are.
March 31, 2020
Why you shouldn't listen to the news
In under 10 minutes I'll explain why watching the news is bad for your health, relationships and future
March 30, 2020
Family visualisation magical lands
Come on a magical journey to your very own magical land where all is safe and well
March 29, 2020
Meditation on freedom
What does freedom mean to you at this time of hibernation?
March 29, 2020
Meditation and body awareness
Using your body to come into the present moment 
March 29, 2020
Family mindfulness and emotional awareness
Use your body to let you know how you are feeling and then some simple sentences to help communicate what we feel and what we need so we can live together more peacefully.
March 29, 2020
Meditation and soothe
An Introduction to meditation, what it is, why it works and some simple exercises.
March 29, 2020
Hi, I'm a secondary school psychology teacher with two teenage sons adapting to these weird covid days and wondering what I can contribute to the world at this time.   I first meditated in India when I was 23 and have practiced mindfulness and mediation in a number of traditions.  I have taught meditation in schools for over 30 years and now I teach yoga as well to people of all ages.  I am a life coach and writer and I regularly blog and am featured in Psychologies Magazine.  I have my own website with free resources and courses at    These podcasts are to help you and your family find ease and acceptance in these fast changing times.  I hope they are of service to you. Julie
March 27, 2020