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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

By Julien Smith
Julien Smith interviews coaches, entrepreneurs, and other smart people about how to do great work.
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Silent Superheroes with James Pratt
Julien recently had the opportunity to speak with James Pratt - an Executive, Leadership & Culture Coach. In this episode James goes deep into his personal mental health journey and how it has inspired his podcast ‘Silent Superheroes’.
August 05, 2021
Finding Purpose with Marva Sadler
We recently published a conversation between Julien and Marva Sadler, the CEO of WBECS, the world’s largest coaching summit. Marva has a refreshing candor that is very disarming, and it was a really enjoyable show to do. In this episode, you’ll learn: - Why coaching is more effective than training - Why most coaches don’t make as much as they should per year - What to make of celebrity coaches and multi level marketing organizations Enjoy the conversation!
April 19, 2021
Silicon Valley's coaching moment - with Nina Barber
Julien recently spoke with Nina Barber, founder of Prismaticco, a coach match-making service that connects top CEOs with coaches to help them run their businesses well in the face of uncertainty. It was an awesome conversation that includes great tips about: how to build a great coaching business; how to price your services figuring out fit between coaches and clients Silicon Valley’s coaching “moment” Enjoy the conversation!
March 25, 2021
Finding your calling with Jeff Hunter of Talentism
Julien recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Hunter, the Founder at Talentism, an awesome coaching company that helps you get the most out of your team, and previous head of recruiting at Bridgewater and EA. Jeff has been a huge inspiration to us at Practice, and we learned a ton from this conversation, including: how to find your calling, and to know when you’ve found it how to hire a team of coaches, and how to manage them (or anyone, well) what it really means to accept reality, and how to act based on that
March 10, 2021
Post Valentine's Day special: Breaking Up Right with Kendra Senn 💕
Julien recently spoke with Kendra Senn, otherwise known as Break-Up Bestie, a Los Angeles coach and Instagram influencer who is focused on coaching people through break ups, no matter how hard they are. In this episode, you'll learn about: - Finding your niche as a coach, no matter how many tries it may take; - Kendra's view on finding The One (aka your soulmate); - The importance of writing in self-transformation and personal progress. Enjoy!
February 16, 2021
From investor to executive coach, with Steve Schlafman
Julien Smith talks to Steve Schlafman of, an executive coach, angel investor, and recovering venture capitalist. In this episode, you will learn: - the side of entrepreneurship that investors don't see, and coaches do - the challenges of addiction while performing in high performance jobs - how to pick clients that suit you best
February 02, 2021
Navigating major life changes, with Antonio Neves
Julien Smith of Practice interviews Antonio Neves, author, professional speaker and coach, as well as author of Stop Living on Autopilot
January 22, 2021
"Your subconscious thinks it's trying to keep you safe." Finding blind spots with Elliot Roe
Julien Smith of Practice interviews Elliot Roe of Primed Mind, hypnotherapist to the world's top poker players, UFC fighters, and Olympic athletes. In this episode, you'll learn: - How unconscious patterns can plateau your success again and again - Tips on getting your first world-class client - How mentorship and support is the key to world-class performance
January 08, 2021
Coaching secrets of Shopify's first CFO
Julien Smith interviews Mark Macleod, Shopify and Freshbooks's first CFO, who has been a venture capitalist, angel investor, and executive coach to scaling startups.
December 22, 2020
"Your body runs on KPIs just like your business" - High Performance with Dan Go
Julien Smith of interviews Dan Go of High Performance Founder
December 02, 2020
Peter Shallard on "A Minimum Viable Dose of Accountability"
Julien Smith interviews Peter Shallard of Commit Action
November 17, 2020